Plato’s Soap Box: America is Occupied

by Cloak And Dagger

Judgment Day. Is this it?

We in the west have wrought this current state of mayhem by aiding and abetting the criminals in Israel and continuing to do so despite our complete awareness of what we are helping them inflict on innocents struggling to survive in the world’s largest prison, bereft of food, clothing, and shelter – something we would not deny a stray dog.

We have tolerated the Israel-firsters in our country and allowed them to roam free on our streets while watching them take down our republic, brick by bloody brick. We have tolerated the Jewish 5th column in our government, media, finance, academia, and pretty much all seats of power and influence (yeah, call that a canard, I dare ya!) to the detriment of this once-great nation.

We have watched the rise of jewish mafias in this country (while pointing the accusatory finger of guilt at Sicilians) and the dizzying climb to financial power by the likes of Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers, Madoff, and uncountably many more, with their criminal empires of fraud, gambling and prostitution, and having reached that pinnacle of absolute fiscal potency, we have impotently watched them destroy the very fiber of our political process and the foundations of our democratic aspirations, while our innocent citizenry strains under the yoke of poverty, homelessness and undeserved despair, as the American dream is wrested from their feeble grasp.

We have watched the perpetrators of moral corruption from the likes of Epstein, Dershowitz, Polanski, Woody Allen, and the teeming multitudes that remain hidden from our shocked stare, while they spew their venom into the air we breathe and the water we drink, and rape our children and steal their youth.

We have watched their sayanim kill our greatest president and his brother and watched their hand on the bomb levers that brought three soaring towers tumbling down, like the starter’s gun for the race to war in the Middle East. We have allowed them to control our media and entertainment and tell us what we should believe and brainwashed us with their demonization of those whom we should hate, while sheltering the most deserving of our hatred by deceit and guile.

We have watched, tolerated, and let them live, because we are basically good and generous and they have exploited our feelings of guilt for not preventing a horror that befell them – a tale weaved from whole cloth that doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny, and one for which they are solely responsible, while ignoring the hundreds of thousands of our kin that died to save them from their self-inflicted fate in a war half way across the world that we had no hand in starting,

We have watched as they told us who was “electable” as our leaders, and whom we should shun for their reluctance to stand with them, and allowed brave patriots to fall before the corrupt might of these nocturnal forces. Sanders or Clinton? Tweedledum or Tweedledee? Would you like fries with that?

We have paid in taxes with our earnings from the sweat of our brows and the fruit of our toils, so that they could use it to bribe our corrupt officials to help them steal even more from us, while sacrificing our sons and daughters to the grist of war on foreign soil for their cause, with people who had no quarrel with us, losing us all our friends, when, before they came along, we had no enemies in those lands.

I cry with tears of grief and rage at my impotency and the absoluteness of a cataclysm in progress that I don’t know how to stop. It is destroying me and my ability to think, and an inferno rages in my soul. What started as disgust has now transformed into anger and is fast sliding into unmitigated hatred. Yes, I hate all those who do this and all those who have helped them do it, and my hatred is destroying me while leaving the objects of my hate untouched, unimpaired, and completely unimpeded. Spare me the lecture on the wrongness of hate.

Meanwhile, in a land decreed holy, another child is murdered, another Olive tree is uprooted, another piece of land is stolen, and another mother wails to a merciless god that has forsaken her.

Judgment Day? Whither justice and the promise of redemption? There will be no peace and haunting nightmares will trouble our sleep. We are damned as we are doomed. No peace, no love, and no milk of human kindness will flow from the city on the hill.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

--- A very despondent Cloak and Dagger.