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The Unmagnificent Seven: Naming ISIS Allies

The Mainstream Media is doing all it can to avoid addressing the obvious:  naming, dissecting and damning ISIS’s major backers and supporters.  There are no such informative and sanguine reports being penned or published by the elite media; they are instead too busy gatecrashing the funerals of the fallen, wiping errant tears and taking selfies.

As usual, wilted pathos and not sound reason is what’s being fed to the public after yet another  horrific series of terrorist attacks.

But in this advanced age of the internet and its perpetually widening information highway, this will simply not do.  Consumers of news on terrorism – which is practically most of humanity – would greatly benefit from learning the identities of the wizards behind the ISIS curtain.  The MSM is not providing this vital service – this therefore leaves the burden of mass dissemination on the thin shoulders of private citizens and their blogs.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, America, France and the UK.  The Unmagnificent Seven.

This is the duplicitous, mass-murdering mafia that is in fact behind the rise and hectic spread of ISIS and its Takfiri Hydras.  Every single terrorist act committed by ISIS terrorists was made possible by the dark generosity and political perversions of the Unmagnificent Seven.  None of these conspiratorial nations are fighting terrorism, as they claim.  They are instead willfully and covertly creating terrorism to advantage their mega global power grabs – and in the case of our government, using our tax dollars to do so, no less.  In other words, we are today unknowingly paying for our own eventual slaughter by terrorists.

Unsurprisingly, the diabolical plan has gone awry.  ISIS, a motley gang of hired sadistic executioners have turned on their paymaster’s children and a river of innocent blood has been spilled.  Worse than that, non of the Unmagnificents know how to halt their Takfiri Frankenstein as intelligence reports indicate more terrorism on soft civilian targets would continue to periodically erupt, even increase in number and scope.  Baghdad, Beirut and Paris yesterday – Washington tomorrow, ISIS is now promising.

This is a very serious problem.  Especially that our Mainstream Media is not addressing and exposing the perpetrators and enablers of ISIS who walk our global halls of power.  The MSM is not informing their readers of the crucial facts at hand – information that, if known by the masses could conceivably block any further expansion of terrorism.  Instead, the cynical MSM is blindsiding readers with much pathos and Kabukian eulogies for the victims of terrorism:  distracting and creating safe cover for the elite architects of the mayhem and destruction in the Middle East that has indeed boomeranged and brought wanton terrorism to major world cities.

Terrorism with no end.  This is what the maleficent Seven have created with their proxy army of Takfiris.  Insatiable terrorism is what they’ve literally dumped not just on the Middle East, but now on the laps of our own cities too.  Begs the question here therefore:  are the charmless leaders of these seven nations reliable candidates who can effectively address the problem of global terrorism and find an effective solution to it?  The reasonable answer to this question is a decisive ‘no’.  The Unmagnificent Seven are not the saviors of the world – rather, they are its destroyers.

By now, we surely have learned that some governments do not actually fight terrorism – ours certainly doesn’t – it spends billions of dollars on merely pretending to.  We cannot therefore realistically depend on our government’s double-agenting narcissism to protect us.  Neither can millions of other citizens in other countries, respectively.  It’s a global issue, this crisis of leadership that humanity is currently suffering from.  Our politicians and their propensity for corruption have profoundly failed us and put us all in extreme danger.  If there is real desire on the part of world citizens and peace organizations to stop global terrorism, it is imperative that they first name and hold the Unmagnificent Seven to account.  They must target them publicly and globally.   They must demand all forms of aiding and abetting of terrorists be instantly stopped by these seven respective governments.  They must insist on a total overhaul of these nations’ Middle East policies.  Without this achieved by activists first, nothing will change.

Without taking this activist path, we will live and die with terrorism – and so will our children and our children’s children.

Distinctly, a civilian’s war against terrorism is two-pronged.  A war against violent religious extremists of all flavors and color.  And a war against violent extremist politicians in power.

A paramount issue that needs driving forth is the re-establishing of a sure and solid separation between religion and state – this must be a focal point for the peace-loving collective citizenry.  The issue of separation of religion and state has been much blurred since the soaring tragedy of 9/11 and its regrettable global consequences thereafter.  War breeds terrorism and it is impossible to successfully progress the war against contemporary terrorism and against in-house warmongers without this issue being highlighted and addressed in public before our next elections.  Ideologues should be ejected from political office by conscientious voters.  Ideally, ideologues should be banned from holding political office altogether.

The pertinent point here is that no one connected to extremism or to terrorists should be handed, by us, the responsibility of protecting us and the homeland.  Any politician who is entrenched in the status quo must be viewed with eternal suspicion and vociferously, publicly vilified for their utter incompetency that’s bordering on treason.  In approximately one year, a new American president will be elected.  A new SuperPresident of the world will be projecting his or her quirky world view upon the global masses.  It is therefore incumbent upon the informed citizenry to use all resources at their disposal and spread the facts about the real source and causes of terrorism to the voting masses.  This is a much needed service for humanity that the MSM will predictably fail to provide for voters in the lead up to the next elections.  It falls on us citizen-activists therefore to educate and inform.  World War Three here is at stake, literally, and we have no other choice presently but to get organized and mobilize as of today and ahead of the elections.  Locally, nationally, globally – in actual reality and in virtual reality.  We can make a difference if enough of us participate in the shaping of the new-new world order that’s imminently upon us.

This is not just the age of terrorism, this is also the golden age of mass activism.

…  By the grace of the internet – the ultimate unificado and weapon of the people.



  1. Taxi… I had to stop halfway to comment on your breathtaking prose ….
    What powerful writing !!
    ‘Dorothy’ pulling aside the curtains to reveal the real ‘wizards’ (culprits ) of the mayhem unleashed on the hapless ME.

    Now back to reading the rest .

  2. Danaa says:

    great commentary, Taxi. To elaborate a bit, Russia has now joined you in pulling back the curtain to reveal a few of the G20 attendees colluding behind. Later, lavrov elaborated further, pointing fingers and shaming the enablers and progenitors of ISIS. enough so to cause the US to actually mount an attack on the oil carrying trucks which were visible enough to everyone around. Funny how that happened.

    Excellent two companion pieces on this subject at the Moon of Alabama today and yesterday (what? me give links? really!). I think these should be collated with your piece to give a whole.

    On the somewhat hopeful side, I’ve been seeing more and more comments from Republican types (not the MSM, just individuals) willing to process and act upon the established link of ISIS to the axis of true evil: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey Which of course barely hides the next layer behind them: US, UK, France and israel.

    Another cute cartoon I saw came from Ezra Klein’s blog – a pictorial representation of the “situation” in Syria. Simple but effective, and not un-true.

    So the realization that the golem built by the non-magnificent seven has risen upon its creators is beginning to take hold. My suggestion to everyone who is frustrated is simple – never neglect to point the role of saudi Arabia – you’ll find most of your audience receptive – right and left.

      • Walid says:

        Taxi, M of A like Meyssan can never find fault with the Syrian regime. For both, the regime has been conducting itself almost like a Mother Teresa from the very start of the conflict. So M of A pounced on the accusation against Assad’s opponents like a cat on a mouse.

      • Walid says:

        Oppressive occupation and police state over Lebanon for 20 years with the consent of the US. When the civil war ended and there was no longer any “need” to maintain its presence there, it joined the “Desert Storm” coalition in exchange for massive write-offs of loans owed to the US and an extension on its term to remain in Lebanon. I used the term police state and you can take it from there. It was 10 years later that the US decided that Syria had to leave Lebanon and this happened only after the assassination of Hariri when mostly all of Lebanon clamored for Syria to go home.

        As to more recent developments, the regime promised to make substantial changes to the constitution to give the people more breathing room (only the Baath Party was authorized to field candidates in general elections for Parliament). The real changes to the constitution never happened and the insurgency that was just starting turned in a full revolution. I’d say had the regime been honest with the promised changes, things wouldn’t have reached the levels they’re at today. Keep in mind that around that time, Syria was a participant in the American “renditions” program. That should also tell you something. What started out as unrest in the country has turned out into an all out war with dozens of countries participating in it.

      • Taxi says:

        Thanks for sharing, Walid.

        The Lebanon angle is understandable – the Syrian army was invited into Lebanon during their civil war and they over-stayed their welcome.

        But I think the timeline of your Syria democratizing is a tad off. When the protests began, Bashar did in fact offer constitutional changes and political dialogue but the so-called ‘opposition’ refused absolutely to have any dealings with him – thwarting all his efforts and offers and adamantly insisting that he must absolutely go. In the meantime, ISIS was being allowed to flood Syria through Turkish and Jordanian borders… It was all a setup, Walid: the Syrian protests under the guise of the ‘Arab Spring’.

        I don’t believe Bashar was given any chance to make the changes that would lead to a democratization of Syria – which is not an easy task, very complex as so many Syrian minorities would need guarantees and assurances for their security etc. And I actually think that Bashar is democratically inclined – he prefers democracy – but he needs to secure the country first. What I mean to say is that he ‘gets’ democracy and is not averse to it the way the House of Saud is, for example.

      • Walid says:

        I have no beef with Bashar, Taxi, I think he’s actually a nice guy, a London-trained ophthalmologist, which is a far cry from a military man. He was practically drafted into this role of leader when his father died in 2000 2 years before the father died, Bashar was recalled from London to join the military academy. The one that had been trained to replace the father was the oldest and very militaristic brother of Bashar, Bassel al-Assad who died in a car accident in 1994 at age 31. His other older brother Maher, commander of the Republican Guard was passed in favour of Bashar because of his hot temper.. The unpleasant side of Syria is due to the regime that controls everything and it’s comprised of Alawites and Sunni powerful people unwilling to relinquish any power to the people. Although the new constitution permitted non-Baathists to join the race for parliamentary seats, the opposition had been so browbeaten over the years that they didn’t know where to start in organizing a political campaign, and this resulted with the Baathist taking mostly all seats anyway, as if nothing had changed. .

      • northcascadian says:

        It is true that Assad willingly collaborated with the evil 7 just as Saddam of Iraq did.
        It is also true that the army holding off the evil seven in Syria is a volunteer army led by Assad. Contrast his longevity vs. Qaddafi and Morsi; this leads me to suspect that Assad is connecting with the people on some real level, enough that people are willing to fight and die rather than risk the alternative. On the recent Paris/Gladio operation: I think the notion of “blow back” is part of the psy-op. The “blow back” notion forces people to suspend judgement on multiple levels. First, the historical record of “terrorist” attacks is overwhelming shown to be sponsored by dark state/occult secret services with Talmudic overspin that sees the vast majority of humans as “Goyim” and of absolutely no real “value” and slaughtering them is of no notice. Second, a brief thought experiment shows that the “targets” make no sense at all, if the actors behind them actually represented a competing ideology to the evil seven, different targets would have a substantially different political effect arguably targets could be selected that would actually harm the evil 7. The Goy across the planet are the target, there is no functional difference between them. My new phrase we are all Amalekites.

      • Danaa says:

        Walid, your critique of MoA’s views of Assad are unfair. I have been reading MoA daily for quite some time now, and no point has MoA bestowed sainthood upon Assad or anything of the like. Rather, benard highlights the rather heroic stand of Assad against them who have been thriving to destroy Syria for nearly a decade now (going back at least to that 2006 paper brought to light by Wikileaks). Assad and the much maligned ba’athists – and many many aligned Sunnis and Christians – mounted near heroic efforts to resist the destruction of their country brought about by a collusion of the hideous Saudi Arabian barbarian state with that torrid little crime syndicate known as Qatar (where slave workers are building stadiums to the hubris and greed of the West as we speak) and the wanna-be sultan Erdogan’s Turkey, all propped up and supported by the US and minions. That the Syrian Army’s efforts deserve praise over the past 3 years is indeed beyond dispute. Compare them to the hapless Lebanese Army or the similarly hapless Iraqi army or, even to the ne’er-do-well American army. Under-equipped, undermanned, and unsupported by the rest of the spineless, greedy-to-take Saudi-money of the Arab countries’ “leadership” (sure, let’s find a leader, shall we?) they stood alone against the the evil empire and the hordes of foreign barbarian Islamists unleashed upon it. That is something that, frankly, we have seen no Arab army do for, how long? centuries?

        Re those constitutional changes that were not implemented fast enough for your taste: have any “constitutional” changes been implemented in any Arab country at any speed at all? as to oppression – can Assad hold a candle to the barbarism and oppression of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the rest of the Golf turd-states? or to Jordan?

        So criticism has to be in context, including critiques of Assad’s government, high army and their military efforts to beat back the invasion and destruction visited upon them by forces outside their country – in collusion with extreme islamists elements within, who never liked the secular state in the first place. This, in a way, is a last stand for Arabs in general. The first time we have seen them actually showing up militarily with the flexibility and fortitude required to survive the onslaught, if not thrive. I assure you, israel is quite worried about the capabilities being developed on that side of the Golan, which is why they do anything and everything to hobble Assad (no matter the PR and denials).

        Oh, and one last thing – speaking of leadership, I am personally impressed by Nasrallah, among Arab leaders. His speeches, while interminably long, are full of truths we never ever hear on the western side of the civilizational fence. May be he is the true leader of Lebanon?

      • Taxi says:

        I second Danaa’s praise of the valor of the Syrian Arab Army – their heroic endurance – how they battled against a vast and vicious international conspiracy intent on destroying the historic people of Syria, their history and their modern nation.

      • seanmcbride says:


        Kudos for attempting to pursue some reasonable disagreements. 🙂 (the lifeblood of any forum that is alive and kicking)

      • Walid says:

        Danaa, from the start whether on MoA or elsewhere, I made no mention of Assad other than to shower him with compliments. My criticism whether concerning Syria or Lebanon were about the regime that’s comprised of Alawites and powerful Sunni businessmen that are calling the shots in Syria that are the actual regime, and not Assad himself.

        As to other Arab countries with or without slave labour, powerful or impotent armies and the rest, this is a completely different topic.

        Can you point me to one thread in which Syria is criticized by Bernard?

      • Walid says:

        “I second Danaa’s praise of the valor of the Syrian Arab Army” (Taxi)

        Who’s knocking the Syrian Army, Taxi? Of course it’s doing a great job kicking takfiri ass, there’s no doubt. The average monthly salary of a Syrian soldier is between $53 and $111. In June this year they got a $37/month salary raise. That’s little money for so much soldiering.

      • Walid says:

        “I am personally impressed by Nasrallah, among Arab leaders.” (Danaa)

        I’m also very impressed by the man. There was time when he’d be on TV once every 12 or 18 months and his words then were very precious. But lately, he’s on TV every 10 days or so and the mystique that was there for me in waiting months to hear him talk is slowly waning. Nonetheless, people still listen religiously to him (as I do but not as religiously) for some spectacular announcement or other he may make in one of his speeches. He’s surely the most trusted Lebanese political leader because he doesn’t ever lie about anything. He’s actually more than just a leader, these days he’s the savior of the country. It’s thanks to him and his fighters in Syria that the takfiris haven’t overran Lebanon yet. Hundreds of heroic Hizbullah fighters have given their life fighting the bad guys in Syria and his political opponents that were criticizing Hizbullah’s involvement in Syria are just beginning to appreciate this fact..

      • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName says

        I think it was last year that The Vineyard of the Saker “awarded” as his man-of-the-year the humble Syrian Soldier. At the time he was writing almost exclusively on the “situation” in Eastern Ukraine & one would have thought his award would have been to the likes of Givi, Motorola or Zakharchenko. So the SAA’s bravery & resilience is rightfully recognized by many. Good Shit !!

      • Taxi says:

        Thanks for sharing the Saker info. Would be cool if you could link the ‘man of the year’ article you referenced. I just went to Saker’s site and got utterly lost in their search box and archives.

      • Danaa says:

        Walid, there goes my attempt at generating some disagreement!

        Anyhow, I do recall MoA couple of times making some pretty realistic comments about Assad, but I can’t possibly retrieve those particular links as he wrote quite a few pieces about the Syria situation.

        What I can say, as a frequent reader of his blog, is that he hardly ever held up Assad as a paragon of virtue or a beacon for democracy. Rather he commented that when compared to the likes of Mubarak, Jordan’s miniature king, Iraq’s Maliki or the hapless corrupt sheiks of the gulf, Assad the younger came across as a pragmatic man whose principal goal was to hold a country as diverse as Syria somehow together. MoA acknowledged that Assad himself has to play along to get along with the powerful establishment in the country, both Sunni and Alawite. In the past he was able to come up with some limited agreements with the Kurds and certainly the Christians of Syria prospered under him. As did the Palestinians, who had more rights in Syria than anywhere else. Syria also gave refuge to many Iraqi refugees who escaped from the US onslaught, something that is rarely, if ever acknowledged by the evil seven., or anyone in the West. His secular regime had only Turkey as an equivalent and only for a while, so that’s an accomplishment in and of itself.

        Assad, like any leader anywhere, should be judged by the sum total of his actions and in actions, in context. That Democracy would have been a bit premature in Syria we can see loud and clear now that the country has been turned literally inside out. With fundamentalist islamists in the countryside, restless kurds in the north, an unpredictable neighbour in Turkey, the mean zionists on the Golan, and a tapestry of religions and sects, Assad no doubt had to tread quite carefully over the years. And while political freedoms were limited, he did a reasonable job at keeping things together – not so bad for an Arab country in a difficult neighborhood. Many doubt – for a good reason – the true origins of the “Arab Spring’ demonstrations that took place in Syria back in 2011, and indeed there were echoes of false flag snipers, just like in Kiev, as we are now finding out. Even so, Assad himself apologized – sort of – for over-reacting but he tried to make amends later, even if those were judged insufficient by some.

        So no matter the past, and no matter Assad’s own inclinations, over which many have speculated, the reality now is what it is. And at the moment he – and his valiant army – represent Syria’s only chance for pulling out of the externally generated mayhem visited upon the country. On that I think we can all agree. As for the day after, assuming and hoping there’s one, well, I’ll let the Russians figure something out, as they did in Chechnia and as they are trying to do in Novoroussiya. For me, I just try to be as fair as I can be, based on the limited evidence I have at my disposal.

      • Walid says:

        “… there goes my attempt at generating some disagreement!..” (Danaa)

        What do you think I’m trying to do with my rubbing together of my little sticks to light a fire? To disagree with your disagreement is to stop the discussion?

        You don’t have to sell me about Bashar Assad, I’m already convinced and have said so a few times here but you keep coming back to him. The million Iraqi refugees and the half million Shia during the Lebanon war that were welcomed says it all. On top of it you have the arming of Hizbullah that wouldn’t have been possible without Syria’s help. There is no doubt about the false flags when it started in 2011 with the snipers, the Thuraya satellite phones provided to the so-called rebels by the Arab TV network or the special props village squares built in the desert to film supposed uprisings all over and so on.

        But this does not erase some of the bad committed by the regime. Even Obama is starting to come around in recognizing that Bashar is the best person to remain leader in Syria and to fight the takfiri guys.

      • Danaa says:

        Walid, I was kind of joking about the “disagreement”. It was a swipe at Sean, not you (I am sure Sean doesn’t mind…., right?). FWIW, I am perfectly happy to have discussions rather than debates. Also, I was not trying to lecture – I know you know a heck of a lot more about Syria than I do. Just getting things off my mind, for my own clarity’s sake. Any and all comments and corrections from my betters are and will be welcome (no sarcasm here, as none is intended). So….

      • Walid says:

        Danaa, you and I are the same in wanting to shake the tree all the time to see what falls out of it. Controversy and disagreement are so exciting otherwise we’re reduced into making monologues. I’m hoping to see opinions posted by Sean, I’m sure he’s got lots to say..

      • Taxi says:

        Thanks for the link, DonNeedNoStinkinUserName. A great read and a choice of winner that will stand the test of time.

    • Like what happens when something like Paris goes down and all are waiting to hear ‘Who done it’ ? Does somebody ring up from a phone and say ‘ Hey there it was us and us is blah, blah, blah ‘ ? Without a verification code or something ? Cos then I’m thinking that any Tom , Dick or Hassan could put their hand up and cop to it ! ! I mean if ISIS or Ass es rang up,(whoever it is they ring), saying it was our mob at the same time, who decides which of them was it really, and what if it was the ones pointing the finger the real culprits causing a whole lotta spin so as to give reason(terrorist reason), so as to enter some country rich in shit like oil, gas or peanuts so they can enter amd get their own little grubby hands on it ! I mean that sounds like a heap of paranoia but it aint like it hasn’t happend before , ay ? Remember sime place that was supposed to have had a whole heap of nukes piled up so they went in and bombed the crap out of them and stayed for awhile realising they had mistaken heaps of oil for nukes !!!! How weird ay, I bet they have a real good deal going with that country and it’s oil ! Well they do say History repeats itself but come on , a coicidence ? A bit much don’t ya think ? Anyway everyone just food for thought ! Am I in trouble ? Not if Idon’t put my hand up or ring them saying it was me ! (by the way who’s them I hear you ask),don’t know but they say they have lots to do with Democracy ! Hope you all have a nice day, great night and a wonderfull life. Also hoping that whoevers doing this shit, die horribly then hell……

      • Walid says:

        “Remember sime place that was supposed to have had a whole heap of nukes piled up so they went in and bombed the crap out of them and stayed for awhile realising they had mistaken heaps of oil for nukes !!!! ” (Joseph D.)

        Joseph, I think the Americans were actually looking for something but it was not the nukes. All the pros had declared that there were no nukes but the US was adamant to find something. I believe they were looking for the chemicals that they had supplied to Saddam years earlier to be used on the Iranians and which he subsequently used on his Kurds. There was also talk that he may have transferred his remaining stockpile to Syria. BTW, where did Syria get its chemicals from?

  3. slothy says:

    “…our tax dollars …” Taxi

    I think there was a post here a few weeks ago that came with ” money for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is still to be borrowed”.

    At the start of most well planned/pre-meditated Second Lebanon War, Dan Halutz said “we will turn the clock back by 20 years in Lebanon”.

    The pre-blessed by the Bush jr administration War lasted for 33 days, a chorus of mindless diverse cheerleaders were standing with Israel, while guided by unholly spirits Condi gave us “birthpangs of the NEW Muddle East” the War lasted for 33 days and then rhe Winograd Commission gave a report something like ‘ many people fucked-up’

    The Redirection (The New Yorker/2007) comes with something like

    after the war the Bush jr administration dropped $1 billion – to help – on Lebanon’

    Q. If much of rhe money for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is still to be borrowed, where did the Bush jr Admin. find “$1 billion” to help out Lebanon after the Second Lebanon War 2006 had ended?

    • Walid says:

      Slothy, the billion was not spent on Lebanon to help the Lebanese but spent on Israel supplying it with the fireworks to do the job on Lebanon. Israel used up the US arms depot in Israel, needed an additional resupplying while the war was in progress which was airlifted via the UK and ended up making a stink there because this was against US laws and in replenishing the arms depot by shipping to Israel for stockpiling for use by Israel and the US 400 containers the week before the war was started.

      The value of average annual arms donated to Lebanon by the US is about $50 million that’s comprised of light arms like M16s, sidearms, munitions for them, gazz guzzling Humvees for the Lebanese military to replace its Korean War vintage jeeps-Reo and Dodge gas guzzling sedans for its police force to replace its fleet of 20-yearold Nissan Patrol cruisers (big winners on these deals were GM and Chrysler). It also supplied Lebanon with hand-launched surveillance drones that have a wing span of a yard and a fleet of refurbished Vietnam vintage Huey helicopters. On the other hand, it spent (according to Asst Sec of State Feltman)$400 million on the Lebanese elections of 2009 to buy favours and sway votes away from Hizbullah. If you’d add up all these over the past 10 years, you may hit a billion.

      • slothy says:

        here is the “$1 billion” and Dan Halutz

        The Redirection
        The Bush Administration has publicly pledged the Siniora government a billion dollars in aid since last summer. A donors’ conference in Paris, in January, which the U.S. helped organize, yielded pledges of almost eight billion more, including a promise of more than a billion from the Saudis. The American pledge includes more than two hundred million dollars in military aid, and forty million dollars for internal security.



        Army Chief of Staff Lt-Gen Dan Halutz said the Israeli military would “turn back the clock in Lebanon by 20 years” if the soldiers were not returned.


        14 August 2006
        US ‘knew of Israeli bombing plan’
        “Israel had devised a plan for attacking Hezbollah, and shared it with Bush
        administration officials, well before” 12 July, Seymour Hersh wrote.

      • Walid says:

        Slothy, that billion is a completely different animal. It wasn’t actually given to Lebanon but pledged during a Paris fundraiser for Lebanon named Paris II. Most of the 12 billion pledged by the various countries were not picked up by Lebanon because they came with strings attached involving the usual IMF-inspired privatization of several sectors that were not in the best interest of Lebanon. But some of the pledged money made it indirectly to Lebanon in the form I described above of several hundred Dodge Chargers for the internal security forces and the discontinued Humvees for the Lebanese army. The beneficiaries in those deals were really and mostly the Chrysler Corp and GM. that manufactured these 2 vehicles. There was also the $400 million spent on the Lebanese elections of 2009 to short-circuit Hizbullah political campaign that were discussed by Undersecretary of State Feltman in a Senate hearing that’s on record, that you can Google…

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  5. Walid
    What is the answer? Become a democracy like Israel?

    We live in a perfect world where if the government makes mistakes we just bring in takfiris and shoot it up. Better yet turn your banking system over to Roth, let him finance the competing parties and buy the whole place, right?

    And remember the key talking points, Putin is in with them, no use to resist.

    • Walid says:

      Dublinsmick, democracy like Israel? No thanks. The banking system is already controlled by Roth; haven’t you heard of Arab Zionists? They’re just beginning to surface

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  7. Taxi says:

    I was just thinking how the ziocons would love an ISIS attack on American soil a-la 9/11 that they can trace back to Syria so that our warmongers can finally push NATO into Syria to fight… well, Russian hegemony in the mideast.

    We are currently and dangerously ripe for a massive false flag op on our soil. Lindsey Graham should know:

    Lindsey Graham: ‘There’s a 9/11 Coming’ –

    Washington (CNN)GOP presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham warned Sunday that “there is a 9/11 coming” if the United States does not play a leading role in a ground war against ISIS.
    Paris terror attacks
    32 photos: Paris terror attacks

    In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” Graham said he hopes France will invoke a NATO provision that would draw its allies into a war against ISIS.

    U.S. officials say no known threat to homeland in wake of Paris attacks

    “They should. The world should be at war with ISIL,” the South Carolina senator said.

    “I’m trying to protect America from another 9/11, and without American boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq, we’re gonna get hit here at home,” Graham said. “And if you don’t understand that, you’re not ready to be commander-in-chief in my view.”

    Graham warned that Friday’s attacks in Paris will be repeated — and on a larger scale — within the United States unless ISIS is destroyed.

    “There is a 9/11 coming, and it is coming from Syria if we don’t disrupt their operation inside of Syria,” he said.

    He called for 10,000 American troops on the ground in Iraq as part of a regional military force.

    Syria: Obama authorizes boots on ground to fight ISIS

    “If we don’t do these things soon, what you’ve seen in Paris is coming to America,” Graham said.

    Lindsey Graham: ‘There’s a 9/11 coming’ –

    • Walid says:

      SANA reported (and very few agencies picked it up) that Virginia State Senator Richard Black sent a second letter to Bashar Assad backing him, the first was last year thanking him for helping the Christians of Syria. The first letter was reported at the time by CNBC.

      This second letter is critical of the US involvement in supplying the bad guys with arms that one day could be used against the US and against planes taking off and landing at US airports. Black’s letter makes it sound more of a 1 nation enterprise against Syria than of 7 nations.

      Syrian TV interview with Senator Black in September:

      • Taxi says:

        Thanks for the info and links on Richard Black. Yesterday, he also gave Al-Mayadeen TV an interview regarding his support of Bashar. – I saw a clip of it today. I’ll post it up when Al-Mayadeen uploads it to their youtube channel.

    • Walid says:

      The very informative article explains why the US hasn’t shut down the flow of oil, something I’ve always wondered about. To do so, would shut down the lives of about 10 million people that rely on the oil being provided to them by Isis and the US doesn’t want any more enemies than it already has..

      • Walid says:

        Unlike the US, it’s looking like Russia is not worried about losing friends in Syria. Today it announced that it destroyed a good part of the 500 tanker trucks used to transport oil to Turkey. Film footage supplied by Russia also showed several Isis-held oil reservoirs going up in flames.. Russia is very serious in destroying Isis.

  8. american200 says:

    Below is one of first pieces I read after 911, to understand what was about to happen in the ME. I recommend it.
    The US grinds on in its stupidity and under the influence of the usual suspects.
    Everything we are talking about and commenting on re: ME rulers and what they do /did and etc is a reaction to what some in the US set in motion long ago.

    Those who control Obama don’t want ISIS defeated —ISIS hasnt quite yet produced that WWIII Clash of Civilizations they have been working for—-and therefore why the Us has only played at fighting ISIS.

    The “Green Peril”:
    Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat

    by Leon T. Hadar
    August 27, 1992


    ‘The Making of a “Peril”
    The Islamic threat argument is becoming increasingly popular with some segments of the American foreign policy establishment. They are encouraged by foreign governments who, for reasons of self-interest, want to see Washington embroiled in the coming West vs. Islam confrontation. The result is the construction of the new peril, a process that does not reflect any grand conspiracy but that nevertheless has its own logic, rules and timetables.
    The creation of a peril usually starts with mysterious “sources” and unnamed officials who leak information, float trial balloons, and warn about the coming threat. Those sources reflect debates and discussions taking place within government. Their information is then augmented by colorful intelligence reports that finger exotic and conspiratorial terrorists and military advisers. Journalists then search for the named and other villains. The media end up finding corroboration from foreign sources who form an informal coalition with the sources in the U.S. government and help the press uncover further information substantiating the threat coming from the new bad guys.
    In addition, think tanks studies and op-ed pieces add momentum to the official spin. Their publication is followed by congressional hearings, policy conferences, and public press briefings. A governmental policy debate ensues, producing studies, working papers, and eventually doctrines and policies that become part of the media’s spin. The new villain is now ready to be integrated into the popular culture to help to mobilize public support for a new crusade. In the case of the Green Peril, that process has been under way for several months’

    • seanmcbride says:

      The neocon grand strategy is still perfectly on track — use false flag ops, relentless propaganda and scientific psychological warfare to cattle prod and stampede Americans and Europeans into an apocalyptic Clash of Civilizations with Islam — and to ignite a global holy war between Christians and Muslims. Notice that the Israeli government instantly moved to exploit the recent Paris terrorist attacks at full blare.

      Don’t expect the mainstream media to challenge this operation — they are integral components of the neocon political and propaganda machine.

      The neocons are using hysteria about Muslim terror to consolidate the building of their total surveillance regime (something far beyond the dreams of Stalin or STASI) and to obstruct any meaningful pressure to counter the continuing construction of a Jewish ethno-religious nationalist state within the borders of biblical Greater Israel.

      Anti-Zionists within the Jewish community so far are having zero impact on this juggernaut — lots of agonized handwringing, no practical political impact. And many of them have been sidetracked by focusing on attacking white European Christians within the anti-Zionist camp — for these “progressives,” it’s still all about antisemites and the eternal enemies of the Jews — Amalek.

      • seanmcbride says:


        “Major Hillary Clinton Donor Urges ‘More Scrutiny’ of Muslims”

        Haim Saban, a Hollywood mogul and Israel hawk who is one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s biggest backers, suggested there should be “more scrutiny” of Muslims in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

        He went on to say that things that are “are unacceptable in times of peace — such as profiling, listening in on anyone and everybody who looks suspicious, or interviewing Muslims in a more intense way than interviewing Christian refugees — is all acceptable” during war. “Why? Because we value life more than our civil liberties and it’s temporary until the problem goes away. But to say this is shameful — I disagree.”

        Mr. Saban and his wife, Cheryl, have given $2 million to Priorities USA, the “super PAC” supporting Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. He has supported her for years, including paying to produce a slick video tribute chronicling her tenure at the State Department as she was set to depart in early 2013.

        But even as he bemoaned the loss of a sense of safety, Mr. Saban said that he believes Mrs. Clinton will ultimately benefit politically as a result of the attacks.
        END QUOTE

      • Chu says:

        The Syrian plan seems like it’s the continued ‘clean break strategy’ and PNAC. No media agency writes about this today, but it continues to be the unspoken strategy of US/Israel in the middle east. What is the endgame with this?

        McClatchy News had done some good reporting on the US scheming to move into Iraq War, but I haven’t followed what they are doing today.

      • seanmcbride says:

        One endgame clearly in the playbook of some pro-Israel militants:

        +New World Order/world domination
        +global total surveillance state
        +global rule by a few hundred neocon/neolib billionaires
        +centralized editorial control over the Internet
        +ethnic cleansing of Greater Israel
        +crushing of Islam worldwide (and other Amalekites) with nuclear weapons and other WMDs (using Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a precedent)

        In other words, an Old Testament Utopia.

        We are looking at a messianic totalitarian movement similar to 20th century communism and fascism, but on a far more ambitious scale.

        Regarding the Yinon Plan and Clean Break paper: there was more awareness of these neocon schemes in the years directly following the beginning of the Iraq War than there is now. That the neocons have managed to bury any public consciousness of and discussion about what they are up to has to be considered a major political and propaganda coup on their part. They are relentless — they never give up, and they just keep pushing their agenda forward.

      • Chu says:

        I’d say the messianic totalitarian movement is the continuity of the same clan throughout the centuries. If you think about it the Talmudic ‘shadow’ government that existed (Spain in the 14th century, then onto Poland, now in the US) always had their own separate sphere that coexisted with the gentile governments.

        It’s plausible that now they want to create their own power center in the middle east, where they don’t have to cooperate with the gentiles and aim to reinvent some old arcane system where they are the rulers. And while this may sound far fetched to many, look at the history of it all.

        Jewish Zionism is imbibed with schadenfreude, it’s the by-product of their victimhood and revenge. And regarding Israel, they will never payback the US, Europe for all it’s support, as they are so fucking entitled at this point it’s ridicuous. And they will certainly expect more support as they claw their way to build (they believe they are restoring!) this new utopia, while it’s a dystopia for the rest.

      • seanmcbride says:

        More Israeli agitation, from the very top of the government:

        “PM hints ground forces needed to defeat militant Islam”

        That’s Western ground forces — American, European, Canadian, etc.

        “Militant Islam must be identified, condemned and fought,” he declared. “The only way to defeat this is the way Nazism was defeated; first, you defeat then you de-Nazify. That’s the order. That’s the priority. And it must be now a common agenda to defeat the forces of militant Islam and not to compromise with this.”
        END QUOTE

      • Anonymous says:

        The neocon grand strategy is still perfectly on track — use false flag ops, relentless propaganda and scientific psychological warfare to cattle prod and stampede Americans and Europeans into an apocalyptic Clash of Civilizations with Islam — and to ignite a global holy war between Christians and Muslims.” seanmcbride

        We knew that people with “judeo-christian” “shared values” have been cultivating ‘The Clash of Civilizations” and promoting a Sunni vs. Sunni clash in the Middle East, today something NEW on Here&Now (npr):

        Will Bombing ISIS Only Make it Stronger?

        …..Stern said. “It wouldn’t destroy the motivations of those in Europe who want actually to increase prejudice against Muslims. It is part of their strategy to create chaos. They have a plan that includes increasing Sunni-Shia tensions as well as tensions between Westerners and Muslims… They really want Europeans to overreact to Paris by refusing to accept refugees, by engaging in anti-Muslim activities, policies, make Muslims feel so uncomfortable and desperate that they will carry out strikes in ISIS’s name.

  9. american200 says:

    ”Jews are always particular targets of Islamist violence. But what is just as troubling is the fact that in assigning blame for Paris and for anti-Semitic outbreaks, European elites are blaming the most convenient scapegoat: the Jews”

    The 2000 year old and counting innocent scapegoat whine is worn out.
    I cannot think of a single group on earth who has repeated the exact same pattern for their entire existence like the Jewish tribe has.


  11. Pingback: Day of Terror planned for November 22nd? | Crimes of Empire

  12. Taxi says:

    US Knew flight Path of Plane downed by Turkey: Putin

    Moscow (AFP) – President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia had given prior information to the United States of the flight path of the plane downed by Turkey on the Syrian border.

    “The American side, which leads the coalition that Turkey belongs to, knew about the location and time of our planes’ flights, and we were hit exactly there and at that time,” Putin said at a joint press conference with French counterpart Francois Hollande in the Kremlin.

    Ahead of the Hollande talks, Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan traded barbs, with the Russian leader saying he was waiting for an apology and Erdogan ruling out any such move.

    Putin on Thursday dismissed as “rubbish” Turkey’s claim that it would not have shot down the jet if it had known it was Russian.

    “They [our planes] have identification signs and these are well visible,” Putin said. “Instead of […] ensuring this never happens again, we are hearing unintelligible explanations and statements that there is nothing to apologise about.”

    Putin has also accused Turkey of buying oil from the Islamic State jihadist group, whose financing heavily relies on the sale of energy resources.

    Putin said there was “no doubt” that oil from “terrorist-controlled” territory in Syria was making its way across the border into Turkey.

    “We see from the sky where these vehicles [carrying oil] are going,” Putin said. “They are going to Turkey day and night.”

    “These barrels are not only carrying oil but also the blood of our citizens because with this money terrorists buy weapons and ammunition and then organise bloody attacks,” he added.
    US knew flight path of plane downed by Turkey: Putin – AFP/Yahoo News


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