Apologies from Plato’s

by Taxi

Sincere apologies to readers for the slow activities on Plato’s this past couple of days.  Apart from the fact that there really is not much that’s worthy of sharing with you this Thanksgiving weekend – so much regurgitation of same stories out there – I am actually very distracted nursing one of my dogs.

He’s 14 years and 10 months old and a few days ago he suffered from a sudden digestive trauma that has also caused his lower half to go into paralysis.  Though a little slow on the lawn due to old age, he was actually in perfectly good health till this happened.  The vet paid us a house visit yesterday morning and has given him the appropriate meds to relieve both the pain and the conditions he’s suffering from.  He has two more days of taking his med course before I’ll be able to tell if the paralysis is permanent or not.  In the meantime, the poor little love is confused at his loss of mobility and deeply embarrassed by his incontinence.

This morning I dug a grave for him at the bottom of the garden.  I sense his time is fast approaching and the light in his eyes is beginning to dim.  He is not in physical pain any more, just exhausted and very sad.

I was hoping to write a couple of articles for the blog this weekend – I already have the ideas and headlines – but I’m afraid all focused writing will have to wait for another few days till my dog situation has been resolved.

I will try my earnest to post up shared articles and analysis for you in the meantime.  Feel free to use Plato’s contact page to send me links of articles you think are important and I will duly post them.  This would be very helpful to me.

I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Right now, I’m speechless at the fickleness of life.