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Who and What the Heck is Plato's Guns?!

Almost six months ago, I set up Plato’s Guns as a newsstand to share articles and information with readers, as well as a platform for open, uncensored discussion of the simultaneous Zionist occupation of Palestine and our Congress – including also discussion on middle eastern geopolitical topics as they relate to our American Empire.  Having either been muzzled or banned from most I/P discussion sites, it was necessary to set up a place where no gatekeepers operated.  I have also taken advantage of this self-created freedom by penning occasional analysis articles and publishing them here on Plato’s.  I  highly encourage and invite others to pen articles on their topic of interest and to submit them to Plato’s for publication.  Community participation is essential for Plato’s growth – be it through the comment section or through article publishing.

This is a labor of love and a single person operation.  Running and administering the site can occasionally be time-demanding on me so I ask that your expectations of the site remain low.  I am currently working with a technician on improving the blogger’s experience and securing the site from zio attacks.  This will take another ten days or so – here I appreciate your patience while I move forward with this plan.

I am also changing the theme design of the blog as the one I’m currently using is an old theme that is not compatible with current plugins etc.  But don’t worry, I’m keeping the minimalist look – I wouldn’t have it any other way because I am equally  anti eye-clutter as I am anti zionist.  Bombardments offend me.  All new page extras and site map etc will be included in a drop-down menu so that there are no eye distractions for the reader.

So far I have no plans for a logo – why would I have a logo – this is not a business or a brand name.  This is a free service for ‘We The People” – this is cyber activism – we slay propaganda here at Plato’s.

I am an anonymous blogger but my views are an open book.  I may one day out myself – who knows what I’ll do tomorrow?

I am not a journalist and I have no desire to be one.  If anything, and because Plato’s is a mixture of both original and shared news items, I see myself as more of an NJ who  entertains and educates visitors at a newsstand.  Huh?  “NJ”?   I hear you asking: ‘what the heck does that mean’?!  Well, Dee-Jays exist (DJ’s), and Video-Jays exist (VJ’s), so now we have NJ’s:  News-Jays.  Yes, News-Jays.  You like?  Heh, here you’d be right to call me pretentious except I’m just being goofy and messin’ widya.  But seriously, who or what I am is immaterial.  What’s important is the message and the message is:  enough bullshit from craven politicos and from the media, including the so-called alternative media cuz they too can be full of it.

I don’t know where Plato’s is heading to in the future – and I haven’t done any advertising or ‘pinging’ yet.  We’re experiencing  a steady increase of readership by word of mouth and I’m just happy to let it roll thus for the time being.  Whilst I’m enjoying the work of it and so long as its not intruding on my personal life (too much), I will continue servicing it and bringing you the daily fruits of the loom.

Can we make a difference?  Well we are each but a drop in the ocean but as my favorite old Swahili saying goes: ‘many drops fill bucket’, so maybe we can altogether fill a bucket to… well, we will figure out what to do with this bucket once it’s been filled and weaponized with information.  Make no mistake, Plato’s is at war with the status quo and every single enabler of the status quo.  The rot in the system and its prolific rotters are the target.

Do please take advantage of this post to give me feedback on how I can improve and enhance your experience while I’ve got a tech in the house.  Also, feel free to ask any Plato related questions.  You can ask stuff about ‘Taxi’ too – maybe I’ll answer them, maybe not – but you’re free to ask, nevertheless.

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who has bookmarked Plato’s and I would like to also express true gratitude to bloggers who comment with intelligence and acrobatic wit:  adding vibrancy and color to my side-road newsstand.  I really do wholeheartedly appreciate everyone’s presence.

LAST THOUGHT:  I could have used this writing time to pen an analysis piece but there is actually no new news of significance going on right now and I wasn’t exactly going to go repeating old stuff that everyone already knows only too well – or worse, go  inventing news like our bullshitting media does.

I’d rather kick the bucket than do that.



  1. Lots of interesting stuff happening all over the world. Let’s not overdose on Israel-Palestine. I love the Palestinians and I’m distressed with what the creepy Zionists have been doing to them all these past decades but I’m tired of talking about both of them because it’s been the same old story retold in a million different ways since 70 years. If about Palestinians, I welcome reading about the positive things they are doing to try getting out of their rut. It has always been about things happening to them; when will they start to make things happen? Lebanon was not liberated from the vicious Israeli yoke with pity.

    • One of the reasons I migrated from MW is because it was too Judo-centric for an international like me. Even most Palestine articles there are from a Judo-centric perspective.

      Plato’s loves all things Palestine, especially artistic and cultural Palestine. Plato’s endeavors to highlight the brighter aspects of Palestine and not just the current struggle for liberation. Palestine has a rich and old history – they say Jericho is ten thousand years old and how beautiful is that? The Nakba is not the only event in Palestine’s biography. It is not the thumb-print of Palestine. It is a mere chapter in its hefty and fascinating history.

      • echinococcus says:

        A very good idea. A judeocentric take on Palestine is almost the dominant style (sometimes looking like the only available style) on the Web and the US street –even some sites run by non-Jewish Arabs. It may do some good in places but too close to fraternization with the enemy or even invasion advocacy.
        Just bear in mind that some of us are one-track minds with no cultural ties to Palestine.

      • Thanks echi.

        “Just bear in mind that some of us are one-track minds with no cultural ties to Palestine.”

        Meaning? Was that a joke that just whistled over my head? Help me out here pal, I just had a big dinner and when the belly is full the mind becomes a tad opiated.

      • Right, fair enough. I personally enjoy Palestinian cinema and Palestinian poetry and art as an aside – apart from the politics, that is – though the contemporary stuff is very much linked to politics – some of it in a very hard core way.

  2. Bornajoo says:

    Bravo Taxi!
    It’s incredible that this is an individual operation (+ 1 tech), especially when you consider the amount of output and how often you reply to so many comments. Please don’t burn out!

    This is a great and much needed addition to the blog-world and you are a talented “NJ”

    ” The Nakba is not the only event in Palestine’s biography”

    Agreed, but the Zionists are determined to make it the last.

    • Thanks Bornajoo. Actually I’ve only had the tech help in the past couple of weeks and it’s really all to do with design and servers and stuff – not administrative work. It’s been extra work for me actually to work with a tech heh. But it’s worth it – the results are going to be beautiful.

      Usually, I read articles intermittently throughout the day and eve and it takes a few extra minutes to post each up so it’s really not so bad time-wise – a couple of extra hours spread out through the whole day. But I do get slammed sometimes when I have visitors staying for instance, or when I take on a side work project that has a deadline. With writing comments, it helps that I’m a fast thinker and fast typist too – I passed my typing test like 30 years ago at 50 words per minute. I don’t type THAT fast anymore, of course – unless there’s a gun to my head and my thoughts are manic, heh.

      Can I tell you something funny? Often when I go to type your name, for some reason I end up typing ‘Bonjaroo’. Just can’t shake it off, heh. I have a few other typing ticks like that.

      • Bornajoo says:

        I kinda guessed you’re a super-fast typist. Quite handy that your fingers can keep up with the thoughts flowing out the brain!

        Bonjaroo? I like it. If I get banned anywhere I’m going back in with that version!

    • Frankie P says:


      I second and echo Bornajoo’s applause at your operation. To be honest, I thought your NJ denoted non-Jewish, as it’s clear that there’s a real need for more non-Jewish run blogs and sites on the I/P and I/C (Israel/Congress) conflicts. As for Bonjaroo, I would use it when a friend is taking a trip to Australia: Have a great trip. Bonjaroo! And if Bornajoo ever goes to Ausralia, it would be a great tongue twister: Bonjaroo, Bornajoo!!

      By the way, thank you Bornajoo, for your personal post on another thread (I can’t keep the thread of all the threads) about your mother and your roots. It struck a chord of humanity!!!

      Frankie P

  3. Your blog has all the potential of becoming one of the significant sites on the Internet. I already see trackbacks to your posts on other sites, and the recent surge of members here continues to expand the vibrancy of the site, as noted by the great comments that people have been posting here.

    Your original articles are what draw me here the most. From your unique perch in the Levant, unobstructed by Zionist filters, you have access to perspectives that we are shielded from. Your writing style is delicious and leaves the mouth watering for more. This combination of unfiltered facts, cogent analysis, wrapped in eminently readable prose is unmatched elsewhere.

    I do hope that your interest in maintaining it continues. With my own blog, I have experienced first-hand what a drag it can be to keep the site populated with posts on a daily basis and deal with the unexpected events and attacks from detractors and zio forces.

  4. I’m hooked on Plato, Taxi, even if we’ve clashed on an occasion or two. I suspect we carry a similar scrappy-gene.

    The uncluttered appearance is a plus.

    btw, What does “Plato’s Guns” signify?

    thanks for your work on this.

    • Chasy… sometimes me and people elbow each other – so what? Doesn’t mean I’m gonna not like them forever. You’re welcome at Plato’s – you’re a smart and informed commentator.

      When I started thinking about getting my own blog, I wanted a name for it that had nothing to do with I/P but instead would suggest the ‘philosophy of war’ in general. After tossing around a few ideas in my head, the name Plato’s Guns’ occurred. There’s an extended and silly version of this story but I’m too beat to pull all its strings together right now.

      Thank you for digging Plato’s.

  5. slothy says:

    “as well as a platform for open, uncensored discussion of the simultaneous Zionist occupation of Palestine and our Congress ” Taxi
    and beat the pilpul out of them with a Buddhist cane
    Plato-ic chant

    old joke modified:   

    It happened in Jerusalem  

    After an invitation, a televangelist with his wife and camera crew land in Israel to tape a zio-sermon on ‘location’. On an early April morning the camera sweeps panoramic views of Jerusalem and then zooms on a hill and there it is, the televangelist and wife, cups of coffee in their hands, looking up at a wooden cross. But the cross is vacant and there is not a saved soul around. The televangelist gets on his phone:
    “Your ‘Jesus’ guy was getting nailed 25 minutes ago, yeah …  good looking actor …. boy that guy can really scream – … yeah … yeah…. before we walked to Starbuccks  … we came right back to ‘Jesus’ …. where did everybody go now …?”

    A few drones are dispatched and in less than 12 minutes lone of them locates  a very bloody ‘Jesus’ on Via Dela Rosa, running like a deer downhill  – the ‘opposite’ way …! And about 30 yards behind him, puffing and huffing and puffing, the stage manager and his recently hired assistant, trying to 
    re-catch-up with ‘Jesus’. And in between breaths, the stage manager can not stop bitching: 

    I told you TWICE,  before you went to the hardware store, “make sure you get the ‘6” ZIONIZED nails’  ….. “.

  6. Frankie P says:

    On your drop-down menu, be sure to highlight and separate your own work from the posts from other sites. The current format is successful in doing this, as your own posts are at the top. I feel that your own writing is very compelling, and I am more attracted to it than to the other posts; perhaps this is an appreciation of both your writing style and the content, which touches on important issues that are excluded from other sites. I am more interested in picking and choosing from the related posts, and I look forward to seeing how you will categorize them.

    Best wishes

    Frankie P

    • Got that already, Frankie – thanks. Separating my articles from the sheep.

      When I write an article, I pin it to the top homepage till the hits on it fade, then I unpin it – this puts in back in date-order with the rest. But the new system will allow me to put my articles in a ‘Taxi’s Articles’ file soon as I’ve unpinned them.

  7. slothy says:

    “but as my favorite old Swahili saying goes: ‘many drops fill bucket’, so maybe we can altogether fill a bucket to… well, we will figure out what to do with this bucket once it’s been filled and weaponized with information. ” Taxi

    As the old Salty Dog saying goes  “the best marine bilge pump is a frantic sailor with a bucket”

  8. Taxi, I am enjoying my introduction to your blog. You are right, it is refreshing to read a blog on I/P that isn’t American. I don’t see the need to set up an us v them standoff with MW. There are still good people over there, and they do publish good articles (like the superb pieces from Avigail Arbanel). What weaknesses they have (and we all have them) is imho more related in catering to the American Jewish scene, which to be fair is the focus of their campaigning. But for those of us outside that particular bubble it does become very tiresome seeing them and the commenters constantly walking on eggshells around the ever-so-fragile sensitivities of the narcissistic zionists. Like the recent farce of JHitchcock it seems that it is more important to placate the thought police than shout from the rooftops about our support for the beleaguered Palestinians and our abhorrence of what is being done to them.
    In that spirit I hope your blog doesn’t become another of the tedious ding dong battles between smug, heartless zionists of the type that MW feels the need to allow and the rest of us human beings. All those creeps who clog up the MW threads with their asinine posturing and baiting just put me off participating, since there is no point in engaging them, bereft as they are of any resemblance to normal human beings. God bless Annie for putting up them and constantly putting them in their place.
    Which is why it is refreshing here, and long may it continue. I also like to see articles about Palestinian culture – music, films, writing – since it is a positive antidote to the barrage of bad news, but it is also crucial in fighting the zionist narrative which seeks to deny them of any culture or identity at all. I always find it heartening how any work is produced, given the privations and assaults they suffer, let along the quality of it. No doubt the deeply felt necessity to speak and express oneself under the conditions they endure gives an extra edge which no cosseted, over privileged zionist could ever understand.
    Anyway, good luck with it, just keep doing what you are doing and don’t knock yourself out over it.

    • Thank you for your kind words, maceasy. If you watch a movie like ‘Omar’, which is such a well-made production and great script and performances, you wouldn’t need to read up the history of the occupation or anything – you wouldn’t even need to know a thing about the I/P conflict to get it – the sociopolitical dilemma in the drama/thriller itself informs you. I intend to keep sharing and exposing Palestinian culture, not just for the cause, but for art’s sakes too.

      You can watch ‘Omar’ here on Plato’s if you like:

      And just so you know, I’m an American living in the Levant so really, Plato’s is an American site with a difference.

      Thanks again for your support.

      • Taxi, I think YouTube have taken down that film, due to a copyright claim. But thanks for the tip.
        I didn’t know you were American, but I think the point is that you are writing from a Middle Eastern perspective, which is very welcome, and not from inside the US bubble, where nothing outside of Israel or America seems to matter much. So you don’t have to waste lots of time and energy fighting that oppressive apologist fight we are all too familiar with, where the US Jewish establishment smothers everything in its ceaseless stifling of debate and reportage. It is claustrophobic, which is why writing from your vantage point frees you and the blog from wading through the foggy swamp of subterfuge and subversion of your message.
        Back on films, do you know the films of Elia Suleiman? I was recommended them by a good guy called Nadim Mishlawi who lives and works in Beirut.

    • bintbiba says:

      May I please ‘Ditto ‘ each and every word you say ,mceasy !

      ” Which is why it is refreshing here, and long may it continue. ”

      Providence’s blessings , Taxi .

  9. slothy says:

    “LAST THOUGHT:  I could have used this writing time to pen an analysis piece but there is actually no new news of significance going on right now..” Taxi
     enter chorus 

    How to Achieve More Than One Platonic Climax

    ho ho ho
    and a bottle of rum
    ho ho ho oh
    and a few fine apples
    ho ho ho o oh
    and a tub of skinned grapes
    ho ho ho o o oh
    and the Lebanese hash
    ho ho ho o o o oh 
    in the tunnel of Meggido
    ho ho Ho o o o o omg ! ! !
    All Night Looooooong !

    • Lol man that is too funny! Only you slothy can turn Meggido, a village in the Levant where Armageddon is meant to break out, into a tunnel of love with the promise of apples and grapes and hashisha instead of end times and its “tub” of corpses.

  10. Thanks for creating this site. It’s a lot smaller than Mondoweiss, but hopefully it will grow into a genuine place on the internet for discussing the Middle East, and in particular, the influence of the Israel Lobby, less policed by covert Jewish ethnic supremacists.

    • Thanks Jay. Glad you like visiting.

      I’m okay with “small”, so long as it’s free-speeching.

      I hesitate to put full-throttle behind it – not the right time for me yet. Gotta free up more time for something like that – to take it on like it’s a vocation would require me re-ordering my life.

      • slothy says:

        I don’t know what happened with Jeffrey B. and i’m curious. jB was with Phil and Alisson W. and others at natsummit dot org WaDC march 2014.

        I watched John Cleese once in The cinema life of George, commenting on ‘ Judea peole’s Front  and People’s front of Judea and Font of people of Judea ‘saying that when they were in college they watched leftist groups fighting among them so they popped it up in The Life of Brian.

        I haven’t really been watching the MW discourse and each one of you can know better about your personal experience there. I am sorry to see the AW thing – I met her once and have some of her booklets – as ‘dual loyalty’ by 
        Kathleen (and Bill Christinson) on line too!

        But, over the years, I got to watch publishing/discourse on MW and have a lot of respect for topics/volume achieved by a small group of people – tremendous effort/time. I do not expect them to be perfect but we – all together now –  can still send a sweet kiss to Annie!

        Well, ‘memes’ is one tool the American/ I-F Christian” global tv networks is another one. A lot of stuff is smoke and mirrors with much pilpul sauce. When Hagee went out during the Lebanon War II saying that all Am. Evangelicals stand with Israel it took awhile before all kinds of denominations came out to say ‘the televangelists do NOT speak for us’ – better late than never.
        MW is from a Jewish perspective and it’s a good thing that Am. Jews are assertive to define that Bibi does NOT speak for them – unlike what he claims. And when Am. Jews say that it has more of a punch for changing the culture and the deliberately cultivated misconceptions here.

        I did not comment there but MW occasionally used some stuff I sent – so in a small slothy way I am over there too  with all of you guys- I got a lot from the MW  grass roots community, thank you all!


        ps kiss

    • slothy says:

      “and in particular, the influence of the Israel Lobby, less policed by covert Jewish ethnic supremacists.s.” Jay Knott

      Do you know of any place that has covered the “influence of the Israel Lobby” better than Mondoweiss?
      Just on that subject MW is an intellectual monument!
      I have also a lot of respect for Phil for watching the backs of dear professors M&W! 

      • Phil Weis is a narcissistic hypocrite. Compare what he did to Jeffrey Blankfort.

        I don’t buy the tortured pseudo-itellectual with manicured fingernails act.

      • I didn’t say anywhere had covered the lobby better than Mondoweiss. I just said its run by covert Jewish ethnic supremacists who police the discussion of the lobby.

  11. Danaa says:

    Great work, Taxi, really. It’s good to have a place where some of us can carry on chatting and discoursing without worrying about the censor’s heavy hand. On MW, I know I am being careful (yes, believe it or not) – no need to embarrass the hard working mods, who may pass my sometimes intemperate comments, by making them over the pale (which will reflect the way I feel sometimes, as we surely all do).

    It’s good to see some commentators find their way here – Walid, Fankie P, America, binbihta (sp?), Sean McBride, C&D, Hostage and others whose name escapes at the moment and/or I may not instantly recognize…..

    As for the NJ – hope you guys don’t mind a member of the tribe in very not good standing – my only excuse being that I too get sic sometimes of that jewish navel gazing thingy. Actually, as I keep saying, Israelis from the secular background are nothing like the jews of America – and in fact, were raised as unjewish as was possible – back in the day (the jewish ‘stuff” I hear is creeping back into the secular schools in israel). In all fairness, when I started meeting American jews when first arriving to these lovely shores, i could not recognize even the slightest kinship. To this day, I must say the connection i feel, if any, is quite tenuous. Someone like Phil i recognize but only as a fellow thinker of deep thoughts, wherever he hails from.

    Mysteriously, somehow I became American – and my kinship seems to be with others who made an immigration of the soul, wherever they came from. Which is why I like to hold America’s feet to the fire – these are my new ideals we are talking about! the last thing i want is to see the tentacles of what I left behind, the impulses I came to see as deeply self-adulating, undemocratic and yes, corrupt, reaching all the way across the seas to these shores.


    • For Danaa:


      The Logical Song – Supertramp

      When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
      A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.
      And all the birds in the trees, well they’d be singing so happily,
      Joyfully, playfully watching me.
      But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible,
      Logical, responsible, practical.
      And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
      Clinical, intellectual, cynical.

      There are times when all the world’s asleep,
      The questions run too deep
      For such a simple man.
      Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned
      I know it sounds absurd
      But please tell me who I am.

      Now watch what you say or they’ll be calling you a radical,
      Liberal, fanatical, criminal.
      Won’t you sign up your name, we’d like to feel you’re
      Acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable!

      At night, when all the world’s asleep,
      The questions run so deep
      For such a simple man.
      Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned
      I know it sounds absurd
      But please tell me who I am.

      • bintbiba says:

        Thanks Taxi for taking me back whenI was so much younger!
        Unless I’m mistaken..and my memory plays tricks——-. was listening to it while the bombs were raining down from the skies in ’82.

    • Frankie P says:

      I feel that it is important to have blogs on the I/P conflict and the Zionization of US politics run by non-Jews as well as Jews. In no way did my mention of NJ signifying non-Jew imply that Taxi should not welcome Jewish voices, especially voices that speak with the clear timbre of truth, voices like yours, Hostage’s, bornajoo’s, and so many others. I have learned so much from these Jewish voices, these human voices, which speak from an understanding deeper than my own. This understanding does not derive from Jewishness, rather from experience and learning. I hope you get an idea of how much people like me appreciate these voices.

      Frankie P.

      • Danaa says:

        Thanks Frankie P – I realize you waved that NJ just for fun – it being too tempting altogether. Anyways, I am happy to be just another voice in the human wilderness. In the end even jewishness – however much of it is present in anyone – is just one ingredient. Sure, an overdose can spoil the whole dish resulting in toxic side-effects, but luckily I have other, more important addictions. Sometimes I think that keeping focus on the human core helps in mastering the energy needed to peel off all those layers of dressings, which oftentimes are too soggy for my taste anyways (yes, I just had an artichoke – took forever to get to the good part – can you tell?).

      • Ditto Frankie and Danaa.

        But really, I’m not sure that I even like Plato’s being labeled ‘non-jew’. WTF?! I don’t relate to that label at all.

      • Danaa says:

        Taxi, I think Frankie P was just making a quip – taking off from your NJ initials. Can’t blame for what pops into mind, right? anyways, I’m sure that’s not what you want being such a broad-minded gal and all (which FP obviously concurs with cf. his reply) . As for me, i was just ruminating. As always. People should stop inspiring me….

      • Danaa,

        I hope my comment didn’t come across as antsy – was not my intention at all. Was really only wanting to make a point that labeling Plato’s as a ‘non-jewish’ site is fuck boring and utterly inaccurate for the limitations and the hint at racism that the label of “non-jewish” implies. I see Plato’s as all-inclusive and pluralistic. Why should I care what religion people practice so long as they are genuine supporters and lovers of justice.

        And you, dearest Danaa, are a real and perpetual inspiration to us all. The tribe has lost a rare gem with your departure from them. Fucking losers that they are – serves them right!

        (*Sorry for my effings, but am in a bad mood with the ‘jooooz’ today – especially the racist ani-goy brigade in the Palestine movement – writing something about it right now).

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