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Putin, NATO and the Turkish Banana Peel

Twenty four hours after two Turkish F-16’s downed a Russian SU-24 on Syrian territory, the smoke of the wreckage has cleared and revealed a banana skin with NATO’s logo stamped on it.

Obviously, Putin is too smart and sure-footed to slip and fall for such a primordial ruse.   But it is worth examining why NATO, which is primarily an American instrument, is resorting to such puerile and reckless tactics in its attempt to create justification to enter the Syrian battlefields, with intent to oust Bashar by force and divide up Syria to the benefits of the Caliphate and the Zionist states.  Do NATO commanders actually think that Putin’s intelligence is that degree of inept and short-sighted?  Or is this an act of desperation on NATO’s  part, with Turkey as front and fall guy?

Ladies and gentlemen, the downing of the Russian SU-24 is a classic act of desperation.

The Unmagnificent Seven saw their heaviest losses to their ISISian proxy army this past month.  They have been weeping daily to see their beloved beheaders and cannibals get systematically and methodically wiped out from Syrian territories in non-stop cluster after cluster. Over 4000 ISIS targets, including attacks on ISIS oil depots and cargoes have been hit and destroyed by either Russian aerial strikes or by the victorious march of the Syrian Army, backed by its Air Force and Hezbollah units.  Measuring time span, manpower, firepower and doing some map maths here, at this rate of Bashar and Putin’s military progress, ISIS will be totally swept out of Syria by around February 2016.

Imagine the gasp of the self-appointed Arab monarchs at this calculus.  Imagine the highly-strung fret of Netanyahu when his own analysts whisper the date of February 2016 in his ear – imagine the froth and swoon of American Ziocons like Lindsey Graham and John McCain to literally be able to see their unstoppable defeat rushing to bodyslam them within a handful of months.  Oh yes they see it coming and they’re in a wide-eyed panic.  They are desperate for NATO to enter the Syria fray and directly challenge Putin thereby changing the existing balance of power there.  They have been desperate since the day Putin boldly announced his entry into the Syrian battlefronts a month ago and they have since been conspiring and plotting multiple ways of punishing and smacking down Russia.  The downing of the Russian jet yesterday was one such plan on the table, with Turkey only too eager to participate in creating more chaos so as to kill more Kurdish people and land-grab a chunk of northwestern Syria in the fog of a wider war.

But the simplistic, diabolical plan doesn’t seem to have worked as Putin is not looking to retaliate militarily and directly (yet). There is no ego knee-jerking on his part at all.  The whole downing operation now looks like a gamble of the trapped and deluded.  The reality of the victories of Putin and Bashar on the ground have not been reversed by this downing.

Again, one has to ask: did NATO commanders and their Jewish and Muslim Zionist partners in crime really think that Putin is foolish enough to step on their banana skin and immediately militarily retaliate against the nation of Turkey?  Of course they don’t think Putin is intellectually challenged to this degree  – which is why yesterday’s attack in itself is proof of an act of desperation on the part of NATO and its global Zionist gangbangers.

But Putin must respond, surely – and indeed he will.  In this following manner:
1- Putin will now undoubtedly speed up and intensify his battles against ISIS, especially along the Turkish border.  He will annihilate all Turkophile ISIS terrorists there and he will seal that border with anti-terrorism military units, supported by air power.  It is doubtful that a single Turkish jet will now dare cruise Syrian airspace to give air support to ISIS.
2-  Putin has already cut all military intelligence cooperation with Turkey and he will be freezing all Russian trade deals with Turkey – the Russian ambassador to Lebanon said as much last night on Al-Mayadeen TV.  Putin may even cut all diplomatic ties to Turkey, closing down the Russian embassy –  there is already talk of only keeping a skeletal diplomatic staff in Ankara.
3-  Putin will also now work, unfettered by diplomacy, to undermine Erdogan’s government through Russian support of Kurdish military factions, providing them with training, weapons and intelligence.

So all in all, the Turkish banana peel trick seems to have backfired, I’d say.

Yesterday’s downing of the Russian jet immediately had the adverse effects on Putin.  His focus and resolve overnight has raged and multiplied instead of hesitated and dissipated.  The losers of yesterday are still the losers today and their desperation grows by the hour as the end of ISIS in Syria nears.

Yesterday’s attack was banana skin number one.  No doubt NATO and its international Zionist cabal have more banana skins under their hats.  I’m pretty sure Putin has intelligence on their itemized stockpile of Bananas.



  1. Great and entertaining. The NATO Banana Peel.
    The way you lay it out makes good sense.
    I like your term Muslim Zionists.
    Btw, I love all the boo hooing Obama did about Putin bombing “moderate” terrorists. Did anyone in America not understand what Obama admitted too?

  2. Cloak And Dagger says:

    The shootdown was a planned operation. Even if the Russian plane had crossed into the turkish region over that narrow piece of land, it could only have lasted in Turkish territory for a mere 12 seconds – hardly enough time to issue multiple warnings or scramble jets to intercept.

    There is also no way that Turkey would take on the might of the Russian military without the encouragement and protective umbrella of the US – which is NATO, as you pointed out.

    You are exactly right – the only motive for such an action is to provoke Russia into retaliation – giving NATO the justification for rallying to its defense. So few are responsible for the deaths of so many while the rest of us impotently sit by and watch, while we stuff ourselves on Turkey day (pun intended).

    Putin is too much of a chess player to expose his queen to a pawn’s gambit. He will retaliate – but not in the overt way that NATO hopes for. When he does, the goose will be cooked – or perhaps the turkey, for that matter, and without a helping of cranberry sauce. I expect that there will be sudden influx of arms for the kurds or other covert operations that will make the overcooked bird pay for its ill-advised actions, before it gets gobbled up.

    Gobble, gobble.


    And lest we forget, Putin has claimed that he has video and radar footage to confirm that the plane was not in Turkish territory when it was shot down, making it a crime under international law. Putin has always taken the stance of being an adherent of International law – including his demand for the world to let the Syrian people decide what they want to do about Assad.

    Unfortunately, the international courts are an instrument of the west and will not punish Turkey – however, it leaves Putin with the high moral ground while we slime it up in the sewers.

    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      Meanwhile, another turkey prepares to be gobbled up and spit out:

      Turkey has moved 20 tanks and 18 fighter jets to her border with Syria as tensions with Russia continue.

      Russia says it will destroy “any targets representing a potential danger” to its military working in Syria.

      And so it begins. Another global war instigated by ziocons, and the rest of us pay for it.

      How much better would the world have been if our wealth was spent on improving the lot of the people in this country rather than squandered on wars for Israel. So many lives would have been spared and so much human hardship avoided, while we would have been swimming in prosperity.

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your thanksgivings have fewer family skirmishes and may Aunt Esther’s mouth be so full of stuffings that you are spared the annual bloodfest.

  3. Taxi says:

    Regarding Putin’s respect and strict adherence to international law – yes, absolutely. All his Syria moves have been within this framework.

    It is our side, and especially israel, that has broken international law so very many times without accountability that they’ve rendered international law now into a tattered joke. Why should terrorists like ISIS respect international law when they see israel for decades getting away with pretty much the same kind of crimes.

    • MRW says:

      “UN Backs Russia’s War on US-Backed Syria Terrorists”
      November 24, 2015

      “UN Security Council resolution authorises ‘all necessary means’ to be used against groups associated with al Qaeda

      By Alexander Mercouris

      “November 24, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “RI” – Russia’s diplomats have been as busy as Russia’s military.

      “They have now obtained UN Security Council as well as Syrian government approval for Russia’s military campaign.

      “They have also got the UN Security Council to scotch the myth of the “moderate jihadis” once and for all.

      “Back in September, when it became clear the Russians were intending to act in Syria, Russia Insider predicted the Russians would try to get a Resolution from the UN Security Council to give additional legal cover for their military action.

      “This is in contrast to the US, which avoids the Security Council whenever it can, and which usually prefers to act unilaterally without a UN Security Council mandate.

      “Thus US bombing of the Islamic State in Syria was doubly illegal under international law because it was carried out without permission from either the UN Security Council or from the Syrian government.

      “Russia’s military action by contrast is completely legal. It has the permission of both the UN Security Council and the Syrian government for it.

      “It took weeks for the Russians to get their Security Council Resolution. This was because the US did everything it could to stand in the way. However, after weeks of hard work, Russia’s diplomats have finally got the Resolution Russia wanted.

      “What changed the position was the terrorist outrage in Paris.

      “After the Paris attack the French backed Russia’s proposal for a UN Security Council Resolution. At that point the US could no longer block it. The US cannot veto a Resolution backed by its own ally France, especially in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack.

      “Something that suggests some people in the US might be unhappy with this development is the absence from the Security Council table of one person who would normally be expected to be there for such an important vote.

      “This was Samantha Power – the US’s UN ambassador – a hardline liberal interventionist and one of the most aggressive voices within the US administration calling for regime change in Syria and confrontation with Russia.

      “Her relations with Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s exceptionally able UN ambassador, are said to be poisonous (see the photo at the top of this article).

      “It looks as if voting for the Resolution was more than Samantha Power could bear. That probably explains why she stayed away.”

      And . . . more from the same article, which cites the UNSC Resoution:

      “The Resolution names amongst these terrorist groups the Al-Nusrah Front.

      “Russia is therefore fully authorised to bomb all the various jihadi groups in Syria that it is bombing.

      Even the US has been forced to admit – at least in the Security Council – that the talk of Russia bombing the wrong people – the “moderate jihadis” – is nonsense.”

      COPY THIS for posterity.

      People forget that Putin’s Master’s Degree was a law degree in International Law. His doctorate was how to bring a totalitarian state into the 21st C with natural resources. He is light-years ahead of Obama in brains and training.

  4. american200 says:

    I’m moving to Russia. According to the War College studies and the American Federation of Atomic Scientists, Russia is the only country able to survive and come back after a nuclear attack due to its huge land mass—- 6 times the size of the US.

  5. Walid says:

    More important than the billions being talked about in trade between Russia and Turkey and that a good percentage of Turkey’s tourism is from Russia’s half of Turkey’s gas supplies are from Russia.

  6. american200 says:

    Went to MW to see if Russian plane shoot down was mentioned—-and got this—–never did let me through to MW.
    I recently changed my browser to not accept third party cookies imbedded in sites—don’t know if that affects this or not.
    Or maybe MW is under a hack attack.

    ”Checking your browser before accessing

    This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.

    Please allow up to 5 seconds…

    DDoS protection by CloudFlare
    Ray ID: 24af10f7c21004e9

    • seanmcbride says:

      You can easily collect, browse and search all MW articles and comments with any capable feed reader — in fact, capable feed readers provide a much superior interface for WordPress blogs than WordPress itself.

      In general, MW is an intensely Israel-centric publication and forum — it pays very little attention to issues around the world that don’t directly impact Israel and Jewish interests. In fact, many progressive anti-Zionists seem to feel that there is something distasteful about expressing a concern for American interests with regard to Mideast politics — they have dismissed such concerns as being a manifestation of “white supremacism.”

      One line of speculation: the Turkish shootdown of the Russian plane was essentially a neocon op — which means that the neocons are lining up in defense of ISIS — which makes perfect sense in the context of the Yinon Plan and Clean Break paper — smash all traditional Arab regimes to smithereens and prepare the way for a grand apocalyptic battle between the West and Islam — the Clash of Civilizations scenario. Thus the obsession with destroying Assad — yet another domino down after Iraq and Libya. Hillary Clinton and her fellow liberal Zionists are fully on board with this master plan.

      • seanmcbride says:

        It’s good that Tony Greenstein is being fully open and honest about his real agenda — he’s waging a holy crusade on Amalek from the far left — the same far left that was responsible for the murder of as many as 100 million innocent civilians during the 20th century. One wonders how many people in his political network share these views, which have been discredited by serious scholars for decades.

        Likud Zionists, liberal Zionists and anti-Zionist Zionists are basically arms of a single ethnocentric lobby.

      • american200 says:

        ”Likud Zionists, liberal Zionists and anti-Zionist Zionists are basically arms of a single ethnocentric lobby.”

        Yep. If you read the tweets of the anti and liberal Jews their common meeting ground is their hatred of we Americans and particularly Christians.
        The insults and slurs aimed at non Jewish Americans is a regular thing.
        The anti’s and libs think that if they babble about not being racist toward blacks and Muslims that it covers up their racism toward white non jewish Americans.
        mj Rosenberg had a good tweet that said—‘the only thing wrong with America is white Christian Americans” .

      • seanmcbride says:

        Two terms need to start coming into play in these discussions: Christophobia and Europhobia — one sees those attitudes expressed all the time, in great volume, in many pro-Israel publications — on both the right and the left. It’s time to start documenting that phenomenon and putting the spotlight on it. for the past year or two has produced a torrent of this material — which by any reasonable definition is hate speech.

      • seanmcbride says:

        Of interest:

        “Jewish Republicans Line Up Against Donald Trump (Donald Trump’s Rise Sparks Widespread Angst Among Jewish Republicans)”

        “There are a lot of folks who are, to be charitable, into white identity politics, and to be uncharitable are outright racists, who are supporting Trump,” said Nathan Wurtzel, a Republican political consultant and principal at The Catalyst Group, who is Jewish. “It’s very off-putting and disturbing.”

        And the RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition) isn’t into Jewish identity politics? And they don’t support racist policies in Israel? Talk about intellectual incoherence. They have opened the floodgates for full-throttle ethnic identity politics in the United States and Europe all across ethnic spectrum. Every ethnic group for itself.

    • Chu says:

      It was down for a few hours, so it could have been hacked since no notice was given prior.

      Weiss put a good article up where he walks into another creepy den of nyc Judahites who are intent on transferring Palestinians to neighboring countries. And this is all done from an apartment overlooking Central Park. These are the ‘progressive’ Jews of NYC. Quite a sick conspiring clan (who would be crying antisemitism if Palestinians were plotting against Jews in a reverse scenario.) I’m surprised Judy Rudoren wasn’t there taking notes.

      I don’t know how Weiss can stroll into these get togethers for nosh& bagels and not feel dirty the next morning about it.

      • chu says:

        They’ve brought us people like Alan Greenspan Robert Rubin, Anthony Weiner, Mark Zuckerberg…
        need I go on?

      • seanmcbride says:

        Too much ethnocentrism has very much the feel of an irrational cult — and often metamorphoses into an outright cult.

        — some behavior to watch out for
        +ethnic aggression
        +ethnic chauvinism
        +ethnic collectivism
        +ethnic cronyism
        +ethnic cultism
        +ethnic elitism
        +ethnic identity politics
        +ethnic melodrama
        +ethnic narcissism
        +ethnic nepotism
        +ethnic self-celebration
        +ethnic self-obsession
        +ethnic self-promotion
        +ethnic self-pity
        +ethnic Sturm und Drang
        +ethnic tribalism
        +ethnic triumphalism
        +ethnic xenophobia

        One begins to notice that both religious and secular members of ethnic groups can descend into cultism when their ethnocentrism becomes too pronounced.

        True meritorcacy and aggressive ethnocentrism are incompatible.

  7. chu says:

    Greenstein could have a case of self-deception. It’s often common with ‘the chosen people’ who live in denial, that their team (be it communists or zionists) are the good guys of the bunch.

  8. Sean says:

    Excellent article. Obvious trap is obvious, as the kids would say. It’s obvious the attack was a deliberate and planned ambush. Putin has the good sense not to react (yet) and now it is the neocons and their Turkish lapdog who are seen for the crazies they are. I never would have imagined a UN Security Council resolution backing Russia’s military action in Syria. You erred again, Erdogan.

    Just to comment on the anti-white bigotry that is all the rage among our ungrateful Zionist superiors, let them keep spewing this bile and see where it gets them. “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out,” is the line I recall from I, Claudius. Once Christians and non self-hating whites see what our Jewish friends truly think of them, I suspect organized Zionism’s days will be numbered in the West. Of course, it can’t be ignored that this rhetoric has undermined and thoroughly discredited the Left in Western countries, and that may well be part of the agenda. has always been a bastion of what I call “blancophobia” with its endless hysterical attacks against “white, cisgendered males.” That so many seem unable to recognize how blatantly bigoted these attacks are is sad but few of the SJW-types who eat this shit up seem capable of independent thought.

    • seanmcbride says: was an interesting publication when Glenn Greenwald was its star pundit — since then it’s been seriously dumbed down — many tiresome rants, very little original political analysis or investigative journalism. Many “progressives” are as dull, shrill and dogmatic as Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.

      • RudyM says:

        There is that one writer whose name I forget who writes unusually reasonable takes on Russia and the situation in the Ukraine. Not really a great writer, but one of the only ones I have found myself landing on to read in recent times.

    • RudyM says:

      “endless hysterical attacks against ‘white, cisgendered males.'”

      I haven’t taken this sort of thing very seriously in the past, but I’m starting to worry more in light of some of the more misguided protests and actions occurring on college campuses lately. It does seem it is rhetorical open season on whites (especially white cisgendered heterosexual, let alone middle aged, males). The more inflammatory comments of people like Donald Trump don’t help, however.

      • seanmcbride says:

        The inflammatory rhetoric used by against whites during the last year or two has been far more extreme than the inflammatory rhetoric used by Donald Trump against blacks and Hispanics (and by no means am I trying to excuse Donald Trump’s often outrageous rhetoric).

        If the same rhetoric were used against Jews or blacks, it would be characterized as extreme hate speech by all the leading civil rights organizations.

        We have reached a point in some “progressive” circles (including some anti-Zionist circles) in which the terms “white supremacist” and “white racist” are being used to attack all members of traditional white ethnic groups as a cultural bloc — GBW (Guilty of Being White). You’ve got to wonder if some of these people are trying to ignite a race war.

        If you stop to think about it, Likud Zionists could benefit greatly from this racial conflict by exploiting propaganda themes which analogize Palestinians to militant anti-white American groups and contextualize it within the “Clash of Civilizations.” Promoting white/black conflict is playing with fire. Perhaps among some clever operators, that’s the plan.

        And keep in mind that the American white middle class already feels squeezed and threatened by the collapse of our manufacturing base and increasing radical wealth inequality — it hardly feels privileged in current environment — in fact, it is struggling to survive. Competing political identity groups are fighting for a slice of an ever-shrinking pie. This could get really nasty really quick.

        This is the kind of development which feeds into the Clash of Civilizations narrative:

        “Jefferson Is Next Target”

        Have we reached a point where Americans will be obligated to vilify Thomas Jefferson and erase his contributions to human civilization?

        Sorry — my redline has been crossed.

        Some “progressives” are beginning to sound like 20th century Marxist-Leninists and Stalinists. Expect major pushback.

      • RudyM says:

        Sean, that may be. I have not paid that much attention to over the past year or two (or ever really–like many people, I mostly went there to read Glenn Greenwald back when he was with them). I remember reading this article that could be filed under the microaggression heading that I found pretty ridiculous, but there was a great deal of push-back in the comments:

        I ask myself similar questions about whether Black Lives Matter is being used to create division. I’m not sure.

        “If you stop to think about it, Likud Zionists could benefit greatly from this racial conflict by exploiting propaganda themes which analogize Palestinians to militant anti-white American groups and contextualize it within the ‘Clash of Civilizations.'”

        I think there is a potential for this. And it all ties back in my head with the JVP (etc.) opposition to people like Weir who aren’t operating in some sort of critical race theory framework, but who include discussion of American national interest, Zionist subversion, etc. Saying that Palestinian children are just like Michael Brown is going to turn off a lot of people who aren’t already Palestinian sympathizers.

        I wonder any more if I should even call myself a liberal or left leaning (but why do I even worry about those labels so much?). I found this discouraging:

      • seanmcbride says:


        All the points you addressed there have been on my mind.

        I think Mondoweiss ran off the rails when it tried to link the Michael Brown case (and later Black Lives Matter) with the Palestinian situation — that is a dubious analogy on numerous grounds — but more importantly, it exhibits an egregious political tone deafness — most mainstream Americans are not going to be inspired by this propaganda meme — quite the contrary.

        With regard to limiting free speech and creating “safe spaces” on campus — that really riles me up. Free speech is a fundamental and sacred principle, in my opinion. Cultural groups which don’t get that don’t get American culture — under no circumstances should they be coddled — they need to be ridiculed. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

        It has been all downhill at since Glenn Greenwald left. What is most ludicrous are all the breathy sexual and romantic “confessional” articles — it reads like Cosmopolitan — shades of Helen Gurley Brown. The intellectual wattage there has dimmed considerably.

        Regarding Black Lives Matter — I have taken the trouble to dig into the public statements and “writings” (what few of them exist) of its leaders — unimpressive, to say the least — mostly incoherent in terms of envisioning pragmatic political programs and policies. That’s a movement that’s going nowhere. They are going to have a difficult time cowing independent minds into submission.

        One notices that quite a few progressive anti-Zionists of the JVP stripe are hostile to mainstream Americans in a visceral and tribal way — their chances of connecting with the American political center are nil. They seem to despise any Americans who approach Mideast politics from the standpoint of the American interest. In fact, they have repeatedly smeared Americans who care about the American interest as “white supremacists.”

        I don’t place Philip Weiss in that category, by the way — he has a much more interesting mind than some of the second-rate old school hard left ideologues who have glommed on to him. He needs to give them the boot — they are dragging him down and harming his brand as a fearless, independent and original thinker.

        Regarding your problems with accessing many websites: try using Adblocker Plus — that will eliminate all the crappy scripts that ruin the browsing experience.

      • seanmcbride says:

        Regarding’s deluge of abuse of “white people” (who are supposedly a faceless monolithic blob):

        Google [ intitle:white]

        They’ve gone off the deep end. One is curious to know more about the people behind this propaganda campaign. Perhaps they are clever agents provocateurs — perhaps they are dumb as hell.

        Stirring this pot is definitely going to play into hands of neocons, Likud Zionists, Christian Zionists, etc. — the political calculus should be obvious.

      • seanmcbride says:

        — WordPress seems to have swallowed my earlier post of this item — let me try again —

        Regarding’s deluge of abuse of “white people” (who are supposedly a faceless monolithic blob):

        Google [ intitle:white]

        They’ve gone off the deep end. One is curious to know more about the people behind this propaganda campaign. Perhaps they are clever agents provocateurs — perhaps they are dumb as hell.

        Stirring this pot is definitely going to play into hands of neocons, Likud Zionists, Christian Zionists, etc. — the political calculus should be obvious.

      • chu says:

        Also, Salon has been promoting at least 2 articles over the past half year where they seem to humanize pedophiles. And some of the commentors on the articles said they’ve had enough with Salon after years. It’s likely sliding downhill because of a new agenda.

      • seanmcbride says:

        Re: George Soros and Black Lives Matter:

        “George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action”

        There’s a solitary man at the financial center of the Ferguson protest movement. No, it’s not victim Michael Brown or Officer Darren Wilson. It’s not even the Rev. Al Sharpton, despite his ubiquitous campaign on TV and the streets.

        Rather, it’s liberal billionaire George Soros, who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe while forging a political machine powered by nonprofit foundations that impacts American politics and policy, not unlike what he did with

        Mr. Soros spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to interviews with key players and financial records reviewed by The Washington Times.

        In all, Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundations.
        END QUOTE

        Is it a stretch to wonder if George Soros might be more than a straightforward and idealistic progressive? That there are carefully calculated and calibrated wheels within wheels within wheels behind his global operations?

      • seanmcbride says:

        Regarding’s deluge of abuse of “white people” (who are supposedly a faceless monolithic blob):

        Google [ intitle:white]

        They’ve gone off the deep end. One is curious to know more about the people behind this propaganda campaign. Perhaps they are clever agents provocateurs — perhaps they are dumb as hell.

        Stirring this pot is definitely going to play into hands of neocons, Likud Zionists, Christian Zionists, etc. — the political calculus should be obvious.

    • american200 says:

      ”Just to comment on the anti-white bigotry that is all the rage among our ungrateful Zionist superiors,”…sean

      What we have is black and jewish war on the evil white man and a white man war on Muslims.

      are either of these a natural occurrence?—I don’t think so–we know the war on Muslims was engineered—the black war on whites has also been engineered.

    • Walid says:

      Interestingly the said 3-way conspiracy was hatched in 2012 whereas the actual uprising that started as a simple disorder until the Syrian regime turned it into a full production dates back to 2011. There was though a conspiring of sorts in July 2011 when BHL convened a meeting in Paris of outlawed Syrian Brotherhood leaders and French and Israeli Zionists to discuss a full blown rebellion. What I’m saying is that Saudi, Turkey and Qatar came into the picture after the rebellion had started.

      What’s not discussed in the leak is the reason behind it all, which is the proposed trans-Syria pipeline to Turkey that the Syrian regime was refusing because it was not in Russia’s favour..

    • Walid says:

      “… Arabia, Turkey & Qatar Secret Anti-Syria Plot” (Taxi)

      According to Qatar’s past and current Prime Ministers, Qatar is also into the fight with Isis. It’s obvious that Qatar is backing the Muslim Brotherhood against the Syrian regime but this doesn’t mean that it’s backing Isis. From the Prime Ministers’ declarations Qatar isn’t. From Doha News:

      “Qatar PM: Fight ‘mistaken ideologies’ and terrorism with faith

      By: Peter Kovessy

      Arguing that the battle against militant groups such as ISIS cannot be fought by security forces alone, Qatar’s interior minister has called on the country’s spiritual leaders to “immunize” youth against “ideological extremism.”

      Speaking during a meeting of GCC interior ministers in Doha yesterday, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Thani called an escalation in terrorist attacks the region’s “foremost” security challenge.

      Also this week, the country’s outspoken former prime minister said Arab states should send ground troops into Syria amid accusations that Qatar is “sitting on the sidelines” in the fight against ISIS.

      This month’s high-profile attacks in Lebanon and France have brought renewed attention to the threat posed by ISIS, which claimed responsibility for both incidents.

      However, Qatar appears to have been on high alert since the bombings over the summer of two Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia and another in Kuwait City.

      In his opening remarks yesterday, Sheikh Abdullah – who also serves as Qatar’s prime minister – said it was the responsibility of everyone to protect Gulf residents, according to QNA:

      He said ideology and faith should be used to fight “ideological extremism and dry up its sources in order to immunize our people, especially the youth, against misleading and mistaken ideologies being spread by terrorist groups in the name of Islam and which have no relation to our Islamic religion.”

      Qatar, like many governments across the region, already wields considerable control over the messages and sermons delivered in mosques across the country.

      That leaves the country vulnerable to criticism when high-profile guest clerics such as Saudi preacher Saad bin Ateeq al-Ateeq visit Qatar and advocate violence against Shias, Christians and Jews.

      While calling for unspecified “joint action” among GCC security forces, Sheikh Abdullah said fighting terrorism must include tackling its “root causes, whether political, social, religious, sectarian or others.”

      Qatar’s Emir has made similar comments in the past. In a New York Times op-ed earlier this year, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani argued “bullets and bombs” were not enough to win the war on extremism and that understanding the root cause of terrorism was a prerequisite to tackling its prevalence.

      However, the country has joined a Saudi-led bombing campaign and sent ground troops to Yemen – one of the countries singled out by the Emir in his op-ed where “hopelessness” must be tackled to “stem the tide of terrorism.”

      Qatar has also participated in the aerial bombing campaign in Syria.

      Nevertheless, the public statements of the Emir and Sheikh Abdullah are a departure from remarks made by the prime minister’s predecessor, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al Thani.

      Sheikh Hamad, also known by “HBJ,” left office in 2013 following the abdication of former Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

      Speaking recently to an audience at Chatham House, a think tank, he said the world must respond with force to the threat posed by ISIS:

      Full article:

  9. Taxi says:

    Who Instigates the Global War – Veterans Today

    On November 24, a Russian Su-24 frontline bomber was shot down near the Turkish border in Syria by two intercepting Turkish F-16s.

    SU-24 was attacked insidiously and unexpectedly. The Turkish officials can’t prove with facts that the downed warplane was warned. The two pilots ejected: 1-st pilot was killed in a savage way on the ground by jihadists in the area. According to reports, 2-nd pilot was managed to esape. He was picked up by the Syrian Army.

    The Russian military carried out a search-and-rescue operation involving two Mi-8 helicopters. One helicopter was shot down by fire from the ground, one naval infantry soldier of contract service was killed. The personnel and crew were evacuated to the Russian base at Hmeymim. Thus, Russia lost 1 SU-24, 1 MI-8, 1 pilot and 1 mariner yesterday.

    The Syrian sources report that last night the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces struck with massive attacks on the positions of militants, including Turkomans, in the region where the Russian Su-24 was shot down.

    Guided missile cruiser «Moskva» joint with escort ships is taking location at the shore zone of Northern Latakia near Turkish border to defend the Russian Air Forces from any air threats. The Russian General Staff is currently developing additional measures to ensure the Russian air base’s security:

    1) All attack aircraft operations will be on have fighter cover.
    2) The air defenses are strengthened.
    3) Russia ends military-to-military contacts with Turkey.

    Separately, the US puppets in Kiev have made a strike at another front. As result of a terrorism act near the border with Russia, the four main transmission lines between Ukraine and Crimea were blown up. About 1,7 million people in Crimea are cut from the power supplies.

    Some experts believe that the terrorism act was conducted by Turksih intelligence services in concurrence with the US. The goal is to prevent a growth of the Russian influence due to the successful operations in Syria. Formally, the terrorism act was made by Crimea Tatar extremists and the “Right Sector” terrorist group.

    The Turkish actions in Syria are a direct violation of international law norms and a direct violation of the Memorandum on Preventing Incidents and Ensuring Safe Flight in the Syrian Arab Republic which we entered into with the United States and which applies to all coalition members, including Turkey.

    This event coordinated with the Crimea’s blackout could be described as a clear war provocation against Russia. At the moment, we could observe an escalation in a diplomatic sphere and military build up of the all sides involved in the Syrian crisis.

    If the US and its allies continue their provocative and shallow policy, there is a serious threat of an open military escalation in the region.

    SouthFront: Who Instigates the Global War | Veterans Today

    • RudyM says:

      Thanks. I have almost given up reading Veterans Today at all because it crashes my browser at home and at work. (I can see having problems at home since I’m running an old system that’s been through the virus wars, but my work PC is relatively up to date.) I’d like to think this is because of Zionist cyberwarfare, but frankly, like a lot of sites, VT is running way to many obnoxious scripts. Too many sites go for pointless bells and whistles that just trip up browsers.

  10. Taxi says:

    Not surprised at all today to find so many articles praising Turkey in the MSM. But really – I mean don’t these writers and editors know that they’re actually supporting terrorism when they write their pseudo intellectual underhanded propaganda poppycock?! Even ‘Foreign Policy’ mag today has two (out of three!) main features in praise of Turkey. Some fucking memo every robojurno must have got!

    Our media are in cahoots with the government who are in cahoots with the terrorists who want to kill us all.

    Soberly, I declare the Republic is now a bedlam.

    Here’s a wee sample of some lahdeedah loony tunes:

    Now’s the Time for NATO to Rally Around Turkey | Foreign Policy

    The Czar vs. the Sultan | Foreign Policy

    • RudyM says:

      I don’t know if I can stand to look at the moment. I am still shocked by these things somehow. How much more out in the open can it be that Turkey sponsors the very sort of terrorists groups which the US government pretends are its enemies, and which the vast majority of the US public genuinely hates?

      It’s such a charade.

  11. RudyM says:

    (To moderate my comments above a little, I don’t think there are no parallels between the way Palestinians and African-Americans are treated. There certainly were parallels between the way police responded to protests, and media coverage of protests in Ferguson, and the way IDF/IOF responds to such things, I just think people should be careful about what comparisons to make. I also am just very skeptical of BLM at this point, based on their tactics, but also based on some of their demands and some of their approaches to racism.)

  12. RudyM says:

    “It has been all downhill at since Glenn Greenwald left. What is most ludicrous are all the breathy sexual and romantic “confessional” articles — it reads like Cosmopolitan — shades of Helen Gurley Brown. The intellectual wattage there has dimmed considerably.”

    Lately I was checking out Alternet, which I used to read a fair amount. I don’t remember it being so full of “The Most Orgasmic First Ladies” or “Does Social Activism Produce Harder Longer Lasting Erections” type stories just a few years back. I find all the sex content distracting when I am trying to look for truly hard news stories. If I want porn, I will go find porn. If I want articles about sex, I will look for them, but when I go to a general news site and a third of the articles are sexual in nature, I feel like: why bother looking at this site?

  13. RudyM says:

    Somewhat of an aside, but relevant to much of what gets discussed here in general, I just bought Diana Johnstone’s “Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton.” From what little I’ve read and skimmed, it looks quite good. It not only deals heavily with foreign policy, but also includes some criticism of at least some manifestations of identity politics (sometimes overlapping with foreign policy). There is a chapter on Russia.

    Is it okay to link to Amazon here? Not my favorite operation, but what are you going to do. (Shame on them for pulling Jim Fetzer’s excellent looking book on Sandy Hook.)

    Haven’t listened to all of either of these:

  14. RudyM says:

    Syrian Turkmen who shot Russian pilot, identified as Turkish citizen and the son of a former Turkish mayor. He is associated with Turkish extremists. (No surprise obviously.)

  15. RudyM says:

    I have seen various commentators saying that the relatively weak expressions of support for Turkey in the west is a sign that Turkey acted on its own. I do not find the expressions of support for Turkey all that weak. What I’ve seen from Obama has been: Turkey [I started writing “Israel”] has a right to defend itself; and we appeal on both sides not to show restraint. That doesn’t sound like a government distancing itself very much from Turkey.

  16. RudyM says:

    “Is it a stretch to wonder if George Soros might be more than a straightforward and idealistic progressive? That there are carefully calculated and calibrated wheels within wheels within wheels behind his global operations?”

    It absolutely is not a stretch, obviously. I sort of had lost track of what exactly was known about Soros’ funding. Given what Soros does to countries around the world, his motives cannot be trusted.

    • seanmcbride says:

      This is why it isn’t a stretch to wonder about Soros: we’ve already got the example before us of liberal Zionists who aggressively promote progressivism, universalism and anti-racism in the United States and Europe, while aggressively defending a militantly ethnocentric, racist, theocentric and increasingly fascist state in Israel.

      Liberal Zionists are also encouraging the acceptance of a massive wave of refugees into the West, with the exception of a single nation: Israel.

      The behavior can be explained this way: their progressivism, universalism and anti-racism are bogus, a tool that is cynically manipulated to break down the power of other leading ethnic groups in the diaspora (like WASPs in the US), while creating opportunities to increase and consolidate their own power — classic divide and conquer methods — really not that sophisticated in traditional politics.

      Meanwhile, with regard to Israel, forget about universalism — it’s all about unvarnished and militant ethno-religious nationalism of the type they would characterize and attack as Nazism if practiced by any other Western nation.

      This game has been highly successful so far, because the flagrant self-contradictions in their beliefs and behavior haven’t been quite so obvious as they are now.

      Israel stands to benefit from increasing friction between whites and blacks in the US — no doubt some factions of the Israel lobby may be covertly encouraging that friction under the usual and false guise of promoting progressivism, universalism and anti-racism.

      That is one speculative framework in which one might interpret the generous contributions of George Soros to BLM and related organizations and causes. This is someone who has become a billionaire by manipulating global financial systems with the utmost cunning — he’s a sharp operator of the highest order. He’s not Mother Teresa.

  17. RudyM says:

    New article from the inscrutable Israel Shamir:

    “The downing was not a surprise for me, nor should it be for you: I actually warned you, my reader, it was coming a full month before it occurred. On October 19, 2015 I had been warned by my Turkish correspondents of the Shamireaders group. I passed this warning on October, 22: “Erdogan plans to pull Turkey to the brink of war with Russia. Erdogan has given orders to shoot down Russian planes operating in Syria while claiming they have intruded into Turkish air space.” I published this warning in a leading Russian newspaper, too, a few days earlier.”

    • Taxi says:

      That’s a great share, Rudy. Comprehensive and illuminating. Thank you.

      I’ll be giving your linked article a page of its own so more people have access to reading it.

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