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Month: April, 2016

… And Goodbye To All That

by Taxi

I was halfway writing about how fury is now the opium of the masses, but then I changed my mind and discarded the piece because I felt that I’m just repeating what myself and others have been saying for a good six months – albeit, I may use more acrobatic prose than what the norm is in news media.   Fact is, I am not a journalist and I do not wish to be one or to write like one. This, my natural lack of interest in the practice of journalism is actually the topic and purpose behind this personal article.

When I started Plato’s, it was really for four reasons.  First, to be able to share through Plato’s daily Newsstand some selected articles of worth that would educate and further enlighten the reader.  Second, to allow commenters their freedom of expression when blogging, so long as they were not rude, crude or derailing.  Thirdly, to share with readers my insights and analysis of American Empire and its geopolitical shenanigans in the Middle East.  Fourthly, and dearest to my heart, is to give uber support to the liberation of our congress and of Palestine, whom as we all know are symbiotically connected by both being under the criminal occupation of the Zionist invaders.

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Plato’s Infinite Scroll

by Taxi

So here it is:  your very own eternal ring of fire.  Feel free to hang here anytime and share your thoughts and links to your heart’s content.

The mic is yours, the stage is yours – everything and nothing here is yours heh.  Think of it as visiting a garden of knowledge and delight.  Or think of it as an asylum where the doctors have left the building.  Think of it even as a quaint refuge or as a goddamn inconsequential hellhole.  So long as you’re ‘thinking’, then that’s all that matters.

Enjoy your life and your freedom of speech!

April Pow Wow – The Hour of Blossom

by Taxi

Once again, hardly any ‘new’ news today, and generally speaking, there’s no ‘action’ of any consequence going on right now, not stateside and not globally  –  the media is, as per usual, full of regurgitation and variations on old themes, the hasbara factory is same-same-same (oh tedium!); plus I have a house full of visiting Brits this weekend so my computer time is limitato (that’s Italian for ‘limited’).  I will still endeavor to post up the good stuff that I have time to read on the interwebs… and I also have a half finished new article that I’ll resume working on again once my guests depart and the farmhouse is nice and quiet again – I could have finished this article a couple of days ago but man the weather has been so utterly gorgeous here after a long month of March rains that I’ve ended up instead chilling in a citrus grove on a lush carpet of springtime flora and reading Hart Crane – so drunk on the heavy scent of orange blossom and birdsong that I simply couldn’t be bothered with the world or even with my writing.  Peh.  It’s just the way it is with me.

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