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Taboos And Booze For The Masses

June 17, 2017 4:25 am

Oh lookie!  Dershowitz, the child rapist, chimes in on the Oliver Stone controversy:

Why is a known serial pervert like Dershowitz allowed to still roam the media freely, leaving his foul, pungent scent everywhere?  You guessed it: jewish power.  Jewish power deluxe, in his case.

June 16, 2017 9:37 am

During the Jeffrey Sessions hearings a few days ago, he was asked a question and part of his response was the phrase "Jewish Aipac".  Well, as readers would expect, the "jewish Aipac" brigade jumped on his throat for linking 'jewish' with 'Aipac'.  LOL - as if they're inseparable.  As if the whole goddamn American population doesn't already very much link the two in their minds.

Halllllow US jews: everyone can see the jewish Emperor is naked.  STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE!

June 17, 2017 9:09 am
Right you are Matt. The problem with American politics is that all definitions of political ideologies have been turned upside down, especially in so-called 'leftie' politics. When warmongering, war criminal, corpo-klepto Clinton self-appoints herself as leader of the American Resistance and no one bats an eyelid, well... this clearly demonstrates the total lunatic upsidedownism of our political theater. Even that fake 'socialist' Bernie Sanders, that cantankerous corpse who finger-wagged his way into the election candidacy is a jew in the service of himself and... (you guessed it - I'm just so utterly bored repeating it!). If you for one second believe Antifa or any American 'Marxist' is the genuine article, please think again. Most of them are American Express card holders - need I say more? I am not a Marxist nor an expert on this topic, but I know enough about Marxism to recognize a real one from a fake one. Antifa and Sanders are not even lefties in my book. I see them as toxic plants and agents of chaos, full of contradiction and hypocrisy, fueled and supported behind the scenes by the very same people who keep pushing us into more mideast wars for personal profit and for israel. The very people who are ruining our reputation overseas are the very same people who are destroying our country from within. I used to call them 'neocon'and 'ziocon', I now call them jewicons. That aside, let me get to your point by first saying that I spent a few years of my childhood in Capitalist Lebanon (due to my father's work), I then lived in Socialist London for some 24 years before I returned to Capitalist US where lived in Venice Beach for 18 years till some 5 years ago when I self-exiled to zio-free south Lebanon where I now live in a farm house with 5 rescue dogs, a Filippino housekeeper and a Syria gardener and his family (they live in a separate cottage on the grounds). I share this with you to demonstrate that my world view is not that of a typical American. The Palestinian leaders who were very friendly with my parents when I was a child, though labeled as leftists and Marxists, were nothing like Sanders or Antifa - the opposite, I'd even say. First, they were people with genuine dignity and integrity - they were people who tolerated with utter civility all political opposition, except of course for evil zionism. They were all secular, with a liberal world view: every single one of them wrote in high praise of women and in support of the working class. They not only wrote about it, but they also lived it - I personally bore witness to this. The Levant's political zeitgeist during the 1970's was really very simple: you had democratic Capitalism ruling in Lebanon; you had Ba'athism (Arab socialism) in Syria and Iraq, and non-Ba'athist Socialism (European-style socialism) mixed with a minority of Communists (a-la Soviet Union style) in occupied Palestine and in diaspora refugee camps. I must make mention here that the Ba'athists in Iraq slaughtered their communists under Saddam, who was then the Iraqi president's Deputy, but pretty much in control of the Ba'athist party. Apart from in Lebanon, Capitalism in the Levant was then viewed with suspicion, mainly because of Capitalist America's support for zionism and its endless mass crimes against the natives. The Palestinian leaders that I made mention of, they were of the latter category: against Capitalism because of American tyranny and because of their concerns for Palestinian refugees living in dire poverty. They were all highly educated, but from humble, mostly village backgrounds - all of them experienced living in refugee camps at some point in their lives. They believed in government policies that aided the poor; they believed in equal rights for all citizens; they believed in political transparency, they believed in the democratic process and in freedom of speech. Really, not much different to what many Americans believe in. Also, very important to note here the political zeitgeist of the Arab world in general in the 1970's, not just in the Levant. Arabs then were very much under the influence of Jamal Abdul Nasser, the Egyptian socialist leader. The Palestinian leaders I mentioned above, like most Arabs everywhere, were exceptionally influenced by him and his revolutionary pan-Arab, anti-imperialism stand. You can actually say that despite the labeling that tagged these Palestinian leaders, they were in essence 'Nasserites' through and through - as indeed were most Arabs in those days. Western media has always been anti Nasserite because of jewish and imperialist influences. I do not have a problem with Nasseritism because I see the value of it for the natives within the context of their history under Western colonialism and imperialism. It would never work in the US but it worked in the Arab world at the time because after some 400 years of constant colonialism, Nasseritism gave the oppressed masses voice and political succor. I personally do not adhere to either left or right politics - and I'm not a centrist either. I support the ideology of democracy but do not vote because I know our system is rigged towards corpotism and israelism. It didn't bother me at all to live in a socialist country like the UK in the same way that it didn't bother me to live in Capitalist US. I choose to live in the Lebanon right now because there's actually more freedom of speech there than there is in jewy USA and the jewier UK. In Lebanon you can criticize the left, the right AND israel - no problem - you're not allowed to do that in the Western hemisphere without ruinous backlash. When I turned 50, I decided that I would only live where there's actual freedom of speech, even if I had to live on the moon. Freedom of speech is my only specific political requirement and alignment. You're okay by me if you're Socialist, Marxist or Capitalist so long as my freedom of speech is untouchable. Naturally, communism for me is out of the question - but I don't feel blind hostility towards it - I don't mind communists in social settings and I have often as a youth engaged in enlightening political discussions with them. To sum it up and to answer your question, in context with the above information I just gave you, I can easily "reconcile" my list of 'Nasserite' Palestinian leaders with my rejection of communism.
June 17, 2017 3:42 am

Stephen Colbert's Late Show censors Oliver Stone for saying: “Israel Had Far More Involvement In The 2016 Elections in the US Than Russia.”

*(Check out the comments sections in the above link and the reddit link below)

The story was originally reported below:

June 16, 2017 6:01 am

Hat tip to David, a reader of Plato's, who sent me the following information in an email:

Israel has a new internet censorship APP, called 'Act.IL app', which has been developed for the following reasons:

1. To monitor all anti israel articles
2. To counter the efforts of the BDS movement
3. To actively comment or complain about any anti israel story
4. Its aim is to change the way israel is perceived on social media and online

The advert for the app actually says "become an online soldier for Israel".  Apparently, you get points for leaving a positive comment and the APP has pre-loaded hasbara answers for you to use for each argument presented.

This new APP has been developed directly by the Israeli Department of Strategic Affairs.  To lure more people to use it, including non-jew users, a reward system has been put in place.  These rewards are based on performance of users: points collected by users are converted into prizes and compiled into global rankings.

June 16, 2017 5:28 am

Thank you for your kind and heartfelt support of Plato's, Bintbiba.

Truly, it is not "brave" to state the obvious.  The real brave people are the ones physically holding up against occupiers, invaders and terrorists on the battlefields.  These men, women and children are the real heroes in my eyes.

And as to 'hate', well, even Jesus expressed hate, for instance when he raged at the jewish money-lenders and turned their tables over at the market place.  To me it's unnatural not to actually hate evil deeds and evil doers.  The problem with hate though is when one does not possess the whole truth and therefore allows the hate to be based on falsities and delusion.  When truth is present, hate is checked and confined to its rightful place and measure.  When truth is distorted or absent, then hate will take over the individual's full spectrum perception and drive them into dangerous psychosis.  Propagandists exploit this and use a cocktail of hate and misinformation to achieve nefarious ends.  Discerning truth-seekers know how to distinguish between legitimate hate and programed hate.  Hate, as a word, has a lot of negative press, but I personally find it an organic emotion that's usually triggered by either evil or injustice.  In my experience, 'righteous hate' (yes there is such a thing) is an ethical emotion.  I know a lot of Universalists will not agree with me on this, but I do not promote hate when I say the above, I just understand that it is part of the human condition and must be understood for what it is, not fled from.  In a Utopian world, there would be no need for the feeling of hate to arise, but it would still exist in us nevertheless.

As to Ali Abuminah:  israel in the 70's had a policy of assassinating Palestinian intellectuals with bullets: the idea being that striking at the 'head' will lead to disorientation of vision and limb of the Palestine body.  Israel still maintains this policy but these days, they just send controlled-opposition people like JVP and Max Blumenthal to befriend Palestinian intellectuals and act as covert 'bullet' to their brain.  Palestinian intellectuals who do not support the Palestinian armed struggle are thoroughly compromised by deceptive jewish war planners.  They have lost the real understanding of the nature of their enemy and should not thus be followed and supported in any measure.

June 16, 2017 6:42 am

Hello mulligas - not sure whom your comment is directed at, or where you're getting 'anti-communist sentiments'  in the article from.


If you're referencing the original Palestinian Resistance leadership that I personally mentioned above (Ghassan Kanafani, Shafiq al-Hout, Mahmoud Darwish, George Habash, etc), you must understand that it makes no difference whatsoever what political system leaders prefer as long as Resistance to occupation is first and foremost on their agenda.  For the people I mentioned above, this was indeed 100% the case.  Their personal political preference is not primary and does not take away from their dedication to the Resistance.

Take for example the contrast between Hamas and Islamic Jihad behaviorism.  They are both based in Gaza.  Hamas has many branches: social, armed, political, cultural and religious.  The religious arm of Hamas made the folly of putting the Muslim Brotherhood agenda before the liberation of Palestine agenda during the onset of the Syria war and paid the price for this misguided choice: in fact they continue to pay the political price for it.  Whereas Islamic Jihad, who are just as 'islamic' as Hamas, with their own branches too, maintained their Palestine Resistance agenda and position above their religious one and suffered no political blowback.

For all intents and purposes, it means nothing if you're either communist or capitalist when you're under a brutal and enduring occupation.  But it means everything if you are 100% pro Resistance or not.

Besides, if Palestinian Resistance only ever allowed capitalist industrialists to be their leaders and spokespersons, that would in itself be undemocratic and tyrannical.

Every free country has the right to choose for itself what political system best suits it.  If a freed Palestine chooses communism (doubtful because they are traditional and historical traders interested in profit), then so be it - it's their choice, not yours or mine.  If they choose a socialist-capitalist system akin to the UK (more likely), then that's their right too.

The issue for Palestine is first and foremost the liberation of their historic land.  Currently, it's not communism or capitalism that divides the Palestinians, but the issue of the Armed Struggle versus Negotiations.  Negotiations, I may add, that are clearly and evidently a jewish ruse.

I hope this answers your important question.

June 17, 2017 6:36 pm
A lullaby for desperadoes. A lament for the huddled. A sonata in despair. My goodness, Cloak - you are one deeply disappointed patriot. I share your heartbreak and your rage - as I'm sure millions of Americans do too. I'm afraid I have no answers nor tonic for the darkening malaise in our nation. I see no American Intifada on the horizon. Our people are too drunk on jew-promoted fears and lies. Except to say, that the source of corruption that has led to the present evil resides in Tel Aviv. This is why I support the Axis of Resistance in the Levant that has Tel Aviv in its cross-hairs from every possible angle. I see their effort as ultimately liberating us too from the jew stranglehold. The dismantlement of the terrorist state of israel and the smoking ruins of Tel Aviv through war is literally our only hope. The people in the Levant currently fighting ISIS and winning are the very same people who will destroy the mother-terrorist teat in Tel Aviv. We benefit from the war plans of these hardened resistors to jewish supremacy and tyranny. We share the same enemy who gave us 9/11 and gave them thousands of 9/11s. Of course, this solution is bleakness itself. For everybody. But especially for them. There will not be an Israel or a Tel Aviv after the next war. Their greed and their overreach, their corruption and arrogance will be the cause of this jew nightmare, revisited upon humanity every hundred years or so. I doubt that they'll be able to pull off another one after that though. There are now many competing narratives available, not just the jew one that for seven decades was hooked like a noose around the non-jew neck. This be all thanks to the internet. Savior of mankind. We note here, therefore, with some measure of optimism, that Freedom of Information and Freedom of Speech are truly becoming powerful instruments of change. Realizable. But, these tools, these weapons of freedom must be absolutely preserved and intensely protected. Otherwise... well... another generational purgatory in another 100 years.
June 16, 2017 3:39 am

A UK citizen journalist's take on jewish power:

June 16, 2017 3:31 am

My observation of American citizen-journalists on Social Media and their attitudes towards israel and the jews:

Much of US Social media chatterers don't care for the Palestinian cause but they do use jew land-theft and cruelty towards Palestinian people as an undeniable example of jewish racist tyranny.  Many think that if jewish power in America keeps growing exponentially and abusively, then they themselves will eventually become the Palestinians.

It is not only revisionist history that informs them, it is present jewish Bolshie behavior that is putting the jitters in their keyboards.

June 15, 2017 6:07 am

How do jews achieve these tricks unchallenged?  Your *new book, 'Being in Time', perfectly explains the machinations behind the jew ruse.

*Recommended reading.

June 15, 2017 5:53 am

Thank you Gilad.  Yes my site suffered a temporary hack attack by the usual suspects yesterday.  But all is well now, thank you.

Yes it is "painful to watch" Palestinian activists almost get it right, but not quite - held back by jew 'friendships'. 

I don't understand why so many Palestinians in the West are petrified of the 'antisemite' false smear when they have every right to hate their jew occupier with all their heart - they have the right as victims to shout out their grief and anger from all rooftops in the four corners of the world.

Worthy of note here: the bigger BDS gets, the more Palestinians lose land. 


June 14, 2017 10:24 am

Some say this dire clinging to 'chosenness' is the very seed that sprouted the antisemitic forest.

June 14, 2017 9:33 am


You make it sound like judaism is a prison camp where prisoners get flogged after their dinner.

But really, I'm not surprised when you say that judaism is an "obedience regulatory system", what with some 613 Halakha laws to strictly adhere to on a daily basis and all.

To me, judaism is an archaic desert cult writhing in sandstorms and superstition.  I see it as a mono-god paganistic cult concerned mainly with earthly possessions and group-power.  It is no surprise at all that the European leaders of the Golden Age of Enlightenment saw judaism as a lowly anti-intellectual cult, incapable of any progress and devoid of any refined spiritual concepts.

It would have been great to read more of your thinking on this, but the link you included is dud.  Can you please re-post a working link?  Thank you.

Bedtime Story For Gilad

June 16, 2017 8:25 am

Thank you MguitarF for your great and thought-provoking comment.  I learned much from it.

As I see it, truths were not pre-fabbed Forms waiting throughout eternity for men to discover, but rather, truths are emergent ideas from the activities, mental and physical, of men (or possibly of all sentient beings).

Yes!  Many a poetic philosopher, both Eastern and Western, has likened 'Truth' to the unfolding petals of a flower (the lotus and the rose, respectively).  Truth in essence is constantly unfolding and therefore further enlightening the longer it's pondered upon.  There are no absolute truths except for one: that of the imminence of death.  What you yourself call "conflicting truths", I would call 'differing perceptions of the same undulating truth'.  You will always have this phenomena so long as the collective human mind remains undisciplined and fractured.

I'm particularly interested in what kind of idealist environment you grew up in that gave you the false impression of the world as "perfect", if "understood correctly".  Voltaire, the French rationalist, maintained that 'everything that happens in life is the best of all possible cosmic options, therefore life is prefect'.  However, he soon changed his mind when the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 killed over 60.000 people in a single day and destroyed half of Lisbon and all of its ports.  He lamented this horrific destruction and mass loss of life, changed his position and began to criticize philosophers who thought 'all is well with the world', as well as the clergy who explained the Lisbon catastrophe to their flock as being 'the will of god, thus must be embraced and accepted without question or prolonged grief'. 

Obviously, the concept of perfection is utopian and non-existent.  As long as suffering exists, man-made or 'god-made', it is very problematic to think of the wold as a picture of perfection.  Some people say that the imperfections of life is what makes life perfect.  But this is semantic nonsense.  The brute reality and immeasurable suffering and injustice constantly, relentlessly surrounding us, proves otherwise. 

Music, as you well know, fundamentally relies on mathematical equation - mathematics being the most inflexible and disciplined of concepts that man has arrived at - the most immutable rationale to date.  Music, however, as you rightly point out, breaks out of the mathematical mold in order to cater to the simpler aesthetics of the human ear.  For ancient Greek philosophers, this was a diversion away from a 'true' music which they referred to as the 'Music of the Spheres', or 'The Music of the Gods'.  They felt that any other music that didn't aim to achieve a disciplined connection to 'god' was an escapism from 'god' and not instructive towards the union of man and god.  I am neither a musician nor a musicologist and so please feel free to correct my understanding on this.   I would love to one day read the 'Seventh Dragon' and 'A Second-Best Morality'.  Very fascinating from your description.

Thank you again for a truly enlightening comment.