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Russia Destroys The Greater Israel Dream

The grand plan was going swimmingly.  The concept of endless wars for Greater Israel was working and producing impressive results.  Opportunistically, through aggravation of war after war, chunk by chunk of Arab land was usurped and the map of Greater Israel was slowly materializing.  No matter the unstable chaos surrounding the State of Israel for the past seven decades, and no matter the undying Palestinian resistance and the violent Intifadas that erupted internally, the Zionist dream of Greater Israel remained consistently intact and was progressing unabated and unchallenged by anyone.

But dreams, by their diaphanous nature are easily interruptible – can easily turn into sudden nightmares.  Indeed, dreams do, in the blink of an eye, simply end.

Nobody expected the Zionist dream to come to a sudden halt like this.  Nobody.  Nobody expected Russia, literally in the blink of an eye, to suddenly assert itself militarily in the Levant and in the process turn the Zionist dream into a geopolitical and existential nightmare.  No further territorial expansions are even remotely possible now with Russia’s military presence in the Levant.  The Russian army is in the Levant to stay and the Israelis know it.  In the Zionist universe, it’s as if a mighty big-footed contender had suddenly appeared in the dream and instantly stepped on the Greater Israel map like it was a castle made of sand.

Russia is not a declared enemy of Israel.  Russia did not squelch The Greater Israel dream on purpose.  The destruction of the Zionist dream is the result of an unintended consequence that purely serves the regional and global interests of Russia.  Happenstance that the Zionist dream was in the way of Russian ambitions, that’s all.  Dog eat dog world.

But what are Russia’s interests in lassoing  the Levant?

Well, first, Putin intends to re-fulfill the old Russian dream of establishing sizable military foundations and bases in the ‘warm waters’ of the world, in the Mediterranean, to be more precise, in order to pivot and project power westwards with practical ease.  And also, to use Mediterranean naval bases as a first line of defense against a Western creep towards its own territory.  Russia’s growing military presence in Syria is a matter of  “national security”, Putin has declared several times over.  Establishing multiple bases in the Mediterranean has not been possible for Russia to do since the 1967 Arab-Israeli war when it lost the Middle East chess game to America, symbolized by Egypt, a major Soviet client at the time having its Soviet military hardware devastated by Israeli-operated, made-in-USA weaponry.  Russia today considers its growing presence in Syria to be a most vital geopolitical maneuver for re-establishing a seat of power again in the Middle East, in tandem with its progress into future Superpowerdom.  In the current uncontrollable chaos of the Levant, this is an ambition that Russia must begin implementing immediately, lest the region falls dangerously under ISIS and Zioconism, making it thus harder for Russia’s old dream to be realized.

Secondly, Putin sees the cloth of American Empire as fast fading, especially in the Middle East, and he’s taking advantage of this: putting forth a challenging proposition to the American Emperor.  Yes, Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, a man considered to be a cold-blooded realist, is aware of America’s weaknesses, but he’s also aware of its current strengths and he is in Syria as a power salesman – he’s in Syria to make a deal with Empire Americana.  Respectfully, but firmly, he is pitching to Empire: ‘Look, you remain supremely powerful,  but you are hemorrhaging in the Middle East and the situation is now critical.  You cannot afford a new large-scale war in the Middle East that may or may not reassert your hold on the region;  and you have lost all your proxy wars there as well – there are no more black-clad joker cards in your deck.    You cannot continue on this disadvantageous path, you cannot stand still either and you also cannot withdraw from the region.  All these are strategically inferior options and will not stop the bleeding of your powers.  The only way out is through pragmatism.  The only remedy is to share control of the Middle East with us, Russians.  We have together shared power in the Middle East under the shadow of the Cold War and yes it created dangers and complexities for both our countries in the past.  But today is different: there is no official Cold War between us and so our new partnership can only serve to strengthen us both’.  This, dear reader is Russia’s diplomatic speak, received with quiet relief by the White House and cussed and scorned by the Ziocons in DC.  Simplified, Putin is in Syria and his realist message to America is:  ‘Share the Middle East with us now or we both fall in the future’.   And it looks like Obama has quietly taken heed, in the interest of Empire and realism and not out of cowardice or submission to Putin.  Obama’s problem is that although he begrudgingly agrees with Putin’s analysis and remedy, he cannot be seen to be supporting it in public because the Neocons would immediately set the dogs of treason on him, bogging him down with political obtrusion and smear campaigns in his last 15 months of power – possibly damaging his party’s winning chances at the next elections.

Thirdly, in my opinion, Russia is in Syria also for the purpose of redressing Russian military image and history.  After the devastating defeat of the Soviet Union at the hands of the American-backed Afghani Mujahedeen, and considering the profound nationalism that Russian society feels especially towards its military institutions,  it behooves any modern Russian leader thus to conceive and create a military victory against a modern version of the same old enemy who had previously defeated them – a military morale-booster both for the Russian populations and for the history books.  A utilization of the sentiments of the ‘comeback kid’ for mass consumption so as to boost levels of nation devotion.  Russia, being the largest nation in the world, landmass-wise, it has to regularly make grand spectacles and gestures in the name of national unity enhancement.  Killing Takfiri terrorists in Syria, nay smashing them to smithereens with Russian Air Power is an opportune event to balance out and positively update Russian history books.

Yes, the Russian military buildup in Syria, especially in marine and air power, now looks to be, relatively speaking, permanent.  And this is what is causing Israel and its Ziocon friends in Washington sleepless nights and hectic, nefarious group-brainstorming sessions.  They know that the dream of a Greater Israel cannot be realized with Russia dominating the skies and waters of the Levant.  This is the current and silent inescapable reality.  This is the wall that suddenly sprung up and instantly separated Zionists from their beloved Greater Israel dream.  Because of a ‘wall’, the dream is now impossible.

Some would call this, poetic justice.

The ‘dream destroyed’ being the current unspoken reality, Israel is left with no expedient and transforming choices.  It cannot go to direct war with a more powerful Russia and win back domination over Levant skies and waters.  It couldn’t even defeat Hezbollah who lack any form of Air Power back in 2006.   And more frustratingly for Israel, it cannot blackmail, coerce or buy President Putin either.  Moreover, presently under the leadership of Obama, it is clear that America is not prepared to go to direct war with any nation, let alone Russia, on behalf of Israel.  The current architects of  expansionist Zionism are at a complete and utter loss to recognize all these chokehold factors – blood is draining from their faces.  No more meetings over what Arab country to genocide next so as to steal more land and resources, the issue now is not when and how the Zionist dream can be finally fulfilled, but how to safely bring the corpse-dream back from the dead without anyone noticing.

Alas, there are no clever Zionist ideas on the architects’ table.  They are truly and absolutely in utter speechless shock.

And what compounds this hectic catatonia that the Zionist Sensei are currently experiencing is the fact that they know that Israel’s global credibility is at its lowest ever, and that sooner or later, the international community – seeing Israel’s geopolitical weakness – will start pressing hard, even imposing the 2-State solution on Israel, based on the 1967 borders.  This is the double nail in the Greater Israel dream coffin.  Not only will Israel be unable to expand territory, but it will also be forced into giving up territory currently under its (illegal) control.  Something that the Israeli public are psychologically not prepared for, nor is there any political will in the Israeli halls of power to do so either.

Observations of the behaviorism of Zionists tell us that what they cannot change, they usually endeavor to spoil.  And the only thing they are still capable of doing is spoiling it for Arabs.  They will undoubtedly attempt to expand the current regional conflicts into another one hundred years of Arab on Arab wars.  This is a given – they breathe to spoil life for their Arab neighbors.  And we also observe that when Zionists are not willing or able to go to war, they usually endeavor to send other capable and willing nations to war on their behalf.  But as noted a few passages above, this is currently impossible under the Obama administration.  The dream of Greater Israel remains smashed.

What to do then?  What is the ultimate solution?  Would Israel prefer that America directly and militarily confront Russia in the Levant?  I call it a yes.  Even at the cost of causing World War Three?  Yes.  Even at the risk of igniting a nuclear war?  Yes.

Yes, yes, and a triple yes.  The global Zionist congress pathology shows every indication of this.  ‘The tribe above all’ is their core belief.  They are Masadian-ISISians in suits with basements full of nukes.  Their narcissistic intentions are always clear – their motives and maneuvers are never to be trusted.

We are currently at a very serious and sobering point in the fast-evolving dramas taking place in the Levant and the Middle East at large.  Everyone concerned is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the unknown.  This alignment of overwhelming unknowns is rare in history.  The geopolitical stress and distress levels – despite the equalizing Russian presence in the Levant – remain excruciatingly high for all parties concerned.  All actors have so much to lose with a single wrong move.  A cluster of unknowns is forcing everyone into extreme caution.  Hesitant steps are made then quickly unmade.  If you were to privately ask Obama or Putin what would happen to the world the day after a war between their two nations ignites, they would both be likely to look you somberly in the eye and say, ‘I don’t know’.

The unknown is upon us and we are upon the unknown.

For now, Zionist masterminds plan on keeping the death of the dream of Greater Israel a secret, in the hope that the next American president would be more malleable and more reactionary than Obama.  They will be quietly biding their time and hoping that the next President of America would be more Zionist that Theodore Herzl.  More ideologically violent than ISIS and Tarantino.  Hoping against all hope that the tiny state of Israel would survive a Word War Three catastrophe with little damage inside its boundaries.  Hoping against all hope that the Arab world surrounding Israel, all of it would literally be bombed back into the stone ages, while Israel continues to be the hi-tech bride of the Middle East.  Hoping against all hope that Russia would again be defeated by America in the Middle East – just so that Israel can again dominate the skies and waters of the Levant, allowing it thus to revive the corpse of the Greater Israel project.  Hoping against all hope that igniting World War Three would actually solve all of Israel’s problems.

A touch fantastical?  Maybe not.

This is what happens when tribal madmen dream.



  1. Hurrah, Taxi. Probing and matter-of-fact analysis delivered in stupendous but non-jarring prose. Russia’s brave and pragmatic entry is a game-changer and many are already warming to Putin’s decision despite the propaganda.

  2. Walid says:

    Taxi, the first kick in the face felt by Israel was long before the Russians decided to step in; it was on May 24, 2000 when Israel threw in the towel and left South Lebanon in the dead of night after a 22-year occupation. You mentioned the second kick of July-August 2006 when both Israel and the US felt it. Controlling Lebanon up to and including the Litani River has been the Zionists’ dream since several decades before Israel was born. If the Lebanese would be smart, they would divert the Litani towards Israel rather than let it empty into the Med. It’s currently an open sewer. They would also burry all their raw garbage on the Lebanon-Israel border.

    It’s very doubtful Russia would start a war with the US for anything to do with Israel, so whatever dream-bashing the Russians are doing to Israel it’s simply for their own interest in the region, which you already covered and that has nothing to with handcuffing Israel. Destroying Israel’s dream would have the Russians liberate the Golan, which it’s not about to do. Israel and the US are not alone to face the Russians in the region. You have the 6 GCC countries that are solidly with the US in any direction it may take and you also have Egypt, Jordan and half of Lebanon with a likewise loyalty to the US. Iran for a long time into the future would be keeping a low profile. If Russia is having a turkey shoot in Syria today, it’s through the good graces of the US. Neither the US nor Israel would be happy to see ISIS taking control of Syria.

    But I agree with your overall assessment.

    • “Iran for a long time into the future would be keeping a low profile.”

      The first stage of Iran deal took effect today.

      Someone please convince me that the goal of the Iran deal was not to weaken and ensnare Iran in order to keep it out of the mix while US, Israel, KSA took over Syria and disempowered Hezbollah.

      I’m not convinced Russia is all that amicably disposed toward Iran that Putin would sacrifice his assets for Iran, tho Suleimani is leading Irnaian forces in Syria in concert with Russian activity.

      I still do not trust US intentions wrt to Iran deal.

      SicSemperTyrannis frequently has very good analysis of Russia-Syria.

      • Walid says:

        Keeping a low profile doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing at all but rather doing things in a discreet manner as opposed to Saudia’s flagrancy in its involvement as in Syria or Yemen.

        You are probably right to distrust American intentions on Iran.

      • Walid says:

        Ileya, no argument where ISIS is coming from. The doubt is where it’s heading and lately it has become a loose cannon that’s spooking both Israel and the US especially that the US is now letting Russia have a free hand at hitting it. ISIS people have to be perplexed at the cooperation between the US and Russia to take them out.

      • ileya says:

        There is no cooperation between Russia and US on that matter. US never intended to take out ISIS. Russia in the other hand, got fed up with all sanctions and BS in Ukraine (aka Israel) supported by the allies from US/EU/UK and Putin acted ‘”politically correct” in order to solve the problems and serve the Russian’s interests in Middle East and Europe. Russia hit hard all CIA bases (aka ISIS) in Syria, which are the single most important opposition of Assad, no matter what kind of faces US and allies try to give to that opposition. US never expected that Russia will hit them directly, so this is the reason WHY in less then 4 days Russia achieved something which US have been trying to do so hard in the past 3-4 years – “destroying” ISIS. In fact Russia “shot two rabbits with a single bullet” – taking control over the oil resources in Syria, while dismantling the CIA bases and show to the world who ISIS really are. HOW ? If ,US was not behind ISIS and really wanted to disarm and take them out, they would have been join forces and cooperate with Russia right from the beginning. They didn’t. In opposite, after ISIS/CIA has been hit hard, US dropped over 50 tons of heavy ammunition, while continued bombing Syrian’s civilian infrastructure ,hoping to save whatever left from their CIA bases and slow down Russian’s military operations. So, ISIS is not a ” loose cannon that’s spooking both Israel and the US ” ,because ISIS headwaters are in Washington, therefore US only trying to save their CIA spooking asses, not really fighting with Russia, which is very regrettable and misfortune for Israel.

        Where all this heading to; if Israel get lucky and being able to target US once again – via proxy ISIS and the Muslims – than a potential military escalation between Russia and US is very likely.

      • Taxi says:

        You’re absolutely right in your assessment, ilya.

        But the days of grand armies directly facing each other in battle are over. Proxy wars are the wars of the 21st century.

      • Sami says:

        “US letting Russia have a free hand”??? Where did get that impression from? Russia outfoxed the US and gave it no chance except to squirm. And to add insult to injury, it gave Pres Assad a red carpet welcome in Moscow.

    • saturnx311 says:

      On the contrary,. the US would GLADLY see ISIS take control, of Syria, because ISIS Is a US-Israel creation. That's the only reason why Assad is being vilified in the mainstream press. They want him OUT, and the power vacuum that followed would see ISIS with the largest army on earth, move into that vacuum.
      They are a bunch of psychopaths, it's true, and have gotten out of control, but to see the oil half-refined through Turkey go to China and thus to the US is something they will not want to give up easily. Imagine how that would benefit Israel, as well.
      Fortunately Russia has been able to decimate both ISIS' strongholds in Syria, and for that they should be commended.
      But I ask one thing: What is it that gives Putin the courage to do the things he's done in the region, and appear in Public with no sense of danger to himself?

      • Watchman for Truth EndTimes says:

        Have you all heard that Donald Trump is now public enemy number 1 because he is winning hearts and minds by landslide in every state and the parasitic Zionist Bush criminal cabal are facing oppositions from awakened people? US and Israel always need new enemies. Let's pray Trump has guardian angels watching over him so he can restore America to her greatness and bring real democracy back. Israel needs to be decimated for her sins and endless criminal atrocities of Palestinians.

  3. Taxi says:

    Thanks Walid.

    Syria and Hezbollah don’t need the Russian army to liberate the Golan. The liberation operation has already begun and is in fast underground progress – locals are being trained by Hezbollah, armed by the Syrian army, supplied with intelligence on the IDF by sleeper Israeli-Druze inside the IDF.

    The best part about the Golan liberation project is that under international law, Syria has every right to retrieve it by all means necessary.

    • Walid says:

      That’s very good news, Taxi. Since 1973 and Quneitra, the Syrian regime hasn’t fired a single shot at the bad guys on the Golan. The only time it sort of came alive was on Nakba Day in 2011 but it was no thanks to the Syrians; all the action was by Palestinian refugees. Now the thieving Israelis have declared that oil was found on the Golan. Can you believe that up until last year’s PA’s instigated boycott of settlement products, Palestinians on the WB were drinking Israeli-bottled water from the Golan?

  4. seanmcbride says:

    I wonder if Russia’s recent intervention in Syria was pushback against efforts by neocons (like Victoria Nuland) to use NATO to squeeze Russia on its Western border.

    Putin may be saying, push against us from Ukraine and we’ll push against you in the Mideast, with an equal or greater measure of force. Back off.

    Israel is trapped in the middle of these power games, which were largely instigated by its neocon operatives in Washington — and whose outcome is difficult to predict.

    Regarding Greater Israel — it’s unlikely that Russia will take serious measures to prevent Israel from continuing to permanently swallow up the occupied territories. Not even Obama and Kerry are willing to take serious measures on that front.

    • Taxi says:

      “it’s unlikely that Russia will take serious measures to prevent Israel from continuing to permanently swallow up the occupied territories.”

      You’re right, Sean.

      Israel may not be able to project it’s hegemony in the region like it used to only a couple of weeks ago, but it still has the power to abuse, kill and displace Palestinians inside of the boundaries of the Holy Land. Yet it can only push so far on that front too, if it hopes to sneak-steal another chunk of the WB or Jerusalem and not have Tel Aviv businesses and lifestyles disrupted. Though outgunned, the Palestinian population is still a force to be reckoned with – I mean they have the power to disrupt Israeli lives – and that’s something that no israeli leader wants to be dealing with.

      • Walid says:

        “Israel may not be able to project it’s hegemony in the region like it used to only a couple of weeks ago, but it still has the power to abuse, kill and displace Palestinians inside of the boundaries of the Holy Land.” (Taxi)

        Did you notice how every time Israel goes on a rampage, it’s timed to coincide with another major event happening elsewhere in the world? This takes the spotlight off the horrors that Israel commits.

        Netanyahu has been doing what he proposed Israel should do while the 1989 Tiananmen Square riots were underway and the world’s attention was turned to China. At the time he was a Deputy Foreign Minister that said that the Palestinians should have been transferred out by Israel. Silverstein wrote about what Netanyahu had said:

        “… Israel should have taken advantage of the suppression of the demonstrations in China [Tiananmen Square], when the world’s attention was focused on what was happening in that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the Territories. However, to my regret, they did not support that policy that I proposed, and which I still propose should be implemented.”

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  7. Taxi

    I think you are mistaken of Russia’s motivation in Syria.

    Russian officials have made it very clear for years, and again and again, that the prime motivation for Russia, and their Chinese and BRICS partners, is to put a stop on US regime change projects, be it by color revolution, coup, terrorism or war, in countries with friendly relations to Russia or China. Lavrov packaged that usually as “we are motivated by protecting international law.” Putin was more clear at his UN speech: Coups, especially in former Soviet states, must not happen.

    To put an end to US-backed regime change projects is what Russia motivates to resist, and people in Russia are convinced, if Russia will not resist, the US-backed color revolution, coup attempt or regime change by terror will come to Moscow. If Russia cannot protect it’s friends from US-orchestrated regime changes, Russia will soon be alone in the world.

    The same motivation is true for China & lately for India, Brazil and South Africa.

    • Taxi says:

      Hello Bandolero.

      What you say is true and doesn’t contradict my assessment. In the paragraph where I give ‘first reason’ for Russian presence in Levant, I do actually mention that Russia would like to use the Mediterranean region to block any “Western creep towards its territory”. I didn’t elaborate further on this point as this theme would need a whole article to itself – and besides, it would have been too much of a sidestep away from the headline theme.

    • Tom Lowe says:

      Very true Bandolero, and Russia et al are also very concerned that Rule Of Law has been discarded in the West which can eventually have very bad consequences for all. A massive amount of war crime has been going on for quite some time now, and especially egregious since the criminal invasion of Iraq in 2003.

      • Right, Tom. Since 2003, major players in the West have been Zionist supporters and War Criminals for the Neocon cabal. BRICS has put the writing on the wall for the Criminals, and finally at last, Putin has arrived at an opportune time to restore sanity to an insane region dominated by psychopaths… chiefly American and Israeli, but also includes Cameron from the UK

    • Taxi says:


      There are over one million Israeli-Russian dual citizens living in Israel. This fact will always soften up Russia’s ‘rhetoric’ towards Israel. Besides, Putin is giving a speech at a holocaust memorial, not stating and parsing Russian middle east policy. Big difference between blind support and realpolitik.

  8. Why would a God of the Universe create “chosen peoples” with so many stars and awesome things that are far more grand and complex? Are you calling God tribal in the nature of self-aggrandising geopolitical tribes?

    • Tom Lowe says:

      Yes, these people are so chosen that they are even allowed to fool God on a regular basis. Go look up what an ‘eruv’ is and you will see what I mean. Talk about mass psychosis ….

      BTW when encountered, many aboriginal cultures including Eskimos and Japanese held longstanding traditions of considering themselves to be ‘people’ and everyone else as ‘something else’, i.e. subhuman, or ‘not people’. Psychologically, it just shows that humans have a marked tendency towards both egocentricm and ethnocentrism. Hence, when someone tells me they are the chosen ones, I yawn, because I already heard it before somewhere else, from someone else.

  9. rrr says:

    Without going into detail (which would take multiple pages), I’ve rarely read a greater bunch of utter nonsense. Just the huge contradictions involved in the basic narrative are enough to make a head explode, but of course one can not expect reflection or any sort of sane analysis from an obvious hater.

    Another site to add to the list of controlled pro-Mullah, pro-Nazi propaganda outlets.

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  11. Taxi says:

    Thank you for visiting GodSend dude but I gotta say that I really don’t relate to the “synagogue of satan” stuff at all. I find that phrasing weird. And unsettling.

    This site is a political site, not a religious one.

    The less religious jargon you post, the less likely you’ll be moderated at your next post.

    • seanmcbride says:

      On the other hand: perhaps the best way to deprogram Christian Zionists (and even Jewish religious Zionists) is with religious language and symbols — that may be the only method that reaches their minds.

      Most Christians and religious Jews are familiar with the meme (if not the detailed history) of false prophets.

    • My coming and commenting here was an “accident” (Jim Stone). FYI, reality is composed of the political (physical) as well as the spiritual. The physical is merely the tip of the iceberg! But this is your blog and you make the rules. 🙂

      • Taxi says:

        You’re welcome here Godsend and you’re welcome to enlighten us with your specialist knowledge. Just keep it nice and simple – so as to reach the many and not the few.

    • Booger says:

      Like Godsend, I came here via Jim Stone’s site, and I fully understand and agree with his comments. There are a lot more of us than you might think, and it would help rather than hinder your site to be tolerant of rhose who believe in the reality of God and spiritual influences.

    • Tom Lowe says:

      ‘Synagogue of Satan’ refers to those Jews who are not true Jews, according to some outside analysts, either because they were originally converts to Judaism from Khazaria and not Sephardic Jews from the Middle East, or because they adhere to and follow the Talmud rather than the Torah, or because they embrace zionist imperialism leading to a one-world government run by Jews (so-called Jewish Supremacism), or any combination of the above, among others.

      The now-ancient ‘weird’ and ‘unsettling’ term may have been activist religious jargon when it was supposedly coined by Jesus Christ, but by now it seems to be in use largely as cultural anthropology jargon bandied about loosely by various ‘truth seekers’ and agenda holders.

      Unfortunately, religion is a huge thorny field that is very complex to analyze together with politics and culture. Because a lot of it is irrational and because some of it is hidden from public view or knowledge, consideration of religion in a political discussion can give rise to analytical headaches.

      But with Israel, one cannot ever separate politics from religion.

    • Taxi: Most of us here hope (and some believe, while others KNOW) that Israel will get its comeuppance, one way or another, for all the ZIONIST CRIMES which its leaders have committed since 1948. While THEY seem to be getting away with murder, criminal deception (911) and everything else (including GENOCIDE of the Palestinians – especially children), if it continues, all of humanity will ultimately become their victims, not just the Palestinians, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, America, etc. Before that happens, SOMEONE (or SOME THING) is going to STOP THEM – sooner or later. I just mentioned a few possible options in my comment.

      • Taxi says:

        They’ve also committed crimes against our constitution – caused the unnecessary death of many of our soldiers in the middle east – fleeced our tax moneys while we slept.

        I’m fucking mad about all that too!

    • I’m totally with you, Taxi, in your rage and outrage concerning what THEY and their “lobotomized” (brainwashed) stooges have done (and are still doing) in Palestine, the entire ME, North Africa, America and MANY other places around the world. My WordPress blog (and other websites) are pretty clear on that:

      THEY have effectively declared WAR on us, my friend, and the time has come (actually, long PASSED) to “water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots” (Thomas Jefferson). Have you heard of the American Eagle Party and Merlin Miller? It’s still early days but it sounds promising.

      • Taxi says:

        Not heard of either the American Eagle Party nor of Merlin Miller (Is that a real name?).

        Will google after my dinner. I am here in the Levant, south Lebanon side and it’s dinner time.

  12. Maybe I am totally wrong in this scenario, but I just had a feeling months ago that if Israel invaded Syria, there would not be a long lasting media bias against them, because it’s controlled media, and the excuse would have been ‘false flag’ ISIS incursions into Israel , but maybe just maybe Russian intelligence got wind of this and decided to go into Syria quick, it was decided before September, probably from intel that there were hundreds of Israeli soldiers fighting already in Syria for months…

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks for your detections, James Curry.

      We don’t know how much sensitive intelligence goes thru Putin’s desk daily – but I’m sure plenty especially about USA and it’s allies in europe and the middle east, israel included.

      I’m pretty sure that after the Ukraine setup by USA and allies to punish Putin for saving Syria from American shock and awe over the false flag chemical weapons usage in Ghouta a couple of years back – yeah I’m sure Putin has been anticipating more evil conspiracies against him since then – but it looks like he stayed ahead of his conspirators by quiet planning then suddenly making his big Syria move two weeks ago.

  13. b.grand says:


    A quick scan of American Eagle Party leaves me very skeptical. From their platform: “Stop the Immigration Invasion – Secure OUR Borders to protect American interests and preserve our traditions and identity.”

    Are their “Paulista” libertarian views also white nationalist? The problem with political parties is that they must have platforms, and it’s hard to get consensus over a broad range of issues. Many of my friends have been sucked (and suckered, imo) into supporting Bernie, a closet R2P hawk, known in VT as “Bernie the Bomber”.

    I prefer to stick to issues. The struggle will be the same, regardless the politicians.

    • I’m skeptical, as well, about the prospects of achieving drastic reform of the corrupt political system from within – but it’s the most promising initiative (political party) I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt – until their convention next May. The alternative to the preferred political solution will be “Seven Days in May”, REVOLUTION or CIVIL WAR. In the latter cases, there will be blood – lots of it!

      The bottom line about ridding the world of the TERMINAL CANCER of Zionism and Israel, is that it will require FORCE, just like that Zionist Slimeball Harold Wallace Rosenthal said in “The Hidden Tyranny” interview. IMO, in the case of Israel, it will require ANNIHILATING, INSTANTANEOUS, NUCLEAR FORCE – so THEY can’t exercise the “Samson Option”. Within America, other types of FORCE will be sufficient, and there will be a lot of kicking and screaming – and worse. The head of the Hydra is Israel and once that’s chopped off, it will be easier to control the quivering tentacles.

      • Taxi says:

        I’m against nuking the middle east. And you would look like a silly christian if you’re advocating for nuking the holy land just so zionism is stopped. There’s gotta a better idea than your crazy one that doesn’t cause so many innocents so much suffering and loss.

        Why doesn’t your god do something about it?

      • innocappuccinno says:

        would you sacrifice the world to save the holy land? cause zionists would surely do! or given the option you would sacrifice the holy land to save the world? do you think God needs any holy land while the rest of the world is destroyed? don't you think God can retain for Himself a holy radioactive sterilized Izrael and give us the rest of the world? and it is not a holy land or Izrael or whatever land problem. let's talk about languages and cultures. do you think God needs a one language – one culture humanity? try to focus now, please! you could accept that the Babel Tower story is not about a past event, but about a future event. why am i telling these? cause i see you hurry to defend something which for God may as well be better dead.

      • Taxi says:


        You've made your god into an unpleasant psychopath who doesn't value his own creation.

        Israel is but a very small part of the middle east and the holy land is not just in israel – there are numerous 'holy' terrains scattered all over the middle east, untouched by zionism.  Point is that occupied Palestine is not the only so-called holy land.  Some people may even consider every part of planet earth and the entire solar system holy – meaning: the holy lands in historic Palestine are no different in spiritual value than any other place on earth.

        Advocates of the use of nuclear weapons (for any reason) are members of the worst death cult in the history of mankind.  The christian Dae'ish are no different than the muslim or jewish Dae'ish.  You guys are all brothers in arms.   You have no just solutions to offer because you are in fact the very core of the problem.

    • Taxi: I believe that Ezekiel 22:20 is an as-yet unfulfilled “prophecy” or promise, which explains the “gathering” of Zionists in Israel, promoted by Israeli Zionists as “The Right of Return”, also termed “Aliyah”. Many Jews are falling for this Zionist RUSE, just like many so-called “Christians” support the ROGUE State of Israel because they are told by their pastors that Israel is the homeland of God’s “Chosen People” and that Jesus was a “Jew”. He was not – He was a Judean, who called the Pharisees and Sadducees a “brood of vipers” and “Synagogue of Satan”.

      When looking for possible ways in which “MELTING” from very high temperatures can occur (in Ezekiel 22:20), there are very few options – NUKES (regardless of how they are delivered or who delivers them) are 1 of them but there are others (celestial objects impacting – primarily meteors and asteroids). This has happened in the M.E. before – forming “Desert Glass”, turned into jewelry by the Egyptians of pre-biblical times. The return of Nibiru, aka planet X, (see Bob Fletcher’s prediction on YouTube) may cause such an event SOON, as it nears our solar system on its 3,600-year orbital journey – to start visibly between Dec. 2015 or Dec. 2016 and last about 6 months. This type of an event has a biblical basis and signifies the “Day of the Lord” and END TIMES.

      I’m just voicing one possibility when I talk about NUKING Israel. It will be Yahweh’s JUDGMENT, rather than my advocacy! Yahweh’s Judgments have a history of causing significant “collateral damage”, but He typically issues a WARNING in advance, to allow those listening to Him to get out of the way. The WARNING has been issued!

      I am only a messenger, or, in biblical terms, a “trumpet blower” – somewhat similar to a whistleblower. 😉

      • Taxi says:


        I really don’t know much about the specifics of the end times etc. It kinda doesn’t interest me.

        You should know that of all the major Abrahamic prophets, only muslim Mohammad’s existence is provable. This of course does not take away from the beautiful message of ‘Jesus’. A very relevant message for all ages, really.

        I tend to give intellectual time and consideration to what is provable.

      • Cyrus is also an actual historic figure, mentioned numerous times in Old Testament but also verifiable outside the bible.
        It is actually Cyrus and his Zoroastrian ethical system that called for the temple in Jerusalem to be built.

    • OK, Taxi, a FINAL WORD: “The gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing”. The greatest truths are not intellectually provable – they require a spiritual awakening before they can be understood. Jesus said to Nicodemus: “You must be born again from Above”. Jesus exists – you will find out sooner or later. Sooner is better. 🙂 I wish you well!

      • Taxi says:

        Thank you for your good wishes, GodSend. Right back at ya.

        Despite our differences in life-understanding, you are welcome to visit and share with us your unique insights.

    • Walid says:

      “… and that Jesus was a “Jew”. He was not – He was a Judean,” (GodSend)

      What made a Judean a non-Jew? Judea came about after Israel was split into 2 parts, Samaria to the north and Judea to the south during the reign of Rehoboam because his father Solomon had misbehaved. Whether the people were called Samarians or Judeans, they were both Jews in any event. To describe Jesus geographically, you can say he was a Judean Jew. He got circumcised because he was Jew and he adhered to mostly all the Jewish laws. He was thorns-crowned by the Romans as “INRI” or ” Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum,” meaning “Jesus the Nazarene King of the Jews”.

      GodSend, for the end of time, why go by Ezekiel and not by Isaiah or the Psalms? Different endings. Mine has the lion and lamb lying together, or something like that.

    • Walid says:

      GodSend, whether you want to call them Hebrews, Judeans, Samarians or Samaritans, Galileans, Essenes, Sadducees, Pharisees, Zadokites or 500 other sects and cults, we know between ourselves we are talking about what we call “Jews” today and Jesus is in one of these varieties of Jews.

      Your article starts off with the premise that Jesus was not a Jew and goes on to discuss the 1001 reasons why he was not. He may not have been a Jew in your book but the little available history of his life has him going through all the motions of being a Jew. Circumcision, going to the temple, his reading from Isaiah to prove that he was the “one” that was expected, the ride on a donkey into Jerusalem on Passover, the Passover Seder in the upstairs room and so on and you say he wasn’t a Jew?

      • Taxi says:

        Sorry Walid, and I don’t want this thread to be about religion, but there is actually not a single piece of archaeological or otherwise evidence that confirms either the existence of Jesus, Moses or Abraham. Only the existence of the islamic prophet Mohammad can be proved.

        Just saying.

      • Somebody unliked your comment about the non-existence of Jesus, Taxi. Beats me why. You are correct. Nazareth has been shown as non-existent in the alleged time of Jesus. The writings of Josephus allegedly relating hearsay about Jesus are fake, probably the work of Eusebius, the notorious Vatican forger. Why is there no independent record of such a wondrous thing as the dead rising from their graves as many supposedly did (Matthew 27:52)? Pliny the Elder (AD 23-79) was fascinated by events such as these, yet he seems to have remained entirely ignorant of them, as did Seneca (c.4- BC-AD 65) who was also interested in unusual phenomena. Why is there no independent record of such a monstrous act as Herod’s massacre of the innocents, especially since the historian Josephus was a keen recorder of Herod’s atrocities?

        Again, why is there no record of the darkness over all the land for three hours on the day of the crucifixion (Matthew 27:45), and why no mention of the earthquake during the crucifixion or the one when the women visited Jesus’ tomb (Matthew 27:45 and 28:2)?

        As for graves opening and the dead rising and wandering around Jewrusalem… LOL. Were they naked or fully clothed? Had their flesh rotted and were only skeletons rattling around? These fables are absurd. Oh Christians, you are so gullible and so easily led. Penguins from Antarctica on the ark? LOL. Einstein was right when he called Bible stories “childish.”

      • Walid says:

        Taxi says the only real one was Muhammad. But Muhammad’s book, the Quran mentions Jesus by name on 4 or 5 occasions, with a whole chapter devoted to Mary and her virgin birth. Does that give credence to the existence of Jesus or does that make the Quran unauthentic? Can’t have both.

        BTW, the virgin birth, the coming of the messiah, the performing of miracles the crucifixion or the death and the rising of the dead after 3 days is replayed 3 or 4 times in ancient lore going back to the Assyrians with the last one just before the times of Jesus with the story of Mithra and his virgin birth that had 12 disciples, performed miracles, had a the last supper, the death and the rising after 3 days.

      • Taxi says:

        The Quran talking about Jesus and Mary does not verify their existence. The Quran talking about the jews as the “people of the book” or as being “chosen” does not verify that either – in fact it contradicts the islamic teachings where men and women would be judged in the eyes of god by their deeds and not by their birth heritages or inheritances.

        Having said all that, I do think there is nevertheless some value in the messages of Jesus and Mohamad. Abraham’s message of the ‘one god’ concept is not original to the jews so I’m a bit lost as to what unique message the so-called originator of judaism have. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

      • Walid says:

        Taxi, the Quran refers to the Jews as “the chosen” and the “preferred” or the “promised-to”; forgot the exact words. As you know the period covered by the Quran is not short and this reflected in how at times the Jews are the good guys and at other times they are the bad guys.

      • Walid says:

        The almost totality of the flock believe that the Quran was handed down in book form by Gabriel to the Prophet. It’s actually comprised of chapters recited or revealed to the prophet over time and he in time relayed them to his companions to spread them by word of mouth. The prophet was illiterate that could neither read nor write. Some of those chapters were handed down in Medina while other ones were received in Mecca. Some parts of some of the chapters were received in Mecca while some other parts of the same chapter were revealed at Medina. As soon as the prophet died, the first Caliph Abou Bakr began the collecting of the various chapters from the companions but it took 25 years after the death of the prophet in the reign of the 3rd Caliph Othman to complete compiling them all in one book form.

      • seanmcbride says:

        –biblical values (especially those found in ancient Judaism and contemporary religious Zionism)
        +capital punishment
        +collective punishment
        +ethnic cleansing
        +ethnic nationalism
        +ethnic supremacism
        +genetic dynasties
        +holy wars
        +mystical ethnic collectivism
        +mystical territorialism
        +obsessive-compulsive ritualism
        +psychopathic God

        Which is the most biblical nation in the world? — Israel (both ancient and modern).

        It’s no wonder that the European Enlightenment was in open revolt against this ideological and cultural system.

      • Mo’s time was 600 years after Christ and the first five books of the Bible are in the Koran. So the Jewish Bronze Age writings had a big effect on whoever wrote the Koran… including the Jesus myth. Mithras was a Persian god worshipped by the Romans 1000 years before Christ.

        He was like Walid said, possessed of all the same Jesus story in all its fullness and fraudulence. Other gods had the same story that was well known in those times. Egyptian gods Horus and Isis, Buddha, Krishna and more all had a virgin Mom who was impregnated by a god, who was seen as the son of god, who did miracles, healed the sick, was crucified, died, arose three days later and went to Dad in heaven.

        A well known story from several ancient traditions long before Christ… showing that the Jesus character was an invention, a conglomerate character made up from much older traditions.

        And the truth shall set you free

      • Walid says:

        Tony, a lot of what was written about the origin was picked up during the Babylonian captivity so a lot of background information was picked up from the Babylonians and Assyrians. Gilgamesh written 1500 years before Genesis has the hero Gilgamesh seeking immortality meeting up with Utnapishtim that had himself become immortal after building a ship to weather god’s wrath against mankind and the great flood that destroyed mankind and bringing aboard all his relatives and all species of animals and sending out birds to find land and finally landing atop a mountain. With a few variations such as the difference in boat shape (square vs rectangular) height (3 stories vs 6) duration f the flood (6 days vs 40 days), scouting birds (dove, swallow raven vs raven and 3 doves), the story of Utnapishtim 1500 years later became the story of Noah in Genesis. The rest is more of the same.

        Taxi, sorry sorry, you had asked to keep religion out of this thread and I forgot myself when I saw the note on Muhammad.

      • Taxi says:

        No worries, Walid. Everything you say on this is really interesting. At least you supply context and fact and not a repetitive wide-eyed theory on god.

        I actually enjoy religious stories – I just have a hard time taking them for gospel.

      • Taxi, religion shmigion. Now here is something we can all celebrate: A REAL story with grunt… And the truth might set us all free…

        The Federal Reserve Act

        by John DiNardo

        On the night of November 22, 1910, a small group of surrogates of the most powerful bankers of the World met, under the veil of utmost secrecy, at specific little-used tracks of the railway station in Hoboken, New Jersey. Each of these secret banking agents had his own private railway car with new servants who would not recognize the identity of these men. The men traveled in silence to their secret destination, the elitist resort island off the coast of Georgia named Jekyll Island. Over the next few weeks these men would perpetrate, under the orders of their masters (men such as the Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan bankers) perhaps the most colossal and devastating fraud ever inflicted upon the American People.

        This ultra-secret fraud is known as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Federal Reserve Act responded to the Public’s outcry for an end to concocted monetary crises that had robbed the entire American citizenry of much of their life’s earnings. Ironically, their response was like a physician responding to a poisoned patient by injecting massive doses of poison into the patient (of course, no physician would ever commit just such a heinous crime, known as chemotherapy).

        The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 concocted legislation, to be foisted upon the People’s Congress of the United States, that empowered and commissioned this secret cabal of World-dominant bankers to PRINT UNITED STATES CURRENCY, a usurpation of our Constitution’s explicit edict empowering ONLY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT to print and coin currency. This world banking empire used their stolen power to print, out of thin air, paper currency which, in no way represents the gold and silver reserves that authentic currency is supposed to represent. Thus, the Rothschilds, the Morgans and the Rockefellers connived the power to pick the pocket of EVERY American, from the small child buying a loaf of bread to bring home, to the father of a household, working his life away to feed, clothe and shelter his family.

        This monumental, yet secret fraud had swindled untold billions of REAL dollars from the hands of the American citizenry, from the moment of the birth of the Federal Reserve Act (sneaked through Congress on Christmas Eve, 1913) until the day when one courageous President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, determined that he shall return the United States Treasury to its rightful task of printing UNITED STATES SILVER CERTIFICATES, notes that represent REAL money, silver held in reserve by the United States Government — silver which the U.S. Government promises to pay, upon demand, to the bearer of that certificate.

        This sterling deed of rescue of America’s financial self-determination so angered the supremely powerful Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, and other ensconced banking families, that they ordered the execution of this courageous President John Kennedy who dared serve the interests of his people, the People of the United States of America.

        So virulent was the bankers’ anger, that they ordained that he shall have his brains blown out in the most public of settings — on the streets of a major American city, in an open and highly heralded motorcade, amidst throngs of his admiring people.

        And, yes, these banker assassins wanted to communicate to the world, in some cloaked manner, that they, the world’s banking emporers, were the true rulers over the American People, not this renegade president, whose job it was to take orders from his masters lurking behind the curtain of the world’s stage.

        So these banker assassins DELIBERATELY left their calling card, not at the scene of their atrocity, but at the TIME of their atrocity: that time was their calling card: NOVEMBER 22nd, the anniversary of the conception of their evil Federal Reserve Act — November 22nd, 1910, the night when their emissaries began their secret journey from that lonely railway station in Hoboken, New Jersey to Jekyll Island, Georgia, the womb which was to hatch a most ghastly, fearsome and ravenous monster, THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, the Federal Reserve Act.

        I have just discovered this calling card, and I wanted to tell everyone who might listen, that here is a substantial clue to the identity of the murderers of President John F. Kennedy. The secret societies comprising the world’s ruling elite are deeply into numerology.

        With this understanding, it certainly seems too much of a random coincidence that the murder of President Kennedy occurred only a few months after he struck a blow at the Federal Reserve banking cabal by issuing United States currency notes, and, compounding the coincidence to a highly dubious degree is the symbolic fact that the Federal Reserve’s day of conception is the same as the day of destruction of the president who attempted to destroy the Federal Reserve: November 22nd.

        Buy or borrow the book from your librarian (through your library’s inter-library loan network), THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, by G. Edward Griffin, and learn the whole appalling story of the Federal Reserve System which, at this moment, is bringing you and all Americans to the imminent loss of most of your life’s savings through a great financial collapse, just on the horizon of the looming Twenty-First Century.


      • Chu says:

        Moses grew up in the Egyptian court and had access to all of
        the vast libraries, and thus incorporated the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh (the flood/ark). Many good tales are borrowed among tribes/cultures.

        But many religious zealots make it verboten to speak of these borrowed tales being incorporated into their religious beliefs. It makes them uncomfortable because it psychologically undermines their beliefs that their religion is more pure, more true than other religions.

        The Gilgamesh Flood [7th century BCE]

        ‘O man of Shuruppak, son of Ubartutu:
        Tear down the house and build a boat!
        Abandon wealth and seek living beings!
        Spurn possessions and keep alive living beings!
        Make all living beings go up into the boat.
        The boat which you are to build,
        its dimensions must measure equal to each other:
        its length must correspond to its width.’

      • Walid says:

        The Epic of Gilgamesh also talks about the cedar forest; can’t help think that it’s about the 40 meters-high cedars of Lebanon that were very abundant back then and remained so until Solomon’s men came, cut down many of the cedars and shipped them to Jerusalem to build Solomon’s temple. So the history of theft of natural resources goes back to almost 1000 BC.

      • Whoa, Chu. Moses was never in Egypt. It’s yet another Jewish lie. Neither were a large bunch of Jewish slaves, and Egypt says they have no record anywhere of any Jew slaves. That story is more BS the Jews made up to give themselves some sort of hero history when they had none. Moses was in Yemen, where he did free a small bunch of Jew sslaves… and took them back to the Promised Land. That small potatoes adventure was superimposed onto Egypt to take advantage of the amazing scenery and the sophisticated culture of Egypt… whereas Yemen was the pits.

      • Taxi says:

        Be it in Egypt or in Yemen, both stories might as well have flying unicorns in them.

        But hey, I’m open to being wrong about this. After all, I wasn’t personally around wandering the Arabian desert back then to know anything for sure about Moses. And, mindful here that, so far, no archaeological evidence has been found to prove a Moses in either story actually existed in the first place.

        I wouldn’t bet my farm on either story – without irrefutable evidence available, that is.

      • OK, all we can be sure is that the Bible is full of lies, contradictions, distortions, exaggerations (900-year-old men lol]
        myths, fairy tales and .. more lies. Jewish lies. Fast forward and we see that Jewish lies are still very much the fashion… note the USS Liberty atrocity [where at last I finally see that even some Jews are telling the truth about that 1967 atrocity], the Holocaust, and 911. Now I just posted that … interesting article concerning yet more Jewish subterfuge and evil… concerning the Fed. With Nov 22 coming up soon, I believe JFK should be finally seriously honored by exposing the true criminals behind his murder, as well as the swine who deliberately covered up the truth for so long. BTW, if going after the truth makes me an ‘anti-Semite’, then so be it.

      • Walid says:

        “…Neither were a large bunch of Jewish slaves, and Egypt says they have no record anywhere of any Jew slaves. .”

        Tony, God had told Abraham that his people would be slaves for 400 years and as with the rest of the prophecies, they had to be fulfilled in any which way, so the story went on to say that there were slaves. The show had to go on. The story of Jesus went through the same acrobatics with the prophecies of Isaiah. So the story of Jesus started somewhat with the prophecy- end of the Messiah entering Jerusalem for Passover on the back of donkey and reworked backwards towards the mysterious birth and other details that were filled in.

      • Walid, God told nobody nuthin. Yahweh apparently had a lot to say a long time ago but ain’t said a goddamn thing fer 2000 years lol. As for ‘prophecies’ probably all of those in the Bible were manipulated and deceptively engineered [many after the fact] to make it look like they miraculously ‘came true.’ Deception was a big tool used for tinkering with gullible minds in them days… just as it is today. Note the Mossad call to arms: Wage War By Deception

      • Walid says:

        Tony, no argument from me on that; I’m just going along with the play and what’s written in it. I don’t necessarily agree or believe in what’s been written. I skimmed the issue in my description of the compilation of the Quran that so many believe are the actual words of God. The Gospels were written between 50 to 80 or 90 years after the reported death of Jesus and I’m using the word “written” loosely since every piece of recorded information had to be transcribed by copyists and these were known to make a change here and a change there to make the story blend with their beliefs or how they felt the story should read, until Guttenberg 1400 years later. The foundations of the Abrahamic faiths are not on solid ground.

      • al says:

        I thought that Jesus was referred to in Roman dispatches to Rome. Or in some way, his existence was recorded by the Romans.

      • Walid says:


        "I thought that Jesus was referred to in Roman dispatches to Rome. Or in some way, his existence was recorded by the Romans. " (al)

        Al, you are probably thinking of the 90AD writings of the Roman-Jewish historian Flavius Josephus that wrote of Jesus as well as of Jesus' brother "James"




    • Walid says:

      “… I don’t want this thread to be about religion” (Taxi)

      OK, Taxi, if GodSend wishes to continue the discussion we can take it to the Pow Wow. I find discussions on the myths and folklore of all religions more interesting than discussing the evils of Zionism.

      BTW, the prophet was for real but not to forget that he had Christian and Jewish wives that may have passed on info about their religion to him.

      • Taxi says:

        Oh he was real alright – but that doesn’t mean he was right about everything – like for instance believing in the ‘chosen people’ and all that. I mean he was right to absorb some of the meaningful messages of the religious myths of the time, but not to legitimize them as reality. In a sense, as far as factual history is concerned, Muhammad is the only Semitic prophet that existed. But yes, best take the god discussion to the Pow Wow thread. Thank you.

      • seanmcbride says:

        Six speculations on religion:

        1. Religions are human inventions which express the personality and character of their inventors and followers.

        2. Religions are instruments of hypnotic mass mind control which serve the interests of self-appointed priesthoods.

        3. The core meme of all Abrahamic ideologies is totalitarian world domination by a self-elected chosen people.

        4. Religion is a cover for the will to power.

        5. The "God" heard by religious leaders is an expression of their unconscious subpersonalities — literally psychotic voices in their heads.

        6. All religious conflicts devolve into fanatical ego games — my God is better than your God; my culture is better than your culture.


      • Taxi says:

        Pagan religions are no different, as far as I’m concerned. Look at all the violence of the pagan religions pre Abrahamism.

        But just to note here also on point #5:- some “voices” are sedate, benign and inspired. Not necessarily malicious as the term “psychotic” denotes. The source of these voices remains unknown, scientifically speaking. Trance and “channeling” are very curious and complex phenomenon.

      • seanmcbride says:


        All human-created ideologies, both religious and secular, tend to be instruments of power and social control, designed for the benefit of their creators, leaders and followers.

        Apocalyptic and genocidal violence looms large in Abrahamic ideologies — along with visions of world domination.

        Regarding hearing voices — see (book=Julian Haynes; The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind):

        Not all "channeling" is bad — arguably all great works of art and civilization are the product of tuning into "gods" and "muses" — of achieving transcendent states of consciousness.

      • Taxi says:

        Interesting book reference – thanks Sean.

        And regarding the benefits of “channeling” to mankind – yes, immense. In fact, this most mysterious ability is what distinguishes us from other animals. Some express their channeling through sharing spiritual communion, others through art – and we’re not talking puerile art here, but deep, timeless art.

        I’ll add here that any activity that is seeded in inspiration has a ‘channeling’ about it. This includes philosophy, science and quick-witted survivalism (the old adage: desperation is the mother of invention).

      • seanmcbride says:

        Regarding psychosis: Google [bible psychotic god]. Many observers have noted the – ah– psychological peculiarities of the Old Testament God. The personality traits of that deity may say a great deal about the minds that imagined and conceived it.


      • Taxi says:

        Thanks for doing the legwork, Tony.

        Not a single indisputable archaeological object related to Jesus has ever been found, despite the trillions of dollars invested in finding a single speck of proof.

        Not trying to be cynical about Jesus here because I do actually very much value the message attached to the myth.

      • Walid says:

        Tony, in short, to deny the existence of Jesus is to deny the veracity of the Noble Quran wherein Jesus is mentioned 59 times in name (Issa) or in reference such as "the Messiah" or "Son of Maryam” with a whole chapter (Maryam) devoted to the Annunciation and to the virgin birth of Jesus. The Prophet Muhammad, also known as Ahmad is mentioned 70 times. Maryam is the only woman to be mentioned by name at 24 times The winner with the most "mentions" in the Quran is Moses (Musa) at 136 times.

      • Tony King says:

        There is a  very good reason why no evidence of Jesus' existence has ever been found [and is not likely ever to be found], and that reason is he never existed.  Christians will continue to scheme and work their asses off to try to find or invent something to prove their godman was real.  Taxi, this means the stuff Unca Jeebs is alleged to have said is also a lie.  Not surprising is it, as Jews lie their balls off in their Bible.  As for LOVE YOUR ENEMY, what an idiot thing to have him saying such crap when the hated Romans were right there in everyone's face… As for RENDER UNTO CAESAR THAT WHICH IS CAESAR'S… that was clearly advice to pay ur goddamm ROMAN taxes… which is suspicious, making Jeebus a Roman plant designed solely to quieten rebellious Jews

      • Walid says:

        "Josephus Writings fake…" ( Tony)

        Some of his writings such as the "testimonium" appear to have been doctored by Flavius, Eusebius and a few hundred scribes along the way but this fake issue pertains to acts by Jesus and not to whether or not he actually existed. You are mixing the two. The stories of Jesus we read today were actually put in hand-written form about 50 years after his death with some of them even later. No doubt some doctoring by the scribes or church fathers happened along the way. Interpolations happened in all the Abrahamic religions so why the picking on Jesus only?

      • Taxi says:

        Trust a Muslim to defend Jesus – heh. Thanks Walid.

        Tampering with alleged evidence certainly does not help the case for Jesus. If only there was an actual archaeological piece of evidence…

        What do you think of the propositions in these links here, Walid:
        Story of Jesus Christ was ‘fabricated to pacify the poor’, claims controversial Biblical scholar | Home News | News | The Independent

        And this here for your full academic inspection, if you are so inclined:
        Full text of “Caesar’s Messiah The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus”

        For the record, I personally do not believe or disbelieve in the existence of Jesus – the jury is still out for me on this one – and until undeniable evidence is presented, I remain on the fence. I personally can’t in all honesty (with full intellectual integrity intact) support the existence of something/someone without proof. Faith and all that does not come easy to me.

      • Walid says:

        "What do you think of the propositions in these links here, " (Taxi)

        I think that Joseph Atwill's concept of the Romans having created the Jesus movement to appease the restless natives and save their empire is far fetched. 2 billion Christians in the world wouldn't agree with him either. How was it 400 tears later when their empire really started to crumble that the Romans did not come up with another Jesus-type plot to save it? The first of three wars between Jewish rebels and the Romans happened 30 years after Jesus died. The Jesus story, as recounted, had Jesus acting out various prophecies starting out with the virgin birth, being the son of God, to his entering Jerusalem for Passover riding a donkey and so on as foretold that the messiah would do 700 years earlier by the prophet Isaiah and a dozen other prophets. The actual story is about the crucifixion and resurrection and from these 2 important ending eevents, the story flashed back to the start with the virgin birth, the visit by the magi bearing gifts, the flight to Egypt  and a story  that culminated with the resurrection, which is what this is all about. It's doubtful the Romans made up the whole thing as Atwill is saying. You can say that Jesus capitalized on all these prophecies, but you can't say he did not exist…

      • Taxi says:


        I always regret making comments about religion because I really am not an expert and my interest is so very limited in this regard. I’ve only read a few pages from the study that I linked so I really am in no position to make comment with any certainty. But I will say that I can go along with the idea that the Romans would want to hatch a plot to ‘distract’ a rebelling contingency of the population – absolutely they would do that.

      • Tony King says:

        Dear Walid, your beloved Koran is heavily influenced [70%] by Hebrew and Christian writings.  It first appeared in full 200 years after the death of Mo in 632AD, and Mo was illiterate, so wrote it?  And I see mosques did not face Mecca until 350 years after Mo died.  Mosques actually faced Petra, the true home of Arab culture.  Just because Jesus was mentioned in the Koran, means nothing… just as the mention of Jesus in the Bible and what he was alleged to have said, also means nothing.  More to the point is this image I brought.  I see there are 108 other verses like this one.  This is a disgrace and is the main reason I am against this religion [and all others] in particular, as well as the inhuman Sharia laws     

      • Taxi says:


        Using islamophobic expressions and pictures does not an argument win at Plato's.  In fact, it looses you respect and intellectual gravitas.

        The prophet Mohammad (who did actually exist) referred to himself as "the messenger of god".  This means he was passing on messages that apparently were coming thru to him, regardless of his illiteracy.  In today's speak, we would call that 'channeling'.  The prophet Mohammad was channeling the archangel Gabriel.

        And just because there is no proof of Jesus's existence does not mean he did not exist – could be that we just haven't found the evidence yet.  You're basing your absolute judgement on an inconclusive research. Scientifically speaking, we simply do not yet know if he existed or not and archaeology digs continue in this regard.  This is the logical conclusion that, at least, I personally deduce.

        To insist on the non-existence is no different than to insist on the existence.

        The rest of your comment, I will leave it to Walid, whom I think knows the Koran better than you and me put together, to comment on.  But even I, who knows so little about the Koran, I can see that some of your statements are either wrong or fully taken out of context.

        It's all very well not to believe or like the Abrahamic religions – but there's no need to go bashy-bashy with a club on people who choose to follow any of these religions.

        These ‘prophet’ veracity issues may never become resolved in our lifetime – so why bother becoming extremist about them?

      • Tony King says:

        Yes, Walid, I deny the veracity of the noble koran, just as I deny the veracity of the unholy Bible – which is full of silly contradictions and stupendous lies… and has been edited 14,800 times lol.  As for the existence of Jesus, our own Uncommon Sense speaks loud and clear, as it surely does here in this poster I brought along.  Just put down your Bible for a minute… and behold… Dionysius.  PS Taxi, if Dion don't get you, nuthin will. And Dionysus was worshipped in Greece 1500 years before Christ…  

      • Taxi says:

        I once bit Dionysius on the calf and I haven’t seen him since.

        There are almost as many false gods as there are humans living.

      • Walid says:

        Tony, I answered you and Taxi yesterday but my post seems to have gone straight to Taxi’s junk posts. The Christian and Jewish influence is much more than 70% and most probably picked up from the prophet’s wives of which one was a Christian and one was a Jew, but your knowledge of Islam is sketchy; if you want to disparage this religion, you could at least read more about it than some dramatic quips like the one you posted. This and the many others like it in the Koran are mild in comparison to bits and  pieces in the historical Judaic writings about wiping out whole people beginning by raping all their women and stealing their livestock.

        A more comprehensive reading of the Koran would help you understand that the relationship between Moslems and non-Moslems had its ups and downs, especially the Jews. There are other passages in Koran that refer to them as God’s chosen people and directs the faithful to do as the Jews did by observing a Sabbath, fasting and celebrating Jewish holy days like the deliverance of Passover and Yom Kippur (that they called Ashura from Asor or tenth), praying twice daily like the Jews while facing the Jewish holy city of Jerusalem. After the first 16 years, the Jews refused to acknowledge Muhammad as their long-awaited leader and between that and some business dealings between them that had soured; the Moslems started distancing themselves from the Jews starting with the daily prayers that were raised to 5 and the shifting of the direction from Jerusalem to Mecca. As time went by, the Jews returned to being good guys and had to be respected since they were “People of the Book”. The annual reflective and atonement Ashura is still celebrated by Sunni Moslems in some parts of the world like Pakistan and elsewhere. Fasting was raised to a full month of Ramadan.

        As to the compilation of the Koran, this was done about 40 years after the death of the prophet and was taken from separate parts of what became the Koran received by him orally since he was illiterate from the archangel and recited to his followers that transcribed them on parchment and camel skins. What’s dubious is that like the compilation of the New Testament it was decided which parts would be accepted in the final compilation and which would be simply discarded.

    • Taxi: (one more free ride for the road)

      “We hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      Some truths are self-evident (requiring no further proof). The value and incontestability of “proof” and “evidence”, even primary, are greatly exaggerated and rest mostly in the brain of the proclaim-er. To believe in “proof” is just an act of faith! When Saul (Paul) had an epiphany on the road to Damascus, he didn’t ask God for “proof” of anything. His subsequent, amazing life was based on that epiphany. Just sayin……. 😉

      • Taxi says:

        Thank you GodSEnd. Nice tone of story.

        I personally don’t understand ‘belief’. And you do plenty. This is were we part ways. But remain friends, I hope.

        If you go to the ‘Pow Wow’ article, posted up today on the homepage, you can start a religious conversation there with Walid. That thread is like an open mic night – anyone can talk about anything they fancy.

    • Danaa says:

      Interjecting – personally I find periodic dwellings on the eternal “who is a jew” question simply not “fashion forward”. Kind of like last year’s fashion that some, out of their own internal pressings, insist on wearing. Adding insult to injury the dated wear may be accessorized with this year’s trapping, claiming it’s now been “updated”>

      Anyways, I always prefer to use fashion as my guide to the perplexed in the land of the morally/spiritually confounded. IT’s especially funny when i get “invites” to the latest “red carpet” event, only to gawk at spiritual cause/new age celebres pose in hot pants followed by a chiffon trall, claimg it to be the “latest” in gown fashion.

  14. Serf says:

    Israel created, supported and led the US enforced war zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and other countries surrounding Israel in the Middle East to allow Israel to fulfil the Greater Israel plan such as that proposed by Oded Yinon that’s aimed at fulfilling Talmudic prophecy for the chosen ones of the Talmud whose origins lie in Khazaria in Central Europe and not ancient or modern Palestine or even ancient Judaea. The Ashkenazi are not Semitic, however Palestinians and Arabs are Semitic.

    Israel wants to replicate what it has done in Palestine against Palestinians to other countries and peoples in the Middle East to expand its territory, assets and eventually assert global supremacy. In other words Israel wishes to ethnically cleanse the region of Arabs, Muslims and Christians to prevent any and all opposition to Israel.

    The Zionist’s have a backup plan to create new a Israel in Patagonia in South America should their plans for Greater Israel in the Middle East fail and will probably also demand the natural resources both inside and outside of Patagonia possibly asking Britain to handover the Falkland/Malvinas Islands to Israeli ownership along with territorial rights to British Antarctica along with all oil, natural gas, coal, mineral, fish in, water and airspace.

    There’s also been a massive increase in support of far right groups in Europe and US who do not support mass migration of muslims and people of dark skin from the Middle East and African war zones inflicted by illegal military action by US, UK and Israeli weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately for many people in Europe and US the far left Socialist (Marxist) and far right Fascist (Neo Nazi) groups are both controlled by the same Zionists who then co-ordinate a staged campaign against each other. The Zionists are using the same old imperialist techniques of division and conquest.

    The Zionists always give themselves away because in both far left and far right groups the Zionists always dismiss, downplay, belittle, challenge and destroy any internal opposition to Israel, Israeli apartheid, Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity especially against Palestine and Palestinians by chanting Anti-Semite even though the majority of Israeli’s are not Semites or a Semitic people. The demonstrations clearly show this by waving Israeli flags at far right demonstrations and Palestinian flags at far left demonstrations that are in the main organised by Zionists seeking to protect Israel.

    Zionists blame often Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and National Socialism for the creation of Israel even though the Idea of a Jewish homeland was discussed as early as 1896 by Theodore Herzl and again with the Balfour Treaty created by Lord Rothschild and agreed by British government in 1917 to create Israel over the long established pre-existing country called Palestine. Many people around the worlds including many non Zionist Jews were and are opposed to the creation of a Jewish homeland like Israel because it destroyed an existing nation state and displaced an indigenous and existing Palestinian Arab population whose genealogy can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Palestine and ancient Judaea.

    A good test for any socialist or far left supporter that supports Israel supremacy is to tell them they must admit, accept and house their fair share (as a percentage of the Jewish population) black and brown skinned Muslim migrants and refugees from Middle East and Africa into their (sometimes gated and sometimes wealthy) Jewish communities before they are allowed to impose the policy of enforced mass migration and refugees on others (mostly white Christian communities).

    The reaction of the far left to this proposal will be one of utter horror because the Zionists will be exposed in the nefarious plans. The Zionists want to neutralise the threat of the ‘white race’ by forced assimilation by mass migration of dark skinned and Muslim peoples but absolutely refuse to allow the Jewish bloodlines and communities to be tainted by those deemed outsiders (mostly non Ashkenazi Jewish). The policy of Israeli ethnic centred policies can be witnessed in Israel where Ashkenazi Jews are the highest caste and Palestinian Arabs are the lowest caste.

    • Taxi: Apparently, my reply to Serf is beyond your comprehension – at least for now. You have NO IDEA how deep the rabbit hole goes, but you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on above ground in the Middle East, as indicated by your article. This concludes my short visit here but if and when the time comes and YOU’RE READY TO GO DEEPER, you and others here will know where to find the rabbit hole. 😉

      • Taxi says:

        The only rabbit hole that I’m aware of is located inside the human brain. Individually. It behooves any evolved homo sapien to climb out of the rabbit hole and face the irrepressible reality: no god is around to help nobody. This does not negate the notion or presence of a supra intelligence that’s way beyond human comprehension.

        I don’t need to follow a religion to know that doing good feels better than doing bad so therefore I will do good.

        And I don’t need religion to direct me to where the depth of my soul lies either.

        The idea of living in the 21st century is for the masses to individually find a way to discard belief systems based on myths and superstitions – myths and superstitions lead to unnecessary wars. If we’re going to get closer to a “spiritual” understanding of the creator of life, we gotta start using our brains as instruments of logic. Logic = truth = reality. There is no other way to eventually reach the substance of the creator except through the path of realism.

      • Booger says:

        Yes, GodSend, and Taxi’s reply illustrates your point perfectly. Does a good job of connecting the dots on the surface, but won’t be going any deeper to where the roots connect and make sense of things that, otherwise, make little sense at all.

        I see that another visitor came here from Jim Stone’s site too, and included the link. Which I forgot to do, so here it is again: I highly recommend it, and agree with his analysis of Fukushima. These people are evil beyond belief, hence the Synagogue of Satan moniker. That is really who they are. Call them the descendants of reptilian ETs from the constellation Draco, or a hybrid race of psychopaths, if that sounds more scientifically pleasing.

        But once you start exploring the rabbit hole, things start to really make sense, in a marvelous way that can only be comprehended by trying it for yourself. If someone else tries to describe it, you won’t believe it. It’s like taking the Red Pill, you have to do it for yourself. No one can force you to see what you choose not to see.

  15. american200 says:

    Great analysis and article Taxi! Yahoo!

    And I think this supports the take on Israel’s worry and hysterics:…..the US is clearly not challenging Russia in Syria……much to Israel’s ire. lol

    US pilots ‘told not to react to aggressive Russian jets in Syria’

    ” US military pilots have reportedly been ordered not to respond to any provocative or aggressive actions from their Russian counterparts, as both countries fly increasingly close to each other in operations in Syria.
    US media said the American pilots have were told to proceed with standard aviation safety procedures.
    The report, by CNN, comes as Russian and US officials seek to agree a way both countries can operate safely.

    Russia has been flying airstrikes in Syria since last month
    The report said that in one instance in the last two weeks, a Russian jet flew within 500 feet of a US fighter. On another, on Thursday, a Russian aircraft came within 1,500 feet of two US aircraft.
    There was no hostile action by either side and no indication of hostile intent in these two incidents, the report said.”

  16. american200 says: “” Secure OUR Borders to protect American interests and preserve our traditions and identity.”

    I have to say b.grand that you don’t have to be a ‘white nationalist’ (i.e. a racist or Aryan nation clod) to understand or object to the way American principles, institutions and our government have been perverted out of all recognition of what the nation was and is suppose to be about by ethnic and foreign interest.

    This ethnic ‘salad bowl’ political governing/panderng instead of the ethnic ‘melting pot’ governing for the ‘common good’ is not what our founders intended—and even warned against—and the corruption we see today is the result of not heeding those warnings.

    The empire is corrupt to the core and it will not end well.

  17. rehmat1 says:

    YEW: Dogs do eat dogs sometime for supremacy.

    However, both Russia and Israel are TWINS. Soviet empire was Jewish, and many leaders of World Zionist movement like Israel’s first president Dr. Chaim Weizman was Russian Jew. Israel’s former foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman is Russian. There nearly one million Russian Jews in Israel.

    Israel and Canada, the only two anti-Assad countries have refused to slam Putin for military intervention in Syria.

    • Walid says:

      Hi Rehmat, I agree about the evil twins; just because Putin has been busting ISIS heads, people are thinking of him as a saviour of some kind. There is no Santa Claus. I also think that Russia and Israel are birds of a feather.

      Lieberman with the bouncer mentality is Moldovan that was born in 1958 in Moldova while this now independent country was still part of the USSR.

      On another subject, I’m intrigued why since a year you have been repeating that Justin Trudeau;s wife is Jewish. Her name is Sophie Grégoire, very Québécois-sounding. Her parents Estelle Blais, and Jean Grégoire, both very un-Jewish names.

    • 5 dancing shlomos says:

      israel and canada the only….
      amurderka, england, france at least
      dont confuse russia with soviet union or putin with anyone in the past.
      lieberman is something in the parasite state. what is he/was he in russia?

  18. b.grand says:

    Thanks, Taxi, for taking a stand.

    You have to wonder why GodSend proposes nuking the Holy Land. (Trying to discredit your site with craziness?) Getting noticed by ICH and other blogs has let the world in. (I can see why Gilad Atzmon doesn’t allow comments on his blog.) Good luck with this!

    • Taxi says:

      We don’t really talk about ‘god’ here – the visiting god brigade will soon enough get bored with Plato’s.

      But it is stunning how some avid christians behave and think in ways that are the polar opposite of the jesus message. Seriously creepy.

      • AusKiwi says:

        Believing the Jesus message doesn’t make me stupid about the reality of how the world is. Jesus said to be as shrewd as a snake and as innocent as a dove. Kind of like Putin, really. Hmmm, he is reputed to be a devout Christian of the Russian Orthodox variety. Could explain a lot. Any how, he has got the bear into a pickle it won’t get out of in a hurry. Afghanistan comes to mind. Neither Russia nor the US nor Russia are equipped to survive long drawn out guerilla wars in hostile territory. After the shock and awe blitzkrieg is over, the IED’s start to go off with monotonous regularity. Will be interesting to watch.

  19. robert says:

    In the interests of carbon based energy resources and transport, largely via to be constructed pipelines, from off the Israeli coast, Golan, and the rest of the entire Mid East, Russia and Israel are teamed up allies for mutual economic prosperity, and where Russian Israelis will have a large part in governing and owning Greater Israel with the most happy and appreciative approval of Russia. This is a military and political juggernaut blitzkrieg that cannot be stopped, and as Iranian regime change is very near and most favored by Israel and Russia, and all with the cooperation and approval of the USA, UK and EU. As for China and these Mid East interests, they will have zero influence or control here, other than being a carbon energy product client, but they too to soon undergo regime change.

  20. Taxi:Great article concerning the surface news.It’s much deeper,however.Think in terms of ancient bloodlines.John Rockefeller Sr. financed the overthrow of Russia.The House of Romanov.Were they all killed?If not,what would they be doing today?Acting agent is?Also,some research links for everybody.(TB-1)websearch about com/library/tableofcontents/blsearchenginetableofcontents.htm(TB-2)teacher nsrl rochester edu/phy_labs/AppendixE/AppendixE.html(TB-3)triviumeducation com/(1)veteranstoday com/2015/07/25/jesus-was-a-palestinian/(2)veteranstoday com/author/frisk/(3)veteranstoday com/2015/10/22/dying-and-rising-gods-in-the-ancient-near-east/4)veteranstoday com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/(5)ashraf62 wordpress com/ancient-egypt-knew-no-pharaohs/

    • Taxi says:

      Thank you, jonathan. I’ve actually seen some of your VT links before. I think the advent of the internet and the vast freeflow of information has set back the “khazarian” project – this has made them turn to using more vicious methods indeed.

      But like I say in my article, we are, as regards global geopolitics and the strategies of empire, in an “unknown” sphere presently. The new line-ups and the new boundaries, both geographical and behavioral are slowly emerging into view. Nothing is crystal clear though yet.


  22. Ole Olesen says:

    It was a GOOD Article ..even if I do not agree with everything .
    THANK YOU for that !
    In my view what has happened in the Near Middle East is a long term JEWISH PLAN ( why people always talk about Zionists ? There is no great difference )
    A PLAN which started in our times with the sc ARMENIAN GENOCIDE where the Jews wiped out 1.5 million Armenian, 0.5 million Assyrian , 0.5 million Aramaeic Christians as well as untold millions of GREEKS from the order to make space for themselves and remove serious competition from their Dream as formulated by ben Gurion ..

    Currently pursued with the JEWISH Destruction of the near Middle East and the JEWISH incited and sponsored MASS Emigration from the Area into EUROPE combined with continued extermination of Palaestinians

    All with the purpose ..long term .. of making space for all the Jews outside Israel from especially the USA , when that country has finally been fleeced and destroyed.
    The whole project the more ABSURD and FRIVOLIC as the current Jews overwhelmingly are NOT SEMITES any more… and have NO REAL HISTORICAL RIGHT to the Area they claim , even if they constantly speak about Anti- semitism when exposed to critique.

    WHY are they so obsessed with especially this area ?

    Because they KNOW that the owner of that Area CONTROLS the interlinking Crossroads between 3 Continents: ASIA , AFRICA and EUROPE ..
    giving unparalleled opportunity to Blackmail and PROFIT.
    In Ancient and Medieval Times the JEWS controlled the southern interlinking TRADE – Roads
    in the west through the Red Sea , Yemen, Alexandria
    in the East through the Persian Gulf, Babylon , Syrian Coast and Istanbul
    Fortunes were made on that control .

    Linking up with the Khazars partly disguised as Venetians they even took over the Eastern Trade route aka Silk Road and a JEWISH STATE existed in Crimea.for that purpose .

    …. and THAT CONTROL is their DREAM to create once more… in my opinion

    This time NOT dependant on any external Power . ( Persians , Hellenes , Romans, Arabs , Ottomans or Colonial Powers )

    It is constantly discussed WHO ARE the JEWS ?
    A Race , a Religion , a Tribe ?

    The Answer Is..simple … Jews are a TRIBE of PSYCHOPATS
    They are MENTALLY SICK
    That is what Unites these people from many corners of the World
    Which force them to without regard for anyone else
    Using whatever means possible , however diabolic
    To achieve POWER and DOMINATION over other People
    THIS .. being their SOLE DRIVING FORCE

    Their Development as Humans has been arrested

    As Psychiatrists know
    Psychopats are extremely adept in HIDING their MENTAL DEFECTS

    Equally … as Time and again has been shown


    Therefore they URGENTLY need to be PUT IN A STRAY-JACKET

    Or NEUTRALIZED by other means

    And THANKS to PUTIN and RUSSIA for that !

    I personally think above is the BEST DEFINITION
    Of what it is to be JEWISH .. so far suggested !

      • b.grand says:

        Yes, they are rare but I personally know some great ones.

        Miko Peled has devoted his life to this. Here’s one of his tweets, w/ link to video.
        Miko Peled ‏@mikopeled · 9h9 hours ago
        The solution to the problems in Palestine cannot be resolved as long as the state of Israel exists. Only an end…

        The Neturei Karta order also. You may not care for their religious rationale, but they fit your definition. Their primary demand is the peaceful dismantlement of Israel. I’m acquainted with 2 of their rabbis.

      • b.grand says:

        The distinction is meaningless as long as (most) non-Zionist Jews continue their tacit assent to Zionist policy.

        Here’s a quote-
        “in fact jewishness is racism,, zionism is just a symptom…”
        Gilad Atzmon

  23. The tide of events is against greater Israel for the moment, but announcing the end of the dream is premature. Lots can happen, short-term or long-term. I would expect some period of relative inactivity while a new big move is planned. Since 911two big, consequential victories for Israel have been the destruction of Iaq and Libya. Currently they’re stalled out on Iran and Syria, but the chaos in Syria is still a qualified win for them. A reconstituted Iraq as a Russian client, now that would be closer to changing the fundamentals.

  24. Some Russian history followed by general history.À LA MODE Not! ( /projectavalon. net/forum4/showthread.php?86225-What-if-our-recent-history-is-concealed-by-invoking-The-Dark-Age-that-never-was-dark&highlight=dark+ages ) ++ (jackheart2014 )

  25. Nina Danko says:

    Robert: you are a dumb follower of the heresy known as “Christian Zionism” which misinterprets the Bible and deceives sheeple. The ‘god’ you believe in, your “god’ is evil, genocidal maniac also known as the Satan except you are too stupid to realize it

  26. SanMan says:

    Taxi I read you were against Nuking the middle east. But iran doesnt even need to nuke Israel – all it has to do is get nukes starting shaking there sabres –and 25% of the Israelis will leave (there was a poll a few years ago), this will be the most affluent and sane zios. With capital flght and brain drain like never before Israel will go even further to the right, there economy will be in taters, there population will be too low to rule over the Pals so they will have to rule by apartheid (which will lose them even more support in the west).Eventually Finally sanctions and boycott will become a real thing, Israelis will go even more unhinged, finally going even more insane and nuking the middle east, and the region will finally be cleansed. All this happens without lifting a finger, all we have to sit back relax and pop our popcorn.

    WE ARE GETTING CLOSER NOW, Israel and Saudia Arabia are shitting bricks. Tick tock

  27. Robert Monroe, your Bible was written by Jews, for Jews and has a Jew cast of characters. Even Yahweh is a Jew god. That old book is nothing but a Jewish propaganda exercise. Stupid Christians have swallowed the Jewish fraudulence hook line and sinker. No doubt you even believe old Yahweh was a great estate agent … who gave somebody else’s land away to his Chosen Ones. Dude, time to move out of the Bronze Age into the Age of Reason.

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  30. Black gold under the Golan

    Geologists in Israel think they have found oil—in very tricky territory
    Nov 4th 2015, [paywall]

    A RIG carrying out exploratory drilling is hardly a rare sight in the Middle East; but this is no ordinary place. Israeli flags fly on it, though no other country in the world recognises Israel’s sovereignty over the area. . . .

    • hmm
      comments re the Economist article about oil in the Golan sure make things more interesting —

      An American company, Genie Energy, set up the Israeli company that is prospecting for oil in the Golan.

      It’s shale oil, so the process is fracking, which is a threat to the water table. I thought Golan was of strategic importance for its water resource (among other things)
      apparently Dick Cheney has a financial interest in Genie Energy.

      what a coincidence

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  32. slothy says:

    Moses is reputed to have lived during the reign of Ramses II.
    At that time the kingdom of Egypt was all the way up to the Levant and theHitites were all the way down to the Levant and there is a famous battle that took place between the 2 somewhere in the Levant.
    Moses and the children of Israel could have been in that area and wandered off into the Sinai desert after their anthropomorphic ‘lord’ told them to split.

    Now, why the fuck should anybody – Jews included – be submissive to Bibi/zionists in the here&now needs to be honestly debated.

    BTW Hilary recently on The Forward is a must read – perhaps a dual citizenship nominee.

    • Tony King says:

      What a lying, corrupt, bribed bitch is this Hillary Clinton.  Bold as brass, she displays her Israeli Zionist Jew billionaire backer, Saban, and says when she makes Potus she will bomb Iran for Israhell.  At the same time, another Zio billionaire, Adelson, has the GOP in the bag.  AIPAC bagged the rest.  What the fuck has happended to America?  In two decades, it has become infested and taken over by … Zionism



  33. Putin is making sure the Communist baby, Israel, is being taken care of, as evidenced by the recent Israeli bombing of Damascus, while Russia had Syria ‘locked’ down from invasive air attacks.
    Putin has also told Nuttyahoo that from Damascus South and East to Jordan will remain free of Russian interference, allowing Israel to fulfill their Eretz Israel dream.

    Putin also helped pass a law thru the Russian Duma forbidding any serious investigation of the Holocaust.

    After all these decades of Zionist lies and intrigues, haven’t you opened your eyes yet to what they can do?

  34. Tony King says:

    Another Paris terrorist attack, this one claiming more than 150 lives, with a lot injured. One question: Why is it these terrorists NEVER attack their greatest enemy: Israel?

  35. Great Uncle Satan says:

    “And we also observe that when Zionists are not willing or able to go to war, they usually endeavor to send other capable and willing nations to war on their behalf. ”

    This article predicted the events in Paris.

  36. Walid says:

    Speaking of destroying the Greater Israel Dream, a new twist of events that could prove very interesting how the US will wiggle its way out of it. A lawsuit against the American government's Treasury Dept.  by Susan Abulhawa and other Americans; in Al-Jazeera, the link includes the actual lawsuit


    US sued over donations for illegal Israeli settlements

    Lawsuit targets US Treasury Department for allowing billions in tax-exempt donations to support Israel's landgrabs.

    Ali Younes | 30 Dec 2015 Listen to this page using ReadSpeaker


    A lawsuit has been filed in a US court seeking to stop non-profit groups from sending billions of dollars worth of tax-exempt donations to support illegal Israeli settlements and the Israeli army.

    A group of American citizens filed the suit on December 21 against the US Department of Treasury, claiming about 150 non-profits have sent an estimated $280bn to Israel over the past two decades.

    The lawsuit claims the donations were "pass-throughs" and "funnels" to support the Israeli army and the illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. 

    In the US Internal Revenue Code, these organisations are identified as "501(c)(3)", and donors are given tax-exempt status and allowed to claim a tax deduction on their gift.  

    Sheldon Adelson, an American casino magnate, and several other wealthy pro-Israeli businessmen were named in the lawsuit as donors but not as defendants.

    The Treasury Department declined to comment on the suit, stating in an email to Al Jazeera: "We don't comment on pending litigation."

    Susan Abulhawa, a Palestinian-American writer and human rights activist who  put her name on the 73-page lawsuit, said it is about seeking justice for the Palestinian people."


  38. Watchman For Truth Endtimes says:

    Wow. I haven't read anything this deliciously satisfying in quite some time. Well written and imaginably fashionable and trendy. Supremacist Mighty Israel now bowing to her buckling knees to the bear of the north mother Russia after centuries of rule and domination and mass killing, profiting and criminal conspiracies to dominate the Middle East from Arab Muslim rule. Oh yes oh Israel, you have indeed coveted, killed and slandered the holy name of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. How can you have thought to go head to head with the Almighty Creator and win? In your ever despondent arrogance and greed for power, you only made the inevitable more inevitable. In the holy words of Jesus Christ, true Son of the Living God…

    Mathew 23:33 KJV

    "Ye snakes, ye generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?"

    2 Samuel 1:19 The beauty of Israel is slain upon they high places: how are the mighty fallen!

    • Tony King says:

      Jesus is a myth.  He said nuthin.  What he is alleged to have said in the Bible were words put into his mouth by lying Jews from the Iron Age.  HEARSAY, anyway.  Egyptian and even Israeli scholars agree Moses was never in Egypt and neither was a large group of Jew slaves.  More lies of which the Bible abounds.

  39. Boris M Garsky says:

    It appears that every country, but Germany, realizes the reality of a Zionist controlled world at any cost. Indeed, Israel is probably living in its end of time. Israel, much to its own manipulations and actions is now surrounded on all sides by enemies of its own making, enemies who now have combat experienced troops and modern and sophisticated weaponry. The noose is tightening. Their only hope is to secure the American nuclear stockpile by any and all means available. Then it will have its war with Russia; however, since this is a threat not only to Russia, but to the U.S, China, BRICS, etc, this will extremely difficult to effect. The mass immigration of migrants together with the murder of Scalia should awaken the people of the seriousness of the zionists. Forewarned is forearmed. Beware!


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