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Russia Destroys The Greater Israel Dream

October 22, 2015 6:22 pm
There is no cooperation between Russia and US on that matter. US never intended to take out ISIS. Russia in the other hand, got fed up with all sanctions and BS in Ukraine (aka Israel) supported by the allies from US/EU/UK and Putin acted '"politically correct" in order to solve the problems and serve the Russian's interests in Middle East and Europe. Russia hit hard all CIA bases (aka ISIS) in Syria, which are the single most important opposition of Assad, no matter what kind of faces US and allies try to give to that opposition. US never expected that Russia will hit them directly, so this is the reason WHY in less then 4 days Russia achieved something which US have been trying to do so hard in the past 3-4 years - "destroying" ISIS. In fact Russia "shot two rabbits with a single bullet" - taking control over the oil resources in Syria, while dismantling the CIA bases and show to the world who ISIS really are. HOW ? If ,US was not behind ISIS and really wanted to disarm and take them out, they would have been join forces and cooperate with Russia right from the beginning. They didn't. In opposite, after ISIS/CIA has been hit hard, US dropped over 50 tons of heavy ammunition, while continued bombing Syrian's civilian infrastructure ,hoping to save whatever left from their CIA bases and slow down Russian's military operations. So, ISIS is not a " loose cannon that’s spooking both Israel and the US " ,because ISIS headwaters are in Washington, therefore US only trying to save their CIA spooking asses, not really fighting with Russia, which is very regrettable and misfortune for Israel. Where all this heading to; if Israel get lucky and being able to target US once again - via proxy ISIS and the Muslims - than a potential military escalation between Russia and US is very likely.
October 22, 2015 12:35 am
"Neither the US nor Israel would be happy to see ISIS taking control of Syria." ??!! ISIS is US and Israel !