Disco For Cynics

by Taxi

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2016 – and what a year – don’t know whether to laugh or cry – some good, a lot of bad for the world – and we’re still in the belly of the tailspin.

But so what?!  Sticks and stones!  Perceived as fucked up, the world was always forever thus.

Today is the last day of the year and tomorrow will be no different.  It’s a little vacuous therefore to blow whistles and bells at midnight.  For me at least.  Rationalist.  Big cynic here.  And I’m inviting cynics of all sizes to get away from the din in the den of fools and join me for a moment or two of sheer cynicism and beauty.

No violins and no Kleenex allowed – no razor blades, no hope, no delusional change allowed –  just pure unadulterated poker-faced cynicism pontificating in a rose garden.  But why even use laden prose to describe the shocking life gripping us all when a simple song or two will do?

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you thus to my New Year’s Eve Disco For Cynics (with a dash of comedy and bitters).










*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


*Feel free to add your own cynic’s song list in the comment section.  I may add more myself… and in the meantime, I’m wishing all you jubilant melancholics out there good health, safety, and sanity in 2017!  Now smile your cynical smile and fasten your seat belts – here comes the very bumpy 2017 that we all expect.