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The Unmagnificent Seven: Naming ISIS Allies

November 18, 2015 8:58 am
Taxi, M of A like Meyssan can never find fault with the Syrian regime. For both, the regime has been conducting itself almost like a Mother Teresa from the very start of the conflict. So M of A pounced on the accusation against Assad's opponents like a cat on a mouse.
November 18, 2015 8:49 am
Slothy, the billion was not spent on Lebanon to help the Lebanese but spent on Israel supplying it with the fireworks to do the job on Lebanon. Israel used up the US arms depot in Israel, needed an additional resupplying while the war was in progress which was airlifted via the UK and ended up making a stink there because this was against US laws and in replenishing the arms depot by shipping to Israel for stockpiling for use by Israel and the US 400 containers the week before the war was started. The value of average annual arms donated to Lebanon by the US is about $50 million that's comprised of light arms like M16s, sidearms, munitions for them, gazz guzzling Humvees for the Lebanese military to replace its Korean War vintage jeeps-Reo and Dodge gas guzzling sedans for its police force to replace its fleet of 20-yearold Nissan Patrol cruisers (big winners on these deals were GM and Chrysler). It also supplied Lebanon with hand-launched surveillance drones that have a wing span of a yard and a fleet of refurbished Vietnam vintage Huey helicopters. On the other hand, it spent (according to Asst Sec of State Feltman)$400 million on the Lebanese elections of 2009 to buy favours and sway votes away from Hizbullah. If you'd add up all these over the past 10 years, you may hit a billion.
November 18, 2015 11:43 am
Oppressive occupation and police state over Lebanon for 20 years with the consent of the US. When the civil war ended and there was no longer any "need" to maintain its presence there, it joined the "Desert Storm" coalition in exchange for massive write-offs of loans owed to the US and an extension on its term to remain in Lebanon. I used the term police state and you can take it from there. It was 10 years later that the US decided that Syria had to leave Lebanon and this happened only after the assassination of Hariri when mostly all of Lebanon clamored for Syria to go home. As to more recent developments, the regime promised to make substantial changes to the constitution to give the people more breathing room (only the Baath Party was authorized to field candidates in general elections for Parliament). The real changes to the constitution never happened and the insurgency that was just starting turned in a full revolution. I'd say had the regime been honest with the promised changes, things wouldn't have reached the levels they're at today. Keep in mind that around that time, Syria was a participant in the American "renditions" program. That should also tell you something. What started out as unrest in the country has turned out into an all out war with dozens of countries participating in it.

Talmudism, Imperialism, Terrorism

November 15, 2015 4:49 am
Jewish Zionism, Christian Zionism and Muslim Takfirism (or Muslim Zionism) – all have been allowed by the world at large, willingly or otherwise, to flourish especially over the past seven decades – since the forced establishment of the state of Israel, to be more precise. " (Taxi) Talmudism shouldn't alone to take the overall bad rap here; whenever 3 Abrahamic fundamentalist movements took root, they surely predate the establishment of Israel but the creation of Israel did spin it out of control. Pharisaism spawned the Protestant Puritanism in the 16th century, which over time gave us the End Timing Christian Zionists and it was the Wahhabism of Abd al-Wahhab in the 18th century that created the takfiri mentality that refuses to accept the other.. It was the separatist aspect that created the movement of Jews back to Palestine. As to whole thing by the 3 groups being sickening, it definitely is. This week's bombings of Beirut and Paris is proof enough and Israel with the consent of the Christian Zionists is showing us every day where its sick fundamentalism is leading it.
November 15, 2015 3:38 pm
Good riddance. I hope Obama gives him the OK to go to Israel because this is where he belongs.

Pow Wow – An Autumn Conundrum

November 7, 2015 5:55 pm
Not very pleasant when outside temperature drops to -30 Celsius.
November 11, 2015 11:04 am
Taxi, did your cook make some "new" olives for you? 'tis the time especially if you like the bite of bitterness or hot peppers in them.

Russia Destroys The Greater Israel Dream

November 11, 2015 6:08 am
"...Neither were a large bunch of Jewish slaves, and Egypt says they have no record anywhere of any Jew slaves. ." Tony, God had told Abraham that his people would be slaves for 400 years and as with the rest of the prophecies, they had to be fulfilled in any which way, so the story went on to say that there were slaves. The show had to go on. The story of Jesus went through the same acrobatics with the prophecies of Isaiah. So the story of Jesus started somewhat with the prophecy- end of the Messiah entering Jerusalem for Passover on the back of donkey and reworked backwards towards the mysterious birth and other details that were filled in.
November 10, 2015 12:36 pm
Taxi, the Quran refers to the Jews as "the chosen" and the "preferred" or the "promised-to"; forgot the exact words. As you know the period covered by the Quran is not short and this reflected in how at times the Jews are the good guys and at other times they are the bad guys.
November 10, 2015 5:20 pm
The almost totality of the flock believe that the Quran was handed down in book form by Gabriel to the Prophet. It's actually comprised of chapters recited or revealed to the prophet over time and he in time relayed them to his companions to spread them by word of mouth. The prophet was illiterate that could neither read nor write. Some of those chapters were handed down in Medina while other ones were received in Mecca. Some parts of some of the chapters were received in Mecca while some other parts of the same chapter were revealed at Medina. As soon as the prophet died, the first Caliph Abou Bakr began the collecting of the various chapters from the companions but it took 25 years after the death of the prophet in the reign of the 3rd Caliph Othman to complete compiling them all in one book form.
November 10, 2015 12:41 pm
Tony, a lot of what was written about the origin was picked up during the Babylonian captivity so a lot of background information was picked up from the Babylonians and Assyrians. Gilgamesh written 1500 years before Genesis has the hero Gilgamesh seeking immortality meeting up with Utnapishtim that had himself become immortal after building a ship to weather god's wrath against mankind and the great flood that destroyed mankind and bringing aboard all his relatives and all species of animals and sending out birds to find land and finally landing atop a mountain. With a few variations such as the difference in boat shape (square vs rectangular) height (3 stories vs 6) duration f the flood (6 days vs 40 days), scouting birds (dove, swallow raven vs raven and 3 doves), the story of Utnapishtim 1500 years later became the story of Noah in Genesis. The rest is more of the same. Taxi, sorry sorry, you had asked to keep religion out of this thread and I forgot myself when I saw the note on Muhammad.
November 10, 2015 4:47 pm
The Epic of Gilgamesh also talks about the cedar forest; can't help think that it's about the 40 meters-high cedars of Lebanon that were very abundant back then and remained so until Solomon's men came, cut down many of the cedars and shipped them to Jerusalem to build Solomon's temple. So the history of theft of natural resources goes back to almost 1000 BC.
November 10, 2015 9:47 am
Taxi says the only real one was Muhammad. But Muhammad's book, the Quran mentions Jesus by name on 4 or 5 occasions, with a whole chapter devoted to Mary and her virgin birth. Does that give credence to the existence of Jesus or does that make the Quran unauthentic? Can't have both. BTW, the virgin birth, the coming of the messiah, the performing of miracles the crucifixion or the death and the rising of the dead after 3 days is replayed 3 or 4 times in ancient lore going back to the Assyrians with the last one just before the times of Jesus with the story of Mithra and his virgin birth that had 12 disciples, performed miracles, had a the last supper, the death and the rising after 3 days.
November 11, 2015 10:49 am
Tony, no argument from me on that; I'm just going along with the play and what's written in it. I don't necessarily agree or believe in what's been written. I skimmed the issue in my description of the compilation of the Quran that so many believe are the actual words of God. The Gospels were written between 50 to 80 or 90 years after the reported death of Jesus and I'm using the word "written" loosely since every piece of recorded information had to be transcribed by copyists and these were known to make a change here and a change there to make the story blend with their beliefs or how they felt the story should read, until Guttenberg 1400 years later. The foundations of the Abrahamic faiths are not on solid ground.