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Jewish Anti-Goyism and the Entrenched Divisions in the Palestine Movement

September 7, 2015 10:49 pm
Well, the whole thing has been educational, if not somewhat disillusioning for those of us unacquainted with the internecine nature of US turf wars and some of the people involved (Phyllis who?). There we were, imagining we were part of a broad-based coalition drawn from all walks of life and shades of opinion, with one overriding goal - justice for Palestinians. And now we find out that certain individuals and organisations apparently think that they own an entire movement and get to decide who's in and who's out. And are more focussed on the old tribal war cry and general purpose kneecapping in order to have their way. Who do they think they are? Oh, they have special status because they happen to be Jewish? They are the arbitrators, judges and jury of a whole movement which was active long before they came along? I don't think so. This idea that they get to call 'antisemitism' on whomsoever they decree, without substantiation, evidence or the right of reply, and with the assumption that it is a foregone conclusion and thus surefire expulsion order, is beyond autocracy or arrogance. The people who need to demonstrate some humility and listen carefully to others, respecting their opinions and recognising the diversity of views under one common umbrella are Jewish activists. Instead, they have got it exactly inverted - they appear to think they have a special status and some sort of unique insight which the rest of us are not privy to. Or they are trying to limit the criticism to parameters they have laid down, confining debate to what they are comfortable with. Is this really about Palestinians for them? All I can say is that I used to think of Gilad Atzmon as a bit of an outlier, a maverick who was a great musician. Now i am thinking, thanks to Max, that he is right about anti-zionist zionists. And my respect for Alison Weir has gone through the roof, due to the calm and considered way she has handled this crude, belligerent smear campaign. Thanks again, Max and JVP. You have removed yourself from a coalition and put yourselves in the fringe group of dubious fellow travellers. All your own doing. You never owned the movement and now the movement will treat you with suspicion. You don't get to speak for anyone, however deludedly you think you do. So you, this Phyllis person and a handful of JVP'ers think you can destroy a person's character and life for some kind of personal vendetta, an egotistic envy at what she has accomplished and that she is not beholden to you? It says a lot about you, and nothing about her, that you are clearly threatened by her independence of mind, and free spirit. You have sown discord and distrust in a united movement - how convenient for zionism.

Who and What the Heck is Plato's Guns?!

August 31, 2015 10:17 pm
Taxi, I think YouTube have taken down that film, due to a copyright claim. But thanks for the tip. I didn't know you were American, but I think the point is that you are writing from a Middle Eastern perspective, which is very welcome, and not from inside the US bubble, where nothing outside of Israel or America seems to matter much. So you don't have to waste lots of time and energy fighting that oppressive apologist fight we are all too familiar with, where the US Jewish establishment smothers everything in its ceaseless stifling of debate and reportage. It is claustrophobic, which is why writing from your vantage point frees you and the blog from wading through the foggy swamp of subterfuge and subversion of your message. Back on films, do you know the films of Elia Suleiman? I was recommended them by a good guy called Nadim Mishlawi who lives and works in Beirut.
August 31, 2015 12:07 pm
Taxi, I am enjoying my introduction to your blog. You are right, it is refreshing to read a blog on I/P that isn't American. I don't see the need to set up an us v them standoff with MW. There are still good people over there, and they do publish good articles (like the superb pieces from Avigail Arbanel). What weaknesses they have (and we all have them) is imho more related in catering to the American Jewish scene, which to be fair is the focus of their campaigning. But for those of us outside that particular bubble it does become very tiresome seeing them and the commenters constantly walking on eggshells around the ever-so-fragile sensitivities of the narcissistic zionists. Like the recent farce of JHitchcock it seems that it is more important to placate the thought police than shout from the rooftops about our support for the beleaguered Palestinians and our abhorrence of what is being done to them. In that spirit I hope your blog doesn't become another of the tedious ding dong battles between smug, heartless zionists of the type that MW feels the need to allow and the rest of us human beings. All those creeps who clog up the MW threads with their asinine posturing and baiting just put me off participating, since there is no point in engaging them, bereft as they are of any resemblance to normal human beings. God bless Annie for putting up them and constantly putting them in their place. Which is why it is refreshing here, and long may it continue. I also like to see articles about Palestinian culture - music, films, writing - since it is a positive antidote to the barrage of bad news, but it is also crucial in fighting the zionist narrative which seeks to deny them of any culture or identity at all. I always find it heartening how any work is produced, given the privations and assaults they suffer, let along the quality of it. No doubt the deeply felt necessity to speak and express oneself under the conditions they endure gives an extra edge which no cosseted, over privileged zionist could ever understand. Anyway, good luck with it, just keep doing what you are doing and don't knock yourself out over it.

Activist, Heal Thyself

August 17, 2015 9:40 pm
I very much agree with your observations on JVP, taxi. I am still very surprised that people over at MW initially took the JVP bag carrier Hitchcock at face value and let her dump so inelegantly on Allison Weir, and at such length. My faith was somewhat restored as commenters belatedly realised the shallow depth of her ignorance about Weir as she repeated endlessly from the crib sheets that the JVP politburo had supplied, with tree in particular tearing her ill-educated, ignorant assertions apart - which she, of course, ignored. This is what goads me - no-one appears to be willing to call out JVP with the same certitude and brassy fanfare as Hitchcock did to Weir. What authority and credentials does she have to publicly trash someone even she admits she is not even casually acquainted with? Two examples spoon fed to her was all she could muster - as if she had just 'happened' to find them alone amongst her voluminous work. Yet to assassinate the character of someone who has nothing to prove to the gormless hatchet wielder JH, I would submit that you would have to demonstrate that you have conducted your research diligently, have studied her writing and have tried to communicate to her. None of these basic requirements of fairness have even been suggested, let alone performed. But never mind the messenger who isn't a messenger, just an ingenue student is the character she has been allocated. Who is pulling the strings at JVP, and why don't they come out in the open with documented evidence and proof of the diligent research, discussions and interviews they have conducted? What kind of organisation is it that remains so silent and in the shadows when it comes to attribution, evidence and accountability? What is the hierarchy of this opaque mob? What meetings took place, and what consultation took place with their membership? And where is the reference to it on their website? That's right - nothing. If I was a member of JVP I would be grossly insulted, not just by the bag carrier's juvenile antics, but by the realisation that a leadership exists which makes closeted decisions to silence people who have done far more than they have for the movement, and who many in the JVP ranks will have huge respect for. This reminds me of Scientology of Stalinism, where previous good members are suddenly denounced and exiled to the bafflement of the remaining members, along with carefully selected 'evidence' of their traitorous sins. In short, the question that JVP members should be asking is why there is no democracy, no accountability and no transparency in their organisation, yet it demands that they have no truck with respected campaigners in other organisations. It stinks, and I hope the more perceptive ones, get a whiff of it, and the hidden agenda of people who run it and who decide to burn heretics at the stake with no explanation of justification required. Reminds me of .... Zionism. The only good thing is JH has made a mockery of JVP and they would have to change radically for anybody to trust them. The bad news is that will continue to campaign to police the US discourse and ban people like Allison from public meetings. If Americans knew, indeed.
August 17, 2015 9:53 pm
And finally, what gall does JH display when she cheerily signs off with calls for 'justice'! The glibness of these people's calls for justice for Palestine is nothing but hollow words - they plainly do not know the meaning of the word. Otherwise why do they refuse to apply the most basic, elementary tenets of justice to Allison Weir, which is to give her a fair hearing and take into account her long track record, all of which, unlike their secret organisation, is publicly available? Acting like a Star Chamber behind closed doors, judge, jury and executioner with no witness statements, no defence allowed - what does that remind you of, and where? They should be shunned by all fair-minded people who believe in democratic and accountable organisations as the only way forward. What is their membership for - to belong to the cadre, following orders, or to be part of a transparent organisation accountable to its members and transparent in its democratic decision-making? Who could they be modelling themselves on and what loyalty do they exploit in order to act as thought police in America, whose ambitions I note now extend to policing the BDS movement - a great prize for the zionists who have been strenuously trying to infiltrate and discredit it, considering it one of their top priorities. Some plants in JVP would be perfect, since they don't have to justify their actions to anybody, but can exploit the profile of the organisation and its supine, credulous membership. QED.
August 17, 2015 10:06 pm
Uh oh, no edit facility? Anyway, I would say 'Activist, free thyself' from false gods, leaders and organisations. The strength of the is movement lies in diversity, not uniformity, accepting that and working with it. Diversity and multiplicity acts as a brake on any demagogic groups of individuals who are keen to take the reins. It also means tolerance, trust and respect for many shades of opinion with a common goal. The opposite of everything JVP stands for.

Mondoweiss: Bird In A Cage

August 15, 2015 12:28 pm
Hi there, I have been reading MW for some time, occasionally commenting (under a different screen name than here), but I must say this whole unsavoury fracas has been an education, and not a particularly pleasant one. I was aware of JVP, but from outside the US they don't mean much, other than as one of the many organisations lobbying for some kind of sanity on Israel. I had naively assumed we were all kind of on the same side. However, reading the posts of Jennifer Hitchcock is deeply disturbing, and I find it very surprising that she is taken remotely seriously. Nothing she says sounds genuine, everything sounds exactly like a zionist tract designed to pay lip service to Palestinians, while its true aim is to discredit one of the most consistent anti-zionists in the US and to sow discord and suspicion in the movement at large. Were she a zionist agent (who knows?) seeking to undermine the movement then it would all fit seamlessly. There is zero evidence that she either cares about Palestinians, or has any in-depth knowledge about the situation. Everything she writes is utterly insincere, and deeply questionable, including the fake bonhomie she tries out, the false.consideration in her replies to others, and the faux sympathy. It all sounds fake to me. She neglects to explain anything about herself or why she has selected herself to do such a vacuous hatchet-job on AW, who has more integrity in her toenail than she will ever have. What credentials does she have, that she takes it on herself to make such disingenuous half-baked assertions, carefully and misleadingly culled from AW's work, and who is she to judge what is anti-semitism and what isn't? Certainly she displays no intelligence or rigour in a blatant character assassination, and is very feeble in her assertions, and at times false. Her credentials are zero, yet she casually asserts the moral high ground with no evidence she has any idea what ethics are. Who are these people to control the discourse, and decide who is 'out' and who cannot be considered as spokespeople on campuses and public forums? That is the evident aim - to deny Alison a platform in order to educate Americans, which she has been doing selflessly for years. First comes the accusations of anti-semitism, then the smearing and isolating, and finally the push to silence them from the media and public activities. Always under the same old charge of anti-semitism, a charge that is seldom scrutinised rigorously, but is repeated enough in the hope that the public perception of it will stick and put these people beyond the pale. Atzmon had the same treatment, Ken O'Keefe too. They make me sick. I had no idea they are such a two-faced organisation, and have hoodwinked many of us. Now it is out in the open, I hope they are discredited. Certainly I cannot take them seriously now, and will treat anything they say with deep suspicion. They do not speak for anybody, least of all Palestinians, yet they are mounting a putsch to be some kind of US gatekeeper and thought police for people who they don't own. They are snakes. The one good thing is that I have found this blog now, and seen many of the good contributors to MW here, who I missed.