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The Unmagnificent Seven: Naming ISIS Allies

November 19, 2015 6:15 am
Like what happens when something like Paris goes down and all are waiting to hear 'Who done it' ? Does somebody ring up from a phone and say ' Hey there it was us and us is blah, blah, blah ' ? Without a verification code or something ? Cos then I'm thinking that any Tom , Dick or Hassan could put their hand up and cop to it ! ! I mean if ISIS or Ass es rang up,(whoever it is they ring), saying it was our mob at the same time, who decides which of them was it really, and what if it was the ones pointing the finger the real culprits causing a whole lotta spin so as to give reason(terrorist reason), so as to enter some country rich in shit like oil, gas or peanuts so they can enter amd get their own little grubby hands on it ! I mean that sounds like a heap of paranoia but it aint like it hasn't happend before , ay ? Remember sime place that was supposed to have had a whole heap of nukes piled up so they went in and bombed the crap out of them and stayed for awhile realising they had mistaken heaps of oil for nukes !!!! How weird ay, I bet they have a real good deal going with that country and it's oil ! Well they do say History repeats itself but come on , a coicidence ? A bit much don't ya think ? Anyway everyone just food for thought ! Am I in trouble ? Not if Idon't put my hand up or ring them saying it was me ! (by the way who's them I hear you ask),don't know but they say they have lots to do with Democracy ! Hope you all have a nice day, great night and a wonderfull life. Also hoping that whoevers doing this shit, die horribly then hell......