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U.S. Dropped 23,144 Bombs on Muslim-Majority Countries in 2015 -Adam Johnson/Alternet

January 12, 2016 11:46 am
"all countries that are majority Muslim" You might as well say that, in the nineteen-seventies, the USA organised coups in countries that are majority Catholic. Of course, no-one would say that - the USA didn't interfere in Latin America because of religion. Neither is it intervening in the Middle East because of religion. It supported Kuwait against Iraq though Iraq is less Muslim than Kuwait. It supported the mujaheddin in Afghanistan.  So why mention the religion of the "majorities" in these countries. The only people who have an interest in emphasising this are Islamic terrorist groups.      

Micro News from Syria

December 24, 2015 12:08 pm
This is so much more plausible than what we read in the mainstream media. Whilst one can't be sure of anything one reads on the internet written by someone one doesn't know, the story has the ring of truth. I've never been quite sure if ISIS really is as evil as the Western media tell us, given their lies in the past - this article is much more convincing on this front. But it's not just a series of anecdotes. It contains a definite political position: "No doubt, the Syrian Arab Army will soon be turning their boots towards this town again.  No doubt liberation is imminent." Just as Western propaganda about ISIS is not entirely false, I doubt if what it says about the Assad regime is completely wrong either. The Syrian regime is also utterly evil.