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The Rise of Putin and the Fall of the Russian-Jewish Oligarchs

February 13, 2016 9:14 pm
Thanks for posting this Taxi. Really worth watching. I wonder what would have become of Russia if Putin didn't take over when he did Yes and all these oligarchs are indeed Jewish: Berezovsky,  chernoy,  Khordokovsky, Guzinski and Abrahamovitch. Oi vey!      

Netanyahu and Erdogan flee to the moon

February 10, 2016 8:10 am
Too good!! I needed that laugh. Nice one Taxi  

The Infinite Intifada

February 7, 2016 4:56 pm
Ditto Bintbiba! Another brilliant piece Taxi.  A superb summary of the current situation.  30+ years ago I used to tell my family in Israel that if I was a Palestinian I would focus my life on how many Israeli bastards I could kill before I got killed myself. That, I told them, was a natural reaction to being treated with no dignity, no respect and having to live with an occupier's boot on your neck. How do these sick Israelis even get to think that they can treat other human beings like this?  Why do they believe that they can treat others like cockroaches, vermin and (in the best case) as simple untermensch forever and expect those that they brutalise and oppress to just accept it? What is it about these Chosen Ones that they believe that they have this god given right to trample others with no consequences? And they dare to call it terror or anti semitism when the victim strikes back. Oh, and let's not forget about the holocaust, sorry, I nearly forgot. How much longer can they keep it up? These brave young Palestinian warrior youth are giving their lives to create a modicum of a balance of terror. They are giving these bastard oppressors a small taste of their own medicine and giving their lives to remind these tyrants that there are always consequences to pay for the decades long suffering and lack of human dignity they have had to endure You are absolutely right to point out that every attack has been targeted at the Occupation; border guards, police, soldiers and settlers. This is not only justified but completely legal under international law. It's the complete opposite strategy to their Occupiers who target indiscriminately and practice  routine collective punishment.  And I know it's working because my cousins in Israel are all nervous and panicking about going out and will soon turn on their government to demand why they have not managed to stem the flow of attacks.  Serves them right, it's the very, very least they deserve.  They were loving their comfortable bubble where they didn't even have to think about the occupation as though it didn't exist. These brave youngsters have burst that bubble and the Occupation is back on prime time TV, in a nearby neighbourhood and in the forefront of their minds. The cost is excruciatingly high and many innocents have been murdered with planted knives.  But they are using the only method left available to them by working under the noses of their Occupiers and their Palestinian gatekeepers.  As someone who absolutely abhors violence of any kind, I'd love to think that there is another way but we all know it's been tried and tried again. Every other way plays directly into the hands of the Occupiers and this has been proven time and time again.  This appears to be the only method that they cannot control; "the council of the knife intifada".  It was bound to happen, eventually. 

A Fake Edition of the ‘New York Times’ Announced Hillary Clinton’s Plans to End Presidential Bid – Madison Margolin/Village Voice

February 6, 2016 4:47 pm
Apparently this was a joint effort between Jewish Voice For Peace &  Jews Say No. (according to Mondoweiss) kudos to them  

Saudi Drops Death Sentence on Palestinian Poet – Jenifer Fenton/Al Jazeera America

February 3, 2016 8:34 am
This is as far as so called "mercy" gets you in Saudi Arabia. They won't chop off your head but you still get 8 years in prison hell and an unbelievable 800 lashes. That's their version of mercy. And for what? Words and false accusations what poor fate did this man have to have been born in that barbaric primitive country? Oh how could I forget, the Zionists kicked him out of his real homeland of Palestine.  

Plato’s Winter Pow Wow

February 4, 2016 3:45 pm
Howdy Cloak I know that inundated with work feeling only too well. It's another reason why I think the powerful baddies are so successful. Nearly everyone else is working all the hours to survive. Not enough time, money, resources or energy to resist, question, challenge  
February 2, 2016 8:30 am
I'm receiving email notifications just fine right now
February 2, 2016 12:59 am
Taxi, you deserve a much bigger and wider audience. If adopting a different pseudonym helps that to happen then you should do it. You can always add 'formerly known as Taxi' for a while until everyone gets used to the new name? Anyway that's my tuppence ha'penny worth  

Incontrovertible – New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke

January 23, 2016 9:51 am
I agree, one of the best 911 documentaries ever. I've been emailing the link to everyone I know. I totally agree with Bintbiba and Taxi about the music which really is wonderful Many thanks Tony. I hope this helps more people wake up and the quicker they do the better for all of us. You have a real talent for this ps. Larry Silverstein reminds me of a lizard. 

R.I.P. Glenn Frey, beloved guitarist and co-founder of The Eagles

January 19, 2016 10:48 am
They're dropping like flies! It's an eerie feeling you get when all these artists you grew up with start popping off with what appears to be increasing regularity. Oh dear, a sign of our own ageing selves. Glenn Frey and the Eagles, for me, were the evolution of the Gram Parsons sound. Gram Parsons was a genius and one of my favourite musicians of all time. He created that hybrid rock-country harmony sound. I think one of the founding members of the Eagles used to play with Parsons (Bernie Leadon?) and the Eagles continued to develop that sound and brought it right into the mainstream with huge commercial success. I loved the Eagles, especially the early songs and Glenn Frey made a huge contribution. RIP Glenn Frey.

American Empire’s Shifting Strategies in the Middle East

January 23, 2016 12:52 pm
Thank you Taxi. I really enjoy reading your articles as the content and style are top notch. You deserve a much bigger audience.  I'm not qualified to comment or argue on the finer points and have no reason to disagree with your analysis. It seems then by default the Palestinians will eventually get their state, not via any kind of real justice or altruistic gestures, but as a part of the medium to long term strategy of Empire.  Of course many more will die and suffer before that happens I do however see some major global financial problems on the horizon that could derail this strategy and force a preemptive move by one or more players before all this can be played out. This can easily be sparked from the countries affected by the low oil price as they become increasingly desperate. The Saudis and Gulf states are the most likely ones to make this kind of move in my opinion.   Actually the oil price isn't really low.  The problem is that everyone got used to it being high, especially after the artificially inflated prices since 2008 (like many other bubbles). There has never really been an oil shortage to justify such a high price. There has always been a huge supply of oil and will be for quite some time and so the high price was unjustified in the context of the golden rule of supply and demand.  So what we are seeing is a price correction rather than anything else and it's probably here to stay for a long time to come, especially as Iranian oil also enters the market  The problem is that those who did benefit from the high oil price got used to their spending habits which they thought would last for a much longer period of time but I cannot see the price recovering in the near future Once this new financial reality starts to bite I can see the potential for some desperate moves. I believe the Russians and Iranians can adjust and ride it out as they have done so many times in the past, mainly because they both have plenty of other agriculture and industry to fall back on. But as mentioned above I cannot see the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, doing the same. I think they will stop playing ball with Empire's plan and do something to cause even more turmoil to force the price back up and that will be to probably start a regional war with Iran.  This is also what Israel wants. I also see Saudi Arabia aligning even more closely with Israel. The more Empire distances itself from these two rotten states, the closer their alliance will become. Very interesting times ahead  

International Writers & Artists Protest Saudi Plans To Execute Palestinian Poet – MintPress

January 16, 2016 10:04 am
Thanks Taxi. I should have linked it myself. I suppose all we can do is hope that they will cave in to pressure which is his only chance because he can forget any kind of mercy from these barbarians
January 16, 2016 9:32 am
There's an amnesty petition which can and should be signed about this. Words fail me. The only ones that come to mind are evil, barbaric, primitive, sick, rotten murdering fucking bastards

An Open Letter To President Obama – Miko Peled/Desertpeace

January 14, 2016 4:59 pm
Thanks MRW and Taxi. I just saw part 3. Excellent. I'm now going back to watch parts 1 and 2! Have already started sharing this

R.I.P. The Legendary David Bowie

January 16, 2016 5:52 pm
Thanks for that Taxi. My brothers, friends and I were all serious Motorhead fans. Must have seen them over 20 times (no exaggeration). Lemmy was a wonderful person who always had time to speak to his fans and I met him a number of times before and after gigs at the Music Machine and Dingwalls among other venues. You are right that his passing away has been overshadowed by Bowie. I still remember those gigs vividly; lots of dry ice and LOUD! Thanks again for mentioning him here