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Month: May, 2015

Saudi Arabia: A strategy of own-goalism

by Taxi

Man!  The House of Saud is so pissed it can’t win in Yemen and it still can’t stop Iran’s spreading regional hegemony – so much so that for a few years now the Saudi regime has been sending out armies of terrorists to behead, cannibalize, rape, loot, pillage, mass murder and indiscriminately destroy human and animal life – wipe out ancient monuments and  desecrate profound histories right across the Arab fold – and all this wanton death and mayhem: just to stop Iran’s organic progress as a regional power.

All over the middle east and especially in the Levant, the wicked House of Saud has been hyper-actively spreading what can only be only described as an epic Hollywood Blockbuster production of blood and gore, down to the immaculate styling of their black-clad terrorist army and their Hollywood-cheeseball black flags.

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by Taxi

A few days ago, Jamie Dettmer wrote a piece for the Daily Beast: “Shaky Assad Sacks an Intel Chief”:

In his article Dettmer claims that Bashar’s top intelligence guy had been sacked after a string of failures on the battlefield and some kinda weird infighting with the Iranians.  Throughout the article, Dettmer was basically goading his readers into believing that Bashar’s grip on power was “shaky”, slipping  etc.

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American Terrorism and American Tax Dollars

by Taxi

Our zionist congress is the biggest and most lethal crime syndicate on the planet.  Ever.  Especially considering the mass of exotic and lethal array of weaponry at their disposal.

In their hands, our tax dollars are being converted into gathering lakes of blood.

We are feeding, clothing, sheltering, arming and training large armies of frenzied head-choppers.  True dark evil is being done to millions of innocent people under the leadership and instruction of our zionist congress.

It’s a problem when our government invests our tax dollars into stoking hatred and enabling, nay, committing mass death on poverty-struck populations in faraway lands.

It’s a problem and I don’t know the solution.  I only know that voting doesn’t work.  Evidently.

Yes, the forecast is bleak and oblique, Mr. Johnson.

Engineers of Destruction Never Sleep

by Taxi

I just scrolled down the day’s posted headlines and man there is so much hate and war and instruments of slaughter and ammo and blood and limbs and endless human sacrifice all at the alter of greed for power.  The progress of dark forces is quite rapid – breathtaking really – and not in a good way.  So I’ll leave you with a musical equalizer; and I bid you goodnight from the quiet yet troubled undertows of the Levant.