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Taboos And Booze For The Masses

We are living in the peak of Jew World Order.

If you find this statement antisemitic, if you disagree with the facts and statistics that identify American Jews as heavily dominating or fully controlling American Media, Banking, the Judiciary and American Culture (Hollywood/Education/Book Publishing) – controlling through the Jewish lobby our Congress, the Senate, the Pentagon, Policing and Intelligence Agencies as well – if you are still in denial of the above facts, then this article is not for you.  I advise you therefore to go fuck yourself as far away from here as possible.  The above facts are not up for debate, they are easily verifiable and by now common knowledge even among the uninformed, as evidenced a-plenty by the incessant chatter on this subject on local and worldwide Social Media outlets.

What is up for debate, however, is how much longer will the American masses remain asleep to the biggest threat of all to our nation by Jewish influence and caprice.  Will Americans sleep right through the destruction of the First Amendment at the corrosive hands of American Jews seeking to silence criticism of everything Jewish and Israel because the cat is now out of the bag on Social Media: an unruly platform that cannot be controlled without a fisty dictatorship?  Will the American masses freely and passively give up their fundamental right to free speech to appease the tyranny of the Jewish minority?  Or is it that Americans under the reign of Trump are too distracted by the hostilities and divisions of Identitarian Politics to even notice this?  (Fashionable Identity Politics that’s been introduced, no less, by Jews and Jew-centric agents into our current political zeitgeist).  Are American masses really that unattentive and absent-minded to even note that the pernicious Jews are fast making it a crime to speak ill of the self-styled, self-proclaimed Chosenites in any form or measure right here in the United States, the land of freedom itself?  Are Gentile citizens even aware of the aggressive Jewish campaign seeking censorship of their Internet Free Speech that’s already currently gaining traction in our congress – as indeed it has already successfully done so in the UK parliament?

Instead of writing the long list of what Global Jewry are currently endeavoring on behalf of their headquarters in Tel Aviv, I’d like to refer you here to Alison Weir’s latest epic article on the nefarious moves that the Jews in DC are making towards criminalizing any negative speech regarding Jews and Israel, globally, not just Continentaly.

Yes, Jewish power exists.  It is not a figment of a twisted imagination nor the delusion of a tin-hatter high on drugs.  It is simply so.  Jewish power exists.  In glaring abundance.  Therefore it must be rationally examined and critiqued as one would any other brand of dominant power.  Jewish power is not exempt from thorough investigation, cynical or otherwise.  Why should it be?  After all, openly examining and analyzing power is the hallmark of a sanguine democracy.

In a country where flag-burning and unfettered criticism of the President is part and parcel of the First Amendment, why is it that criticism of Israel and questioning its history and even its ‘right to exist’ is deemed highly immoral, socially criminal and utterly unacceptable?  This is definitely not the democracy that Americans have died and live for.  Yet, this is exactly what has been happening for quite some time and not a pip squeak of objection about this from anyone on Capitol Hill has been heard – not one politician has defended the First Amendment in the face of the Jewish Lobby.  Curiously too, not many voters have demanded that their sacred right to Free Speech be protected by their Representatives in DC.  Begs the question here: is it the enduring Jewish mass-brainwash of Americans, or is it American mass low self-esteem that allows their resolve and dignity to be so downtrodden under the boot of Jewish cultural terrorism?

Perhaps it’s a combination of both.

Yet, lately, where politicians have failed to protect Free Speech, it is notable that a growing number of citizens themselves are countering the Jewish assault on Free Speech by speaking even louder and more frequently about it on Social Media.  Fortunately, they too are gaining traction.  We are seeing an increasing number of Americans from a vast spectrum of ethnicity, age, class and religion bypassing the Jew brainwash despite it having deluged the American psyche in all areas of American life for decades.  A quick and cursory view of Social Media clearly indicates Jews are not popular on Social Media: Social Media being the platform that provides the most uncensored freedom of speech.  Witless Jewish leaders have noted this and are now therefore hyper-aggressively attempting to censor the Internet to protect the so-called sensitivities of their tyrannical minority – even if it means massacring the most vitally important Amendment in our constitution: the First Amendment.

These American citizen critics of Jews are not necessarily pro Palestinian – most don’t even care what goes on in Occupied Palestine.  They are not KKK members, though undoubtedly a small minority are.  These American rebels are patriots resisting the covert occupation of their minds as well as their nation by a fifth column that answers to a foreign country.  This rebellion is not about religion or class, it is a genuine rejection of tyranny under any guise.  If the Buddhists were doing the same to our country as the Jews currently are, these patriots would be just as staunchly against the Buddhists.

Curiously, calling these American rebels antisemitic, as the Jewish Internet Army is so fond of doing, appears to be having little to no effect – might as well be hitting these rebels on the head with a wet noodle.  The holocaust serum does not seem to be working on a growing chunk of American Gentiles the way it used to – hence the current focused Jewish activism on suppression, censorship and criminalization of their critics on Social Media.

Instead of debating Gentile criticism of Israel and winning their case thusly, Jews instantly knee-jerk towards emotional smears and tyrannical purging of opposing ideas.  Why is that?!  Time and again they do this.  This patterned and unpleasant behaviorism certainly creates plenty of room for doubt regarding their intentions and appreciations of true American values, especially the values treasured and enshrined in the First Amendment.  Perhaps they are not aware what history has shown us plenty: attempting to crush political freedom of thought and intellectual liberty eventually leads to revolt, often violent.

The colonial Brits controlled the Chinese masses by numbing them with opium, encouraging and making it available in every nook and cranny of Chinese life.  They controlled the humongous Chinese population through the power of ‘dreaming’: through fantastical opium dreams, one could say.  The Jews in America, on the other hand, have chosen a different route: that of the emotion of ‘fear’.  Incessant fear.  Fear being the most powerful mind-trap, virtually impossible to shake off once it takes a hold.  Fear, being an emotion that especially cancels out the ability to rationalize or hold steady one’s legs: virtually no different in effect than how alcohol effects perception and body.  To impose Jewish taboos, therefore, the Jews have opted to booze up the masses with fear; aggressively encouraging and promoting the politics of fear on a daily basis.  And to their credit, utilizing ‘fear’ has shown great success for quite some time.

But, then the Internet came along… and never before has there been such an explosion of shared information and uncensored ideas in human history.

No doubt the advent of the internet and the deluge of information has Global Jewry in a panic.  In the past, they have relied on the MSM, on Jew-centric cultural gatekeepers and compromised politicians to keep the Jewish narrative dominant.  But the internet and the profound popularity of Social Media platforms have thrown a spanner in the Jewish brainwash works.  So now they are vigorously working to shred the sacred First Amendment because a minority refuses to debate in good-faith other opposing points of view.  It appears that Jews would rather suppress than submit their evidence and case for inspection.  This is the height of intellectual cowardice.

This abhorrent, regressive abnormality must stop – must be stopped.

Did we fight communism for decades at great loss in blood, treasure and soul just to have Jews take over all major aspects of American life and censor our free speech as the commies would have surely done if they’d won the war and occupied the US?

We are literally on the threshold of Jewish Orwellian control of information, criminalizing all cynicism and criticism of their narrative.  Of course Jews have a protected right to their world view, and so it should be; but they have no right to impose their view on others, especially through corruption and political gangsterism.  No minority has this right, regardless of how ‘superior’ they may perceive themselves to be.

The immense benefits of The Golden age of Enlightenment in the Western hemisphere and all the great cultural literature that has been written and read for the purpose of liberating the human mind, and especially for the purpose of understanding and celebrating the complex emotions of the individual: these are all currently under attack by organized Jewry.  Who would have thunk that some 70 years  after the holocaust and WW2, our freedom of thought would be endangered to this extent in the 21st century by the ‘rescued’ Jews themselves?  Yet here we are….

Oh come on, America!  Your taxes and soldiers used for the service of Israel is one thing, but your freedom of speech is utterly and absolutely non-negotiable!  It is unconscionable, soulless treason to give this freedom up for anything or anybody’s sake!  It is both unconstitutional and highly immoral for a tyrannical minority to subvert and dictate the boundaries of discourse to the general masses.

I encourage my fellow citizens and all lovers of freedom and democracy (warts and all) to call a spade a spade: the Jewish menace and criminal intentions towards the First Amendment must be confronted loud and clear – and often.  This is the only way to preserve our shared national liberty, and indeed our intimate, personal dignity.



  1. Taxi says:

    Let me be crystal clear: I purposely did not use the term 'zionism' in the article as I now see zionism as a fig leaf that badly behaved Jews hide behind.  It is not the ideology the concerns me but the very people who gave birth to it and promote it.  I do not wish to debate an abstract, inane fig-leaf but indeed I must confront its living masters – and these masters are Jewish and their so-called zionist ideology is word-for-word taken from the Jewish Talmud – I no longer see a difference between zionism and judaism .  Even Gentiles who adhere to zionism are under Jewish instruction, so the Jewish fingerprint completely tents this ideology.  Jews are the masters and owners of it, therefore I will reference them, only them and not the 'name' they've given their ideology.  I'm also sick of debating the time-wasting spaghetti junction of zionism's many branches (right-wing zionism, liberal zionism, leftie zionism, religious zionism, religious anti-zionism, cultural zionism, anti-anti-zionism etc): all designed to confuse, derail and obscure the real culprit and purpose.

    They call themselves 'jews', therefore I'll too call them 'jews'.

    I am calling a spade a spade.

    • samivesusu says:

      Zionism is indeed a fig leaf term. It is used to convey an image of  an ethical divide within the Jewish world.. as if Zionists are bad and the JVPs are good, as if Dershowitz is the devil and Blumenthal is Tikun Olam.. My study suggests that all we see in real is an exercise in controlled opposition adventure. The truth of the matter is that Zionists are bad but the JVPs aren't any better. Like Zionists they are engaged in a racially oriented political activism. They are primarily committed to a set of self serving interests. In practice thanks to the JVPs of this world (JVP, IJAN, Mondoweiss etc.) , the discourse of the oppressed is defined by the sensitivities of the oppressor,   

    • Taxi says:

      Gilad, thank you for your comment. 

      "… the discourse of the oppressed is defined by the sensitivities of the oppressor".

      Your above statement hits the bullseye in the eyeball itself.  What's astounding though is that so many self-proclaimed 'intelligent and informed' goy members of JVP can't see this blatant truth staring them right in their faces.  I despair at non-jews who align with JVP.  If there ever was a bunch of useful idiots, it is the goy members of JVP and goy readers of that pseudo-intellectual coward, Phil Weiss.

      As to Blumenthal and Dershowitz, I refer you to my comment about them on this thread here:


  2. Taxi says:

    If we are demanding that an 'honest' conversation is had about radical Islam without being called Islamophobic, then by the same measure we must be open to having an 'honest' conversation about radical Christianity/Buddhism/Hindusim and radical Judaism, without being called Christophobic, Buddhaphobic, Hinduphobic or an antisemite. 

    Equality in scrutiny: it's a sign of a balanced, inquiring society.

      • Pepsi says:

        Gilad, Jewishness is absolutely a belief system. It's a belief that Jews are smarter, more moral, absolutely entitled to absolute rule, everywhere in the world.

        Netanyahu, Bernie Sanders, Phil Weiss, George Soros, Sid and Max Blumenthal, Jared Kushner, Rabbi UltraOrthodoxowitz, they all march in lockstep with this belief system.

    • Taxi says:


      You make it sound like judaism is a prison camp where prisoners get flogged after their dinner.

      But really, I'm not surprised when you say that judaism is an "obedience regulatory system", what with some 613 Halakha laws to strictly adhere to on a daily basis and all.

      To me, judaism is an archaic desert cult writhing in sandstorms and superstition.  I see it as a mono-god paganistic cult concerned mainly with earthly possessions and group-power.  It is no surprise at all that the European leaders of the Golden Age of Enlightenment saw judaism as a lowly anti-intellectual cult, incapable of any progress and devoid of any refined spiritual concepts.

      It would have been great to read more of your thinking on this, but the link you included is dud.  Can you please re-post a working link?  Thank you.

  3. Taxi says:

    If someone truly, earnestly, deeply and profoundly believes in their 'chosenness', would they really be able to fully embrace democracy: a system based on absolute equality for all thru law?

    How do jews reconcile their cosmic elitism with the basic principles of equality that democratic law insists on?

    Are they utterly repulsed by Jeremy Corbyn's election motto: "For the many, not the few"?

  4. Taxi says:

    Jewish aggressive control of information in Western society isn't just confined to the EU, UK and USA.  Canada, Australia and New Zealand too are under severe jew-censorship attack.

    Take for instance this recently breaking media story of a global Jewish false-flag op that aimed to propagate through 'fear' (of course), the silly canard of Jews as eternal victims.  Nobody buys this ridiculous myth anymore: all thanks to the internet and the negligence of Jews drunk on power.

    I'm sure the discerning reader of current affairs would have already observed that since the exposure of the jewish teen who was hoaxing threats against jews across the world: since his eventual arrest in israel a few weeks ago, suddenly there are no longer any news-worthy reports on costly and increasing antisemitic threats.

    Evidently, there is no 'rise' in antisemitism, there's only a rise against abusive jewish power and propaganda.

    • Taxi says:

      Even though there are thousands of professional youtube videos analyzing the israeli teen's psy-ops, I chose the linked video above because it's made by an ordinary person, seemingly sensible and non-aggressive – not a professional Alt-media outfit 'trading' information and collecting advertiser dollars.

      There are copious untold numbers of such ordinary folk disseminating their own analysis on jewish power and maneuvers on social media.

  5. Bornajoo says:

    Dear Taxi,
    Bravo for getting the TRUTH out there. It’s a brave thing to do and I for one know what you’re up against. I hope you are ready for the predictable backlash.

    Nothing you’ve said is actually antisemitic. However the vast majority of the dumb, ignorant, misinformed and brainwashed will immediately believe that you are in fact antisemitic. This is because the constant propaganda we are subjected to by Jewish controlled media and politics has conditioned most people to believe that any criticism of Israel and Jewish power is antisemitic, even though it’s just reporting facts and reality.

    Thank you for referencing the superb article by Alison Weir which I did read a few weeks ago. And yet this wonderful person and selfless activist has been ostracized from the so-called mainstream pro Palestinian movement for (you guessed it) antisemitism. And those that ostracized her include the likes of Omar Barghouti, Ali Abunimah and Max Blumenthal. Well I no longer read or follow anything by those three but I do follow Alison Weir and IAK (and of course Plato’s Guns).
    I was shocked and disgusted that the UK adopted the new definition of antisemitism and it made me want to puke all over Theresa May and her horrid cronies. Actually I feel like that most of the time about her and the Tory government but this was an especially puke-inducing moment. The UK government have made it illegal for local government pension funds to boycott Israel in any way. I’ve just added my support to a court case to try and overturn this incredibly undemocratic law. You can read about it here:

    Anyone who dares to expose the truth about Jewish power and Israel is attacked and unfortunately usually destroyed. This was attempted on Jeremy Corbyn because he has criticized Israel and zionism and is open to dialogue with Hamas and Hezbollah which is an absolutely correct and sensible position to take. There is no trace of anti semitism in these actions but he's been smeared and attacked constantly. Even that fucker Alan Dershowitz jumped in during the final days of our campaign trying to bring him down with a whole series of articles such as this one:

    Why? Because Jewish power/Israel know that he would not continue to blindly support the crimes Israel commits against the Palestinians. So the usual weapon of anti semitcism was wheeled out and fired from all directions. The good news is that finally it appeared to have hardly any effect as I do believe that at least some people are finally waking up to this con trick and are no longer blind to the reality of the situation.

    There is no doubt that the cat is out of the bag, well at least one of its paws. As you so rightly point out, social media is now rife with the backlash against the Jewish powered occupation of all aspects of our daily lives and a push for full censorship is probably the only way to get that cat bag in the bag, or more accurately to make sure that nobody ever sees that cat. However I believe these attempts will backfire. I think you sum it up well when you say:

    “Perhaps they are not aware what history has shown us plenty: attempting to crush political freedom of thought and intellectual liberty eventually leads to revolt, often violent”.

    As for me, I have over the past few years divorced myself from the whole idea of being Jewish. And what is it that makes me Jewish anyway? I’m not religious, I have no Jewish culture (whatever that is) and as far as I’m concerned I’m not ethnically or racially Jewish even though I was somehow born a Jew. But, unfortunately the vast, vast majority of Jews do support the actions of Israel, Zionism and believe that disproportionate Jewish power used to further the nefarious agenda of their group is a good thing. And their overriding loyalty is to their tribe over and above universalist human values.

    I don’t want anything to do with any of those people.

    • Taxi says:


      Thank you for your honest comment.

      Let me assure you that any 'backlash' will feel like a wet noodle to me too.  I don't care what the flaccid enemy labels me.

      It's a joke to even mention Omar Barghouti and Ali Abunima as authentic Palestine activists when they've clearly and in public fellated the jew JVP dong.  I really have no more to say about these lowly  traitors.  I long ago stopped listening to Palestinians who do not support the armed struggle (how convenient for israel to have them around!).  As you may know from my writings on Mondoweiss, I grew up with the original Palestine liberators visiting our Beirut house on a regular basis: Ghassan Kanafani, Shafiq al-Hout, Mahmoud Darwish, George Habash etc.  Barghouti and Abunima are NOT of this class of  righteous intellectual.  I would slam my door in their face in a second!

      Really, the whole leadership of US Solidarity Movement has long been compromised by jew agents of deception and chaos, exactly in the same way that Abu Mazen's 'Palestine Struggle' has been compromised.  Only brainwahsed fools would put their eggs in that jew Solidarity basket.  Only idiots would pay frigging membership fees to be members of JVP.  They claim a membership of 200.000+ and their lowest membership fee is $18 per year.  Plus they get good financial support from Saban for their despicable psy-op.  Now do the maths – JVP is making a killing off the backs of the suffering Palestinians – not a cent goes to Palestinian families devastated by JVP's masters in tel aviv.  JVP is NOT vocational, it's another jew swindle op.  But never mind what I think, let's look at JVP's record, shall we?  For all their so-called activism, JVP has yet to even get a single US politician to make a single 'friendly' statement about Palestinians, let alone present a pro Palestine policy to the senate floor.  They have achieved ZERO for Palestine in real terms.  BDS is NOT their project, they simply jumped on the bandwagon.  And as if adults need another jew organization to tell them not to buy Jaffa oranges from supermarkets!  Furthermore, I see no difference between Dershowitz and Blumenthal – they're both Mossad assets and Yinon plan agents.  Disgusting, vile liars in a sick jew Kabuki.

      I wholly applaud your divorce from the exploitative tribe, Bornajoo.  Let's face it, the tribe's leaders exploit their own as much as they exploit the goyim.  I reckon the most brainwashed people on the planet are jews and they don't even know it. 


      • samivesusu says:

        So happy to see you recovered … you are obviously correct my dear… The Ali Abu Kosher syndrome is hard to take,, it is all in the open and painful to watch…

      • mulligas says:

        How do you reconcile your condemnation of Communists in the above article, with your praise of the Palestinian figures mentioned in the comment above, most of whom were Marxists?

      • Taxi says:

        Hello mulligas – not sure whom your comment is directed at, or where you're getting 'anti-communist sentiments'  in the article from.


        If you're referencing the original Palestinian Resistance leadership that I personally mentioned above (Ghassan Kanafani, Shafiq al-Hout, Mahmoud Darwish, George Habash, etc), you must understand that it makes no difference whatsoever what political system leaders prefer as long as Resistance to occupation is first and foremost on their agenda.  For the people I mentioned above, this was indeed 100% the case.  Their personal political preference is not primary and does not take away from their dedication to the Resistance.

        Take for example the contrast between Hamas and Islamic Jihad behaviorism.  They are both based in Gaza.  Hamas has many branches: social, armed, political, cultural and religious.  The religious arm of Hamas made the folly of putting the Muslim Brotherhood agenda before the liberation of Palestine agenda during the onset of the Syria war and paid the price for this misguided choice: in fact they continue to pay the political price for it.  Whereas Islamic Jihad, who are just as 'islamic' as Hamas, with their own branches too, maintained their Palestine Resistance agenda and position above their religious one and suffered no political blowback.

        For all intents and purposes, it means nothing if you're either communist or capitalist when you're under a brutal and enduring occupation.  But it means everything if you are 100% pro Resistance or not.

        Besides, if Palestinian Resistance only ever allowed capitalist industrialists to be their leaders and spokespersons, that would in itself be undemocratic and tyrannical.

        Every free country has the right to choose for itself what political system best suits it.  If a freed Palestine chooses communism (doubtful because they are traditional and historical traders interested in profit), then so be it – it's their choice, not yours or mine.  If they choose a socialist-capitalist system akin to the UK (more likely), then that's their right too.

        The issue for Palestine is first and foremost the liberation of their historic land.  Currently, it's not communism or capitalism that divides the Palestinians, but the issue of the Armed Struggle versus Negotiations.  Negotiations, I may add, that are clearly and evidently a jewish ruse.

        I hope this answers your important question.

    • Taxi says:

      Thank you Gilad.  Yes my site suffered a temporary hack attack by the usual suspects yesterday.  But all is well now, thank you.

      Yes it is "painful to watch" Palestinian activists almost get it right, but not quite – held back by jew 'friendships'. 

      I don't understand why so many Palestinians in the West are petrified of the 'antisemite' false smear when they have every right to hate their jew occupier with all their heart – they have the right as victims to shout out their grief and anger from all rooftops in the four corners of the world.

      Worthy of note here: the bigger BDS gets, the more Palestinians lose land. 


      • samivesusu says:

        of course ,,, in the old days the Pls plight was all about the right of return ,,, now it is reduced into two jews debating the 'right to BDS'.. well done IsraHell…


      • Taxi says:

        How do jews achieve these tricks unchallenged?  Your *new book, 'Being in Time', perfectly explains the machinations behind the jew ruse.

        *Recommended reading.

      • mulligas says:

        I was referring to this paragraph, that was in the above article.


        "Did we fight communism for decades at great loss in blood, treasure and soul just to have Jews take over all major aspects of American life and censor our free speech as the commies would have surely done if they’d won the war and occupied the US?"

    • Taxi says:

      Right you are Matt.

      The problem with American politics is that all definitions of political ideologies have been turned upside down, especially in so-called ‘leftie’ politics. When warmongering, war criminal, corpo-klepto Clinton self-appoints herself as leader of the American Resistance and no one bats an eyelid, well… this clearly demonstrates the total lunatic upsidedownism of our political theater.

      Even that fake ‘socialist’ Bernie Sanders, that cantankerous corpse who finger-wagged his way into the election candidacy is a jew in the service of himself and… (you guessed it – I’m just so utterly bored repeating it!).

      If you for one second believe Antifa or any American ‘Marxist’ is the genuine article, please think again. Most of them are American Express card holders – need I say more? I am not a Marxist nor an expert on this topic, but I know enough about Marxism to recognize a real one from a fake one. Antifa and Sanders are not even lefties in my book. I see them as toxic plants and agents of chaos, full of contradiction and hypocrisy, fueled and supported behind the scenes by the very same people who keep pushing us into more mideast wars for personal profit and for israel. The very people who are ruining our reputation overseas are the very same people who are destroying our country from within. I used to call them ‘neocon’and ‘ziocon’, I now call them jewicons.

      That aside, let me get to your point by first saying that I spent a few years of my childhood in Capitalist Lebanon (due to my father’s work), I then lived in Socialist London for some 24 years before I returned to Capitalist US where lived in Venice Beach for 18 years till some 5 years ago when I self-exiled to zio-free south Lebanon where I now live in a farm house with 5 rescue dogs, a Filippino housekeeper and a Syria gardener and his family (they live in a separate cottage on the grounds). I share this with you to demonstrate that my world view is not that of a typical American.

      The Palestinian leaders who were very friendly with my parents when I was a child, though labeled as leftists and Marxists, were nothing like Sanders or Antifa – the opposite, I’d even say.

      First, they were people with genuine dignity and integrity – they were people who tolerated with utter civility all political opposition, except of course for evil zionism. They were all secular, with a liberal world view: every single one of them wrote in high praise of women and in support of the working class. They not only wrote about it, but they also lived it – I personally bore witness to this.

      The Levant’s political zeitgeist during the 1970’s was really very simple: you had democratic Capitalism ruling in Lebanon; you had Ba’athism (Arab socialism) in Syria and Iraq, and non-Ba’athist Socialism (European-style socialism) mixed with a minority of Communists (a-la Soviet Union style) in occupied Palestine and in diaspora refugee camps. I must make mention here that the Ba’athists in Iraq slaughtered their communists under Saddam, who was then the Iraqi president’s Deputy, but pretty much in control of the Ba’athist party. Apart from in Lebanon, Capitalism in the Levant was then viewed with suspicion, mainly because of Capitalist America’s support for zionism and its endless mass crimes against the natives.

      The Palestinian leaders that I made mention of, they were of the latter category: against Capitalism because of American tyranny and because of their concerns for Palestinian refugees living in dire poverty. They were all highly educated, but from humble, mostly village backgrounds – all of them experienced living in refugee camps at some point in their lives. They believed in government policies that aided the poor; they believed in equal rights for all citizens; they believed in political transparency, they believed in the democratic process and in freedom of speech. Really, not much different to what many Americans believe in.

      Also, very important to note here the political zeitgeist of the Arab world in general in the 1970’s, not just in the Levant. Arabs then were very much under the influence of Jamal Abdul Nasser, the Egyptian socialist leader. The Palestinian leaders I mentioned above, like most Arabs everywhere, were exceptionally influenced by him and his revolutionary pan-Arab, anti-imperialism stand. You can actually say that despite the labeling that tagged these Palestinian leaders, they were in essence ‘Nasserites’ through and through – as indeed were most Arabs in those days. Western media has always been anti Nasserite because of jewish and imperialist influences. I do not have a problem with Nasseritism because I see the value of it for the natives within the context of their history under Western colonialism and imperialism. It would never work in the US but it worked in the Arab world at the time because after some 400 years of constant colonialism, Nasseritism gave the oppressed masses voice and political succor.

      I personally do not adhere to either left or right politics – and I’m not a centrist either. I support the ideology of democracy but do not vote because I know our system is rigged towards corpotism and israelism. It didn’t bother me at all to live in a socialist country like the UK in the same way that it didn’t bother me to live in Capitalist US. I choose to live in the Lebanon right now because there’s actually more freedom of speech there than there is in jewy USA and the jewier UK. In Lebanon you can criticize the left, the right AND israel – no problem – you’re not allowed to do that in the Western hemisphere without ruinous backlash. When I turned 50, I decided that I would only live where there’s actual freedom of speech, even if I had to live on the moon. Freedom of speech is my only specific political requirement and alignment. You’re okay by me if you’re Socialist, Marxist or Capitalist so long as my freedom of speech is untouchable. Naturally, communism for me is out of the question – but I don’t feel blind hostility towards it – I don’t mind communists in social settings and I have often as a youth engaged in enlightening political discussions with them.

      To sum it up and to answer your question, in context with the above information I just gave you, I can easily “reconcile” my list of ‘Nasserite’ Palestinian leaders with my rejection of communism.

  6. bintbiba says:

    As non-jew, non-tribalist, non-religiously-affiliated… and a fierce believer in all of the Universal Values, I wholeheartedly commend you, Taxi, for your truly brave and ultra moral stand.

    Your agility of expressive word and language are so impressive, that I feel at a loss and unable to express the heart-beating elation mixed with solace that your writings bring me.

    As I am born and bred Palestinian, your powerful words: “I don’t understand why so many Palestinians in the West are petrified of the antisemite false smear when they have every right to hate their jew occupier with all their heart; they have the right as victims to shout out their grief and anger from all rooftops in the four corners of the world”.

    I wish I knew how to hate, but that untimely lack is greatly overtaken and compensated with a massive silent scream of “ANGER AND GRIEF”, as you put it so well!

    I cannot fathom the attitude of Abu Nimah … so scared of that nasty label that has become so battered and flimsy by overuse when it doesn’t fit! His lack of backbone contaminates all his work,as far as I am concerned.

    Kudos to Gilad for the “Ali Abu Kosher” moniker!

    So thank you all who write and comment on Plato’s Guns for having the courage of your convictions and persevering with the most moral call of all: for Justice to happen before ever Peace could have a peep in!

    I’m truly delighted to have you back gracing my/our screens and hearts!

    • Taxi says:

      Thank you for your kind and heartfelt support of Plato's, Bintbiba.

      Truly, it is not "brave" to state the obvious.  The real brave people are the ones physically holding up against occupiers, invaders and terrorists on the battlefields.  These men, women and children are the real heroes in my eyes.

      And as to 'hate', well, even Jesus expressed hate, for instance when he raged at the jewish money-lenders and turned their tables over at the market place.  To me it's unnatural not to actually hate evil deeds and evil doers.  The problem with hate though is when one does not possess the whole truth and therefore allows the hate to be based on falsities and delusion.  When truth is present, hate is checked and confined to its rightful place and measure.  When truth is distorted or absent, then hate will take over the individual's full spectrum perception and drive them into dangerous psychosis.  Propagandists exploit this and use a cocktail of hate and misinformation to achieve nefarious ends.  Discerning truth-seekers know how to distinguish between legitimate hate and programed hate.  Hate, as a word, has a lot of negative press, but I personally find it an organic emotion that's usually triggered by either evil or injustice.  In my experience, 'righteous hate' (yes there is such a thing) is an ethical emotion.  I know a lot of Universalists will not agree with me on this, but I do not promote hate when I say the above, I just understand that it is part of the human condition and must be understood for what it is, not fled from.  In a Utopian world, there would be no need for the feeling of hate to arise, but it would still exist in us nevertheless.

      As to Ali Abuminah:  israel in the 70's had a policy of assassinating Palestinian intellectuals with bullets: the idea being that striking at the 'head' will lead to disorientation of vision and limb of the Palestine body.  Israel still maintains this policy but these days, they just send controlled-opposition people like JVP and Max Blumenthal to befriend Palestinian intellectuals and act as covert 'bullet' to their brain.  Palestinian intellectuals who do not support the Palestinian armed struggle are thoroughly compromised by deceptive jewish war planners.  They have lost the real understanding of the nature of their enemy and should not thus be followed and supported in any measure.

  7. Taxi says:

    My observation of American citizen-journalists on Social Media and their attitudes towards israel and the jews:

    Much of US Social media chatterers don't care for the Palestinian cause but they do use jew land-theft and cruelty towards Palestinian people as an undeniable example of jewish racist tyranny.  Many think that if jewish power in America keeps growing exponentially and abusively, then they themselves will eventually become the Palestinians.

    It is not only revisionist history that informs them, it is present jewish Bolshie behavior that is putting the jitters in their keyboards.

  8. Taxi says:

    Hat tip to David, a reader of Plato's, who sent me the following information in an email:

    Israel has a new internet censorship APP, called 'Act.IL app', which has been developed for the following reasons:

    1. To monitor all anti israel articles
    2. To counter the efforts of the BDS movement
    3. To actively comment or complain about any anti israel story
    4. Its aim is to change the way israel is perceived on social media and online

    The advert for the app actually says "become an online soldier for Israel".  Apparently, you get points for leaving a positive comment and the APP has pre-loaded hasbara answers for you to use for each argument presented.

    This new APP has been developed directly by the Israeli Department of Strategic Affairs.  To lure more people to use it, including non-jew users, a reward system has been put in place.  These rewards are based on performance of users: points collected by users are converted into prizes and compiled into global rankings.

  9. Taxi says:

    During the Jeffrey Sessions hearings a few days ago, he was asked a question and part of his response was the phrase "Jewish Aipac".  Well, as readers would expect, the "jewish Aipac" brigade jumped on his throat for linking 'jewish' with 'Aipac'.  LOL – as if they're inseparable.  As if the whole goddamn American population doesn't already very much link the two in their minds.

    Halllllow US jews: everyone can see the jewish Emperor is naked.  STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE!

  10. jewnomore says:

    Dear Taxi,

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you and others expertly articulated here. 

    My post is relevant only to let you know that I will shortly be changing my somewhat biblical Jewish surname by deed poll due to the constant embarrassment of being associated with this religion.

    I wish it were possible to remove all trace of Jewishness, but have, alas, been scarred for life, mainly as a result of my foreskin being forcibly removed without my permission when only 8 days old – which to make matters worse was botched.  The remaining scars are psychological.  

    Although my three brothers and I attended secular school during the day, (if there is a God, I would like to thank him/her for that) we were shipped off to an ultra-religious Jewish school most evenings to learn the 3 R's – reading the bible, and reading and writing Hebrew. This is where we were being indoctrinated and told repeatedly how lucky we were to be the chosen ones. Then came the dreaded Bar Mitzvah studies which consumed many an evening I believe would have been better spent doing some old fashioned secular homework or learning to play the clarinet. This might account for my secondary school reports being littered with comments such as "must try harder", "needs to focus", etc. On a more positive note, my parents were satisfied they'd done their bit to ensure that these essential practices and skills had prepared us for the challenges that lay ahead.   

    As bad as all this sounds, things could have been much, much worse. It was by chance that we ended up in the UK and not Israel – and you only need five minutes in a room (preferably with an escape hatch) with any one of my Israeli relatives to figure out just how lucky we actually are. 

    • Taxi says:

      Jewnomore, thank you for coming forward and commenting on this sensitive topic. 

      You're another fish that got away from the claustrophobic, toxic swamp.  I truly congratulate you on this.  And I fully empathize with the agonizing journey of your exit from the tribe.  I can only imagine the familial strains this must have put on you, especially with your extended family who have all drank israel's talmudic kool Aid and indeed live in the terrorist state of israel as brainwashed, brute colonials.  Like you said, you are truly lucky that by some fluke of fate, you and your parents ended up in the UK and not in israel where your indoctrination into tribal behaviorism would have been by far more intensely severe than just going to hebrew school in the UK (hard as that was in itself).

      Jews, as a tribe, have long considered themselves as outsiders, so when a jew decides to leave the tribe, they become the double-outsider.  This is indeed a unique and hefty burden for any individual to carry.  Yet, fortunately, some jews are intellectually honest enough with themselves to take on this burden in the name of liberating themselves from dogmatic, blackmailing judaism.  Jewnomore, you have, with a clear conscience, and rightly so, rejected the talmud that instructs its adherence to go forth and destroy all non-jew gods, their followers and their cities.  You have opted for equal coexistence with humanity and not for mythological 'chosenness' and senseless, eternal warfare against the 'other'.

      You are so very brave – as indeed are all other jews who choose their own destiny for themselves instead of placing their whole life in the hands of some paranoid, power-hungry rabbi – in the hands of a practical stranger with an inferiority complex.

      Double-outsider, I so admire your courage.  You may have had a botched circumcision when you were 8 days old, but I salute your balls of steel, evidently untouched by the blunt jewish scalpel.

  11. Taxi says:

    Stephen Colbert's Late Show censors Oliver Stone for saying: “Israel Had Far More Involvement In The 2016 Elections in the US Than Russia.”

    *(Check out the comments sections in the above link and the reddit link below)

    The story was originally reported below:

  12. Cloak And Dagger says:

    The Republic is dead. Vive la République!

    In the words of Pat Buchanan, our congress is Israeli occupied territory.

    Our government that operated on the basis of the consent of the people is long gone. The Deep State controls and commands all for its own greed and lust as we struggle in Dante’s Inferno in our 9 circles of Hell. Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate! Even hope is an illusion in the diabolical machinations of nocturnal powers that feed the never-ending hunger of Mephistopheles.

    Hell on Earth – the manifestation of those 9 circles:  Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery. This is the embodiment of the Deep State. Do these labels not fully define our wretched nation and what we inflict on the rest of the world? We, the people, have been reduced to a coven of groveling minions with the anguished cries of the uncommitted, as Virgil would have described us, ranting and railing, but with the cowardice of Pope Celestine V, who served as the door through which so much evil entered the world.

    Jewish power strangles us all with the iconic depiction of the many-tentacled beast that grips those that rule us with the façade of participative democracy. Behind them, in the shadows, with 3 beasts to shield it, flows the river of oblivion on which sails Lucifer himself, and we remain ignorant, impotent, and full of hate, spiraling to our own eternal damnation.

    We “elect” leaders to drain swamps and free us from infernal rule, only to find them drown in those very swamps, pulled down into the abyss by the denizens of the deep. Like the sputtering flame of a candle in the breeze that flickers with hope ever so briefly before it is extinguished by reality.

    They have won and we have lost and all our brothers lie somnambulant and suckling from the opiates in the teats of the Mother Demon. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.


    • Taxi says:

      A lullaby for desperadoes. A lament for the huddled. A sonata in despair. My goodness, Cloak – you are one deeply disappointed patriot. I share your heartbreak and your rage – as I’m sure millions of Americans do too. I’m afraid I have no answers nor tonic for the darkening malaise in our nation. I see no American Intifada on the horizon. Our people are too drunk on jew-promoted fears and lies.

      Except to say, that the source of corruption that has led to the present evil resides in Tel Aviv. This is why I support the Axis of Resistance in the Levant that has Tel Aviv in its cross-hairs from every possible angle. I see their effort as ultimately liberating us too from the jew stranglehold. The dismantlement of the terrorist state of israel and the smoking ruins of Tel Aviv through war is literally our only hope. The people in the Levant currently fighting ISIS and winning are the very same people who will destroy the mother-terrorist teat in Tel Aviv. We benefit from the war plans of these hardened resistors to jewish supremacy and tyranny. We share the same enemy who gave us 9/11 and gave them thousands of 9/11s.

      Of course, this solution is bleakness itself. For everybody. But especially for them. There will not be an Israel or a Tel Aviv after the next war. Their greed and their overreach, their corruption and arrogance will be the cause of this jew nightmare, revisited upon humanity every hundred years or so.

      I doubt that they’ll be able to pull off another one after that though. There are now many competing narratives available, not just the jew one that for seven decades was hooked like a noose around the non-jew neck. This be all thanks to the internet.

      Savior of mankind.

      We note here, therefore, with some measure of optimism, that Freedom of Information and Freedom of Speech are truly becoming powerful instruments of change. Realizable.

      But, these tools, these weapons of freedom must be absolutely preserved and intensely protected. Otherwise… well… another generational purgatory in another 100 years.

  13. american200 says:

    I have to chime in here —-No one needs to be shy about using Jews instead of Zionist . 

    The Jews have had 3000 years to rid themselves of their malignant narcissism, jealousy, hate of ' the others ' and their evil leaders  but their tribal 'pattern'  remains the same country after country, century after century.

    They haven't changed and after all this time they aren't going to. Their slogan should be Never Learn instead of Never Again. 

    I have said this a thousand times—–'Traitor trumps Anti Semite every day of week in every country in the world… always has, always will.

    Use it,….play offense not defense.

  14. Taxi says:

    The first Hebrew tribe came from Semitic Yemen… spread out from there to other Semitic lands in the Arabian peninsular.  Therefore the original jews were Arab Yemenis and their bloodline, Semitic.

    Ashkenazim, who currently represent approx. 90% of world jewry, are, by their own admission, not Arab.  In fact, to them, it's an insult to be called an "Arab".  They are, according to the jewish library (online), of Euro-khazarian roots, whose ancestors converted to judaism.

    With the above in mind, the article linked below demonstrates how Ashkenazim are actually themselves the most abhorrent, evil and disgusting antisemites the world has ever known:

    Knesset Inquiry Reveals Yemenite Babies Murdered In Medical Experiments:

    • astraeaisabella says:

      Yes!      And Here Wayne Madsen makes what is going on in the ME, all quite clear.     The most viciously cruel people in the ME apart from Israel, are also Jews.   

      The Saudi "royal" family are Jews and their Wahhabi cult, which is what the terrorists are, are not really Muslims, but are ruled by their own special form of Judaism.    It is much like the Turkish "leadership"  which is been Jewish with some Islamic ways or pretensions.

      ALL those monstrous and hideous and vile terrorists such as ISIS and Al Quaida and the rests are Wahhabi, and that is Jewish, not Muslim!     

      Osama was a Wahhabi.

      And it is Wahhabi brutes and savages who recruit and train Muslims from other countries, all over the World now, including China.   

      Saudi Arabia and "Israel" are ruling oru whole World through violence and fear.



      • Cloak And Dagger says:

        Interesting article – always liked Wayne Madsen. One paragraph caught my eye:

        Some texts suggest that the Dönmeh numbered no more than 150,000 and were mainly found in the army, government, and business. However, other experts suggest that the Dönmeh may have represented 1.5 million Turks and were even more powerful than believed by many and extended to every facet of Turkish life.

        This is key to how jewish power becomes insidious until it is too late. They always downplay their numbers and rail against "jew counting". I am willing to wager a year's salary that the so-called 6 million jews in the US representing 2% of our population is a bald-faced lie, and the actual number of jews, crypto jews, and others of that ilk are at least 3 times that if not more. They take great pains to change their jewish names to christian ones in order to conceal their true identities and blend in to the populace like chameleons waiting for their prey.


    • Taxi says:

      Thank you for your comment and link, Astraeaisabella.  I knew some of the information in the article, but it was very illuminating to read and discover many historical missing-links in there.

      It is true when you say that there are too many crypto jews in positions of power in the Arabian Peninsular and the wider middle east.  And if I may add, with more accuracy: Wahabism is actually Talmudic Islam, in exactly the same way Christian-Zionism is Talmudic Christianity.  Both are umbilically connected to and informed by Talmudic judaism.  Both covertly serve Talmudism instead of Islam and Christianity, respectively.

      As a compendium to your link, and putting a spotlight on Ashkenazim here, I recommend reading the link below on the origins and character of the Khazarian kingdom.  It's no surprise that the Khazarians chose to convert to judaism and not Christianity or Islam.  Their barbaric behaviorism, even before conversion, was pure Talmudism: Talmudism with a pagan twist.

      Despite a tinge of sycophantism here and there in the above article, it's worth a read as it's packed with very enlightening historic tidbits, usually rare to come by.  It also sheds light on the historic (and enduring) connection between Khazarian and Turkic people.

  15. Pingback: Taboos And Booze For The Masses | Arab Nyheter

  16. Cloak And Dagger says:

    I am not one to idolize anyone, and certainly not a political leader, but I have to admit that my admiration for Putin continues to grow. We have demonized Russia and China because of their refusing to kowtow to jewish central banks and jewish interests, but these two countries have become the icons for the hope of humanity.

    From Haaretz:

    Russia said on Monday it would treat U.S.-led coalition aircraft flying west of the River Euphrates in Syria as potential targets and track them with missile systems and military aircraft, but stopped short of saying it would shoot them down.

    As a result, our poodles in Australia have decided to halt all air strikes in Syria as a "cautionary measure". 

    Putin is clearly demonstrating that he is not afraid to stand up to our imperialistic moves in the Levant at the behest of Israel. It remains to be seen whether this leads to a war between the US and Russia, which would please Israel immensely, because they get to pick up what remains after that.

    How stupid are we!


    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      And we just blinked:

      The shooting down of the Syrian SU-22 fighter appears to have been intended as a warning to stop the Syrian army from capturing Rusafa, so as to block the Syrian army’s attempt to relieve the pressure on Deir Ezzor.

      The Russian warning to the US looks in turn to have been intended to make clear to the US that this sort of interference in the Syrian army’s operations to relieve Deir Ezzor is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

      The US has heeded the Russian warning.  The various statements made by the US and by various US officials today, though full of the usual bluster about the US defending itself and its allies anywhere and everywhere, in fact clearly signal that the US is backing off.

      The chess game in Syria is far from over. The game of move and counter-move continues. With the capture of Rusafa the Syrians and the Russians have however just won another important piece. In the meantime Russia’s warning limits the range of US moves across the Syrian chessboard.

      The net result of all these recent moves is that end of the Syrian war may have drawn a little closer.

    • Taxi says:

      I commented today about the Syria situation @ Moon of Alabama – I'm copy-pasting the comments here below:

      I really don't think the Axis of Evil dares expand the war in Syria beyond a certain 'safe' point: Tel Aviv is irrevocably in the Axis of Resistance's cross-hairs and Iran threatened that it can destroy Tel Aviv in 8 minutes. The first sure casualty of any war expansion will be israel itself.

      All that's going on right now from the Axis of Evil's side is tactical delaying of the 'cleansing' of terrorists from Syria before the Syria army turns its full attention to liberate the Golan, as indeed Bashar and his generals have already stated. It's all tactical delays by the US (on the behest of israel) before the inevitable Golan stand-off between Syria and israel hits up.

      Even if israel sets up another 9/11 on US soil and pins it on Iran and Syria, 'touching' Damascus or Tehran in any serious way will still result in the wholesale destruction of israel and its capital, regardless of the power of israel's offensive capabilities. Israel, my friends, has an unsolvable defense problem – and all the 'David Slings' in the world will not be able to protect israel, especially that the Dimona too is high on the target list of the Axis of Resistance.

      Once the Axis of Evil runs out of proxy terrorists in Syria, that will be that. And the next battle stage will be sharply focused on the Golan. And here, again, I can't see israel going into a full thrust war over the Golan because again, Tel Aviv is the target and israel will never sacrifice Tel Aviv for the Golan. Whomever is ruling israel at the time will find some way to pull back, with security guarantees and a big fat dollars package, taking the political hit etc instead of losing tel aviv. They withdrew from Sinai, also from Lebanon, and they did it in Gaza too. They'll do it with the Golan to 'save' israel.

      An all out war over the Golan is what the Axis of Resistance wants because they know that israel will lose this war in the first 8 minutes.

      Gone are the days when Israel can start border wars, smash up what it wants then go home and take a shower. Them days are finito-Benito and forever gone.

      Posted by: Taxi | Jun 19, 2017 2:09:15 PM | 47

      Here's the second comment:

      Our actions in Syria are based on israeli defense policies NOT American ones. That's why our actions in Syria are dumber than dumb as far as US interests are concerned. And if you haven't caught on why the jewish MSM and the zionist bipartisan War Party remain in a 'Russia' frenzy some six months after Trump moved into the WH, then you've been had. The whole jewish ploy is to keep up tensions with Putin so that Trump is forced to work the israel angle in Syria, an angle that is anti-Russian presence in the Levant and pro ISIS Caliphate.

      The whole point is to prevent USA working with Russia on cleaning up Syria because soon as the 'cleaning' is done, the Syrian army is heading towards the Golan to legitimately liberate it from israeli occupation – a fight that will see israel losing as tel aviv will be immediately targeted. The israelis know this and are delaying the inevitable confrontation in the Golan, in the hope that they can figure out the impossible in the meantime – the impossible being that unlike the past, the anti-israel axis in the Levant now and for the first time ever has the ability to destroy every inch of israel while taking the hits. Israel might have superior offensive weaponry, but defensively, they stand naked on the battlefield.

      Posted by: Taxi | Jun 20, 2017 12:27:20 AM | 95

      And the third, in response to a commentator who thought israel would whip out the nukes over the Golan:

      You're not getting it pal: nuke Damascus or not, israel is easily and quickly destroyable now. A nuke will NOT DEFEND israeli territory. Nothing can.

      And they won't dare nuke Damascus anyway: too close to the Golan.

      It's time you faced it: there WILL BE a confrontation on the Golan and israel will pull back: unable to sacrifice tel aviv for the Golan.

      I refer you also to my earlier comment here: (comment # 47)

      Posted by: Taxi | Jun 20, 2017 1:05:18 AM | 100

      It's just a game of chicken played by one eagle and one chicken.

    • Taxi says:

      Interestingly, israeli media spent all day yesterday and today intensely discussing and analyzing the Iranian mid-range missiles that took off from Iran to Syria and hit ISIS targets right between the eyes.  This is the first time ever that Iran has used this level of missile and analysts downplayed the accuracy of the Iranian missile so as to not cause major public panic.

      Israelis are extremely petrified (good!) that such missiles are available to Hezbollah – many analysts guessed: not.  Well I've got news for israelis: yes, yes, yes and triple yes Hezbollah has everything it needs to smite its jewish invader enemy.  As if Iran would invest all that dosh and energy in Hezbollah then deny them useful, game-changing sophisticated weapons on the battlefied.  Nasrallah has many times said: "we are not worried or afraid of the IDF, we have many, many surprises for them".  Well, sophisticated Iranian missiles is but one of the many surprises.

  17. Cloak And Dagger says:

    Okay, so my fellow citizens may not be as somnambulant as I feared, although it is still a far cry from taking action:

    Poll: Most Americans Aren’t Zionists

    But Democratic and Republican Party Platforms Are

    A majority of American adults – 70.3 percent – do not consider themselves Zionists when defined as "A Zionist is a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel." Only 24.9 percent say, "I consider myself a Zionist" while 4.8% provided other responses.

    Other recent polling reveals the enormous divide between the views of Americans and the actions taken by their members of Congress. Americans are strongly opposed to massive, disproportionate, unconditional US foreign aid to Israel. They want Congress to consider Israel’s status as the region’s sole nuclear power. They would renegotiate or cancel the lopsided 1985 trade deal. They oppose relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, as well as the policy of "no-daylight" US coordination with Israel.

    And, relevant to my post above:

    The Zionist movement – acting through AIPAC – now appears committed to pushing the US into future military confrontations with Iran and Russia, further embroiling the US in other Middle East conflicts that serve no American interest, overturning the JCPOA, and building Israel up for military adventures. Whether Americans can "de-Zionize" Congress and government agencies to a level proportionate with their own identity is a question that could well determine the survival of the country.

    Wake the fuck up, America!


  18. Taxi says:

    Fantastic news!  Oh man it's about time a poll on zionism in US was done!  And the poll result doesn't surprise me at all.  Even on divey yahoonews, I'd say approx 90% of the comments on the Syria war articles blame israel and implore Trump to get the hell out of there – 'no more wars for israel' is often written and plenty spelled in bold lettering.

    Cloak, you've made my day linking to this poll – thank you.

    This, of course, makes the jews even more determined to censor gentiles using the internet.


  19. Taxi says:

    Supreme Court Doesn't Care What You Say on the Internet:

    Two free-speech rulings combine to make clear that any social media regulation will have to come from the companies themselves.

    …  What is most striking about the two opinions taken together is what they mean for the regulation of offensive speech on social media: The government is not going to get involved. In practice, what that means is that the corporations that own and control social media are going to be squarely in charge of shaping the norms of speech. Indeed, the First Amendment will be interpreted to protect Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media universe in imposing the private rules they choose.

  20. Taxi says:

    Israel's Dirty Little Secret

    How it drives US policies exploiting a spineless Congress and White House – Philip Giraldi/Unz Review

    “I’ve never seen a president – I don’t care who he is – stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles your mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens don’t have any idea what goes on” –  Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer

  21. intertwiningserpents says:

    Why are RT always so tight lipped about reporting on the Jewish Mafia?.

    I remember Max Keiser mentioning the Rothschilds once but that's about it…He said 'people always ask me why don't I mention the Rothschilds'?…and then he went on to dish the dirt on them,albeit briefly.

    Taxi…How trustworthy do you think Putin is in regards to him 'potentially' becoming a key player in the deconstruction of the madhouse?.

    It would be good to hear what you have to say about Putin and any objectives on the world stage you feel he may have.

    I predict that in the future your blog will be read by hundreds of millions.

    Please keep on spreading the light so that the darkness fades.

    • Taxi says:

      Thank you for your kind words and comment, intertwiningserpents.

      A few months ago, I saw this youtube video where Rothschild (the one who recently died) says that his family money paid for the creation of israel.  No need to further express how I feel about the Rothschilds, except to say they need to all be arrested for using their money to steal Historic Palestine and for enslaving global citizens and governments through their wicked practice of usury.  Yes, they need to be in prison and their money given to their victims who number in the millions around the world.

      As to Putin, well, I think he's by far smarter than most American politicians combined; and I support his sound ME policy and his general world view.  I wrote about Putin's personality here:  Putin Plays Russian Roulette.

      But, as with all politicians, I reserve my final judgement once they've retired from politics.  My (healthy) cynicism does not allow me to give politicians a gold medal of honor while they're still in office – politicians being a changeable animal and all, you never know if they'll wake up tomorrow and start working against their own promises.  But with Putin, so far so good.

  22. intertwiningserpents says:

    What all these complete and utter fools who choose to work on the dark side don't realiser is that there IS a law of nature and nothing goes unnoticed and every action (whether good or bad) is reflected back in future incarnations because life IS merely a mirror.

    So happy next life in this dream world Mr Rothschild!.

  23. astraeaisabella says:

    Why I wonder, did Putin close the archives relating to the Holohoax?      ( I think that was about five years ago.)

    Why is he so VERY friendly with Kissinger?     He seems to actually love Kissinger!      I have seen photographs of Putin looking like a little boy with Kissinger.

    I like Putin and I think he is cool and confident simply because he is truthful.     He does not have to bully anyone and he is unafraid.

    All the same, much as I like him and I AM always impressed by his manliness and confidence, I do not understand why he is so very kind to the Jews – and seems to actually like Netanyahoo.      That nitwit IS a bully and a fool, and way too powerful in the World at present – OUR World!

    Putin is always courteous, in control of himself,obviously a kind man – he is a Libran with all his planets in Libra in the first house!      Amazing!    He is a natural born diplomat.

    • Taxi says:

      I think you answered your own Putin question in your last paragraph.

      And just to be clear: Putin is ‘civil’ with Netanyahu, as indeed he is with all world leaders, but I don’t think for a second that Putin considers Netanyahu a ‘friend’ the way, for instance, Trump does. Realpolitik is what’s at play here between israel and Russia – and this game Putin must play right as one million Russian jews (most of them converts) are dual israelis citizens with roots and relatives still living in Russia.

      Putin, who has a PHd in international law, tends to ‘time’ his battles with high considerations for the law and for ‘safety’, and I don’t think it serves Russia to open the holocaust file while israel still exists – the backlash would be immense and probably create (by jews) an economic devastation on Russian society. But israel’s days are numbered imho so I have no doubt that the general and self-imposed censorship on the holocaust by the world is a permanent thing.

      The truth always come out in the end.

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