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I Read The News Today – Oh Dear

Today, Abu Dhabi confirmed that as per its invitation, Israel will imminently be setting up commercial offices in the heart of Abu Dhabi.  It’s nice to see Muslim Zionists and Jewish Zionists getting it on in public now.  If this trend in veracity continues, Wikileaks will soon become obsolete.

The Emirates, as a combined military force, was also today exposed for purchasing 450 Colombian mercenaries and shipping them off to Yemen to kill the poorest of Arabs there.  They did that because when they sent their own (Pakistani dual-citizen) army to Yemen before, their soldiers got sent back in bodybags.  They won’t be doing that again any time soon.  But they’re filthy rich enough that a single ruling Emiratee family can go shopping for soldiers from any war mall in the world.

Today too, I heard people on TV frothing and arguing whether the so-called ‘Knife Intifada’ is the legitimate Third Intifada.  One hundred Palestinian college teens and younger have died since the crisis erupted, over a thousand youth injured – and people in suits are still arguing over definitions and semantics.  Time to stop arguing and start saluting.

Obama, Lindsey Graham and John McCain are smoking cigars and doing shots in a back room – grinning like three ugly Cheshire cats at a selfie of Sultan Erdogan.

Putin can sense them and he’s doing squats and playing chess at the same time.

Israel released a statement assuring Putin that “Israel will not attack or down any Russian aircraft” – including “even if an Israeli radar locks in on one as a target”.  Very bizarre of the Israelis to publicly declare it, don’t you think?  Lebanon shares a larger border with Syria and Lebanon didn’t feel the need to publicly make such a declaration to Putin.  Question is, can Putin afford to believe them?  We can be sure that everything that comes out of Israel’s lips is dubious and tends to lead to someone, somewhere dying.

The MSM is utterly boring today and I haven’t been able to bring myself to post anything of worth to share.  So many lies and liars out there.  So many well-paid brain-snatchers.

I spent this autumn day sighing at the state of it all and nursing my senior dog whose days are very numbered.  A handful of yellowed Jacaranda leaves droop outside our window.

Thanksgiving sucks.   I declare solidarity with my Native Indian brothers and sisters.  This is what I thought today.  The only good thing about Thanksgiving is the ‘togetherness’ thing.  The rest is all turkey slaughter and gluttony.

Oh Rome!



  1. The nice thing about this Thanksgiving is that it is now over – Black Friday mayhem and all.

    Meanwhile, Erdogan just expressed regret for shooting down that Russian jet. Why? Seems NATO is dropping him like a hot potato. Don’t these “friends” of the US/Israel ever learn? Just ask the ex-dictators from Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and soon, the KSA. We are not friends, we are users. And when you are used up, we destroy your country and move on to our next victim.

    We are like locusts – we cover your lands and consume your crops, and then we set fire to the fields and leave. We are like those aliens from The War Of The Worlds. We move from planet to planet and scavenge their resources until they are depleted, and then move on to the next planet, leaving death and destruction in our wake.

    Our time is coming fast and there will be no redemption. The world has already turned against us and even our false friends will depart once we are no longer of use to them. We, who live by the sword, will die by the sword, and as the last leaf of Autumn drops to the ground, we will be left barren and naked in the cold winter winds, bereft of all that sheltered us from the storm.

    Thanksgiving? What could I have thanked the heavens for? A loving god that sows death and destruction on the innocent and powerless and stands by as evil sweeps the land? Or, should I be thankful for the denizens of darkness that have corrupted our nation for the Synagogue of Satan, as they enjoy the best that this world has to offer while shredding the lives of all in their path?

    But, I take solace in the lessons of history, even though it bodes ill for me. Tyrants die and empires crumble. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. God won’t have you , so the devil must. This too shall pass. Alas, I, too, will perish with the guilty, through no fault of my own. Maybe, I, too, am at fault for not having done enough, or thrown my body into the machine, and thus, stopped it…

    • Taxi says:

      Words of angst and wisdom – wonderful penmanship.

      There are only three options in life: implode, explode or remain still (decay). Maybe there are more options that I don’t know about.

    • Wald says:

      “Meanwhile, Erdogan just expressed regret for shooting down that Russian jet. Why

      Crocodile tears, C&D. the man regrets nothing. Last week he was bragging about getting his gas from Qatar and Iran and his vegetables from Israel. The economic sanctions by Russia are very far reaching.

      It seems that the downing of the Russian plan was a deliberate ambush for what the Russians have been doing to Syria’s Turkmen. Erdogan’s dream is t have a Turkmen Syria’s borders with Turkey. Not long ago, thanks to Turkey’s air power and sup;y of arms, the Turkmen reached the Med and were well on their way of securing a state. Then in October the Russians got into the game and the Turkmen started losing the ground they had previously gained. The Russian plane was coming back from a bombing run against the Turkmen.. To compound his problems, Erdogan this week said it was his duty to defend Turkmen aspirations from the Med to the Balkans. Putin has over 18 million edgy Turkmen spread out over Russia and its federation.

      • Taxi says:


        History will remember Erdogan as a megalomaniac with destructive ambitions. For several months now Theirry Meyssan has been predicting a Turkish civil war and I just couldn’t see it happening – but now I do. Erdogan is digging modern Turkey’s own grave.

      • Cloak And Dagger says:


        It is interesting that while expressing regret, he also refused to apologize for the shootdown. It was a very stupid move on his part, since Russian sanctions have a bite, and he must have anticipated that, or worse, a military retaliation. So why did he do it? If NATO greenlighted it, their support seems to have vanished.

      • Walid says:

        It’s something of a good cop-bad cop story. The US supposedly had the flight plan of the Russian jet so it can be assumed so did the Turks. It could be an American-instigated “shot across the bow” thing in response to the cruise missiles from the Caspian showing off.

  2. Walid says:

    Taxi it’s not a commercial office but a liaison office directly tied to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which is headquartered in Abu Dhabi.

    The UAE has denied any change of relations with Israel and said that the office will be strictly for IRENA business (wink-wink). You and I know very well that this is a gimmick towards normalizing relations with Zionists. For years now, The Israeli barracuda Lev Leviev of Bi’lin infamy has operated upscale jewelry shops in UAE’s Dubai malls. There are other Israeli retailers operating in Dubai.

    Where does that put the Palestinian issue? At least the Emiratis are not being hypocritical about it. The Palestinian cause is toast as far as Arab states are concerned. While it doesn’t accept Israeli passports, Abu Dhabi on several occasions in the past has allowed Israeli athletes to compete in the UAE.

    The Palestinians’ star negotiator Erekat had something important to say about Israel’s Abu Dhabi offices. He told Jazeera he was not aware of the reports but that he will confer with Palestinian leadership next week to discuss the developments.

    What’s Erekat’s rush?

  3. american200 says:

    My sentiments exactly. I can hardly even be bothered to follow the chaos of the greed and war mongers—its all so predictable. My regret is my and all children will pay the price.

  4. RudyM says:

    Yes, it’s essentially a Marxist hymn of sorts, but its potential application is broad, and there’s no real Marx content as such. Brecht/Eisler:

    I can’t say I actually believe it but I like singing bits of it in my head at times.

    Actually, this one is more beautiful and poignant and ambiguous:

  5. b.grand says:

    The United Arab Emirates has secretly dispatched hundreds of Colombian mercenaries to Yemen to fight in that country’s raging conflict, adding a volatile new element in a complex proxy war that has drawn in the United States and Iran.

    Finally the MSM reports. It was in Middle East Eye last month.
    Rori Donaghy
    Tuesday 27 October 2015 14:27 UTC
    – See more at:

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