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Month: April, 2015

Will Hizbollah Conduct A Preemptive Strike On Israel?

by Newsstand

There is a current fear in Israeli military circles regarding a preemptive strike on Israel by Hezbollah, as warned by Hassan Nasrallah in his speech that followed the Israeli-occupied Golan strike and counter-strike between the the two foes back in January 2015.

In the past three days, two articles about Hezbollah were disseminated  by Aljazeera Arabic and the Israeli media.  One was about an alleged IDF strike against both Syrian and Hezbollah missile bases in the Syrian side of Qualamoun.  The second article allegedly revealed, through Google-Earth, the location of Hezbollah’s drone depots and their landing strip in Bekaa Valley, east Lebanon.

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How To Baby-wash Israeli Infanticide

by Taxi

*TAXI’S NOTE:  For every faraway child Israel rescues, how many has it made still-born, homeless, sick, traumatized, maimed or massacre in nearby Gaza?…  What a bunch of infanticidal, psychotic liars zionists are!  The article below demonstrates how Israel baby-washes its infanticidal crimes against all Palestinian children.

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EXCLUSIVE! Saudi Arabia’s Reverse in Yemen: One Version – by Blogger: QuestionMark

by Newsstand

While Riyadh’s decision to end its military operation against Yemen has been a longtime in coming and welcomed on humanitarian grounds if nothing else, it will no doubt now create fertile grounds for analysts seeking to define why Saudi Arabia took the uncharacteristic decision to launch an air assault against Yemen in the first place, only to then abruptly end it after some 27 days.

It is no surprise that the Saudi powers that be rushed to brief their allies yesterday by proudly shouting out their success in having achieved their set military and strategic objectives. But how many of these allies genuinely believe the Saudi calculus  remains to be determined. Similarly, one would expect the other side, namely Iran and Hizbollah (supported in varying degrees by Russia and China), to utterly dismiss the bombastic Saudi claims of ‘victory’.

Below is an adaptation into English of an op-ed  byline by Ibrahim Al Amin, the editor-in-chief of the Lebanese daily ‘Al-Akhbar’ (Arabic for ‘The News’), published in its 22nd April, 2015 issue.  This byline lists vital events that led to Saudi Arabia’s cessation of military activities, once it became feasible and politically opportune for it to do so.   Al-Amin reveals what he describes as “part of what happened” prior to Saudi’s u-turn, as collated from various “reliable and well positioned sources”.  As an insider and observer of Arab media myself, I can only share with you what exists as fact,  and hopefully try to dig deeper for further analytical illuminations. This Plato’s Guns article isn’t intended to adopt one version of events over others, as truth is not an exclusive property. The hope is that one will be exposed to various points of views so he/she may be able to gain an informed and wholesome understanding.
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Plato’s Guns Is One Month Old Today – Plans For Expansion

by Taxi

I would like to earnestly thank all visitors to my blog.  Please take this opportunity to give me feedback in the comments section, if you have any  – I’ll do my best to get to it.  I hope your experience at Plato’s has been both informative and enjoyable.

At this stage of the blog’s development, I will now be presenting more original articles and analysis by various bloggers and writers, as well as occasional pieces by yours truly.

I am very honored today to present you with the  first writer/blogger, QuestionMark, whose first article will appear today on Plato’s.   I have known QuestionMark for many years and although he has been a ‘retired’ blogger for a good 5 years, I have managed to persuade him to now come forth and share with us some of his keen insights into the middle east. QuestionMark is an expert on East-West relations and diplomacy, as well as Arab political history.  He is fluent in both English and Arabic, and he daily monitors both Arab and Western media.  Please feel free to pose any question to him regarding the ME – he is a generous and generously informed gentlemen.

The Most Immoral Army in the Universe

by Taxi

Nothing makes me crazier with rage than to see children abused by grown men in uniform!

There are literally thousands of images of the Israeli Defense Force violently arresting Palestinian kids – sample and be informed:
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Israeli Jews’ problem with Christians

by Taxi

There are hundreds of such examples on the net and probably thousands and counting undocumented.

Israel’s Pathological Kleptomania

by Newsstand

Israel is attempting to usurp the image of the delicate poppy flower,  indigenous and genteel symbol of Palestinian martyrdom since 1948, to use in future tourism campaigns and to promote it as the new symbol of Israeliness.  Civil groups in Ramallah are rushing to register the image as  Palestinian intellectual property.  A legal fight is expected over this issue.  (Reported by Almayadeen TV News).

Let us recall here that EVERYTHING israel lays claim to or already possess – usually by brute force – has been stolen from Palestinians and other neighboring Arab countries.  Begs the question here:  does Israel actually legitimately own anything that is truly 100% its own?  For the life of me I can’t think of a single object or idea that is quintessentially ‘Israeli’ except for Jewish Apartheid – and that’s not exactly a perfumed commodity that can be sold at the global markets.

A more apt flower for Israel to use is the poisonous Hemlock flower that stinks of rotten parsnip and dead dogs bloated in the sun.  History tells us that Socrates was sentenced to death by poison and thus forced to drink a large measure of it.  Apart from its profoundly offensive scent, the Hemlock’s poison slowly travels from the toes upwards in the body, painfully paralyzing the limbs and slowly cutting off oxygen to all vital organs, eventually collapsing the lungs and causing intense brain convulsions and an agonizing heart attack.  Here one cannot help but think that zionist conquest behaves in the same way, making the Hemlock a more fitting symbol of ‘Israeliness’.

You cannot poppy-wash Apartheid with your poppycock Mr. and Mrs. Israel.  You came empty-pursed to the Levant to kill, conquer and loot and you will end up departing likewise.   Serial kleptos in small neighborhoods usually end up getting chased out of town or dragged off to jail – and if you’re in Saudi Arabia, you will get your hands chopped off for thieving.

Point is:  the whole world now knows who the lying, thieving, mass-murderer in the holy land is and its plain name is Israel.  Poppy this and poppy that will not change how the world now sees Zionist Israel and its despicable practice of Apartheid.

Reflections on War Crimes and Citizen Responsibility – by Cloak And Dagger

by Newsstand

It is so sad to look at the world and realize that it is we who are the perpetrators of evil and the cause of so much strife and sorrow in the world.

It is we who caused the coup in Iran and destroyed their democracy. It is we who have enabled Israel and Saudi Arabia all these years to rain terror on the innocents. It is we who are enabling the death and destruction in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan. It is we who killed those people in Vietnam, Korea, …, the list goes on.

Here we stand, fresh blood still dripping from our dagger, and condemn as we might the actors on the stage who unleash carnage in our name, it is we who allow them to persist year after year.

There is a special place in hell for us. I hope that those of us who throw our bodies into the machine will be spared.

A Musical Shout-out from Plato’s Guns to All My Blogging Pals at FriendFeed!

by Taxi

Sadly, today the social network FriendFeed is closing down.  I would like to send a big heartfelt howdy and thank you to all my pals at Friendfeed for all the banging laughs and banger fights we’ve had there over the years – thoroughly enjoyable!!  Chapeaux to Weareone, Chu, American200, SeanMcbride, MRW, Danaa, annie, and the GFTG posse et all!  Thank you all for your activism and patriotism.  Hope to keep bumping into y’all in the dives and salons of cyberspace!

My Friends Have (Lyrics)
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I’m A-Gone Fishing For The Day! But I’ll Be Baaaaaack!

by Taxi

Palestine: The Land of Apartheid and Honey

by Taxi

I’m looking at the pic above of a Palestinian lady and the pic below of an israeli lady and I’m thinking…

For Pete’s sakes, you look like sisters!  Make a just peace already!  Imagine how great and wonderful your lives would be if you both had security and freedom of movement across the whole of the  beautiful Levant!  And in any case, at the end of the day, you will have to make peace as making constant war will lead you both to… well, an unnatural death and the sudden grave.  Stop wasting time and make peace sooner than later.

American Empire’s Vision Of A New Middle East

by Taxi

We’ve read much analysis on why Saudi Arabia is attacking Yemen and heard accusations of criminal hypocrisy against the USA for supporting Saudi Arabia’s attack on the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula.  But we haven’t yet established why the USA would allow yet another destabilizing war in the Mideast, a violent war taking place right at the gates of the world’s largest oil fields.

On the surface, it would seem odd that the USA would approve of a war that could easily get out of control and threaten to jeopardize global industries and the health of our global economy.  But…  there is method in Empire’s madness.

America intends to remove the House of Saud from power.
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Iran Nuke Deal is a victory for Iranian “culture of good manners”

by Taxi

I heard an analyst on Almayadeen TV yesterday say that first and foremost, the nuke deal is a victory for the  Iranian “culture of good manners”.  That it was specifically Rohani’s and Zarif’s exceptionally good manners that greased the deal forward from scratch.

The second victory for Iran is the overnight propulsion of Iran from “rogue” state in Western eyes, to peace-and-prosperity partner.

The third victory is that Iran has finally been recognized by the world  as an important regional superpower, in close competition today with isreal and Saudi Arabia, therefore  able to now legitimately exert geopolitical influence in the region.

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“As Palestine formally becomes a State Party to the Rome Statute today, the world is also a step closer to ending a long era of impunity and injustice.” PA foreign minister says after ICC welcomed the membership of the State of PalestineToday.

by Newsstand

That’s great; I love that – mega congratulations Palestine!!  Millions of people have waited long for this to happen.  But… but… when’s our turn to bust the motherfucking israel-firster/traitor/occupier/scum in our midst?  We are under zionist occupation without the fuckers even putting a single boot on the ground!  Worse than that, they make us pay them billions to occupy us!!!!!!!

Wake the fuck up America!!  Show no mercy!  Vote out EVERY SINGLE zionist representative at the next election!  Do it if you love America more than you love israel.  Full fucking stop!  Enough evil zionism already!