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The BDS War Is On, Baby!

BDS haters are out in force.  They’re everywhere you look on mainstream media and they’re everywhere on alternative net media.  It is obvious that a sudden deluge of seething hasbara on the information highway is being unleashed by Sheldon Adleson’s millions and media minions.  And they’re all weirdly jittery yet angry that BDS got this far – they’re furiously scribbling away belittling fisty tirades at the tangible upsurge of BDS’s popularity around the globe.  They’re bearing their teeth menacingly and demonizing and smearing with accusations of… well, you know what – they’re hating on BDS and whinging and lying through rattled teeth and fuming nostrils.

Wonderful to witness this level of desperate hasbara.

But I must not make light of this because they are desperate and out to kill.  They have the zealot motive, the zealot means and the zealot organization skills.

They are out to destroy the reputations, livelihoods, and possibly bones of anyone who opposes the occupation of Palestine on their watch.

But hah, they are outnumbered!

And BDS is non-negotiable!

Because it is the PEOPLE’S WILL they’re up against and not some government policy that can be bought and whored out.

Sheldon’s army of hired venom spitters are out there and they mean business.  So be ready for maximum, relentless and downright dirty zio media assaults.  Stay focused and vigilant, folks.  Get organized.  Even amongst just your immediate family and friends, openly discuss BDS and Israel – share the facts that you know – you don’t have to convince people, just present them with the facts and let them chew on it, they’ll get the picture themselves.  And what sentient creature wouldn’t?

Time to let your next-door neighbor know about the abhorrent practices of the extremist Apartheid state of Israel.  How our governments are all complicit in Israel’s war crimes and the corruption of our democratic process.  Our strength is in our numbers –  to win and to win quick, we must increase in numbers.  In order to push back effectively on the Adlesons and Shmedlesons, we absolutely must increase in numbers.

The BDS War is definitely on!  To israel, right now – today –  BDS is more dangerous than Iran.  And so t is, so it is.

Worst of all for the Apartheid gate-keepers is that neither hasbara nor the IDF nor the Knesset know how to stop it – this BDS thing – this charging, driven momentum – they really don’t how to stop it.  Because one of the few things that zionists can’t buy  or blackmail is the global collective conscience.

And there are signs that we are today in the hour of the rising of this global collective consciousness.



  1. Buycott app gets public to boycott Israeli produce

    As critics of Israel’s policy in Gaza lose faith in governments to take action, a new app is helping them to it themselves. Buycott is one of the hottest items on the market as shoppers are using it in their droves to avoid purchasing Israeli products.

    The Buycott app has a number of groups, which its users can join, with one of the most successful being the “Long live Palestine, boycott Israel” group. Numbering just a few hundred users in mid-July, it has surged in popularity in a month, with over a quarter of a million people currently signed up, according to the Buycott website.

    The groups mission is about, “ordinary people around the world using their right to help bring an end to the oppression in Palestine. It’s a peaceful means of putting international pressure on the state of Israel and follows in the successful boycott against South African apartheid,” a message on the “Long live Palestine, boycott Israel” application stated.

    The app works by allowing shoppers to scan barcodes of food products, such as a tub of hummus, to see if it was produced in Israel, or has any links with companies that support Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. The scanning process takes just a few seconds and then provides information about the company, such as its location and its website.

    The Long Live Palestine, boycott Israel group has 49 companies on its ‘companies to avoid’ list, which range from Victoria’s Secret, which is one of the largest clients of Delta Galil, who operate a textile factory in the West Bank industrial zone of Barkan, to Volvo, who’s machinery has been used to destroy Palestinian settlements in violation of international law.

    In contrast, the group also supports four companies, such as the Taybeh Brewing Company, which operates a Palestinian owned brewery and winery in the West Bank. Also on the list is the UK cosmetics firm Lush, which has striven to raise awareness of the struggle for human rights in Palestine.

    Social media has been playing its own part in trying to put economic pressure on Israel to halt its actions in Gaza. The Israeli company SodaStream, which is also on “Long live Palestine, boycott Israel’s” list has come in for particular criticism.

    SodaStream has its main plant in the industrial zone of Mishor Edomim, which is an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank, while the Boycott website also states that Palestinians who work there are paid less than half the minimum wage.

    The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement targets products and companies (Israeli and international) that profit from the violation of Palestinian rights, as well as Israeli sporting, cultural and academic institutions.

    In February, BDS hit the headlines when it demanded Oxfam drop Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson as an ambassador for her endorsement of SodaStream. They argued that Johansson’s role in Oxfam undermined the organization’s supposed condemnation of economic corporation with Israeli settlements.

    “A refusal to part ways with Johansson will tarnish the charity’s credibility among Palestinians and many people of conscience around the world,” said the BDS in a statement.

    Meanwhile, SodaStream’s UK operations were dealt a blow in July after department store John Lewis decided to stop stocking the product in its shops, while another store in Brighton, which had endured protests for two years, also decided to close.

    Sarah Colborne, the director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, attributed the closure of the Brighton store as well the decision by John Lewis, directly to pressure from the BDS movement.

  2. It’s like all these hasbaratists, paid shills, etc want you to love Israel and stop boycotting their embarrassing & lame occupation that is plain as day to the globe (and beyond!). Change your fucking behavior and resettle to 1948 and perhaps your luck will change. Palestinians deserve to have complete access to the sea! Meanwhile Adelson & friends are reinforcing the tropes that there is a ‘global cabal’ that controls politicians to do the bidding of the Jewish state.

    Imagine a German state in Asian lands. Would the world embrace the narrative that Germans deserve this land at the expense of Asiatic people? Of course trolls will say Germans, are the reason why Israel was created, but no one demanded Euro Jews to resettle in Palestine and then oppress the Palestinians for decades (not to mention other Arab peoples/nations), they chose it on their own accord and desire.

    There were other sites selected for the Jewish state (Madagascar , Argentina, etc) but Zionists had to come in and destroy Arab nationalism because they are the ‘chosen people’ (lol) returning to their 2000 year old home? What a pathetic joke only Christian Zionist stooges would believe. It’s really sad, if it weren’t so pathetic.

    But Israel wants the sympathy of the world, to which it deserves none, but they’ll manage to twist the arms of certain ambitious politicians who need that cheddar to win reelection.

      • Yeah, Moses Hess’s Jewish philosophy of Socialism morphed in Zionism.

        And I think Herzl’s had the idea of a romantic return to Jerusalem, which was clearly flawed based on the situation today. Why did the Zionist ‘diaspora’ put an Austrian Journalist in charge of site selection for their new Judenstaat? Maybe they should have selected someone with a military background – like say Alfred Dreyfus. The beginnings of the state’s creation were always on shaky ground, and their legitimacy in the Arab world still very much in question.

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