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Russia Raps at Fortress Israel's Wall

September 12, 2015 2:24 pm
Israel did not build its own "wailing wall" and Israel relied on the Red White and Blue to build its "security fence." Jews never pay for their ow stuff -- Deuteronomy 6 and Israel does not build its own walls, USA builds them. Nor do Jews pay or bleed when they want other people killed, in large numbers -- they leverage small investments to get other people to do their killing for them. These days, the patsy-of-choice is USA and its cheaply-bought Congress & Senate. Yesterday in a press briefing Josh Block told reporters that Obama would visit with Bibi before the year is out to "repair important relations between our two countries that have shared values .....(how do you say blah blah blah in Hebrew? Best we learn because before long the official language of USA will be Jew talk --- not necessarily Hebrew -- they'll keep that for their private communications). Block said that as part of the enforcement of Iran agreement, Israel would receive enhanced annual cash flows to "maintain their qualitative military edge," and would discuss giving Israel the MOP. Tearing down other people's defenses and building Israel's next "wall". -- Made in USA.