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Activist, Heal Thyself

August 18, 2015 11:15 pm
What is causing me some cognitive dissonance is JVP and every other holier than thou gatekeeper not even mentioning Omar Barghouti's own blatant racist statements. After a comment made by a white French woman, actually praising Barghouti and bds for their focus on non-violent strategy, he said, "I won't take this from a white person lecturing us on violence." He went on to say, "the white race is the most violent in the history of mankind." He might as well have said, "your race tells me you are a violent person. Therefore, you can't comment on violence. So shut up." Clearly, he could have accused Western imperialism as it coincided with advanced military technology. He of all people should know that it's not a matter of race but rather the social/psychological complex in which we live and learn. My mother used to say to me in situations like this: "But by the grace of 'god,' go there I." My take on that: Circumstances, simple twists of fate, serendipitous encounters could have steered me towards racism, Zionism, or worse. To me, it's more constructive to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially when a person has a track record as exemplary as Alison Weirs'. I wouldn't have gone onto those radio programs but she has her own ideas about spreading the word. She thought it was worth it. She wasn't colluding with racists, imo. I get Barghouti's point, too. While it was an unfortunate comment, I don't condemn him because I can understand where he was coming from when he said it. And it's not a theme in his work. We are human and none of us are so inherently special that we can't give slack to a fellow human who is clearly working to bring justice to others, in this case, the Palestinian people. My point here is that Barghouti's racist statement is overlooked by JVP yet Alison Weir gets dragged through the mud, not for making racist statements herself but for talking to supposed racists some years back.