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Fake News, Flake News And The Rise of The Electronic Town Crier

April 7, 2017 3:20 pm

Because this Sarin attack is a black op by terrorists, and because Trump fell for the heinous hoax and punished the Syrian army for it, this now sets up an extremely dangerous precedent where every time the terrorists are cornered in some godforsaken Syrian town, they will again attack civilians with chemical weapons and rely on their friends in the Western and Saudi MSM to blame Bashar, assured all the while that Trump will bolt in to throw Tomahawks at the Syrian army - allowing in effect our Air Force to rescue these terrorists at their 11th hour.

Poor Syrian civilians - this precedent is unconscionable!

As Bashar is clearly and actively fighting terrorism, our so-called 'war on terrorism' should really be called 'the war against the war on terrorism'.

April 7, 2017 1:10 pm

I'm also very concerned that sending our soldiers to Mideast countries to fight alongside Alqaida is demoralizing our soldiers - many of them signed up to join the armed forces in the wake of and because of 9/11. 

Demoralized soldiers make for a weak army regardless of its size or might of hardware.  Demoralized American soldiers can also create mass terrorism against American civilians, such as was the case with the Oklahoma City bombing.  It also inspires disrespect and hate between army folk and their non-combatant brethren - hostility that can actually become an existential threat to the nation itself.

I can only imagine the painful frustrations of an earnest and discerning soldier who's been sent out, yet again, to work alongside Alqaida in Libya, or Iraq, or Yemen, or South Sudan, or Syria.  Really breaks my heart.

Boggles the mind that our continuing support for Alqaida and her cousins has not yet produced, not even once, a single headline in the MSM, or even a single debate moment in our political zoo.

April 4, 2017 3:51 pm

Looks like The Duran thinks the latest Sarin story is fake news too:

3 reasons why reports of a Syrian chemical weapons attack on Idlib are fake news:

April 7, 2017 12:33 pm

I'm more concerned about our Prez being blackmailed by DC mossadists than I am with a strike on a Syrian airbase that has not one bit changed the facts on the ground.

April 5, 2017 7:15 pm

A comment from Moon of Alabama/WMDs In The UNSC - History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce:


If dead children are paraded in front of cameras, it does not show a chemical weapons attack. It is proof of murder, someone massacred these children and their families.

To claim a gas attack, you have to show photos and videos of the attack site; dead families in or outside their homes. Dead animals. Rescue workers breaking into houses and discovering the bodies.

The Western press is buying the hoax narrative. I have heard hysterical screaming on the radio all day. No one ever asked or answered the essential questions: When and where did the attack happen? How was the chemical delivered? What neighborhoods were affected? Where was the wind blowing from? How were the victims taken to the place where they were first filmed? Who did the rescue work? Where where the White Helmets and their camera crews when this happened?

The White Helmets did not exist in 2013. Today they are an Oscar-winning film crew, with GoPro action cams attached to their signature helmets. They film each and every real and fake rescue operation they take part in. So why no video of the Khan Sheikhoun rescue and recovery work?

This is just another staged hoax, like the Ghouta chemical massacre of August 2013. Hostages were kept in cellars and then gassed with chlorine when the time came to make propaganda videos and call for a No-Fly Zone.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Apr 5, 2017 2:40:44 PM | 10

April 7, 2017 10:15 am

Wow.  Okay.  So I woke up early today, as per usual, piled my dogs into the back of my Jeep, drove to the nearest village and picked up a friend and we all drove off into the hilly hinterlands to pick seasonal wild thyme.  When I parked the Jeep on a dirt road deep in the hills, the sun was just coming up and the time was 5:40am.  I'd had no coffee (just a glass of water) and I also had not checked my computer for overnight news etc before I left my house.  I had no awareness of the dramatic developments and had subsequently spent my morning having a truly beautiful time walking springtime hills and foraging.  Then, a short while ago,  I returned from my outing with big bundles of wild thyme, wild dandelion and a mass of wild springtime flowers (scents and colors to die for!) - I made coffee and opened my computer and lo the news was full of headlines on Trump's Tomahawk strikes against a Syrian airbase.

Okay...  Interesting choice of target, interesting timing, and interesting response from Trump's DC enemies. 

I'm just now digesting all the info...  but my initial reaction was a question: why did Trump suddenly change his Syria policy even though he's been under scrutinizing pressure to do so for months on end but without him  budging a hairline?  What would make him turn on a dime some 180 degrees so very suddenly?  I could be wrong but my immediate answer was that the American Mossad have finally waved Trump's compromising Lolita Island file right in his face.  Trump's statement two days ago of 'no regime change in Syria' caused a total freak out in tel aviv.  Let me repeat this: Trump's statement two days ago of 'no regime change in Syria' caused a total freak out in tel aviv.  No they could not allow for such a policy at all, not now that's for sure!  They needed to immediately weaken Bashar, not let him off the hook as Trump had determined 48 hours ago.  So they played their Lolita Island joker card in this emergency - obviously they had to play that card out of utter necessity to counter the 'existential' threat to israel.  The ziocons needed to immediately weaken/destroy Bashar in order to delay the israel-Syria confrontation in the Golan, which happens to be on Bashar's liberation agenda soon as he liberated Syria from the Takfiris: a project he's been progressing thru with determined leaps and bounds.  And this liberation of the Golan project has been causing Bibi and his DC cronies sleepless nights due to their lack of confidence in winning such a war.  They absolutely need USA military power to help them win such a war - they cannot do it alone and they do not want it done in the Golan either, they want USA to fight Syria IN SYRIA AND NOT IN THE GOLAN where israeli soldiers and settlers would be at risk.  In a nutshell, my immediate reaction was to think of President Trump as now being coerced and blackmailed by ziocons.  Our Prez is now compromised.

I know there's a hundred other angles to the Tomahawk strikes' development, but right now, after walking up and down rugged hills for some 5 hours today, and on an empty stomach no less,  I will first need to eat and rest before I can share more cogent thoughts about this with readers.

I just wanted to put in a quick belated word on the situation before I went off to chow and snooze (probably for the rest of the day).  But I'll probably have more to say about it later.  Mindful here that it's very hard to ascertain a wholesome picture of any situation if it's still fluid and in flux.  I'm inclined here to wait at least 48 hours to allow for the dust to settle, specifically to allow for a reaction or an official statement from Moscow.  This Trump maneuver is also about an arm wrestle over the Levant between USA and Russia.

April 4, 2017 6:05 am

Matt Taibbi writes about the fake Red Scare...  Funny that Justin Raimondo too constantly refers to the neocon/dem/globalist's unhinged Russia rhetoric as "Putin Derangement Syndrome".  Maybe Matt got his headline from Justin:

Putin Derangement Syndrome Arrives:


April 6, 2017 4:23 pm

A summation of the effects of Sarin Gas by an MoA commenter:

It kills warm blooded animals. It is absorbed through skin, one drop is enough to kill.

If that was indeed sarin attack, there would be scores of dead people, dogs, cats, rats, sheep, cows, chicken and white helmets littered all around in all kinds of contorted positions.

Oxygen masks on vicims are pointless. The affected are in neural shock, muscles twitching and spasming over all body. There is no coughing, because coughing reflex is disrupted.

Only treatment is atropine injection straight to the muscle. You need gas mask and full hazmat overall and gloves to enter the contaminated zone. Surgical mask over face will help you nil.
Posted by: hopehely | Apr 6, 2017 2:38:06 AM | 70

April 6, 2017 5:13 am

Comparing this week's Sarin attack in Syria to the one back in 2014:

April 6, 2017 3:18 pm

My comment at Moon of Alabama regarding the Syria Sarin gas hoopla:

@ harrylaw | Apr 6, 2017 6:18:44 AM | 80

Hiya Harry! To me it looked like Trump yesterday was swept away by the Sarin fever that infected the MSM and social media - he responded to the emotive pictures of dead Syrian children rather than hard, verifiable evidence. When he sobers up, he will remember the present military-geopolitical impossibility of 'regime change' in Syria, even if this is truly what he desired himself. These here are briefly some of the insurmountable obstacles that Trump will be dealing with if he were foolish enough to go to war with Syria:

1- Chinese war-craft carriers are already docked in Syrian waters in preparation for any Western expansion or creep into Syrian territories. If Bashar suddenly needs copious boots on the ground, China can provide this too.

2- At this point of the game, removing Bashar would be a political threat to Putin himself and tantamount to removing him from his Moscow power throne - so Putin too will fight tooth and nail against regime change in Syria.

3- Any attempt to occupy or destroy Damascus will instantly prompt unstoppable massive attacks on Tel Aviv, regardless of the costs of such an attack to the attacker.

4- A confrontation between Iran and USA forces on Syrian territories would trigger a Straights of Hormuz crisis, leaving some of our military bases near Iran open to attack and without back-up forces from elsewhere able to help.

5- The combination of all the above would trigger WW3, with the likely use of nuclear/biological/chemical weapons. This may very well bring about the death of the dollar.

6- Domestically, Trump would probably stand to lose a good half of his supporters if he were to start another big war in the mideast: Dems and Independents who voted for him because they rejected Clinton's warmongering policies in the mideast would most certainly abandon him at the next elections - this means his chances for winning at the next election would practically be halved.

Trump is under tremendous pressure to submit to ziocon/lib-interventionists/globalists/deep state/MSM/leaderships of both parties: submit to their world view and policies. Every time one of his inner-circle appointees is elbowed out thru political coercion, Trump becomes weaker as a neocon replaces his America-first aid. Trump understands only too well that the biggest threat to world peace right now does not emanate from Damascus or Moscow, it emanates from DC where he is literally being forced by his American enemies into a war that doesn't benefit either his political legacy or America's interests either.

The current 'Bashar gassed his own people' story is clearly another MSM manufactured crisis, otherwise there would not be this ridiculous warmongering and 'rush to judgement without evidence' that we're witnessing today.

The fake-news Sarin story will not change a thing on the ground in Syria: Takfiris are still being killed and Bashar is still liberating and consolidating more Syrian territories every day.

The realist therefore would deem this story as inconsequential political theater - no more than that.

Posted by: Taxi | Apr 6, 2017 11:10:41 AM | 105

April 6, 2017 12:15 pm

Worth watching this condensed version of Wag The Dog, if only for its classic timelessness, plus its plentiful and amusing cynicism:

How To Make A Fake News Broadcast:

April 4, 2017 11:39 am

Fake attack?

We hear today of yet another Bashar sarin attack on Syrian civilians - but the story is a White Helmets story and obviously completely FAKE!  How can one tell this story is fake?  Well, never mind Bashar is winning the war hands down and doesn't need to resort to foul war strategies at this point of his sweeping victories; we also know this story is fake because they released photos of White Helmets crew with UN-GLOVED hands touching and handling fake actor victims: having direct contact with sarin-poisoned skin, which in fact would be extremely hazardous, even fatal to the gloveless handlers.  Needless to say, White Helmets didn't report any of their crew getting sick or dying from direct contact with sarin-skin, only that their Oscar-winning, fake saints were 'helping' Syrian civilians, especially those poor "children" victims of Bashar (they had to insert the word 'children' in there, didn't they?!).  And let's not forget here the evil news rags that report obvious fake news like this one as if its the veritable scoop of the century!

Syria gas attack: Children among 58 reported killed in Idlib:

One needs not just gloves but an air-tight Hazmat suit to handle sarin substance and sarin victims.

April 6, 2017 5:48 am

Ex-UK Ambassador: Assad wasn't behind the chemical attack:

April 1, 2017 6:53 pm

The 9/11 attack is decidedly the biggest and most consequential fakery in our lifetime - falling in the year 2001, it pretty much set the tone for the 21st century.  For the past 16 tears, the MSM has accepted the 'official version', whereas large chunks of populations have rejected it.

Surprisingly, the FBI has recently released some new photos of the attack on the Pentagon - a controversial act in itself, considering there's been a virtual blackout by all our Intelligence agencies on any 9/11 info since the publication and release of the 'official version'.

Speculation is rife as to the timing and the reasons behind this release.  Needless to say, Social Media is on fire with this story - and mystified DC elites are probably discussing it over dinner with a measure of nervous trepidation.