Three-card Monte For the American Masses

by Taxi

We’re being hustled by the evil twins again.  The government.  And the mainstream media.

They’re playing a Three-card Monte on the public to counter the unexpected developments in Syria.  A double-act conspiring to hoodwink unsuspecting citizens.  A very dangerous and albeit illegal propaganda practice – especially considering that grave matters of war and peace are at stake.

The government and the media are currently working overtime to mix black propaganda, grey propaganda and white propaganda in a poison bowl of misinformation: and they’re handing it out to the public with a glossy smile.

This gross performance is to counter verified information that our government has indeed been engaged in illegal and criminal activities in Syria.  Numerous and respected internet news outlets have for months been releasing verifiable pieces of the Syria puzzle – and by now the picture is clear:  ISIS is our creation and our new instrument of war in the Middle East.  Contrary to what the mainstream media is telling us, our Syria foreign policy is evidently not so much “confused” or “leading from behind” as it is willfully nefarious and a force of destruction, not a force of good.

By now, it’s become common knowledge that our government, in tandem with other corrupt nations and agents of chaos are behind the organization, the support and the spread of Takfiri terrorism across the Middle East – combining the worst and most gruesome terrorist attacks on mass civilian life in recorded history.  A chapter in human warfare so very despicably evil in its magnitude and conception – and it actually has our government’s ink and giant fingerprints all over it.

We are gasping at the scale of the crime.  We are pointing at the Emperor’s nudity but the government will not admit to its absolute complicity in attempting, through the exploitation of its proxy Takfiri army, to covertly holocaust the very nation of Syria, holocaust its people and its culture, its history and its internationally recognized territory.

Despite this shocking criminal exposure that more and more people are now becoming aware of, the government, instead of presently saving face and selling the Syria policy disaster to the  public as a mere ‘failed segment’ of its foreign policy, then subsequently adjusting its behavior accordingly, it is instead now sending American ground troops into Syria under the false guise of ‘war on terrorism’.  Simplified:  the USA is now sending ground troops into Syria to fight the terrorism itself is creating there.  A more ostentatiously absurd Orwellian rabbit hole has never been dug.

And all for what, exactly?!

Maniacal grandstanding before Russia and the world?  Irresponsible leadership?  Institutional ‘sore loser’ pathology?  Delaying the encroaching reality of failure so as to avoid the proverbial egg on face?  Obama’s foreign policy in the Levant so entrenched in Neoconism that the only solution for him is to keep doing the same thereby kicking the Syria can of defeat down to the next president?

We can spend a day and a night finding reasons for our government’s dishonorable behavior, but the truth is that no president – as Kumbayah as he or she may be – can actually tell the American citizenry the truth behind our foreign policy.  And the bone truth is that since the reign of President Reagan, since Perestroika, since the crowning of our singular superpowedom, our Neocons have endeavored and succeeded in umbilically tying the health of our  economy to the sales figures of our Military Industrial Complex.  In other words, our economy’s livelihood today and in the future wholly depends on us aggravating wars in faraway places so as to maintain/increase productivity and profit in the corporate Military Industrial Complex sectors.  We are therefore, for the time being and for the foreseeable future, stuck with the dominance of Neoconism in our foreign policy – the world over and not just in the Middle East.

Our military direction and intent towards Syria remains the same,  regardless of the complex obstacles and the disastrous consequences of our actions on the region.  We are clearly losing influence over Syria’s destiny, as evidenced by Russia’s sudden and aggressive arrival into Syria, and as reported plenty by world and alternative Western media, yet our government persists in its insidious attempts to illegally and by force of arms impose regime change on the Syrian people and nation.  They persist in attempting to divide up Syria into unnatural and destabilized sectarian cantons.  They persist in encouraging and enabling the  mass murder and oppression of Syrian civilians under ISIS control, who in return are under the patronage and control of our government.  They dig their heals in and persist in enforcing a policy that is as bleak as a close mass of mass graves.  They persist in wasting copious amounts of tax dollars on oils and funnels for our gargantuan killing machine overseas, instead of on the common good of the nation and its homesteads.

There is not even a whiff of the principles of democracy in what we are doing in Syria.  The fog of this insane war has been lifted and all can now see that to stop the war in Syria, America will have to stop its Neocon terrorism there.  A terrorism that at the eleventh hour has actually failed to achieve its political objectives: now that Russia has stepped in and stomped so decisively on the lit Neocon fuse.  And there is no way of re-lighting this fuse without a direct military confrontation on Syrian ground with Russia and her battle-hardened allies.  A war that is unlikely to be morally supported by the American people or by the globe at large.  A war we realistically cannot afford to fight in the first place.  A war that has no guarantees of military victory whatsoever, considering the combined might and wiliness of the enemy.  A war that is overpopulated with the ghosts of the Indochina Wars.

Governments will be governments:  we expect its agents in high places to be corrupt egoists and trained propagandists.  But the mainstream media’s ongoing complicity and anti-citizen activism must not be left obscured in the shadows.  They are hardheartedly supporting our government’s crimes in Syria by circumventing the facts and by their intentional failure to ask the hard questions that can actually save lives and save tax dollars.  They are deliberately failing to inform us, as per their claimed ethics and duty.  They are serving the malice of the Neocons instead of the good of the people.

The game of Three-card Monte is being blatantly played out on the political boulevards and not on some hidden and darkened alleyway.  The government and the media are obsessively attempting to lure and swindle the mass of citizen pedestrians in broad daylight. We are gobsmacked witnesses to a shameless political theater of the absurd.  It’s two against one, three cards (one of them bent), and an old cardboard box – and the stakes have never been higher.  The stakes could conceivably lead to rumblings of World War Three.  A world war that is very much desired by the Neocons in their gambling attempts at reversing their sinking fortunes in Syria and the Middle East at large.

It is doubtful that Obama will change direction, despite detections of his discomfort at playing a leading warmonger.  He is stepping deeper into the Syria quagmire, but ever so reluctantly, sometimes even in slo-mo.  At best, it appears that he hopes to maintain a level of engagement:  keeping a low-level of aggression in place for reasons and circumstances currently beyond his control.  The pressures on Obama by the Military Industrial Complex and by its Neocon Congress and Pentagon operatives cannot be underestimated.  The final outcome of the Syrian adventure, Obama hopes, will be left for the next president to decide and become accountable for.

There is no grace nor honor in our government today.  There is no wise and brave leader who will say:  ‘this path is wrong and the opposite is the right one’.  We must not be foolish enough to expect our government to do the right thing.  It may indeed need a circumstantial solution enforced on it from the outside.

Here, one hopes that in the election meantime, the Syrian army and its capable allies will mercilessly kill and evict our pet terrorist army from Syrian territory, and also from Iraqi territory, while a slow-moving Obama is in office and before a new over-excited president is handed the White House keys in January 2017.

There is just about enough time for the Syrian army and its allies to accomplish this.  This would be the best outcome for all concerned, including us Americans who insist on realism as a vital ingredient in all our policies, be they national or foreign.  The Three-card Monte cardboard box should be consistently kicked to the curb by good citizens, and hard-core reality should be embraced by those genuinely seeking the end of blood shed in Syria.

Evidence at hand indicates that the Neocon project in the Levant is dying a humiliating death and attempts to resuscitate it will only further disfigure the corpse.

The Syria war is unwinding and no matter our new ‘boots on the ground’, it will continue unwinding regardless.