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  1. slothy says:

     The first time I heard of Eliot Higgins was when The New Yorker published The Rocket Man /11/25/2013 issue – about a Brit ,34, liked Frank Zappa music, wrote the ‘Brown Moses’ blog and he was monitoring rockets fired in Syria.- me thinks ‘sarin’ crap.

    MoA  prgr 5:
    A short history of the war in Syria
     ….. The US part in the plan was to provide the media and “global opinion” cover for the insurgency. …….

    Eliot Higgins in the last of ‘Letters’ 

    The Red line and the Rat Line
    by Seymour Hersh
    April 2014
    Richard Lloyd; Ted Postol
    Spokane,   Washington
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
    Allinson is correct that the improvised rockets he calls Volcanoes each contained about fifty litres of sarin, but wrong in his claim that they were fired from a regime-held area ‘to the north’. These claims are not original, but repeat those of Eliot Higgins, a blogger who, although he has been widely quoted as an expert in the American mainstream media, has changed his facts every time new technical information has challenged his conclusion that the Syrian government must have been responsible for the sarin attack. In addition, the claims that Higgins makes that are correct are all derived from our findings, which have been transmitted to him in numerous exchanges.

    It seems that Eliot Higgins had been active during Libya/2011 too, according to the NYT :

    American held captive in Syria is released

    And the great Frank Zappa here:

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