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Donald Loves Israel: the Aipac Speech – March 21st, 2016

March 22, 2016 5:35 pm
How anyone takes this lying sack of shit seriously is beyond me. He is another amoral zio-cuck with his head so far up Israel's ass he could establish his campaign headquarters there.  Arguably the most disgusting performance of political scat porn we have seen in years. Yet even after this speech there will be those who persist in calling him an anti-Zionist. If this guy becomes president it will be a "total and complete disaster." "Believe me, believe me."  

‘Academic Boycott’ Is an Oxymoron – Monica Osborne/The Chronicle of Higher Education

February 20, 2016 9:35 pm
Break out the literature so we can "flesh out those nuances" and "grapple with difficult issues and acknowledge their complexity" because ethnic cleansing has a "deep history that is fraught with complexity." The only thing complicated here is trying to maintain the illusion of moral neutrality while shilling for Zionist shekels...and failing miserably. A fine example of why we need a boycott of the domestic purveyors of establishment cant as well as those in Israel. The biggest failure of BDS is that it focuses on Israel while ignoring the source of Israel's power here on the mother ship. We need to boycott Zionist institutions in the US and Western Europe, which includes nearly the whole of the political class and mass media as well as much of academia. Who gives a fuck about Israeli oranges? The US government can buy them en masse and dump them in the sea--whatever it takes to serve Zionist interests. But shut down the mass media and maybe we will get somewhere.

Putin, NATO and the Turkish Banana Peel

November 26, 2015 4:03 am
Excellent article. Obvious trap is obvious, as the kids would say. It's obvious the attack was a deliberate and planned ambush. Putin has the good sense not to react (yet) and now it is the neocons and their Turkish lapdog who are seen for the crazies they are. I never would have imagined a UN Security Council resolution backing Russia's military action in Syria. You erred again, Erdogan. Just to comment on the anti-white bigotry that is all the rage among our ungrateful Zionist superiors, let them keep spewing this bile and see where it gets them. "Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out," is the line I recall from I, Claudius. Once Christians and non self-hating whites see what our Jewish friends truly think of them, I suspect organized Zionism's days will be numbered in the West. Of course, it can't be ignored that this rhetoric has undermined and thoroughly discredited the Left in Western countries, and that may well be part of the agenda. has always been a bastion of what I call "blancophobia" with its endless hysterical attacks against "white, cisgendered males." That so many seem unable to recognize how blatantly bigoted these attacks are is sad but few of the SJW-types who eat this shit up seem capable of independent thought.

Three-card Monte For the American Masses

November 2, 2015 6:12 pm
Neoconservatism is a Jewish movement. I don't see how you can describe it as anything else. The fact that there are non-Jews involved in the movement is irrelevant, since the goal of the movement is to promote elite Jewish interests in the US, Western Europe and the Middle East, often to the detriment of the national interests of the countries they have influence over. Neocon concerns are not limited to Israel. While I doubt most of the non-Jews in the movement have any particular ideological commitment to Israel, they are whores who know which side their bread is buttered on and know who they have to kowtow to to get elected to national office in the West. They say what they are paid to say. No need for plomo when you have people who will happily sell out for plata.

J.K. Rowling appeases angry readers after showdown with BDS – Yaniv Halily/Ynetnews

November 2, 2015 2:35 pm
I don't see where anyone is calling for a boycott of people for refusing to join a boycott...or for being Israeli, for that matter. The leaders of the BDS are calling for boycotts of people who actively lend their name and support to Israel and its policies as apologists, propagandists or legitimizers. People are free to join or not join that boycott as they see fit. But when "artists" like Rowling lend their celebrity to an obviously Zionist-sponsored effort to derail the BDS movement, then they are effectively acting as agents of Zionist propaganda. They are not innocents merely expressing a differing opinion or exercising their right to not participate in a boycott they don't agree with. There is a difference between a voluntary boycott and a ban, with BDS activists supporting the former and Zionists often calling for the latter. They don't want Dieudonne boycotted, they want him and others who express anti-Zionist views to be outlawed, and they are getting their way. No one is calling for a ban on Israeli artists or their hack western supporters, just a voluntary boycott. Boycott is often the only tool we have to fight back against the mass media and "artistic" establishment who generally produce little more than low-grade trash and propaganda. Where is this Shakespeare that deserves to be defended? My main problem with BDS is that it is so limited, since you'd be hard-pressed to find Israeli products in your local supermarket to boycott and most people could care less about Israeli academics and artists to begin with. It should really be directed at the Zionist power configuration in the US and all the media, corporate, government and private entities who enable and support Israel. Boycott the mass media and every pro-Israel political candidate, and maybe we will get somewhere.
October 30, 2015 9:30 am
The "culture" she wishes to engage with is racist Zionism, a subset of Jewish supremacism. Cultural engagement with Jewish supremacism has not produced any major changes in outlook in over 3,000 years and certainly none in the last 67 years in Palestine. Boycotts are far more benign than military action, and her owners should be bloody grateful they are not facing an invasion. People have a right not to participate with those they consider to be supporting immoral or barbarous behavior, and I certainly won't be buying any of Rowling's books for the kids on my list. Moral grandstanding over the right of non-participation is about as bogus as it gets. She seems to think we owe Israel and its cultural collaborators our time, money and attention, when all we owe them is a hearty FOAD. This isn't the first time she has presented herself as a champion of reactionary establishment "liberalism." She gave a million euros of her own money to the cause of defeating Scottish independence, and took umbrage when some of the less star-struck natives called her on it. She quoted Maya Angelou and presented herself as some sort of defender of women's rights when she is just another tool, though one who is clearly smart enough to know exactly what she's doing.

WATCH: Islamic State threatens Israel in new Hebrew video – Ricky Ben-David/The Times of Israel

October 25, 2015 12:31 am
People have started to notice that Al Qaeda and the Israeli Sectarian Instigation Service have conveniently overlooked Israel on their list of targets over the last 12 years. They seem to prefer killing Muslims and Christians in countries on the necons' hit list for some completely indiscernible reason.

She Kills People from 7,800 Miles Away – Kevin Maurer /The Daily Beast

October 18, 2015 9:13 am
What a gal, defending dog parks from the Taliban by remote control. Video games are more fun when you get to use live ammo against real people.

Why does France want to overthrow the Syrian Arab Republic ? – Thierry Meyssan/

October 12, 2015 9:30 am
This kind of over-analysis misses the point entirely. Nothing the West is doing in the Mideast has anything to do with colonialism. France is not interested in occupying Libya, Syria or anywhere else. The goal here is to destroy secular Arab states that threaten Israel. That is all. No Western interest is being served by pissing off 1.5 billion Muslims and perhaps the majority of the rest of the planet as well. Like most Western leaders, Hollande serves Israel and is willing to wage war on its behalf even to the point of arming and training terrorist proxies. It is a measure of the control wielded by Zionist puppetmasters that the leaders of Western Europe and North America are willing to sacrifice the interests and well-being of their own countries to further Israeli hegemony. They are traitors to their nations and to humanity.

Idiot Howard Stern attacks Roger Waters with Zionist Propaganda 101

October 7, 2015 8:55 pm
Only in America could a slimebucket like Stern get paid $600 million dollars to do his show on Sirius radio...and then complain he wasn't paid enough. That there are enough people willing to listen to this clown that it is actually profitable to pay him that much is a sad commentary on our society. But then, "Judge Judy" is the highest paid celebrity here.

Dissent on Israel Not Permitted at Bernie Sanders Event – Murtaza Hussain/The Intercept

October 6, 2015 8:24 pm
Once Berned, twice learned. Saint Bernard has shown his true colors time and again.

A new encyclopedia of Jew-hatred – Zvi Mazel /The Times of Israel

September 27, 2015 2:16 pm
"his is also why European personalities familiar with the issue have added their support by expressing their high esteem for the book on its cover. José Maria Aznar, a former Spanish prime minister, even wrote the book’s foreword." The dregs of Zio sycophancy must have been scraped dry if this has-been fascist Quisling is the best they could come up with to write the book's forward. Was Sarkozy on vacation?