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Construction of a New World Order for the 21st Century Has Begun

October 27, 2015 2:17 pm
the BRIC references at the base are brilliant taxi

Mondoweiss Breaks Silence Over The Alison Weir/JVP Controversy – Or Does It?

August 13, 2015 7:06 pm
clamoring to phil? seriously, do you think phil could cafe less if i was a jvp member? i don't even know if phil is a jvp member. fyi i joined (it costs $18) to go to an annual conference"meeting" held in the bay area a few years ago. it was for 2 or 3 days and had a host of interesting speakers or bds and other things. i like having jvp petitions sent to my inbox because they are simple and effective ways of advocacy (for example it takes all of 2 seconds to send a pre prepared email to my congressperson telling them to support the iran deal. virtually all of jvp's congressional petitions i agree with. it is very effective and organized activism. no one tells me to do this. it saves me a lot of time writing this stuff and keeping track of it. that's why i am a member and i think it's a good reason. i don't even know if adam and phil know i am a member. like any normal person considering the reasons why someone might not be making a statement, please take into consideration logical things like for instance, there may not be one unified site agreement over these actions. i have to go, i saw taxis link and was curious. i won't have time to read all of these comments because i am busy. but phil and adam don't control me. i signed the petition before i took my name off of it for multiple reasons which i can;t go into at the time. both phil and adam knew i was going to sign it and neither objected at all. not even a hint or suggestion i should not sign it. this concept i am an uncle tom is based on ignorance. i make my own decisions and i am not, for one minute, ashamed of who i am or what i say. p,s, phil was a speaker at alison's national interest convention in DC. you might try digesting that thought before magically assuming where his primary interest lies. not everyone fits into neat packages, especially not phil. he is a great friend of mine and a great human being and has never tried to influence my thinking. we get along and have a natural personal affinity, that's why we work together. what a fool thinking i am anyones puppet. and there's no schiziod-ness going on. i am a member of jvp for practical reasons of activism. they're organized and effective. it doesn't mean i agree with everything they do and say.
August 13, 2015 9:10 pm
you're welcome c&d, and thank you. i came back here because i forgot some important points. i a have a few genuine personal friends i met thru MW who are jvp members. one of them in particular sends me a lot of tips, not all jvp related. she is an amazing activist and a really sweet person. she works (very hard) on initiatives like lobbying unions to divest, g4s, hewlett packard. when the mobilize and action they can get 1000's of signatures very quickly and those are all separated by regional districts and then they organize to have them delivered. i delivered one once to my congressperson hundreds of signatures from our district alone. (i think like ..700). it all happened very fast. during this time no one has every pressured me from the group. no one contacted me about alison. no one contacted me as an employee of MW regarding alison. there are over 100k members in jvp and it would be foolish to assume they all are of the same mind about everything. it's an effective group and i like them. i have only been to a few meetings. one they asked me a month ahead of time to speak on water issues in palestine. i studied very hard for it and was brutally honest. there was no effort to curtail what i said and they were very appreciative. the rest of the meeting during the time i was there was a tad boring. they were planning actions. at no time during the meeting did i feel like this was anything other than a regular activist meeting albeit a tad boring and extremely well organized. the other meeting was when Hatim Kanaaneh spoke in berkeley at his book reading. i brought him and his wife and and introduced him at the event. it went well. before there was an exercise when you stand in two circles one inside the other facing eachother. a reader called out questions and you were asked to give your answer. many of them were regarding misconceptions about palestinian and hamas. they emphasized all the myths people were brainwashed into believing. it was a great meeting. whatever kind of pressure people might feel is not communicated to a person at my level. i am not aware of any activist group in the bay area more engaged with bds with as much reach. i like working with them and over look differences because i believe every group has differences. i am sure i would feel differently if the people i interacted with here in the bay area were different and not so who they are. but i like them. they are my friends. sorry! i think they are one of the most effective activist groups working for BDS in the US. and they are really well organized. don't have time to read the comments as we are backed up. i just wanted to clarify.

In Praise Of The Brave And The Visionary

July 15, 2015 9:03 pm
thank you taxi, just fantastic.

Raging War Under Raging Stars

July 5, 2015 7:16 pm
this is by far the best article i have read about syria in a long long time. thanks taxi.

When Pathos Is King

June 29, 2015 12:48 am
argh, should have proof read. sorry!
June 28, 2015 9:12 pm
why would i go there? because misogynistic framing (including sexualized framing ie "gang bang") is below the belt arguing and strikes me as impotent - along with other things like making up fake quotes i never said or never would say. btw, i linked to this blog numerous times on MW, so it was not only a lie that i "promised" to bring people here, i made several (4) attempts to do just that which can be reviewed in my archives -- and that is only one of the several fake assertions ie "You said you werent interested in ‘confronting’ the politicians on this" ? how not writing articles on legislation confrontational? it's that kind of arguing i find 'lacking in fortitude', of which limp dick is a euphemism, i didn't realize we had a comment policy here, that's just the way i talk when someone addresses me in insulting sexualized framing, . so while pissy tantrum and gang bang" are merely "stupid" they, apparently can still win arguments around here. re other side, i was referencing the way we usually communicate (non publicly). y'all can have the last word (and pretend i'm ranting if it suits you).
June 28, 2015 2:42 am
oh, a for effort tho american, i should at least acknowledge that.
June 29, 2015 4:26 am
i had no idea C&D, you're such a superb warrior, i always assumed you were a woman.
June 29, 2015 4:25 pm
do both. what about writing the un great american novel from the levant? if you're here, mi casa su casa. this sites just getting going so abandoning it seems... i'd miss it anyway. but if i had to choose, off the top of my head, i'd rather read the novel. that's how hot i think you are. a merging -- a great american novel which includes /jammed packed w/ME analysis. gotta go.
June 29, 2015 12:47 am
american no worries, you're there's insults don't make me seethe. ascribing emotions to ones adversary ('your hatred etc') is a sign of a weak argument and doesn't impress me, plus i've become immune to it from fighting w/zionists who rely heavily on it. but i agree w/you, your words are pretty standard descriptions for behavior similar to "mean little high school girls", which is why i described them as misogynistic (and amusing - sorry maybe i have sick soh). i had no intention of 'taking down' C&D when i quoted her and said "”the insinuation anyone and everyone has to “cower in fear of being declared antisemites for criticizing” mondoweiss is paranoia." just like i wasn't taking her down earlier when i mentioned zionist were everywhere and people should just say what they want. everyone criticizes mondoweiss so why would anyone cower in fear for doing so? i'm being honest in saying if anyone thinks me or mondoweiss is part of a "controlled opposition", i'm ok with it. again, i'm not here to defend mondowiess or why i write for them. and if that strikes you as seething or pissy high school or gang banging or whatever so be it. it just sounds here like you've got an ax to grind, maybe there's built up stuff you're unloading - so unload. but i've been listening to this stuff for years, which is why it doesn't get my goat. if you, pepsi, C&D, taxi or anyone thinks phil, today, thinks zionism was ever "“utterly superior to any other value system” i am not going to try to dissuade you of that. he speaks for himself. this is a person i work closely with daily and i deeply admire him, it runs contrary to what i know to be true about the man. so coming up with counter quotes do nothing but fuel a fire under it. even when you claim i "would have no vaild rebuttal" i'm not biting. btw, this is not intended as a 'take down', it's my reality. re digging, i'm glad it's your last word on it. take a break and breathe.
June 29, 2015 3:34 pm
yeah, jvp is definitely in the muck of it right now re your 'off balance' post. and i've known you long enough to know that you've got no unhealthy 'obsession' about them. it's valid for anyone to tear into or examine an inner jewish world psyche (re vicious smears), and although i might not frame it "utterly jewed-out", there's only so much of it i can take before a kind of lullness sets in where my mind goes 'so the f what?' (a few years ago something just popped in my mind, i expressed it as "holocausted out" where it just lost all charge for me -- same thing). it takes a lifetime of brainwashing to buy into a tribal group think and for people who weren't raised inside one, the appeal to dissect it can wear thin awfully fast. for those who were raised inside it (and i would included other religious or cult type upbringing/ indoctrination) and somehow broke out (in varying degrees) of those clutches, there's still more of a pull there. but outside of sort of a grab the popcorn and watch them go at it for the entertainment value (like what's going on w/oren right now or the jvp inner fight over 'to host alison or not to host alison' and whose idea was it to post that anonymous screed on their website) -- the jew on jew debates -- including hops or yonah de-jewing anti/non secular jews or arguing over whether gentile voices even matter in any discussion surrounding israel (seriously please, as if we're cardboard cut outs) -- i think after reading years of comments and fights -- a lull has set in for me. i feel somewhat immune to all this stuff, especially after being repeatedly targeted (you wouldn't believe some of the private emails i get or the things people write on twitter - i just block them). it all just pales in comparison to the real human suffering at the result of the 'concerns' regarding jewish opinion. which, i just don't happen to think is more important than say -- my opinion. and where individuals are concerned within that world, my personal interactions lead me to believe there are a lot of jews, whether in mw, jvp or completely unaffiliated with any of these groups, that respond just like i do to a lot of this crap, like wft so what? which leads me, in the current alison affair, to admire the way she's handled it because she's a warrior. the group think is only as powerful as we perceive it to be and sometimes (more often than not lately) grabbing the popcorn is my instinctual response. i wish i had your knowledge of the overall regional underpinnings. i so wish we had more of that at MW, but alas i don't feel qualified to write about it with any depth (lately i don't feel much like writing articles at all) i wish i spoke arabic. my mind keeps going back to the levant, the heart of it is so beautiful. everything goes in waves. my energy will hopefully pick up and something will excite me or inspire me to write or light a fire under me. unlike you i don't have 'the gift' for literary expression. again, the potential here i believe is immense because of your gift. of that i am confident. thanks for everything.
June 28, 2015 6:16 pm
"Attacking and conquering the others’ nether region does not a victory make around here" but pissy snide little ego snit -rant the child screams she throws herself on the floor in a tantrum apparently does pt taken taxi. but it still sounds limp dicked to me. see you on the other side
June 29, 2015 12:25 pm
taxi, you of all people, don't ever have to ask for my forgiveness, as i mentioned yesterday i totally get it you don’t trust jvp one bit, and that you could tell me that as often as you like. i'll extend that sentiment w/regard to MW as well. it's not for me to "allow" you or anyone here to express whatever they want about jvp or mw. and as i mentioned to american yesterday i’m being honest in saying if anyone (which includes you) thinks me or mondoweiss is part of a “controlled opposition” (ie occupied territory), i’m ok with it (i've made my peace w/it). i'm not sure what purpose it would serve to tell you i'm not trying to control/oppose you - so i won't. there are important reasons why and how your initiative here could broaden the spectrum of awareness (for me personally especially regarding lack of decent analysis, in western press, on the whole region) and if that includes, which i guess it does, focusing on mondoweiss then i'm not stopping you or trying to discourage you. conversations, debate, questions, complaints emails, phone calls (2 hours worth last night alone), about mondoweiss are a constant part of my life w/a myriad of people. it follows me wherever i go, so it makes perfect sense that would include here. some of that stuff i've shared my opinion so many times both online and off it seems completely redundant to repeat and rehash (which is why i frequently don't respond to comments about certain topics, just read the archives), and some is private/fresh - ever changing, vital, important and interesting. i'm one person with one opinion and i can't speak for mondoweiss, i can only speak for myself. as for having true admiration for you, that would be an understatement. but alas, we don't agree on everything. some things i consider minor, like what may or may not constitute misogyny and appropriate limits (or not) of response to it. and some with more (personal in my case) gravity, like what kind of value to put on the presence of mondoweiss in our national or international discourse. some things i talk about publicly, and some things -- i just don't. we all choose what struggles to put on our front burners, whether people think mondoweiss is part of a controlled opposition, is not on mine. but it's ok with me if that conversation happens, here or anywhere.
June 28, 2015 2:40 am
"Whats happening today is that is while you do the grassroots BDS thing the real powers and the deciding factors in saving the Palestines, the politicians and congress, have now passed two more anti boycott laws for Israel, one in a new US Customs bill and one in the international trade bill, the TPP to punish and prevent any companies or entities or even the governments themselves in member countries from condoning or using BDS." yes, i am aware of this legislation, in fact i wrote about (on MW), maybe you missed it. we published a couple other articles on it too. "You said you werent interested in ‘confronting’ the politicians on this." if you mean 'confrontation' in the form of medea benjamin and code pink bloody hands confrontation, no i'm not. i'd admire others who do but it's not my thing. but i confront politicians in other ways, i drop in at their offices and call them. your point? "Well make up your mind whether you are or not the end all cause you sure were part of the end all in frying Greta Berlin. Greta addressed the Zionist who had relations with Hitler and therefore it was a slur on all Jews and MORE important than Jews character assassinating her" berlin fried herself nobody had to do it for her. yes, we engaged after 12 days of massive escalation (and someone should link to all these other pro p sites who have published the weir thing, EI perhaps? because i have not seen them) and no it was not because she "addressed the Zionist who had relations with Hitler" it was how it was addressed and how she made up an unbelievable story to cover her tracks, and took an accusatory tone towards any/everyone who questioned her. "Dime for every time a Jew on MW has accused a commenter of anti semitism and said gentiles had a inherent disease of anti Semitism and not been censored or admonished by adm" ha! we have so many commenters there, anyone can lambast these mf accusers, it doesn't have to be admin. so sorry i have not done enough for you in confronting these jerks, i'll remember it's my duty -- according to you. " Your problem here and any where off MW is that you are in the unfortunate position where you cant harass and gang bang and bully commenters who don’t agree with you as you do on MW." contrary to whatever fantasy world you may live in american, i can say whatever i want here, if you don't believe me ask our host. so no, expressing myself is no "problem" for me in the least. it's more i find your obsession w/MW boring and redundant. and you can insult me while claiming how you argue things out here w/"respect" while lecturing me on hypocrisy, it's no problem for me in the least. in fact i find it amusing. anyway, carry on with your version of "arguing things out with respect". it seems as tho harassing, gang banging and bullying just might be your forte too. but alas, sounds sorta limp-dicked and angry for my taste. cheerio.