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The Terror Wrist

The Israel lobby’s hand has recently managed to yet again apply massive smothering censorship not just on the American people, but on world populations at large – censorship on all inquiring minds who are seeking Social Media videos of real live events taking place in occupied Palestine.

Until about two months ago, I was always able to google ‘Intifada 3 videos’ and get the absolute latest in Social Media footage from occupied Palestine, including videos posted only “ten minutes ago”.  If you google ‘Intifada 3’ nowadays, or any other combination of words that pertain to the current Palestine youth crisis, the search engines of both Google and Youtube spit out top listings of videos going all the way back to October and November 2015.  Nothing current, not even videos from a month ago are made instantly available for the public at large.  Even when you enter the year ‘2016’ into their search engines, you still get the same line-up of October 2015 videos – and we all know very well that there are violent resistances taking place in occupied Palestine practically everyday of every month of every year.

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