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Who and What the Heck is Plato's Guns?!

Almost six months ago, I set up Plato’s Guns as a newsstand to share articles and information with readers, as well as a platform for open, uncensored discussion of the simultaneous Zionist occupation of Palestine and our Congress – including also discussion on middle eastern geopolitical topics as they relate to our American Empire.  Having either been muzzled or banned from most I/P discussion sites, it was necessary to set up a place where no gatekeepers operated.  I have also taken advantage of this self-created freedom by penning occasional analysis articles and publishing them here on Plato’s.  I  highly encourage and invite others to pen articles on their topic of interest and to submit them to Plato’s for publication.  Community participation is essential for Plato’s growth – be it through the comment section or through article publishing.

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