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Activist, Heal Thyself

August 20, 2015 11:21 pm
I just left a comment on that thread (my first one). I found reference to your website from the comments on this article on the JSF website As you can see, the owner of the site (Levi9909) describes this site as "fascist". Alison Weir, Paul Craig Roberts, counterpunch and many others are suddenly being labelled fascist, white supremacist, anti semitic. It seems as though there is some kind of mediaeval purge going on! I've just read through a whole number of articles on this site and there is nothing fascist about it whatsoever. Who appointed these people, JSF, Tony greenstein and Elise Hendrick (to name just a few) the purity police? Why is this all suddenly happening? Jvp, eto? To me it's all about infiltration and divide and rule and it seems to unfortunately be working perfectly. I hope you will be able to respond to the slanderous allegations from these self appointed witch hunters