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Taboos And Booze For The Masses

June 20, 2017 4:24 pm

I commented today about the Syria situation @ Moon of Alabama - I'm copy-pasting the comments here below:

I really don't think the Axis of Evil dares expand the war in Syria beyond a certain 'safe' point: Tel Aviv is irrevocably in the Axis of Resistance's cross-hairs and Iran threatened that it can destroy Tel Aviv in 8 minutes. The first sure casualty of any war expansion will be israel itself.

All that's going on right now from the Axis of Evil's side is tactical delaying of the 'cleansing' of terrorists from Syria before the Syria army turns its full attention to liberate the Golan, as indeed Bashar and his generals have already stated. It's all tactical delays by the US (on the behest of israel) before the inevitable Golan stand-off between Syria and israel hits up.

Even if israel sets up another 9/11 on US soil and pins it on Iran and Syria, 'touching' Damascus or Tehran in any serious way will still result in the wholesale destruction of israel and its capital, regardless of the power of israel's offensive capabilities. Israel, my friends, has an unsolvable defense problem - and all the 'David Slings' in the world will not be able to protect israel, especially that the Dimona too is high on the target list of the Axis of Resistance.

Once the Axis of Evil runs out of proxy terrorists in Syria, that will be that. And the next battle stage will be sharply focused on the Golan. And here, again, I can't see israel going into a full thrust war over the Golan because again, Tel Aviv is the target and israel will never sacrifice Tel Aviv for the Golan. Whomever is ruling israel at the time will find some way to pull back, with security guarantees and a big fat dollars package, taking the political hit etc instead of losing tel aviv. They withdrew from Sinai, also from Lebanon, and they did it in Gaza too. They'll do it with the Golan to 'save' israel.

An all out war over the Golan is what the Axis of Resistance wants because they know that israel will lose this war in the first 8 minutes.

Gone are the days when Israel can start border wars, smash up what it wants then go home and take a shower. Them days are finito-Benito and forever gone.

Posted by: Taxi | Jun 19, 2017 2:09:15 PM | 47

Here's the second comment:

Our actions in Syria are based on israeli defense policies NOT American ones. That's why our actions in Syria are dumber than dumb as far as US interests are concerned. And if you haven't caught on why the jewish MSM and the zionist bipartisan War Party remain in a 'Russia' frenzy some six months after Trump moved into the WH, then you've been had. The whole jewish ploy is to keep up tensions with Putin so that Trump is forced to work the israel angle in Syria, an angle that is anti-Russian presence in the Levant and pro ISIS Caliphate.

The whole point is to prevent USA working with Russia on cleaning up Syria because soon as the 'cleaning' is done, the Syrian army is heading towards the Golan to legitimately liberate it from israeli occupation - a fight that will see israel losing as tel aviv will be immediately targeted. The israelis know this and are delaying the inevitable confrontation in the Golan, in the hope that they can figure out the impossible in the meantime - the impossible being that unlike the past, the anti-israel axis in the Levant now and for the first time ever has the ability to destroy every inch of israel while taking the hits. Israel might have superior offensive weaponry, but defensively, they stand naked on the battlefield.

Posted by: Taxi | Jun 20, 2017 12:27:20 AM | 95

And the third, in response to a commentator who thought israel would whip out the nukes over the Golan:

You're not getting it pal: nuke Damascus or not, israel is easily and quickly destroyable now. A nuke will NOT DEFEND israeli territory. Nothing can.

And they won't dare nuke Damascus anyway: too close to the Golan.

It's time you faced it: there WILL BE a confrontation on the Golan and israel will pull back: unable to sacrifice tel aviv for the Golan.

I refer you also to my earlier comment here: (comment # 47)

Posted by: Taxi | Jun 20, 2017 1:05:18 AM | 100

It's just a game of chicken played by one eagle and one chicken.

June 20, 2017 5:05 pm

Fantastic news!  Oh man it's about time a poll on zionism in US was done!  And the poll result doesn't surprise me at all.  Even on divey yahoonews, I'd say approx 90% of the comments on the Syria war articles blame israel and implore Trump to get the hell out of there - 'no more wars for israel' is often written and plenty spelled in bold lettering.

Cloak, you've made my day linking to this poll - thank you.

This, of course, makes the jews even more determined to censor gentiles using the internet.


June 20, 2017 4:44 pm

Interestingly, israeli media spent all day yesterday and today intensely discussing and analyzing the Iranian mid-range missiles that took off from Iran to Syria and hit ISIS targets right between the eyes.  This is the first time ever that Iran has used this level of missile and analysts downplayed the accuracy of the Iranian missile so as to not cause major public panic.

Israelis are extremely petrified (good!) that such missiles are available to Hezbollah - many analysts guessed: not.  Well I've got news for israelis: yes, yes, yes and triple yes Hezbollah has everything it needs to smite its jewish invader enemy.  As if Iran would invest all that dosh and energy in Hezbollah then deny them useful, game-changing sophisticated weapons on the battlefied.  Nasrallah has many times said: "we are not worried or afraid of the IDF, we have many, many surprises for them".  Well, sophisticated Iranian missiles is but one of the many surprises.

June 20, 2017 7:54 am

Let's face it, israel is anti civilian-freedom all over the world - always working on the oppressor's side.  Sophisticated (tools of) censorship is now a major export industry for jews petrified of gentile 'chatter'.

Israeli-made spyware used to entrap human rights activists in Mexico:

June 19, 2017 12:49 pm

Thank you for your comment and link, Astraeaisabella.  I knew some of the information in the article, but it was very illuminating to read and discover many historical missing-links in there.

It is true when you say that there are too many crypto jews in positions of power in the Arabian Peninsular and the wider middle east.  And if I may add, with more accuracy: Wahabism is actually Talmudic Islam, in exactly the same way Christian-Zionism is Talmudic Christianity.  Both are umbilically connected to and informed by Talmudic judaism.  Both covertly serve Talmudism instead of Islam and Christianity, respectively.

As a compendium to your link, and putting a spotlight on Ashkenazim here, I recommend reading the link below on the origins and character of the Khazarian kingdom.  It's no surprise that the Khazarians chose to convert to judaism and not Christianity or Islam.  Their barbaric behaviorism, even before conversion, was pure Talmudism: Talmudism with a pagan twist.

Despite a tinge of sycophantism here and there in the above article, it's worth a read as it's packed with very enlightening historic tidbits, usually rare to come by.  It also sheds light on the historic (and enduring) connection between Khazarian and Turkic people.

June 21, 2017 10:42 am

Supreme Court Doesn't Care What You Say on the Internet:

Two free-speech rulings combine to make clear that any social media regulation will have to come from the companies themselves.

...  What is most striking about the two opinions taken together is what they mean for the regulation of offensive speech on social media: The government is not going to get involved. In practice, what that means is that the corporations that own and control social media are going to be squarely in charge of shaping the norms of speech. Indeed, the First Amendment will be interpreted to protect Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media universe in imposing the private rules they choose.

June 16, 2017 9:37 am

During the Jeffrey Sessions hearings a few days ago, he was asked a question and part of his response was the phrase "Jewish Aipac".  Well, as readers would expect, the "jewish Aipac" brigade jumped on his throat for linking 'jewish' with 'Aipac'.  LOL - as if they're inseparable.  As if the whole goddamn American population doesn't already very much link the two in their minds.

Halllllow US jews: everyone can see the jewish Emperor is naked.  STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE!

June 18, 2017 7:20 pm

The first Hebrew tribe came from Semitic Yemen... spread out from there to other Semitic lands in the Arabian peninsular.  Therefore the original jews were Arab Yemenis and their bloodline, Semitic.

Ashkenazim, who currently represent approx. 90% of world jewry, are, by their own admission, not Arab.  In fact, to them, it's an insult to be called an "Arab".  They are, according to the jewish library (online), of Euro-khazarian roots, whose ancestors converted to judaism.

With the above in mind, the article linked below demonstrates how Ashkenazim are actually themselves the most abhorrent, evil and disgusting antisemites the world has ever known:

Knesset Inquiry Reveals Yemenite Babies Murdered In Medical Experiments:

June 18, 2017 5:12 am

Jewnomore, thank you for coming forward and commenting on this sensitive topic. 

You're another fish that got away from the claustrophobic, toxic swamp.  I truly congratulate you on this.  And I fully empathize with the agonizing journey of your exit from the tribe.  I can only imagine the familial strains this must have put on you, especially with your extended family who have all drank israel's talmudic kool Aid and indeed live in the terrorist state of israel as brainwashed, brute colonials.  Like you said, you are truly lucky that by some fluke of fate, you and your parents ended up in the UK and not in israel where your indoctrination into tribal behaviorism would have been by far more intensely severe than just going to hebrew school in the UK (hard as that was in itself).

Jews, as a tribe, have long considered themselves as outsiders, so when a jew decides to leave the tribe, they become the double-outsider.  This is indeed a unique and hefty burden for any individual to carry.  Yet, fortunately, some jews are intellectually honest enough with themselves to take on this burden in the name of liberating themselves from dogmatic, blackmailing judaism.  Jewnomore, you have, with a clear conscience, and rightly so, rejected the talmud that instructs its adherence to go forth and destroy all non-jew gods, their followers and their cities.  You have opted for equal coexistence with humanity and not for mythological 'chosenness' and senseless, eternal warfare against the 'other'.

You are so very brave - as indeed are all other jews who choose their own destiny for themselves instead of placing their whole life in the hands of some paranoid, power-hungry rabbi - in the hands of a practical stranger with an inferiority complex.

Double-outsider, I so admire your courage.  You may have had a botched circumcision when you were 8 days old, but I salute your balls of steel, evidently untouched by the blunt jewish scalpel.

June 17, 2017 6:36 pm
A lullaby for desperadoes. A lament for the huddled. A sonata in despair. My goodness, Cloak - you are one deeply disappointed patriot. I share your heartbreak and your rage - as I'm sure millions of Americans do too. I'm afraid I have no answers nor tonic for the darkening malaise in our nation. I see no American Intifada on the horizon. Our people are too drunk on jew-promoted fears and lies. Except to say, that the source of corruption that has led to the present evil resides in Tel Aviv. This is why I support the Axis of Resistance in the Levant that has Tel Aviv in its cross-hairs from every possible angle. I see their effort as ultimately liberating us too from the jew stranglehold. The dismantlement of the terrorist state of israel and the smoking ruins of Tel Aviv through war is literally our only hope. The people in the Levant currently fighting ISIS and winning are the very same people who will destroy the mother-terrorist teat in Tel Aviv. We benefit from the war plans of these hardened resistors to jewish supremacy and tyranny. We share the same enemy who gave us 9/11 and gave them thousands of 9/11s. Of course, this solution is bleakness itself. For everybody. But especially for them. There will not be an Israel or a Tel Aviv after the next war. Their greed and their overreach, their corruption and arrogance will be the cause of this jew nightmare, revisited upon humanity every hundred years or so. I doubt that they'll be able to pull off another one after that though. There are now many competing narratives available, not just the jew one that for seven decades was hooked like a noose around the non-jew neck. This be all thanks to the internet. Savior of mankind. We note here, therefore, with some measure of optimism, that Freedom of Information and Freedom of Speech are truly becoming powerful instruments of change. Realizable. But, these tools, these weapons of freedom must be absolutely preserved and intensely protected. Otherwise... well... another generational purgatory in another 100 years.
June 17, 2017 4:25 am

Oh lookie!  Dershowitz, the child rapist, chimes in on the Oliver Stone controversy:

Why is a known serial pervert like Dershowitz allowed to still roam the media freely, leaving his foul, pungent scent everywhere?  You guessed it: jewish power.  Jewish power deluxe, in his case.

June 17, 2017 3:42 am

Stephen Colbert's Late Show censors Oliver Stone for saying: “Israel Had Far More Involvement In The 2016 Elections in the US Than Russia.”

*(Check out the comments sections in the above link and the reddit link below)

The story was originally reported below:

Bedtime Story For Gilad

June 20, 2017 1:24 pm

Arthur Dent, please keep the name.  It's a fantastic name!  It is not a copyright infringement to use it - social media is full of avatars named after famous characters, be they living or deceased - myself, I am using the name 'Plato' right here at my website.

I love The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - I mean not the horrid film version, but the book(s) and the original radio play, which I was fortunate to follow on the radio every Sunday as a youth when I lived in London.  Good memories.

And yes, I see the connection you alluded to between the injustice done to Arthur Dent by his government and Bastiat's message in "La Loi".  Very good and original juxtaposition.

And thanks too for the tip on Bastiat's book freebie - I shall seek it out on the net.

Again, definitely keep the name!  And if you choose to discard it, then at least you must, must, absolutely must keep Arthur's signature robe :-)

June 20, 2017 11:14 am

Hello Arthur Dent, fellow Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy traveler ;-)

Thank you for your kind words and for your sound advise regarding the 'rooster egg' saga.   I really appreciate it.

And how right you are with your advice: yes, honesty is always the best policy.  My initial instinct was to tell the truth but in the end I foolishly opted for the 'rainbow' lie so as to conclude this episode without rocking the boat for an indefinite period.  I regret doing that now.  My intolerance of paganistic, non-rational thinking got the better of me.  I should have had enough patience to cultivate foresight - I should have sat both my workers down and explained to them that I simply don't share either of their beliefs and that I was going to dispose of the rooster egg myself -  without necessarily divulging to them the method of disposal (probably, while walking my dogs, thrown it out into the wilderness for a lizard or a nocturnal animal to find).  I should have told my workers the truth and asked them to forgive me if this offends them - I should have told them it was better for our friendship and coexistence that I always tell them the truth.  I think they would have understood and respected that.

Big fail on my part, regrettably.

Arthur, one doesn't really need high-brow literature to know that honesty is the best policy, but I thank you for directing me to 'La Loi' (The Law, by Frederic Bastiat).  I shall order an English translation of it and read it on a lazy summer's afternoon.

Thank you for taking the time to communicate a very important message to me and to readers:  people in positions of power must put forth the truth above their own weaknesses - people in positions of power are in effect guardians of the truth and must therefore behave accordingly.

I will never forget your comment and your valuable lesson.  Thank you again for visiting Plato's Guns.

June 19, 2017 2:12 pm

Your openness is very illuminating and appreciated.

"...  I thought about things that would focus my mind, rather than things that would bewilder it."

I've spent a lifetime empathizing and identifying with the underdog - and there's a price to pay for this way of being, mainly endless frustration at the changeless world.  Only recently have I been able to emotionally disengage from the 'bewildering' (yet without loss of my empathy).  I definitely see the world differently for it - I see the world in a (slightly) clearer light. 

But it came so naturally to you, this disengagement from the turbulent world.  In a sense, this is to be admired, though the pitfall there lies in over-disengagement and losing touch with suffering humanity.  Either way one deals with the bare wounds of the world, it is really a question of applied balance that's key here.  Yet this desirable balance can takes decades to be arrived at.

The links you included in your latest comment: I've read the first one and will make time to read the rest soon enough.  Thank you.

But you're right, I do get the gist and meaning of your "last paragraph".  I didn't find it coarse in content, but indeed it came at me from sideways :-)

Sometimes, using words to 'allude' to meaning describes the concept better than direct words ever could.  Poets and prophets are known to work language in this way. 

Language ceases to be science when the human creative spirit animates it.