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Fake News, Flake News And The Rise of The Electronic Town Crier

It is a linguistic curiosity that the word ‘fake’ has suddenly taken such a prominent hold of our collective global consciousness.  Inside a handful of recent months, this universally catchy buzzword has been stretched and bent sideways and downwards; uttered in every language under the sun a billion times an hour and turned into an elastic prefix that fits just about every noun and verb on earth.  We now have fake news, fake views, fake peace and fake war, fake inquest, fake protest, fake leader, fake lackey, fake friend, fake enemy, fake innocent, fake guilty, fake facts and fake honesty – we have fake Langley, fake leaks, fake angry, fake freaks, fake men, fake women, fake air, fake water, fake dinner, fake blood, fake army, fake soldier, fake good, fake evil, fake victors, fake losers and oh so very many fake schmoozers brown-nosing kingmakers down the halls of power.  We have plenty of fake history, fake future (only the present is real!) – we have fake intelligence and fake intellos, fake analysts and fake experts, fake saviors, fake survivors, fake vandals, fake scandals, fake right, fake left, fake election, fake protection, fake freedom, fake resistance, fake vows and fake commitments – we even have fake actors and the double fake whammy of fake fakers!  We’re presently so inundated with fake victims and dictum, fake healers and fake spielers, fake pollsters and statistics, fake winners, fake sinners and all them so very Botoxed fake grinners in our vast, fickle, hapless, illusory-culture world.  Why everything around us is suddenly looking so faux, fake, false, phony, bogus, sham, artificial and eerily staged: recalling the parallel universe here of The Truman Show.  Fake just about everything conceivable and all leading up to the big fake Red Scare: the most dangerous of all the fakes: disseminated by fakesters with shameless gusto – zapping like perpetual lightening across humanity’s gazillion brain wires.

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