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A Tango with Trump

March 14, 2016 2:35 pm
'' ''.....what about the Congress?  Are they getting the message that voters are fed up with wars for Israel?''   Probably not, congress has never paid any attention to the public sentiment. They really do think all of the public is stupid and that they can keep feeding the masses their usual spin, smoke and mirrors.
March 12, 2016 5:10 pm
Raimondo may or may not be right about Trump not being the leader. During Obama's campaign I said and thought that if he was what he says he is ,then he could be the 'political revolution' we have been waiting for. And though  otoh he is not what he says he is then his presidency could be the 'catalyst'  that  afterward does inspire a political revolution. Obviously Obama was  not quite what he pretended to be. So I think Trump is the result. Whether Trump really is the long awaited political revolution or not remains to be seen....however it is the first stab at it. I think if he isn't elected--in the sense of his America First  position and despite whatever warts he has on other issues -- things will only get worse  and worse.  I say that because the wide support Trump has gotten is the first time really the 'ordinary' and average masses' have flexed any kind of political muscle against the establishment---the establishment being the neos and all the other elite interest they ''have finally had a candidate voice loud and clear-- and Trump has certainly VOICED it for them. It they lose will they go back to suffering in silence--I don't know
March 12, 2016 2:31 am
A long time ago I said it would be easier to get conservatives to ditch Israel then to get the liberals to ditch Israel. I hope I turn out to be somewhat right at least. A lot of people thought the fanatic religious in the party  would prevent the conservatives from doing it. And the 'kinder,gentler,touchy feely,whiny progressives and liberals would do it--because of their so called 'moral principles' . Well there aint no more 'moral principles' on the left than on the right. Getting rid of Israel has always required stirring up some 'nationalism and patriotic type movement that is found more in the conservatives.  The liberals are  the  no boarders, citizens of the world , immature hippie flower children---all they were ever going to do or will ever do about Israel is wring their hands, cry and write tear stained poetry  about Palestine suffering      
March 12, 2016 4:55 pm
  Donald Trump: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly The GOP debate has put everything on the table by Justin Raimondo, March 12, 2016   ''Much of this (Trumps)  is political maneuvering: Trump was in his "unifier" mode, as he has been lately, and he is eager to cut another one of his famous "deals" – this time with the GOP Establishment. So he’s trimming his "isolationist" sails, albeit not enough to alienate his constituency and appear weak. What it all boils down to is that we can’t know what he would actually do in office – and that is a deal breaker, as he would put it, for anyone who is looking for a fundamental shift in our foreign policy of global intervention. Speaking of Trump’s constituency, this is the real value of his candidacy. Trump, the man and the candidate, is beside the point: the real gold mine here, which most anti-interventionists (and libertarians) have overlooked, is that Trump’s anti-internationalist rhetoric is one of his main attractions. He has touched a deep nerve in this country, which no one has managed to match, in large part because he realizes that things can’t go on as they have – and that our overseas empire is dragging us down into an irreversible decline.  What the rise of Trumpism shows is that the sentiment is there, the support exists for a foreign policy that puts America first. There is, however, a great big caveat. : "No doubt the people know they can have their Republic back if they want it enough to fight for it and to pay the price. The only point is that no leader has yet appeared with the courage to make them choose." Donald Trump is not that leader. Yet his candidacy may very well pave the way for such a leader to emerge''.
March 12, 2016 3:58 pm
I have read and heard some of Jill Stein's speeches and positions. I like her...think she has some sense...but dont think she will ever get the  media exposure she needs to reach the wider public....its  a pity.
March 12, 2016 4:04 pm
'' ''Trump Confirmed to Speak at AIPAC Conference'' Vanity Fair's James Wolcutt once wrote of Hillary Clinton's speech to AIPAC some years ago that ...'she did everything except squat and shit a turd for the Jewish Lobby" Gotta love Wolcutt. has a way with descriptions. The Donald better avoid doing the donkey for Israel or he will lose some support