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Oil drives our Israel policy: New government documents reveal a very different history of America and the Middle East – Irene Gendzier/

by Newsstand

The protection of American oil interests has been at the heart of U.S. policies for decades

The role of the United States in the Arab-Israeli conflict is an inextri­cable part of history in this region. Confronting that role is indispens­able to understanding both U.S. policy in the conflict and its course. A knowledge of the foundation of U.S. policy in the Middle East in the postwar years is indispensable to an understanding of current U.S. policies in the Middle East in which oil, Palestine, and Israel play such significant roles.

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Hezbollah says it carried out roadside bomb attack on Israeli military – Peter Beaumont/The Guardian

by Newsstand

Israeli military vehicles  burning in Shebaa farms in January 2015Israeli military vehicles burning in Shebaa farms, an Israeli occupied area along the Israeli-Lebanese border – January 2015.

Lebanese group targets armoured patrol in disputed Shebaa farms area after days of Israeli artillery fire into southern Lebanon

Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for a roadside bomb targeting two Israeli military vehicles on Israel’s northern border, raising tensions that were already high after the assassination of a prominent militant in December.

The attack by the Lebanese group on Monday followed days of Israeli artillery fire into southern Lebanon, which resumed after the bomb attack with 20 shells reportedly fired into Lebanon after the incident.

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The Terror Wrist

by Taxi

The Israel lobby’s hand has recently managed to yet again apply massive smothering censorship not just on the American people, but on world populations at large – censorship on all inquiring minds who are seeking Social Media videos of real live events taking place in occupied Palestine.

Until about two months ago, I was always able to google ‘Intifada 3 videos’ and get the absolute latest in Social Media footage from occupied Palestine, including videos posted only “ten minutes ago”.  If you google ‘Intifada 3’ nowadays, or any other combination of words that pertain to the current Palestine youth crisis, the search engines of both Google and Youtube spit out top listings of videos going all the way back to October and November 2015.  Nothing current, not even videos from a month ago are made instantly available for the public at large.  Even when you enter the year ‘2016’ into their search engines, you still get the same line-up of October 2015 videos – and we all know very well that there are violent resistances taking place in occupied Palestine practically everyday of every month of every year.

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Amid Attacks In Jerusalem, A New Fear: That Person Next To You On The Street – NPR

by Newsstand

intifada knife CQxo5SRWIAAZMaF

Rabbi Reuven Birmajer finished teaching his Talmud class at a religious seminary in Jerusalem last week, and then told his students he had to rush home. Deliverymen were bringing a new bed.

“He was afraid a Palestinian guy was going to deliver the bed, and his wife was going to be all alone,” explains student Chaim Zbar.

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Hasbara group wants you to infiltrate human rights NGOs – Dahlia Scheindlin/+972 Magazine

by Newsstand

Screenshot of an email from "The Centre for Public Diplomacy"Screenshot of an email from “The Centre for Public Diplomacy”

A private Israeli hasbara – or “public diplomacy” – organization on Wednesday put out one of the weirdest responses yet to the incitement campaign by far-right group Im Tirzu of two weeks ago.

The original Im Tirzu campaign described Israeli human rights advocates as “planted” agents serving foreign agendas because the organizations they work for receive funds from European governments.

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