Plato’s Pow Wow

Plato’s March Pow Wow

So I briefly scanned through today’s headlines and so far, there’s nothing of significance or consequence to post up or report on.  Much regurgitation of news, or silly spins on the week’s headlines is what’s gurgling in the media pipes today.  Plus, I could use some disconnect from the world time myself as well.  Yes, yet again, I’m feeling bored but brilliant.  What will I be doing today instead?  Well, it’s drizzling outside so I’m staying in bed, watching a stack of movies and eating toast and honey – a very pleasant R&R practice I learned when I lived back in rainy England.

So if anyone wishes to share an article they deem important, on any subject matter, then please do use the comment section below for platform.  Of course, you can also share your un-linkable, original thoughts here too.



  1. Taxi says:

    You have not lived till you've eaten blue-cheese and honey spread on hot toast. Top it with shavings of ripe pear for a truly exquisite and refreshing treat.  Yumzyyeehaw!!!

  2. Bornajoo says:

    Godammit Taxi you've made me feel really hungry! Mind you I'm betting that you've got some amazing quality bread and honey over there in the Levant too.

    One of my favourite breakfasts is a thick slice of wholegrain bread, toasted, covered in good olive oil (Zaytoun is a great olive oil from Palestine, thank you Bintbiba) and then sprinkled with za'atar. For those who don't know, za'atar is a blend of dried thyme-like herbs mixed with toasted sesame seeds and sumac. I love it! And I bet Taxi gets the best version in the Levant.

    Great graphic by the way (as usual)

    • Taxi says:

      Yeah we get pine honey here – honey whose bees live and feed only on pine blossom – light gold in color, very tasty and medicinal. The tastiest and most medicinal honey (I hear) is jet black honey from the Yemen. Apparently, Yasser Arafat was addicted to the stuff and would religiously start his day with a spoonful of black Yemeni honey.

      One of the good things about being in the Lebanese side of the Levant is the tastiness of the local produce – man, their fruits and veg taste like real fruit and veg from the old days, all juicy and bursting with intense flavors – I’ve yet to have a bland or tasteless veg or fruit here. The top soil around here is highly miniralized – I have an organic garden here as I have had an organic garden back in California and I can tell you my crops in the Levant are tastier and faster producing than in California. Very satisfying to dig and sweat and plant then eat superior harvest.

      A ten minute drive from my farmhouse takes you to the nearest village bakery – the baker there daily makes fresh manakeesh (Lebanese Zaatar pizza) – I very, very often have a hot manakeesh for breakfast – delicious!

      Lebanese cuisine is truly scrumptious and full of variety. This pisses off the israelis cuz they’re jealous of everything good that the Lebanon has: great weather, stunning landscape, delicious cuisine, wonderful music, beautiful hazel-eyed people – and the best goddamn resistance in the whole wide world. Up yours israel!

      • bintbiba says:

        I'm loving your zest for life , Taxi.

        Enjoy your day of lolling in bed and relaxing. You deserve some you-time after all the great work you do on Plato's Guns!   Thank you , say all of us ,I'm sure .

        Sending you love and best of everything you may wish for !

  3. I used to check Nima Shirazi's site religiously —

    then he became involved with and did not update WideAsleep as often.

    A "former editor of Muftah,"  Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani posted this article about Ted Cruz's foreign policy advisors at Think Progress

    The advisors include Frank Gaffney, Michael Ledeen, Eliot Abrams.  

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Checked out Muftah and found this, about US textbooks being Israelified/dePalestinianized

  4. RudyM says:

    I was actually thinking of requesting a Pow Wow thread, because I had a bunch of things going through my head that were more along psychological and philosophical lines. Maybe later when I'm more awake and after I've gotten some of an endless list of chores done. It's my "day off." Time to work.

    Sorry, kind of contrasts with the mood you started on this post, but that’s what my day looks like. Or maybe not. I am not feeling well, between allergies and possibly coming down with a cold, so that might at least rescue me from some of my chores.

  5. RudyM says:

    I have taken a critical interest in transgender issues lately, after having largely gone along with it all (in my head anyway) without thinking very much about it (or knowing much about it). The widespread transgender activist demand that we must think of transgender men and women as real men and women, on their say so, has pushed me over the edge. I also was previously unaware of the heavy medication of children who claimed a transgender identity, again, something many transgender activists are demanding (along with early surgeon, in some cases). It's pretty obvious that the transgender movement has gained strength by riding on the back of the GLB movements, but there are some serious contradictions there. Many of the MTF or FTM transgender individuals initially express gay or lesbian sexuality, and in some cases parents seem more comfortable with the idea of a child who was really "born the wrong sex" rather than a child with same-sex sexual preferences. (From what I've read–and I haven't dug in to try to confirm it–sex change operations are more acceptable in Iran than homosexuality is.) I had no idea of most of these dimensions to the subject until very recently. This is the most interesting blog I've found on the subject so far:

    It's all becoming some serious twilight zone stuff. I don't care much about what adults choose to do to modify their bodies, but there has to be a reasonable age of consent, and I also don't feel that I should be brow-beaten into accepting they are now really no longer the same sex they once were.

    (If this topic isn't appropriate for this thread, feel free to delete, Taxi!)

    • Taxi says:

      The topic of transgender is fine, Rudy. I appreciate your thoughts on this – you make some valid points on the topic.

      Just so you know, even though being gay in Iran is considered a crime, the Iranian government does actually pay for sex-change operations of its citizens. They recognize the notion that some people are ‘born with the wrong gender body’.

      • RudyM says:

        Thanks. I don't think I'm going to have much to say about it anyway, but I'd like to draw attention to the subject, since there's something worrisome to me about the speed with which some transgender activists have been able to mainstream some pretty radical ideas and practices. I also think that blog I liked to is exceptional, with good comment threads as well.

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