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Pow Wow – An Autumn Conundrum

November 8, 2015 5:04 am
Taxi, I see a logical way you can grow the site and make it better. Encourage commenters and visitors to submit articles to you, and you decide what to post on the site. Make a guest article area of the site. Ask people to focus on issues that originally caused you to want to start the site; we need people to write commentary and analysis on the topics and issues that are often disdained or downright banned on Mondoweiss and other such sites. If you wanted to free yourself from the shackles of moderation, and I know that many others and I felt the same need to find a place to express verboten opinions, we should continue in that direction. I have been thinking of an article that I have wanted to write for your site for some time; laziness and a busy schedule have prevented me from finding and getting the elusive round tuit. Maybe your call here can motivate me to write my thoughts out and send them to you. I wish we could get Hostage, Sean, American, and so many others to write articles that interest them and release them on your site. Frankie P

Jewish Anti-Goyism and the Entrenched Divisions in the Palestine Movement

September 4, 2015 5:12 am
Sean, No, they didn't clear it. It disappeared. Again, not suprising. Frankie P
September 3, 2015 11:01 pm
I decided to do a small experiment in regard to the MW article, "Max Blumenthal is an un-person in the New York Times". I posted a comment, and I'd like to see if there are any people who would like to wager on whether it will make it through moderation. Here's the comment, which includes a link to this important article by Taxi: Poor Max, An unperson at the New York Times, and he goes and takes his anger out by attacking Alison Weir yet again, spewing his guilt by association accusations of white supremacism at one of the real moral fighters for the Palestinian cause. Link to Plato’s Guns Come on over, the water’s great, you can come in, without going through a gate. Frankie P Well, what do you think? Will the mods let it through? I tend to think that it won't see the light of day for a few reasons. First, they just want the whole Alison Weir debacle to go away, and they still haven't been able to wash the shit out of their clothes with regards to their bad behavior on the issue. I believe that there is a lack of consensus among the MW crew on the issue. I feel that Phil leans towards siding with Alison Weir, and Adam and the Gatekeepers (new band name) won't have any of it. The second reason it won't see the light of day is that it links to this important blog, which I'm sure is MORE than on the radar of the MW crew. Even though they may be atheists, Taxi has put the fear of God into them with the launch of this blog. No, that's not a contradiction! Like Israel Shahak used to say about American Jews, and I paraphrase: So many of them profess to be atheists with no belief in God, but they all believe that even though he doesn't exist, he DID give the land of Israel to the Jews." Keep it up, Taxi Frankie P

Who and What the Heck is Plato's Guns?!

September 2, 2015 4:05 am
Danaa, I feel that it is important to have blogs on the I/P conflict and the Zionization of US politics run by non-Jews as well as Jews. In no way did my mention of NJ signifying non-Jew imply that Taxi should not welcome Jewish voices, especially voices that speak with the clear timbre of truth, voices like yours, Hostage's, bornajoo's, and so many others. I have learned so much from these Jewish voices, these human voices, which speak from an understanding deeper than my own. This understanding does not derive from Jewishness, rather from experience and learning. I hope you get an idea of how much people like me appreciate these voices. Frankie P.
August 31, 2015 12:18 am
Taxi, I second and echo Bornajoo's applause at your operation. To be honest, I thought your NJ denoted non-Jewish, as it's clear that there's a real need for more non-Jewish run blogs and sites on the I/P and I/C (Israel/Congress) conflicts. As for Bonjaroo, I would use it when a friend is taking a trip to Australia: Have a great trip. Bonjaroo! And if Bornajoo ever goes to Ausralia, it would be a great tongue twister: Bonjaroo, Bornajoo!! By the way, thank you Bornajoo, for your personal post on another thread (I can't keep the thread of all the threads) about your mother and your roots. It struck a chord of humanity!!! Frankie P
August 31, 2015 12:28 am
On your drop-down menu, be sure to highlight and separate your own work from the posts from other sites. The current format is successful in doing this, as your own posts are at the top. I feel that your own writing is very compelling, and I am more attracted to it than to the other posts; perhaps this is an appreciation of both your writing style and the content, which touches on important issues that are excluded from other sites. I am more interested in picking and choosing from the related posts, and I look forward to seeing how you will categorize them. Best wishes Frankie P

Activist, Heal Thyself

August 22, 2015 9:36 am
I would like to relate my experience with posting on the "roundtable" article, and then I would like to introduce the idea of a thought experiment for you all. It is related to the "anti-gentile gangbangers" (taxi, I've got to hand it to you, you come up with some refreshing descriptions), not just at JVP, but also among the contributors of MW, from Max B. all the way up to Phil Weiss. I initially posted the following comment, and to be honest, I was surprised that Anniefofanny, who so often runs interference for her "rock star" Phil Weiss, allowed the comment. Frankie P: Dear Adam, Phil and JVP, I am writing to forgive you for your anti-gentilism. I understand that this facet of your psychological make-up is not deliberate or chosen by you; it is the result of your upbringing, the myths you have heard, and a constant drumming into your heads from your tribe. I only ask that you consider that you may have a component of anti-gentilism in your heart and psyche, and try to make adjustments and start on the long road to wellness. I imagine that Alison Weir, someone who has been directly affected by your anti-gentilism, would also forgive you. I greatly admire the work you do to relieve the oppression of the Palestinians, but until you deal with this problem, I fear for the overall outcome. You seem to want to control the discussion, and open and honest discussion among ALL concerned parties, including the US population of EVERY stripe, is the only way forward in hope for a just resolution of the I/P conflict. The misguided belief that you can ignore and forbid discussion of Jewish people, Jewish religion, and Jewishness while trying to solve the problem of Israel/Palestine is ridiculous, wearing very thin, and perhaps it should be discarded. There were a few replies, W Jones: Phil can not be implicated in the scandal, Frankie. You can’t presume his unwritten thoughts anymore than Weir’s opponents can hers. Apparently, W Jones did not understand my post. I was not accusing Phil of antigentilism because of the Alison Weir case. I tried to make that clear. Frankie P: @W.Jones, My mention of Phil’s anti-gentilism is not framed by or limited to the context of the Alison Weir scandal. Mooser then jumped in with one of his straw-man attacks; usually these things appear in a diarrhea-like explosion of incoherent posts as follows. Mooser: (comment 1) “My mention of Phil’s anti-gentilism is not framed by or limited to the context of the Alison Weir scandal.” No, of course not! Geez, first Phil is an anti-semite, now he’s anti-Gentile. He don’t like nobody. (comment 2) “My mention of Phil’s anti-gentilism is not framed by or limited to the context of the Alison Weir scandal.” Well, at least your “mention of Phil’s anti-gentilism is not framed by or limited to the context of” any quotes or references to Phil’s writings, all conveniently archived right here. And given your generous offer to forgive him, it’s hardly even necessary, is it? Why rake up old scores, when one is ready to forgive. Annie now jumps in to encourage Mooser, and in light of her decision NOT TO POST my subsequent clarification, showed me what she is really made of, and it ain't about truth and honesty. Annie: lol mooser! Mooser's straw man: notice how he quotes me “mention of Phil’s anti-gentilism is not framed by or limited to the context of” and then he finishes the sentence with his own words as follows: "any quotes or references to Phil’s writings, all conveniently archived right here." Well, good people, my accusation of anti-gentilism WAS derived by certain quotes that Phil made on MW, one in specific that I had to dredge up. Who remembers when Phil Weiss called the Catholic Church "the church of pedophilia"? Who could deny that brushing the entire Catholic Church, which I believe has 1.25 billion followers, as pedophilia denotes anti-gentilism? I wrote a response to Mooser in which I mentioned Phil's description of the church. I also called Mooser out on his past references to Christians from the US south, a large group of people who he often calls a host of derogatory names. I did NOT mention, though I should have, Max B.'s diagnosis Germany's "sick society". Does this count as "anti-gentilism"? The comment that I made was never posted. Annie, who I hesitate to call a "groupie" because I feel that her heart is in the right place and she is extremely active in MW work, could not let rock star Phil be unveiled. That to me is sad. Now it's time for the thought experiment. First, I want to say that Phil Weiss DID make an apology for his cavalier words about the Catholic Church. Max B. has not apologized, as far as I know, for his comments on German society. My thought experiment deals with people who have made what has been deemed to be anti-semitic comments that they subsequently apologized for. Are they ever truly forgiven? Will they ever work again in their fields? Ask Mel Gibson. Ask Helen Thomas. Now, should people who make anti-gentile comments be treated similarly, or should we forgive them? I vote for forgiveness, but in order to give it to one group, equal love for all humanity decrees that we give it the other. Keep checking for those ideological toxins, folks, and remember, as Danaa says: “get rid of a spoonful of toxins, keep the doctor away, reckoning doctor away, reckoning doctor away get rid of a spoonful of toxins, keep the doctor away, in the most delightful way.” Frankie P
August 19, 2015 5:46 am
Danaa, you have implanted an image of Julie Andrews in my mind. She is singing from her performance in Mary Poppins. "get rid of a spoonful of toxins, keep the doctor away, reckoning doctor away, reckoning doctor away get rid of a spoonful of toxins, keep the doctor away, in the most delightful way."

Mondoweiss: Bird In A Cage

August 29, 2015 11:35 am
Taxi, I have already contacted Gilad Atzmon and introduced him to this blog. We had a short email exchange and he was impressed. I hope that he will stop in and comment. Frankie P