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Athens versus Jerusalem

A review of ‘Being in Time: A Post-Political Manifesto’ – by Gilad Atzmon/Skyscraper Publication

First, I must make stern objection to the subtitle of this book: “A Post-Political Manifesto“.  No, dearest reader, this is no manifesto at all.  A manifesto is usually instructive and Atzmon’s book is actually reflective.  A manifesto is imbibed with strict political dogma, whereas Atzmon’s book is charged with a free-flowing, philosophical energy.  The book is, in fact, an astute and remarkable comment on the metaphysics of our current political condition: using the age-old blueprint of Athens versus Jerusalem to unravel the dark and twisted marvels of our current political dystopia.

For over two thousand years, a war between rationalist Athens and messianic Jerusalem has ensued, but not to clear conclusion.  For several millennia, this epic war has vacillated and the victor’s scales have tipped hither in one era and dither in another.  The war between Athens and Jerusalem continues relentlessly into our present day, and this side of the 21st century, it is cultural philosopher and Jazz artist, Gilad Atzmon, who now updates us on this epic and raging battle where each side is struggling to occupy the very perception of humanity itself.  Both sides claim to be the saviors of mankind; and currently, the Jerusalem school of thought is leading, but only because its agents have successfully infiltrated to the core, the elite leadership and governments of the Western world.

Simultaneously, Athens is presently having its victories too, as evidenced by the growing popularity of Atzmon’s elegant Athenian book – a rare publishing phenomenon in itself indeed, indicating a growing market hungry for Athenian thought.  Moreover, this current Athenian awakening can also be measured by recent polls, and by the palpable bulging of an eclectic population on Social Media, unified in expressing its disgust, distrust and utter rejection of Jerusalemite rule.  You could say that the various chattering masses are currently seeking the humanism and order that Athens promises because they are so very dissatisfied and disillusioned by what Jerusalem has delivered them: division, intolerance, senseless wars and hopeless human misery with no end.

One observes that since the controversial establishment of the State of Israel, the Jerusalem school has had an accelerated progress.  Inside of 70 years, Jerusalemites, with feverish dedication have successfully installed their peculiar brand of anarchy through the aggressive spread of divisive Identitarian Politics, tyrannical Political Correctness, ruinous Predatory Economics, vampirical Controlled Opposition, as well as a most lethal form of warmongering Jewish Power – all simultaneously and insidiously injected into Western societies.  Jerusalem has evidently delivered us nothing but endless warfare overseas and palpable instability and dystopia in our Western societies.  It has brought us a non-humanistic world.  It has given us a lowering of citizen morale and an increase in barbaric immorality where might over right is normalized.  Jerusalem has steeped us in an absurd environment where decadent perversions are permitted, but freedom of speech is curtailed.  A world where freedom of thought is punished instead of promoted.

In the philosophical arena, Athens represents Truth and Jerusalem: the Dream.  Both appeal to the human condition but clearly, one is more grounded in reality than the other.  Today we witness how Jerusalem’s promised Dream (of the messiah) has delivered us a convoluted and godless nightmare.  It is the very sinews of this nightmare that Being In Time so meticulously and courageously explores, illuminating and dissecting the elite powers that be and the diabolical machinations behind our current socio-political catastrophe.

Atzmon’s book takes us on a most unique philosophical journey, deconstructing this ongoing nightmare with fascinating insight and intellectual rectitude and rigor.  His gripping chapters are impressively substantive: dissecting each of Jerusalem’s current Jew-centric poison tentacles with astounding clarity and moral cognizance.  Making sense of the maddening world we live in is what Atzmon’s book so assuredly delivers.  His thoughtful deliberations on Identity Politics and other Jerusalemite maladies are stunningly profound in their clarity and logic: simple, indisputable logic.  No other contemporary philosopher or political writer has ever so successfully exposed the most vital of Jerusalem’s grotesque operators: their uniquely deceptive Controlled Opposition agents.  For this alone, Atzmon’s book must be read.  All efforts at liberation from Jerusalem are lost without knowledge and understanding of the duplicitous nature and aims of Jerusalem’s Controlled Opposition.  Without the skulduggery of the Controlled Opposition, Jerusalem cannot advance from within; cannot lasso the support of the blindsided masses.  Controlled Opposition IS the enemy within, the most dangerous of all enemies.  Atzmon exposes the very character and workings of these Controlled Opposition agents: using insider knowledge, facts, and a sprinkle of his own brand of wry wit.

Truly, there are too many important chapters in Atzmon’s book to break down here one by one, but I sincerely urge people seeking a humanistic and truth-based world to read this incredible book: an important document on the contemporary moralities of our current political zeitgeist; a book written by a devout Athenian philosopher glued to the mathematics of reality and to the stellar principles of humanism.

And with such rich knowledge in hand, can change be that far behind?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*(Being In Time can be purchased on & on Atzmon’s website).



  1. Taxi says:

    Jesus was an Athenian and Hillary Clinton is a Jerusalemite.

    There's no subtle difference between them at all.

    Instead of next time voting between left and right, please consider voting for 'Athenian' candidates.

    People like Ron Paul and Ralph Nader are Athenians.

  2. Taxi says:

    It is ideas and not bullets that quintessentially change the world.

    Bullets are used merely to enforce, by force, faulty ideologies, or ideologies under threat.

    We all know that bullets don't change beliefs, they merely suppress them momentarily.

    It was not American bullets that brought down the Soviet Union, it was the Russian people and their leaders' ideology that hit a wall and therefore a self-instigated review of their ideology was in order.  It was the Russians themselves who changed their own minds through trial and error.

    This is Athenianism.

    We can't say the same for Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen or Syria.  These suffering countries, regardless of what one might think of their ideology, are under ruinous and lethal Jerusalemite attacks: attacks that are clearly not transforming ideologies but entrenching and weaponizing them.

    • samivesusu says:

      I tend to agree… bullets didn’t defeat the Iraqis, the Palestinians or the VK… but they defeated American imperialism, French colonialism, IDF in Lebanon…

      • Taxi says:

        Yet neither side's bullet changed minds and hearts.  The ideologies of both sides remain intact, entrenched.

        Adding here too that there is a symbolic and ideological distinction between the aggressor's bullet and the resistor's.

  3. Taxi says:

    It is behaviorism that determines/reveals if an individual or an entity is a Jerusalemite or an Athenian.  Evidently, you don't have to be religious to be a Jerusalemite.  An individual or an institution can be atheistic/secular and simultaneously be a Jerusalemite.  Take for instance Bill Mahr and the CIA, respectively: godless, yet pure Jerusalemites.

    It's important to view the world through the Athens versus Jerusalem lens.  This elevates one's view of the forest.  This vantage point makes it much easier to see and separate truth from propaganda.  It bypasses the incessant double-sided brainwash and enables clear, singular, independent thinking.  It provides realistic assessment therefore better judgement and saner, humanistic solutions.

    Viewing the world through the Athens versus Jerusalem lens is the very way to create a paradigm shift in humanity's socio-political consciousness.

    Try it. 

    • Taxi says:

      You're absolutely right about this one, Gilad – and you certainly demonstrate it plenty in your book, delving especially into nook and nuance of disgraceful lefty behaviorism.

      But one needn't have even read your book to have seen with their own eyes the absolutely lunatic narcissism, the hostility and irrational behavior of the so-called progressives and liberals – reaching astonishing lows especially since the time period of the Clinton and Trump presidential horse race.  Indeed their Jerusalemite colors are now hideously glaring.

      Here, I want the reader to be mindful that one doesn't automatically become a 'right winger' just because one criticizes the left.  And Vice versa.  Remember, the Athenian idea is to soberly assess and align with where the truth lays, not where left or right tempests spin, blow and shriek.  The Athenian idea is to first get your diagnosis right, and this is only possible through the instrument of intellectual truth.  You must describe what you experience as is: no more and no less.  It is self-defeating to add bias to your thinking process: smudging your reading glasses with your own greasy fingerprints is nothing short of negligent folly.  Athenianism is neither left nor right – it is a transcendence of the dualistic world view.  It is a purveyor of ideas that unite humanity, not divide them.  The truth, as an organic, intellectual and emotional principle, is what unites a diverse Athenian world.

      If you see a truth, speak it, even if it makes you tremble.

  4. Taxi says:

    Jesus was an Athenian who preached his vision of a humanistic world.  Boggles the mind therefore that so many practicing Christians in the West are Jerusalemites.

    Certainly looks like the insidious Jerusalem Kool Aid has the effect of compelling one into actions and thoughts that are contrary and diametrically opposed to one's stated beliefs.

    It's as if the Jerusalem brew is a strange mind-altering substance that literally turns everything in one's mind upside down and paints it black and white.  No other perceptional options, realms or colors are available. 

    A windowless room with walls painted black and white and furniture dangling upside-down from the ceiling.  That's the unhinged world that Western Christian Jerusalemites live in.

    Oh Jesus!


      • Taxi says:

        And many stellar Athenians were not “self-hating jews” – Socrates and Mahatma Ghandi, come to mind.

        I just had to say this so as to tweek the slight unintended imbalance in your statement and make sure that nothing whiffs of chosenism around here 😉

      • Taxi says:

        Thanks MguitarF.

        I don't think we need to read the bible further to discern that there are many rogue interpretations of it, especially that of christian zionism: a most gruesome form of non-christian Jerusalmetism.

      • samivesusu says:

        many people believe themselves to be chosen but the js are slightly better at it… why? maybe because they’ve doing it longer than anyone else? or maybe because they invented a god who chose them over all other people…They even invented genocidal holidays in support of their choseness..J's choseness is the key to the understanding of liberal/progressive's psychosis .. 

      • Taxi says:

        "J's choseness is the key to the understanding of liberal/progressive's psychosis."

        Gilad, the way you explain the connection in your book leaves no doubt in the reader's mind that this is indeed the case.

        I'd just like to add here that Jerusalemite jews insist they are 'chosen', while Athenian Jesus preached that "we are all the children of god".  Jesus rejected 'chosenism'.

        Jews said 'an eye for an eye' and Jesus said 'turn the other cheek' etc.

        Jesus clearly rejected the fundamentals of  Jerusalemitism – and it cost him his life in the end.

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    • Taxi says:

      The instinctive mind is the organic mind. Ego-less.

      Schopenhauer, using the example of a stranger who spontaneously dives into an icy river to save another drowning person without a single thought to himself (his ego) – he called this heroic act an experience of “oneness of mind”: the loftiest human state of mind – a connectedness of self to all lifeforms.

  6. intertwiningserpents says:

    In Shopenhauer's example if the stranger dived into the water instinctively 'without thought' then I would say Shopenhauer perhaps should have said that the experience was 'a heroic act of oneness' because surely aren't  thought and the mind the exact same thing?…..If that is correct then you could say that G-d dived into the water because what are we without our Ego minds but empty shells where  'nothing' is home.

    But what the hell do I know because knowledge comes from thought?


    • Taxi says:

      Hey what the hell do I know too?! Heh.

      If memory serves, then yes, Schopenhauer did actually say ‘without thought or consideration of self’, regarding the spontaneous diver.

      I do very much like your phrasing: “a heroic act of oneness”. Thank you for that. It does indeed take enormous courage to act out of ‘oneness’ in a world where ego is king.

  7. chu33 says:

    Judeo-Fascism on the rise:

    U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel

    ' a group of 43 senators — 29 Republicans and 14 Democrats — wants to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, which was launched in protest of that country’s decades-old occupation of Palestine. The two primary sponsorsof the bill are Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland and Republican Rob Portman of Ohio. Perhaps the most shocking aspect is the punishment: Anyone guilty of violating the prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison. "


    • Taxi says:

      Thanks, chu.

      … minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.

      Oh lookie there how jew power waves giant menacing fist at broke goy masses:  Yessiri Bob, political gangsterism at its finest!

      Meh – so let them overreach and get big bad blow-back.  Yet again.

      But my real gripe here is not with the venal jews behind this fascistic censorship, I've grown to expect no less than pure evil from them.  My rage trigger here, my justified anger is directed towards those treasonous senators who are pushing this hideous, anti democratic, anti 1st Amendment, anti American psycho-coocoo document.  We need their names and their vital statistics.  We need to target them because they are targeting us.  We need to wage civic war against them.  We need to flack 'em and sack 'em and henceforth force them to enter a dejewfication rehab center.

      Having said all this,  I'm not worried about this Bill – it'll never pass – and in the meantime, it gives jew-power really, really bad PR.  But weirdly, this is what they want – they just love creating enemies – they thrive on being unpopular and hated.  They very much like the sensation of fear of the 'other'.

      Think about it: it's a combination of pathological arrogance and virile desperation that drives jew power to such absurdist senatorial commotions.

      They sure are nervous.  And I am not.

      We are not!

  8. Taxi says:

    An enjoyable read by Gilad Atzmon/from: Athens vs Mondoweis:

    No one exemplifies the sickening attitude of the Jerusalemite better than Mondoweiss, a Jewish progressive outlet openly dedicated to the concealment of Jewish power and the political impact of Jewish culture. Mondweiss’ editorial staff seems utterly confused by Miko Peled’s momentary endorsement of universal freedom of speech.

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