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He Came, He Saw, She Died


By now, we’ve all had time to digest Trump’s presidential victory and a chunk of its implications.  To those who are still surprised, nay devastated at the election’s outcome, I offer my sincerest commiserations and a bucket of ice poured over their heads to shock them back into reality.  For the winners, I offer my sincerest congratulation and a bucket of confetti and thorns rained over their heads to remind them that regardless of Trump’s victory, our nation is still teetering on the same gaping precipice and worse.  To the disgraced mainstream media, I offer them a bucket of feces in their faces – they honestly do not deserve better – I’m sure most of you here will agree.  And to the leaderships of both parties, to the nefarious, self-serving Zionist Washington Establishment itself, I offer them much raucous mockery and my woohoo happy dance.  It is truly a poetic justice that it took an upstart insider billionaire, who’s been buying and selling the very same Establishment politicians himself for some three decades, to sucker-punch the whole lot of them incompetents, traitors and foreign agents.  Nobody ‘important’ has been shielded from the Trumpian fist.  Not the dynastic Clintons.  And certainly not the bullshit Bushes.  Even the normally duck-and-dive Deep State is in a deep panic.  In fact, everywhere you look, instruments and beneficiaries of the current and corrupt Status Quo are quaking in their unmentionables at the imminent prospect of Trump receiving the diamond-and-platinum keys to the White House.  The very same archenemy of the Establishment’s cultish and lucrative Order has handily smashed them all and will now become their prestigious and all powerful master and Commander in Chief.  Thus begins their living political nightmare – thus begins their current decent into political madness and filth.

Trump’s victory indeed has caused one of the boomiest political earthquakes to ever hit Capitol Hill, especially in the bi-partisan Neocon quarters – all funded and headed by zealot Zionists, I will remind you here.  Publicly, Trump and a bevy of ideological Neocon blockheads have already declared an ugly war against one another.  And this, dear readers, is the most exciting outcome of this election.

Not since JFK’s anti AIPAC days have Zionists in DC shook with such fear and trepidation before an American president.  Regardless of what positive statements that Netanyahu is leaking through cold-sore lips about Trump, the fact of the matter is that Israel knows that Trump is a totally committed American Firster, which by natural definition makes him therefore an anti Israel-Firsters.  We all know that in the Zionist universe, an American president must be molded into an Israel-Firster (often by blackmail or by force), or else be either politically crippled or destroyed.  No doubt, Zionist Think Tanks in DC and in Tel Aviv are currently (and quietly) operating overtime with the sole mission of laying out workable strategies for converting Trump from American Firstdom to Israel Firstdom.  I personally do not reckon the ultimate success of these political ruses – I do not see the capitalist king, Donald J. Trump, as sacrificing American monetary interests or American power and prestige for the sake of Israel – or for any other foe or friendly country for that matter.  Trump sees himself as a true patriot, as savior of the neglected “forgotten man”, and as the absolute and ultimate Master Deal Maker.  His whole external empire and the matrix of his internal life are based on these personal and profound convictions.  Donald Trump is simply not low hanging fruit for Zionists, like a multitude of other presidents before him have been.  Nor will he ever be willing to go down in history as making more ruinous deals that benefit any foreign country whatsoever, certainly not at the expense of American interests.  His gigantic Caesaresque ego and his strong irrepressible individuality simply won’t allow him to go that subservient route.  Yes, it is true that there are no visible signs of hostility towards Israel from the Trump camp, but the very nationalistic ideology of Trump’s ‘America First’ is a discernible and imminent threat to the Zionist’s ‘business as usual’ on behalf of Israel.   I do very much anticipate a ‘smooth ride’ at first between Trump and Netanyahu, but I see complications on the horizon between them with regards the Syria issue, as well as the Iran and Palestine issues.  In fact, I think Trump will initially be exceptionally friendly to all agents of Israel, even giving them what they want here and there and without even blinking an eye.  But I see Trump’s friendly moves as no more than innocuous Trumpian tokens:  a strategic business tactic with an eye to the future; a small and immediate investment for him that will help him with the hard-core negotiations that he’s undoubtedly planning to do with Zionists at a later stage.  Moreover, I reckon that Trump will prove to be much harder to manage for Tel Aviv’s AIPAC handlers than Obama ever was.  I say this because when AIPAC was attacking and humiliating Obama, even in public, even on the world stage, non of his political base, including the African-American contingency, none of them formed a solid block and came to his defense.  Time and time again they just stood by like hollow mannequins and watched Obama get kicked to the ground and spat on and called an antisemite.  A bloodied Obama had to fight AIPAC alone – which is mainly why he caved so soon into the fight then grovelled then grovelled some more then gratefully started fellating the donkey.  Well… we all know that Trump, unlike Obama, always, always fights back and fights hard and loud and lowly if need be – and I just can’t see Trump’s base as ever being passive and unresponsive to an AIPAC attack on their golden King either, the way Obama’s base was so disappointingly timid.  Trump’s base has shown itself to be dynamic, testosteronal  and pro-active and will have no problem in responding in like and taking their defensive wars against AIPAC to the streets and whipping up waves of antisemitism across the nation.  No, Trump will not be alone in a fight with AIPAC.  His base will never abandon him.  To Trump’s warrior base, loyalty is the ultimate Trumpian virtue and AIPAC will find itself in uncharted crisis waters if it operates heavy handed and without restraint against Trump.  This time round, there will be consequences to attacking and humiliating the President of the United States in public.

Regarding Syria, Trump will not interfere to protect Israel’s Jihadist clients operating in Syria, like Obama has so disastrously been doing.  Trump will instead allow Israel to lose in Syria.  Even though Trump says he loves Israel, he actually hates the head-chopping Jihadists by far more than he loves Israel.  There will be small, private battles between the Trump administration and AIPAC over this loss – not big, public ones – mainly because the Syrian battlefields are already practically a concluded issue:  the Syria war has more or less already been won by the Axis of Resistance – no point in either Trump or AIPAC wasting precious political currency warring over it themselves.

A bigger complication will be the Golan File that will need addressing.  Should Syria time its Golan liberation war under Trump’s watch, a war that would be considered perfectly legal under international law, a credible war of liberation that would be directly and indirectly supported by Russia and the rest of the world, Trump would then find himself with few palatable choices.  Would he give Israel America’s full military engagement in a war against the legal owners of the Golan and take this war all the way to a bloody conclusion, knowing very well that the Golan war has the huge potential to cause severe (if not fatal) damage to Israel itself too; knowing very well that it could also trigger a third world war?  Or would he instead upset the Zionist apple cart by citing his non-interventionist America First tenets and offer mere political platitudes and token military backdoor assistance to Israel?  These challenging questions are yet to be answered.  It’s difficult to assess these points presently when so many factors are still veiled behind the folds of time.  But suffice it to say that in that dramatic and consequential situation, Trump will be forced to stand right between two speeding bullets.  Does he roll his sleeve up for Israel and join yet another Mideast war:  something that is anathema to his isolationist base thereby risking his precious base turning against him; or will Trump instead give expansionist Greater Israel the stoplight and publicly mollify and advise ceasefires and diplomatic negotiations that Israel benefits nothing from, inviting therefore the pernicious Jewish lobby’s wrath till kingdom come?  On this issue, we may very well have a rare moment of WASP power versus Jewish power in DC.  I expect to see a showdown between the two over certain controversial Mideast foreign policies in the future.

And regarding the Iran issue:  despite Trump’s apparent antipathy towards Iran, he will not go to war with Iran over the Iran Nuke Deal.  Yes, he will work to amend the Deal to America’s monetary benefit, if possible, (ie get a bigger USA cut of the industrial projects), but he will not just trash the deal outright and go to World War Three over it as per Israel’s ultimate desire.  This limited Trumpian revision of the Iran Deal will create more angst for AIPAC, and under instruction from a distrustful Tel Aviv, they will launch a medium size political war against Trump.  This AIPACian war will not be as effective as their political wars usually are because AIPAC wars depend on the complicit and relentless support of the Main Stream Media, and as we all now know, the MSM is now rapidly hemorrhaging and losing money and influence over the masses.  I have no doubt that even if you went to the worst Islamophobic Trump supporter and asked them whether they would rather spend trillions on a war with Iran, un-guaranteed of a victory, a war that risks the collapse of the dollar as well as create millions of Iranian refugees, some of whom will hit American shores – or, whether they’d rather that copious war chest of trillions was spent on creating jobs and building hospitals and schools in their community, that very typical Trumpian Islamophobe would choose the sensible, peaceable later.  Short of a Black Op akin to 9/11 that would be pinned on the Iranians, no true Trump supporter will have any interest in going to war with Iran, just for the sake of Israel or any other foreign country for that matter.  The Trump-Iran file will prove as problematic to AIPAC and Tel Aviv as was their Obama-Iran file.  And losing the Iran battles to Trump thus will render AIPAC even weaker in DC – especially that their teeming mafia of Necon ideologues will not be able to successfully upstage or influence Trump who is profoundly wary and angry at them.  If you’ll note his cabinet selection, you’ll see that he has deftly chosen several malleable Neocon lites and thrown in there a couple of ideologues whose reach is short.  The catastrophic and hawkish Neocon ideologues will not have the President’s ear or his powerful signature on their warmongering plans this time round.

But the biggest problem that will arise between Trump and AIPAC, the biggest and most explosive war between them will occur when Trump begins to push for a Palestinian state that’s based on the ’67 border, as per the world’s consensus.  I see this happening in his second term – I don’t see him touching the Palestine issue in any significant way in his first term (perhaps he will start prepping for the Palestine file towards the end of his first term).  He’s declared he wants to be completely focused on job creation and nation enrichment in his first term – his America First commitments to the economy is his upmost top priority.  Come the time though, Trump may succeed or he may fail in his Palestine peace endeavors, but his Palestine policy will be no different to Obama’s or Bush’s or others before them: the Two State Solution.  Trump’s style and dynamism may be different to other presidents before him, but he will have to continue with the existing consensus on Palestine – mostly for lack of other new peace ideas on the table.  Having reiterated on numerous occasions that he ideologically chooses commerce over war, (to deafening applause from his expansive base, I will add), and despite his platitudes to the Zionists during campaigning and the current lollypop hoopla, I cannot see him, for instance, capriciously opening an American embassy in Jerusalem when he knows only too well that this would instantly and overnight create hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of new extremist jihadists, as well as ignite an even worse global terrorism epidemic than we now have.  Trump doesn’t only care about the violence – he’s a profit-centered thinker – he cares about the cost of increased terrorism in terms of dollars too and usually terrorist attacks cost not just lives, but also destroy properties that are extremely costly to rebuild.  No, he will not move the US embassy to Jerusalem in his first term (if ever) – he will ultimately take the advice of his national security advisers who will advise against it (as they usually do), as well as his own instincts for what a costly, unprofitable ‘bad deal’ looks like.  Trump will not want the monetary or political drain of a new Mideast war during his first term to distract from his paramount economic revival plans.   And having also referred to the Israel-Palestine crisis as “probably the most difficult deal to make in the world“, he will indeed be personally challenged as a Master Deal Maker to make good and attempt to genuinely untie the political Gordian Knot that AIPAC has turned the Palestine issue into.  And here I have to add that despite Donald’s newfound affection and familial connections to Judaism (Ivanka and her Jewish husband), he is not sentimentally blindsided and is well aware of how Zionist movers and shakers do negotiations and business – he’s lived and made his fortunes in NY City and has had numerous occasions over the decades to interact closely and study their MO.  In other words, he will make grand verbal gestures towards all things Israel for the sake of realpolitik, but he knows what’s truly good for America and as an American Firster, he also knows how their tribalism operates to advance, primarily, only their tribe – not the American Republic.  It is clear that Trump means Israel no harm, but I do not see how he would rationally, soberly and willingly allow himself or his Oval Office to be dragged into a new Mideast quagmire – I can’t see him surrendering himself as sacrifice at the Israel alter.  This is not, after all, his own definition of what it means to be an American Firster President.  This is not what he wants in his biography.  This is not what his base want for America.  And most certainly, this is not what our American Empire wants either.

This is not the path of the new trajectory demanded by Pax Americana.

In my article, America’s Shifting Strategies in the Middle East (pub. Jan 2016), I wrote:

… let us be absolutely clear here that  the interests of our Empire always trump those of our Republic – one is forever more superior in importance than the other.  Therefore, no matter who the next president is, no matter their political disposition and affiliations, as President of the Republic and temporary Guardian of Empire, this new President will be faced with fulfilling a brand new Middle East directive scripted in accordance with Empire’s  latest strategic interests.   It is expected that the new President will have to follow the new map to a tee while simultaneously creating the least political fallout for himself at home and overseas.  A humongous, challenging feat of statesmanship.

With the landslide electoral victory of Trump, it is clear now what Empire’s current needs are: wealth, wealth and more wealth.  After close to two decades of disastrous and costly Neocon Mideast wars as well as mounting anemic trade deals, Empire’s coffers are down-down-down and in dire need of replenishment.  A moneymonger and not a warmonger is therefore precisely the kind of President that Empire currently needs.  Enter hence the perfect candidate: the ultra Capitalist Donald Trump.  Not the Neocon Hillary Clinton promising more wars and pestilence.  Empire requires a good decade of no new major wars in order to veer itself away from bankruptcy – already our national debt is a true horror show to behold – and the only cure is immediate and hectic capitalist productivity.

We will soon discover if Trump is capable of such great America First statesmanship – we will see if he is truly such a grand and stately entrepreneur that he would be able to simultaneously nourish both our starving Republic and deflating Empire.

Trump has surprised at every turn of his journey to the White House.  Against all odds he defeated the crazed and cackling Clinton.  He is ruthless.  Hard working and strategic.  He is inexperienced in deep politics but he is dynamically instinctive and uninhibited in spirit.  He entered the presidential fray as an outsider anti-Establishment candidate battling against a known war criminal and corrupt DC elitist – she stacked all known odds and powers against him.  He was David.  We all watched in disbelief.  His victory.  We witnessed it all.  Indeed.  He came, he saw, she died.




  1. seanmcbride says:


    Insightful and prescient — I agree with nearly all your points, including the small details.

    An important dimension to this, however: if Donald Trump's America First policies begin to diverge too much from Israel First policies, Mossad will look for a way to cut him down. From their standpoint, he is just a punk and someone who doesn't command anywhere near the political, financial and covert ops resources they do. He is a useful tool for the time being — a strutting peacock on the stage.

    Mossad and pro-Israel networks reach deeply into every department and agency of the American government — they have many strings to pull to deal with a renegade and unruly Trump. Trump is probably quite aware of this state of affairs — and that knowledge will constrain his behavior.

    Btw — the title of this essay — quite clever and on point.


      • seanmcbride says:


        Signs and signals bubbling up from the collective unconscious are always worth taking into account.

        Keep in mind that there are many ways to cut down world leaders, or anyone, without assassinating them.


      • Taxi says:

        A whole picture is made of many small parts – this makes every small detail a well of information in itself – foolish to discard because of its size.

        And regarding the “many ways to cut down world leaders”, it looks like the anti Trumpers are seriously and militantly pushing for a coup against Trump thru their campaign to reverse the electoral college count.

        As if regime change in Libya and Syria wasn’t enough for them!

      • seanmcbride says:


        The Soros globalists who pull the strings of the Clintons treat Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Iranians, Russians, Europeans and Americans with equal disdain — they exist to be bullied, enslaved and exploited, period.


      • Taxi says:

        They see themselves as modern Pharaohs – beyond consequences in this lifetime or the next. They build enormous wealth and global business empires to shield themselves from the consequences of their (evil) actions – this is what it’s all about for them.

        I can’t remember if I’ve posted this 60 Minutes interview segment with Soros before, but here it is anyway:

      • Taxi says:

        Soros:  what an ugly-ugly man inside and out.  Good thing that there are people out there who are trying to take him down:

        George Soros doesn't feel guilty at all for helping the Nazis when he was a teen.  That's because he blames all of us goy in the four corners of the world, born and unborn, for 'making' him help the Nazis against his fellow jews.  Hence his ongoing vengeance mission against everyone on the planet except for white Ashkenazi jews.

      • chu33 says:

        Hey Sean, I don't think they view him as a punk, as he's managed to wrestle the presidency from the 'entitled one' who was a major agent of Israel – her top 5 donor were Jewish. Plus the media stacked the deck for her blundering campaign. I think they probably even fear him, like he's a new Bohdan Chmielnicki. Did you see Mark Cuban's reversal on him?

        During the election cycle, I don't think I saw one Jewish republican media pundit in support of Trump – it was amazing and worthy of one of your lists. You had Brett Stevens, Krauthammer, Mona Charen, etc. -of course not the Breitbart crowd and Drudge fans. It's like they got there ancient marching orders from the clandestine council of the ancient Yiddish Shtetls to blow the shofar as a war horn against him.


      • RudyM says:

        I've wondered for a long time if you are a Sagittarius, incidentally. You sure sound like one sometimes. Not that I put much stock in astrology, but I wish it would stop being right.

    • chu33 says:

      Hey Sean, I don't think they view him as a punk, as he's managed to wrestle the presidency from the 'entitled one' who was a major agent of Israel – her top 5 donor were Jewish. Plus the media stacked the deck for her blundering campaign. I think they probably even fear him, like he's a new Bohdan Chmielnicki. Did you see Mark Cuban's reversal on him?

      During the election cycle, I don't think I saw one Jewish republican media pundit in support of Trump – it was amazing and worthy of one of your lists. You had Brett Stevens, Krauthammer, Mona Charen, etc. -of course not the Breitbart crowd and Drudge fans. It's like they got there ancient marching orders from the clandestine council of the ancient Yiddish Shtetls to blow the shofar as a war horn against him.


    • chu33 says:

      Hey Sean, I don't think they view him as a punk, as he's managed to wrestle the presidency from the 'entitled one’, and the media stacked the deck for her blundering campaign. I think they probably even fear him now, like he's a new Bohdan Chmielnicki. Did you see Mark Cuban's reversal on him?

      During the election cycle, I don't think I saw one Jewish republican media pundit in support of Trump – it was amazing and worthy of one of your lists. You had Brett Stevens, Krauthammer, Mona Charen, etc. -of course not the Breitbart crowd and Drudge fans. It's like they got their ancient marching orders from the clandestine council of the ancient Yiddish Shtetls to blow the shofar as a war horn against him.



    • chu33 says:

      During the election cycle, I don't think I saw one Jewish republican media pundit in support of Trump – it was amazing and worthy of one of your lists. You had Brett Stevens, Krauthammer, Mona Charen, etc. -of course not the Breitbart crowd and Drudge fans. It's like they got their ancient marching orders from the clandestine council of the ancient Yiddish Shtetls to blow the shofar as a war horn against him.

    • Taxi says:

      Good to see you around chu. I don’t actually see what all the fuss is about with the ambassador’s pick. Much ado about nothing, if you ask me. ALL official israel agents are pro settlement and anti peace with the Palestinians, without exception, so what difference does it make if the ambassador is orthodox or shmorthodox – the only distinction between candidates is that some israel wannabe ambassadors are overt about their vile colonialism and others are covert (usually the two-faced lefties). Besides, an ambassador’s job is to play diplomatic ‘messenger’ between his country and another, and also to ‘manage’ espionage and information collection ops (under CIA supervision) in host country and general region. An ambassador does not take state decisions – he/she merely manages decisions taken by others. An ambassador has title and prestige but no consequential power whatsoever.

      But yeah, there’s definitely a slumlord irony in the pick.

      • chu33 says:

        Hi Taxi. I thought the bankrupt lawyer being the point of contact for a bankrupt nation of thieves was fitting though. We'll have to see what unfolds in the next coming years. Maybe Trump will trap this Israeli first POS with a cadre of America Firsters in a cabinet meeting to deliver change and/or he'll quit. Then he can flip his script and appoint Chas Freeman. That would be good material. To drain the swamp you have to cut the 100lb tick from your back that sucks at any weak point – so maybe he slow plays it for a while. I hoping there's a sandbagging moment in the future. But, right now Trump is urging the UN to veto the UN resolution on the settlements. Who knows. It's hard to say, but at least there's some change to the status quo, and it not the shill Hillary making BDS illegal on US campuses. 


  2. chu33 says:


    Hey Sean, I don't think they view him as a punk, as he's managed to wrestle the presidency from the 'entitled one’, and the media stacked the deck for her blundering campaign. I think they probably even fear him now, like he's a new Bohdan Chmielnicki. Did you see Mark Cuban's reversal on him?

    During the election cycle, I don't think I saw one Jewish republican media pundit in support of Trump – it was amazing and worthy of one of your lists. You had Brett Stevens, Krauthammer, Mona Charen, etc. -of course not the Breitbart crowd and Drudge fans. It's like they got their ancient marching orders from the clandestine council of the ancient Yiddish Shtetls to blow the shofar as a war horn against him.

    -tried to reply to sean's post about 5 times and rejected


  3. Taxi says:

    Chu,  simplified, my article is about the friction that will eventually be arising between Trump the American-Firster and Netanyahu the Israel-Firster, regardless of the french-kissing going on between them right now.

    The problem of having a president whose very ideology is America-First is a brand new and uncharted situation for israel.  Very profoundly scary for the israelis.  An article in Haaretz today picks up that theme (mustabeen reading Plato's Guns!) – the article is not accessible without a subscription so I've copy-pasted it here below for readers:

    Trump Is Playing the Jewish Media to Perfection – Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie/ Haaretz

    Donald Trump is a political genius. A calculating genius, and sometimes an evil genius, but a genius nonetheless. And he is at his very best when it comes to manipulating the media.

    Trump is better than any candidate in recent history in getting the media and the American people to focus on what he wants to talk about rather than the real issues of the day. He is an absolute master of diversion, distraction and deception, brilliantly exploiting his telegenic family, his reality show experience, a gullible press, and a discouraged but gossip-hungry public. 

    Americans, it is true, are often disgusted by Mr. Trump’s non-stop blather and antics. But just as often they are amused, fascinated and entertained. And somehow, whenever confronted by an ugly reality or unpleasant fact, Trump has managed, with remarkable alacrity, simply to change the subject.  

    For a case study on how this process works, one need only look at Mr. Trump’s handling of the American Jewish community. 

    Trump’s “distract and deny” strategy with the Jewish public

    Mr. Trump has made a series of decisions that strike at the very heart of Jewish interests and values.  And I am not referring here only to liberal values and to interests liberally defined, but to consensus matters with broad support across the Jewish spectrum in America.  Anyone else taking these positions would likely be cast aside by the Jewish grassroots and leadership alike.

    Still, while mostly reviled in liberal circles, Trump has done a remarkable job of retaining Jewish support on the right and in the center and of projecting an image of support for Israel and sympathy for Jews.  How in heaven’s name has he done it?

    And the answer is: By repeatedly denying that he has said what he has said and done what he has done.   And by constantly feeding the media monster with an endless supply of competing stories that will distract the Jewish public from the truth.     

    The first example, of course, was the appointment of Steve Bannon as a senior strategist. For years, Bannon proudly provided a platform for some of America’s most prominent bigots, anti-Semites included. But Trump and his aides simply said it wasn’t so and moved on, and by and large, so did American Jews.       

    Another example of the “distract and deny” strategy was the appointment of David Friedman as ambassador to Israel.  Given that the Trump foreign policy on Israel was a bundle of contradictions, this appointment was a masterstroke. Friedman is a mini-Trump. He blusters, pontificates, and pouts. He spouts endless insults. He attacks ADL and J Street and promises to bar them from the White House. He delights in extremist statements on settlements and on Palestinians. He apologizes for nothing and retracts nothing. He is also ignorant of the issues and comes across more as buffoon than diplomat. But he makes great copy. Will the policies he espouses be implemented? Does he speak for the incoming administration? No one knows for sure. Nonetheless, Friedman continues to dominate the front pages and websites of the Jewish press.

    And to this must be added the endless palaver about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. The fact that the new president’s daughter and her family are Jewish is news, of course, and of legitimate interest to the Jewish community. But almost all of what we read is puffery, celebrity worship, and pointless speculation: What will be Ivanka’s role? Will Jared have an office in the White House?

    The Jewish media are the primary culprits here, although Mr. Trump bears responsibility as well. In both the Jewish and general press, Mr. Trump and his aides spend far too much time speaking about the Trump family and far too little time holding press conferences and grappling with issues. And in this climate, gossipy family stories are clever tactics that serve to distract and deceive. 

    But there is a problem here. While American Jews are obsessing about Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and David Friedman, matters of consequence are getting pushed aside and left behind. What about Trump’s ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin? When Rex Tillerson was nominated to be secretary of state, there was a brief flurry of comments and questions in the Jewish media about Tillerson’s Russian connections. But it passed quickly.

    While you were distracted, Russia and its allies are circling Israel

    Yet for the State of Israel, there is no more important issue. Have we forgotten Trump’s “America First” campaign theme, redolent of 1930s isolationism? Have we forgotten Russian interference in America’s presidential election and the infuriating lack of response from Mr. Trump and his party? 

    To be sure, no one can say with certainty what the Trump foreign policy will be. But there are ample hints, and they are far from encouraging. And the major concern for Israel and American Jewry right now is not whether or not America’s embassy will be relocated to Jerusalem. (If properly done, I support the move.) It is whether President Trump will adopt a policy of “ultra-realism,” forsaking our traditional alliances and seeking a geopolitical “grand bargain” with Russia. Such a bargain might include, in addition to weakening our commitments to NATO, Russian cooperation in fighting Islamic terrorism in return for acknowledging Russia’s preeminent role as Bashar Assad’s patron in Syria.

    Assad is a butcher, and a Putin-Trump alliance propping him up would be abhorrent. If it comes into being, Ronald Reagan will be spinning in his grave. And the geopolitical prospects are as grim as the moral ones. Let us imagine the possible scenarios for Israel. Let us suppose that Assad pushes the civil war to the south and his forces approach the Golan. Or let us suppose that prodded by his Iranian allies, he promises to transport heavy weapons to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. In both cases, Israel would wish to take military action. But what if the Russians say no, and back Assad? Then what? Can Trump be counted on to take on his Russian buddy? Why assume that an America that is disappointing its friends around the world will stand up for Israel?

    But no one is talking about this, of course. Right-wing Jews in America and Israel focus on settlements and embassies. They congratulate themselves about the Kushners. They are in a state of euphoria about David Friedman’s appointment. And they promise a new era in Israeli-American relations.

    And in the meantime, Steve Bannon, a purveyor of hate, prepares to take up residence in the White House. Personal ties to Putin have become a primary qualification for a senior foreign policy role in the new administration. Russia moves to displace America as the major power in the Middle East. Israel’s security is threatened by Russian hegemony in its backyard. Iran is strengthened by its cooperation with Putin. And the Western alliance that has kept the peace in Europe and much of the world for 70 years continues to falter. 

    My suggestion to the Jewish community: Forget about Ivanka Trump. Her father is taking us for a ride. Let’s focus on the real issues.

    • chu33 says:


      We'll see how it plays out. The fact that he is using Jared Kushner for his to broker a 'peace' deal sounds about as good as NYTimes appointing Jodi Rudoren – totally biased player.

      Here's a great article on how NJ politics worked for Jared's father and what a greasebag he is – it also involves McGreevey and Cipal.

      Jim McGreevey and His Main Man (2004)


      • chu33 says:

        Saker, makes his point about the neocons:

        Fifth, the fact that CNN got involved in all this is a critical factor. Some of us, including yours truly, were shocked and disgusted when the WaPo posted a list of 200 websites denounced as “fake news” and “Russian propaganda”, but what CNN did by posting this article is infinitely worse: it is a direct smear and political attack on the President Elect on a worldwide level (the BBC and others are already posting the same crap). This again confirms to be that the gloves are off and that the Ziomedia is in full state of war against Donald Trump.

        All of the above further confirms to me what I have been saying over the past weeks: if Trump ever makes it into the White House (I write ‘if’ because I think that the Neocons are perfectly capable of assassinating him), his first priority should be to ruthlessly crack down as hard as he legally can against those in the US “deep state” (which very much includes the media) who have now declared war on him. I am sorry to say that, but it will be either him or them – one of the parties here will be crushed.


    • Taxi says:


      How is Jarred Kushner any different or scarier than, for instance, Denis Ross?  The only difference between them is the latter has experience in deep politics and diplomacy.  This means that it's actually bad for israel and for Palestine to have the inexperienced Kushner take on the Sisyphus-esque task of achieving peace between Palestine and israel. 

      I actually see the reason behind Trump's choice of Jarred as two pronged:

      1- appease his daughter and pay back Jarred for his election loyalties.

      2- mollify the minority extremist likudists who supported his election.  It's important to note that most US zionists, left and right are against Trump – witness their ugly and relentless attacks on him in the zionist MSM – only extremist likudists are Donald's pals – so we can say that Donald's victory divided even the jews.

      I don't think for a minute that Donald thinks that Jarred is going to be effective and actually deliver "the biggest negotiated deal of the century" to add to Trump's eventual legacy.  I think Donald will go along with Jarred's direction till they hit a massive wall – and hit a wall they are bound to – then the Don would have learned a new thing or two about the ME and he will take it from there.

      For sure though, Donald will hit a fork in the road where he will have to choose between making America great again or making greater israel.  My money is on the former, especially if Donald has already given the likudists everything that he could possibly give them.

      I will also go as far as saying that even Netanyahu himself is not 100% sure that Donald is THAT malleable.  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is 100% certain what Trump will be doing after January 20th.  Not even Trump himself knows – and he won't know till he's got the WH keys and he's read secret presidential documents pertaining to what Empire requires him to deliver during his term – which I believe will be more wealth and not more wars.  Mindful here that every president must put the interests of Empire before those of the Republic.

      The worse the zionist that Trump picks for his team, the better for America and for Palestine in the long run.  This is my view.  I'm not concerned at all with the meantime zio dramas and Trump this and Trump that.

      I would have been more worried if Trump had picked the infamous Denis Ross, israel's lawyer – cuz that would have indicated 'business as usual' on steroids.


      • chu33 says:

        I don't disagree with what you're saying. That article goes back to 2004, so Trump must know what a new-monied sleaze-bag family that Jared comes from. -and Chris Christie prosecuted the Kushner father.

        But what a pathetic show is going on here in the US. All the Dems, with Rep. John Lewis calling him illegitimate – you can smell the sour grapes. I looked up John Lewis and CAST LEAD and didn't get one search query. This big civil rights leader said Jack shit, when Israel was bombing the hell out of an innocent civilian population. But the left here, don't seem to see through all the phoniness of Washington. They prefer swampiness, to a change of leadership. I tell people give him 2 years. There is a meltdown syndrome with people here. I can't wait for some progress. Did they think their globalist apparatchik Hillary was gonna bring change, who played smug identity politics her whole campaign while being underwritten by globalist like Saban and Soros?

        Hope that Trump will get advice from Jared, who will confer with his hive minded chosenites, about Israel. Then Donald can say I was elected to make America Great Again.- go tell that to Netanyahu. Then the shit goes down. It's inevitable that some US leader will have to tell Israel to grow up and stop milking us for a half century, or we'll totally become a subverted nation. They give us nothing in return, yet we fight all there enemies for the last 30 plus years – directly or indirectly.

  4. Taxi says:

    Putin Praises Trump's Judgment, Rejects Hacking Claims – Vladimir Isachenkov/AP, ABC

    Russian President Vladimir Putin voiced hope Friday that frayed relations with the U.S. will improve once Donald Trump becomes president despite his pledge to strengthen the U.S.'s nuclear arsenal.

    Speaking during a marathon end-of-year news conference that lasted the best part of four hours, Putin heaped praise on the president-elect while downplaying any concerns stemming from Trump's support for a strengthened U.S. nuclear capability.

    Putin also used the opportunity offered by the press conference to lambast Trump's rivals in the Democratic Party for seeking to blame their defeat in November's election to hacking accusations against Moscow.

    "They are losing on all fronts, and are trying to find the culprits elsewhere," he said. "They are humiliating themselves. They must know how to lose with dignity."

    Asked how he responded to President Barack Obama's hacking accusations during a conversation shortly before the vote that Russia was involved in the hacking of Democratic Party officials' emails, Putin said he wouldn't divulge details of a confidential talk.

    "The most important thing is the substance of the information the hackers have presented to the public opinion," Putin said, adding that the Democrats should have apologized to Americans over the "manipulations" the emails revealed.

    "The current administration and the Democratic Party's leadership are trying to shift the blame for all their failures to external factors," Putin said.

    He pointed at "the gap in views of what is good and what is bad between the elites and broader masses," adding that "the current administration has systemic problems."

    In response to Obama's comment that "Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave" upon seeing recent poll results showing that more than one-third of Republicans view Putin favorably, Putin said Reagan would be happy to see his party win.

    "Reagan would be happy that representatives of his party win everywhere, and he would be happy for the president-elect," Putin said, adding with a smile: "No one but us believed in his victory."

    Putin said he was encouraged that the U.S. election showed that "there are people who sympathize with our views of traditional values, because it's a good basis for developing relations between our two powerful countries."

    Putin expressed hope that he would meet soon with Trump to discuss how to improve the two countries' relations — and would "definitely" visit the United States if Trump invites him.

    Relations between the U.S. and Russia have become increasingly strained over the past few years, sinking to their worst since the Cold War. The conflict in Ukraine, which saw Russia annex the Crimea peninsula, and disagreements over the war in Syria have lain behind the growing distrust between the two.

    The Russian leader also reaffirmed his claim that the Russian military is "stronger than any potential aggressor," even though he acknowledged that the U.S. military is bigger.

    Putin said that the U.S. military has "more missiles, submarines and aircraft carriers, and we aren't arguing with that."

    "We are just saying that we are simply stronger than any aggressor," he said.

    Putin said he saw "nothing unusual" in Trump's nuclear weapons pledge, adding that the statement is in line with the president-elect's campaign promises.

    The ongoing modernization of Russia's strategic nuclear forces has come as a response to the U.S. opting out of a Cold War-era treaty that banned missile defenses, Putin said. Russia had to either design a similar shield or build new missiles capable of penetrating the U.S. defenses to maintain a nuclear parity, the Russian leader argued.

    "It's not us who have been speeding up the arms race," Putin said, adding that Russia has fully complied with the existing arms control agreements.

    He also noted that the U.S. has been modernizing its tactical nuclear weapons in Europe.

    Pointing at this week's terror attack in Berlin, Putin called for better cooperation in fighting terrorism, saying such efforts between Russia and the West have been effectively paralyzed by Western sanctions against Russia.

    "We can only fight this threat efficiently if we pool our efforts together," he said.

    The Russian president pointed at the evacuation of civilians and rebels from eastern Aleppo as a result of successful cooperation between Russia, Turkey and Iran. He said a cease-fire on the entire territory of Syria must come now, followed by peace talks.


  5. Taxi says:

    Obama abstained – and if he meant revenge on Netanyahu and the likudists then it was a bit of a flaccid offensive in practical terms – shoulda out and out just supported the darn resolution and gave zionist a kick in the kidneys that would take some time to recover from – after all, he's out of the WH in a month with nada to lose.  Obama's problem has always been his political cowardice, disguised as enlightened civility.

    Rebuffing Israel, U.S. Allows Censure Over Settlements:

    • seanmcbride says:

      Actually, Obama and his family have a lot to lose post-White House — look at the fate of Jimmy Carter, who was marginalized by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party as a pariah. Obama knows how the game is played and how brutal the retaliation can be for bucking the bipartisan political establishment and consensus on Israel.

      Even this small and ineffective gesture at the UN will probably cost Obama many millions of dollars in post-presidency rewards. The Clintons, on the other hand, were gifted handsomely for services rendered without question or qualification.

      Regarding the bigger picture: as I have suspected all along, the pro-Israel right is far more powerful than the pro-Israel left (not to mention the anti-Zionist left). Much of the neoliberal pro-Israel left ("liberal Zionism") is in fact strongly right-leaning — working under the table in tandem with the neoconservative pro-Israel right.

      It is now looking like Trump may give unqualified support to the entire extreme right-wing Likud agenda. The era of Palestinian activism may be over for good. Every Islamist terrorist attack in the United States and Europe (and you know there will be more coming) will be used as a lever to bury the Palestinian cause.

      Game over? Maybe. Probably.

      It is easy to envision a scenario in which the Palestinians under relentless pressure will now be pushed out of Greater Israel and absorbed by the rest of the Arab world. Forgive me for being a political realist. I always knew that betting on Trump to fix these problems was a tricky and dangerous political gamble.


      • Taxi says:

        The reality, Sean, is that it’s not up to israel, the UN or the USA to determine what happens to historic Palestine at the end of the day. There is a very powerful and effulgent Axis of Resistance blocking the way for the dark Greater Israel project and only a war on the ground will be the ultimate decider. We all saw what happened to the IDF last time they attempted to expand into Lebanon in 2006 – so I wouldn’t bet my farm on israel’s ability to win wars.

        That’s why to me non of the song and dance and mass analysis and chatter matter or mean anything. The Palestine question and the general Arab-israeli conflict can only be resolved through war.

      • seanmcbride says:

        The Israel lobby is probably calculating that the Arab world — Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and Saudi Arabia in particular — has lost the appetite to make further military and economic sacrifices on behalf of the Palestinians — and that Iran wouldn't dare to get into a direct military confrontation with the full power of the United States, Europe and Israel.

        I don't know whether those calculations are correct — but Israel, so far, has played the great game with considerable skill. It is usually a mistake to underestimate Israel.

        Regarding Trump: Israel, through sophisticated propaganda over decades, has succeeded in conflating Palestinians with Islamist extremists in the minds of most Americans and Europeans — and we know how Trump feels about Islam in general.


      • Taxi says:

        I’m here in the middle east, Sean, and I can tell you nobody has forgotten Palestine – and they never will. The Al Saud family has forgotten even their own people so they don’t count, but you go read Saudi people’s social media commentary about Palestine and you will see continuing and staunch support for the Palestine cause.

        The fact of the matter is that israel hasn’t got a clue what to do with the Axis of Resistance that stands in its way without getting Tel Aviv destroyed. Making no moves except for using islamic jihadists to its own end has proven to be a failed strategy that has only further empowered the Axis of Resistance. The zionists have run out of ideas, Sean. They are in deep geopolitical doodoo but you will never hear them talk about it in the West. Au contraire, they will keep blustering about their might blah blah blah and repeat it enough times that the masses will believe it. Don’t fall for the oldest trick in the book. Nobody can save israel – certainly not Trump tweets.

      • seanmcbride says:

        What has influenced my thinking on this subject: I have thought for a long time that there would be significant pushback in the Republican and Democratic Parties against the Israel lobby. I was wrong. The bipartisan political establishment is more militantly pro-Israel in 2016 than it was in, say, 1986. And I have also seen Iraq and Libya fall like dominoes — with Syria coming close. My tendency now is probably to overestimate the power of Israel and the Israel lobby.

        To add to the mix: the neocons, apparently, have largely succeeded in igniting a Clash of Civilizations between the West and Islam — a conflict that could totally override any concerns about Palestinian rights.

        I guess we will all see how the game plays out. I don't feel especially confident about any of my predictions these days. We have entered an era of enormous turbulence and uncertainty, in which a number of apocalyptic scenarios could materialize.

        Trump has issued so many mixed messages that I don't really know what he will do during his term. It's possible that his ferocious hostility to Islam will keep him firmly in the Likud camp. The current geopolitical situation is nightmarish.


      • Taxi says:

        Sean, we all know too well that the zionists, on behalf of israel, have completely taken over the US government and its sub agencies.  This has been the case since Bill Clinton's surrender days – everybody in the political arena saw with their own eyes what they did to President Bush senior (sabotage his second term victory) and so them career politicians (the cowards!) have been stepping up en mass to fellate the israel donkey ever since.  This will prove the ruin of America – not America's support for israel per se, but the treasonous seeds planted by israel operatives in the heart and brain of our body politic.  I mean to say, for example:  we support the UK but the UK will not be the ruin of the USA because they have not infiltrated and tentacle-strangled our political system – but israel has and the long term effects are akin to slow-release poison.

        Aipac may be very powerful in DC but this means nothing in the Arab Levant – nobody is scared of aipac around here: neither citizen nor politician.  They indeed have their own plans for israel in the zio-free side of the Levant that are not dependent on aipac or WH approval – the zio media in the west will never objectively disclose the details of this ongoing reality to its readers.

        Trump clearly is no fan of jihadist islam but he knows damn well that to defeat it is to align first and foremost with Russia, not israel, not even the UK.  So you see, Trump can blow his trumpet for israel all he wants and for whatever reason, but at some stage, he will have to make pragmatic decisions that will not necessarily be what israel wants – and what israel wants is for the jihadis to keep warring against the Axis of Resistance in the Levant till they get their caliphate.  What israel wants is the very opposite of what Putin wants and considering that Russia is spearheading the war against jihadist terrorism, Trump will have no choice but to work with real anti jihadists like Putin.

        Short of a real and nasty political revolution, a real "draining of the swamp" and not just a partial Trumpian one, I'm afraid Americans getting rid of zionism will prove harder and bloodier than liberating historic Palestine.  Liberating historic Palestine is simpler and entails one good war against an outsider enemy, but liberating DC from zionism will probably need a traumatic civil war where the enemy is embedded firmly within and cutting off a digit or two may become necessary.

      • Taxi says:

        Trump is giving Netanyahu what he wants while he can.  I expect this and I am not one bit surprised or worried. Trump is pragmatic enough to know that at some stage of the mideast game, the American-First interests will have to trump the israel-first benefits.

        It's a political kabuki in the meantime.

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Rudy.  Yeah I got sent that vid a few days ago – the most striking thing about it is the CNN presenter's expression of agony as the truth about Syria is being conveyed to her by Ms. Ortiz.  Heh.

      And what about this little number here:  Whistleblower Amber Lyon (award-winning ex reporter for CNN) busts CNN’s ‘sponsored’ news deals with evil Qatar dictator:

      It's gonna be one heck of a tough year coming up for the MSM in 2017.  I wonder who will first go belly up in the next couple of years?

  6. RudyM says:

    I don't know, Taxi. Re your Trump predictions: I voted for the motherfucker and you didn't (and probably couldn't have brought yourself to do it), but you seem to be more optimistic about how his foreign policy is going to play out than I am. I don't see how he isn't going to be bad for the Palestinians one way or another. At best, he might move things closer to a final resolution simply by letting Israel bring them to more of a boil; but that's a hell of a thing to wish for (and to wish on the ones who are going to suffer the most). I am still hopeful that the regional Yinonization will stop under Trump.

    • Taxi says:

      Trump hasn’t got a clue about foreign policy nuance but he is a fast learner – he will make stupid moves that will bite him in the Adam’s apple but he will learn quickly from them. He will always ‘love’ the isrealis more than the Palestinians – but by all accounts, he will always love America more than he loves israel. I believe he will consistently refer to his America-First ideology when looking for solutions and new maneuvers.

      I don’t feel optimistic at all and I don’t feel pessimistic either – I feel neutral about it all thus far – we’ve yet to see what kind of presidential performance Trump will deliver. He certainly didn’t need aipac approval or support to get elected, like a dozen presidents before him have – the usa ‘jews’ don’t own Trump like they owned Obama and previous prezies – and this, dear Rudy, is really what I find most refreshing.

      • RudyM says:

        I think he is Trump-first ahead of being America-first. If it turns out he thinks it's Trump to put Israel ahead of America, why wouldn't he do that? I don't think he has much of a political ideology. Anyway, we'll see.

        FWIW, some interesting marshalling of the evidence and speculation here, but it's quite lengthy and I definitely don't agree with all of it:

        Some bits are already out of date, especially w/r/t Trump's cabinet.

        Not familiar with the author. Not sure I should trust a Rockafeller, but still an interesting marshalling of the evidence.

    • Taxi says:

      Yeah thanks Rudy for the Rockafeller link – a bit mouthy but it does have several interesting tidbits – I read the first half with attentive care then perused quickly thru the rest of the piece for lack of interest in the characters being analyzed.  Nevertheless, I've seen the writer's alarmist propositions in other articles here and there and… well… meh.  I mean meh to the Iran angle.  That's not to say that 'bomb Iran' is not paramount and top of the likudist wish list delivered already to Trump (how boringly predictable!), but the fact remains that no one can touch Iran (not even the only superpower) without catastrophic consequences to the global economy which in turn would seriously damage an already struggling dollar (read Strait of Hormuz and the dire implications of its closure by Iran). 

      Sure, USA weaponry is capable of devastating destruction but to shock and awe Iran would ALSO guarantee the immediate demolition of Tel Aviv in return.  Iran presently has the perfect reach for this retaliatory act from its own turf, from the Syrian landmass and also from Hezbollah bases nestled right there at Israel's doorstep.

      To Trump, a true alpha capitalist, this war would be too costly and without any guarantees and secured profits; as well as a war that realistically contains the unpalatable scenario of Tel Aviv being sacrificed for Tehran.  The 'bomb Iran' zealots, they want Trump to attack Iran a-la Bush-Iraq style and pay for it with American blood and treasure:  they would want Trump to 'deal' with Iran while israel stayed way out of the actual battlefields and its costs; only helping with propaganda and (faulty) intelligence – but that's just a demented ziocon teenage pipedream devoid of any geopolitical realism.  Trump will be able to see what a 'bad deal' for America a war of choice on Iran would be.  He wouldn't do it even if saudi arabia agreed to pay for the war – he will not send American soldiers (who mostly voted for him) to die for a saudi-wahabi cause and benefit – be they partners of israel or not – Trump hates wahabists too much to do the kind of deals with them where Americans end up dying and saudi soldiers live intact (saudi can't sent substantial numbers of soldiers cuz it simply doesn't have them – most of its soldiers are of Pakistani origins).  Trump just won't do it at the end of the day, I don't think he'll start a war with Iran.  

      But even if Trump and israel go crazy and end up nuking Iran, Tel Aviv will also be simultaneously sent to its maker too – it's a small city and blitzing it with drones and short and medium range missiles would take mere hours – plus bombing the Damona is also on the Iran retaliation list.  This war will cost more than the provocateurs are willing to pay – simply.

      The 'bomb Iran' gangbangers live on their own strategy-starved planet – they do not understand the universal law of cause and effect – their narcissism and prejudice won't let them grok past their bratish warmongering.  And we haven't even touched on the military complexities of Iran being a major client of Russia and China.  No, man, no – it's not possible to attack Iran anymore without starting WW3.  Realists know it.  Empire doesn't want it either – just ask Bush junior who said yes to EVERYTHING Cheney asked for EXCEPT for going to war with Iran.  It's just not gonna happen – Empire won't let it.  But the fear-laced narrative sells fast off the racks I guess.

      I honestly wouldn't bother with the attack-Iran regurgitations – it's utterly meaningless and they keep talking about it cuz the ziocons don't want to admit to yet another strategic defeat at the hands of the Iranians.   It's been at least a whole decade since israel scored a single goal against the Axis of Resistance.  This is a fact.

      Trump or no Trump, Iran lives – and with a lot more security and boundless futures than israel has, I may add.

      • RudyM says:

        I tend to agree with you on Iran. I don't think an all-out attack is in the cards, given the consequences, particularly to Israel. It's not clear to me that Russia or China would get involved, but the threat of retaliation against Israel is enough to make it very unlikely.

        I could see stepped up covert action against Iran, however, which would be regrettable in itself.

      • Taxi says:

        Rudy, Iran is a step away from Russia and China is a short leap, therefore, any attack on Iran by the USA would be considered a belligerent creep towards their borders – hotly unacceptable to either Russia or China.

        The msm tends to never talk about strategy, and not that many alternative news sites do either, but the strategic facts dominating right now are the following:
        1- israel lost its deterrence capability and with it its domination of its own borders back in 2006 when it lost to Hezbollah.
        2- USA lost its hegemony over the Levant when Russia stepped into Syria some 18 months ago.

        These are HUGE losses to the axis of evil.

        The only offensive activity that the USA and israel can indulge in nowadays is cyber warfare. But the other side too can respond in like.

  7. RudyM says:

    Pessimism from Phil Giraldi:

    Not specifically Trump-related, but I don't think I'd heard about this:

    Last year’s nuclear agreement with Iran included an end to restraints on the Islamic Republic’s ability to engage in normal banking and commercial activity. As a high priority, Iran has sought to replace some of its aging infrastructure, to include its passenger aircraft fleet. Seattle based Boeing has sought to sell to Iran Air 80 airplanes at a cost of more than $16 billion and has worked with the U.S. government to meet all licensing and technology transfer requirements. The civilian-use planes are not in any way configurable for military purposes, but Shurat HaDin on December 16th sought to block the sale at a federal court in Illinois, demanding a lien against Boeing for the monies alleged to be due to the claimed victims of Iranian sponsored terrorism. Boeing, meanwhile, has stated that the Iran Air order “support(s) tens of thousands of U.S. jobs.”

    So an agency of the Israeli government is taking steps to stop an American company from doing something that is perfectly legal under U.S. law even though it will cost thousands of jobs here at home. It is a prime example of how much Israel truly cares about the United States and its people. And even more pathetic, the Israel Lobby owned U.S. Congress has predictably bowed down and kissed Netanyahu’s ring on the issue, passing a bill in November that seeks to block Treasury Department licenses to permit the financing of the airplane deal.


  8. RudyM says:

    Iran is a step away from Russia and China is a short leap, therefore, any attack on Iran by the USA would be considered a belligerent creep towards their borders – hotly unacceptable to either Russia or China.

    Taxi, this makes sense, but I don't remember seeing any statements out of Russia regarding responding to an attack on Iran as strong as the statements it has made re: Syria. Have there been any statements of that sort that at least imply a defensive alliance?

    Also, I get the strong impression China doesn't want to get into any military confrontations. Russia has been the one making military responses to US provocations. China sits that out. Maybe you are right that Iran would be a different matter.

    • Taxi says:

      Rudy.  The Chinese, you know, politically speaking, they don't walk and speak, they tiptoe and whisper – very understated operatives.  As far as Iran is concerned, China most definitely would come to Iran's defense: "Chinese Major General Zhang Zhaozhong recently stated that if America or Israel attacked Iran, “China will not hesitate to protect Iran—even with a third world war.”"

      As you see from the publishing date on the above article, the Chinese policy in support of Iran has been in place for a few years already – but our msm never report on it or include this important detail in their endless news analysis programs when the ziocons in DC saber-rattle and push for a war against Iran – the msm always relays the zionist 'wish list' narrative, not the actual strategic facts of the matter.

      And as far as Russia protecting Iran is concerned, you don't even have to google it for answers, all you have to do is mull on the fact that Putin has supplied Iran with the game-changing S-300 after years of the deal being put on ice by the Russians, upon the request of the USA.  Putin defrosted the deal a couple of years ago despite American, israeli and saudi objections.  It's clear where Russia stands when it comes to Iran.  And not forgetting that currently in Syria, Russian and Iranian forces are fighting shoulder to shoulder, bonded together against ISIS terrorists.

      • RudyM says:

        Thanks, I think I completely missed that pronouncement from China.

        I thought of the S-300's, sure, but that alone could still be a case of: we're giving you the tools to defend yourself, but you need to be the ones to do the fighting.

        Interesting point about what the MSM filters out in terms of concrete strategic facts. It seems to me only the craziest of Zionists would want to suppress that sort of information (unless the point is not to make a strike on Iran possible, but just to crank up the tension short of an actual war on Iran).

      • Taxi says:

        The zionists raise a lot of money from ‘cranking up’ the fear factor. Dark industry is their foundation.

        And you’re right to hesitate on the Russia point. Despite Putin’s many positive overtures and deeds towards Iran, he has not publicly declared a definitive defense policy with regards to Iran. This is purely strategic as well as stylistic. The Russians like to operate in deep shadows especially when it concerns their national security and the USA (read also NATO/Atlantists). If they kept America guessing a Russian response to an attack on Iran, the Americans just might get their military and strategic configurations completely wrong and deflate further for the failed adventure (like what happened in Syria). And here’s a thought: geostrategically, Syria is Russia’s first line of defense against an Atlantist/NATO creep through the Mediterranean – this makes Iran its second line of defense. If Russia had suddenly sprinted into Syria to defend it against attackers and invaders, then surely it would do the same for Iran and with even more gusto as Iran shares a boarder with Russia. Let me be clear, even though Russia and Iran have had a long and mostly prosperous history, everything that Russia does, it does first and foremost for its own interests – and any geopolitical strategist worth their salt will tell you it is 100% in Russia’s interest to aid Iran if Iran was being attacked, especially by the USA (on behalf of Israel) or by NATO forces. In international politics, not making a statement is the statement.

    • seanmcbride says:

      One gradually comes to the realization that this entire domain of conflict and controversy — one in which true believers know that "God" has been punishing their enemies over millennia for not being perfectly subservient to the will and whims of the megalomaniacal true believers — is a deranged cesspool — completely psychopathic and infantile. Sane people just want to get as far away from it as possible.

      One strongly doubts that Donald Trump is on the same page as Michael Snyder — but he's willing to play and exploit and Snyders of the world every which way he can — their buttons are obvious and they are easy to manipulate.


    • Taxi says:

      I agree with you, Sean – the Donald is not a believer in the judeo fairytale, or should I say scam?  And yes, he tolerates these (minority) zealots cuz it's politically useful for him to do so – for now, that is.

      But what's striking about the majority of the comments attached to the InfoWars article is that not only are commenters dismissive of a key judaic superstition (god will smite you if you're mean to jews), but they're also cynical about zionism itself and rejecting it as force of good.

      Looks like Americans have been educating themselves, evidently.  Because the msm had for years consistently failed them, they finally took the initiative and researched the israel-zionism issue for themselves.  The zio msm has pretty much lost control of the narrative – no doubt about that – and the comment section of the article is but one example and proof of this. 

      This leads me to say that American jews are presently in trouble.  Not in danger,  just in trouble.  But trouble can easily turn to danger – if the tribe doesn’t soon change its crooked ways.

      • seanmcbride says:

        I think the comment sections of both mainstream and alternative publications, especially when analyzed in the aggregate, provide a valuable window into what is *really* going on in politics — and the thinking and sentiment in those comments now often deviate radically from the approved and official lines.

        The entire tawdry "fake news" propaganda meme was manufactured by mainstream media and establishment political players who are scared to death that they are losing control of the narrative that keeps them in power.


      • seanmcbride says:

        An interesting take on Trump's real agenda:

        "In fact the Trump/Bannon/Kushner agenda is to drive the Jews out of the US and Europe into Israel, where they will commit genocide against the Palestinians, which will provide a pretext for TrumPutin to nuke all of them. Which means that by participating in this scheme, Friedman and Boteach are the real kapos."

        I neither agree nor disagree — who knows what Trump is really up to.


      • Taxi says:

        Lol that's a hilarious theory with a breeze of truth in it. But I don't think 'nuke 'em all' is Trump's secret genocidal plan at play here.  I don't even think Trump really cares about israel, just the political currency it represents and he just wants to accumulate as much of it as possible to insure that he is always in a negotiating position of power.

        I get the feeling that the Don would prefer to be making big governmental money than dealing with incessantly whiny customers (like zionists).  I get the feeling too that the Trump jews are currently being (ab)used like a football in an egomaniacal match between the outgoing Obama and the incoming Trump.

  9. RudyM says:

    I hope this doesnt mean certain elements with a penchant for numerology will be launching lots of false flags this year:

    • The prime number before 2017 is 2017+(2-0-1-7), which makes it a sexy prime, and the prime after 2017 is 2017+(2+0+1+7). 2017 itself is of course equal to  2017+(2*0*1*7) 
    • Insert 7 into any two digits of 2017, it is still a prime number, i.e. 27017, 20717, 20177 are all primes. Plus, 20177 is also a prime number

  10. RudyM says:

    Justice Holmes, perhaps as an act of contrition, later wrote in another landmark case:

    The ultimate good desired is better reached by free trade in ideas — that the best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market, and that truth is the only ground upon which their wishes safely can be carried out.

    So following the broad values enshrined in the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech, even though it can, Twitter should not ban Trump. Let him tweet, hell, give him 20 extra characters. And let us know, judge, agree, oppose, and argue about what he says.

  11. RudyM says:

    Taxi, I think you should leave open the possibility that the Russians replaced your real birth certificate with a fake, and that you actually are a Sagittarius.

    • Taxi says:

      The Russians are responsible for EVERYTHING band and weird heh!

      Did you know that Trump is a Gemini?

      My Gemini friend who wears reading glasses says that there’s four of him constantly talking over each other and making no sense to the outside world heh.

      • RudyM says:

        Yeah, I know. I generally can't stand Gemini men in real life. It does give him schmooze power, which I guess he needs. But yes, Trump as Gemini makes a certain amount of sense. God, the egos of Gemini males.

        Gemini females on the other hand I will admit I generally find charming.

  12. RudyM says:

    Trump not following the usual protocol of privileging mainstream media (and particular mainstream media outlets at that):!

    I know people have their reasons for hating him, but it's hard for me to imagine not finding this amusing.

    Other important changes, including the anticipated withdrawal from TPP:

    Kind of having trouble keeping up these days because as Exene sang, my whole fuckin' life is a mess. (Will now pepper my posts with gratuitous X references just to annoy.)

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks for the link, Rudy. Hollywood ziolibs live in a bubble and are the biggest cowards on the planet. I’d love to see a youtube of sarah silverman and apatow trying to punch people out on the streets of say Trump’s Pennsylvania – they wouldn’t dare even walk them streets alone, I’ll bet my farm. Hollywood types have turned into performing moneys for Soros’ circus. Soros thinks he can start a USA color revolution that springs out of Hollywood? LOL! They’re all so fucked. And boring.

      The Yemen issue is by far more grave. What can I tell you except that I don’t understand why the same people who’ve so passionately mobilized to protest Trump aren’t also protesting the illegal and unconscionable war on Yemen.

      • RudyM says:

        The idea that the military would be on the side of the Hollywood ziolib crowd is pretty funny in itself.

        Do people like Silverman think it would all play out like a movie or a music video?


        At the same time, I'm not sure how much longer I can even weakly support Trump. I don't like my options. I don't like the Democrats, I don't like Republicans, and I don't like violent leftists. (The violent far-right is not much of an issue at the moment, so I am leaving them out, but I don't like them any more. Might come in handy if the communists and anarchists get out of hand, however.)

  13. RudyM says:

    Sorry but I do find this gratifying. Trump's Holocaust statement sansa mention of Jews specifically is one of the more satisfying symbolic gestures he's made so far. On the other hand, no side can subsist on symbols alone.

    I'm seeing swastikas in everything fratboys. It started w Bannon's rise & festered when trump decided not 2 mention Jews re the Holocaust.

    • RudyM says:

      How out of touch with your everyday physical reality (in an urban setting) do you have to be to not recognize those sort of utility markings? (On the other hand, I obviously don't endorse sending the sort of threatening mail she talks about getting. Not that she hasn't done plenty to provoke hostility over the years for her anti-Christian humor. (Not that I entirely care, but double standards and all.))

      • RudyM says:

        How out of touch with your everyday physical reality (in an urban setting) do you have to be to not recognize those sort of utility markings?

        A little more Charles Reznikoff, please.

      • Taxi says:

        It's not just the hypocrisy, it's that stupid mousey voice of hers that I find unbearable.

        'Nough said 'bout the fake jew freak!

    • Taxi says:

      Yeah the holocaust statement put a smile on my face too.

      As for that evil trollop Sarah Silverman, what can I say except: what else would you expect from this vile bint who said: “I hope the jews did kill Jesus… I’d fucking it do it again”.

      • chu33 says:

        Wow, what a video. Imagine a goyishe kopf said something like that on stage about the Pharisees?           It'd be game over.


        Big day in DC today! This will tell us a lot about who the Donald is. fingers crossed…

  14. RudyM says:

    Way too much going on right now for me to keep up with, but I don't feel good about the Flynn situation + the change in rhetoric re: Crimea. It may just be rhetoric, but we need to see something more than rhetoric at some point. It's one thing to deal with having to guess a lot during a political campaign, where you know you are going to have to sort through a lot of bullshit. Once someone is in office, there needs to start being action that clarifies things. We'll see.

    In the meantime, it just confirms to me that fighting Zionist influence on US foreign policy is absolutely crucial. (Easier said than done, obviously. I have not brilliant suggestions on how to achieve anything.)

  15. RudyM says:

    Our friend Phil writes:

    I completely believe that Donald Trump was in bed with the Russians before the election and the campaign may well have intrigued with Vladimir Putin with respect to Wikileaks and that helped defeat Hillary Clinton. I believe that because that’s how the world works; because a lot of very smart people in the liberal establishment believe it; and because the New York Times and Washington Post are documenting some of it, with the fervor of Watergate.

    Maybe it will bring the liar in chief down some day and end this short national nightmare. I certainly hope so.

    And continues to acclaim Obama. Yes, I know the core of the piece is a discussion of Israeli influence on US politics. Ho-hum. Not brave truth telling at this point, though a reminder can be useful. (Originally saw this at

    • Taxi says:

      I honestly don’t know why you bother with that pretentious bleeding-heart gatekeeper by the name of Phil Weiss. MW is now the very definition of ‘living in a bubble’.

    • Taxi says:

      There’s no denying that Trump has a few very serious and worrisome inclinations, but I’m with you on the Russian angle. I cannot have a conversation with ANYONE, smart as they may be, if they start going on about Trump and Russia and election fixing. These Trumpophobics have ZERO intellectual credibility and I will waste no time reading their articles or debating them online.

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