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Disco For Cynics

December 31, 2016 11:48 pm (I like this song but I think Frith is correct to mostly stick to playing guitar and not singing.)
January 1, 2017 12:01 am
More jaunty than what you posted but:
January 1, 2017 12:44 am
Since that didn't embed (I thought I had fixed that problem), it's Laura Marling's "Gurdjieff's Daughter," my favorite song from last year as far as I can remember.
January 1, 2017 12:21 am
How cynical do we want to get?
January 1, 2017 12:38 am
This needs to go here. (I could go on and on with the punk and post-punk stuff, but it's not the music I turn to these days. X being an exception.)
December 31, 2016 11:49 pm
Why my youtubes no embed?
December 31, 2016 11:40 pm Not sure this is truly cynical, but in a similar vein.

He Came, He Saw, She Died

December 27, 2016 3:29 pm
Pessimism from Phil Giraldi: Not specifically Trump-related, but I don't think I'd heard about this:
Last year’s nuclear agreement with Iran included an end to restraints on the Islamic Republic’s ability to engage in normal banking and commercial activity. As a high priority, Iran has sought to replace some of its aging infrastructure, to include its passenger aircraft fleet. Seattle based Boeing has sought to sell to Iran Air 80 airplanes at a cost of more than $16 billion and has worked with the U.S. government to meet all licensing and technology transfer requirements. The civilian-use planes are not in any way configurable for military purposes, but Shurat HaDin on December 16th sought to block the sale at a federal court in Illinois, demanding a lien against Boeing for the monies alleged to be due to the claimed victims of Iranian sponsored terrorism. Boeing, meanwhile, has stated that the Iran Air order “support(s) tens of thousands of U.S. jobs.” So an agency of the Israeli government is taking steps to stop an American company from doing something that is perfectly legal under U.S. law even though it will cost thousands of jobs here at home. It is a prime example of how much Israel truly cares about the United States and its people. And even more pathetic, the Israel Lobby owned U.S. Congress has predictably bowed down and kissed Netanyahu’s ring on the issue, passing a bill in November that seeks to block Treasury Department licenses to permit the financing of the airplane deal.
December 28, 2016 12:21 am
I tend to agree with you on Iran. I don't think an all-out attack is in the cards, given the consequences, particularly to Israel. It's not clear to me that Russia or China would get involved, but the threat of retaliation against Israel is enough to make it very unlikely. I could see stepped up covert action against Iran, however, which would be regrettable in itself.
December 30, 2016 12:58 am
I've wondered for a long time if you are a Sagittarius, incidentally. You sure sound like one sometimes. Not that I put much stock in astrology, but I wish it would stop being right.
January 1, 2017 4:29 am
Maria Zakharova on fire (doesn't exactly say what the headline with the video says, however):  
December 29, 2016 7:36 pm
Thanks, I think I completely missed that pronouncement from China. I thought of the S-300's, sure, but that alone could still be a case of: we're giving you the tools to defend yourself, but you need to be the ones to do the fighting. Interesting point about what the MSM filters out in terms of concrete strategic facts. It seems to me only the craziest of Zionists would want to suppress that sort of information (unless the point is not to make a strike on Iran possible, but just to crank up the tension short of an actual war on Iran).
December 27, 2016 4:26 pm
I think he is Trump-first ahead of being America-first. If it turns out he thinks it's Trump to put Israel ahead of America, why wouldn't he do that? I don't think he has much of a political ideology. Anyway, we'll see. FWIW, some interesting marshalling of the evidence and speculation here, but it's quite lengthy and I definitely don't agree with all of it: Some bits are already out of date, especially w/r/t Trump's cabinet. Not familiar with the author. Not sure I should trust a Rockafeller, but still an interesting marshalling of the evidence.
December 29, 2016 6:10 pm
Iran is a step away from Russia and China is a short leap, therefore, any attack on Iran by the USA would be considered a belligerent creep towards their borders – hotly unacceptable to either Russia or China.
Taxi, this makes sense, but I don't remember seeing any statements out of Russia regarding responding to an attack on Iran as strong as the statements it has made re: Syria. Have there been any statements of that sort that at least imply a defensive alliance? Also, I get the strong impression China doesn't want to get into any military confrontations. Russia has been the one making military responses to US provocations. China sits that out. Maybe you are right that Iran would be a different matter.
December 27, 2016 3:06 pm
I don't know, Taxi. Re your Trump predictions: I voted for the motherfucker and you didn't (and probably couldn't have brought yourself to do it), but you seem to be more optimistic about how his foreign policy is going to play out than I am. I don't see how he isn't going to be bad for the Palestinians one way or another. At best, he might move things closer to a final resolution simply by letting Israel bring them to more of a boil; but that's a hell of a thing to wish for (and to wish on the ones who are going to suffer the most). I am still hopeful that the regional Yinonization will stop under Trump.