The Last Days of Tel Aviv

by Taxi

I cannot bear to read yet another article on the Palestine-Israel peace process.  This is because I no longer see a solution through peaceful means.

Jewish Israeli society has no interest in a Two State Solution, judging by their voting patterns, as well as by Aipac’s expansive anti-peace activities in our congress and in major European parliaments.  The Zionists in Israel appear blatantly unapologetic and comfortable with their  increasing racism and their Apartheid Laws.  No shaming and no earnest appeals for compromise moves them.  They are intent on usurping more and more of historic Palestine till the last inch and beyond – even at the cost of Tel Aviv and World War Three.

The Palestinians presently have zero negotiating powers; they have crippling political disunity – they have corruption, they have bankruptcy, they have betrayers and they have no clear direction or effective strategy to end their occupation.  They have no notable progress and no true leader.  It’s as if the headless Palestinian political body has been clubbed into a numb stupor.

They have nothing.

Except for a young student generation that is utterly disillusioned by everything ‘peace process’.  So much so that they’ve started their own mini street war against the giant Zionist death-machine: using knife and Molotov and martyrdom.

So much youthful life wasted down this path, but what’s a dignified, freedom-loving teenager under occupation to do?  Accept permanent humiliation and high probability of premature death by occupier just like their fathers and forefathers did?   Accept sudden and unjust imprisonment for tortuous decades?  Accept permanent loss of dignity and rations of crumbs and salt in the 21st century?

These rebel youth are considered righteous heroes in their community.  They are the only current life-pulse of the Palestine cause and their message is loud and clear.  They are saying:  ‘peace negotiations have failed our great grandparents, failed our grandparents, failed our parents and failed our generation.  Therefore war is now the answer’.  They want justice and freedom and they want it right now – not tomorrow, not the day after.  They want immediate liberation.   Or, they want war.  A war that goes beyond daggers and slingshots.  A war that may cost them everything.

They simply want no occupation, non-negotiable – no matter the cost.

Here, one observes how both sides want what they want, ‘no matter the cost’.

What a sad and terrible state of affairs.  One can see how both sides are as far away from peace as the north pole is to the south.  And as close to death as skin to bone.

This is the bleak reality.

Giving due respect to BDS and to other such noble civilian movements and individual activists, I’m afraid to say that all their well-meaning activities combined are not sufficient to successfully create the needed equitable changes fast enough to insure the creation of a peaceful Two State Solution, or even a One State multi-ethnic solution.  It would have been another story if this level of activism had started en mass three or four decades ago when the Zionist land grabs were not at such an advanced stage and the concept of Palestinian ethnic cleansing was not so shamelessly and publicly celebrated by Zionists in Israel; as well as promoted, aggressively or otherwise, by western policy and media as part and parcel of their Zionist-inspired Islamophobia campaigns.

As it stands, the Zionists will not “give and inch”, as Netanyahu declared a few days ago.  And the Palestinians, well, they have nothing to lose – literally.

With the intense crisis currently developing between Putin and NATO a mere 135 miles from Jerusalem,  a time for war, for regional war may very well be upon us if the crisis is not soon diffused.  A regional war where new and old scores are opportunistically settled between multiple enemies, native and non-native.  A war that may very well determine the future of a Palestinian state way before the peace process has had a chance to be miraculously resurrected.

And we can be sure that when such a war erupts, Palestinians will not be alone in fighting for their land – they will be defended and supported by what is referred to as the regional Axis of Resistance, currently gathering weapons and training for what may very well be the last war in the Levant this side of the 21st Century.

A war that may cause the death of Israel and the simultaneous defanging of Aipac.  A war that may very well liberate both Palestine and America.