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Taboos And Booze For The Masses

June 18, 2017 3:05 am
I have to chime in here ----No one needs to be shy about using Jews instead of Zionist .  The Jews have had 3000 years to rid themselves of their malignant narcissism, jealousy, hate of ' the others ' and their evil leaders  but their tribal 'pattern'  remains the same country after country, century after century. They haven't changed and after all this time they aren't going to. Their slogan should be Never Learn instead of Never Again.  I have said this a thousand times-----'Traitor trumps Anti Semite every day of week in every country in the world... always has, always will. Use it, offense not defense.

Election Impressions

November 12, 2016 5:16 pm
Had to pop in to say.. I told you so. You can attribute Trumps win to Newton's Law.....''for every action there is an equal and opposing action''.. The Dems did it to themselves.    

Obama, Putin And The U.S. Election

March 10, 2016 4:44 pm
The neocons and the I-Firster Fifth Column are frustrated by their failure--so far--to ignite WWIII in the ME  so they are amping up the Russian  boggie bear as their next vehicle to war . I imagine they think that they can get Russia to repeat its  past mistake of spending itself into ruin in another weapons build up contest. I don know what Russia's debt load is now but I don't think its anywhere near the US's 49 trillion plus debt load. Russia under Putin paid off all its debt some years ago--quite a feat.  It might be the US that goes belly up in a weapons contest this time around.
March 10, 2016 4:47 pm
I am so far still leaning towards Trump A wrench needs to be thrown into the two party neo machine and he looks like the only wrench available.

Will the Oligarchs Kill Trump? – Pat Buchanan/InformationClearingHouse

March 9, 2016 9:30 pm
I have to tell you--  I listened to Cruz today and if anyone is scraping the bottom of the public retard barrel it is him. He's like a snake oil salesman and  a snake handling back woods preacher combined.  He's hawking the same old crap the Newt gang hawked 20 years ago--- being able to do your taxes on a" postcard",  'flat taxes' ,abolishing  the IRS, letting 'charities ' be responsible for the medical needs of the poor,  doing away with all the 'unnecessary' gov agencies  like the EPA and FDA and SEC and all the 'regulatory' agencies that oversee any public protection of food, air, water and etc. in the US. And saying the 'bible' should be our constitution. The only positive in him getting the WH is it might finally bring about the long past due second bloody US revolution      

Hating on Trump: it could be about Israel – Philip Giraldi/The Unz Review

March 9, 2016 3:09 pm
Of course much of the get Trump is about Israel--that's a given. I noticed that the msm like CNN and MSNBC are now actually doing 'editorials" against Trump--not just pundits discussing Trump vs others but literal anti Trump editorials like you would see in a newspaper of record endorsing or denouncing a candidate.. The other night they had two talking heads back to back in 10 minute speechs about Trump. Such is the state of the so called  'news'  outlets now. I think one positive of a Trump presidency might be that  given Trump's love of the limelight  he would use the presidential bully pulpit  to cut down the special interest and the media that would be attacking any of his positions---'exposing'' them to the public----that would be a HUGE positive to me.      

White House Working on Renewed Mideast Peace Push – Carol E. Lee, Rory Jones/WallStreetJournal

March 9, 2016 12:46 am
I have no confidence in what the Obama WH says. Obama has had 4 years in his second term to bring Israel to heel---he doesn't have the balls to do it. After all, as he said during the WH Passover dinner he held for his Jewish buddies---I'm Jewish in my heart"    

A totalitarian democracy – Howard Cohen/Mondoweiss

March 8, 2016 4:18 pm
Yet another Jew navel gazing into himself and spending a thousand words describing his angst filled journey. All I have to say about someone who took years and years to distinguish simple right from wrong is how mentally deficient are they? I give Cohen a five thumbs up puke rating.
March 9, 2016 1:53 am
Taxi & Danna Well  I am just am not very understanding of these types even though I do understand the brainwashing . But doesn't or shouldn't take a 10 year journey and genius brain to as I said, catch on to what is 'right and wrong' all around you. Maybe I shouldn't but I consider  people like this 'weak' to begin with --give  me the fire breathing rebel Gilad  Atzmons instead --- I do give the Cohen types a slight pass though in regard to their reluctance to accept/admit the truth because it might destroy their family relationships. I am just tried of hearing about their 'personal  suffering'  and all their 'cathartic'  unburdening and explaining of why they were trapped in the cult.   Reminds me too much of the usual ....'its not/wasnt my fault "  

U.S. Should Stop Subsidizing Bad Israeli Economic And Occupation Policies – Doug Bandow/Forbes

March 8, 2016 4:54 pm
gee who would have guessed?   '79% of Israeli Jews are ethno-supremacist, in accordance w/ their country's founding values 79% of Jews says Jews deserve preferential treatment. …

Why the Arabs don’t want us in Syria – Robert F. Kennedy Jr./POLITICO

March 9, 2016 5:13 pm
I agree--great article----except for not mentioning Israel. The 'geopolitics' of oil once were 'geo'---however now the battle over oil is really 'regional", between the oil countries for control of production, supply and price. The US gets less than 25% of its oil from the ME and actually exports oil now. Any US access lose of ME oil could easily be made up by the S. Am. countries and Canada that supply us. The politics of ME oil now are about 'global supply' to countries other than the US...another 'responsibility' the US took on with its embrace of  elite "globalism' ---so now we have to 'protect' others oil supply....just as we are the hook to militarily ' protect' so many countries.  Between this and Israel its a f'ing US spider web.  

Would Donald Trump be ‘neutral’ between Israel and its enemies? – Amy Sherman/PolitiFact Florida

March 8, 2016 3:50 pm
The question of if he is lying or not is ...... who , what voters, would Trump be appealing to by saying he wants to be neutral? He is not so dumb that he doesn't know anything less than kissing the Jewish lobby's ass is guaranteed  to have them go nuclear on him and his opponents go after him on his 'disloyalty' to Israel. So what is the benefit to him of proclaiming neutrality on I/P?    

Palestinians sue pro-Israel tycoons for $34.5bn – James Rein/Aljazeera English

March 8, 2016 3:59 pm
Well this is a start at taking the US courts out of  Jewish and Israeli hands. There needs to be a flurry of multiple dozens of these law suits

An Anti-Semitism of the Left – Roger Cohen/The New York Times

March 9, 2016 2:40 am
Anyone who wants to talk about anti Semitism, needs to understand the world's ancient and current  view of the Jews which has always been the  'Jew qua Jew' vs the "Jew qua nation'.  The Jew qua nation being the problem, not the Jew qua Jew. UNLESS they cannot be separated. Therein lies the problem.  The Jewish condition has always been a series of Causes---Reactions--  and then constant self fulfilling prophecies. The back and forth arguments between the nations and the Rabbis  during the Enlightenment on giving citizenship to Jews in nations might seem like starting in the middle of the question but its not really---because its the same as it was in ancient times  and its still the same now. This is the best book to understand it. Paul R. Mendes-Flohr, Jehuda Reinharz - 1995 - History '' Despite legislators' personal and moral reservations regarding the Jews, the ... Presumably, it is the Jew qua member of the Jewish nation who bears all the ... The difference between legal emancipation and the basic acceptance of 112....

Israel and American Politics: The Big Breakthrough – Justin Raimondo/

March 9, 2016 4:49 pm
There is no down side to even handedness unless you are on the side that wants more than it is entitled both moral and legal standards.