American Empire’s Shifting Strategies in the Middle East

by Taxi

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The ongoing progress of the daily liberation of Syrian villages, towns and cities is largely absent from Western mainstream media these days, but nevertheless, the facts on the ground in Syria are indisputable.  The Russian Axis in the Levant is militarily more superior than the ISISian armies combined; and despite these terrorist armies being well funded by wealthy global Zioconism, ISIS et all are currently on an unstoppable and disastrous loosing streak.  Looking thus at their territorial retreats and at the shrinking clock of war: the primary fighting forces of Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah look to be but five minutes away from an assured victory.  And riding the coattail of this imminent victory are the USA Empire and Republic, France, Germany and the UK, who, despite having directly or indirectly supported violent regime change in Syria, now see it as geopolitically opportune to pledged their 11th hour support to Putin’s vision and strategy for defeating ISIS in the Levant.

But it is not only military might that is creating this victory.  Putin, after having outwitted Western governments and every other Ziocon egghead and organization on the planet, and after bypassing the hostile American Republic with its insipid media warmongers, Putin verily has also managed to offer persuasive propositions to American Empire with regard to the Middle East file.  The emerging superpowerdom of Russia has capably convinced the ruling American Empire that it is in Pax Americana’s interest now to  work towards a stable Middle East – dangling, first and foremost, the enormous and sanguine economic benefits that await harvesting by both nations post the Iran nuke deal and for decades to come.  The current geopolitical conditions indeed are ripe for a strategic win-win ‘Operation Double Carrot’ –  each nation metaphorically dangling the proverbial carrot before the nose of the other.

Both Russia and the USA need a stable Mideast – therefore both are now active in discarding old unstable projects and initiating new ones to serve the economic and geostrategic benefits of both powers in the near and far future.  This allows Russia to regain a legitimate foothold on the eastern Mediterranean and northern Levant, a territory that American Empire never quite managed to conquer hegemonically since a semi vacuum there was created with the advent of Perestroika and the fall of the Soviet Union; dated, to be exact, December 26th, 1991.

Crunching numbers here and with retrospect, we can see how for the past twenty five years, the eastern Mediterranean and Arab Levant stood vulnerable and unprotected by any globally significant power, thus rendering it unusually unstable: suffering from perpetual political fevers and cureless bouts of paranoia.  By allowing the reestablishment of a Russian sphere of influence within the old fault lines in Arab Levant, American Empire, in fact, loses nothing:  no territorial losses here, no real loss of hegemony in the wider middle east.  Furthermore, by having such a disciplined and capable policing force there as the Russians, Empire actually saves itself a big expensive headache in policing the unruly corner of the Middle East.  Simply, Empire can, for the time being, rely on Russia to keep to its old boundaries and to also put out Arab fires under its Levantean domain.  This is a desirable condition for Empire to extract newly minted wealth and contracts from the region.  From dissecting military operations, we can clearly see that the USA and Russia have already agreed to divide the most troubled spots between them:  Russia overseas Syrian stability while America overseas Iraqi stability.  Russia keeps Iran and its proxies under control while America keeps the oil Arabs and Israel under control.

But it is not for the love of Russia that American Empire is pursuing this undercurrent of cooperation with Putin.  No, not in the slightest.  American Empire is  also hoping that entangling Russia in profitable Mideast projects might very well tie up Russia’s hands with regards to the growing hostilities between the USA and the other emerging and more dangerous superpower of China.  In other words, working with Russia today on mutually beneficial projects strengthens America’s hand against China in the future – and Chinese power right now is American Empire’s upmost, dominant obsession.

As we all know, Empire never announces its intentions.  Never seeks publicity.  It does not pilfer its precious time on transient, mortal concerns – it leaves these meaningless accolades and petty propaganda games to the Republic and its disposable operatives.  Empire does not work in the shadows or from bunkers.  It operates unseen from, literary, Mount Olympus, where very few visitors are allowed.  And let us be absolutely clear here that the interests of our Empire always trump those of our Republic – one is forever more superior in importance than the other.  Therefore, no matter who the next president is, no matter their political disposition and affiliations, as President of the Republic and temporary Guardian of Empire, this new President will be faced with fulfilling a brand new Middle East directive scripted in accordance with Empire’s  latest strategic interests.   It is expected that the new President will have to follow the new map to a tee while simultaneously creating the least political fallout for himself at home and overseas.  A humongous, challenging feat of statesmanship.

Never mind the false promises of the current ‘change’ President, and never mind the tireless energies of activists seeking to challenge the status quo, it appears that Empire itself wants to break parts of the old status quo and it has put a hammer on the table for the next President to use.

After adhering to the same static Middle East policy for some six decades, American Empire is now shifting its relationships with both friend and foe.  No, it is not turning enemies into friends and friends into enemies, but rather, it is withdrawing excessive affection and excessive hostility from both.  It’s aiming to position itself in a more neutral and self-centered position, unhindered by any Gordian Knot royalties and commitments from the past.  The Mothership is making a slow new turn away from old destinations and behaviorism, and, it is these delicate turning coordinates that the new President will be inheriting and contracted to safely navigate.   A sacred new map is being rolled out on Empire’s round table while stormy winds gather in wait for the new President.  Transition for a big beast like Empire is fraught with potential fatal disasters – this is why the Captain’s hands must be emotionless, pragmatic and steady.  His or her blood had better be made of salt and steel, not of dust and vapor.

To aid in advancing Empire’s new interests above all – including above party interests – the incoming President will be required by Empire to respect, advance and conclude the Russo-American war against terrorism in the Levant on their watch.  After the war against ISIS has been won in Syria, the specific and foremost instruction for the next President is to help unfold a political solution by fully supporting new Syrian elections and amendments to the Syrian constitution that will transform it into a fully fledged democratic, secular and pluralistic nation, where all minorities are protected by strict law.  Much political capital will be invested in this project as Russia and American Empire intend to use the transformation of Syria as a model for changing other unstable Middle Eastern nations in the future.

President X will also have to do what is necessary in Iraq to prepare the right political conditions for the transformation of the Iraqi political landscape, a-la the new Syria model.  This is a much more complex political feat to accomplish than the one in Syria.  The new POTUS will have to work closer with Iran on persuading the Iraqi Shias to make major political compromises in the name of re-unifying and stabilizing their nation.  The incoming President will have to also convince our Kurdish allies of the long-term benefits of this unification – convince them to set aside their demands for a separate state – a proposition that the Kurd will vigorously resist, but one which they will eventually have to accept as America has the influence and ability to force them into choosing between the carrot or the stick – and being dependent on American largess for their security, the Kurd will have no choice but to accept the carrot, with guarantees.  Moreover, the new President will have to give absolute guarantees and assurances to their old Ba’athist and Sunni foes – an unpleasant, pungent but necessary prospect that can be achieved with the help of a nose peg or two.  This square wheel will be shaved, circled up and rolling once it’s been oiled by the emergence of a successful Syrian model right next door.  Once Iraqis, who’ve been under the blindfold and hammer of war the longest – once they’ve seen in neighboring Syria a practical and working formula for the stabilization of their nation, collective distrust and resistance to Empire’s new agenda will dissipate from the war-exhausted Iraqis.  For the American President, the mission in Iraq is to first win the war against ISIL, and thereafter to start creating the right political conditions for productive negotiations between the disparate, hot-blooded and hostile factions.  Here one notes how Empire is shaking off and discarding their old failed neocon idea of dividing up Iraq – it now serves Empire to have Iraq united as per the Sykes-Picot map lines, but sans Saddam.  Empire first pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall and now it wants to put him back together again, but put him on a different diet.

And, what of the other side of the Levant, the southern side – that other long-festering boil called Israeli expansionism and occupation of Arab land?  What is Empire’s new intentions there?  Let’s have a look, shall we?

Defogging the Zionist media lens, we see that business between the American Republic and the State of Israel is sunny as per usual; but business between American Empire and the Israel satellite is not so fair.  Not what it used to be, that’s for certain.  To clarify, Israel has not quite yet fallen out of favor in the eyes of Empire, but it has been demoted to a ‘dispose if necessary’ position – just like all other nations in the world are categorized by Empire.  No more ‘Mr. Special Guy’ badge for Israel.  Empire understands that the core problem with the Israeli file is its lack of defined borders and written constitution. It served Empire in the past to overlook such destabilizing factors in a useful nation, but this neglect is now threatening more important Empire interests in the region – and because Israel, at great cost to Empire has for decades on end failed in will and deed to define its own borders, Empire now fully intends to define and impose these borders on both the Israelis and Palestinians – all in the name of protecting Empire’s widening regional interests.

It is what Empires do: impose solutions that best serve their own interests, regardless of the cost to smaller, weaker nations.

The 1967 borders being the universally accepted model for a Palestine-Israel solution, it is also the preferred model for Empire.  We note here that despite the cynical ‘facts on the ground’ created by continuing Israeli settlement expansion, and despite the obstacles and grand efforts of Israel over the decades to kill such a concept, Empire is now dusting up the ’67 Borders’ file and studying its content and implementation close-up and personal.  And there is nothing that Israel can do to halt Empire’s new curiosities and configurations.  Israel may have a profound influence over the American Republic, but it has absolutely none over Empire.  It never did and it never will.  Empire has no friends, let alone ‘best friends’.  Empire may have a ‘favorite’ satellite every now and then, but that’s not determined by genuine affection but by opportunism on the part of Empire.  With this very much in mind, the new President, a lover of Israel no doubt, must from hereon brace his aching heart tight and tread with utter care across endless, relentless Zionist minefields – the new President will need to learn new political contortions in order to survive on Capitol Hill while simultaneously fulfilling Empire’s paramount anti Greater Israel project.

Yes, Empire still sees use for and supports the State of Israel, but it no longer supports the Greater Israel file.  This also includes not supporting Israel’s illegal annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights.  To have a successful new Syria model is the very linchpin to the success of the whole of Empire’s brand new strategy in the Middle East.  Everything Empire is now doing in the Middle East depends on the success of the Syria project, not on the success of the Greater Israel project.  Success in Syria is absolutely crucial to Empire’s positive advancement in the Middle East.  To insure that Syria is not excessively focused on supporting non-state actors and revolutions in the region, Empire must now allow Syria to rule over the integrity of the whole of historic Syria again – and this includes ruling over the Golan Heights territories.  By giving the Golan rightfully back to Syria, Syria is stripped of its raison d’etre for militancy and militant activities; and Israel’s troublesome, habitual incursions and occupation of neighboring land is also dramatically rolled back at the same time.  Two birds with one stone.  Note how Empire allows the riches of the IDF arsenal to be left untouched and gleaming, but the territory it controls is herded inside the boundaries of International Law.

To strategically mollify or to force-mold into submission for the long haul is Empire’s intent and methodology here.

Of course, the combination of returning both to the ’67 borders as well as withdrawing from the Golan will go down Israeli ears like a clamorous, clanging death knell.  No doubt they will be frothing red-faced and hysterically indignant at such a proposition and they will resist it with every spiky cannonball in their arsenal.  To minimize intensive Israeli blowback, Empire intends to employ an indirect ‘boiled frog’ method to bring Israel into eventual compliance with Empire’s new strategy for the Middle East.  Actually, this is already happening with the White House’s recent nods to the EU to initiate and implement sanctions on Israeli settlement products.  And with Empire’s disinterest in putting BDS on the chopping block too, Empire is thus underhandedly allowing for the agitation of the Israeli political landscape, with regards to its trade relationship with the rest of the world.  Simply, Empire has declared an economic war on the Greater Israel project.  We’re seeing how Empire is sending out pawns and knights (sanctioners) to harass and shakedown the Israeli purse.  The second stage will be to send out the castles and bishops (immunity removers)  to corner and freeze Israel’s purse.  The final stage would be to send out the merciless queen with her insistent, non-negotiable demands for retreat to the ’67 borders, in exchange for lifting all sanctions against Israel and saving it from bankruptcy and rogue statehood.

This gradual shift of Empire’s strategy with regards to Israel will continue unabated and collecting momentum till Israeli society itself becomes politically, viscerally unstable and teetering on the darkest of precipice:  either compromise and accept the ’67 borders plan with third party security guarantees, or face quickly becoming a bankrupt and failed state, with disintegration and oblivion to follow.  There is no third way that Empire will offer the State of Israel.

Empire’s envisioned Two State Solution is staunchly supported by Putin who is needed by Empire here to bring Israel added security guarantees from Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.  Security guarantees by both Russia and America is the only workable currency that a survivalist Israeli leader can use to justify an actual reversal of existing Israeli expansionism and a return to the legally assigned ’67 borders.  It will take several presidential terms and much Israeli dramatics and hysteria to finally bring Tel Aviv into compliance and in accordance with Empire’s new plans.  This is a mission that Empire is least looking forward to, for the sheer high number of constitutional backstabbers operating on behalf of Israel in Washington DC.  Down the corridors of power, it will be the Republic’s Aipac men versus the Empire men and the Empire brigade as per usual will win out.  Being such sore, unhinged losers, the Ziocons’ remaining weapon will be the launch of an indefinite media smear campaign against the White House institution, boss and staff.  In the future, and despite America’s continuing generous supply of security packages to Israel, every President thereon will be labeled an anti Israel President by Ziocon journalists and analysts.  But, all fussy satellites and their agents aside, the will of Empire will be done.  American Presidents will be sure of that.  They too have no other option but to comply with Empire’s demands.

Here the Palestinians, long-suffering, stateless, and with zero negotiating powers will offer little resistance and accept a State in accordance with Empire’s wishes.  The minority resistors will be elbowed aside by the will of the majority of Palestinians who desire genuine peace, even at the costly compromise of only getting a portion of their historic land.  At this stage of the game, how can barefooted Handala say no to shoes made by the hands of Caesar?   No doubt die-hard Palestinian resistance factions will hold onto their nationalist revolutionary ideologies, but their military activities will become anesthetized from within by an energized  economy and by profitable nation-building projects in the newfound State.  Here, again, Empire intends to employ the new Syrian political model plus security guarantees to stabilize the new Palestine within and without.

No doubt, Putin will indeed insure non interference by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah during the birthing process of Palestinian Statehood.  His job will be made all the easier by the fact that all three entities above have already stated on numerous occasions that they would accept whatever solution the Palestinians themselves accept.

It’s also worth noting that ironically, the actual establishment of a Palestinian state practically throttles and buries the Wahabi project in the southern Levant; as well as  significantly diminishes the number of new global Jihadist recruits fed on a diet of Palestinian victimhood and Zionist attacks on Muslim sacred grounds in the holy land.  In other words, both Russia and American Empire see the birth of a Palestinian state as a crucial geostrategic weapon in their war against regional and global terrorism.  Here, again, there is nothing that Israel can do to change this newfound vision of Palestine.  A State of Palestine is now favorably viewed as a solution and not a cause of terrorism.

With Turkey gagged and contained by NATO (upon recent instruction of Empire), and with innocuous Egypt minding its own business and busying itself with mainly internal security and economic concerns, Saudi Arabia and its sister Gulf kingdoms remain the only countries facing major crisis due to Empire’s new strategic shifts.

One must take a deep breath here because the Saudi file is even more complex and fraught with more dangers than the Israeli one.  As far as Empire is concerned, Saudi Arabia is crucial to the very wealth of Empire, whereas Empire’s economic portfolio is not tied to Israeli exports or to its commercial productivity and performance on the world stage.  Simply, Saudi Arabia is more important to Empire than Israel is and this is why Empire will take extreme caution when handling the current Saudi file.

There is no hiding Empire’s surprise and displeasure at the current Saudi leadership, and more specifically at Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the world’s youngest ever Defense Minister.  His miscalculated and bullheaded adventurism in Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Syria have caused, for the first time ever, a gathering global hostility to the Saudi Kingdom – it has caused internal unrest as well as a severe hemorrhaging of the national Saudi purse.

Here, Empire does not intend to apply the Syria model – the conditions are not yet ripe or ready for such a tumultuous plan.  Any sudden eruption of democracy in Saudi Arabia would kneecap Empire’s numerous high-end projects across the globe.  It would regress and shrink the fortunes of Empire overnight if the current Saudi status quo was successfully challenged by a homegrown revolution.  The Syria model can only be safely applied once Saudi oil has literally dried out.  At this eventual stage, generations down the line of time, Empire intends to divide the Kingdom into three territories: vaticanizing Islamic Mecca and Medina and applying the Syrian model to the two other divisions in eastern and southern Arabia.  But in the meantime, its options for Saudi Arabia are limited.

The only effective maneuver for Empire to make right now is what can only be termed ‘half-baked regime change’.  Currently, only two people rule over the Saudi kingdom.  An aging king and his favored son.  Empire intends to keep King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud ‘unbaked’ and firmly on the throne – they prefer that he would soon enough be unseated by natural death.  Empire might not see eye-to-eye with the new King like it did with his predecessor, but it can indeed still do business with him.  His young son, the royal Saudi Defense Secretary, however, must go.  Empire wants this prince baked already.  He absolutely must go and this is exactly what Empire is presently doing in Saudi Arabia:  combing the halls of royal Saudi Palaces for a more experienced and malleable princely replacement.  Whose foot will fit the glass shoe is yet to be determined, but a ploy to find the right foot is afoot, if you’ll pardon the pun.  An internal coup/dismissal/resignation or whatever shape the fall of Prince Mohammad bin Salman will soon take, Empire will ensure a less volatile and more accommodating Saudi servant of Empire takes his place.

We must make mention here that the Saudi king is perfectly aware of Empire’s plans to replace the prince and he will no doubt attempt to block them by hook or by crook.  But none of his ploys will succeed in the end as Empire has powerful allies inside of the Al Saud family and they will see to it that all attempts to enhance and entrench the powers of the young reckless prince are countered from within.

Furthermore, Empire needs to remind the rulers and sons and cousins of the rulers of Saudi Arabia of what could easily happen to their beloved kingdoms if they do not stop nurturing militant Takfirism across the globe.  Empire will threaten to apply the Syria model to Yemen, calling the bluff of Al Saud and all the other ruling Als in the Gulf monarchies.  In this way does Empire seek to u-turn the oil Arabs away from spreading sectarianism and regional war and back towards oil production and trade deals – back to their traditional role of making money for Empire, not wars.

Needless to say, through these new strategic shifts, Empire will endeavor to secure the stability of the Middle East inside of two decades so it may insure a successful transition and pivot towards the China seas – there, where it currently sees eventual, unavoidable conflict taking place.  This makes the job of any future president in the next twenty years mighty complex and oblique.  These elected men, these ordinary men with extraordinary ambitions will be flung into new uncharted waters where not they, but Captain Empire is the only hand swiveling the sails of an engorged-with-power Mothership.  Being the nature of the beast, Empire is in constant desire for more and more power.  This is what Empire dreams of:  infinitely increasing powers – and somehow, future Presidents will have to fulfill that insatiable demand for more and more mega gigantic superpowerdom.  At whatever cost to others.  Empire expects future Presidents to be able to touch the sun without burning their fingers in the process.

Overall, we observe here how Empire’s new strategic shifts will not go towards favoring or protecting a singular entity above others in the Middle East.  But this new shift in strategy actually has nothing to do with Empire’s belief in human rights or in helping out the Arab people.  This new shift is all primarily and principally for the benefit of Empire.  Yes, this new shift offers a brighter picture for the future of the Middle East than what we presently have, but this is purely an unintended consequence.  Empire will not quite fully release the Arab Umma from the chains of Empire.  The new strategy stops the current bloodshed and political and social turmoil, but it does not allow for the unification of the Arab people as a whole; it does not permit them to equitably benefit from their combined plentiful natural resources.  A democratic unification that would insure the prosperity and stability of the Middle East in the long term is not yet on Empire’s agenda.  Empire’s new shift will create a ‘practical’ peace in the Middle East, but Empire will also be sure to sprinkle a little itching powder at a handful of places just to keep small patches of skin burning on the Arab body – ready to spread if necessary.

Though allowed to live in general peace, the Arabs of the future will still be directly beholden to Empire’s plans and whims.

We are currently at an end of an era in the Middle East and at the beginning of another.  We are five minutes away from victory and one decade away from a functioning peace.

Let us hope that the next President of the United States has enough political currency and stamina to face Aipac’s assured revenge.  After all, there will be a price to pay in Washington for Empire’s new direction.  But it will be retribution wasted.

Empire, thy will be done.