Putin, NATO and the Turkish Banana Peel

by Taxi

Twenty four hours after two Turkish F-16’s downed a Russian SU-24 on Syrian territory, the smoke of the wreckage has cleared and revealed a banana skin with NATO’s logo stamped on it.

Obviously, Putin is too smart and sure-footed to slip and fall for such a primordial ruse.   But it is worth examining why NATO, which is primarily an American instrument, is resorting to such puerile and reckless tactics in its attempt to create justification to enter the Syrian battlefields, with intent to oust Bashar by force and divide up Syria to the benefits of the Caliphate and the Zionist states.  Do NATO commanders actually think that Putin’s intelligence is that degree of inept and short-sighted?  Or is this an act of desperation on NATO’s  part, with Turkey as front and fall guy?

Ladies and gentlemen, the downing of the Russian SU-24 is a classic act of desperation.

The Unmagnificent Seven saw their heaviest losses to their ISISian proxy army this past month.  They have been weeping daily to see their beloved beheaders and cannibals get systematically and methodically wiped out from Syrian territories in non-stop cluster after cluster. Over 4000 ISIS targets, including attacks on ISIS oil depots and cargoes have been hit and destroyed by either Russian aerial strikes or by the victorious march of the Syrian Army, backed by its Air Force and Hezbollah units.  Measuring time span, manpower, firepower and doing some map maths here, at this rate of Bashar and Putin’s military progress, ISIS will be totally swept out of Syria by around February 2016.

Imagine the gasp of the self-appointed Arab monarchs at this calculus.  Imagine the highly-strung fret of Netanyahu when his own analysts whisper the date of February 2016 in his ear – imagine the froth and swoon of American Ziocons like Lindsey Graham and John McCain to literally be able to see their unstoppable defeat rushing to bodyslam them within a handful of months.  Oh yes they see it coming and they’re in a wide-eyed panic.  They are desperate for NATO to enter the Syria fray and directly challenge Putin thereby changing the existing balance of power there.  They have been desperate since the day Putin boldly announced his entry into the Syrian battlefronts a month ago and they have since been conspiring and plotting multiple ways of punishing and smacking down Russia.  The downing of the Russian jet yesterday was one such plan on the table, with Turkey only too eager to participate in creating more chaos so as to kill more Kurdish people and land-grab a chunk of northwestern Syria in the fog of a wider war.

But the simplistic, diabolical plan doesn’t seem to have worked as Putin is not looking to retaliate militarily and directly (yet). There is no ego knee-jerking on his part at all.  The whole downing operation now looks like a gamble of the trapped and deluded.  The reality of the victories of Putin and Bashar on the ground have not been reversed by this downing.

Again, one has to ask: did NATO commanders and their Jewish and Muslim Zionist partners in crime really think that Putin is foolish enough to step on their banana skin and immediately militarily retaliate against the nation of Turkey?  Of course they don’t think Putin is intellectually challenged to this degree  – which is why yesterday’s attack in itself is proof of an act of desperation on the part of NATO and its global Zionist gangbangers.

But Putin must respond, surely – and indeed he will.  In this following manner:
1- Putin will now undoubtedly speed up and intensify his battles against ISIS, especially along the Turkish border.  He will annihilate all Turkophile ISIS terrorists there and he will seal that border with anti-terrorism military units, supported by air power.  It is doubtful that a single Turkish jet will now dare cruise Syrian airspace to give air support to ISIS.
2-  Putin has already cut all military intelligence cooperation with Turkey and he will be freezing all Russian trade deals with Turkey – the Russian ambassador to Lebanon said as much last night on Al-Mayadeen TV.  Putin may even cut all diplomatic ties to Turkey, closing down the Russian embassy –  there is already talk of only keeping a skeletal diplomatic staff in Ankara.
3-  Putin will also now work, unfettered by diplomacy, to undermine Erdogan’s government through Russian support of Kurdish military factions, providing them with training, weapons and intelligence.

So all in all, the Turkish banana peel trick seems to have backfired, I’d say.

Yesterday’s downing of the Russian jet immediately had the adverse effects on Putin.  His focus and resolve overnight has raged and multiplied instead of hesitated and dissipated.  The losers of yesterday are still the losers today and their desperation grows by the hour as the end of ISIS in Syria nears.

Yesterday’s attack was banana skin number one.  No doubt NATO and its international Zionist cabal have more banana skins under their hats.  I’m pretty sure Putin has intelligence on their itemized stockpile of Bananas.