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A Review of the Reviewer of Max Blumenthal's Book

September 10, 2015 1:30 pm
"First, sorry for the eff – I meant it as a brush-off and not as spit and a punch in the teeth." Don't worry I'm used to it. The fact is the at the JVP, who I forced to return my membership fees, do good work, as does Max. The issue is that they are Jewish and put 'antisemitism' above all other issues. Antisemitism is more important than the Palestinian cause which was never more clearly defined than when the IDF thugs teargassed a disabled school while I was 'there'. They can bullshit on about how Hamas fired thousands of rocket and they had no choice but to attack. But there is no bloody excuse for lobbing 2 cans of teargas under the open windows of an assembly hall where 200 5-8 year old with disabilities, some in wheelchairs with down syndrome, were rehearsing a performance for their parents to be held the following afternoon. This situation is so common it is considered to be 'normal life' for those involved. It doesn't get to even the Palestinian media because they fear reprisals. So they can all shove their concerns for antisemitism right up there... it's the outcome of 66+ years of unbelievable abuse. They are a batshit crazy cult. The fact that Max, the JVP and others can't shake off this garbage relates to their indoctrination into the goodness of being Jewish, special and chosen. They don't have the guts to throw off the benefits package of being members of a death cult. They are out to save Judaism. They have as much chance of this as a German claiming to be a good Nazi, bugger all! Unfortunately in the process of the Zionization of Judaism, others have picked up on the religion as peoplehood garbage.
September 10, 2015 9:05 am
I gave you a case from this week. Clearly a university course in Gaza called 'English literature' with 3-4 writing subjects should include actual writing. The young person concerned felt let down by the course. Obviously there is a problem. Max has some sway. We know from reports his father sends items written by Max to Clinton. I'm not sure of what cash is earned writing a book. Unless you are a well sold author it is usually a cost rather than a return. I would doubt Max is likely to earn money from this to cover the costs. Does Max do more good than harm? Probably. Will he be remembered as the agent of change? Unlikely, and just as unlikely that anyone will. There is only one thing that has any change of causing change, a massive walk out on the Jewry based on a well reasoned public document. Until the Jewry is shamed into admission of collective crimes against humanity nothing will change. It's business as usual. But I appreciate your Zionistic reply... "Just fuck off and take your snoot with you."
September 9, 2015 1:15 pm
Oh dear... Max the accuser of antisemitism is an antisemite. Just like I said all the footnotes made no difference. He may as well have called the book "Why Jews Suck". ;) —> Just Another Dishonest Hit-Job On Israel ByMichaelon July 3, 2015 This is just another dishonest hit-job on Israel. The author is a known anti-Semite who spends 24 hours-a-day thinking of ways to harm Israel. Footnotes mean nothing if there is dishonest intent. Any fact or explanation for Israel's actions that does not serve the author's agenda has been left out. It's as if he wrote a book about the Manson Family wherein he makes Sharon Tate out to be the perpetrator and Charles Manson the victim.
September 10, 2015 8:28 am
Alison got the 'cuts', 6 on each hand and expelled from JVP school. So did I and Greta. Who gives a fuck. I wrote a bitching letter to the JVP and sent it to all of their email addresses. I'm waiting for a respectful reply from... Gilad for his homophobic bullshit and utter garbage about identity politics From Ali Abunimah for this crap From Rich Siegel who instantly defriended me after 6 years of being mates because I don't support his utter crap on vaccinations. And I'm sure as hell not going to be caught in a photo opportunity with Neturei Karta, who paid Mexican to protect against the gay right parade in New York and indoctrinate children into a cult that oppresses women. Or post videos from that lunatic Brother Nathanael whose an embarrassment to Christian values. Nor will I claim Hamas or Iran represent heaven on earth! I've said my bit on antisemitism. If you're a decent person that is Jewish GET OUT OF THE CULT. Why on earth would you want to taint your integrity by association to lunatics! If someone is a bigot that is what they are, no special word is needed.
September 10, 2015 6:23 am
GAWD... your best work seems to be being as bad as the JVP. Why don't give Max's some points for being in Gaza while shit rained from the Zionized skys. And then maybe look at why there is an issue with people in Gaza doing their own reporting in the English language. Really shitty education! I have one guy I'm mentoring who did English literature at the Islamic University with 3 or 4 writing subjects in English in which NO ONE in the class ever wrote a paragraph in English. There are bigger issues of bullshit than Max to be concerned about. He's not perfect but he makes a damn good effort. I'm still to hear a fuckin apology from Gilad for his promoting of homophobic bullshit that was based on complete misinformation by a wacko! At least Max has more good sense than that!!!
September 10, 2015 8:01 am
September 9, 2015 1:09 pm
Thank god this isn't a movement of clones. I'm not going to trash Max, he does some good work. The obsession with antisemitism is little more than another form of Othering. If we are going to obsess about something it should only be 'is it true', if it is not when the truth is explained does a contributor retract what was said? I'm sure Max has written a fine book. I won't be reading it, I have too much of other stuff to read. The fact is this isn't movement about book reading any more than it is a movement about Muslims or Jews. It's about truth and justice. You can be honestly wrong but you can't be dishonestly right. And when you are wrong ADMIT IT! Good on Max for his effort I hope it sells well. I'm sure he's been very careful not to be antisemitic. I'm sure he's gone to great lengths to protect his arse. And I'm just as sure he will have flaming reviews on Amazon about his 'Jew hatred'. Good luck to anyone who thinks this and that has some value.