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Fake News, Flake News And The Rise of The Electronic Town Crier

It is a linguistic curiosity that the word ‘fake’ has suddenly taken such a prominent hold of our collective global consciousness.  Inside a handful of recent months, this universally catchy buzzword has been stretched and bent sideways and downwards; uttered in every language under the sun a billion times an hour and turned into an elastic prefix that fits just about every noun and verb on earth.  We now have fake news, fake views, fake peace and fake war, fake inquest, fake protest, fake leader, fake lackey, fake friend, fake enemy, fake innocent, fake guilty, fake facts and fake honesty – we have fake Langley, fake leaks, fake angry, fake freaks, fake men, fake women, fake air, fake water, fake dinner, fake blood, fake army, fake soldier, fake good, fake evil, fake victors, fake losers and oh so very many fake schmoozers brown-nosing kingmakers down the halls of power.  We have plenty of fake history, fake future (only the present is real!) – we have fake intelligence and fake intellos, fake analysts and fake experts, fake saviors, fake survivors, fake vandals, fake scandals, fake right, fake left, fake election, fake protection, fake freedom, fake resistance, fake vows and fake commitments – we even have fake actors and the double fake whammy of fake fakers!  We’re presently so inundated with fake victims and dictum, fake healers and fake spielers, fake pollsters and statistics, fake winners, fake sinners and all them so very Botoxed fake grinners in our vast, fickle, hapless, illusory-culture world.  Why everything around us is suddenly looking so faux, fake, false, phony, bogus, sham, artificial and eerily staged: recalling the parallel universe here of The Truman Show.  Fake just about everything conceivable and all leading up to the big fake Red Scare: the most dangerous of all the fakes: disseminated by fakesters with shameless gusto – zapping like perpetual lightening across humanity’s gazillion brain wires.

Please do indulge me here, if you may: stop for a second and repeat the word ‘fake’ out loud to yourself.  Fake, fake… say it again: fake, fake… rhymes with cake, this word ‘fake’ – you can almost smell the warm baked phonetic sugar if you close your eyes and whisper it.  “Fake… fake”: say it to yourself again real nice and slow, dear reader; say it without politicizing it; say it for the sake of auditory insight and essence; say it simple; say it without prejudice; listen here to its soporific fabric: “fake… fake”… so very velvet and pleasing in sound, pillowy whisper word, innocuous and vapid and sitting pretty right there between an outright lie and a seductive ruse.

Perhaps the reason for this sudden eruption of fakeness all around is that our society was always forever thus: fake: and now the artificial veil has been fully removed by the multiplying tentacles of the Social-Media octopus.  Well, it was bound to happen, what with all that cascading, ceaseless and uncensored free-flow of information in the past two decades and all.  It’s a point worth seriously considering: that what we have been calling collective ‘reality’ all along has in fact been a massive web of engineered and manufactured sociopolitical illusions: designed by the elite powers for personal profit and to maintain their position of power and control over us, without regard or care for our reasonable, collective aspirations.  Unauthentic and unreal: it appears that that’s the kind of society we’ve all been living in for decades – kept there coddled in our fake sense of comfort by passive-aggressive Hollywood and the MSM narratives.

Now we watch in amused amazement how the spread of the word ‘fake’ has sucker-punched Hollywood’s perfect jawline, shock-and-awed the two major political parties, and decimated the MSM.  These three damaged entities, they do not control the political narrative anymore.  The people do.  Big people.  Small people.  Citizen and President alike.  They are all now Editors-in Chief and electronic town criers.  And they’re completely out of control.  Bypassing the traditional gatekeepers and testy censors with absolute, superb ease.  Right or wrong, deciding for themselves what the spin of the daily news should be.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and the massive daily output of Blogger journalism and commentary – all of it is in hot competition with the MSM and the MSM is losing, nay has already lost its powers of mesmerism over the general public.

It used to be that fake news was rarely a viral headline and itself hinted at bizarre anti-government propaganda, or entertaining sensationalism.  It used to be that UFO and Loch Ness Monster sightings were considered fake news, but now… the word fake is forcing us all to redefine headline reality.

Yes words matter.  Even small ones do.  Who would have thunk that this soft, petite word ‘fake’ would single-handedly be responsible for the breakdown of a chunk of our mighty Establishment.  This slender verbal bullet that brought down the raging monster right between the eyes.  Since its cacophonous entry into our daily lives, it has turned our upside-down world upside-down again.  Now we look around the right-way-up and see the staggering mountain of anti-citizen crimes committed behind black walls by our corrupt Establishment and their over-paid minions.  We are currently reeling in a whirlwind of realism that the Establishment has no idea how to stop or control.  We citizens have bolted outside the fenced field and the herd-mind is now grazing in the wild.  Anything can happen when the dust behind us settles and our bellies are full of tasty wild grasses.

We are living in a moment that is ripe for a new level of honesty in politics.  Ripe for young aspiring political leaders to incubate a new DC Ethics Manifesto that treats constituents with respect and intelligence; a manifesto that offers voters realism and solution, not deception and ruin.  We are living in a moment that begs for new behaviorism from politicians: conduct that favors truth over lobbyists.  This, we should absolutely and firmly demand from our politicians.  Whole facts, not just slithers of it should become paramount and the expected norm in our futuristic body politic.  For all the copious taxes that we continuously pay, we should demand even greater transparency and… remorseless accountability.  Zero tolerance for corruption and corruptors should be the collective voter’s quintessential slogan.

We all know that an enlightened civilization is built on truth: creative truth – which is actually common sense inspired by fact.  Our future survival depends on widespread truth, so it behooves all citizens of all persuasions to vote only for representatives who base their policies on truths that serve the voters.  It is our paramount responsibility, and ours alone, to take the future out of the unsteady hands of liars.  This in itself should now be our sole task as voters.

“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them” – Ida B. Wells.  The path forward is simple and clear.

It’s been a long battle between the 1% elites and the 1% awake.  Now, thanks to the spread of Social-Media activism, we have irreversibly become a legion of ‘awake’ versus the 1% elites.  And what currently looks like massive information anarchy is actually progress with unkempt hair – tossed hither and dither by the windy word ‘fake’.

Ah that word again, that funky, wonky word ‘fake’ – that little word that like a reluctant messiah unwittingly liberated the masses from centuries of sociopolitical darkness.  That zeitgeist word that smells of sugar and bites like spice, that very same word ‘fake’, actually, in fact, curiously enough, also happens to rhyme with the word ‘wake’.  Yes.  Wake.  Rhymes with fake, this word ‘wake’.

Wake.  Arise.  Wake!



  1. Taxi says:

    It would have been helpful to humanity if we were created in such a way that when we told a lie, our eyes would cross and remain crossed for five minutes.

    A clear facial indicator of deception would have saved billions of lives and untold miseries.

    If we had such a faculty, our lives would be saner.

    For true longevity and supreme progress, the foundations of everything, be they architectural or ideological, must thus be built on the lofty principle of truth.  We as a species have so far failed at arriving at longevity in anything.  Acknowledging that we have the seed of deception within us all, it mystifies that some humans love and live purely to deceive.

    I know some animals in the wild use camouflage for protection, but would that be considered 'deception'? 

    Mindful here that humans lie for both pleasure and profit, does a chameleon on a branch change color for dollars or for foreplay?

    With the advent of technology and the spread of the mental 'fake news' virus, we're being forced now as individuals to do our own research in search of truth, or reality (same thing).  To move forward harmoniously as a collective species, individuals would need to have elevated and clear perceptions and deductions.  In the whole history of mankind, individuality is being appreciated and nurtured the most in our present lifetime.  Proactive research for information is thus incrementally expanding the cognitive individual.

    I'm guessing this can only be a good thing.  I just hope it doesn't take individuals forever to become expert researchers.

  2. Taxi says:

    Whom to believe?  Well, only oneself.  What does the evaluating mind of self want?  Information without pathos.  Pristine, machine-like information.  As is.  Nothing added.  Nothing taken away.

  3. Taxi says:

    The trippiest and most insidious of all the fakes must be the "fake fakers": the counter-counter propagandists who exist to weave very sophisticated lies of mass distraction.  Craven lies and profound deceptions that enable the slaughter and displacement of millions of humans.

    Wikileaks comes to mind.  My jury is still out on the authenticity of Wikileaks – but the more I explore the behaviorism of Wiki, the more shadows I see.

    I just found and watched this video below on the subject:

    • Taxi says:

      Assange buys the official 9/11 story.  I find that detail about him odd, disappointing, and shadowy.  He's not a stupid man by any measure and the official 9/11 story has obvious holes, omissions and contradictions.  Surely Assange sees all this.  Surely!  Then why say otherwise?  Why the gatekeeping?  Out of fear of the perps?  Or in collaboration with the perps?

    • Taxi says:

      The problem with fakeness and lies is that they eventually infect your thoughts with unreasonableness, which, if left untreated, can lead to certifiable madness.

      The very people who for years talked about the problem of conspiracy theories have become the keenest spreaders of conspiracy theories. The people who spent the past few months banging on about the ‘post-truth’ politics of Brexit and Trump have shown they don’t have the first clue what truth is. The people who posed as champions of logic have revealed themselves as peddlers of paranoia. (Brendan O'Neill – The Spectator)

      The Left's great Russian conspiracy theory | Coffee House


  4. Taxi says:

    The problem with fakeness and lies is that they eventually infect your thoughts with unreasonableness, which, if left untreated, can lead to antisocial behavior, even pathological psychosis.

    The very people who for years talked about the problem of conspiracy theories have become the keenest spreaders of conspiracy theories. The people who spent the past few months banging on about the ‘post-truth’ politics of Brexit and Trump have shown they don’t have the first clue what truth is. The people who posed as champions of logic have revealed themselves as peddlers of paranoia. (Brendan O'Neill – The Spectator)

    The Left's great Russian conspiracy theory | Coffee House

  5. Taxi says:

    We can say that 9/11 is the most consequential 'fake history' in recent times.  A truly staggering, vile and deadly fabrication.  Many plausible theories outside the official version abound – most have common threads of logic: the collapse of Building 7, for instance.  But the finer details, the names of the conspirators and mission supporters – how it was all put together and who executed which part of the plan – all this specific information is hard to verify.  One explores and objectively considers other people's research and their conclusion in case a clearer, more detailed picture can be put together.

    I hardly ever read articles on 9/11 – I prefer to watch videos on the topic once in a blue moon – but someone sent me this 9/11 article today and it made for an interesting read

    It's ironic that, nowadays, investigative journalists are referred to as 'conspiracy theorists' and propagandists are referred to as 'journalists'.

  6. Bornajoo says:

    Greetings Dear Taxi

    I personally don't really know exactly what happened on 911. I've read lots and seen lots. However from all the reading and watching I've done the one theory that has the least credibility is the official version. I definitely don't believe any of that bullshit. 

    I've also had my suspicions about Wikileaks but for Assange to say that he believes the official story blows his credibility completely. It would have been bad enough if he just remained agnostic on the subject.  I think the short video you posted above makes some very interesting points, especially about all the other leaks that have been left out!

    We are absolutely living in a whole of fakery where hardly anything can be believed as real facts (or even alternate facts for that matter). Nothing can be taken at face value and one must remain vigilant and eager to do as much personal research as possible.

    The problem is most of the sheeple want the *facts*, either real, alternate or fake, or fake fake, handed to them on a MSM plate so they don't need to worry about  having to do the one thing they obviously can't stand doing at the best of times; to think for themselves.

    • Taxi says:

      For earnest truth seekers, regardless of their personal level of intelligence, one can only rely on one's own discernment.  The 'fake news' explosion is leading to the necessary fine-tuning of the individual's cognitive faculties.   I think this can only be a good thing in the long run – more individuated people in the future would make it tougher for politicians, propagandists and advertisers to pull the wool over the eyes of voter and buyer. Plus it raises the collective’s intelligence level as well when individuals within it are sharp-brained.

      "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud" – Julian Assange

      Ever since Assange made the above statement, there's been much chatter on the internet about it, with a majority of commentators now labeling Wikileaks as a 'limited hangout' – a term used by intelligence agencies and defined by Wikispooks as:

      The deliberate revelation of some information to try to confuse and/or prevent discovery of other information.

      With several million Afghani and Arabs dead and more millions displaced as a consequence of the 9/11 attack, one would think that Julian would know that the crux of this event was about "war" AND "mass financial fraud"

      'Move along now, nothing here to see' seems to be what Assange is saying about 9/11.  Needless to say, he's completely stopped talking about 9/11 since he made his unreasonable and revealing statement.  I haven't personally read all the Wikileaks files on 9/11, but clearly non of the information released created a single notable wave in the media or in the bloggersphere.  Empty, inconsequential information is what Assange has released on 9/11.

      Beware the self-appointed peddlers of 'truth'.

  7. skrik says:

    We are living in a moment that is ripe for a new level of honesty in politics. Ripe for young aspiring political leaders to incubate a new DC Ethics Manifesto that treats constituents with respect and intelligence; a manifesto that offers voters realism and solution, not deception and ruin. We are living in a moment that begs for new behaviorism from politicians: conduct that favors truth over lobbyists. This, we should absolutely and firmly demand from our politicians.

    Me: IMHO, not going to happen. Politicians are ineluctably corruptible, and the [filthy 5th-column] coercion-operators are firmly in place. Yes, "fake news" has been well and truly flushed, activists must simply keep 'catapulting' – the truth. rgds

    • Taxi says:

      Sure no changes will occur tomorrow due to the "filthy 5th column", but one must today prepare for a future, one must today cultivate a vision of life and order POST the defeat of the "filthy 5th column".  And please don't tell me that you think they're eternally invincible – cuz they're not.  They are defeatable.

      There are two ways of defeating/defanging the "filthy 5th":

      1- The destruction of the heart of their power center in tel aviv: meaning the destruction of tel aviv by the Axis of Resistance.  This will drain all power from AIPAC here in USA.


      2-  A savage USA civil war that would unseat the 1% who are mostly zionists.

      These are our only options and I personally prefer the first one.

      • skrik says:

        1- The destruction of the heart of their power center

        Me: No.

        2-  A savage USA civil war

        Me: Also Not. With all due respect, violence is not an option, a) because violence is a resort of those incapable of winning  the intellectual argument but worse b) practical considerations; our '#1 enemy' has more firepower and is itching to deploy it to kill as many of us as they want to.

        Then, silence/inaction is not an option, since silence is acquiescence.

        Q: What to do? A: Defeat them on the level playing field of ideas, where we hold the natural advantage, criminals being not so clever. rgds

      • Taxi says:

        I am not advocating for a violent solution, I'm predicting its certainty.  I'm saying violence will occur because of israel's intensifying barbarism and destructiveness, its land-theft of Palestine and dollar-theft of the USA.

        Defeat them on the level playing field of ideas, where we hold the natural advantage, criminals being not so clever.

        Here, I have to say that either you don't know your enemy at all, or you're nuts and without a clue as to what's really going on.

        You think that passively, peacefully sitting on your hands and pontificating how, when and where to "Defeat them on the level playing field of ideas" as they eat away the last slice of pizza will actually create a Palestinian state?!!  Will actually give us citizens powers to stop the fleecing of our dollars and coffers by zionists?!!

        Considering context and current conditions on the ground in Palestine, hands down this is absolutely a most impractical and absurd suggestion.  You're virtually asking the Palestinians to line up nicely for the slaughterhouse and smile as they enter.  And you're also asking Americans to 'cleverly' just play the field while the fleecing goes on and on and on.  Sorry to tell you, pal, but zionists don't do "level playing field of ideas" – they only do jackboot, slo-mo genocide, all levels of dollar-theft and the all important hijacking of our military forces.  And they're never ever going to let go of a single inch of  power or tactic.

        'What was taken by force, can only be retrieved by force'.  This is the human condition.  Not my personal preference, but it is socio-geopolitical reality!

        In a weird twist of fate, we Americans now find ourselves covertly occupied by the same evil cabal that overtly occupies Palestine.  We share an enemy.  This is my perspective.

        Either the dragon is killed in USA by us, or in Palestine by the Axis of Resistance.  I don't foresee a third option.

    • Taxi says:

      I believe a 5th Estate is possible, the product of a people's movement that monitors, deconstructs and counters the Media, the Corporate Media.  In every university, in every media college, in every newsroom, teachers of journalism and journalists themselves need to ask themselves about the part they now play in the bloodshed in the name of bogus objectivity.  Such a movement within the media could herald a Perestroika of a kind we've never known.  This is all possible.  Silences can be broken. (John Pilger)

  8. Taxi says:

    Government cultivating a 'fake attitude' also leads to fake news.  To demonstrate this, here's Jimmy Dore (who in my opinion has more truthiness, integrity and funnyness than both John Steward and that other slick covert establishment dude, Stephen Colbert:

  9. bintbiba says:

    Greetings Taxi,

    Thank you for posting Jimmy Dore's episode.

    …." truthiness, integrity and funniness…."  

    Here in the UK we're not familiar with him! The ugly, blatant truth is much too painful to absorb, digest, deal with and to bear. So negation is the answer. 

    'Exceptionalism' must be the answer! Brave man, Mr Dore!

    • Taxi says:

      These days, and since I stopped posting daily articles on Plato's, I hardly ever read any MSM articles.  Yes, happenstance that I see some of their headlines as I'm surfing the net, but I've pretty much stopped clicking and reading details.  Instead, I've taken to getting political commentary from a very small handful of youtubers, Jimmy Dore being one of them.  I've subscribed to his channel and tend to visit him daily for a couple of choice vids.  Love it!  So much time saving – yet I keep my finger on the pulse of real news.

      I'm not into his pro 'Bernie Sanders' tip – as a lefty, Jimmy is by far more sincere and honest than Bernie (Bernie is a fake lefty).  But I dig Jimmy's political analysis because it's simply unpretentious common sense with a dollop of humor.

  10. Taxi says:

    We expect our politicians to lie, but were it not for the MSM, for decades, increasingly and knowingly publishing ruinous lies, we would not have the phenomenon of fake news today.

    Therefore one could say that the MSM are the real creators and originators of fake news.

    Image result for FAKE NEWS

  11. Taxi says:

    In my humble opinion, election fake news that emotively and incessantly poured out of the MSM has led to outbreaks of violence and civic unrest post election – as the Huntington Beach fight between pro Trump marchers and anti Trump protestors in the video below demonstrates (other similar fights have dotted the map of our nation too, and no doubt will continue to do so).

    Note how the anti Trump brigade in the video is masked and dressed all in immaculate black, kinda like ISIS – perhaps they use the same Hollywood stylist? And knowing they would be outnumbered, anti Trumpers came to disrupt the march with teargas canisters ready to use on Trump supporters. Those who used teargas were chased by Trump supporters and arrested by the police… I guess we should thank our lucky spangled-stars that no guns were involved.

    And the Trump marchers did actually turn my stomach too – for different reasons. Hate to stereotype here but most of them looked like overweight, sluggish flag-waving rednecks with pink skin who love their beer bellies and their “USA-USA-USA!” nursery rhyme.

    Our country is now the pits! So embarrassing to watch from afar the petty squabbles escalate to flashes of violence here and there, even some four months after the votes were counted and Trump won. I don’t remember this level of civic hostility after an election – and I think this is due to the MSM continuing its fake news assault on our society.

    Don’t the MSM honchos know the destructive effects of pathological lying? Surely they’re educated enough to know this basic insight!

  12. Taxi says:

    Fake hate.  Let's look at that, shall we?

    I'm sure by now readers have seen the headlines that allege a 19 year old American-israeli  guy was busted in israel for making hundreds of threatening phonecalls to jewish centers in USA and around the globe.

    As you will note: throughout the reporting of this story, no MSM outlet in the West or in israel has referred to the jewish hoaxer as a 'terrorist' even though the result and indeed the intent of his actions was to terrorize civilians for political gain.  But here at Plato's we will call a spade: a spade.

    Many journalists are feigning stupidity, not even deducing the possibility that the unnamed isreali terrorist might be a Mossad agent working their fat antisemitic ops file.  In fact, before the arrest, the MSM blatantly accused Trump and his supporters of inspiring and being behind the (fake) spike of antisemiticism under a Trump presidency.  They even demanded time and again that Trump publicly "address" this living threat against the jewish community in America – which eventually he positively made mention of in a recent speech.

    But Trump being Trump, he went further than expected and 'personally' sent 12 special FBI Cybercrime agents to israel to chase a lead… several weeks later, they were able to obtain the name and address of the perp and the israeli police were then able to make the arrest in Ashkelon, israel. 

    But… begs the question here: how come the mighty Mossad, Shin Bet and israel's cyber-intelligence outfit 'Unit 8200' all had zero leads on this case after some two years of investigations (the israeli terrorist hoaxer had been operating for 2-3 years)?!  Bitcoin transactions were found on the terrorist-hoaxer's computer so we know it was a paid gig – and considering all the sophisticated hi-tech equipment found in his house, we know it's a very professional paymaster.  Remember here the Mossad motto: "by deception thou shalt do war".

    Okay, so we all know that israel literally survives and expands its territory and powers because of its numerous "deceptions" operations – the list of israeli false flag ops is too long to mention here.  But the pertinent question now is: why is the Mossad false-flagging at Trump's expense?  And did Netanyahu give the Mossad the green light to bolster the fake threats under Trump?

    Why would Netanyahu do this to his old BFF, Trump?  Why would Netanyahu plant 'the antisemitic trap' for his old buddy?

    No doubt these questions have occurred to Trump and his intelligence team.  And no doubt they have ascertained, nay confirmed that all diplomacy aside, the freaking israelis are not to be trusted at all.  No doubt too, israel's handful of agents inside of Trump's camp are now viewed with quiet suspicion.  It is not far fetched to assume that this whole terroristic hoax op is an israeli tactic to make Trump weaker so that zio agents can pounce on him and take control of the running of the USA.  We know israelis hate any kind of independent American politician (we've seen what they do to them) – and we know that what they fear the most is an independent American President. 

    Knowing how much Trump values loyalty, especially when so many political daggers are drawn against him, and regardless of how the zionist media spins this story ("the teen has a brain tumor and is not responsible for his actions"), at this stage of the game, and as I predicted in my article when Trump won the presidency, the Trump-Netanyahu honeymoon is now OVER!  Trump will read this hoax incident as a covert israel war waged against him and no doubt he will fight back in his own way.  This covert war between USA and israel will soon enough become public and Trump will prove even more of a nightmare to zionists than even Obama ever was.  Methinks that Trump knows that the best way to punish israel is to keep pushing for a Two State Solution.

    As a consequence of this busted hoax, and even more dangerous for zionists: the average American public are now aware that yes indeed American jews are hoaxers working with israel against their own president.  Not to be trusted.  More Americans will now smirk and scoff with cynicism next time Biden and Shmiden et all declare "there is no daylight between us and israel", and "israel is our closest ally".  And with the MSM's current loss of credibility, it will be extremely difficult to reverse these suspicions in the American mind.

    • chu33 says:

      Go Trump. Draining that distant swamp named Israel.

      All the media were demonizing his supporters as white supremacists, but it turns out to be an American Jew making all the bomb threats. And they wont give out his name yet??? I hope he's extradited to face trial here.

    • Taxi says:

      Yeah really 'Go Trump' for personally requesting the special FBI team go AND bring back the goodies that would vindicate the Prez from the antisemitic label that his enemies were using against him.

      Trump is badly read (probably hates books) but he's NY street-smart with small but thug billionaire hands.  Dealing with him when he is in a wary state of mind would be very trying, as I'm sure Netanyahu is about to find out.

      As to naming the little shit perp, the israeli government is holding back and probably won't allow for his extradition.  They don't want their numerous other secret agents around the globe to panic and think that the mossad can't protect them if they get caught by goys – mossad will lose recruiting powers if they seem unable to protect their people.  I'm sure mossad's minion agents are shitting in their pants while waiting to see what happens to brain-tumor-boy.  We'll see if Trump insists on extradition – or what kind of compromise deal between Trump and Netanyahu is done behind closed doors so as to let the israeli authorities deal with the perp instead.

      I read (in the Guardian?) that the jewish perp has made over a thousand fake threats over a three year period.  Imagine that.  That's like a phonecall (sometimes two) per day.  Yap, it's a job that he was getting paid for on a regular basis alright.

      They think they're so fucking smart, don't they?!

    • Taxi says:

      We will probably never be rid of stories about fake-this-and-fake-that in our lifetime.  I mean fake news about real events and real stories about fake people will keep proliferating – the content increasingly assuming a dark, cartoonish twist and turn.  Take for instance this truly bizarre headline from the Washington Post today:

      Fake Florida doctor who ‘enhanced’ buttocks with cement, caulking gets 10 years for manslaughter


      We'll now have to add 'fake ass doctor' to our long list of fakes.  Right below the fake Washington Post and its wacky, clickbait headline.

  13. Taxi says:

    What about this other American-jewish terrorist hoaxer who got busted in Florida a couple of years ago?  Sommmmbody (yes you Sean McBrde!) needs to make a list of all the American jews busted for numerous online terrorist activities since 9/11.

    … he was accused of instructing someone on how to make a bomb from a pressure-cooker, and to fill it with nails and other metal pieces dipped in rat poison.

    "Pressure-cooker" bomb?  Rings a big fat bell, doesn't it?!

    Florida Jew Arrested for Posing as Online Jihadist, Encouraging Terrorism:

  14. Taxi says:

    Well it's not looking like this whole 'fake everything' paradigm is going away any time soon – we're still in the early stages of a phenomenal 'shift'.  The confined world that the elites have created is slowly turning into an asylum with everybody banging on pots and pans and questioning each others' reality.

    My advice?  "Take your protein pill and put your helmet on"

    • bintbiba says:

      "… …  The confined world that the elites have created is slowly turning into an asylum with everybody banging on pots and pans and questioning each others' reality. 


      What a  perfectly brilliant  metaphor, dear Taxi!  You never cease to amaze!

    • Taxi says:

      Thank you Bintbiba.  Humbly, it's not that difficult to compose such a metaphor when your ears are being constantly bashed by the cacophony of so many people denying reality and reason.

  15. Taxi says:

    We will probably never be rid of stories about fake-this-and-fake-that in our lifetime.  I mean fake news about real events and real stories about fake people will keep proliferating – the content increasingly assuming a dark, cartoonish twist and turn.  Take for instance this truly bizarre headline from the Washington Post today:

    Fake Florida doctor who ‘enhanced’ buttocks with cement, caulking gets 10 years for manslaughter


    We'll now have to add 'fake ass doctor' to our long list of fakes.  Right below the fake Washington Post and its wacky, clickbait headline.

  16. Taxi says:

    Some recent statistics on 'fake news' and the deteriorating integrity of the WH and the MSM in the eyes of citizens:

    More than 6-in-10 Americans believe that traditional major TV and newspaper media outlets report "fake news," including 27% who believe this happens regularly and 36% who say it happens occasionally. An even larger majority believe that online news websites report fake news, including 41% who believe this happens regularly and 39% who say it happens occasionally. Republicans (79%) and independents (66%) are more likely than Democrats (43%) to say that major media outlets transmit fake news stories. The difference is less stark for online news sites – 87% of Republicans, 83% of independents, and 72% of Democrats say these sources circulate fake news.

    The downward trend for MSM is continuing, which is why zio operators are pushing hard for laws that allow for less freedom of speech.  Unconscionable fake solution!

    SEC. 2. Section 18320.5 is added to the Elections Code, to read:
    18320.5. It is unlawful for a person to knowingly and willingly make, publish or circulate on an Internet Web site, or cause to be made, published, or circulated in any writing posted on an Internet Web site, a false or deceptive statement designed to influence the vote on either of the following:
    (a) Any issue submitted to voters at an election.
    (b) Any candidate for election to public office.

    In my humble opinion, the Establishment telling the truth is the only remedy for the spread of fake news.

  17. Taxi says:

    The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News Online:

    Many experts fear uncivil and manipulative behaviors on the internet will persist – and may get worse.  This will lead to a splintering of social media into AI-patrolled and regulated ‘safe spaces’ separated from free-for-all zones.  Some worry this will hurt the open exchange of ideas and compromise privacy.

  18. Taxi says:

    The 9/11 attack is decidedly the biggest and most consequential fakery in our lifetime – falling in the year 2001, it pretty much set the tone for the 21st century.  For the past 16 tears, the MSM has accepted the 'official version', whereas large chunks of populations have rejected it.

    Surprisingly, the FBI has recently released some new photos of the attack on the Pentagon – a controversial act in itself, considering there's been a virtual blackout by all our Intelligence agencies on any 9/11 info since the publication and release of the 'official version'.

    Speculation is rife as to the timing and the reasons behind this release.  Needless to say, Social Media is on fire with this story – and mystified DC elites are probably discussing it over dinner with a measure of nervous trepidation.

  19. Taxi says:

    Fake attack?

    We hear today of yet another Bashar sarin attack on Syrian civilians – but the story is a White Helmets story and obviously completely FAKE!  How can one tell this story is fake?  Well, never mind Bashar is winning the war hands down and doesn't need to resort to foul war strategies at this point of his sweeping victories; we also know this story is fake because they released photos of White Helmets crew with UN-GLOVED hands touching and handling fake actor victims: having direct contact with sarin-poisoned skin, which in fact would be extremely hazardous, even fatal to the gloveless handlers.  Needless to say, White Helmets didn't report any of their crew getting sick or dying from direct contact with sarin-skin, only that their Oscar-winning, fake saints were 'helping' Syrian civilians, especially those poor "children" victims of Bashar (they had to insert the word 'children' in there, didn't they?!).  And let's not forget here the evil news rags that report obvious fake news like this one as if its the veritable scoop of the century!

    Syria gas attack: Children among 58 reported killed in Idlib:

    One needs not just gloves but an air-tight Hazmat suit to handle sarin substance and sarin victims.

    • Taxi says:

      A summation of the effects of Sarin Gas by an MoA commenter:

      It kills warm blooded animals. It is absorbed through skin, one drop is enough to kill.

      If that was indeed sarin attack, there would be scores of dead people, dogs, cats, rats, sheep, cows, chicken and white helmets littered all around in all kinds of contorted positions.

      Oxygen masks on vicims are pointless. The affected are in neural shock, muscles twitching and spasming over all body. There is no coughing, because coughing reflex is disrupted.

      Only treatment is atropine injection straight to the muscle. You need gas mask and full hazmat overall and gloves to enter the contaminated zone. Surgical mask over face will help you nil.
      Posted by: hopehely | Apr 6, 2017 2:38:06 AM | 70

  20. Taxi says:

    A comment from Moon of Alabama/WMDs In The UNSC – History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce:


    If dead children are paraded in front of cameras, it does not show a chemical weapons attack. It is proof of murder, someone massacred these children and their families.

    To claim a gas attack, you have to show photos and videos of the attack site; dead families in or outside their homes. Dead animals. Rescue workers breaking into houses and discovering the bodies.

    The Western press is buying the hoax narrative. I have heard hysterical screaming on the radio all day. No one ever asked or answered the essential questions: When and where did the attack happen? How was the chemical delivered? What neighborhoods were affected? Where was the wind blowing from? How were the victims taken to the place where they were first filmed? Who did the rescue work? Where where the White Helmets and their camera crews when this happened?

    The White Helmets did not exist in 2013. Today they are an Oscar-winning film crew, with GoPro action cams attached to their signature helmets. They film each and every real and fake rescue operation they take part in. So why no video of the Khan Sheikhoun rescue and recovery work?

    This is just another staged hoax, like the Ghouta chemical massacre of August 2013. Hostages were kept in cellars and then gassed with chlorine when the time came to make propaganda videos and call for a No-Fly Zone.

    Posted by: Petri Krohn | Apr 5, 2017 2:40:44 PM | 10

  21. Taxi says:

    Worth watching this condensed version of Wag The Dog, if only for its classic timelessness, plus its plentiful and amusing cynicism:

    How To Make A Fake News Broadcast:

  22. Taxi says:

    My comment at Moon of Alabama regarding the Syria Sarin gas hoopla:

    @ harrylaw | Apr 6, 2017 6:18:44 AM | 80

    Hiya Harry! To me it looked like Trump yesterday was swept away by the Sarin fever that infected the MSM and social media – he responded to the emotive pictures of dead Syrian children rather than hard, verifiable evidence. When he sobers up, he will remember the present military-geopolitical impossibility of 'regime change' in Syria, even if this is truly what he desired himself. These here are briefly some of the insurmountable obstacles that Trump will be dealing with if he were foolish enough to go to war with Syria:

    1- Chinese war-craft carriers are already docked in Syrian waters in preparation for any Western expansion or creep into Syrian territories. If Bashar suddenly needs copious boots on the ground, China can provide this too.

    2- At this point of the game, removing Bashar would be a political threat to Putin himself and tantamount to removing him from his Moscow power throne – so Putin too will fight tooth and nail against regime change in Syria.

    3- Any attempt to occupy or destroy Damascus will instantly prompt unstoppable massive attacks on Tel Aviv, regardless of the costs of such an attack to the attacker.

    4- A confrontation between Iran and USA forces on Syrian territories would trigger a Straights of Hormuz crisis, leaving some of our military bases near Iran open to attack and without back-up forces from elsewhere able to help.

    5- The combination of all the above would trigger WW3, with the likely use of nuclear/biological/chemical weapons. This may very well bring about the death of the dollar.

    6- Domestically, Trump would probably stand to lose a good half of his supporters if he were to start another big war in the mideast: Dems and Independents who voted for him because they rejected Clinton's warmongering policies in the mideast would most certainly abandon him at the next elections – this means his chances for winning at the next election would practically be halved.

    Trump is under tremendous pressure to submit to ziocon/lib-interventionists/globalists/deep state/MSM/leaderships of both parties: submit to their world view and policies. Every time one of his inner-circle appointees is elbowed out thru political coercion, Trump becomes weaker as a neocon replaces his America-first aid. Trump understands only too well that the biggest threat to world peace right now does not emanate from Damascus or Moscow, it emanates from DC where he is literally being forced by his American enemies into a war that doesn't benefit either his political legacy or America's interests either.

    The current 'Bashar gassed his own people' story is clearly another MSM manufactured crisis, otherwise there would not be this ridiculous warmongering and 'rush to judgement without evidence' that we're witnessing today.

    The fake-news Sarin story will not change a thing on the ground in Syria: Takfiris are still being killed and Bashar is still liberating and consolidating more Syrian territories every day.

    The realist therefore would deem this story as inconsequential political theater – no more than that.

    Posted by: Taxi | Apr 6, 2017 11:10:41 AM | 105

  23. Taxi says:

    Wow.  Okay.  So I woke up early today, as per usual, piled my dogs into the back of my Jeep, drove to the nearest village and picked up a friend and we all drove off into the hilly hinterlands to pick seasonal wild thyme.  When I parked the Jeep on a dirt road deep in the hills, the sun was just coming up and the time was 5:40am.  I'd had no coffee (just a glass of water) and I also had not checked my computer for overnight news etc before I left my house.  I had no awareness of the dramatic developments and had subsequently spent my morning having a truly beautiful time walking springtime hills and foraging.  Then, a short while ago,  I returned from my outing with big bundles of wild thyme, wild dandelion and a mass of wild springtime flowers (scents and colors to die for!) – I made coffee and opened my computer and lo the news was full of headlines on Trump's Tomahawk strikes against a Syrian airbase.

    Okay…  Interesting choice of target, interesting timing, and interesting response from Trump's DC enemies. 

    I'm just now digesting all the info…  but my initial reaction was a question: why did Trump suddenly change his Syria policy even though he's been under scrutinizing pressure to do so for months on end but without him  budging a hairline?  What would make him turn on a dime some 180 degrees so very suddenly?  I could be wrong but my immediate answer was that the American Mossad have finally waved Trump's compromising Lolita Island file right in his face.  Trump's statement two days ago of 'no regime change in Syria' caused a total freak out in tel aviv.  Let me repeat this: Trump's statement two days ago of 'no regime change in Syria' caused a total freak out in tel aviv.  No they could not allow for such a policy at all, not now that's for sure!  They needed to immediately weaken Bashar, not let him off the hook as Trump had determined 48 hours ago.  So they played their Lolita Island joker card in this emergency – obviously they had to play that card out of utter necessity to counter the 'existential' threat to israel.  The ziocons needed to immediately weaken/destroy Bashar in order to delay the israel-Syria confrontation in the Golan, which happens to be on Bashar's liberation agenda soon as he liberated Syria from the Takfiris: a project he's been progressing thru with determined leaps and bounds.  And this liberation of the Golan project has been causing Bibi and his DC cronies sleepless nights due to their lack of confidence in winning such a war.  They absolutely need USA military power to help them win such a war – they cannot do it alone and they do not want it done in the Golan either, they want USA to fight Syria IN SYRIA AND NOT IN THE GOLAN where israeli soldiers and settlers would be at risk.  In a nutshell, my immediate reaction was to think of President Trump as now being coerced and blackmailed by ziocons.  Our Prez is now compromised.

    I know there's a hundred other angles to the Tomahawk strikes' development, but right now, after walking up and down rugged hills for some 5 hours today, and on an empty stomach no less,  I will first need to eat and rest before I can share more cogent thoughts about this with readers.

    I just wanted to put in a quick belated word on the situation before I went off to chow and snooze (probably for the rest of the day).  But I'll probably have more to say about it later.  Mindful here that it's very hard to ascertain a wholesome picture of any situation if it's still fluid and in flux.  I'm inclined here to wait at least 48 hours to allow for the dust to settle, specifically to allow for a reaction or an official statement from Moscow.  This Trump maneuver is also about an arm wrestle over the Levant between USA and Russia.

  24. Taxi says:

    I'm more concerned about our Prez being blackmailed by DC mossadists than I am with a strike on a Syrian airbase that has not one bit changed the facts on the ground.

    • Taxi says:

      I'm also very concerned that sending our soldiers to Mideast countries to fight alongside Alqaida is demoralizing our soldiers – many of them signed up to join the armed forces in the wake of and because of 9/11. 

      Demoralized soldiers make for a weak army regardless of its size or might of hardware.  Demoralized American soldiers can also create mass terrorism against American civilians, such as was the case with the Oklahoma City bombing.  It also inspires disrespect and hate between army folk and their non-combatant brethren – hostility that can actually become an existential threat to the nation itself.

      I can only imagine the painful frustrations of an earnest and discerning soldier who's been sent out, yet again, to work alongside Alqaida in Libya, or Iraq, or Yemen, or South Sudan, or Syria.  Really breaks my heart.

      Boggles the mind that our continuing support for Alqaida and her cousins has not yet produced, not even once, a single headline in the MSM, or even a single debate moment in our political zoo.

  25. Taxi says:

    Because this Sarin attack is a black op by terrorists, and because Trump fell for the heinous hoax and punished the Syrian army for it, this now sets up an extremely dangerous precedent where every time the terrorists are cornered in some godforsaken Syrian town, they will again attack civilians with chemical weapons and rely on their friends in the Western and Saudi MSM to blame Bashar, assured all the while that Trump will bolt in to throw Tomahawks at the Syrian army – allowing in effect our Air Force to rescue these terrorists at their 11th hour.

    Poor Syrian civilians – this precedent is unconscionable!

    As Bashar is clearly and actively fighting terrorism, our so-called 'war on terrorism' should really be called 'the war against the war on terrorism'.

  26. Taxi says:

    Many theories and reasons and wonked out opinions about the US/Syria strike are flying around the net and TV debate shows tonight (Levant time) – it's a crazy, crazy storm of mish-mash information out there, with still much fog and forest debris flying past everyone's face.  After so many hours of such high-pitched political noise, I enjoyed The Duran's simple, minimalist take on the whys and wherefores of the strike:

    10 reasons why Trump illegally attacked Syria:

  27. Taxi says:

    Funny, I posted a condensed Youtube version of the movie 'Wag The Dog' upthread a couple of days ago, and here now is its article accompaniment from Robert Parry, published today:

    Trump’s ‘Wag the Dog’ Moment

    Just two days after news broke of an alleged poison-gas attack in northern Syria, President Trump brushed aside advice from some U.S. intelligence analysts doubting the Syrian regime’s guilt and launched a lethal retaliatory missile strike against a Syrian airfield.

    Trump immediately won plaudits from Official Washington, especially from neoconservatives who have been trying to wrestle control of his foreign policy away from his nationalist and personal advisers since the days after his surprise victory on Nov. 8.

    There is also an internal dispute over the intelligence. On Thursday night, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U.S. intelligence community assessed with a “high degree of confidence” that the Syrian government had dropped a poison gas bomb on civilians in Idlib province.

    But a number of intelligence sources have made contradictory assessments, saying the preponderance of evidence suggests that Al Qaeda-affiliated rebels were at fault, either by orchestrating an intentional release of a chemical agent as a provocation or by possessing containers of poison gas that ruptured during a conventional bombing raid.

    One intelligence source told me that the most likely scenario was a staged event by the rebels intended to force Trump to reverse a policy, announced only days earlier, that the U.S. government would no longer seek “regime change” in Syria and would focus on attacking the common enemy, Islamic terror groups that represent the core of the rebel forces.

    The source said the Trump national security team split between the President’s close personal advisers, such as nationalist firebrand Steve Bannon and son-in-law Jared Kushner, on one side and old-line neocons who have regrouped under National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, an Army general who was a protégé of neocon favorite Gen. David Petraeus.

    White House Infighting

    In this telling, the earlier ouster of retired Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser and this week’s removal of Bannon from the National Security Council were key steps in the reassertion of neocon influence inside the Trump presidency. The strange personalities and ideological extremism of Flynn and Bannon made their ousters easier, but they were obstacles that the neocons wanted removed.

    Though Bannon and Kushner are often presented as rivals, the source said, they shared the belief that Trump should tell the truth about Syria, revealing the Obama administration’s CIA analysis that a fatal sarin gas attack in 2013 was a “false-flag” operation intended to sucker President Obama into fully joining the Syrian war on the side of the rebels — and the intelligence analysts’ similar beliefs about Tuesday’s incident.

    Instead, Trump went along with the idea of embracing the initial rush to judgment blaming Assad for the Idlib poison-gas event. The source added that Trump saw Thursday night’s missile assault as a way to change the conversation in Washington, where his administration has been under fierce attack from Democrats claiming that his election resulted from a Russian covert operation.

    If changing the narrative was Trump’s goal, it achieved some initial success with several of Trump’s fiercest neocon critics, such as neocon Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, praising the missile strike, as did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The neocons and Israel have long sought “regime change” in Damascus even if the ouster of Assad might lead to a victory by Islamic extremists associated with Al Qaeda and/or the Islamic State.

    Wagging the Dog

    Trump employing a “wag the dog” strategy, in which he highlights his leadership on an international crisis to divert attention from domestic political problems, is reminiscent of President Bill Clinton’s decision to attack Serbia in 1999 as impeachment clouds were building around his sexual relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky.

    Trump’s advisers, in briefing the press on Thursday night, went to great lengths to highlight Trump’s compassion toward the victims of the poison gas and his decisiveness in bombing Assad’s military in contrast to Obama’s willingness to allow the intelligence community to conduct a serious review of the evidence surrounding the 2013 sarin-gas case.

    Ultimately, Obama listened to his intelligence advisers who told him there was no “slam-dunk” evidence implicating Assad’s regime and he pulled back from a military strike at the last minute – while publicly maintaining the fiction that the U.S. government was certain of Assad’s guilt.

    In both cases – 2013 and 2017 – there were strong reasons to doubt Assad’s responsibility. In 2013, he had just invited United Nations inspectors into Syria to investigate cases of alleged rebel use of chemical weapons and thus it made no sense that he would launch a sarin attack in the Damascus suburbs, guaranteeing that the U.N. inspectors would be diverted to that case.

    Similarly, now, Assad’s military has gained a decisive advantage over the rebels and he had just scored a major diplomatic victory with the Trump administration’s announcement that the U.S. was no longer seeking “regime change” in Syria. The savvy Assad would know that a chemical weapon attack now would likely result in U.S. retaliation and jeopardize the gains that his military has achieved with Russian and Iranian help.

    The counter-argument to this logic – made by The New York Times and other neocon-oriented news outlets – essentially maintains that Assad is a crazed barbarian who was testing out his newfound position of strength by baiting President Trump. Of course, if that were the case, it would have made sense that Assad would have boasted of his act, rather than deny it.

    But logic and respect for facts no longer prevail inside Official Washington, nor inside the mainstream U.S. news media.

    Intelligence Uprising

    Alarm within the U.S. intelligence community about Trump’s hasty decision to attack Syria reverberated from the Middle East back to Washington, where former CIA officer Philip Giraldi reported hearing from his intelligence contacts in the field that they were shocked at how the new poison-gas story was being distorted by Trump and the mainstream U.S. news media.

    Giraldi told Scott Horton’s Webcast: “I’m hearing from sources on the ground in the Middle East, people who are intimately familiar with the intelligence that is available who are saying that the essential narrative that we’re all hearing about the Syrian government or the Russians using chemical weapons on innocent civilians is a sham.”

    Giraldi said his sources were more in line with an analysis postulating an accidental release of the poison gas after an Al Qaeda arms depot was hit by a Russian airstrike.

    “The intelligence confirms pretty much the account that the Russians have been giving … which is that they hit a warehouse where the rebels – now these are rebels that are, of course, connected with Al Qaeda – where the rebels were storing chemicals of their own and it basically caused an explosion that resulted in the casualties. Apparently the intelligence on this is very clear.”

    Giraldi said the anger within the intelligence community over the distortion of intelligence to justify Trump’s military retaliation was so great that some covert officers were considering going public.

    “People in both the agency [the CIA] and in the military who are aware of the intelligence are freaking out about this because essentially Trump completely misrepresented what he already should have known – but maybe he didn’t – and they’re afraid that this is moving toward a situation that could easily turn into an armed conflict,” Giraldi said before Thursday night’s missile strike. “They are astonished by how this is being played by the administration and by the U.S. media.”

    One-Sided Coverage

    The mainstream U.S. media has presented the current crisis with the same profound neocon bias that has infected the coverage of Syria and the larger Middle East for decades. For instance, The New York Times on Friday published a lead story by Michael R. Gordon and Michael D. Shear that treated the Syrian government’s responsibility for the poison-gas incident as flat-fact. The lengthy story did not even deign to include the denials from Syria and Russia that they were responsible for any intentional deployment of poison gas.

    The article also fit with Trump’s desire that he be portrayed as a decisive and forceful leader. He is depicted as presiding over intense deliberations of war or peace and displaying a deep humanitarianism regarding the poison-gas victims, one of the rare moments when the Times, which has become a reliable neocon propaganda sheet, has written anything favorable about Trump at all.

    According to Syrian reports on Friday, the U.S. attack killed 13 people, including five soldiers at the airbase.

    Gordon, whose service to the neocon cause is notorious, was the lead author with Judith Miller of the Times’ bogus “aluminum tube” story in 2002 which falsely claimed that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was reconstituting a nuclear-weapons program, an article that was then cited by President George W. Bush’s aides as a key argument for invading Iraq in 2003.

    Regarding this week’s events, Trump’s desperation to reverse his negative media coverage and the dubious evidence blaming Assad for the Idlib incident could fit with the “Wag the Dog” movie from 1997 in which an embattled president creates a phony foreign crisis in Albania.

    In the movie, the White House operation is a cynical psychological operation to convince the American people that innocent Albanian children, including an attractive girl carrying a cat, are in danger when, In reality, the girl was an actor posing before a green screen that allowed scenes of fiery ruins to be inserted as background.

    Today, because Trump and his administration are now committed to convincing Americans that Assad really was responsible for Tuesday’s poison-gas tragedy, the prospects for a full and open investigation are effectively ended. We may never know if there is truth to those allegations or whether we are being manipulated by another “wag the dog” psyop.

  28. Taxi says:

    Probably the most dramatic speaker at the UN session on USA/Syria today was the Bolivian Ambassador, Sacha Llorenti, who'd actually called for the emergency meeting himself.  What he had to say was an indictment of USA's international lawlessness, with our Nikki Haley avoiding making eye-contact with anyone in the room and just (pretending to be?) reading from her notes for much of his speech.  FoxNews spun her attitude with the headline: "Haley forces Bolivia to defend Assad 'atrocities' in 'public view' at UN session".  I didn't bother reading the article, of course, cuz I much preferred to see the video for myself and make thus my own judgement.

  29. Taxi says:

    And what of the target of the strike?  Destroying the airbase has little to no consequence on the ongoing advance of the Syrian army – destroying it does not change the facts on the ground against Bashar at all.  So why did the war architects pick this site specifically? 

    Well, the airbase that got Tomahawked is actually the very same one that launched Syrian jets chasing and shooting down an israeli F-35 a couple of weeks ago.  Not since 1973 had the Syrian Air Force dared to respond to israeli air aggression, let alone chase israeli jets out of Syrian skies and shoot one down over the Jordan Valley. 

    Is it just coincidence that the very same airbase was specifically targeted?  I'll let you decide.

  30. Taxi says:

    So… the Tomahawk strike appears to have caused anger and division inside Trump's support base.  Now we have the Bannon brigade versus the Kushner Brigade, with many Trump supporters mad as hell and accusing Kushner of inciting Trump to strike Syria while populist Bannon was against this idea.  The Bannon brigade were slamming Kushner, calling him a 'Democrat' and a 'cuck'.  Kushner may indeed be those things but if you ask me, he's first and foremost and currently the MOST IMPORTANT MOSSAD ASSET IN THE USA.  The angry Trump mob battled it out fiercely on social media, with  #firekushner becoming the most popular hashtag on Twitter for the day.

    Bannon Lost to Kushner in Syria Strike:

    #FireKushner Takes Over Twitter

  31. Taxi says:

    The MSM liberals, you know, the ones who get paid 20 million dollars per year to tell blatant Establishment lies, the ones with too much Botox and girlie pancake slapped on their faces, well, they're suddenly beside themselves with glee and praise for Trump now that he's killed some Syrians for no reason whatsoever.  Take a look at this classic liberal prostration from yesterday:

    • Taxi says:

      So Trump only became president yesterday after his illegal strike on Syria?!  Did CNN miss Trump's inauguration just this past January or what?!  Evidently, in their eyes, a real president is he who wantonly spills blood in faraway lands that don't threaten our security.

      The fake left, or 'corpo left, has seriously lost the plot, to the point of criminality.

  32. Taxi says:

    Here's the ever popular Syriagirlpartisan giving her two cents worth – though I have to say, for me, her conclusion is a tad too dramatic.  The 'right' ducks are nowhere near lined up for an outbreak of WW3.  Fighting ISIS or the Syrian government will not produce a WW3, but a battle to liberate the Golan Heights from evil zionist israelis probably will:

  33. Taxi says:

    So yesterday Russia responded to Trump's strikes on Syria, rather swiftly too, I thought.  Zerohedge has a decent summation of it here:

    Putin Responds: Syria Strikes "Cripple US-Russia Relations"; Deploys Missile Warship To Syria:

    (Excerpt from above link)

    In immediate response, Moscow suspended its memorandum of understanding on flight safety in Syria with the US following the missile strike, calling the attack “a demonstration of force.”

    UPDATED NEWS:  Putin will now also be sending S-400s to double-fortify and ring the Syrian skies – the S-400 are expected to arrive "shortly".  I am gleaning from this, combined with the suspension of 'memorandum… on flight safety', two clear Putin messages directed at Trump:

    1-  You're on your own now if you conduct aerial strikes in Syrian skies

    2-  You'll have to go thru me if you want regime change in Syria

    The ball is now in Trump's court.

  34. Taxi says:

    What does it say about the current relationship between israel and Russia when Russia Insider publishes an article that can barely hold its disgust at Israel?

    Pentagon Gave Israel Front Row Seats to US Missile Strikes in Syria:

    Altright commentary on social media is also pissed and some are blaming Kushner for elbowing Bannon out of the way and lobbying Trump to strike Syria, on the behest of israel.  They're also livid that he's in deep with Soros.  I've also seen articles that say that it was an Ivanka "moved" by pictures of Syrian child victims of chemical attacks that greatly influenced Trump's final decision – here too, many are now pointing the finger at Ivanka and calling her an elitist and a globalist and not an American-firster.  I've even seen several commentators literally describing Trump's daughter like this: "Ivanka = Israel".  Also, popular Youtube Altrighters are urging Trump to "drop the princess". gleefully covered the Altright freakout post Syria strike here.

    Who knows the veracity of some of these stories but one thing is for sure: israel is in the picture.  Of course, wherever there is warmongering in DC and war in the mideast, israel is right there smiling with shiny yellow teeth.

  35. Taxi says:

    I haven't mentioned the White Helmets, who in fact were instrumental in setting up Trump's surprise attack on the Syrian airbase.  But, why use words when we can go to their film sets and watch them in full-on production mode.  I would caption this one below with: 'Look ma, out of the rubble with clean hands!'

    And here the caption begs: 'Look ma, out of the rubble with dolly and my hair all shiny!'

    And speaking of staged events, here's one that I suspect is performed by some kind of Turkish White Helmets copycat outfit:

    Ah, fake news!  Where would the world be without it?

  36. RudyM says:

    I know this is really obvious, but it's especially striking to me this time around how important the media's role is in situations like these. The Zionist MSM wields a lot of power simply in terms of what it chooses to question or not. The MSM's mostly uncritical acceptance of the chemical weapon story is crucial to the successful achivement of the Zionist agenda. Money and blackmail may be more important, but the MSM megaphone has got to be one of the most important factors. Actually, it's not even as subtle as the media simply uncritically presenting the chemical weapons story. As you point out, much of the MSM is gushing over Trump's strike on Syria. New-found legitimacy for Trump!

    I wonder where younger Trump-hating liberals will land in all of this. Based on my admittedly miniscule survey sample size, I don't get the sense that most liberal Millennials are going to think better of Trump now. But will seeing the MSM's partial reversal on Trump, now that he has drawn blood on behalf of Tel Aviv, make them more skeptical of the MSM? I hope so.

    Kushner is an issue, but individually I doubt he makes that much difference. He's more symbolic of a certain problem (Zionist Jewish domination) than a key player. The hydra has many heads, after all.

  37. RudyM says:

    I do think the Trump presidency has helped bring certain issues to the surface. All the out-in-the-open talk about the underhanded maneuvering to undermine Trump, seems like a positive thing. Surveillance is (or was) back on the radar for a bit. And Trump does occasionally speak taboo truths, in his own clumsy way.

    I'm not defending Trump per se, just defending the idea that we're still probably better off than we would have been with Hillary, which would have been much more business as usual, and might have gotten to an escalation in the war against Syria much more quickly. As far as I'm concerned: go ahead and impeach Trump for this. I think it would be great for some president to get impeached for this sort of thing, though I'd prefer if it were combined with prosecution of earlier presidents. It won't happen though (not now anyway).

    • Taxi says:

      Trump's anti PC-speak certainly was a fresh breath of air in our stifled political discourse.  And yes, next to the war criminal Hillary, he indeed looked like a better pick, despite his uncouth and gruesome egomaniacal tendencies.  But only 4 months in and he's following Clinton's ziocon mideast agenda, to the letter.  This is most concerning.

      I didn't vote in the last election because I saw both candidates as evil, with Trump being the lesser evil, yet still evil.  I just can't bring myself to vote for evil, regardless of the size of the evil (little devils become demons when they grow up).  I can't see me ever voting again, unless a candidate publicly declares that they are prepared to re-open the 9/11 investigations.  This means that this candidate is prepared to take on the mossad and target neocons and neolibs with impeachments.  No such honest braveling has been born yet, I fear.

  38. RudyM says:

    (FYI: I made a more on-topic post in addition to the one that appears. I don't think there was anything in it you would have moderated away, but maybe some helpful automatic filter decided "Zionist" was repeated too much? Apologies if that sounds paranoid, but I haven't kept up with all the helpful new changes social media and other big internet services have made to keep us all on the straight and narrow.)

    • Taxi says:

      Hello Rudy.  No, no censorship conspiracy here, just a silly little glitch that swallowed up your comment – which I've reinstated now.

      Thank you for your comments.  I will respond in a few hours when I have the time.

  39. Taxi says:


    (Check the date of the article pictured above)

    The curious thing about this old Mail Online article is that it was deleted a few days after it was published.  Deleted years ago.  But lucky for us, GlobalResearch investigated this matter and shed journalistic light, publishing its report a couple of days ago, including access to the deleted article, here.

  40. Taxi says:

    This thread about Fake News and its assortment of names and scandals and war ops can go on ad infinitum – really it can: such is the astonishing depth of the mass deception that we've all been tricked into living under.  Since, well, forever, we've been intentionally duped by politicians, intelligence agencies and the MSM.  Name a topic, name any theme and there you'll find at least one conspiracy by the Establishment and its cronies to blindside the public.  But every now and then, the liars themselves trip up involuntarily.  Take a look at this, as one small example.

  41. Taxi says:

    Fake news is fragmentation of knowledge.  Look at any golden age of any culture throughout history and you will see there a cultural glue: a cohesion of knowledge among the collective and an ability to appreciate and utilize newly discovered facts, regardless of personal world view.  Cohesion of knowledge means that everyone pretty much is on the same 'reality' page because 'facts' have been accepted as arbiters of 'reality'.  When they debated and hotly argued in the golden ages, they did so under the same reality-umbrella.  We do not presently live in such a progressive atmosphere.  In fact we live under the opposite conditions where there is no such thing as ‘common knowledge’. Now, everyone seems to have their own version of the facts and it's this version, this interpretation of fact that has now become the arbiter of a zillion criss-crossing realities.  It's so dire that today we even have a sanguine resurgence of the Flat Earth Society.  This is the 21st century and a Flat Earth ideology is burgeoning.  Who would have thunk it?!  Flat Earth members are increasing as can be noted by their presence on social media.  And they are so goddamn aggressive, defensive and offensive – weirdly, just like them crazy from too-much-denial zionists.  It's total irrational insanity out there, folks!  Clearly, our current collective intellect is regressing before our very own eyes, regardless of the mindblowing and hyper advances of our technology.  It's like our collective intellectual progress is fast veering away from our technological progress – like two parallel lines moving both forward and away from each other at the same time.  Where's it all leading to?  Human intellect and human technology have separate destinies?  I know, I'm entering a forest of abstract abstracts here.  You'll forgive me but I always end up in the realm of opaque science fiction whenever I contemplate the future of mankind.

    • RudyM says:

      I remember that Daily Mail story (but maybe I saw it via Global Research).

      I think you are painting and overly idealized portrait of the past and its allegedly unified knowledge. Disinformation and misinformation can't be entirely new things. If anything, perhaps everyone agreed on the same facts in the distant past because it took so much longer to unveil official lies.

      Maybe you have a point, but I'm skeptical. You did specify "golden ages" of the past and not just the past in general. I don't think I've read enough history to pull up any counter-arguments, but it all sounds a little too idealized.

    • Taxi says:

      Rudy, maybe I didn't make my point clear enough but I'll give it another try:  regardless of whether the information was correct or not, in the past we collectively embraced the information of the times, which in return created a collective mental binding: a shared 'reality'.  Today there is no collective embrace of anything: our collective knowledge is fragmented and therefore so is our society.

  42. Taxi says:

    I came across this link below that claims an “exclusive interview with a Pentagon insider”. The ‘insider’ angle being true or false aside, the Q & A's in the interview make for an interesting read.  Actually, methinks many of the insider's answers indicate an intimate familiarity with the political forces and mechanisms that are currently in play – but, of course, do read on and find out for yourselves:


  43. Taxi says:

    I can see how Tulsi Gabbard will be pushed out the way of McKinney: Wolf Blitzer, never hearing her, playing gotcha-journalism, time and again attempting to bait her to say the 'wrong thing’:

  44. Taxi says:

    Predictably, Trump's Tomahawk strikes have now given terrorists in Syria "a thousand reasons to stage fake flag operations" – Peter Ford, Ex Ambassador to Syria:


    And today, Putin is claiming he has intelligence indicating that the USA is planning a fake attack on Damascus which he will blame on Bashar.

    US plans to bomb Syria and blame Assad, Vladimir Putin claims:

    I guess all terrorists think alike.

  45. Taxi says:

    I haven't bothered to post anything for a couple of days because the news, MSM news and Alt news alike are full of nothing but psy op articles against each other and I find this political rumble quite boring – can't even finish reading articles for proper assessment and publishing considerations.

    Maybe tomorrow someone will write something interesting that I will share with you here.

    I'm also preparing to publish a new article – hopefully I'll publish this too in the next day or so.

  46. Taxi says:

    So the Syria Tomahawk strikes, cooked up on ziocon fakeries and falsities, intended for destruction of life and for mass manipulation, these strikes have had an unusual blowback inside Trump's camp.  Seems here that the magic has turned on the magician:

    Bannon and Kushner Feud Brings anti-Semitism Out of Hiding – Tally Krupkin/Haaretz

    Jared Kushner’s Judaism and Ivanka Trump’s conversion are now targets of the so-called 'alt-right,' as some Trump supporters say the Syrian attack was on behalf of Israel

    Media reports of a feud between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner have triggered what seems to be a new wave of anti-Semitism among far rightists in the United States.

    Since President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, the leaders of the “alt-right” white nationalist movement had carefully avoiding the subject of his Jewish son-in-law Kushner, the conversion of his daughter Ivanka or the presence of Jewish members in key positions on the White House staff. There was also little mention of the burgeoning relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Yet all this changed when Trump’s chief strategist, Bannon, was removed from the National Security Council last Monday and reports surfaced about the alleged feud between Bannon and Kushner, who has become increasingly prominent on Trump’s team.

    Then came Trump’s order to attack the Syrian air base that had launched the chemical weapons attack on a town in Idlib province last Tuesday.

    It only took a few hours after the reprisal attack for anti-Semitism to raise its ugly head again, as disappointed Trump supporters protested what they saw as a betrayal of the “America First” agenda, and hinted at a “globalism” conspiracy in the White House.

    Richard Spencer, who gained international notoriety following his “Hail Trump!” victory speech last November, was one of the prominent alt-right leaders to blame the Syrian attack on Kushner.

    In an interview with Haaretz last December, Spencer had been noncommittal on Kushner’s active role in Trump’s inner circle. “I don’t have a strong position on this, that is his business,” he said. “Trump has been a positive thing. It is what it is. He can pick his own advisers and listen to whoever he chooses, that is his prerogative.

    Yet on Saturday, Spencer led a demonstration in front of the White House, with Buzzfeed reporting that protesters waved signs saying the Syrian attack had been conducted on behalf of Israel (“No more wars 4 Israel” read one sign).

    “No one voted for Kushner. Indeed, many of us voted against people like Kushner having power,” Spencer wrote on Twitter, quoting others who suggested that “If we are going to put #AmericaFirst, then Trump must #FireKushner.” Someone else wrote: “Ivanka should have married Tom Brady,” the New England Patriots quarterback and Trump supporter who has become an Aryan idol for the alt-right.

    Indeed, Ivanka Trump’s conversion no longer seemed to be off limits. “When#Kushner forced Ivanka to convert to Judaism, he indicated his loyalty to Judaism was greater than his loyalty to America” was one recent social media comment.

    Ivanka Trump was also accused of being behind Trump’s decision to launch the Syrian attack. “It’s them, it’s them – it’s his daughter and son-in-law who are literally enemies of the republic! I can’t help it, I’m just gonna lay it all out there,” raved Alex Jones on his far-right radio show “Infowars.” One of Trump’s most avid media supporters complained that the president has been “infiltrated by his own family” and is on “autopilot.” He also referred to Kushner as “President Kushner.”

    Trump’s former campaign adviser Roger Stone appeared on Jones’ show on Friday to warn: “My greatest concern, in all honesty, is watching the Silicon Valley barons wine and dine Jared and Ivanka – the Google people, the Facebook people.”

    Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, meanwhile, tweeted, “Ivanka Cried, Kids Died! Trump’s dramatic U-turn on Syria airstrikes ‘sparked by daughter Ivanka’s heartbreak” – referencing a story in British tabloid The Sun.

    While accusations of Trump’s ties to businessman George Soros, the Goldman Sachs investment bank and prominent Jewish millionaires all had the air of anti-Semitic dog whistles, #FireKushner became the top trending hashtag on Twitter last Friday. It was full of anti-Semitic slurs and caricatures, some even depicting Trump himself with a hooked nose.

    Others shared the photograph depicting Trump in the Situation Room at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, commenting on the number of advisers in the room who were Jewish.

    “We don’t need Jared Kushner leading us into another disastrous war in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel,” wrote Trump supporter Pamela Moore, while the far-right activist Baked Alaska – a prominent Trump supporter on Twitter with 155,000 followers – wrote, “We must #KeepBannon & #FireKushner, we voted for America First, not nation building in the Middle East. Period.”

    On Monday, the Anti-Defamation League warned that "an anti-Semitic social media trolling campaign aimed at presidential adviser Jared Kushner has escalated from a series of tweets into a full-bore assault perpetrated primarily by white supremacists and anti-Semites of various stripes, according to an online analysis by the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism."

    “What started as a few isolated anti-Semitic tweets suggesting that Jared Kushner should be ‘fired’ because of his ‘Jewish supremacist views’ has quickly metastasized into a full-blown onslaught of anti-Semitic hate speech,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “It shows how quickly hate speech can multiply and come to light on social media platforms, and reminds us of how much work we need to do to combat hate.”

  47. Taxi says:

    As Trump currently and noticeably veers away from his election promises and ideology and towards israel-firstism, his supporters (plus the whole world!) observe and point fingers at the increasing number and powers of the 'jews' around him as being the cause of Trump's policy reversals.  Zionist media in response play the antisemite card and place the source and dissemination of such observations on only the Alt-right segment of his base – when in fact, this view is held by many of Trump's voters from across the spectrum, not just by the Alt-right.  The zio media does this to smear the facts and debase the truth – cover up for the treasonous crimes that dual-loyalty American jews keep committing against our Republic.

    A ‘Jewish Coup’? That’s How ‘Alt-Right’ Explains Away Trump Flip-Flops And Bombings – Sam Kastenbaum/

  48. Taxi says:

    Ryan Dawson, the young dude who made the documentary below is being attacked and hounded out of social media by the zionist/jewish internet army.  If you like his work, please support him and his excellent research by subscribing to his youtube channel:

    • Taxi says:

      For seven decades Western media (under zionist instruction) has laughed at and accused Arab media of spreading lies and conspiracy theories about israel.   Turns out that the Arabs were onto the israeli deceptions from day one and the real fools are the Western public who believed what their zionist media and politicians were telling them.

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