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Russia Raps at Fortress Israel's Wall

My how the Russian boot suddenly landed heavy and sure on Syria’s soil.

How Israel gasped with surprise and dread to see the giant footprint and realize that its lauded Air Force no longer has the monopoly on Syrian skies.

Soberly it knew only too well that the Merkava is no match for even Hezbollah and Russian subs are a boat ride up the coast – checking Israeli frigates and pirates.

Suddenly Israel has no total freedom of the skies, checked on land and out at sea too.

Wow.  This is a terrible first.  Oh deary dear, what to do wat-to-do watodo?!!

Quick now Israel!  Build more walls with super speed cuz the ISISians are about to get their asses kicked by the Ruskies and the ones that will live will only have three routes to escape through:  Jordan, Turkey, and Israel.  Quick now quick – build them walls so only Jordan and Turkey will be the losers for having the terrorists they trained re-visit them as deranged tourists.

The delusion of the safety of walls continues to mesmerize the guilty wicked.  Let them salute walls!  Here is the Apartheid Wall.  There, the Sinai wall.  The Gaza wall.  The Lebanon wall.  The Golan wall.  And now of late, the Jordan wall.  Oooh quite the collection of walls, I’d say.  Israel sure is a professional wall builder.  Hire an Israeli if you need to build a wall between you and your brown-skinned neighbors.

Homage to the god of walls oh alters of separateness – build build build more walls, Israel.  Build a wall even over your head – separate yourself from sun and sky.

Fortress Israel: centuries of the ghetto complex besieging you sure is hard to shake off.

The irony of the prison-world that European Jews have erected for themselves in the holy land is astounding.

But the bigger irony is that Israel sucked America dry and weakened it thus – and now America couldn’t even stop Russia claiming Syria for itself overnight.

Looks like the Zionist scorpion ate its own tail and stung itself in the larynx.



  1. pissedoffin USA says:

    Israel did not build its own “wailing wall” and Israel relied on the Red White and Blue to build its “security fence.”
    Jews never pay for their ow stuff — Deuteronomy 6 and Israel does not build its own walls, USA builds them.
    Nor do Jews pay or bleed when they want other people killed, in large numbers — they leverage small investments to get other people to do their killing for them. These days, the patsy-of-choice is USA and its cheaply-bought Congress & Senate.

    Yesterday in a press briefing Josh Block told reporters that Obama would visit with Bibi before the year is out to “repair important relations between our two countries that have shared values …..(how do you say blah blah blah in Hebrew? Best we learn because before long the official language of USA will be Jew talk — not necessarily Hebrew — they’ll keep that for their private communications).
    Block said that as part of the enforcement of Iran agreement, Israel would receive enhanced annual cash flows to “maintain their qualitative military edge,” and would discuss giving Israel the MOP.

    Tearing down other people’s defenses and building Israel’s next “wall”. — Made in USA.

    • Denis says:

      PissedOff: “Jews never pay for their ow stuff ”
      I guess you meant “their own stuff.”
      I hope that’s your frustration with GoI talking and not a hatred of Jews in general, which is what it sounds like to me.
      My Jewish friends have paid for everything they own, so far as I know, and they are very generous, and so I resent you referring to my friends in that way.
      Taxi can run the blog as he/she sees fit, and he/she can encourage that sort of blatant antisemitism, but I’m not going to let that sort of shit get by without a comment.

  2. american200 says:

    Too funny……Obama saying Russia has to get smarter.

    Obama: Russia’s strategy in Syria ‘doomed to fail
    US president describes Moscow’s strategy of supplying weapons and military equipment to Syria as “a big mistake”.
    US President Barack Obama has warned that Russia’s decision to send military staff and equipment to Syria reflected a strategy that was “doomed to fail”.
    “The strategy that they are pursuing right now, doubling down on (Bashar al) Assad, I think is a big mistake,” he said on Friday, warning Moscow was “going to have to start getting a little smarter”.
    Earlier in the day, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Kremlin would continue to supply weapons to the Syrian government, following warnings from US and NATO over Moscow’s increasing involvement in the Syrian conflict.
    Lavrov told a news conference that Russia was conducting military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, that it had been for some time, and that the exercises were in line with international law.
    The minister also called on other world powers to help arm the Syrian military, which he described as the most efficient force against the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) group.
    The statement came a day after Lavrov confirmed that the country’s “humanitarian” flights to Syria carried military equipment as well as humanitarian aid.
    “Russian planes are sending to Syria both military equipment in accordance with current contracts and humanitarian aid,” Lavrov told reporters on Thursday.”

      • People need to say what they need to say after decades of biting on gagballs. How else are we really gonna know what’s going on with people?

        No, this site has not been smoking the JVP weed.

      • I agree.
        Straight talk gets us there quicker.
        It’s healthier, too…at least for those trying to shed their dinosaurhood. I want to know when I’m stupid. A lot better than not knowing.

      • JVP and MW keep telling us that zionism is behaving badly and needs a good spanking to straighten out, but we think it’s positively evil and needs to have its last supper in an electric chair.

      • Fortunately, their crap won’t sell at my doorstep. My view: The violent, perverted, etc…stuff in the holy desert dogma texts is simply man’s nature. Overwhelming evidence of this. I’m as certain as one can be…with a brain my size.
        Evolution gives me enough hope to survive on…but I doubt we will evolve before we destroy our home.

        If you want to call it evil, it’s okay. The end result is the same.

    • Cigar,

      With all the good and beautiful air you breath up there in ‘Pine’, I ain’t surprised of your advances and evolution in humaness.

      Did you know that the prophets and desert seers of old suffered from constant migraines? Hence their farout visions.

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