He Came, He Saw, She Died

by Taxi


By now, we’ve all had time to digest Trump’s presidential victory and a chunk of its implications.  To those who are still surprised, nay devastated at the election’s outcome, I offer my sincerest commiserations and a bucket of ice poured over their heads to shock them back into reality.  For the winners, I offer my sincerest congratulation and a bucket of confetti and thorns rained over their heads to remind them that regardless of Trump’s victory, our nation is still teetering on the same gaping precipice and worse.  To the disgraced mainstream media, I offer them a bucket of feces in their faces – they honestly do not deserve better – I’m sure most of you here will agree.  And to the leaderships of both parties, to the nefarious, self-serving Zionist Washington Establishment itself, I offer them much raucous mockery and my woohoo happy dance.  It is truly a poetic justice that it took an upstart insider billionaire, who’s been buying and selling the very same Establishment politicians himself for some three decades, to sucker-punch the whole lot of them incompetents, traitors and foreign agents.  Nobody ‘important’ has been shielded from the Trumpian fist.  Not the dynastic Clintons.  And certainly not the bullshit Bushes.  Even the normally duck-and-dive Deep State is in a deep panic.  In fact, everywhere you look, instruments and beneficiaries of the current and corrupt Status Quo are quaking in their unmentionables at the imminent prospect of Trump receiving the diamond-and-platinum keys to the White House.  The very same archenemy of the Establishment’s cultish and lucrative Order has handily smashed them all and will now become their prestigious and all powerful master and Commander in Chief.  Thus begins their living political nightmare – thus begins their current decent into political madness and filth.

Trump’s victory indeed has caused one of the boomiest political earthquakes to ever hit Capitol Hill, especially in the bi-partisan Neocon quarters – all funded and headed by zealot Zionists, I will remind you here.  Publicly, Trump and a bevy of ideological Neocon blockheads have already declared an ugly war against one another.  And this, dear readers, is the most exciting outcome of this election.

Not since JFK’s anti AIPAC days have Zionists in DC shook with such fear and trepidation before an American president.  Regardless of what positive statements that Netanyahu is leaking through cold-sore lips about Trump, the fact of the matter is that Israel knows that Trump is a totally committed American Firster, which by natural definition makes him therefore an anti Israel-Firsters.  We all know that in the Zionist universe, an American president must be molded into an Israel-Firster (often by blackmail or by force), or else be either politically crippled or destroyed.  No doubt, Zionist Think Tanks in DC and in Tel Aviv are currently (and quietly) operating overtime with the sole mission of laying out workable strategies for converting Trump from American Firstdom to Israel Firstdom.  I personally do not reckon the ultimate success of these political ruses – I do not see the capitalist king, Donald J. Trump, as sacrificing American monetary interests or American power and prestige for the sake of Israel – or for any other foe or friendly country for that matter.  Trump sees himself as a true patriot, as savior of the neglected “forgotten man”, and as the absolute and ultimate Master Deal Maker.  His whole external empire and the matrix of his internal life are based on these personal and profound convictions.  Donald Trump is simply not low hanging fruit for Zionists, like a multitude of other presidents before him have been.  Nor will he ever be willing to go down in history as making more ruinous deals that benefit any foreign country whatsoever, certainly not at the expense of American interests.  His gigantic Caesaresque ego and his strong irrepressible individuality simply won’t allow him to go that subservient route.  Yes, it is true that there are no visible signs of hostility towards Israel from the Trump camp, but the very nationalistic ideology of Trump’s ‘America First’ is a discernible and imminent threat to the Zionist’s ‘business as usual’ on behalf of Israel.   I do very much anticipate a ‘smooth ride’ at first between Trump and Netanyahu, but I see complications on the horizon between them with regards the Syria issue, as well as the Iran and Palestine issues.  In fact, I think Trump will initially be exceptionally friendly to all agents of Israel, even giving them what they want here and there and without even blinking an eye.  But I see Trump’s friendly moves as no more than innocuous Trumpian tokens:  a strategic business tactic with an eye to the future; a small and immediate investment for him that will help him with the hard-core negotiations that he’s undoubtedly planning to do with Zionists at a later stage.  Moreover, I reckon that Trump will prove to be much harder to manage for Tel Aviv’s AIPAC handlers than Obama ever was.  I say this because when AIPAC was attacking and humiliating Obama, even in public, even on the world stage, non of his political base, including the African-American contingency, none of them formed a solid block and came to his defense.  Time and time again they just stood by like hollow mannequins and watched Obama get kicked to the ground and spat on and called an antisemite.  A bloodied Obama had to fight AIPAC alone – which is mainly why he caved so soon into the fight then grovelled then grovelled some more then gratefully started fellating the donkey.  Well… we all know that Trump, unlike Obama, always, always fights back and fights hard and loud and lowly if need be – and I just can’t see Trump’s base as ever being passive and unresponsive to an AIPAC attack on their golden King either, the way Obama’s base was so disappointingly timid.  Trump’s base has shown itself to be dynamic, testosteronal  and pro-active and will have no problem in responding in like and taking their defensive wars against AIPAC to the streets and whipping up waves of antisemitism across the nation.  No, Trump will not be alone in a fight with AIPAC.  His base will never abandon him.  To Trump’s warrior base, loyalty is the ultimate Trumpian virtue and AIPAC will find itself in uncharted crisis waters if it operates heavy handed and without restraint against Trump.  This time round, there will be consequences to attacking and humiliating the President of the United States in public.

Regarding Syria, Trump will not interfere to protect Israel’s Jihadist clients operating in Syria, like Obama has so disastrously been doing.  Trump will instead allow Israel to lose in Syria.  Even though Trump says he loves Israel, he actually hates the head-chopping Jihadists by far more than he loves Israel.  There will be small, private battles between the Trump administration and AIPAC over this loss – not big, public ones – mainly because the Syrian battlefields are already practically a concluded issue:  the Syria war has more or less already been won by the Axis of Resistance – no point in either Trump or AIPAC wasting precious political currency warring over it themselves.

A bigger complication will be the Golan File that will need addressing.  Should Syria time its Golan liberation war under Trump’s watch, a war that would be considered perfectly legal under international law, a credible war of liberation that would be directly and indirectly supported by Russia and the rest of the world, Trump would then find himself with few palatable choices.  Would he give Israel America’s full military engagement in a war against the legal owners of the Golan and take this war all the way to a bloody conclusion, knowing very well that the Golan war has the huge potential to cause severe (if not fatal) damage to Israel itself too; knowing very well that it could also trigger a third world war?  Or would he instead upset the Zionist apple cart by citing his non-interventionist America First tenets and offer mere political platitudes and token military backdoor assistance to Israel?  These challenging questions are yet to be answered.  It’s difficult to assess these points presently when so many factors are still veiled behind the folds of time.  But suffice it to say that in that dramatic and consequential situation, Trump will be forced to stand right between two speeding bullets.  Does he roll his sleeve up for Israel and join yet another Mideast war:  something that is anathema to his isolationist base thereby risking his precious base turning against him; or will Trump instead give expansionist Greater Israel the stoplight and publicly mollify and advise ceasefires and diplomatic negotiations that Israel benefits nothing from, inviting therefore the pernicious Jewish lobby’s wrath till kingdom come?  On this issue, we may very well have a rare moment of WASP power versus Jewish power in DC.  I expect to see a showdown between the two over certain controversial Mideast foreign policies in the future.

And regarding the Iran issue:  despite Trump’s apparent antipathy towards Iran, he will not go to war with Iran over the Iran Nuke Deal.  Yes, he will work to amend the Deal to America’s monetary benefit, if possible, (ie get a bigger USA cut of the industrial projects), but he will not just trash the deal outright and go to World War Three over it as per Israel’s ultimate desire.  This limited Trumpian revision of the Iran Deal will create more angst for AIPAC, and under instruction from a distrustful Tel Aviv, they will launch a medium size political war against Trump.  This AIPACian war will not be as effective as their political wars usually are because AIPAC wars depend on the complicit and relentless support of the Main Stream Media, and as we all now know, the MSM is now rapidly hemorrhaging and losing money and influence over the masses.  I have no doubt that even if you went to the worst Islamophobic Trump supporter and asked them whether they would rather spend trillions on a war with Iran, un-guaranteed of a victory, a war that risks the collapse of the dollar as well as create millions of Iranian refugees, some of whom will hit American shores – or, whether they’d rather that copious war chest of trillions was spent on creating jobs and building hospitals and schools in their community, that very typical Trumpian Islamophobe would choose the sensible, peaceable later.  Short of a Black Op akin to 9/11 that would be pinned on the Iranians, no true Trump supporter will have any interest in going to war with Iran, just for the sake of Israel or any other foreign country for that matter.  The Trump-Iran file will prove as problematic to AIPAC and Tel Aviv as was their Obama-Iran file.  And losing the Iran battles to Trump thus will render AIPAC even weaker in DC – especially that their teeming mafia of Necon ideologues will not be able to successfully upstage or influence Trump who is profoundly wary and angry at them.  If you’ll note his cabinet selection, you’ll see that he has deftly chosen several malleable Neocon lites and thrown in there a couple of ideologues whose reach is short.  The catastrophic and hawkish Neocon ideologues will not have the President’s ear or his powerful signature on their warmongering plans this time round.

But the biggest problem that will arise between Trump and AIPAC, the biggest and most explosive war between them will occur when Trump begins to push for a Palestinian state that’s based on the ’67 border, as per the world’s consensus.  I see this happening in his second term – I don’t see him touching the Palestine issue in any significant way in his first term (perhaps he will start prepping for the Palestine file towards the end of his first term).  He’s declared he wants to be completely focused on job creation and nation enrichment in his first term – his America First commitments to the economy is his upmost top priority.  Come the time though, Trump may succeed or he may fail in his Palestine peace endeavors, but his Palestine policy will be no different to Obama’s or Bush’s or others before them: the Two State Solution.  Trump’s style and dynamism may be different to other presidents before him, but he will have to continue with the existing consensus on Palestine – mostly for lack of other new peace ideas on the table.  Having reiterated on numerous occasions that he ideologically chooses commerce over war, (to deafening applause from his expansive base, I will add), and despite his platitudes to the Zionists during campaigning and the current lollypop hoopla, I cannot see him, for instance, capriciously opening an American embassy in Jerusalem when he knows only too well that this would instantly and overnight create hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of new extremist jihadists, as well as ignite an even worse global terrorism epidemic than we now have.  Trump doesn’t only care about the violence – he’s a profit-centered thinker – he cares about the cost of increased terrorism in terms of dollars too and usually terrorist attacks cost not just lives, but also destroy properties that are extremely costly to rebuild.  No, he will not move the US embassy to Jerusalem in his first term (if ever) – he will ultimately take the advice of his national security advisers who will advise against it (as they usually do), as well as his own instincts for what a costly, unprofitable ‘bad deal’ looks like.  Trump will not want the monetary or political drain of a new Mideast war during his first term to distract from his paramount economic revival plans.   And having also referred to the Israel-Palestine crisis as “probably the most difficult deal to make in the world“, he will indeed be personally challenged as a Master Deal Maker to make good and attempt to genuinely untie the political Gordian Knot that AIPAC has turned the Palestine issue into.  And here I have to add that despite Donald’s newfound affection and familial connections to Judaism (Ivanka and her Jewish husband), he is not sentimentally blindsided and is well aware of how Zionist movers and shakers do negotiations and business – he’s lived and made his fortunes in NY City and has had numerous occasions over the decades to interact closely and study their MO.  In other words, he will make grand verbal gestures towards all things Israel for the sake of realpolitik, but he knows what’s truly good for America and as an American Firster, he also knows how their tribalism operates to advance, primarily, only their tribe – not the American Republic.  It is clear that Trump means Israel no harm, but I do not see how he would rationally, soberly and willingly allow himself or his Oval Office to be dragged into a new Mideast quagmire – I can’t see him surrendering himself as sacrifice at the Israel alter.  This is not, after all, his own definition of what it means to be an American Firster President.  This is not what he wants in his biography.  This is not what his base want for America.  And most certainly, this is not what our American Empire wants either.

This is not the path of the new trajectory demanded by Pax Americana.

In my article, America’s Shifting Strategies in the Middle East (pub. Jan 2016), I wrote:

… let us be absolutely clear here that  the interests of our Empire always trump those of our Republic – one is forever more superior in importance than the other.  Therefore, no matter who the next president is, no matter their political disposition and affiliations, as President of the Republic and temporary Guardian of Empire, this new President will be faced with fulfilling a brand new Middle East directive scripted in accordance with Empire’s  latest strategic interests.   It is expected that the new President will have to follow the new map to a tee while simultaneously creating the least political fallout for himself at home and overseas.  A humongous, challenging feat of statesmanship.

With the landslide electoral victory of Trump, it is clear now what Empire’s current needs are: wealth, wealth and more wealth.  After close to two decades of disastrous and costly Neocon Mideast wars as well as mounting anemic trade deals, Empire’s coffers are down-down-down and in dire need of replenishment.  A moneymonger and not a warmonger is therefore precisely the kind of President that Empire currently needs.  Enter hence the perfect candidate: the ultra Capitalist Donald Trump.  Not the Neocon Hillary Clinton promising more wars and pestilence.  Empire requires a good decade of no new major wars in order to veer itself away from bankruptcy – already our national debt is a true horror show to behold – and the only cure is immediate and hectic capitalist productivity.

We will soon discover if Trump is capable of such great America First statesmanship – we will see if he is truly such a grand and stately entrepreneur that he would be able to simultaneously nourish both our starving Republic and deflating Empire.

Trump has surprised at every turn of his journey to the White House.  Against all odds he defeated the crazed and cackling Clinton.  He is ruthless.  Hard working and strategic.  He is inexperienced in deep politics but he is dynamically instinctive and uninhibited in spirit.  He entered the presidential fray as an outsider anti-Establishment candidate battling against a known war criminal and corrupt DC elitist – she stacked all known odds and powers against him.  He was David.  We all watched in disbelief.  His victory.  We witnessed it all.  Indeed.  He came, he saw, she died.