Fake News, Flake News And The Rise of The Electronic Town Crier

by Taxi

It is a linguistic curiosity that the word ‘fake’ has suddenly taken such a prominent hold of our collective global consciousness.  Inside a handful of recent months, this universally catchy buzzword has been stretched and bent sideways and downwards; uttered in every language under the sun a billion times an hour and turned into an elastic prefix that fits just about every noun and verb on earth.  We now have fake news, fake views, fake peace and fake war, fake inquest, fake protest, fake leader, fake lackey, fake friend, fake enemy, fake innocent, fake guilty, fake facts and fake honesty – we have fake Langley, fake leaks, fake angry, fake freaks, fake men, fake women, fake air, fake water, fake dinner, fake blood, fake army, fake soldier, fake good, fake evil, fake victors, fake losers and oh so very many fake schmoozers brown-nosing kingmakers down the halls of power.  We have plenty of fake history, fake future (only the present is real!) – we have fake intelligence and fake intellos, fake analysts and fake experts, fake saviors, fake survivors, fake vandals, fake scandals, fake right, fake left, fake election, fake protection, fake freedom, fake resistance, fake vows and fake commitments – we even have fake actors and the double fake whammy of fake fakers!  We’re presently so inundated with fake victims and dictum, fake healers and fake spielers, fake pollsters and statistics, fake winners, fake sinners and all them so very Botoxed fake grinners in our vast, fickle, hapless, illusory-culture world.  Why everything around us is suddenly looking so faux, fake, false, phony, bogus, sham, artificial and eerily staged: recalling the parallel universe here of The Truman Show.  Fake just about everything conceivable and all leading up to the big fake Red Scare: the most dangerous of all the fakes: disseminated by fakesters with shameless gusto – zapping like perpetual lightening across humanity’s gazillion brain wires.

Please do indulge me here, if you may: stop for a second and repeat the word ‘fake’ out loud to yourself.  Fake, fake… say it again: fake, fake… rhymes with cake, this word ‘fake’ – you can almost smell the warm baked phonetic sugar if you close your eyes and whisper it.  “Fake… fake”: say it to yourself again real nice and slow, dear reader; say it without politicizing it; say it for the sake of auditory insight and essence; say it simple; say it without prejudice; listen here to its soporific fabric: “fake… fake”… so very velvet and pleasing in sound, pillowy whisper word, innocuous and vapid and sitting pretty right there between an outright lie and a seductive ruse.

Perhaps the reason for this sudden eruption of fakeness all around is that our society was always forever thus: fake: and now the artificial veil has been fully removed by the multiplying tentacles of the Social-Media octopus.  Well, it was bound to happen, what with all that cascading, ceaseless and uncensored free-flow of information in the past two decades and all.  It’s a point worth seriously considering: that what we have been calling collective ‘reality’ all along has in fact been a massive web of engineered and manufactured sociopolitical illusions: designed by the elite powers for personal profit and to maintain their position of power and control over us, without regard or care for our reasonable, collective aspirations.  Unauthentic and unreal: it appears that that’s the kind of society we’ve all been living in for decades – kept there coddled in our fake sense of comfort by passive-aggressive Hollywood and the MSM narratives.

Now we watch in amused amazement how the spread of the word ‘fake’ has sucker-punched Hollywood’s perfect jawline, shock-and-awed the two major political parties, and decimated the MSM.  These three damaged entities, they do not control the political narrative anymore.  The people do.  Big people.  Small people.  Citizen and President alike.  They are all now Editors-in Chief and electronic town criers.  And they’re completely out of control.  Bypassing the traditional gatekeepers and testy censors with absolute, superb ease.  Right or wrong, deciding for themselves what the spin of the daily news should be.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and the massive daily output of Blogger journalism and commentary – all of it is in hot competition with the MSM and the MSM is losing, nay has already lost its powers of mesmerism over the general public.

It used to be that fake news was rarely a viral headline and itself hinted at bizarre anti-government propaganda, or entertaining sensationalism.  It used to be that UFO and Loch Ness Monster sightings were considered fake news, but now… the word fake is forcing us all to redefine headline reality.

Yes words matter.  Even small ones do.  Who would have thunk that this soft, petite word ‘fake’ would single-handedly be responsible for the breakdown of a chunk of our mighty Establishment.  This slender verbal bullet that brought down the raging monster right between the eyes.  Since its cacophonous entry into our daily lives, it has turned our upside-down world upside-down again.  Now we look around the right-way-up and see the staggering mountain of anti-citizen crimes committed behind black walls by our corrupt Establishment and their over-paid minions.  We are currently reeling in a whirlwind of realism that the Establishment has no idea how to stop or control.  We citizens have bolted outside the fenced field and the herd-mind is now grazing in the wild.  Anything can happen when the dust behind us settles and our bellies are full of tasty wild grasses.

We are living in a moment that is ripe for a new level of honesty in politics.  Ripe for young aspiring political leaders to incubate a new DC Ethics Manifesto that treats constituents with respect and intelligence; a manifesto that offers voters realism and solution, not deception and ruin.  We are living in a moment that begs for new behaviorism from politicians: conduct that favors truth over lobbyists.  This, we should absolutely and firmly demand from our politicians.  Whole facts, not just slithers of it should become paramount and the expected norm in our futuristic body politic.  For all the copious taxes that we continuously pay, we should demand even greater transparency and… remorseless accountability.  Zero tolerance for corruption and corruptors should be the collective voter’s quintessential slogan.

We all know that an enlightened civilization is built on truth: creative truth – which is actually common sense inspired by fact.  Our future survival depends on widespread truth, so it behooves all citizens of all persuasions to vote only for representatives who base their policies on truths that serve the voters.  It is our paramount responsibility, and ours alone, to take the future out of the unsteady hands of liars.  This in itself should now be our sole task as voters.

“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them” – Ida B. Wells.  The path forward is simple and clear.

It’s been a long battle between the 1% elites and the 1% awake.  Now, thanks to the spread of Social-Media activism, we have irreversibly become a legion of ‘awake’ versus the 1% elites.  And what currently looks like massive information anarchy is actually progress with unkempt hair – tossed hither and dither by the windy word ‘fake’.

Ah that word again, that funky, wonky word ‘fake’ – that little word that like a reluctant messiah unwittingly liberated the masses from centuries of sociopolitical darkness.  That zeitgeist word that smells of sugar and bites like spice, that very same word ‘fake’, actually, in fact, curiously enough, also happens to rhyme with the word ‘wake’.  Yes.  Wake.  Rhymes with fake, this word ‘wake’.

Wake.  Arise.  Wake!