I read the news today – oh dear

by Taxi

Today, Abu Dhabi confirmed that as per its invitation, Israel will imminently be setting up commercial offices in the heart of Abu Dhabi.  It’s nice to see Muslim Zionists and Jewish Zionists getting it on in public now.  If this trend in veracity continues, Wikileaks will soon become obsolete.

The Emirates, as a combined military force, was also today exposed for purchasing 450 Colombian mercenaries and shipping them off to Yemen to kill the poorest of Arabs there.  They did that because when they sent their own (Pakistani dual-citizen) army to Yemen before, their soldiers got sent back in bodybags.  They won’t be doing that again any time soon.  But they’re filthy rich enough that a single ruling Emiratee family can go shopping for soldiers from any war mall in the world.

Today too, I heard people on TV frothing and arguing whether the so-called ‘Knife Intifada’ is the legitimate Third Intifada.  One hundred Palestinian college teens and younger have died since the crisis erupted, over a thousand youth injured – and people in suits are still arguing over definitions and semantics.  Time to stop arguing and start saluting.

Obama, Lindsey Graham and John McCain are smoking cigars and doing shots in a back room – grinning like three ugly Cheshire cats at a selfie of Sultan Erdogan.

Putin can sense them and he’s doing squats and playing chess at the same time.

Israel released a statement assuring Putin that “Israel will not attack or down any Russian aircraft” – including “even if an Israeli radar locks in on one as a target”.  Very bizarre of the Israelis to publicly declare it, don’t you think?  Lebanon shares a larger border with Syria and Lebanon didn’t feel the need to publicly make such a declaration to Putin.  Question is, can Putin afford to believe them?  We can be sure that everything that comes out of Israel’s lips is dubious and tends to lead to someone, somewhere dying.

The MSM is utterly boring today and I haven’t been able to bring myself to post anything of worth to share.  So many lies and liars out there.  So many well-paid brain-snatchers.

I spent this autumn day sighing at the state of it all and nursing my senior dog whose days are very numbered.  A handful of yellowed Jacaranda leaves droop outside our window.

Thanksgiving sucks.   I declare solidarity with my Native Indian brothers and sisters.  This is what I thought today.  The only good thing about Thanksgiving is the ‘togetherness’ thing.  The rest is all turkey slaughter and gluttony.

Oh Rome!