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War Clouds Gathering Over Israel

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A most significant event took place on October 1st, 2017.

Hassan Nasrallah, the Lebanese leader of Hezbollah, gave a speech that, as per usual, dissected current regional hotspots with much passion, insight and frankness.  But, what was unusual about this particular speech is that Nasrallah addressed Israeli citizens directly, earnestly advising them publicly and for the first time EVER, to start packing their suitcases and to return to their true motherlands in Europe, the US and elsewhere, as soon as possible and before imminent war breaks out.  “You will not have time to pack and leave when war begins; and nowhere will be safe for you in Historic Palestine – nowhere!”, he asserted with gusto.

He also clarified to the Jews of Israel that Hezbollah’s conflict is with Zionism and not Judaism; and that they, as Jews who were brought to Palestine from the four corners of the world, were brought to be cynically used by Zionist leaders, not to be saved.  “Consider your own personal security, now, today, before you believe what your government tells you”, he advised them; “Netanyahu, your leader, is dragging you down a dangerous road that leads only to war; a war that you will lose due to the folly of your leader who has no effective plan to win this war because he has no real information on our military strength, our long and deep reach, the whereabouts or grades of our weapons, or the numerous war skills that we now possess.  His war plans against us will fail and it is you, as Jewish citizens, who will pay the ultimate price for this failure”.  And again, he advised them to immediately leave occupied Palestine for their own safety.

In a sense, Nasrallah practically gave the Israelis the very same options that the Algerians gave the vile French colonialists after 100 years of an Apartheid-style occupation: ‘The Suitcase or the Coffin’ (La Valise Ou Le Cercueil).

It did not strike me that Nasrallah was full of hot air and practicing a massive measure of psychological warfare against the Israelis in his speech just for the heck of it.  He has never before used this kind of language and obviously he has access to precise intelligence indicating Netanyahu is preparing for an imminent war against the Lebanese, otherwise, Nasrallah would not himself be speaking of an imminent war with such vigor and commitment.  His speech clearly indicated he has intelligence that Israel is preparing for a new war that’s part and parcel of the new Zionist plan to break the Iran Nuke Deal and destroy Iran’s regional friends.  Now that the Zionist-ISIS plan has turned to rust and dust before the eyes of the world, predictably, the Zionists are scrambling to start yet another war that continues their relentless expansionist assaults on their neighbors in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

What is also worth noting about the seriousness of Nasrallah’s clear warning to Zionist citizens is that according to Islamic rules of war, a Muslim is required to make a public announcement to their enemy of their intention to go to war, soon as the war decision has been taken – and this is exactly what Nasrallah, a devout Muslim, just did in his latest speech.  This makes a war between Lebanon and Israel now a legitimate endeavor in the eyes of Islam and it makes it most certainly imminent.  And let us here be reminded that a new Lebanon/Israel war will also include a simultaneous war between Israel and Syria, as well as a war between Israel and hundreds of thousands of volunteers from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran AND Palestine, as indeed confirmed by Nasrallah himself.  A true existential war for the very life of Israel is now certainly afoot and visible on the horizon.

We’re talking the ‘Big War’ here, the very war that we’ve been anticipating since 2006 – the ‘Last Levant War’ that I have long predicted: a war that will find Tel Aviv in smoking ruins, a-la Mosul and Aleppo.

And this war could happen sooner than we think; much sooner.  You could go to bed after Monday night football and wake up on Tuesday morning to a full-throttle war in Israel proper and the wider region.  Just like that: with the snap of the finger war could start.

And either side could easily start it – Hezbollah has several times now declared that if it suits its interests, it will use a preemptive strike in the next war; just as Israel is no stranger to preemptive-striking.

The clouds of war are now visible: approaching and gathering apace over Israel, and the trigger could be something as simple as Hezbollah discovering yet another spy-camera, wired to explode and concealed inside a rock by a Lebanese roadside.  Though no casualties have been reported when several of these exploding spy-cameras have been discovered in Lebanon recently, Nasrallah warned in his speech that if this dangerous Israeli provocation continues and causes actual human casualties, Hezbollah will take matters “into their own hands”; meaning: they will respond in like to Israel, inside of Israel.  And responding in like inside of Israel will indeed lead to war.

Not known for mincing words or telling falsities, Nasrallah always means what he says – even Israelis rely on his word above their own government in times of strife, as recorded back in 2006 when some settlers refused to leave their 5-star shelters when their government told them to, and instead waited for Nasrallah’s statement telling them that it was safe now to return to their homes.  Nasrallah’s consistent truth-telling is a large part of his global appeal.  His statements are always extremely measured and precise.  He tends to excel at psychological warfare against the Israelis by simply telling them the naked and hard-core truth that their government blacks-out in the Israeli nanny-media.

“Netanyahu and his government do not know how the war will end if they start one, and they do not have an accurate picture of what to expect should they embark on the folly of war,” he warned the Israelis, reminding them that ALL their wars against the Lebanese Resistance have failed so far and so will the next one.

Here, we recall the 2006 war and the humiliating failures of the Israeli military on the Hezbollah battlefield.  The Israelis had prepared themselves for war against Lebanon in secret, and with much predicted Israeli machismo, they suddenly charged forth at Lebanon, using the silly pretext of a border incident where two Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah as bartering chips for the release of hundreds of Lebanese citizens kidnapped by the IDF and rotting in Israeli jails since year 2000 – at the time, this to-and-fro bartering was a quiet and common practice between Hezbollah and Israel.  Yes, 35,000 Israeli soldiers, backed by the mighty Israeli air-force and navy, charged forth with uber confidence at the Lebanese borders in their numerous Markava tanks, only to be completely repelled by only 3,500 Hezbollah fighters.  One wonders here why the Israelis failed, considering their bigger numbers and bigger guns.  Well, it turned out that the Israelis made their war plans based completely on faulty intelligence passed to them by no less than Hezbollah agents themselves.  “We will destroy Hezbollah”, barked the IDF spokesperson at the time; “we know where they are: we have info on 500 of their weapon depots and leadership locations”.  Not surprising, therefore, that the IDF lost in 2006 – they were relying on false information – as indeed, they are still relying on false information in their preparations for the next war.  And as we all know, the gathering of accurate intelligence is what wins wars in the end, not size of army or gun.

There is a tangible feeling of confidence and preparedness for war, here in the south of Lebanon where I currently reside.  There is a profound desire to punish the Zionist state for all the crimes against humanity that it has inflicted on its millions of neighbors since its immoral inception some 70 years ago.  There is a steely focus and a steadfast courage to confront the Zionist entity and destroy it completely for its relentless and ongoing wanton destruction of the region.  The natives have had enough of Israel’s ruinous conspiracies against them.  They have now linked arms and vowed never to submit to Israeli hegemony, or to future violent, Zionist expansionism.

“Between humiliation and war, we choose war!”, Nasrallah boomed at the end of his address to the Israelis and to his followers.

The hot cloud of war has indeed arrived over Israel – and it will take but a sudden cold wind blowing to burst it.

Looks like we will see the destruction of Israel in our lifetime, after all.  And not a moment too soon.

This should liberate not only Historic Palestine, but Historic Washington D.C. as well, for the deadly political blow that AIPAC’s treasonous agents will suffer.  Not forgetting here, also, the chaos and confusion that will ensue in the Christian-Zionist communities across America, as they witness the very death of Israel and their own religious delusions with it.

No, Jesus will not return, but Palestine will!



  1. Taxi says:

    I'd have like to have included a video of Nasrallah's latest speech, but I've spent two days seeking a copy with English subtitles to no avail.  Soon as as someone uploads a copy with subtitles, I will post it here in a comment.  In the meantime, here below is the part of the speech that addresses israel – it's in Arabic and I advise non-Arabic speakers to listen to just some of it, so as to get a read on Nasrallah's energy and tone when talking about israel:

    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      It’s great to see posts and comments from you again, Taxi, after your extended sabbatical! As always, your analysis continues to be cutting and very insightful, further enhanced by your perch in the Levant, viewing the ME with American eyes.

      I must say that I find myself rather confounded these days with events as they unfold here at home and in the rest of the world, oscillating between dismay and hope so fast that you would need a strobe light to figure out my current mood.

      Clearly, the world needs more leaders like Putin and Nasrallah, instead of the string of Jewish puppets that we have endured since the assassination of JFK – and a few crypto-Jewish presidents before even that.

      But, what was unusual about this particular speech is that Nasrallah addressed Israeli citizens directly, earnestly advising them publicly and for the first time EVER, to start packing their suitcases and to return to their true motherlands in Europe, the US and elsewhere, as soon as possible and before imminent war breaks out.

      Yeah, I have to agree with you. In my recollection, I have not perceived him as a purveyor of propaganda or idle threats. He has demonstrated that he is a strategic leader, so even this speech has to be considered as a deliberate action, probably to demarcate the beginning of a series of events. It does stand to reason – the war against ISIS in Syria is almost over, and the time is ripe for the Hez to revert their gaze back home and eliminate the threat that has been hanging over their head for decades. Meanwhile, in related news, Iraqis have liberated Kirkuk from the PMG.

      The war in Syria must have been invaluable in battle-hardening the Hez as a formidable fighting force, while the IDF, battle-hardened against stone-throwing Palestinian children stand no chance in a conventional conflict. Moreover, the Hez has fortified its relationship with Syria and Iran and won a valuable ally in Russia. They are no longer a lonely rag-tag group of freedom fighters – they are an impressive martial force with lots of friends guarding their backs.

      What leads me to further believe that war is imminent is the air attack on the Syrian missile complex yesterday from Israeli aircraft over Lebanese space, with the Syrians returning fire. What was missing from that exchange was an indignant protest from the Lebanese government about the violation of their sovereign airspace by Israeli aircraft (maybe that happened and I missed it). That leads me to believe that the bite is to be feared far more than the (missing) bark. It reminds me of the old adage: don’t get mad, get even.

      start packing their suitcases and to return to their true motherlands in Europe, the US and elsewhere

      Oh, fuck no! NIMBY! Don’t send those fuckers here to my backyard! Jews have no motherland (or fatherland). I am not picking on them for being Jews, but as Phil Giraldi wrote in his article on Unz Review: all the wars are being instigated by Jews and Crypto-Jews, and the rest of the Jews are not calling them out on it. Even those that do, stop at the threshold of condemning Israel – acting as pressure-relieving valves and gatekeepers for that den of vipers. So yeah, I am condemning all Jews. Don’t blame me, blame (((your))) friends in Israel who have manipulated you to become complicit in their crimes, and once more in history, poised you for eviction from where you live as has happened 109 times before. It isn’t because the world hates you for who you are, the world hates you for what you do.

      He also clarified to the Jews of Israel that Hezbollah’s conflict is with Zionism and not Judaism;

      Sorry Hassan – I don’t buy that. Judaism and Zionism are one and the same – and I don’t even venture to distinguish between the Talmud or the Torah. It is a fucking religion of separatism and supremacy that exalts its chosen-ness to subjugate others. For the longest time, I took great pains to condemn Zionists while sheltering Jews from the wrath of my written words – no more. Jews in this country are providing cover for the neocon warmongers (all Jewish or Crypto-Jewish). The Jewish cabal that controls Our banks, our government, and our media (including the Weinstein-infested Hollywood) has not done anything to earn my confidence in their patriotism or their innate goodness – so fuck them all and the horse they rode into town on.

      The fact that Trump is decertifying the Iran deal under pressure from the Jewish Lobby and that toad Netanyahu just makes my blood boil. I supported Trump, not because of Trump, but because choosing Hillary would have made me gag. I had hoped that his ego would cause him to at least keep his promises of extricating us from the many illegal wars that we are engaged in, but those hopes have been dashed. The CIA and Mossad are instruments of the deep state to keep us doing Israel’s dirty deeds all over the world, while our blood and treasure flows to depletion.

      Fuck (((them))) all.


      • Taxi says:

        I agree with you regarding Nasrallah’s differentiation between judaism and zionism. He’s sorely wrong on this point: there is no practical difference between judaism and zionism. But for all practicing moslems, it is required that they respect ‘the people of the book’, so it didn’t surprise me that Nasrallah adheres to finding distinction between judaism and zionism.

        I certainly don’t. I don’t even consider judaism as a religion. A pagan desert cult with a mono-god instead of poly-gods: yes it is.

      • Cloak And Dagger says:

        The Gentiles shall come to your light,
        And their kings to the brightness of your rising…
        You shall drink the milk of the Gentiles,
        And draw milk from the breasts of their kings…
        Strangers shall stand and feed your flocks,
        And the sons of the foreigner shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers…
        You shall be named the priests of the Lord and the Gentiles shall call you the servants of God as you eat of their riches and in their glory boast of your greatness, as they surrender unto you all their gold, incense and riches…
        The children of those who afflicted you shall come bowing down to you,
        And all those who despised you shall fall prostrate at the soles of your feet…
        The sons of foreigners shall build up your walls,
        And their kings shall minister to you, as your gates remain open, day and night,
        So that the Gentiles may bring to you their wealth, and their kings led in humble procession before you…
        For the nation which will not serve you shall perish, it shall be utterly destroyed

        Book of Isaiah

        This is the stuff that drives their madness.

    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      And this is why we are where we are – our government is infested by the likes of McCain, Lindsey, and hundreds of others of their ilk. There is no milk of human kindness that flows in my veins when I look at these despicable creatures who have done so much harm to so many people and continue to exist, cancer and all, like Cheney with his nuclear heart, while the innocents fall by the wayside from their evil.

      I had wished him dead, but as American reminded me, it is better for him to live, suffering from excruciating agony as cancer demolishes him one cell at a time, jabbing his brain every second of every day – to the brink of madness and just a step behind the precipice that would end his life, living for decades more, tortured and despised.

      Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale; to the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee.

      — Herman Melville


      • Taxi says:

        Thank you for the excellent and exquisite Melville quote.  I'm sure, like me, you'd rather have a beer with Melville's brutal white whale than with that evil incarnate duo of John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

  2. Taxi says:

    How long is 'imminent'?

    Some local analysts are casting for the 'new' war to begin soon as the Battle in Deir-Zour in Syria is won, and also the Iraqi army has cleared the last swath of ISIS from its borders with Syria.  Syrian generals tell us that the Deir-Zour battles will be concluded by the end of the year, and Iraqi generals give us the same time-line, more or less.

    But israel and the hezb could get triggered any time.

  3. Taxi says:

    Did israel really think it could start fires all around it and not get burned in the end?

    Looks that way.  Stupid fucks!

    ALL Israel's leaders, dead or alive: non of them ever knew the real art of nation-building.  Which starts with peace, not avarice.

  4. Taxi says:

    It's a joke how the israeli press articled Nasrallah's speech – talk about robotic, sterile repetitions without any analysis or context – and the comments by zionist minions: all puffy-chested and brushing the hezb warning off.  Oh well…. surprise, surprise… soon enough.

  5. Taxi says:

    And regarding Palestinian unity measures taking place right now between the PA and Hamas: ask yourselves why suddenly Netanyahu is allowing such a dangerous (to israel) union to take place?  Remember how israeli leaders always endeavor to keep Palestinians divided?  Have succeeded at this division for the past two decades?

    I'll tell you why:  Trump has talked Netanyahu into at least allowing for this union, so that the obscenely-called 'moderate Arab countries', such as Saudi Arabia (lol!), can publicly jump on the war-path-to-Iran wagon as the USA and israel surreptitiously push the Palestinian issue aside, claiming it as proceeding forward, while fearmongering the Arab masses into a war against Iran and not israel.  Of course, knowing it's all political kabuki and hubris, Netanyahu accepted this advise from Trump.

    Since Nasrallah's speech of two days ago, I have heard several Hezbollah mouthpieces on TV warn the PA, who has now officially taken over the administration of Gaza: warned them to work in the interest of BOTH the Palestinian people and its resistance movement – warned them NOT to dishonor and discard the Resistance like they did in Oslo – else they be a target in the next war against israel.

    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      Trump has talked Netanyahu into at least allowing for this union

      You may be giving Trump an undeserved amount of credit for a strategic foreign policy. I concur with Tillerson that Trump is a fucking moron and has sold out to the Israel Lobby. 

  6. Taxi says:

    I've also heard representatives of Hezbollah on TV say that they have accurate intelligence that Jordan is planning to assist israel in the war that israel is nefariously preparing for Lebanon.  They warned Jordon, and all other enemy-collaborators in the region, to halt this treasonous, anti-Arab direction they are taking, else they too will be targeted by the Axis of Resistance in the coming war.

    This is no joking matter.  The next war will be the Great Decider, and the Axis of Resistance is covering 101% of its bases.

  7. Taxi says:

    Will America come to israel's rescue during the next war with Hezbollah?

    You betcha, they absolutely will!  But there's not exactly much they can do to stop the 1000's of rockets and missiles aimed at every strategic target in israel.  The US could even nuke Iran and this will NOT stop the destruction of tel aviv et all zionist habitations.  Israel has a small landmass and it wouldn't take no more than 24 hours to hit it's major military operation-centers and their civilian infrastructure. 

    You see, even geography itself is against israel, not just history and morality.

    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      We have just opened our first base in Israel. This is a diabolical coup that Israel has pulled off. Basically, attacking Israel will include an attack on our base there – thereby providing the pretext to draw us into the conflict.

      • Taxi says:

        I know, I saw that article when it came out and as per usual, businessinsider is misrepresenting the facts to falsely enhance israel’s ‘repellent’ abilities. Let me go seek out another article that I read about the USA’s Band-X radar station in my laptop history – written by a jew (information there verified by other articles on Band-X that I read)… back in a mo-mo.

      • Taxi says:

        Sorry, can't find the article in my computer's history… I just realized that I read a series of Band-X articles back in July and I've since bought a new laptop.  And still… google will not cough up relevant Band-X articles from June/July 2017.

        If memory serves, I remember reading that our Band-X radar system in israel is 6 minutes faster than israel's radars – and our radar station is located inside the mountainous compound where israel keeps its big radars too.

      • Taxi says:

        Believe you-me, Cloak, jews don’t want American bases anywhere in israel, but they sure want them everywhere else in the middle east, stepping on the necks of Arab natives. The israelis are nervous to invite us in cuz we have a reputation for never leaving, except by force.

      • american200 says:

        GODDAMN IT !!!!….its still bad even if it isn't a 'base'. Isr wants it to be a base so their US congressmen can scream..'we've been attacked'…if a stray bullet hits the 'Israeli base". Fuckers…kill them all and let God sort them out….


        Col. Liran Cohen, head of the IDF's air defense school, left, and Col. David Shank, of the US 10th Army Air & Missile Defense Command, cut the ribbon to open the first American military base in Israel, inside the Mashabim Air Base, on September 18, 2017. (Israel Defense Forces)

        The American military on Tuesday denied a claim made by the Israel Defense Forces that the United States had established its first base in Israel, saying the new buildings were instead a "living facility."

        On Monday, the Israeli Air Force declared that the US military’s European Command (EUCOM) had opened a "base within a base" at the IDF’s air defense school, west of the towns of Dimona and Yeruham in southern Israel.

        "We established an American base in the State of Israel, in the Israel Defense Forces, for the first time, with an American flag. A permanent base," Brig. Gen. Tzvika Haimovitch, head of the IAF’s Aerial Defense Command, told reporters.

        However, an official from EUCOM contradicted that account.

        "As part of the United States’ continued commitment to Israel, on September 18, senior leaders from the US military participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony… to commemorate the opening of a new building on an Israeli Air Force base," said Meghan Henderson, deputy director of EUCOM’s Media Operations Division.

        "The new buildings located on the Israeli installation are not a US military base," she said. "The buildings are facilities on the existing Israeli Air Force Base to support our US service personnel who are working there."

        The message was passed along to the IDF, which quickly changed all mentions on its website of a "US military base" to read "US military facility."

        A cached version of the IDF’s blog maintains the original language, referring to the site as a "base."

        A preview of the story that can be seen in a tweet published by the IDF also refers to the facility as a "base."

        An Israeli army official confirmed that the Americans had contacted the IDF and requested the change in terminology, as a base carries with it a number of legal distinctions and can only be applied to facilities of a certain size.

        The Israeli official said the rest of the information about the site and its significance remained the same.


        A tweet showing the IDF referring to a new US military facility in Israel as a ‘base,’ despite American claims that it is not, on September 18, 2017. (Screen capture: Twitter)

        US military forces are routinely based in Israel, for joint exercises, cooperation with the IDF, and to operate some US facilities in the country.

        The new buildings that were opened Monday are located not far from a US military radar installation east of Dimona that tracks ballistic missiles once they are launched and provides details on their flight paths to defense systems.

        "The buildings will function as a living facility for US service members, who are currently working at the Israeli base," the EUCOM official said.

        Haimovitch on Monday lauded the opening of the facility for allowing "us to improve our defense, in discovery and in interception and in preparedness."

        The air defense chief said the permanent presence of a US facility on Israeli soil sends a "message to the region and our surroundings that our partnership with our friend the United States is important."

        In his speech, Maj. Gen. John Gronski, deputy commander of US Army National Guard in Europe, said the facility "symbolizes the strong bond that exists between the United States and Israel."

  8. Taxi says:

    Israel's strength is in its offensive power, but they are seriously deficient in their military defensive abilities.  And doing some ten days of 'defensive exercises', as indeed they did for the first time ever last month, is not enough against Resistance fighters fresh from hundreds of offensive missions against the terrorist ISIS.

    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      Their offensive power is mostly aerial. Their last offense into Lebanon with their much-touted indestructible Merkava tanks (so-called God's Chariot) was an absolute disaster with over 40 tanks destroyed by the Hez.


      • Taxi says:

        Hezbollah has yet to use its anti-aircraft missiles on the israel air force – they’re saving this joker for the ‘big one’. I expect israeli F-16’s and F-35’s to go the way of their Markavas circa 2006.

  9. Taxi says:

    Will the UK come to israel's aid in the next war?

    Let's put it this way:  Netanyahu does not trust Jeremy Corbyn one bit, and,  really, he needs to go to war while Theresa May is still in power.

  10. Taxi says:

    Another Hezbollah insider, who regularly appears on TV as an analyst, yesterday said that Hezb agents are already in tel aviv, in the West Bank, in Haifa, in Gaza: everywhere.  He said that some of these agents inside of israel are working with the Palestinian Resistance, preparing and coordinating with them for the coming war.  Other Hezb agents, the analyst added, not even Palestinians know they're inside of israel or occupied Palestine – but they're there working on their missions under cover – completely.

    And you can bet the farm these Hezb agents speak fluent hebrew.

  11. Taxi says:

    Will the fall of the House of Zion lead to the fall of the House of Saud?


    It's one of the many, many bonuses that the region will benefit from after the fall of israel.

    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      The house of Saud sees the writing on the wall. The Yemen offensive is failing and we are becoming a decreasingly reliable ally – hence the pilgrimage to Moscow to endear themselves to Putin and Obtain Russian weaponry – which has far outclassed ours.

      • Taxi says:

        Israel and Saudi Arabia: each other’s best friend in the middle east: and our best friends in the middle east too – we hold tight hands with israel and saudi arabia: these two bastions of democracy and fine examples of Human Rights practices. [sarc]

        (Shaking head in dismay)… oh dear, oh dear, oh deary dearest me…

        Truly a cringe-inducing embarrassment for American expats in the middle east like me – especially when I’m asked why on earth does the US prefer wahabi saudi arbia to liberal Lebanon. I’m constantly having to explain to Lebanon natives et all that, ‘no, American people don’t like Saudis, we really don’t – only our zionist media and our petrodollar pimps in DC do’.

  12. Taxi says:

    And the other big perk will be the dismantlement of the Dimona (if it remains intact by the end of the war, that is), thus rendering the middle east again a 'nuke-free zone', which can only be an excellent thing for world peace.

  13. Taxi says:

    And America.  WTF America?!  Internally, with the fall of Aipac… well, that's a whole other article and post!  I will try later to make comment on this.

    But foreign policy wise… well, like we've discussed so often here before: Empire will arrogantly and in a huff withdraw from its neocon plan to redraw the mideast, then singularly focus its attentions on the China Seas.  The hour of Empire's Great Pivot, before the great fall, will be the consequence of the fall of israel.

    Yes, israel's loss will drag us down, but it will be the wars of the China Seas that finish us.

    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      It's already over for us. The petro dollar is about to disappear in the face of the gold-backed RMB, and the one belt, one road is about to reframe international trade – and we are not invited to the party.

      We have squandered our reputation and prosperity in service of the Jewish bankers and their wars, and the shit is about to hit the fan. Watch for a giant crash circa February 2018.


      • Taxi says:

        Our slow road to ruin has been long and excruciatingly painful. The jewish cancer is eating into our sacred constitution. We need the Axis of Resistance in the Levant to administer chemo at the very source of malignancy in tel aviv: our only hope of surviving the jewish conspiracy against Americans.

  14. Taxi says:

    For the past couple of years, Nasrallah has been saying that the next war with israel will not just be about protecting Lebanese territory, but will be about the liberation of Palestine.

    The Axis of Resistance sees regional safety and security of the Levant as directly linked to the liberation of Palestine.  Without a free Palestine, there will be no security for the natives.  Entailing, thus, the eviction of zionism from the region.

    Whoever thinks that the 'Arabs' have abandoned Palestine are sorely mistaken.  The Gulf Arabs who evidently abandoned the Palestine cause do not constitute the majority of Arabs at all.  In fact, they are deeply loathed and distrusted in the Levant and referred to as 'Arab zionists'.

  15. km363 says:

    Taxi, I would think that Nasrallah will not want to take any action which Israel could spin as as a pretext for their “responding” to a “terrorist” attack.  But then one wonders just how the Zios will maneuver things so that they can get the war they want, without obviously being the ones to start it.  I guess we’ll see, soon.  

    I hope that you are right, that the mad-dog Zios are ripe for a fall here; and it’s good to hear about how confident Nasrallah sounds.  But you gotta be concerned.  Last time they devastated Lebanon.  Surely they will again, no matter what else happens.  

    I hope you will be okay there in southern Leb!

    I’m worried. 

    • Taxi says:


      Thank you for your comment.

      Let me put it like this: the last thing that hezbollah is worried about is what the zio-MSM says or spins about it.  As far as international law is concerned, the Hezb/Lebanese have the right to attack israel in the name of liberating the last strip of their land (Shebaa Farms) that currently remains under israeli control.

      Furthermore, please understand that Lebanon will remain under threat of war and invasion so long as israel exists: this is why the Lebs are prepared to take the casualties to evict the evil, wanton warmongers from the region for once and for all.  They have no other choice at this stage but to go to war: after some seventy years of numerous acts of war and crimes against humanity by israel against the Lebanese.

      Sure, the israelis devastated Lebanese civilian structures in 2006 using air-force power BUT since then, hezbollah has acquired anti-craft missiles that will bring down israeli terror jets in the next war – plus the hezb have acquired medium-range ballistics that will target israeli radar stations and war theaters and other military infrastructure, as well as civilian ones.  In other words, the hezb can now do the same back to the israelis.  What I'm trying to say is that the next war will take place inside of israel and not just inside of Lebanon.  This will be a first ever for the israelis.  Lets see how they handle simultaneous attacks by Hezb, Syria and Palestinian resistors residing inside of the zionist state.  Let's see how israelis handle living under bombardment and without electricity when the Hezb destroys all three israeli electricity stations.  Let's see how fast the 'start-up nation' commerce in tel aviv crumbles at the onset of war.  Lets see how israelis manage without fresh water and open supermarkets.  Etc. etc. etc.  I say most israelis will flee back to their original countries – yet, the Lebanese will remain in their country and rebuild after the war dust settles.  As indeed they have already done so too many times before.

      The hezb promised to liberate the Galilee parts under israeli occupation in the next war.  The israeli army is preparing defensive measure against this but they will fail: the hezb is already tunneled under and ready for combat and the cowardly zionist settlers strewn across the Galilee will flee at the first sound of sirens – as indeed they did back in 2006, even without threat of hezb invasion.

      Yes, it will be a vicious and bloody war, but I reckon it will be a very, very quick war because, like I said above in an earlier comment, geography is against israel and it will take but a day to hit all major targets with thousands of missiles that would cripple both israeli military functions and civilian infrastructures.

      Here, I earnestly thank you for your concerns, km363, but let me assure you that where I am is perfectly safe – most definitely safer than tel aviv or Washington DC.  I'm putting my money where my mouth is and staying in south Lebanon for the duration of the war.  I have a diesel generator, a stock of bottled water, a pantry full of long-lasting grains and legumes – I have 37 chickens and an organic veggie garden – and I have internet.  Plus there are many, many natural caves within walking distance to me.

      Really, my only concern about the war is that one of my rescue dogs is utterly terrorized/petrified by the sound of thunder and gunshot – but for this, I have a stock of calming meds for him handy – he'll just have to be sedated for the duration of the war.

      If the next war with israel is about the liberation of Palestine, then there's nowhere else I'd rather be than the south of Lebanon: balcony seat over the holy land.

      • km363 says:

        May you remain safe in your lair, Taxi. I am inspired by your confidence.  And yes, the truly remarkable Lebanese people will rebuild, they always have.  

        Hezb surely don’t care about how the corporate media will spin things as to which party is the true aggressor.  It’s obvious to us that no matter what happens, the aggressor is Israel, has been for many decades. The entire existence of Israel is an act of aggression  But personally I would prefer to see the media and the Zio propagandists squirm, so I just hope that hezb doesn’t make it easy for them, that’s all.  

        Let Nasrallah continue to taunt them, and let stupid Israel be suckered into the first punch. 

      • Taxi says:

        Kind words – thank you km.

        The MSM is in tatters – they’re a discredited, unhinged cabal in a slow death mode.

        More people need to boycott them so as to hasten their demise – boycott as a form of mercy-killing.

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  17. Taxi says:

    I still haven't found a youtube of Nasrallah's speech with English subtitles, but I did find a transcript of the part of his speech that addresses specifically the israeli jews – (I will keep looking for the subtitled full speech on youtube etc):

    * * * * * * *


    […] Second, (regarding) Israel. Israel does not cease to issue direct threats against Lebanon, (promising) to destroy it completely in a next war. There is always someone there who stands up and says, "In the next war, we will not let but ruins behind us, and we will return Lebanon 100 or 200 years back."

    Before the [Israeli military manoeuvres] Northern Front [in September 2017, the largest in 20 years] and after, Israel continues its offensive in Syria, claiming to prevent further arms reaching the Resistance (Hezbollah), it continues its violations in Lebanese [airspace] in various ways, and works to push the region to war under any pretext.

    Today, on the tenth day [of the Islamic month of Muharram, commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein], I want to send a clear message to Israelis and Jews in Occupied Palestine and (anywhere) in the world. I tell them this: 

    From the beginning, we in the Resistance, have declared that our struggle was against the occupying Zionist aggressors on the land of Palestine and on our Arab land, not against Jews as followers of a heavenly religion (recognized by Islam) or as a people of the Book [Torah].

    It is the Zionist movement that exploited Judaism and Jews to carry a colonialist occupation project in Palestine and the region, serving the British a hundred years ago, and later at the service of US policies.

    The Jews who were brought from all over the world must know that they are only cannon fodder in a British Western colonialist war against the Arab and Islamic peoples in this region. And today they are the fuel for projects and US policies that target people of the region.

    And when our peoples defend their lives, their land and honor in the face of Zionist gangs, they are unjustly accused of anti-Semitism. This (false) accusation is found in every corner of the world.

    Today I say to Jewish scholars, their eminent personalities, their thinkers: Those who brought you from all over the world to Palestine for their own interests are ultimately working to your destruction. You must know it, because it is written in your religious books.

    The current Israeli government led by Netanyahu is leading your people to annihilation and destruction. For he only makes plans for war, and only searches war.

    He has worked in the past to prevent the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran, and he failed. He is currently working with Trump to tear this agreement and to push the region to a new war. If Trump and Netanyahu push the region to a new war, this will be at your expense [Israelis], and it is you who will pay a very high price for the stupid policies of the head of your government.

    And Netanyahu is also pushing the region towards war against Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the Resistance movements, under misleading titles and defensive excuses, for a preventive war as he claims.

    And here, I hope all Israelis will listen carefully to what I say: Netanyahu, his government and military officials did not correctly evalutate the magnitude this war will reach if they succeed to light its fires. What will be its extent, what will be its territory, who will participate on it, who will enter it… Netanyahu, his government and military officials do not know how this war will end if they start it.

    And I also confirm that they do not have an accurate picture of what awaits them if they undertake such a stupid act as this war. They have no clarity (of vision), nor accurate assessment, nor just image. If they kindle the fire of the coming war, (they have no idea) how far it will reach, how extended will be its embrace, and who will participate in it.

    That's why I now call first all Jews except the Zionists to detach their considerations from Zionist calculations who lead themselves to their final destruction. 

    And I call on all those who came in occupied Palestine believing the promises that they would find the land of milk and honey to leave. I call them to leave Palestine and go back to the countries from which they came so that they don't become mere fuel in any war to which the stupid Netanyahu government would lead them.

    For if Netanyahu launched a war in this region, there may be no more time for them to leave Palestine, and there might be no safe place for them in occupied Palestine.

    The enemy government must know that times have changed, as he must know that those with whom he hopes an alliance will be a burden for them because they need to be to defended themselves (and thus cannot help anyone).

    And the scale of the massacres committed by Israel against the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region, its partnership with Daesh and its open complicity in the project of partition of our region through its open and eager support to the secession of Kurdistan, all this will push the people of the region to render a capital verdict against them.

    I conclude by saying to the Israelis, the Israeli people base of this usurper entity: you know that what your political and military leaders say about Israel's ability to win a victory in any future war is largely composed of lies and illusions. What has been told you is largely made up of lies and illusions.

    And you know the extent of the flaws and loopholes that exist (in your army and society). And that's why you must not allow stupid and arrogant leaders to lead you into an adventure in which there will be perhaps the end of all things and all that entity. […]

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  19. Steve Smith says:

    Great article. The problem is we don't want these rat kikes moving back to America either. Many people are waking up to the Jewish Problem in America. We'll fight the evil Jews in America while you brave Muslims fight them around Israel.

    • Taxi says:


      Just to be clear, I'm no "Muslim" fighting the evil 'jews', I'm a patriot fighting the covert and evil jewish occupation of our nation and I see tel aviv as the headquarters of this invasion.  I'd be fighting anybody else with undue influence over our destiny and the destiny of the (largely peaceable) world.

      It doesn't matter how many israelis will immigrate to USA, but it matters that their fellow tribalists control government/intelligence/Wall Street/media and culture.  I wouldn't even bat an eyelid at jewish power were power-wielding-jews not such despicable warmongers and bloodlust addicts who propagandize to the detriment of USA citizens in uniform or otherwise, and cause great deaths and untold misery in the middle east.  It's jewish abusive control of mideast policy and our media that I am specifically against.  Okay I'm no fan of that religion either – I despise its superstitions and racism – but I can easily ignore it as indeed I ignore pretty much all other religions were judiasm not an insidious, nuke-armed, genocidal cult with global reach.

      I have the same concerns of israeli migration to USA as you do, but if tel aviv is no more, they will NOT have the power of life and death over our soldiers in the middle east.  Jews as political eunuchs are not a threat, and I doubt, with the advent of the internet and the free-flow of information, that they'd be able to pull off another 'holy land' swindle on the world any time in the future once they've lost their current power seat emanating out of israel: once they’ve lost tel aviv, the center of regional and global terrorism.

      Unfortunately, the only weapon against jewish power we have as American citizens is our vote (voting out of office all israel-centric candidates).  But it's hardly enough and ever such an agonizingly slow process.  The only people READY, trained and capable of DIRECTLY defeating jewish power  are israel's closest neighbors: the Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinian people – with Iranians, Iraqis and Yemenis indirectly and as second line of offense/defense.

      This is why I fully support the Axis of Resistance in the Levant.  They are in a sense doing ALL the heavy lifting on our behalf as well, not just for their own liberation benefits.  We gain EVERYTHING from the successes of the Axis of Resistance.

  20. Bornajoo says:

    What I find absolutely incredible is that Israel could have literally got away with murder (illegal colonisation, murder, torture land and water theft and a whole load of other multiple crimes against humanity) if they resisted settlement of the occupied territories and instead made peace with the Palestinians and ensured they had their state with proper compensation and a genuine solution to the refugee/right of return issue

    That would have already been a huge victory and massive coup for them when you consider that a bunch of Ashkenazi Jews illegally invaded and stole 78% of the land of Palestine. You would have thought that they would have taken that deal a long time ago and it would have been with the blessing of the international community. They would have, for want of better words, gotten away with it.

    But no. It was not enough for them. This is because the agenda has NEVER really changed. It's always been about taking ALL the land including the south of Lebanon and the Golan Heights. It's been lip service since day one but only while they figure out how to get rid of the Palestinians. They fooled the majority for decades, succeeding in blaming the victims for all troubles and probably thought they would ultimately take the whole prize

    But finally, the majority of the people on this planet have woken up and realised  what is really going on. This new level of awareness was brought about by the spilling of a huge amount of Palestinian blood. For many outside observers it was the merciless slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, particularly the episode of brutal mass murder which the fuckers called 'Protective Edge' which finally woke them up. Sure, this rotten regime still has the support of their small group of powerful allies, including this rotten scumbag government here in the UK. But the majority of the world knows and will fully understand when justice finally arrives

    I personally have no idea if Hezbollah can really inflict this kind of damage. I'm not an expert and I bow to your far superior knowledge about this dear Taxi. However, if they can then it will be absolutely nothing less than this bunch of evil psychos deserve

    My main concern is the collateral damage caused to the 20% Arab population that are in reality human shields. By keeping a token 20% of Arabs as Israeli citizens, the state of Israel knows it will be difficult for a third party to bomb the country as it will result in the deaths of this group too. This 20% Arab population also enables the apartheid regime to be able to claim that they are a democracy with equal rights for all citizens while another 4m+ Palestinians live under a brutal military occupation. But I fear for these innocent citizens. And there are a few good Israelis who are powerless to do or change anything. And it's that group which is leaving Israel at the fastest pace. I hope the good people are sensible enough to leave as quickly as possible 

    It must be so liberating to live in a place, ironically so close to that bastard regime, that KNOWS the whole truth. A place where you don't have to go blue and red in the face just trying to convince people of that truth which is the situation here in the UK. 

    • Taxi says:

      Bornajoo, thank you for your comment.

      We note, as we review jewish behavior patterns throughout history, that jewish leaders always, always tend to overreach, and it's this very overreach that ends up causing them ruinous/deadly troubles at the twelfth hour – time and time again this has occurred.  Unfortunately, I don't believe jews as a tribe will ever change their behavior as it's based primarily on racist and genocidal talmudic instruction and a profound adoration of Mammon.  Here I have to add that other gentile tribes suffer from Mammonism too, but, without the genocidal directive.  Really, one would have to find a way to FULLY discredit judaism, and probably the other inter-connected Abrhamic religions as well, in order to change jewish behaviorism.  A tall order indeed.  But I do think demise of regressive ideologies eventually happens – the brutal pagan religions, as example, lasted far longer than judaism and eventually got discredited and discarded by the majority of followers: becoming mere dust buried by history; or, became, these days, fodder for Hollywood screenwriters writing paranormal-fantasy scripts.

      Bornajoo, the Palestinians known as the 48ers, they are not held as human shields by the israelis – they live in a triangular-shaped territory inside of Israel proper, small and surrounded by israeli invaders.  This makes the israelis human shields to the 48ers.  No doubt Palestinian casualties will fall during the coming 'last war', but for the 48ers who are constantly, publicly threatened by israeli ethnic-cleansing politicians, martydom that liberates their ancestral land and liberates them as human beings is a price they are prepared to pay, as indeed are ALL other Palestinians living within occupied Historic Palestine and the diaspora.  Here I have to sing the praise of the resolve of the Palestinian people as a whole.  They have proved themselves to be true 'sumud' revolutionaries and resistors.  Hardly anybody bet on their survival this long but here they are, still around and still standing, still resisting after 70 long fucking years of zionist hell.  Let me also assure you that an underground resistance inside the 48ers' triangle is alive and well and armed and waiting for the liberation war to activate.  This means that israel will be fighting within and without in the next war – like Nasrallah warned the jews in his speech: nowhere in Historic Palestine will be safe for them, "nowhere"!

  21. miskeen al-jabal says:

    If this war really will damage israel to the point of its dissolution, what makes you so confident that israels international financiers will allow this sort of outcome? I know plenty of americans who still feel warm and fuzzy when they think of israel. If this will truly be the sort of war which you have described above, why are you not concerned about a potential US/NATO invasion at the behest of the zionist's?

  22. Taxi says:

    Thank you for your comment, Miskeen,

    If this war really will damage israel to the point of its dissolution, what makes you so confident that israels international financiers will allow this sort of outcome?

    And what are jewish global financiers going to do about it?  Send in the pathetic IDF?  LOL!  They've already done that several times over and failed.  Send in who else?  Their Jihadist army?  They've already tried that too and failed.

    And as regards a USA/NATO invasion of Lebanon, I think we all know what happened back in the 80's when Reagan sent the Marines to Lebanon – and Lebanon didn't even have Hezbollah then.  So I don't anticipate a sudden, stupid move like that.  Besides, you invade Lebanon and Lebanon's friends in the region like Syria and Iran would instantly step in so it will never be a simple black and white situation without deadly consequences for the invaders.  Not forgetting here that Russia will also not allow NATO or the USA army to take over the capital of Beirut, a mere hop away from its naval base in Tartus/Syria.  Taking over Lebanon is not a cakewalk for anyone, especially now with Hezbollah being a powerful regional army and all.  And 'occupy' Lebanon for what purpose, what material benefit?  Lebanon's natural resources are water and agriculture – no profitable loot there to pay the invader's wages – yes, okay the Lebanon has a little gas off its shores but it's completely untapped and the amount is not worth an invasion that in itself would cost the invader untold billions upfront.

    I hope you understand that the coming war is really a regional Intifada: shaking off foreign colonial leeches off the region's back.

    And for those who feel "warm and fuzzy" about israel, well, they can look at their vacation pictures of israel and weep till they're blue in the face – nobody cares about what pro-israel Americans feel.

    The resisting natives see it like this:  400 years of Ottoman colonialism followed immediately by another 100 years of Western and Zionist colonialism is more than enough for them.  They want ALL invaders out and they want to control their own destiny.

    Who's going to stop the natives now in the middle of their political awakening and liberation wars?





    • miskeen al-jabal says:

      Yes, but I think you underestimate the fact that those in power are completely alienated from reason. They are divorced from reality and social isolated, they live as the chosen people, in the sense that they alone possess the capacity to encounter the world according to the global fantasies which they have nurtured and manufactured. This sort of power is disorienting.

      Consider the spectacular logic of the neocons and global planners who believe that a US dominated planet is the only hope for global stability. Consider the psychological investment they have in this project, which spans multiple generations and has resulted in untold horrors. They are aware that their plans are collapsing. For example, you may have heard of the Pentagon commissioned investigation completed by the Brooking's Institute which declared that the post-soviet unipolar global primacy enjoyed by the US is coming to end. This is the collapse of the empire, and as such the stakes will multiplied in proportion to the faith that ruling elites have in their project; ie if global peace is predicated on empire, the collapse of the empire will be the collapse of peace. 

      I could be be wrong, but I fear that they may be so invested in their project that suicide may seem like a better option than confronting defeat.

  23. Taxi says:

    I'd just like to say that I wrote this article to inform readers of the current status of the hezb-israel conflict, which hardly gets covered in both the MSM and the Alt-medias.  In case people woke up one morning to a sudden war, they'd at least know some of the whys and wherefores of it all.

    Even though no one really knows what the future holds, there are some things that can be pre-detected and I certainly have no doubt whatsoever that a war between the hezb and israel is on the cards.

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  25. RudyM says:

    Everyone seems to agree something big–good or bad, or more likely a mix of both–is about to happen (in general, not even necessarily related to Israel); but I've felt that way before.

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  27. Taxi says:

    Previously, during his many speeches, Nasrallah had never actually or officially declared war on israel, but merely warned it of dire consequences should it launch an attack or a war on the Lebanon.  Here's an example, from back in February this year:

  28. Taxi says:

    One notes from the contents of the article linked below that yet again, much intelligence on israel's military is available, but very little is known about what weapons Hezbollah actually possesses, and the exact constitution (or even numbers) of its fighter divisions.

    Let me tell you that in the south of Lebanon, Hezbollah is EVERYWHERE yet you never, ever see them, or hear them.  They work very quietly – educated and disciplined in the art of silence.  Anti-braggart and anti-hero.  Unobservable by moonlight, or by daylight.  And this is one of their biggest weapons: the enemy barely knows a thing or two about them.  Not even the residents of south Lebanon themselves know much about them or their activities.  Hezb brigades blend in seamlessly, keep their heads down, their mouths mum, and just work hard and  away at defending their land and preparing to defeat the israeli menace.

  29. Taxi says:

    “If Hezbollah’s capabilities have grown linearly, ours have grown exponentially, in intelligence, in targets and in the ability to attack,” he said. If fighting resumes, “the damage to Hezbollah will be severe, mortal and comprehensive.”  Isaeli Maj. Gen. Tamir Hayman

    You will see many bluffs like the one above – and it's a bluff because IF israel indeed had correct intel on hezb targets etc, they would have already bombed Lebanon by now.  Israel will enter the next war because, this time, they have to: they're being cornered into it while weak – not because they want to – and they don't want to because they've calculated their chances of victory against the Hezb is low-low-low so they've been avoiding another Hezb war since 2006.

    You will note several inconsistencies in the article below: we're being told that israel CAN defeat Lebanon, but it just doesn't want to war with them.  Since when did the peace-loving israelis (sarc) EVER miss an opportunity to go to war with its Arab neighbors?  Never!  Is the answer, as per records of history.

  30. Taxi says:

    And here's a Lebanese opposition article, by no less than Amal Clooney's mother, Baria Allamudine.   I'm sharing this piece to demonstrate to you Saudi Arabia's hold on major Lebanese media outlets, especially when it concerns israel/Syria/Iran/Hezbollah:

    So Baria prefers that ISIS established an evil Caliphate in Syria AND in Lebanon instead of Hezbollah fighting ISIS in Syria, away from the homeland, and successfully defeating them and thus protecting her old ass in Lebanon?  Good grief at the stupidity of her thinking!

    She lies when she says most people in Lebanon don't support Hizbollah – the opposite is actually true – the hezb is supported even by the majority of Lebanese Christians, the Presidency itself and the army.  She is a Lebanese elite who lives in a bubble and her articles are paid for by Saudi Arabia – just ask her publishers.

    Baria has obviously never heard of Israel's Yinon Plan.  And if she has, then she's purposely ignoring it and directly serving the evil plans of tel aviv against her own 'tiny' country.  A willful traitor or just an ignorant one?  You decide.

    And she neglects to inform that hizbo weapons will actually destroy tel aviv, not just puncture it, as experts, including Israeli ones, tell us.  She is no strategist – she has no understanding of what is actually going on in her own country.  Perhaps she should pack up and move to Hollywood where courage and righteousness and cleverness are but a well-rehearsed 'act'.  They love anti-resistance Arab propagandists like her over there.

  31. Taxi says:

    Avigdor Lieberman today confirmed that the next israel war will be on two fronts: north and south:  fighting Hezb and Syria on the northern front, and Hamas/Gaza in the south.

    But he's (purposely) missed a couple of other fronts.  First, he forgot to add 'central' front, with multiple internal Palestinian Resistances in PA-land and the 48ers triangle.  And second, the Golan Resistance aided by the Syrian army and Hezbollah in the north east.  And, really, here we have to also say that there's no telling how Palestinians in Jordan/East would react to an explosive coming war under the banner of 'liberating Palestine'.  Nor are we clear on the response of Egypt/S.Eastern front when the war explodes in occupied Historic Palestine and the israeli entity is in chaos and under attack and limping.

    See how israeli politicians and media nanny-handle the israeli public: only ever giving them a partial picture of the dangerous reality: fearing a mass exodus that will cause governmental collapse if the FULL truth was ever uttered or published? In a sense, the israeli government has no compunction keeping jews as hostages in an israel under attack from several fronts, using them, abusing them – civilians as mere war fodder for the government's own selfish survival .

  32. Taxi says:

    “The reality is fragile; it [a war] could happen in an instant, from one day to the next,” he added. “We need to be ready for every possible scenario and the new reality is also preparing new challenges for us. There are no more one-front conflicts. This is our basic assumption. We are preparing the army for this.”  Said Leiberman today.

    Sounds like Leiberman's been reading Plato's Guns.

    • RudyM says:

      Yes, I just noticed Lieberman's comments (over on Sic Semper Tyrannis) and thought of Plato's Guns. Perversely funny that the threats Israel is complaining about from their neighbors to the north are threats in response to Israel's latest acts of aggression.

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Sparrow – lol – sorry I gotta laugh at the seething jews and their shabbos boys and girls in the USA.

      The sadistic jewish losers in the Levant need to now punish, punish, punish – while hiding behind America's apron, of course.

      “Hezbollah has no political wing. It is a single organization, a terrorist organization, and it is rotten to its core,” Sales said

      Actually, it does have a democratically elected political wing – just go check the Lebanese parliament.

      Another $5 million is being offered for Fuad Shukr, the group’s senior military official, accused of masterminding the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed 241 US Marines.

      We've all been waiting for a single shred of proof that hezbollah was behind the Marine barracks' bombing in Beirut since 1983 and still nothing has been presented to us.  And that's because Hezbollah didn't exist at the time – it was founded in 1985.

      "It's our assessment that Hezbollah is determined to give itself a potential homeland option as a critical component of its terrorism playbook," he added.

      Let me rephrase that for you:  'It's our assessment that jews are determined to give themselves (yet another) potential homeland option as a critical component of its known terrorism playbook'.

      Listen readers, all the jew false flags in the world could not stop the destruction of tel aviv at this stage of the game.  Nothing can.  Hence, Nasrallah's advise to the 'good' jews to leave occupied Palestine as soon as possible.

  33. Taxi says:

    Some eleven days after Nasrallah's speech and I still cannot find an English subtitled video of it.  This is most unusual – not even PressTV has one on their website or on their youtube channel.  I have no explanation for this.  I know youtube has been tightening the censorship noose but there's plenty of old Nasrallah vids with English subtitles on youtube – just not any recent ones.  I'll keep looking though…

    And another odd thing: Bernhardt from Moon of Alabama has weirdly blocked me from commenting on his blog.  I've always enjoyed popping in there every now and then and reading his excellent articles – and when I was there a few days ago, I made a comment and linked to my Plato article (in a relevant way).  Some readers there responded to my comment and when I went to post a comment in response to them a couple of days later, I was not allowed to do so.  At first, I thought it was a technical glitch and tried to post my response again a couple more times, but to no avail.  Well, I just tried again right now and I'm still blocked.  So, I guess mister 'b' don't like me much.  Reason?  I don't know.  My comment was not rude or bombastic or offensive – nothing like that.  Did he object to me linking to Platosguns?  Other people link articles there all the time – but, his could possibly be the reason: simple insecurity and jealousy?

    Oh well…  whatever the reason: his loss.  I ain't going back there again to either read or comment.

    Been banned from commenting pretty much everywhere now – hence why I started Plato's in the first place.  Now I can say out loud: hey I've even been banned from Moon of Alabama!  Heh.

    So, folks, let me make it clear here that I feel no competitiveness with anybody on the internet.  I work outside the grid of both mainstream and independent media.  Those who've known me over the years know that I make no effort at 'accumulating' readership: no advertising, no marketing no publicity stunts, no nothing like that – visitor numbers are meaningless to me – I do not seek the limelight, validation, applause, approval, dollars or internet longevity.  I write less and less these days because it interests me less and less to write politics.

    Pfft… all I have to say is Alt-media can be petty too. Sucky camaraderie.

    • And that is why and what for we appreciate , admire and cheer for you , dear Taxi !

      "… I do not seek the limelight, validation, applause, approval, dollars or internet longevity.  I write less and less these days because it interests me less and less to write politics. "…

      As a diaspora Palestinian who has entered her dotage years ago , I go to your blog and revel in your honesty and forthriteness and search for the truth !  Yet I despair at the disgusting wickedness that passes for politics  these days… which causes  me to be hopelessly conflicted about my absolute yearning for Justice , without which Peace can never be achieved , my strongest belief that Resistance is the enshrined right of the Palestinians to fight for Dignity and Human Rights over the criminal  loss of their land and own true deep roots in the soil  … and belief in non-violent resitance .      

      Since it is generally agreed that by war we cannot obliterate an ideology such as Daesh and the horrors of a so-called Caliphate in this day and age by war, as the Soviets and their ideology were pushed aside without war , just by them dicrediting themselves , so can we ever hope to get rid of this awful calamity over the Levant that is Zionism  which has become even more than an ideology, but some sort of religion to be imposed and defended by force of smears and arms ( be they flechettes , depleted uranium or of the nuclear persuasion!) AND supported unconditionally by the mightiest of modern- times Empires ( which by the way has just proceeded in the last few years to totally destroy several countries of the Levant , for whom and for what we ask !?!)

      Since the Israelis and their main support , the US et al , do not believe one iota in truthful diplomacy and honest negotiation , since they seem eternally provoking and salivating for war,  then so be it !   

      May Providence have mercy on all the suffering and murdered innocent human beings in the name of Zionism , Injustice , dishonest discourse, and may the Curse of generations- to- come endure for ALL TIME !


    • Taxi says:


      I spent many years giving the fucking israelis a break: like you, working on a 'peaceful' resolution.  But no more.  It just doesn't work – in fact, it encourages them to behave with even more impunity and violence – the current map of Palestine proves this.

      Since the year 2000, I've supported the armed-struggle and I am utterly unapologetic about it.  The ONLY way to liberate Historic Palestine and bring peace to the wider middle east is to dismantle the terrorist state of israel by war.  'What was taken by force can only be retrieved by force'.

      And now, israel has never been more geostrategically weaker, and the natives have never been stronger.  I welcome this coming war, not because I like wars, but because I honestly do not see any other way Palestinians can achieve liberation from their terrorist jewish invaders.

      *Worth noting here that israel is weak now because of their usual 'overreach'.  Like Bornajoo says above: they coulda gotten away with literally mass murder if only they were sincere about the 2SS and accepted what was considered by the world as 'fair' to both sides.  But no – the jews of israel wanted to covet not just a little more of Palestine, but EVERYTHING in the middle east!

    • Harry Law says:

      Hi Taxi, I too have experienced your problem with MoA for the past 3 weeks. On the comment section there is a bold black 'post' and 'preview' now they are light grey which does not allow me to post. I, like you, only post the most inoffensive extremely polite messages, my last post only posited the unlikely possibility of NK using a shipping container or small vessel to move one of their nuclear devices to San Francisco Bay, did not say they should, only that they could.

    • Taxi says:

      Hey thanks for sharing your experience of Moon of Alabama censorship, Harry.  If you ever find out why 'b' has suddenly turned anal censor, please do let us know here at Platos.  I know that many of Platos readers occasionally visit and enjoy MoA, and I'm sure they would all love to know what the eff is going on over there.  Again, thanks for sharing, Harry.

    • john says:

      perhaps i'm one of the commenters you intended to respond to regarding your last post at moa?

      just wanted to say that in the 4 or 5 years that i've been reading moa i have had several glitches(always brief) when i couldn't post a comment. i assume there's a technical explanation 'cause, as in your case, there is no motive for censorship.

      in short, maybe you're rushing to judgement.


    • Taxi says:

      Hello John and really, truly, thank you so much for visiting Platos and pitching for Moon of Alabama. (I do like this cross-pollination between the Platos and the Barflies)

      Harry Law says he's been locked out of MoA for three weeks now – I just tried to post a comment saying "Testing, testing, testing…" and it didn't make it either.  It's been 6 days since I was last permitted to comment.  So… like, how long do these "glitches" last for?

      Also from your comment above: "… rush to judgement".  I don't think I've rushed to judge, John – I simply don't know what is going on and I think I've stated this clearly several times.  You're confusing my obvious non-enjoyment of the 'block-up' with a "rush to judgement".


      I did enjoy the part of your MoA comment to me where you briefly describe 60's Lebanon.  I, myself lived there as an intelligentsia brat a good decade after your temporary refugeedom there (well, I wasn't a brat really, I was a shy girl with big eyes).  I left the Lebanon in 1975, right before the civil war – and I returned for a nostalgic visit some 37 years later (5 years ago) – ended up rolling with the flow and staying thus far.

      And regarding your comment about my article and your use of the word "prophecy" as label: well, I think you got me completely wrong there, John.  A quick peruse of my archive article titles will immediately tell you that I don't do "prophecy".  In fact, I'm actually anti-prophecy – I've written several articles about it.  No, I don't believe prophecy is real, but I sure do believe in self-fulfilling prophecy – and a giant one is currently being constructed in the holy land by deluded jews and christian zionists.

      No, dear John, I do not live in a religious lalaland.  I live in hezbollaland.

      No one can afford delusions around here.

  34. And as the israelis unmistakably ever do, they will keep with their provocations, , which never cease, until  hizb  retaliate — then the shrieks of " they (hizb) started it!    

    As deception is their game,  it shall ever be so!

    Bornajoo speaks so well by saying " if only they were sincere about 2SS and accepted what was considered by the world as 'fair ' to both sides. But no –the jews of Israel wanted to covet not just more of Palestine, but EVERYTHING in the Middle East!"

    The mayhem all over the countries of the ME since the infamous Balfour Declaration  (offered without a 'by your leave' to the inhabitants of Palestine since centuries)  hasn't ceased and won't cease until something is done by the rest of the world to rectify one of the greatest injustices of the past century!   So far there has been no inclination whatsoever to sanction Israel for its war crimes!

    The Right of Return  of the refugees criminally ignored and forbidden  , compensation towards those refugees who may wish it — NIL!

     How can Heritage, Culture, History,  Love and Nurture of the Land ever be compensated?   A people with a sense of pride and dignity and a Just Cause would prefer to die than remain forever on their knees!  Enough!!

    NB:-  As I am hopeless  at thinking analysis, strategy, astute/cunning politics, etc..     just can only speak from my heart of hearts and through the anger and frustration at enduring lies and injustices!

    • Taxi says:

      Bintbiba, yourself being an ethnically cleansed Palestinian with no Right of Return allowed you by the klepto terrorist jews, you don't need to intellectually prove your righteous cause to anyone – your heartfelt words and your life story are simply enough to win over the jury.

      The heart is a passionate resistor.  And the bigger the heart, the bigger the resistance.

    • Taxi says:

      Since the 80's,  jews and their Shabbos slaves have been accusing the Hezbollah of 'terrorism' but never have they ever provided a single shred of evidence to support this accusation.  Just words against Hezbollah, translated from paranoid hebrew.

      So, now, the same fear that israelis have of hezbollah is being manufactured for Americans.

      Are the jews preparing Americans to go to yet another war on their behalf?  You betcha!

      But so what?  That's not gonna save tel aviv.  Nothing, nothing can.

      And another thing worth noting here: the pictures of the two 'Wanted' Hezbollah members the State Department is using are decades old.  The Mossad and CIA don't even have recent pictures of these men.  Some intelligence gathering, for sure! 

  35. Taxi says:

    Funny how the very nations supporting ISIS terrorism in the middle east are calling Hezbollah a 'terrorist', even though Hezbollah is crushing terrorist ISIS in Syria and protecting Christians in the wider Levant.

    • Sparrow says:

      ["A patient may employ both projection and projective identification, (but) projection is typical of a higher (neurotic) level of functioning, whereas projective identification is typical of the borderline and psychotic personality organization.
      -Kernberg, O. (1992) Aggression In Personality Disorders And Perversions"] 

      This is the abomination of the (patient) US unrestrained psychosis with Illegal Occupant Jews Of the ME  who will find themselves at the bottom of the rabbit hole very soon.  




      1. a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. devil




      1. the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.

        "all great evil is the perversion of a good"

      Insanity is likened to cancer…it will kill its host.  


      Ps…Thank you Taxi

  36. Taxi says:

    I'm sure by now you all know the direct propagandistic relationship between Hollywood and the Mossad.  In fact, we can safely say that jewy Hollywood is a major propaganda arm of the mossad – (and the CIA, btw).  This is why anytime a jewish Hollywood mogul/actor falls from grace, I smile with deep satisfaction.  Yes, I'm talking about the scandalized Harvey Weinstein: the current hot topic du jour. 

    Let me tell you here that most of the actresses complaining about this motherfucker are motherfuckers themselves: they knowingly sold their dignity to studio heads like Weisnstein for personal fame and fortune, only to hypocritically complain about him some two decades later.  Both sides are despicable fuckers who were using each other for personal gain.  But I'm not really concerned with the 'he-said-she-said' fodder of it all – yuk to that!  I am, however, very interested in Hollywood's relationship with israel.  Let's take a listen to what unpatriotic American-jew Harvey Weinstein has to say about isreal:

    Yes, it's always revolting to the bone to hear an American jewish supremist put israel before the USA.

    And yes, it's very pleasing to see a mega israel-firster like Weinstein descend into infamy and ruin before the eyes of the whole world – (right now I'm smiling like a Cheshire cat: from ear to ear).  And Harvey's case is sooooo bad that even other Hollywood jews are throwing him under the bus (cuz he's losing them shekels, not for any other reason).  And reading the comment section from several 'Harvey' articles on the net, one can clearly see the en mass, deep-seated disgust of regular people towards Hollywood.  And this is exactly what interests me about the Weinstein case: jewish filmic opiates-for-the-masses are loosing their soporific effect.  This means the mossad on the West Coast is now losing its long-enjoyed powers of Manufacturing Consent in the service of the terrorist state of israel.

    Really, we can say that a feral jewish penis has seriously compromised mossad activities in Hollywood.

    And the ultimate defeat of jewish Hollywood will come when jewish pedophile rings in Hollywood are busted wide open.  Let's hope this too happens soon.  Let's hope it simultaneously happens when Hezbollah is in the middle of pummeling israel to smithereens.

  37. john says:


    i give a shit about your commenting at moa only insofar as i've enjoyed the few of yours i've read there. i'm a relatively sparse commenter myself.

    'prophecy' doesn't necessarily denote religious overtones, but also simply a foretelling. and regarding yours i also said that i found it 'compassionate' and 'compelling.'

    so yeah, i'm new to your blog, and haven't really wandered around much yet…

    …i did listen to (it's been years) your embedded 'Albatross' by Fleetwood Mac, so thanks for that. i've been a dedicated Peter Green fan for 50 years!

    • Taxi says:

      Hey John, thanks for your vote of confidence. You are most welcome to visit and comment at Plato’s anytime, whether you agree with me or not – I mean it.

      Regarding the ‘prophecy’ thang: I do have a knack for strategic thinking and analysis (when I can be bothered to focus my attentions on a subject matter, that is). You can see from my old archives that I was ‘prophesying’ events some two years back that today are becoming manifested. I’m just a tad uncomfortable to use the word ‘prophecy’ to describe how my analytical brain works – I think it’s more accurate to use the word ‘deduce’ here. But, it’s all semantics really – all pointing the same finger in the same direction.

      One thing we definitely agree on and have in common – and what joy it brings to both our hearts – is our profound love and appreciation of Peter Green. What a beautiful soul and fingertip he has, what exquisite lyricist and singer – I brace myself in bliss whenever I hear him playing his guitar and singing. Here’s Peter Green playing ‘Man Of The World’, before his 20 year struggle with acute madness:

      And the same song here below, an instrumental version, played by Peter a few years ago, after he overcame his devouring madness… oh the magic of those fingers, instructed by naught but pure soul:

      And lastly, you’ll indulge me here if you please and just you try resisting the utterly charming ‘Oh Well’:

      • john says:

        great songs! but for me the real magic in the man's fingertips(and voicings) is more evident in pieces like this…a song we all know, but not so many its author's version:

        or this…uncanny how a working class jewish boy from south London could synthesize such profoundly deep blues. (the video sucks, close your eyes)



      • Taxi says:

        For our nice jewish boy from Bethel Green, Peter’s influences were the blues and jewish music – the rabbinical mafia didn’t get a chance to rape his creativity for israel, not with so much blues and muse in him. In fact, when Green got ‘religion’ in 1969, he went the way of the ‘Children of God’: a California cult with a free-love-and-Jesus philosophy. Not very ‘jewish’ really, is it?

  38. Bornajoo says:

    Thank you for the (real and original)  Fleetwood Mac tracks. That was a real treat listening to them again. Peter Green is indeed one of the best guitarists of all time

    Taxi, I couldn't agree more about Harvey Weinstein. I'm imagining your huge Cheshire Cat grin right now and I think mine can match it. I really hope they do expose the Hollywood paedophile ring soon, although you can imagine what kind of power anyone investigating is up against

    Incredible news about the unity agreement between Fatah and Hamas. That removes the divide et impera weapon from the Zionist propaganda machine and leaves the fuckers with no more excuses. All that 'we don't have a partner for peace' bollocks has now been squashed by this extremely important tactical move. The fuckers will of course still never agree any deal because we all know that it's never been their intention to do so. So let's see what they come up with now.

    We already know of the two pathetic preconditions; the Palestinians have to recognise Israel as a Jewish state and any Palestinian state must be demilitarised. Well of course these are already impossible preconditions to ever accept and have been put there specifically for the purpose of ensuring that the Palestinians can never agree to them but at the same time take all the blame for not agreeing to them

    How can they recognise Israel as an ethnocracy, as a so-called Jewish state when over 20% of the population are not Jewish?  How the fuck can it be a Jewish state and be democratic at the same time? What about the rights of the Palestinians living in Israel? And the Druze, Christians, atheists etc? 

    And how can any state not have its own military, especially in the Middle East? What happens when the next load of ISIS types turn up? Who's going to protect the new Palestinian state,  the Jewish Israelis? Yeah, sure. What a joke 

    They know full well that just these two conditions make it impossible for any deal but designed to put all the blame, once again, on the victims

    I just hope that this will not be the start of another pathetic round of negotiations that will, as usual, lead nowhere and provide further cover for the theft of more and more land. Give them a strict 6 months to agree the right deal and not one day more (they won't of course). After that walk away and send in the missiles. I too now fully agree that justice can only ever be achieved by force. And the sooner the better 

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks bornajoo.  Your observations of israel's tactics are on the money.  But really, I don't know anyone who pays attention to the so-called 'peace talks' anymore.  And they're right.  I mean, how many times can one watch the same obvious card trick?

  39. NancyC says:

    I first became aware of your excellent site when Xymphora blog posted a link to, "War Clouds Gathering Over Israel".  The Duran Blog reported today, 10/13/17, "Everything you need to know about Trump's de-certification of JPCOA (Iran nuclear deal).

    Excerpt:  **Donald Trump’s speech about Iran was in parts almost identical to the speech Israel leader Benjamin Netanyahu gave weeks ago before the UN General Assembly.

    Furthermore, less than 24 hours prior to Trump’s speech, both the US and Israel withdrew their memberships of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) virtually simultaneously, in a clear sign of policy coordination that stinks of a concerted effort which is now being aimed directly at Iran.

    In challenging the JCPOA so brazenly, Donald Trump has shown that he is willing to put an Israeli paranoia about Iran, a paranoia which frequently crosses a line into all out hate, above the interests of both his own country and that of America’s most loyal European allies.**

    You are right on the money that liberating Palestine will also liberate Washington DC.  Still, it's shocking that the line up is now USA & Israel joined at the hip against official JCPOA statements issued by EU, UK, Germany, Iran, Russia & China.  This is a huge tactical error or perhaps it's just hubris, arrogance or last ditch desperate attempt to neuter Iran as the "war clouds gather".   

    • Harry Law says:

      Must not forget Saudi Arabia. MOSCOW (Sputnik) — "Saudi King Salman bin Adulaziz Al Saud held a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump and welcomed Washington’s policy toward Tehran, praising the role of the US administration, local media reported Sunday". These Saudi satraps have no self respect, their sectarian agenda is to pay protection money to its minder the US, with outreach to the Russians to cover all bases. Rather like AIPAC financing both parties in the US.

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks for visiting and for your comment and great link, Nancy.

      Actually, you got israel, saudi and UAE: three terrorist nations  that danced giddy with happiness at Trump's 'decertification' speech.   Can you think of a worse and uglier camp than the above with our bi-partisan war party members playing the hostess-with-the-mostest for them?  Yikes!

      Anyone who has aligned with israel, either by choice or by realpolitic, is about to pay the price for this sordid and criminal relationship.

      And I'm gleaning lately, from reading comments section to do with israel's involvement in Syria and its ongoing war against Hezb/Iran, that most Western commentators can hardly wait for the death of israel.

      Just think of the trillions of dollars chest spent over 7 decades to get non-jews to like israel.  Down the frigging drain – where it rightly belongs.

      Trillions of dollars spent to promote and protect 7 million violent/invading jews, to the detriment of some 200 million Arab natives.

      Such an absurd and unsustainable calculus was always destined to eventually fail.  Unfortunately, at even a greater cost to the natives.  But such is the price of freedom that burdens patches of our world.  And in the end, it's worth it.  Freedom is definitely worth it.

  40. Bornajoo says:

    Sorry for continually swerving off topic… But there is a film about paedophiles in Hollywood called "An Open Secret" made a couple of years ago. The producers have released it online on vimeo and you can watch it for free for the next 8 or 9 days. This is the link:

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks for the free vid tip.  For lack of time, I didn't get a chance to view it, but you always share great recommendations/links and I hope some Plato readers managed to view this video in time.

      Very disturbing side of Hollywood.  Should definitely be exposed and punished to the fullest letter of the law.

      Point to ponder:  all them self-proclaimed victim actresses coming forward about abuse of 'vulnerable women' in Hollywood:  not a single one of them has mentioned the pedophiliac predator rings there – not once did they publicly raise their voices of alarm to rescue/protect 'vulnerable Hollywood children' from the same type of predator they're complaining about themselves.

      Typical behavior of certifiable narcissists.

  41. Sparrow says:

    Passing this on…

    Kiev becomes gateway for jihadist-mercenaries: Ukraine’s regime turned into U.S. arms-dealer for Daesh and al-Qaeda

    ["Kiev’s Regime Support Terrorists on Behalf of Washington: Another Brick in the Wall of the USA’s War Crimes and Its Support for the Global Terror Project… … …"]

    ["The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) together with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network revealed a scheme of weapons supply to the terrorists of Daesh (ISIS) and al-Nusra."]

  42. Taxi says:

    This morning, Levant time, israel was targeted by Syrian anti-aircraft weapons while it illegally flew across Lebanese airspace.  The Syrian battery system (an S-200/Russian/circa 1960's) that engaged in this action was destroyed by israel F-16's. 

    Note: this is the first time that Syria fires at israeli jets in Lebanese skies.  An unusually escalated response by Syria, it most certainly is.  I see Syria delivering two messages with its unusual actions today:  first, israel will be challenged in the skies at any given moment – and second, Syria is ready to defend Lebanese skies.  Let's see if Syria challenges the illegal israeli flights over the Lebanon again, normalizing its behavior in the face of ongoing israeli provocations.

    Here's the israeli perspective of the event:

  43. NancyC says:

    The Duran is reporting today, 10/16/17:  "BREAKING: IRAQ CLAIMS FULL CONTROL OF KIRKUK".  

    Stupendous example of Israeli overreach backfire. It was really stupid to include oil rich Kirkuk that never was a part of the Autonomous Kurdish region in the referendum. Here's some juicy excerpts.  

    "Given how rapidly Iraqi troops have been advancing, taking seemingly all of Kirkuk after a surge which begun approximately 24 hours ago, even a superpower as brazen as the US is running out of options."   

    'The only other conceivable scenario is for the US to supply Iraqi Kurds from their bases in Iraq. This however would mean that the US would effectively be declaring war on Iraq. As I previously discussed, there is every possibility that the US is covertly hoping that a Kurdish insurrection in Iraq provokes a wider conflict that the ISIS insurgency would effectively draw Iran deeper into Iraq, making Iranian forces subject to attacks from US proxies or even US forces themselves.(…). However, today’s events mean that this scheme may have failed before it even had a chance to be fully realized."

    "After years of division, Iraq is unifying around support for the operations in Kirkuk and so too is the region ever more united behind the legal Iraqi position. (…)Iraq continues to calmly state that it is merely re-establishing control of an Iraqi city."

    "Unless the US wars to destroy what remains of its relationship with Baghdad while also fighting both Turkey and Iran, there are fewer and fewer options for America’s would-be proxy war against Iran."

    "The Kurdish regime in Erbil as well as its known and supine puppeteers have seemingly bitten off more than they can chew."

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Nancy.  I watched the liberation of Kirkuk live on Al-Mayadeen News TV yesterday.  The 'kurdish card' was never a realistic contender in the first place – but, of course, a geostrategically losing, cornered and desperate israel will throw anything it can at Arabs just to see if it can buy itself more time – but time is running out and off to the Golan they must all go… ready or not, israel.

  44. Harry Law says:

    Hi Taxi. I have received a reply from bernhard, he did not know what my trouble was, but offered this possibility. If you just paste something into the comment box the "post" button cannot be activated. Add some letter, a blank is enough, and it activates. My Daughter a whizz on the computer seemed to know what he meant, and changed from Firefox to Chrome. This works and the post and preview words come up in dark type. Just done a test, successfully. Hope it works for you. All three of us are basically on the same page re the Middle East so it is very likely there is a similar glitch on your end, best of luck.

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks, Harry. Really appreciate your explanation and instruction. I’m not really a fan of Chrome – tends to slow down my laptop. But maybe my firefox needs updating – I’ll give it a go when I feel like trudging over to MoA. Many thanks again.

  45. Taxi says:

    There were rumors yesterday that the Syrian strike against israel's F-16's actually clipped one of their encroaching jets and forced the jewish pilots first to retreat for a few minutes, before returning to Syrian skies and aggressively cutting it hither and dither for two hours before finally striking the Syrian S-200 battery that targeted their jets, causing it material damage (not destruction).  Seems to me that israel's air-force Operations Theater was taken aback by Syria's unexpected hit and for some two full hours, israeli military decision makers didn't know the following: first, whether to fully retreat or not; and second, what next to target. 

    Looks like the israelis were not ready for even the most basic of small ‘surprises’.

    Too rattled to think quick and clear.

    I didn't post anything on this story at the time cuz I couldn't find any links that would verify the swirling rumors.  But, today, Southfront has this bit of investigation into the rumors – some comments in the comment section have extra links that verify Southfront's investigation and conclusion:

    Israel Is Hiding That Its State-Of-Art F-35 Warplane Was Hit By Syrian S-200 Missile – Report:

    So…  Syria gave naughty israel a little spank.

    …  The death blow is not far behind.

  46. NancyC says:

    In times of rapid change individual & collective participation in events has greater impact on the outcome than in more stable/static times. Lenin summed this up beautifully: “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”  In my opinion, we are now at such a time and are witnessing a process in the next few weeks/months that  has the capacity to undo decades of Jewish/Israeli abuse of humanity. 

    On February 15, 2003 my sisters and I stood in the winter cold along with possibly 30 million other humans globally, protesting the planned launch of the Iraq invasion. Wikipedia describes this as “the largest protest event in human history”.[1].

    We were told at the time that we failed because the Bush Administration launched “shock & awe” in March. On the contrary our efforts militarily weakened the American war effort before the first shot was fired because on March 2, 2003 The Turkish Parliament was emboldened to renege on the original plan to allow US ground forces to attack Baghdad from the North through Kurdish territory instead of up from Kuwait thru more hostile Shiite territory. This gave Iraqi resistance more time to maneuver & slowed down neocon/Israeli war plans.  It has long annoyed me that no one seems to have credited the huge global anti-war demonstration with Turkey’s vote 2 weeks later.


    The thing is each of us needs to be aware that blogs such as Plato’s Guns & our individual actions, comments, whatever we are able to do really “counts” at this time. 

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Nancy.

      Mindful here that Turkey did what it did for its own strategic interests, not yours or mine – we and the world just happened to also benefit from Turkey's smart maneuver. 

      The occupation, looting and destruction of Iraq by jews (using our military) will not go unanswered: contemporaneously or in future history books.  Good Americans do what they can to kneecap the perps in DC (by voting treasonous jews and jew-centric politicians out), but I can tell you that the native-victims in the middle east are not waiting on us for justice or to save them from the violent jew conspiracy against them.  They don't trust our government or its intentions one bit.  They are taking matters into their own hands and Hezbollah is their successful role model to follow.

      I cannot emphasize enough the tectonic shift in the native Arab psyche when Hezbollah defeated israel back in 2006.  This victory demonstrated to the  long 'deflated' Arabs that israel is NOT invincible.

      Moreover, it was israel's humiliation on the Hezb battlefield that triggered the Axis of Evil's ISIS project in the Levant.  Israel had became toothless overnight in '06 and another attack dog needed to be brought in to enable, maintain and protect the jewish greater israel project.

      • NancyC says:

        I agree that Turkey's vote March 2, 2003 to suddenly radically alter the land invasion plans from the North was done from Turkey's perspective, but in my analysis of the vote itself it was the large number of abstaining delegates present for the vote that carried the day.  I think the huge mid February global demonstration gave enough delegates political "cover". 

  47. Taxi says:

    Israel does not have confidence in the USA the way it used to; it also has no confidence in Russia when the eventual war with Hezbollah breaks out; and… it's not clear if it even has confidence in its own IDF. 

    Things have never been worse for israel. 

    Of course, the writer of the article below gets a few things wrong – but the article gives you indicators on how endemic jewish-israeli paranoia has become when it comes to the next Hezb war:

    Who Will Russia Back in the Next Lebanon War: Israel or Hezbollah?

  48. Taxi says:

    At a 'Christian Media Summit' in Jerusalem, an israeli jew politician threatens all Lebanese with genocide and non of the attendant evangelical Christians bat an eyelid for Jesus – and never mind that a good third of Lebanon's population is Christian:

    And really, with a title like 'Christian Media' for the above jew-organized summit, you know damn well that a more honest naming of this summit should really be: Ziovangelical Propaganda Summit.

    Here's more of this absurdity:

  49. Taxi says:


    Let us together revisit the world-wide protests on that historic February 15th, 2003:


    And let me add here that these astonishing protests much educated the masses, but, unfortunately they could not stop the jewicons from assaulting Baghdad with 'Shock & Awe'.

    In traditional revolution lexicon:  when mass protests fail, assassinations must follow.

    But in the case of Iraq, no assassinations of establishment warmongers occurred.  Not even arrests of Western mass-murderers responsible for this illegal war on Iraq have occurred.  These criminals still walk free and sign million dollar book deals.

    Thus we find ourselves today still protesting the continuing war on Iraq, plus protesting new wars on a couple of other assaulted nations in the mid east – with no clear end in sight.

    Of course, except for the end of israel:  the very source of mass-murder and mayhem in the middle east.

  50. NancyC says:

    From Alexander Orlov, New Eastern Outlook yesterday, regarding the Iraqi army moving so rapidly to retake Kirkuk province in 1 astonishing day.

    **Beyond Barzani’s losses, one must also consider Washington’s. Upon starting its attempts to push Iran out from Syria, it will now lose its stronghold in Iraq. Tehran’s determination to act quickly was further prompted by ongoing US threats to leave the Iran nuclear deal.

    So Washington has once again contributed to the strengthening of Iran’s role across the Middle East due to the short-sightedness and incompetence of its elected representatives.**

    Elsewhere in the report Orlov more specifically identified the culprits pushing the ill-fated Kurdish referendum as “Israeli and American special interests”.  Wasn’t the 16th the same day Syria’s missile clipped Israel’s plane over Lebanon airspace?

    • Taxi says:

      Yes, the irony of all ironies:  since the 'jew' invasion of Iraq back in 2003, pretty much every single action that usa/israel have taken in the region has strengthened above all, Iran.

      The Arabs have a saying that describes this kind of phenomenon : the magic has turned on the magician.

      • NancyC says:

        Thank you for posting February 2003 anti Iraq war demonstration video.  It was a great day of connection & consciousness raising.

        The Duran reported 3 hours ago today, Oct 19th: "Breaking: Israel attacks Syria from Occupied Golan Heights".

        Israel has yet again fired missiles at Syrian Arab Army positions in the Golan Heights, after a projectile of unknown origin landed on Israel’s illegal occupied territory.

        No further information at this time.  This can't be a wise move on Israel's part so soon after the Kurdish debacle in Kirkuk on the 16th & being told by Kuwait delegate yesterday to "get out" of an international meeting because Israel practices "state terrorism" & are "occupiers, child killers". 

      • Taxi says:

        Thanks Nancy.

        Israel can strike all it wants – nothing but pinpricks on a boulder.

        The real breaking news would be when the Axis of Resistance in the Levant (which includes Syria) is bombing the shit out of the Golan and other territories under the control of the terrorist state of israel.

        With each passing day of successes against ISIS in Syria, Bashar and friends get stronger and israel gets more and more nervous – yet all it can do is send a limited strike here and another over there as so-called ‘retaliation’ against ‘spillover’. LOL! You can tell israel does NOT want full-on war with Syria (or with Lebanon) cuz it knows tel aviv is locked in the crosshairs.

        If israel must go to war, it is better for it to go to war today. Yet it doesn’t.

        I think we all know why.


  51. Taxi says:

    Yesterday, at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)'s Committee on Democracy and Human Rights, held in St. Petersburg, the Kuwaiti  Speaker of Parliament, Marzouq Al-Ghanim, hurled criminal accusations at the israeli delegation there and demanded they immediately leave the conference – which the embarrassed israelis actually did.  The surprise verbal attack by the Kuwaiti Ghanim was a warning, not just to israel, but more significantly, also to saudi arabia, UAE, quatar and Bahrain, who have all recently, publicly extended their hand of friendship to the Apartheid state of israel.  This was Ghanim saying 'NO, not all Arab gulfies are willing to follow a treasonous saudi arabia and become members of the jewish crime syndiate'.  Must watch video of Ghanem here:

    • Taxi says:

      The IPU incident above from israel's perspective:

      Notable also on the international-diplomacy scene is how America and israel are currently seething over how the peaceful nations of the world are becoming more and more vocal in their objections to israel's ongoing war crimes against the native Palestinians.  Of course, America and israel call this righteous attitude by the world: 'anti-israel, antisemitic, prejudice, bias' etc.  But who cares what they defensively call critics of criminal israel?!  What matters is that, by their own very hands, israel and usa are both foolishly isolating themselves further and further from the civilized nations of the world.  They're not thinking clearly and not thinking ahead.  They really don't know what they're doing anymore.   It's what happens when all you ever do in life is use brawn and hard power:  you eventually turn into one giant, stupid blob.

      You can see it everywhere you look, folks: israel keeps getting weaker and weaker on the world stage.

      Of course, israeli propaganda and our MSM will tell you otherwise.  Don't buy their fake news and boring braggadocio.

      • NancyC says:

        Jonathon Cook on "The Real Reasons Trump is Quitting UNESCO."


        The first is that in 2011 Unesco became the first UN agency to accept Palestine as a member. That set the Palestinians on the path to upgrading their status at the General Assembly a year later.

        The agency’s second crime relates to its role selecting world heritage sites. That power has proved more than an irritant to Israel and the US.

        The occupied territories, supposedly the locus of a future Palestinian state, are packed with such sites. Hellenistic, Roman, Jewish, Christian and Muslim relics promise not only the economic rewards of tourism but also the chance to control the historic narrative.

        The third crime is the priority Unesco gives to the Palestinian names of heritage sites under belligerent occupation.

        Much hangs on how sites are identified, as Israel understands. Names influence the collective memory, giving meaning and significance to places.


        Israel has lobbied to have Jerusalem removed from the list of endangered heritage sites. Alongside the US, it has whipped up a frenzy of moral outrage, berating Unesco for failing to prioritise the Hebrew names used by the occupation authorities.

        Unesco’s responsibility, however, is not to safeguard the occupation or bolster Israel’s efforts at Judaisation. It is there to uphold international law and prevent Palestinians from being disappeared by Israel.

  52. Sparrow says:

    Best news today …thank you so much!

    This also explains this bit of recent news…

    My favorite part?  When Mr. Ghanem was finished with his forceful truth his face was !  Finally we are permitted to witness true justice at its beginning for the pathological liars Israel.  

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;

    All the king's horses and all the king's men

    Couldn't put Humpty together again.

    ps…I do appreciate a true 'voice' from the region  like yourself Taxi, bringing your local on the ground experience to mine via english.  There is so much faux news now even in alt news that my gut simply can't digest it.  Your ability to read or hear blatant lies and freeze the vexation it causes…to focus on THIS makes you tops imho.  All I can say is no.  Your a voice to the voiceless…just like Mr. Ghanem.

    • Taxi says:

      Every delegate at the conference had 45 seconds to speak and put a Human-Rights point forward.  Mr. Ghanem chose to use it to address a grave and enduring injustice (Palestine).  He outed the hypocrites and the mass-murderers in that big, fancy hall.  He pointed finger and made direct eye contact with the genocidal perps.  His last three words to the israeli officials: "occupier, child killers!".

      Strong stuff.  But truth is often like that: magnetic yet jarring.

      Yes, the righteous outrage on Ghanem's face at the end of his roll said it all.

      Now multiply that 'look' on his face by some 200 million Arab natives and you have what israel will always be up against.

      'No surrender', will pretty much always be the Arab feeling towards israel.  And despite what Sheik Dodo from Dodo-Arabia may say about his friendship with the klepto state of israel, the Arab people really do not want to be BFFs with israel.  Ever!  Times infinity.

    • Taxi says:

      Must watch video of Likud MK Sharren Haskel speaking at the Inter-Parliamentary Union meeting (IPU) in St. Petersberg, 2017 – (was unable to find a youtube copy to embed into this comment but the video is found inside the following link):

      And here's Putin's speech for the opening of the IPU assembly – always a classy speaker – (don't forget to press the 'cc' button for subtitles):


      And I might as well round it all up with Putin's speech to global youth from a couple of days ago ('cc' button!):


      Sadly, I found no info on the net that indicated any American reps were present at either the IUP or the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students.  We're too busy fucking up the mideast and middle America to attend such indulgent, peace-making, riffraff events, right?

  53. Taxi says:

    Note to commentators: sometimes your comment will randomly go to admin's 'pending' file – it only gets approved when I eventually see the comment there and release it.  To be clear, I'm not censoring anybody – it's just a glitch in the system, which I'm working on.  Please forgive the inconvenience in the meantime.  Thank you.

  54. Taxi says:

    Today, israel has pretty much nothing to say about hezbollah – they're too busy milking the latest (ineffectual) strike against Syria for domestic propaganda purposes.  Well, knock yerself out, israel: go forcefeed your minions more lies – we think your delusion of grandeur is to our advantage.

    Okay so instead of  linking and commenting on the latest jew absurdities today, I'll instead link to Shadia Mansour's wonderful We Have To Change video.  *(tip:  click on the 'cc' button on bottom right of screen to get English subtitles for this great bi-lingual track)


    And let's remember here also that Nasrallah in his speech called the next war with israel "The War for The Liberation of Palestine" (a precise and frightfully ambitious name!), while the israelis are calling the same war "The First Northern War" (oh, so they're expecting more than one war with the Hezb in the future?!  LOL!  No, israel, no – there's only one more war coming – and you've already kinda lost bigly-everything). 

    Anyway – I'm in the south of Lebanon, in the middle of olive-picking season, in warm remembrance and in total solidarity with Levantean olive-pickers under occupation – and I'm sending a massive shoutout here to all them Palestinians in the four corners of the world: dudes, never forget the name Nassrallah gave to the next war with israel: The War for The Liberation of Palestine.

    Let that sink in…

    Yeah, puts a smile on my face too.

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Sparrow.

      (And sorry, my system swallowed up your beautiful sparrow pic – I've found the pic in admin and saved it but can't seem to be able to insert it back into your comment box.  But thanks for the thought, the music and your good wishes to Palestine).

  55. Taxi says:

    Empire's big ship is being steered by insidious foreign hands (no it's NOT Russia!):

    The US has two realistic options: save itself or destroy the world in trying to do so

    But of course, DC being occupied by tel aviv and all, it's gonna be extremely difficult for the American leadership to steer us into a safe future.  Unless, of course, tel aviv is first destroyed.

    And here's another israel-hezbollah article by a ziocain addict (see if you can spot the falsities, contradictions and genocidal intent dressed in oh such pretty sentiments):

    Some unhappy reasons for why we are on the verge of another war in Lebanon

    • NancyC says:

      I decided to take you up on spotting falsehoods in the FP article, “Some unhappy reasons for why we are on the verge of another war in Lebanon” but decided there are simply too many.  So I decided to focus on this statement: 

      “An emphasis on ground maneuvers suggests that, when the spark hits the tinder, the IDF plans to use its superior power to force Hizbullah into conventional warfare — a far cry from the Second Lebanon War, where the IDF relied on aerial bombing to secure South Lebanon.”

      Now I remembered when Israel retreated in 2006, 40 some tanks were left in southern Lebanon that were definitely not airlifted to Lebanon.  So I googled the question and came across this astonishing October 2006 Counterpunch article, “How Hezbollah Defeated Israel”. 

      I had not previously realized just how weak and incompetent the IDF was.    

      **The only Israeli unit that performed up to standards was the Golani Brigade, according to Lebanese observers.   The IDF was “a motley assortment”, one official with a deep knowledge of US slang reported. “But that’s what happens when you have spent four decades firing rubber bullets at women and children in the West Bank and Gaza.”**

      **“Israel is about three helicopters away from a total disaster,” one US military officer commented.**

      Counterpunch reported Israel had expended most of its munitions “in the first 10 days” & had to request additional supplies from the US. 

      **But there was little grumbling in the Pentagon, though one former serving officer observed that  the deployment of US munitions to Israel was reminiscent of a similar request made by Israel in 1973–at the height of the Yom Kippur War. “This can only mean one thing,” this officer said at the time. “They’re on the ropes.”

      In spite of its deep misgivings about the Israeli response (and the misgivings, though unreported, were deep and significant–and extended even into the upper echelons of the US Air Force), senior US military officers kept their views out of public view. And for good reason: criticism of Israel for requesting a shipment of arms during the 1973 war led to the resignation of then Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) chairman General George Brown. Brown was enraged that US weapons and munitions were being sent to Israel at the same time that American commanders in Vietnam were protesting a lack of supplies in their war in Southeast Asia.**

      • Taxi says:

        Thank you Nancy.  Especially for the Counterpunch link: an epic article that I first read at the AsiaTimes, where it was first published (in 2 parts).  Actually,  I've linked this info-wealthy article quite a few times over the years.  It is one of the very few masterpieces on the hezb-idf/'06 war that was penned by Western journalists.

        And as to israel "forcing" the Hezb into fighting a 'conventional war', I say: careful what you wish for.  The Hezb has had plenty of experience fighting in a conventional war in Syria – it is now experienced in both asymmetrical and conventional war, whereas the idf is a fat blob that has no experience in asymmetrical warfare, and if we're to go by its performance on the 2006 battlefields, it's clear that the idf is flaccid and useless at conventional warfare too.  Hezb turned the israel-Lebanese border into a Markava graveyard with some 124 israeli Markavas destroyed and abandoned at the borders.   And israeli ground troops (even with air and naval cover) could not penetrate the Lebanese border for hezbollah's pre-prepared resistance traps that the IDF kept falling into.  In fact, only once did the idf penetrate a Lebanese border village, but this happened because the Hezb fighters lured idf troops into the village and ambushed the fuck out of them, forcing them and numerous other israeli battalions to retreat back and away from the Lebanese border.

        Nancy, there's not a single military academy in the world that's not currently studying Hezbollah military tactics from the 2006 war.  And who did the Hezb tacticians draw from to create such a success story on the battlefields?  The Vietnamese resistance.  Oh, and a large measure of thoughtful and disciplined patience learned from their historic carpet-weaving allies in Iran.  (And I use the 'carpet weaver' wording here to demonstrate the mentality of a carpet weaver: simultaneous and equal attention to both fine detail and big picture, and much-much patience of expert, nimble fingers).

        Truth is, the israelis are not looking forward to the next war, but the Hezb & friends are.

      • NancyC says:

        Here’s a link to Part 1 of Counterpunch article, “How Hezbollah defeated Israel”, printed in Asia Times 10/12/06.

        This analysis by US military expert Anthony Cordsman is devastating to Israel.  The report repeatedly challenges & corrects Israeli lies like this excerpt:  **At no point during the war was any major Hezbollah political figure killed, despite Israel's constant insistence that the organization's senior leadership had suffered losses.**

        Similarly, Part 2 corrected Israeli statements that substantially more Hezbollah fighters were killed in the war than Israeli.

        ** Perhaps the most telling sign of Israel’s military failure comes in counting the dead and wounded. Israel now claims that it killed about 400-500 Hezbollah fighters, while its own losses were significantly less. But a more precise accounting shows that Israeli and Hezbollah casualties were nearly even. It is impossible for Shi’ites (and Hezbollah) not to allow an honorable burial for its martyrs, so in this case it is simply a matter of counting funerals. Fewer than 180 funerals have been held for Hezbollah fighters–nearly equal to the number killed on the Israeli side. That number may be revised upward: our most recent information from Lebanon says the number of Shi’ite martyr funerals in the south can now be precisely tabulated at 184.**

      • Cloak And Dagger says:

        I remember reading that article when it first came out. It can be summed up by one paragraph from it:

        From the onset of the conflict to its last operations, Hezbollah commanders successfully penetrated Israel's strategic and tactical decision-making cycle across a spectrum of intelligence, military and political operations, with the result that Hezbollah scored a decisive and complete victory in its war with Israel.


      • Taxi says:


        'Tis true: it's impossible for the Hezb to fiddle with the number of their dead as each Hezb fighter is considered a martyr and martyrs in Shia culture are celebrated publicly and bigly at their funerals, regardless of their rank.

        The nearest village to me has had two Hezbollah fighters martyred in Syria this year.  Their funerals were huge – even people from the surrounding villages attended: walking the long procession, chanting and beating their chests in synchronicity.  Most certainly a big fuss was made over dead Hezb fighters.

      • Taxi says:

        Cloak, the paragraph from the article you quote:

        From the onset of the conflict to its last operations, Hezbollah commanders successfully penetrated Israel's strategic and tactical decision-making cycle across a spectrum of intelligence, military and political operations, with the result that Hezbollah scored a decisive and complete victory in its war with Israel.

        Music to billion's of people's ears!

        This is why, for years now, I've had pitch-perfect confidence in the Hezb's ability.  This is why I feel safe to be in the south of Lebanon.  We note here that israel has avoided (like the plague) ANY contact with Hezbollah INSIDE of Lebanon since 2006's Hezb victory.  Yeah sure israel's been sending anti-hezb missiles here and there, but they've ALL been strikes inside Syria and NOT in Lebanon.

        When Nasrallah declares the next war is for "liberating Palestine", he ain't joking!  He thinks it can be done on the battlefield – otherwise he just wouldn't say it as is.

        Readers here should also know that Hamas is now aligned with the Hezb: bringing the liberation forces (Axis of Resistance in the Levant) that much closer to achieving their common objective: no more fucking israel!!!!!

      • Taxi says:

        Great vid share, Cloak.  I hadn't seen this particular documentary before (I tend to stay away from any Aljazeera product).  Refreshing to see real history coming out of Aljazeera instead of propaganda.

        You should expect israel's naval and airforce machinery to meet the same fate as their Merkavas in the next war.  Till such a time comes, the Hezb is patiently biting its lip and saving 'special' counter-weaponry for them two paper-tigers.

        I definitely look forward to more-more-more classic Hezbollah smarts like this:

  56. Taxi says:

    After ten years, Israel is still struggling to come to terms with probabably its greatest military blunder. (Middle East Explained)


    And it's a good place here to re-watch Norman Finklestein's view of Hezbollah after their 2006 victory against the jews of israel:


  57. Taxi says:

    Even though Hezbollah is deeply devoted to practicing Shia-Islam, their resistance fighters battle against sectarianism: protecting minorities and majorities alike from sectarian terrorism, protecting the faithful and the secular alike. 

    And in case you're wondering how the Lebanese Christian majority views Hezbollah, here's a video below of a famous Lebanese Christian singer, Julia Butros, dedicating a whole concert to praising and celebrating Hezbollah fighters as heroic patriots.  In other words, don't buy the jew MSM media that tells you that Lebanese Christians are anti Hezbollah.  The vast majority are indeed pro the Hezb.  The only Lebanse christians who are against the Hezb are the mini-minority Phalangists who sided with israel during the brutal israeli invasion/occupation of Lebanon back in the 80's (lasting some 18 years); and, who also have the evil distinction of having committed the infamous massacre at Sabra and Shatilla with the help of their israeli-jew bff, Sharon, the 'butcher of Beirut'.  Nobody in Lebanon, not even the majority of Christians, give a shit what the Phalange Party think or want these days – the Phalange have been thoroughly disgraced, discredited and their fascist manifesto scorned, rejected and spat on by the Lebanese.


  58. Cloak And Dagger says:

    As your post asserts, war looks imminent. What is unclear is who will prevail. If you are correct and the Hez has more strength than is understood by the west, then their victory seems plausible. If, on the other hand, the jews at BusinessInsider are correct, and the Hez is overextended from its engagement in Syria, then the outcome maybe less desirable:

    Why we're on the verge of another war in Lebanon

    From here in the mainland, it is impossible to know what is fact and what is fiction. What I do know is that the vaunted IDF, despite their training exercises simulating a war in Lebanon has not known real battle against a battle-hardened militia or army, and are probably lulled into a false sense of their own abilities after dealing with unarmed Palestinians with their firecrackers and stone-launching children. Such hubris has historically been the precursor to a fall. Shooting young boys playing soccer on a beach doesn't prepare you well for a real battle where your targets shoot back. It is also likely that Lebanon would not stand alone in such a war, and both Syria and Iran would be drawn into it – perhaps even Russia, although the latter seems less likely for fear of an escalation to WW3 against the US.

    All the claims of the past of how Afghanistan would be a certain victory, Iraq would be a cakewalk with Iraqis greeting us with roses, Assad would be destroyed – they have been just that – claims.

    So, the BusinessInsider article cited above is probably more such drivel. There is no way for me to know until the inevitable conflict erupts. It may be soon – perhaps early in 2018. 

    It may be a good time for you to take a sabbatical back to the mainland for a spell in the New Year, even though you strongly believe that you are safe where you are.


    • Taxi says:


      The jew media has for 6 years been saying that the Hezb are "over-extended", "broke", "demoralized" "down in numbers" etc because of their involvement in fighting ISIS in Syria (and pockets of ISIS in Lebanon too that have since been liberated by Hezb/Lebanese army).  Let me assure you this is NOT the case at all – and proof of that is that the Hezb organization (encompassing military, political and social agencies) have only grown in size and power since the assault on Syria began – even israeli military experts themselves keep telling us here and there that the Hezb is "stronger" now than it was in 2006!  The jews use this false narrative of "over-extended/blahblah" purely for domestic propaganda: the israeli public, like a clingy girlfriend need 24-7 assurances and psychological  nannying.

      And of course the war is coming and of course we don't today know the outcome of this war, but, we can make a bloody good guess (if you'll pardon the pun).  An informed guess – and it goes like this, Cloak:  tel aviv is currently in locked cross-hairs and whatever the israeli military does to Lebanon (and it will be bad-bad-bad!), nothing can save tel aviv from total destruction by Hezb missiles and weaponized drones.  And without tel aviv, there is no israel: ruined infrastructure/institutions/residentials/economy and mass jew exodus and all.  Even if israel turned Beirut into a smoking ruin, the Lebanese know how to survive without a central government (they've done it before and for several decades during their 1970's civil war) – plus, the Lebs are a wily and resourceful lot who are also well-practiced at post-war reconstruction – and, very importantly here, the return of Lebanese war refugees is super easy for them: nobody questions their legitimacy upon their return and nobody will be threatening them with force of arms upon their return to their natural homeland.  The pampered israelis, on the other hand haven't got a clue how to function under the duress of war, especially without their creature comforts and relentless government/military/media instruction – and I can't imagine fleeing, traumatized jews to be even thinking about returning to the holy land, especially if the war escalates to the point where israel's deadliest target, the Dimona, were to be hit (in response to a nuke on Tehran). A post-war return to a hostile holy land where zionist jews are still hated by the natives and where israeli policing units have been reduced to their minimum capacity and control, indeed looks decidedly dangerous.  Returning jews will be under a huge physical threat inside the holy land, whether israel wins or loses the war.  Repopulating the holy land with euro jews post a hezb-israel war will be close to impossible – especially if Palestinian armed resistances activate inside of the holy land and the Hezb remains intact.

      And you're right about the next war involving not just Hezb and israel, but also Syria and Iran and both their proxies from other countries.

      Cloak, I have no plans to leave the Lebanon when the next war hits.  My 5 rescue Levantean dogs need me and besides, if I left, you'll have no one in the Levant reporting on the situ to you – and we can't have that now, can we?  I'm definitely not leaving especially when I (personally) estimate the war to be a short (but bloody) one.

      I have a lot more to say on the coming Hezb-israel war from a geostrategic angle.  Perhaps I will make time to write a new article on this subject matter in the very near future.

      • Cloak And Dagger says:

        Well, I certainly hope you are right (you probably are). I worry about how many more foolish forays our own government will engage in. We are like cornered rats. Just yesterday, the SDF made a deal with ISIS to take over about 110 Km of eastern Euphrates river banks.

        We all know that ISIS is a creation of CIA/Mossad, and this latest move by the SDF/ISIS is a chess move to block Russia, who were able until now to continue to make progress in those areas to liberate them from ISIS, they can't do that against the US-backed SDF without escalating to WW3. Very frustrating!

        You are also correct that times have changed. We are finally able to call a spade a jew. People are now becoming increasingly aware of Israel's overreach as articles like these are starting to pop up:

        Boycott Israel & you won’t get aid donations, Hurricane Harvey victims told

        This is something the common US citizen is able to relate to and take notice of.

        Israel is trying to get a foothold near Iran by pushing for an independent Kurdistan populated by an influx of jews. They have even requested Moscow to provide them a "corridor" to fly supplies to the Kurds:


        Rumors are that Putin declined.

        But, even the Kurdish gambit is not going to work:

        Stick a Fork in Kurdish Independence and US Partitioning of Syria

        As the ancient Chinese curse goes, may you live in interesting times! The blood bath continues unabated for innocent civilians, however.


      • Taxi says:

        Great links – thanks Cloak.

        I especially liked the last one – and I'm in agreement with its author, Tom Luongo, that pretty soon, the US will 'declare victory in Syria then leave'. 

        Even though we're presently the Great Dunce of the middle east, we still live by the golden adage: Live To Fight Another Day.

        We don't wanna die, Cloak, we just wanna keep fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting till it's ashes-to-ashes time.  It's the American way 😉

      • Taxi says:

        Regarding the above linked story on Israel asking (Russia) for a corridor to Iraqi Kurdistan: clearly, the USA and israel are no longer in charge of either the Syrian or Iraqi skies.

        We are presently seeing the tangible results of Russia's successful mideast anti-terrorism campaigns that began with Russia's sudden and unexpected entry into the Syrian war theater.  We're now seeing the simultaneous weakening of USA-israeli hegemony in the mideast and Russia's well-measured ascension.

        If you recall, I deduced and wrote about this occurring here some two years ago. 

        *(We're quietly, stealthily ahead of the curve here at Platos's Guns :-))

      • Sparrow says:

        Dear Taxi…After reading your updates and turning off my computer…I was thinking of this:

        ["Cloak, I have no plans to leave the Lebanon when the next war hits.  My 5 rescue Levantean dogs need me and besides, if I left, you'll have no one in the Levant reporting on the situ to you – and we can't have that now, can we?  I'm definitely not leaving especially when I (personally) estimate the war to be a short (but bloody) one."]

        Please don't take this the wrong way, but I thought about you and your dogs and the outbreak of a {final} war with Israel…and the fact that you might find yourself in need of some help financially (just in case).  If you are able to set up a way for a few donations to get you through…I would be happy to give what I can.  Is there a safe way for it to reach you?  Think about it?  

        Now I can go to bed…surprise

        ps…go girl, you’re tough beans.  I wouldn't leave all my rescues and abandons either.  All or nothin'.  Be safe. Thank you.

      • Taxi says:

        Wow Sparrow – you are a super kind person.  Thank you for your earnest concern.  I'm in need of nothing, my dear, come rain or come shine, come peace or come war.

        Our government usually sends in the Marines to rescue Americans in sticky war situations overseas.  They did that in the 2006 war in Lebanon.

        The July 2006 Evacuation of American Citizens from Lebanon

        Yup – “All or nothin”!

      • Taxi says:


        I just came across this video that discusses the Hurricane-Relief/israel-boycott issue you linked to.  I'm not a big fan of TYT (Clinton agents!), but here it is (with angry comments):

  59. Taxi says:

    Philip Giraldi had a good piece at the Unz from a few days ago:

    "The Lobby" British Style

    Ten years ago, you couldn't even mention the phrase 'the lobby' or even lightly allude to political 'jewish power' – and just look at us today:  we're defiantly looking into every one of their nooks and cranies with flashlight and magnifying glass, despite their incessant smears and intimidation campaigns.

    I call that 'progress' against the treasonous elites and their jewish paymasters.

    • Taxi says:

      Again, I say that defeating the 'lobby' can only be done through the destruction of tel aviv.

      Nothing else will work – they're just too rich and powerful and burrowed in the sinews of our gov/media/intel/fed reserve to be brought down by article or video exposé.

      That's not to belittle the power of the exposés – they're extremely useful in educating the public – and as we all know, there is no progress without education/awareness.

      • Cloak And Dagger says:

        The colorful sunset in the western skies were obscured by the towering mushroom of flames over Dimona – a flash, a boom, and then an eerie hush and a collective gasp from the sudden intake of breath, followed by a thundering applause as the world rejoiced the demise of the greatest evil the world had ever seen, as they watched with glee as the tower of Sauron crumbled to the ground and 6 million rats scrambled to escape the sinking jewish ship and swim for the shores of their ancestors in the US and in Europe.

        — C&D


        P.S. I hope that we learned from history and are smart enough to turn them back from our shores before they get too close.

      • Taxi says:

        Cloak, I say fuck ’em! If jew Harvey Weinstein can show us movies of DC and the White House getting bombed and nuked, you sure as heck are allowed your graphic prose on the destruction of tel fucking aviv!

  60. Taxi says:

    Like rust, them jewicons never sleep – always always always looking for the next mass murder of innocents in faraway lands – always in the name of israel – always pushing our goy army to spill blood for tel aviv and be killed too in the name of jew greed and land grabs:

    America should expand and strengthen its footholds within Syria near Iranian positions and accept the risk that Iranian proxies might attack them, where upon U.S. forces should counterattack decisively.

    • Sparrow says:

      No shit Kagan at it again with his god complex.  Noticed right away Israel wasn't in the mix.  

      All I can say is that the US will lose.  Israel will lose.  And a big Halleluyah for that.  The Iranians et al are too smart and cunning, they know the land, the people and their support is big (to include mine).  Respecting International Law will win and they have done that all the way.  The arrogance of Israel and US will be decapitated.  waiting…waiting…waiting.sad

      I also feel that's when Mr. Kim of North Korea and Palestinian ally will rattle a few nerves to keep the US diverted over there.  But arrogance can't think nor see straight.  The Jews think when its all said and done they will somehow(?) prevail(?).  Insanity.  With their lemon F35's…its in the bag.  Be safe Taxi…thank you.

    • Taxi says:

      I can't tell the difference between mossad and CIA activities in the mideast anymore – can you?  So much coordination between them two entities that they've merged into a single two-headed beast: immoral, breaking international law 24/7 and directly empowering terrorists to benefit israel and our Military Industrial Complex:

  61. Taxi says:

    Does anyone in israel actually have a clue?  The answer to this question is a resounding NO!

    But hey, let's not be exaggerating cynics here, let's see for ourselves what an israeli "expert" on the Hezb has to say today – and best part: check out how the israeli media nannies its huddled jewish readers:

    'Iran-led Shiite axis is Israel's biggest enemy' – says israeli "expert/professor".

    I almost feel sorry for the fuckers – they're not gonna know what hit them when it starts raining Hezb missiles and weaponized drones over their dumb chosenite heads.

    For any jew blood spilled in the next war, I squarely put all blame on the rabbinical madrasses who teach jew-sheeple and elites alike that they're born 'chosen'.

    By now, smart jews should know that they can actually stop the ongoing hostilities/genocides/antisemitism etc by simply denouncing the trouble-making and absurd tenet that deems jews are born chosen-by-god.  (I mean there are so many intellectual, scientific and moral contradictions in this very delusional idea, I wouldn't know where to start from!)

    And judging by the sound of crickets I've been hearing for years from 'smart jew' circles on this very 'chosenite' point, clearly there are no smart jews around.  Only smart ex-jews.

    • NancyC says:

      The problem with "choseness" is it's joined at the hip with contempt for non-jews which always causes the Tribe to overplay their hands & to underestimate their adversaries. 

      In the link quoted the "expert" is scrambling to justify/reassure reasons for  not "retaliating" to four Syrian rockets "accidental spillover" into the stolen Golan Heights. 

      ** Regarding the Israeli response to the firing from Syria, Maoz said, "This is Syrian sovereignty and we are attacking another country, but the Syrians will not do anything unusual without Iranian and Russian support. The question is what they decide to do in consultation with them. We should perhaps consider whether we should reduce the retaliation. It is right to punish the Syrians for what is happening, but we do not have to violate Syrian sovereignty so crudely. This is a very delicate question."**

      The author depicts the military quandary as a "delicate" question when he is really describing a bedrock moral question that Judaism repeatedly fails.  How else can one analyze this statement "We do not have to violate Syrian sovereignty so crudely".    

      I recommend a well researched & readable book, Judaism's Strange Gods Revised & Expanded 2017 by Michael Hoffman.  The book was first published in 2011 and is now on its 5th printing. 

      • Taxi says:

        Nancy, thank you for alerting us to the existence of a "smart jew" – wow, what a fascinating anomaly!  Great book recommendation you've shared –  I read some Amazon reviews of it just now and learned much from just even doing that – fascinating indeed!

        On so many occasions, in articles and in comments, and for years and years now, I have repeatedly asserted that judaism is a desert pagan cult that uses a mono-god instead of poly-gods at their alter.  Asserted also that the modern israeli gene pool has nothing to do with Abraham's bloodline.  Really, to me, the creation of the abominable state of israel was about mass identity theft and the biggest real estate swindle the world has ever known.  A swindle that has caused the death of millions and the misery of billions, all for the sake of protecting 7 million humanity-hating fake jews and their global crime syndication.

        …  Then came along the antidote: the Hezbollah 🙂

      • NancyC says:

        The thing about Hoffman's book, Judaism's Strange Gods is the indictment of Judaism comes directly from sacred rabbinical texts which are clearly identified. Genocidal Zionism is understandable when rabbinical teachings state that Jews killing Non-Jews quite literally meets the definition of "kosher" as in "satisfying the requirements of Jewish law".

        Page 192 – Judaism's Strange Gods

        **If a gentile kills a Jew, the gentile is to be killed.  But if a Jew kills a gentile, the Jew is to go free. (BT Sanhedrin 57a).**

        **Relying upon the Code of Maimonides and the Halacha, the Gush Emunium leader Rabbi Israel Ariel stated: "A Jew who killed a non-Jew is exempt from human judgment and has not violated the religious prohibition of murder." (178 Shahak and Mezvinsky, op.cit)**

        Excerpt on pedophilia. P 362 Judaism's Strange Gods: 

        **If a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for having intercourse with a girl less than three years old is like putting a finger in the eye". (BT Ketubot 11b)  The Talmud goes on to clarify "…just as a finger stuck in an eye will cause the eye to water, yet the eye will heal and return to its former state, so the hymen of a girl under three will rupture during intercourse but will heal later".

        Pedophilia – P 358, Judaism's Strange Gods

        **…intercourse with a boy under nine years old is not considered a significant sexual act…** (BT Ketubot 11b)

        Explanation: since a child less than nine years old cannot commit sodomy, "…a child less nine years old cannot be the object of sodomy" (BT Sanhedrin 54b). 

        Hoffman is a Christian scholar & former  Associated Press reporter, New York bureau..

      • Taxi says:

        Nancy, there is no question whatsoever that the talmud is an instructions book for jews to go forth and genocide all non-jew gods, their people and their cities. And it’s crazy that most Americans don’t know this basic fact!

  62. Taxi says:

    Some links from today's jew media:

    Hezbollah-aligned German center declares 'resistance' against Israel

    My comment regarding the above link: to expect global Shias to be pro-israel is ridiculous – but of course Shias will be punished all over the world for their rejection of israel; punished especially now that Iran-Hezbollah are on a marvelous and well-deserved winning streak. Taken from the linked article above, I found this quote particularly sickening:

    “When somebody in Germany says that Israel is the enemy, that is, for me, intolerable. I am a big friend of Israel, and the friendship to Israel belongs to Germany’s raison d’état. Therefore this statement [from Hassan Jawad] is condemned by me in the strongest terms” – NRW interior minister, Herbert Reul.

    So sad to see the historically great German people offer themselves as doormat for israel.

    Also, the so-called 'spillover' that hit the Golan a couple of days ago, Leiberman contradicted its launch-source yesterday, only to have the israeli military contradict Leiberman today.

    Didn't I tell you the israelis haven't got a clue about what's going on?  Total panic mode 24/7.  The military leadership in israel is spooked.  They fear a Hezb preemptive strike that will force israel into a full-throttle war they're not ready for, or capable of winning.  And they will never be ready for it.  The combination of their enemies' capable weapons and the small size of israel's geography cannot be altered.  These are the two lethal fixed conditions that israel will have to go to war to attempt to alter.  But they don't want to go to a war where so much is stacked against them.

    Do you see now israel's dilemma? 

    Do you understand now why israeli soldiers sleep with boots on?

  63. Taxi says:

    Al-Mayadeen News TV today did a segment that celebrated the efforts of Syrian tank-mechanics on the battlefield: regular garage-Joes whose hard work and ingenuity have saved many soldier and civilian lives.

    I thought that was an awesome topic: paying homage to wartime mechanics – I never saw anything like that on American TV during any of our many wars.  Kudos to Al-Mayadeen for giving spotlight and applause to all ranks of Syrian heroes as they continue their successful fight against the barbaric terrorism of ISIS and the Zio-West.

    • Taxi says:

      That's a beautiful share, thank you.

      I used to go bird-watching at the Salton Sea every October.  I'd be ready and sat in a deck chair in the middle of the desert with steaming coffee cup in hand at 4am – waiting in dark silence, waiting for first light, waiting for the first bird song before it quickly became an orchestra of a thousand different bird songs and flapping wings in the sky – sometimes even a cargo train in the distance would chug-along to the rhythm.  So profound.  Natural ambient music at its finest.

  64. Taxi says:

    At AIPAC central, they have a department that writes pro-israel articles, then asks one of their many minion-agents, often gentiles, to sign up as authors of the propaganda screed.  And lately, we've seen an increase in anti-Hezb articles.  Look at this piece here below, signed by German general Klaus Naumann and Brit brass (no less than a titled fucking 'lord' too!), Richard Dannatt.

    A third Lebanon war looms: To stop it, US must curtail Iran, sanction Hezbollah

    This tells me that israel is desperate to get NATO to fight Hezbollah – cuz it can't do it itself and is not 100% sure of yanky ability to give 100% support (with US boots on Lebanon ground).  One thing is for sure: there's currently a new and vast Axis of Evil conspiracy against the top enemy of israel: hezbollah.

    And what does the hezb think about all this sudden spotlighting?  Not much – they don't give a fuck about what the evil Imperial West thinks – it's going ahead with its plan to destroy tel aviv, the global center for terrorism, anyway. 

    The article talks about 'sanctions' – but what they really mean when they use the word 'sanction' is that they intend to eventually introduce a military muscle or two and commit genocide.  We know damn well that 'sanctions' in jew hands eventually turns to genocide.

    Hezbollah's victory against israel in 2006 established a most powerful balance-of-terror between it and israel.  More than that, this same balance-of terror appears to also apply to NATO and the USA.  Anyone touches Lebanon or its allies in a 'funny' way and tel aviv will be wiped out.

    … Oh them wily hezbeez! 

      • NancyC says:

        You are right about the comments section for the most part not buying the poor Israel victim line and giving historical reasons why in marked contrast to the name calling genocidal comments by the much fewer supporters of Israel.

        In general I've noticed we're seeing this kind of commentary on many MSM  propaganda pieces since Russia militarily entered Syria in September 2015 changing the "facts on the ground" Jews so often like to talk about when it comes to West Bank illegal settlements.  In my opinion this was another overreach backfire & direct response to Jewish Victoria Nuland & husband Robert Kagan's attempts to lure Russia into a NATO war trap by setting up the Ukrainian coup in May 2014.

        In a master chess move Putin switched the military conflict zone from Ukraine to Syria. 

  65. Sparrow says:


    More inspiring, recent BDS news: 


    1. Denmark's third largest pension fund, Sampension, excludes four companies from its portfolio, citing their investments in illegal Israeli settlements. The four companies are all companies targeted by the BDS movement.

    2. UN Women becomes the fifth UN agency in Jordan to drop its contracts with G4S following a campaign by BDS activists. This comes on the heels of 7 public and private companies in Jordan also discontinuing their contracts with G4S. G4S is the world's largest security company and is complicit in Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights.

    3. A 16-million strong organization in India declares support for the BDS movement. The group is the largest organization representing peasants in India. It has vowed to resist the corporate takeover of Indian agriculture by Israeli companies and to stop Israel from reaping profits in India that finance Israeli military occupation and apartheid.

    4. Medical students at Chile's largest university overwhelmingly vote for BDS to advance Palestinian human rights.

    5. BDS activists successfully convince Australian RFDS, one of the largest aeromedical organizations in the world, to refuse services from the Israeli military and tech company Elbit Systems. Elbit Systems is responsible for building Israel’s apartheid wall and for producing killer drones used by the Israeli military in its multiple attacks on Palestinian civilians in Gaza . This victory follows an 18-month campaign supported by the Australian public alongside public officials and doctors.

    6. Renowned Portuguese photographers pledge to respect the Palestinian call for BDS by engaging in the cultural boycott of Israel, and call for other Portuguese photographers to join them. 

    7. Award-winning British filmmaker Ken Loach donates proceeds from screenings of his latest film to the BDS movement, as a gesture of his support.

    8. An upscale Tokyo department store withdraws products made in illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land.

    9. The Municipality of Cádiz, Spain cancels an Israeli film series sponsored by the Israeli government, respecting the Palestinian call to boycott Israeli apartheid. The series was in conflict with the City Council’s official commitment to respect the human rights principles set by the BDS movement.



    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Sparrow for the great links-update.

      Personally, I’m all for boycotting israel – been doing it off my own volition since the 80’s. But I hold the main organizers of BDS-USA, like Jewish Voices for Peace and all their associates like Mondoweiss, in absolute and utter contempt. I see them as part of israel’s ‘Controlled Opposition’ team: the most dangerous weapon isreal has against civil-protest.

      Sparrow, notice how all of your links speak of non-American BDS successes and not American ones. American BDS is controlled by Jewish Voices for Peace and partly funded by Seban (the quieter Soros), as well as getting substantial membership fees (they boast 100.000+ membership @ $18 minimum). For all the funding they have and all the years they’ve worked, they’ve yet to get a single US politician to say a single nice word about Palestine, let alone affect legislation that benefits Palestinians. No, siree, you’ll NEVER get that from BDS/USA. I loathe them to infinity! They’re fake motherfucking activists! Bullies and gatekeeping scum!!!

      • Sparrow says:

        Wow Taxi…didn't know.  Thanks for setting that deception straight with me.  I'm so glad to have stumbled across your blog…actually someone left your link at another blog I read.  You get to the teeth of these horrible deceivers, so we wouldn't know otherwise.  Thanks again.  You're tops.  Stay safe.  Hugs to puppies.  (Your valuable wisdom of years of research is surely a blessing…to me anyway.)  And thanks for not withholding or PC holding.

      • Taxi says:

        Such kind words, thank you.

        “By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War”, is the Mossad motto.

        Never forget that.

        Stay vigilant.

  66. Taxi says:

    Funny, the 'report' linked inside the article below, well, its 'expert military' authors sound like they too have been reading Plato's analysis:  Israel-Hezbollah war is inevitable, sure to be devastating — defense experts report

    And… we sure were expecting this one here below to become official (yawn) – (and as if sanctions are gonna stop the pulverization of tel aviv when war breaks out!):  US imposes new sanctions on Hezbollah

    Thank dog there's often the comedic jew chest-puffing going on when it comes to intelligence gathering on Hezb:  Israel unmasks new Hezbollah commander on Syrian Golan.   I mean, they have no proof of anything on the guy except for a picture and some nicknames, lol.  Plus, he could so easily be a decoy placed there by the hezb while the real hezb movers and shakers plot and plan in safe anonymity.

  67. Taxi says:

    I'm beginning to see much regurgitation of same jew media info on Hezbollah and the inevitable/imminent war with Israel.  No need therefore to link you same-same and waste your time – you already know the stuff.

    I think we've covered enough of this issue for the time being.  But should I come across a good article on the subject matter, I will share it here with readers.  I think I will take a short sabbatical for the time being, but do feel free to keep posting among yourselves –  I will keep an eye on this thread and clear comments if they get stuck in 'pending'.

    I'm hoping to make enough time to write a new article in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!

    • Sparrow says:

      Jews are as unfaithful as the wind.  We love(d) our home in Lebanon but the grass is greener in a racist man made land right next door.  Goodbye fair weather friends we really don't like non Jews except to 'light our stove' in mockery of a fake, racist, hateful, shoot and kill our neighbors religion.  Long live 1948 the year we maimed, looted, stole, kickedout, murdered and ethnically cleansed the local indigenous dwellers of ancient Palestine.  We will become millionairs and know each other by the walls and checkpoints we have made for our neighbors…the ones who have honorably kept the ancient buildings still standing with its ancient history written within its stones.  Yes dear fellow Jews We Will fulfill our duties as chosen ones to let the world know we reign.  We will kill those who get in our way and never give a thought to the ones we once knew.    

      Imagine Lebanese goy keeping up a synagogue.  Never mind the painstaking time it took to lovingly return 3 books to its rightful owner.  Was there thanks?  No.  

      This video and ever since I have been impressed by Arabs and Christians in the ME consistently and continually confirms the peaceful nature they possess, the honor they uphold and the dignity they live by.  Why are Jews so self centered mammon god psycho narcissists that killing their neighbor is justified, bombing their 'friends' is a duty and lying their life away is paradise?  If paradise is so grand then why be a dual citizen?  Why live a dual life…the life you lead and the life you left behind?  A Jew will NEVER let go of greed, never be satisfied and never allow their racist soul be delivered.  Good on Lebanon for not allowing them to come back…for they are upholding the immigrants wishes.   And how is it that ME Jews worship the false Holocaust living in a stolen land based upon it?

  68. NancyC says:

    Washington Post hired Jewish John Podesta Feb 2017 shortly after Wikileaks outed Podesta & his brother as pedophile child traffickers in the Pizza/Pedo Gate disclosures that broke all over the internet Thanksgiving weekend 2016.  Podesta is also nailed re Satanic ritual pedophilia and, along with his brother matches Interpol police photos of 2 suspects in a 2004 missing European 3 year old case.  I googled ‘Podesta pedophilia art work’ and found links like this one:

    Global elite pedophilia links with honey trap & blackmail of Congress & other institutions.  Some of it real, some of it Mossad manipulated: EG Congressman thinks he’s at a party with a supplied prostitute & wakes up in bed with a 12 year old complete with photographs.  I posted elsewhere that Talmudic Judaism doesn’t really have a problem with pedophilia.  Also explains why Virginia/DC hub have by far the highest per capita missing child rates in the US. 

    Connect endless mid-east Wars for the Jews and orchestrated flooding Europe with migrants with global elite child trafficking.  Thousands of children are “missing” In Syria & other war zones, meaning the children are not accounted for as “collateral damage” during a drone raid, migrated with parents, etc.  The BBC in October 2016 asks “Why are 10,000 Migrant Children Missing in Europe.”

    Hugh Hefner was cooperating with LAPD regarding his alleged rape of a 5 year old girl in 2009. Newswire 09/29/17 reported – Police: “Pedophile Hugh Hefner was murdered”. 

    **Police have reportedly launched a murder inquiry into the death of Hugh Hefner, with insiders believing it is “extremely likely” the Playboy founder was silenced before he could name Hollywood elite pedophiles as part of a plea deal. **   Partially explains why  Harvey Weinstein story broke the following week, October 5, 2017. 

    And Jews are behind Trump's current battle on release of Kennedy Assassination files because the files almost certainly are going to cover Israel's front & center role.

  69. Taxi says:

    Should we feel sorry for israelis if their Ammonia plant or their Dimona were hit in the next war and thus they suffered the dire and deadly consequences?  Should we weep for them when they themselves have already remorselessly used chem/bio/mini-nukes on the people of Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, and Syria?

    Please don't take these questions lightly – the morality here carries great gravitas. 

    How should the humanist, the Athenian and the believer in unconditional love judge those who have used weapons of mass destruction against masses of humanity?  What would be fair punishment?  What would justice look like in this instance? 

    Is there ever a justification for the use of weapons of mass destruction against an evil and unrepentant minority?

    These are some of the moral questions that I find myself still seeking definitive answers for.  I keep vacillating hither and dither and I've yet to arrive at a 'comfortably pragmatic' place.

    Today I was reminded of the above moral conundrum by this article here:

    Israel uses Poison Gas in attack on Gaza tunnel

    Analysts on Arab media TV are saying that israel is punishing Palestinians with poison gas as show of dark displeasure at recent Palestinian Unity Deal.

    I say the mass-murderous israelis are always looking to use banned weapons on (guinea pig) civilians and resistance fighters if they know they can get away with it.  I deduce this from their long-observed criminal pattern of behavior.

    • NancyC says:

      It's a very real moral dilemma of love and justice complicated with the realities that in the case of Israel & Tulmudic Judaism there is the real issue that this is a culture that conflates control/power/mammonism/tribal identity with life itself.  Golda Meir's threat of nuclear blackmail Samson Option in the 1973 Yom Kippur War historically did occur. 

      The difference between emotional homicide and suicide is often the direction.  The feeling is identical in that the anger/despair can go outward/inward or both directions. Domestic Violence research indicates the most life threatening dangerous time is after the woman has left the batterer.  This explains the guy who tracks his ex down, kills her, sometimes the kids & then himself.  In short it's the DV Samson Option of pulling the family house down. 

      So this adds another moral level to the dilemma.  How do you deal with a nation state of batterers that are willing to employ the Samson Option? 

    • Taxi says:

      The difference between emotional homicide and suicide is often the direction.  The feeling is identical in that the anger/despair can go outward/inward or both directions – Nancy

      Penetrating insight into the human condition – thank you, Nancy.

      Fortunately for the Axis of Resistance, they can now counter israel's nuke threat with threats to strike israel's own nuclear facilities – finally, they now have this effective counter-capability.  There are no more blackmail games israel can play with its nukes in this regard.  But for sure, israel's so-called 'Sampson Option' (SO) remains a possibility if israel is cornered.  But I have had seasoned experts on israel disagree with me on this point: they reckon the 'SO' is israel's most successful bluff; that israel knows if it uses this option against the peaceful world then the blow-back would be that no jew, jew-property or possessions would ever be safe anywhere in the four corners of the world; and certainly their holocaust begging bowl would instantly dry up and never see a single gentile cent ever drop into it again.  Added to this mix of reasons is the observation that jews as tribalists have historically acted out of cowardice more often than not, therefore their risk-taking calculus is somewhat on the lower side.  Mindful here that 'overreach' is not the same as 'courage' – overreach (a jewish specialty) is the result of illusions of grandeur, whereas courage is the result of righteous, animated empathy.

  70. Taxi says:

    Today marks the centenary of the signing of the infamously evil Balfour Declaration.

    We can clearly see with our own eyes the trail of death and despair that this contract between these two evil signatories has created in the past 100 years.

    And let us not forget here that this shameful signature that illegally gave Palestine to european convert jews without the consent of native Palestinians occurred before the so-called jewish holocaust.  This side of the 21st century, Teresa May said she was extremely proud of the Balfour Declaration – and what an absolutely wicked and disgustingly racist thing to say!

    Here's some headlines that mark the event from different perspectives:

    Britain must atone for the Balfour declaration – and 100 years of suffering/by Mahmud Abbas

    Ahead of Balfour 100, UK enshrines Churchill’s headstrong case for Israel/Times of Israel

    The Balfour Declaration review: conflict and coexistence in Israel’s promised land/The Guardian

    The Balfour Declaration was intended as Britain's answer to the 'Jewish Question', an attempt to divert Jewish immigration away from its own shores/Haaretz

    Balfour Declaration at 100: Seeds of Discord/Al-Jazeera

    British activists walk from UK to Palestine to apologize for Balfour Declaration/Al-Arabiya

    And here's a short video on the many attempts at 'Balforing' Palestine throughout history (*recommended):

  71. Harry Law says:

    This speech by Gaddafi to the Arab league in Syria in 2009 is well worth listening to.

    "We are the enemies of one another,I'm sad to say, we all hate one another, we deceive one another, we gloat at the misfortune of one another, and we conspire against one another, our intelligence agencies conspire against one another, instead of defending us against the enemy, we are the enemies of one another and an Arabs enemy is another Arabs friend. If we only used such ferocity against the enemy. We meet in Syria which is an Arab country, but the relations Syria has with Russia, Iran or Turkey are a thousand times better than its relations with its Arab neighbours. The relations that Libya has with Italy are a thousand times better than its relations with its neighbours Egypt and Tunisia. This is the situation of the Arabs".

    Earlier in his speech Gaddafi said An entire Arab leadership was executed by hanging [Saddam Hussein] who was a friend of Cheney and Rumsfelt, ultimately they sold him out, but one of these days America may hang us. Prescient words

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Harry. Yes, classic Gaddafi words. Apparently, ‘unhinged’ Arab leaders have more honesty in their pinky than the whole of the so-called ‘rational’ Western world leaders and their jew masters.

  72. Taxi says:

    The artist Banksy threw a Balfour 'Apology' Street Party outside his Walled Off Hotel in the West Bank.

    "The British didn't handle things well here – when you organize a wedding, it's best to make sure the bride isn't already married" – Banksy.

  73. Taxi says:

    I'm assuming by now readers have heard of the sudden resignation of Lebanese PM, Hariri, announced from no less than Riyadh and on saudi TV: citing fear for his life from a hezbollah/Iran assassination.


    No.  Melodramatic?  Yes.  Methinks.

    Nasrallah tonight is slated to give a speech addressing this latest hot development – I will comment on this speech tomorrow.

    In the meantime, why not ponder on the 'timing' connection between the very recent and vital strategic military victories of Iraq and Syria against jewyISIS – victories that now insure a contiguous strategic ground connection between Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and occupied Palestine.  Ponder on the Druze protesting against israeli/Al-Nusra collusion in occupied Golan; Hariri's sudden resignation; Saudi overnight political purges; Yemen's missile hitting Riyadh; and… the butterfly that just landed on a spearmint leaf in Peru 🙂

    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      From what I have read, Hariri is a Saudi stooge, and his departure, particularly announced from Riyadh rather than Beirut, is another US/Israel/Saudi play on trying to cast Iran in the role of assassin and a terrorist state.

      As you have noted, now that the total defeat of the empire in the Syrian war is all but accomplished, these governments are all running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I doubt if any of them had anticipated this outcome in the ME, and so, a ready-made strategy was probably not prepared for this eventuality. I think what we are seeing are rapid makeshift tactics in lieu of a real strategy. I can't recall Iran having assassinated anyone in 300 years, so only the gullible would believe the story being put out as the reason for his resignation. It is, in fact, Mossad/CIA that have assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists and others over the las few decades. If anything, Hariri may have had a horse's head delivered on his pillow by the Jewish mafia for having failed to stem the Hez.

      I am waiting to see what the response to the Israeli jets in Lebanese airspace, targeting Syrian positions is. I had expected that Russia would send S-400s their way, but that hasn't happened because that would escalate to a full-scale war with the US/Israel. More likely, I expect Iranian S-300s to show up in Syria, which would prevent such a drastic escalation, while still blocking these illegal actions by Israel. This may be the calm before the storm.




      • Cloak And Dagger says:

        From the sublime to the ridiculous:

        In between these events, Houthi rebels in Yemen fired a missile which nearly hit King Khalid International Airport in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, before being intercepted by a Saudi missile. Later, Saudi media stated that the Houthi rocket was an attempt on Hariri’s life, a claim which seems quite outlandish given the crude nature of Houthi weapons.

        Clearly, a very poorly thought-through set of events. It is evident that Saudi and Israel are indistinguishable and this kingdom will topple once the populace realizes that their leaders are Israeli crypto jews.


    • Cloak And Dagger says:

      He instead revealed that Hariri had received western warnings that an assassination plot against him was being prepared, which prompted him to leave the country and announce that he was stepping down.

      How gullible do they think everyone is?

      From any objective point of view, Nasrallah’s calming speech calling for the unity of Lebanon behind the principles of peace and constitutionality, was far more statesmanlike than the hurried rambling resignation speech made by Hariri in Saudi Arabia, live on Saudi state-run Al Arabiya TV.

      What does that tell you?

      He then remarked that during his resignation speech, Hariri used terminology that was not Lebanese but Saudi, thereby indicating that the author of the speech was likely a Saudi political writer rather than Hariri or anyone from Lebanon. Furthermore, he stated that the resignation was a Saudi decision, dictated by Saudi leaders and that it was not Hariri’s intent nor his decision to resign.

      And there you have it, ladies and germs.

      • Cloak And Dagger says:

        Good analysis by The Duran:

        Such a message is summarised as follows: Saudi has surrendered in its attempts to politically influence the Levant and will allow the chips to fall where they may. The Saudi puppet is out of Lebanon and Saudi won’t do anything meaningful to oppose Hezbollah in the post-Hariri era in Lebanon. Instead, Saudi will focus on domestic political changes to pave the way for a more ‘eastern friendly’ MBS regime in Riyadh.

        Here, the implied advantage to Russia is that President Michel Aoun will be allowed to form a new government in Beirut that will be more amenable to Russian and consequently Chinese interests in the region, thus giving the eastern superpowers an unbroken chain of partners in the region stretching from Pakistan to Iran, into Iraq and Syria and finishing on the Mediterranean with Lebanon.

        In return, it is implied that Russia will continue to resist any US attempts to slow down MBS’ ascent to power.

        2 radically different interpretations of Saudi’s ‘great purge’ and Lebanese PM Hariri’s ‘resignation’

  74. Sparrow says:

    Hi Taxi

    I was waiting for your entry re: Hariri…I hope Lebanon bars the betrayer from coming back.  In my mind there is nothing worse than that kind of treasonous treachery…once condemned  by a death sentence in the US.  But now the whole of DC is nothing but this kind of viper.  It is my hope that the Lebanese will unite together and look to Hassan Nasrallah for leadership.  He is one steadfast and honest broker wholly committed to Lebanon and her people.  God bless Him.  I wish there were someone like him for the US.  Much respect and consistent truth he holds and the same for the Iranian leadership.  Can't believe yet another US base formed in Syria aligned with treacherous Kurd SDF.  Good on Erdogan  for trying to squash that hideous love of (greater) Israel…all I can do is hope against hope for Lebanon, Iran, Russia, Syria, and all the rest of the upturned ME.  I will end with the same vid from earlier that Lebanese might get encouragement…  As always Be Safe friend.

    How to confuse the enemy…

  75. Sparrow says:

    What Did Netanyahu, Liberman Say about Hariri’s Resignation?

     7 hours ago  November 5, 2017

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman turned to advantage from Lebanese PM Saad Hariri’s resignation by attacking Iran and Hezbollah.

    “The resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri and his statements are a wake-up call for the international community to act against Iranian aggression,” Netanyahu said, adding that Iran was “trying to turn Syria into a second Lebanon,” Netanyahu, who is in London, tweeted.

    “This aggression endangers not only Israel, but the entire Middle East. The international community needs to unite and stand against this aggression,” the Israeli PM added.

    For his part, Israeli DM warned that Lebanon “would become like Iran.”

    “Lebanon=Hezbollah. Hezbollah=Iran. Lebanon=Iran,” Liberman tweeted.

    “Iran is a danger to the world. Saad Hariri proved this today. Period,” the Israeli minister added.

    Source: Israeli media

    • Taxi says:

      What pathetic fucks!  Somebody need remind the israelis that a Prime Minister's resignation does NOT get rid of Hezbollah's missiles.  The joke is still on the stupid jews of israel.

  76. Taxi says:

    Right… well, Cloak and Dagger has already kindly provided us with a decent Duran summary of Nasrallah's speech on Hariri's weird resignation – so, no point in me repeating.

    But… I can tell you an interesting/fun bit of gossip that a Saudi insider once told me about the personal hostility between Saad Hariri and Crown Clown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.  No, you will not find this info in the alt or msm media.

    My insider source once told me that the Clown-Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) has always had a personal problem with Saad Hariri – that for unknown reasons (probably jealousy), the Clown Prince has always been derogatory and demeaning towards Hariri behind his back, thinking him a 'softie' and untrustworthy.  And when MBS was (controversially) promoted to Crown Clown Prince two years ago, he got drunk on power and his ego blew to the size of Uranus and he had no compunction thus calling Hariri names and belittling him in his face while present once at a palace meeting.  The young Hariri apparently verbally defended himself with gusto against his royal rudeness which only riled the Clown Prince further and it all ended with a FIST FIGHT between them, MBS having thrown the first punch.  Yeah, my source says they duked it out and those present at the meeting had to physically interfere to stop them.  Since then, no direct official meetings between the two have been held (easy to verify this).  They've been present in the same room at a couple of official State functions, but no official meetings between them have been had.  For over a year now, Hariri has been considered 'persona-non-grata' by the Clown Prince's office.

    Well, this puts some light on the timing of Hariri's forced resignation.  It seems that MBS and his gangbangers (including Trump nodding approval from sideline) are nabbing Saudi billionaires and not just freezing their assets, but actually seizing their assets – and in the spirit of this hunting-party, both Hariri and Bin Talal (a twitter enemy of Trump's), were both lassoed in and punished by the Billionaire Bully Club because, well, because they simply 'can'.

    Obviously, like Nasrallah said in his speech last night: we know so little of what actually happened to Hariri in the 24 hours he spent in Saudi before he made his resignation announcement, that it doesn't serve anything to fly off into speculation.  Let's wait and see what kind of info comes to light in the next few days before a solid analysis can be arrived at.

    In the meantime, I will remind readers that 'purges' occur when a regime's coffers and nerves are rattled.  And this is what we are witnessing today happen in Saudi Arabia.

  77. Taxi says:

    Saudi elite purges are getting brutal:

    Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, a business partner of former Lebanese PM Hariri, dies during arrest


    Saudi regime orders arrest of so-called “Syrian opposition leaders”

    Lest not forget here that the allegations of 'corruption' behind this Saudi crackdown is but a guise to assert/regain/gain further powers/assets and punish irritating ally and foe alike.

    It's all looking a bit 'off with their heads' at the Saudi palace coffee party.

    The death of the prince in the first link will create earthquakes inside the royal palaces – and the arrest warrants for the 'Syrian opposition leaders' will send quakes and dismay in every terrorist camp in Syria and Iraq.

    Hands down, Saudi has lost Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Saudi stupidity has handed Iran and its allies yet another victory.

  78. NancyC says:

    Excellent military/political analysis by Alistair Crooke posted 11/04/17 on Consortium News. “Israel/Saudi Tandem to Syria" Loss”. 

    The gist of the article is that Israel has failed to adjust to losses in Syria & is now attempting to set up  Saudi Arabia in a “new front” initiated by Hariri’s sudden resignation.  Crooke points out that the corner stone of the plan to modernize Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism is a non-starter because Israeli’s do not understand Moslem religion.  Excerpt by Turkish political analysis Ibrahim Karagui:  **…attempt to make Islam in the Christian “Westphalian” image has a disastrous history. The metaphysics of Islam are not those of Christianity. And Saudi Arabia cannot be made “moderate” by Mohammad bin Salman just ordering it. It would entail a veritable cultural revolution to shift the basis of the kingdom, away from the rigors of Wahhabism to some secularized Islam.**

    Crooke reports links to a report by Alex Fishman, "'the doyen of Israeli defense columnists".  **Israel has gained some tactical victories in the neighborhood (i.e. over the Palestinians generally, and in weakening Hamas), but it has lost sight of the wider strategic picture. In effect, Israel has lost its ability to dominate the region.**

    In another classic example of Jewish overreach & arrogance, Crooke points out how non-stop MSM attempts to demonize & derail the Trump Presidency will backfire by brilliantly analyzing how Trump will side step any attempts to involve US in Israel’s next war.  Crooke also reminds us USA did not intervene against Hezbollah in 2006. 

    **And President Trump? He is wholly (and understandably) preoccupied with the low-intensity war being waged against him at home. He probably tells Netanyahu whatever it is that might advance his domestic battles (in Congress, where Netanyahu has influence). If Bibi wants a fiery speech at the U.N. berating Iran, then, why not? Trump can then call on the trifecta of White House generals to “fix it” (just as he did with JCPOA, passing it to Congress “to fix”), knowing that the generals do not want a war with Iran.**   

    • Taxi says:

      Great link – thanks Nancy.

      The danger is a “black swan.” What happens if Israel goes on attacking the Syrian army and industrial premises in Syria (which is happening almost daily) – and Syria does shoot down an Israeli jet?

      I'll tell what will happen: israel will eat crow and stop sending jets over cuz it's not ready for a big war.  Israel knows that when Syria starts responding to israeli jets with such force, it means Syria is ready for the great battle of the Golan, which israel will lose, thus israel needs to keep delaying the Golan confrontation in the hope of creating 'better odds' against Syria in the future.  Israel will keep sending jets over Syria while it thinks it can get away with it – but come the time and this is not the case, israel will not risk sending 'precious' jewish pilots to their death or capture just to hit a stupid old Syrian factory.

  79. Sparrow says:

    Pardon my ignorance Taxi, but I'm having a difficult time understanding why PM Hariri of Lebanon is a Saudi citizen which can be summoned, questioned, or anything of Saudi authority?  Let along involved in a fist fight with his bro's?  This link has me standing at a crossroad not being able to get through.  Can or will you please explain?  Thank you so much for all you do…

    • Taxi says:

      Hariri stuff sure does sound confusing, but here's a summary:  Rafik Hariri (the assassinated father) was a Lebanese born in the ancient seaport of Saidon, south Lebanon.  He went to Saudi Arabia in the 1960's for work (construction investment projects) and ended up pleasing the Saudi King who then gave him Saudi citizenship.  Rafik then returned to Lebanon after the Lebanese civil war ended in late 80's, with much Saudi money, and invested in massive post-war reconstruction projects etc, gaining him thus much popularity especially in the Sunni Lebanese community who appointed him their leader and voted him into the Prime Ministerial office.  Rafik became a perfect political Trojan horse for the Saudis and upon his death, the reins were handed to his son Saad who just resigned (or had a meltdown or whatever).

      For decades many Lebanese have been saying that the Hariris are Saudi agents and the Hariris have been rejecting this narrative, saying that the Saudis are mere business partners.  But they can't pull that lie off anymore, not after the resignation itself was announced from Riyadh.

      • Sparrow says:

        Thank you…

        My first thought was just as the Lebanese, a Saudi agent.  The first thing that should be put on the Leb gov agenda list is "NO DUAL CITIZEN ALLOWED" on the resume of any gov individual.  Like the worms in DC they will eat away any form of democratic order until it's completely devoured.  When a gov is weak and divided (US) the easier it is for a rogue lawless entity (IS) to take over…and it has.  Good call on Nasrallah for Lebanon to unite and be calm.  Israel/SA is provoking Lebanon to make the first move, even Iran…but in patience they are making fools out of these gassy 'overgapidity' blowhards.

        ps…[Your search – overgapidity – did not match any documents.]  ! cheeky

  80. Sparrow says:

    OK…I am going to translate (via Google translate) this BS to give a 'light of a familiar kind' to this Hariri resignation.  Hold on everyone…

    The Iranian Threat: Israel aligns itself with Saudi Arabia against the involvement of Tehran and Hezbollah in Lebanon
    Political-Security Updated
    Barak Ravid and Hazi Simanto
    In the shadow of the resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister, Israel is embarking on an international diplomatic campaign against the involvement of the Shiite axis in the country's political system. The Foreign Ministry sent a telegram to all the Israeli embassies where they were asked to take action. Meanwhile, the ambassadors were asked to convey an unusual message of support for Saudi Arabia in light of the war in which it was involved in Yemen and Egypt, warning the Saudi Arabian kingdom against a deterioration into a violent confrontation with Iran.
    Following the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'd Al-Hariri, Israel is embarking on an exceptional international struggle against Hezbollah's participation in the internal politics of the country.
    On Sunday, a day after Al-Hariri's resignation, the Foreign Ministry sent a telegram to classified embassies to all the Israeli embassies in the world, instructing them to appeal to the highest echelons and convey the message that the countries of the world must oppose any combination of Hezbollah in a future government in Lebanon. This is a relatively unusual directive because it concerns internal political matters in another country.
    "To request the Director-General, you are requested to urgently contact the Foreign Ministry and other relevant government officials and emphasize that the resignation of Al-Hariri and his comments on the reasons that led him to resign illustrate once again the destructive nature of Iran and Hezbollah and their danger to the stability of Lebanon and the countries of the region." Next to Ten News.
    More articles on this subject:
    Nasrallah on Al-Hariri's resignation: "Saudi decision, we did not want him to resign"
    Al-Hariri's withdrawal is the first step in a battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran – on Lebanese soil
    Report: Background to Hariri's resignation – attempted assassination that was thwarted
    "Al-Hariri's resignation proves that the international argument that Hezbollah's inclusion in the government is a recipe for stability is basically wrong. This artificial unity creates paralysis and the inability of local sovereign powers to make decisions that serve their national interest. It effectively turns them into hostages under physical threat and are forced to promote the interests of a foreign power – Iran – even if this may endanger the security of their country. "
    In a telegram, Israeli ambassadors were also asked to convey an unusual message of support for Saudi Arabia in light of the war in which it is involved in Yemen against the Iranian-backed rebels. "The events in Lebanon and the launching of a ballistic missile by the signatories to the Riyadh International Airport require increased pressure on Iran and Hezbollah on a range of issues from the production of ballistic missiles to regional subversion," the cable said.
    Meanwhile, Egypt warned Saudi Arabia against too much pressure on Iran and Hezbollah, which, according to the Egyptians, could rapidly deteriorate into a direct violent confrontation between Iran and its affiliates, Saudi Arabia and its allies. A confrontation that will shake the Middle East again. The Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya network reported today from Western sources that attempts were made to disrupt and divert the route of the convoy in which Hariri traveled a few days before his resignation. Thus the network hinted that Iran and Hezbollah had tried to assassinate the Lebanese prime minister.
    At the same time, the public attack by Saudi officials on Iran's policy in the Middle East continues. Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, Adel Jubeir, said in an interview with CNN that the missile fired at Saudi Arabia on Saturday night was an Iranian missile launched by Hezbollah from a territory that is under the control of the Yemenis. According to him, the missile is very similar to the missile that was launched in the past. It is manufactured in Iran and smuggled in parts to Yemen. It was assembled there by experts from the Revolutionary Guards and from Hezbollah and then sent to Saudi Arabia.
    "We believe that this is an act of war, that Iran can not launch missiles into Saudi Arabia and expect us to do nothing against it, and Iran can not intervene in the affairs of many countries and expect it to pass quietly. They say, 'Enough and enough.' "We have been reaching out to Iran since 1979, and all we get in return is death and destruction," Jovair said.

    • NancyC says:

      So Israel sent memo to its embassies asking them to lobby their respective governments to " convey the message that the countries of the world must oppose any combination of Hezbollah in a future government in Lebanon" following Hariri's resignation from Saudi Arabia?  Saudi Arabia is claiming that recent missiles launched from Yemin was an "act of war" initiated by Iran?

      I've been trying to decide which adjective best fits – "overreach", "arrogance", "stupidity" and decided the best explanation is "whistling past the graveyard".

      • Taxi says:

        Overgapidity.  That's your new adjective that combines "overreach", "arrogance" and "stupidity".

        Used in an Urban Dictionary sentence: the axis of evil sure is tripping on overgapidity.

        (*Poetic license holders are always welcome at Plato's).

      • Sparrow says:

        …and the best was saved for last…

        "We have been reaching out to Iran since 1979, and all we get in return is death and destruction," Jovair said.

        I believe it's called 'mythomania'.


  81. Sparrow says:

    Meanwhile with the distraction of Saudi/Israel/Hariri…

    A high-ranking Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) official has told Sputnik Turkiye that the US continues to supply them with arms and has recently delivered 120 trucks loaded with heavy armament and armored vehicles for the Deir ez-Zor operation.


  82. Taxi says:

    Who does this kinda shoot and cry tactic remind you of?

    Like I said in a comment above up-thread, the loser Axis of Evil will do their best to now "punish" the victors.  As if this will change the immovable conclusion: Syria-Lebanon-Iraq (as Arabs) have beat the shit outta Arab Saudi royals, poodles and their head-chopping Frankensteins.  You cannot reverse this at this stage, and no added war here and there in the Levant will turn the tables either.

    The Saudi hissy fit will end up giving more power to the Hezb and to Iran.

    But, isn't this hissy fit insane and dangerous?  Yes and yes – yes, but it's actually ultimately dangerous for the House of Saud and may result in its speedy demise if they actually engage in warfare with Iran/Hezbollah, just as the House of Zion risks destruction of tel aviv/israel if they engage in warfare with Iran/Hezbollah.  A reminder here: Iran years ago threatened to bomb Saudi oil fields if it allowed its territory to be used by israel in a future war – and if Saudi continued to assist israel in this war, then Iran would next start targeting Saudi water reservoirs.  You see how easy it is to literally cripple Saudi Arabia?  Focus on these two-themed targets and within a handful of days the king and his flock of fucker princes will be packing suitcases and rushing to the airport.

    All this over-animated Saudi bluster…. is indicative of their mounting insecurities – but they're "selling" it in the media as part and parcel of the king's 'new' vision of Saudi Arabia.

    Yeah right!

    An interesting take here.

    • Taxi says:

      "Explosive" Leaked Secret Israeli Cable Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War

      I've seen quite a bit of chatter on the net regarding the above topic.  Frankly, I don't buy it.  I mean, for sure, saudi and israel are coordinating towards a war against Iran and co, but this war needs israel to be ready first and right now it just simply is not ready.   To me it's just israel taking advantage of the crisis between saudi and the Hezb and it's pumping up the volume on anti-Iran/hezb propaganda – and the so-called 'investigative' israeli media are in on it too.

      So with regards to these "explosive israeli leaks":  I'm hearing the media banging on tin buckets to sell papers.

      Look, it's like this:  until israel is ready to sacrifice tel aviv and the house of saud is ready to sacrifice its hold on the Arabian peninsula, neither will initiate a war with hezb/iran, nor directly provoke one.  Too risky for them.  Even with US involvement, the destruction of tel aviv and the house of saud will be irreversible and unstoppable once war starts.  The saudis and israelis know this only too well.

      Much ado about nothing – is what I'm gleaning today.

      Hariri is on his way back to Leb tonight/tomorrow morning.  The only tripwire I would be wary off is a possible mossad assassination of Hariri upon his return to Lebanon or soon after, to be pinned on the Hezb (like they did with Hariri Snr) – but Lebanese security is seriously water-tight right now so I would imagine this evil plan would be extremely hard to execute.

      Saudi barking at Lebanon is just that: barking and no bite.

      Let's see what puppet Hariri has to say for himself tomorrow.

  83. Taxi says:

    I smile every time I think of the Saudi Clown Prince taking on Hezbollah – I mean, what an absurd notion!  I just read this tweet below and it sums up why Saudi bravado will fail:

  84. Harry Law says:

    The Saudi oil infrastructure is vulnerable to attack by any reasonably capable group and could destabilize the West.

    "An assault on Ras Tanura, [oil terminal] however, would be vastly more serious. As much as 80% of the near 9m barrels of oil a day pumped out by Saudi is believed to end up being piped from fields such as Ghawar to Ras Tanura in the Gulf to be loaded on to super tankers bound for the west".

    For anyone interested in the vulnerability of Saudi Arabia this 77 page paper 'Security threats to Saudi oil infrastructure' by the 'Institute of Gulf Affairs' is required reading especially for for MBS and the Saudi Foreign Minister. The key of course, is the accurate targeting of those 'arc of resistance' missiles, In the last Israeli massacre, Hamas fired 7,000 missiles into Israel and only succeeded in blowing up the desert, worse still Hamas Commanders said they never expected to hit much. Even their threats to close Ben Gurion airport were hollow. One wayward rocket did indeed close the airport for a short time but the size of the airport [approx 20 odd Sq Kilometres] puts their poor efforts into perspective.

    In view of the number of Palestinians in Israel who support Hamas and the huge numbers of Palestinians entering Israel illegally [looking for work] through fences and holes in the wall, I am surprised that small cells operating in and around Tel Aviv in safe houses and garages etc could not put together the simple and short range [approx 10k]'Hamas' rockets to permanently close Ben Gurion thus wreck the Israeli economy. Here I am not doubting the bravery of Hamas operatives only doubting their tactics. The key is of course accurate targeting and it is to be hoped that Hezbollah have these matters in hand.

    • Taxi says:

      Great link on Saudi vulnerability, thanks Harry.

      Small correction, however, to your Hamas assessment: Hamas used mostly home-made ‘rockets’, not missiles in the last Gaza war (I think they used 3-4 missiles?), hence their non-precision inferior rockets failed at hitting israeli targets. Listen, Hamas knew their rockets would not kill israelis but these rockets were shoving the fear of death straight into the israeli heart and that’s a war tactic Hamas had access to and used. But rest assured, Hamas has now acquired better rockets and more missiles – and needless to say, Hezbollah has exactly the weapons it needs to do both offensive and defensive warfare against israel.

      • Harry Law says:

        The aim of winning a war is to inflict more damage on the enemy than he is prepared to accept and so will sue for peace, In many ways Hamas rockets were crude attempts at countering Israeli provocations [the deaths of many Palestinians in Israeli air raids]. In this sense they were understandable, although ineffective, but the loss of thousands of Palestinian lives plus $8 Billion dollars of damage to 20,000 Palestinian homes and infrastructure was a price the Israelis were so pleased to inflict. Nasrallah is wise and understands the costs of war, it is to be hoped he can put off a war with Israel for as long as possible, on the grounds that he can grow his estimated 100,000 rockets to 200,000 and acquire anti aircraft missiles from Iran, [if he has not already got them], so the IAF don't have it all their own way.

  85. NancyC says:

    Report by Alex Christoforou today, 11/07/17 in The Duran.

     A list of Saudi officials arrested 'over the weekend…and their ties to Podesta Group. 

    Tony Podesta has been caught up in the Mueller Probe and stepped down from the Podesta Group a week ago.

    Podesta Group has been a major lobbyist for Saudi Arabia.  Podesta & his brother are also outed pedophiles in pizza/pedo gate  Former CIA whistle blower Robert David Steele has several times stated during interviews that there are Saudi operated restaurants in DC where children can be ordered.

    So many, many dots are coming together & connecting right now. 

    • Taxi says:

      People on the net are calling him ‘Podesta the molesta’ – lol.

      The Democrats are now so thoroughly effed and scandalized. I can’t see how they can ‘clean house’ without sacking pretty much ALL their officials. And I don’t understand why regular-Joe members don’t all get together for a giant desert pow-wow to burn the fuck out of their membership cards in one big giant ring of fire.

      • NancyC says:

        Former CIA officer Robert David Steele has said   Democrats are newcomers to the pedophile scene compared to Republicans & that 6  Republican senators are about to be outed.  Steele claims that Israel is running a major pedophile blackmail scam on both parties.  Steele & former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (drummed out of Congress for outing the obligatory AIPAC pledge) have been touring the US all summer for #Unrig & have been meeting with success.

        Robert David Steele’s  Home Page: 

        Click “Latest Interviews” in the middle for  huge list of interviews going back to 2014.

        Link to last interview 11/06/17:   “#Unrig Hollywood Pedophilia, Podesta Arrest and the Path to Peace”.


        R.S. Steele article posted 10/20/17: Zion in Shiksa-Land – Harvey Weinstein First Major Jewish Pedophile Domino in the USA.        

        Steele has repeatedly suggested some sort of Truth & Reconciliation offer to sitting Congress members if they agree to name their blackmailers

        Another major source is Veteran’s Today: 

        Search the site for articles connecting the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia at a remote  ranch in Texas to an Idaho/Interpol pedophilia case, St Huburtus secret society and global elite pedophilia.     Even MSM reported Scalia had ditched his Secret Service team to attend whatever went down in Texas & no autopsy was done. 

  86. Taxi says:

    So it's now three days since Hariri announced his resignation and Lebanon 'atmospherically' remains exactly the way it was four days ago.

    We've seen a lot of sensationalized headlines on the Saudi hostility towards Lebanon for the past 48 hours – yet, again, Lebanon remains 'atmospherically' the same as it ever was.

    The media today has run out of angles to hit the Lebanon story.  Just as well cuz frankly, I'm utterly bored by all the regurgitations already.

    I want to assure readers that no Saudi-israeli war on Lebanon will break out anytime soon.  Yes, war between the Hezb (and allies) and them Axis of Evil members is certainly on the table, but it will occur according to Hezb's timing and not saudi/israeli timing.  I say this because the Hezb holds the upper hand here as neither israel nor saudi can take the heavy cost of a direct provocation with the Hezb, either at the moment or in the foreseeable future.

    In the meantime, Lebanon lives.  They're expert at surviving volatile and prolonged political crisis.  A resilient bunch.

    And in the meantime of the meantime, yours truly is keeping eyes on the Hezb war-ducks all lined up – all ready to quack.

  87. Taxi says:

    Adam Garrie from The Duran today reporting on the Saudi threats/hostility towards Lebanon is saying (as indeed I am up-thread) that it's all just "much ado about nothing".

    Hezbollah only officially came into being during the final phases of the Lebanese Civil War. Since then, it has consolidated a powerful base among Lebanese Shi’as, but has also come to be seen as an implicit part of Lebanese political civil society as well as an implicit component of Lebanon’s defence infrastructure. Whether protecting Lebanon against Israeli aggression or al-Qaeda and ISIS attacks, many Lebanese including many Sunnis, have come to accept that Hezbollah plays a vital role in Lebanon’s once fragile security apparatus.

    Because of this, in the event of a Civil War, Hezbollah, which represents the most efficiently armed and trained faction in the country and one that is in many ways a more disciplined and effective fighting force than the Lebanese Army, would easily win any conflict.

    Only a fool would think otherwise, and the EU and US are ultimately not altogether as foolish as they often sound.

    As the US and EU come out in support of Lebanon, it is clear that Saudi’s provocations are designed for domestic purposes

  88. Taxi says:

    So, Hariri's private plane landed in Beirut airport last night: empty.  Today, Lebanon is asking foreign nations to help them 'retrieve' their PM from Saudi "clutches".  This is a developing story and I'll keep you posted on this front.

    Overall, it seems that Saudi Arabia was really hoping another civil war would break out on the streets of Lebanon with Hariri's sudden resignation – hoping Lebanese street protests would spontaneously erupt with every protesting faction angrily pointing the blame-finger at the other for creating the crisis – hoping that they (Saudis) would then send their violent saboteurs to these protests to instigate mass bloodshed and sectarianism (like they did in Syria/Libya).  But, it doesn't look like this evil ruse is working on the Lebanese at all.  All thanks to all the faction-leaders in Lebanon who, for security reasons, advised against street protests till Hariri returns and gives his version of events in person.  All thanks too to Lebanese parliamentarians shrugging off the Saudi 'declarations of war' and other bully 'chosenite' behavior.  Not forgetting to also give much kudos to the smarts of Lebanese citizens who can clearly see the hand of evil israel holding the hand of evil House of Saud in their attempted disruption of Lebanese civil life and attempted mass-murder of Lebanese civilians.

    The Axis of Evil, therefore, continues on its losing streak.

    Like I wrote a friend in an email earlier: so far, it looks like Saudi Arabia threw a tantrum and a wet firecracker at Lebanon.

    (*Beware of the Saudi/zio propaganda machine out there – throwing some really wild rumors around to save face).

    • Taxi says:

      About an hour ago, Fouad Seniora, ex PM and the current head of the Lebanese Future Movement party (Hariri's party), read an official (and short) statement directly asking Hariri to please return to Lebanon.  Seniora's face was somber while delivering the televised statement, as indeed were the other high-ranking members flanking him.

      So now, Hariri's own people are freaking out.  They haven't heard a word from him since last Saturday.  Hariri's political opponents too are perturbed: they're now passionately defending Hariri and demanding the Saudis release their Prime Minister.

      One of the rumors I heard (from ex-military analyst) is that Clown Prince MbS has given Hariri permission to return to Lebanon, but on condition that he leaves his wife behind in Riyadh – naturally, Saad Hariri does not feel comfortable with this kind of coercive offer.

      One thing's for sure, the longer Hariri is held in Saudi, the angrier your average Lebanese is going to get, including and especially, the Hariri clan and followers, who traditionally support Saudi Arabia over Iran.

      Nobody is hurting more over this than the Future Movement's movers, shakers and minions.  And it's their grand 'sponsor' who's inflicting the pain.

      Very bizarre and unprecedented situation.

      The Duran has a good take on the twists and turns of Haririgate:

      Hariri’s capture was instrumental to the “Red Prince’s” rise to power

      The article postulates that Hariri was conspiring with other 'purged' Saudi princes to overthrow the King/MbS.  But I find that part of the article hard to swallow as Saad Hariri is known for being prissy, gullible and somewhat vacuous (he inherited his political position/political capital from his father).  The dude brings nothing 'special' or 'unique' to the conspiratorial table – he's not a strategist, not an intellectual, nor does he command a worthy/useful intelligence apparatus or a mighty and large army – he's simply not brilliant at anything!  So why would the other royal conspirators bring him into their gang?  Bring such a weak link into a massive and dangerous palace coup?

      But… the rest of the Duran article gives info and some food for thought.

    • NancyC says:

      A major historical problem to Jewish 'chosenite' behavior & contempt for non Jews is Judaism's inability to read, understand or even "know" their victims combined with bedrock Jewish cultural tribal materialism.  The Old Testament "Promised Land" that God gave the "chosen" is not only someone else's land it is things, possessions.  This becomes a problem when Jews focus on land, things, banking & inevitably over reach, drain their much larger host populations and are then surprised & whine when the host turns on them. 

      Jews currently comprise slightly more than 2% of USA population & 0.25 of global population.  There's a problem when such a tiny fraction of humanity doesn't even see the rest of us as human.  So it's not surprising that Israel/Saudi Arabia are just not reading Lebanese right.

    • Taxi says:

      Many thanks Harry.

      Your linked article is quite the immense treasure of information. Well researched. Very illuminating. The only thing missing is what amount/kinds of weapons the Hezb has. And, this is… as it should be.

      (*Recommended reading)

  89. Taxi says:

    Tomorrow morning, the Lebanese Christian Patriarch will fly to Riyadh, seeking audience with Hariri, in the hope of returning with him, or at least returning with some further clarity on the real reason behind his resignation.

    Tomorrow afternoon, at 3pm Lebanon time, Nasrallah will be giving a televised live speech that addresses further the Hariri situation and, no doubt, Saudi's recent threats of war and its connections to the terrorist state of israel.

    (*I will keep y'all posted with the Patriarch's trip and Nasrallah's speech).

  90. Taxi says:

    If it turns out that indeed Hariri is held as hostage in Saudi Arabia, then I suggest Hezbollah send a nifty team of rescuers, a-la Operation Entebbe, and get Hariri and his family outta Saudi Barbaria and back to liberal Lebanon.

    Imagine the look of frothing rage on the Saudi and israeli faces at such a mission.


  91. Taxi says:

    Here's a conundrum that the saudis and israelis currently have in their marriage:

    They both equally hate Iran and Hezbollah.  They promote and encourage war against Iran and the Hezb; they egg each other on; they collude and conspire; they tug at America's apron; pull at the tails of NATO – they both desperately want war on Iran but neither is prepared to do the job.  Alone?  Never. Together?  Never.  They must have others die and do the killing.


    Warmongering cowards.

    Nothing scumier in the world than a warmongering coward.

    And the Irony is, even if Israel and Saudi Arabia don't fire even a single bullet in a Western/Atlanticist war against Iran, the Saudi palaces and Tel Aviv will still be turned to rubble.

  92. Taxi says:

    Brief summary of Nasrallah's main points in his speech today (I'll write more analysis later or tomorrow) – Nasrallah confirmed the following:

    1- Hariri is held hostage by Saudi Barbaria

    2- His resignation was coerced therefore not valid: Hariri is still PM: Lebanese gov is still legit and functioning.

    3- Saudi Arabia presently paid billions to israel to strike at Lebanon, as indeed (according to Hezb intelligence) Saudi also paid israel in 2006 to strike at Lebanon too.

    He said that there's always a chance of war, but that israel/saudi presently have no ability to control a war against Hezb/Lebanon so it is highly unlikely that they will rush into such a misadventure, especially not after their losses in 2006 – they know the high price the Hezb can extract.

    He asked all Lebanese to resist saudi incitement to sectarianism and civil war – he asked them to be wise and look around the region and see where that kind of thinking and behavior leads to and to refrain from following such a misdirection.  He again asked them not to take to the streets in protest over the hostaging of Hariri, for security reasons.

    He also demanded Saudi Arabia release Hariri, and asked all Lebanese patriots to insist on the same too.  He said that it's evident that Saudi is behind much of the terrorism in the region that's killing Arabs, and to boot, saudi now proudly displays its friendship with israel.

    Here's what the Lebanese English-Language Daily Star has to say about Nasrallah's speech:

  93. Taxi says:

    Press Statement

    Rex W. Tillerson
    Secretary of State

    Washington, DC

    November 10, 2017

    The United States strongly supports the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Lebanon and of its political institutions. The United States urges all parties both within Lebanon and outside to respect the integrity and independence of Lebanon’s legitimate national institutions, including the Government of Lebanon and the Lebanese Armed Forces. In this regard, we respect Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri as a strong partner of the United States.

    The United States supports the stability of Lebanon and is opposed to any actions that could threaten that stability. There is no legitimate place or role in Lebanon for any foreign forces, militias or armed elements other than the legitimate security forces of the Lebanese state – which must be recognized as the sole authority for security in Lebanon. The United States cautions against any party, within or outside Lebanon, using Lebanon as a venue for proxy conflicts or in any manner contributing to instability in that country.

  94. Taxi says:

    Today marks a week since Hariri went to Saudi Barbaria as the Lebanese PM and remains there till now as their 'hostage'.

    Nothing significant about the story transpired today – indeed many articles on Hariri/war between Lebanon and Saudi are flooding the net, but there's nothing new or interesting in them so I won't bother linking.

    It's still looking like I called it a few days ago: "Saudi threw a tantrum and a wet firecracker at Lebanon".


    • NancyC says:

      I enjoyed reading Aaron David Miller's whining fears in FP rag about what is happening in Saudi Arabia confirming Nasrallah's statement that Saudi Arabia is calling the shots, not Israel.  Substitute "Israel" in Miller's closing statement and you have the Jews real fear. 

      ** Riyadh desperately wants us to back them — and bail them out when they get in over their heads with Iran. If Washington is not careful, the Saudis will sandbag America into standing up to Tehran while the Saudis hide behind its skirt.**

      I'm finding this whole Saudi arrest purge confusing.  I posted up thread link to RD Steele's latest November 6th interview in which Steele talks about the Saudi purge, links it to the Podesta brothers rumored arrest last week and Saudi Arabia's role in global pedophilia. 

      I first came across your blog last month when  posted a link to War Clouds Gather Over Israel".  Xymphora posted someone's analysis suggesting Saudi arrests and confiscation of billions from the oligarchs is part of the prince's plan to fund his long range 2030 Plan.  Unfortunately I didn't note the source but the author further suggested that globally income inequality is so vast that all countries are going to have to undergo some sort of similar confiscatory restructuring of wealth.  Business insider reported in 2013 that just 6 members of the Walton family (Walmart) have as much money as the bottom third of the United States.

      And finally, add Trump's replacing Janet Yellen as Fed Chair a week before the Saudi purge/confiscation of bank accounts to the pot with great MSM consternation.  Huffington Post laments, "Trump Replaced Janet Yellen with Less Qualified Man".  US News & World Report said, "The case for Donald Trump replacing Janet Yellen is pretty thin".  I wonder if Trump is learning chess maneuvers from Putin.  The real bombshell that Jewish controlled MSM cannot name is Yellen's replacement, Jerome Powell is not Jewish.

      In 2014 Obama had the great honor of deciding which Jew, Janet Yellen or Larry Summers, would replace Jewish Bernanke, who replaced Jewish Alan Greenspan in 2006, who replaced Jewish Paul Volker in 1987. Volker was appointed in 1979 replacing G William Miller, who I think was also Jewish.

    • Taxi says:


      I really don't know much about global pedo rings (the subject matter repulses, angers and creeps), however I wouldn't put it past some Saudi royals to 'gift' their western pedo allies with kids for their sick amusement.

      Saudi royals have spent trillions on their enemies – attacking them without clear success.  The destruction of Libya and their failed wars on both Syria and Yemen attest to this.  And when I say trillions were spent,  I mean (mainly) the USA has collected this sum and provided weapons, diplomatic cover etc in return to the Saudis.  Saudi coffers are empty and the American Military Industrial Complex's are bursting.  The 'purge' therefore appears to be serving the financial as well as draconian power-grab of the young MBS.  Will the West follow?  We've yet to see this occur.  But for sure, it looks like elite globalists are now at war with one another.

      You might very well have a point linking the timing of Trump's pick of goy Jerome Powell with the Saudi purge.  I get the sense that on a personal level, Trump actually 'likes' the youthful MBS but hates the old guards of Saudi Arabia.  Why does he like him?  First, because USA Deep State/CIA hate MBS and tried to set up a coup against his king-father when the Qatar-Saudi crisis exploded.  And Trump likes him also because he thinks he can 'flex' him and get his full support on what he has planned for the Palestine-israel deal that apparently he's unraveling to the world this week or next week.

      We shall see…

      A good and comprehensive article on Al Saud by Alexander Mercouris:

      Anatomy of a purge: MBS’s actions, Saudi Arabia’s crisis, and its coming collapse

  95. Taxi says:

    The captive PM of Lebanon last night gave an interview.  I fell asleep early last night (8pm – all that soft, soporific Levant night air!) so I missed it in real time and only this morning I'm hearing about it.  I haven't seen the interview yet (I will in a mo) but I've seen headlines that reference him saying in the interview that he will be returning to Lebanon in 2-3 days.  I looked for a vid of the interview with English subtitles but alas…  Here it is anyway, for Arabic speakers:

    • Taxi says:

      I just heard Hariri in his interview deny Saudi meddling in Lebanese internal affairs and berate Iran for interference in Lebanon.  He says the method of his resignation was of his own volition and intended to 'shock' Lebanon into political change – because he cares about Lebanon, he says – lol!

      The Independent has an article on Hariri's interview from last night:

      Saad Hariri: Prime minister says he will return from Saudi Arabia 'within days' to confirm resignation

      The thing is, Hariri is political dead meat now, resignation or not.  I mean the Lebanon's stability cannot be based on a PM who publicly stated his fear of an internal assassination: so many black-op foreign assassins can now so easily tip the nation into civil war – all it would take is one bullet from Lebanon's enemies in tel aviv and riyadh.


  96. Taxi says:

    A few significant things have happened in the past couple of days. You’ll please forgive my absence from Plato's this past weekend – mainly out of laziness, and also out of waiting to see if Hariri actually returns or not this week so I could make a better rounded observation.  Either way, methinks Lebanon will have to turn a page by the end of this week.

    It may be worthwhile holding back for a couple of days as I think with all the info cooking in my brain right now, I'll probably want to write new article on the latest tectonic geopolitical shifts occurring across the Arabian sands.

    But briefly here's a short list of Lebanon events that relate to Hariri:

    1-  Last Saturday, several citizens in the Lebanese city of Tripoli started spontaneously ripping down street posters of the Saudi king and setting them on fire at a popular plaza.  The Internal Security guys within minutes stepped in, stopped the angry citizens, berated them and pushed them out of the plaza before other citizens joined in and things got out of hand.  Significant here is that Tripoli is a huuuuuge Hariri/Saudi supporter's enclave.  Well, I should really say: now 'ex' Saudi enclave.

    2- The country is witnessing an enormous feeling of unity – so much so that last Sunday, the cosmopolitan Beirut Marathon took place and literally turned into a 'bring back Hariri' sea of banners.  Though (wisely, collectively), not taking to the streets to protest Saudi Arabia (due to security concerns and violent saboteurs), the Lebanese also found fun ways to express their patriotism by chanting Hariri's name on the dancefloors of nightclubs this weekend; and creating goofy videos and anti-saudi memes on social media. Basically, what was intended by the Axis of Evil to be an event that ignites a civil war, turned out to create a mass state of 'California cool'.

    3-  Most shocking revelation of all was yesterday, when a respected and close advisor to the Lebanese president gave an interview on Al-Mayadeen TV: stating that Hariri's bizarre resignation was part of a plot by USA/israel/S.Arabia/UAE to manufacture an event that would trigger violent protests and a civil war overnight in Lebanon, catch Hezbollah unawares as the Axis of Evil's fighterjets would then simultaneously/opportunistically launch a massive joint attack on the Lebanon to cement the longevity of this manufactured civil war, as well as weaken, if not utterly destroy Hezbollah (punch Iran hard in the gut).

    But it looks like the citizens of Lebanon didn't fall for this ploy as they didn't take to the streets to protest for or against Hezbolah/Iran. 

    This plan having failed in its second stage (first stage was the resignation), the following day and after Hariri's shocking announcement didn't produce the 'desired' street violence, Saudi promptly ordered Palestinian Abbas to Riyadh and demanded that he trigger Palestinians in refugee camps in Lebanon into a 'rebellion' to create a sudden dire security situation there.  Abbas, wisely, first returned to Ramallah before letting the Saudi king know that he would not be part of the destruction of Lebanon (Kudos!).  As indeed, apparently the reason for Hariri's 'captivity' is that he too refused to be part of the evil plan: his true and very reason for giving his resignation. 

    When Abbas and Hariri wouldn’t cooperate, Saudi suddenly demanded all its citizens leave Lebanon immediately, arrogantly thinking that its gangbangers would go ahead and devastate Lebanon anyway, a-la Yemen gig vibe. But for Tillerson’s warning the following day through an officially released statement announcing that the USA supports “The integrity and security of Lebanon”, the bombing would have remained on the table. Suddenly, America pulled out, realizing that without internal political weakness, the Hezb cannot be ‘weakened’ by striking at Lebanese infrastructure and suffering Lebanese civilians alone. Not for the love of Lebanon that the USA suddenly pulled out, but simply for deeming that the ‘conditions’ aren’t right for striking now – that endeavoring to ‘create’ better conditions for striking at the Hezb would be a better, less costly move.

    Now, six days later and still no sign of the planned street violence on the streets of Beirut, israel too decides to pull out of the plot, unwilling to confront a hezbollah when Lebanon looks so solidly united. Israeli media suddenly begins saying that they will not be "dragged into a saudi war" blah blah. This was necessary to make public as israeli citizens were beginning to get concerned about spreading rumors on social media that israel and saudi arabia would together launch an imminent war against Lebanon. The war secret was out, the diabolical plan was exposed and everything from there fizzled – except for the rage and evil in the hearts of the Al Saud chiefs and their bloodlusting playmates in DC and tel aviv.

    Truth is that the Axis of Evil wanted to put the hezb into a sudden spikey corner then bomb the shit out of Lebanon, but alas, yet again, the narcissist fuckers failed cuz they simply don't understand their enemy, or really, understand basic human behavior. Their whole base plan hinged on street protests turning violent and the Lebanese people understood this perfectly from day one – whether they liked the hezb or not, they'd all seen what happens at 'manufactured street protests' in Libya and in Syria and they collectively, maturely, smartly chose to bypass the ruinous trap the moment it was layed.

    All the above is what the close advisor to the Lebanese president said in his interview yesterday.

    Needless to say, evil never sleeps and now that military war couldn't be ignited overnight in Lebanon, the enemies of Lebanon are currently obsessively focusing on creating one political crisis there after another to embroil the Hezb.

    Ironically, the Axis of Evil can throw everything and the kitchen sink at the Hezb and still they won't be able to stop the hezb missiles from striking the Ammonia depots in Haifa or the Dimona in the Negev, if need be.

    You simply cannot destroy Hezbollah without destroying tel aviv and the whole of israel with it.  And THIS, dear reader, is the very
    bone marrow of israel's impossible conundrum.

  97. Taxi says:

    If you would like to learn more about Pan-Arabism, the Anglo-zionists' and Wahabists' number one arch enemy, a comprehensive and nuanced introduction is here (*recommended reading):

    Arabism for the 21st century

    And catching up on the current Pan-Arab movement, one need look no further than Bashar's speech on this very subject: given a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately, as per usual, I am unable to find a video copy of this timely speech with English subtitles – but I'm embedding it below in any case for Arab speakers (there's a few who visit this site regularly).  And for those who do not speak Arabic, the article linked above provides the key points of the important speech.

  98. Taxi says:

    Now that the House of Saud has exposed itself, thru rhetoric and action, to be real genuine crypto zionists and jews; and considering Al-Saud's vocal hysteria and very israeli-in-character political/media attacks and warmongering against Iran and its regional allies recently, it is intellectually imperative that readers learn of the history and background of the House of Saud.  Abby Martin's 'Empire Files' has put together a very informative documentary on the House of Saud here:

  99. Taxi says:

    By now, we can safely say that the saudi/israel/USA/UAE plot to stir up civil war in Lebanon thru a forced Hariri resignation has failed.  It failed because the Lebanese population, though bewildered by Hariri's sudden resignation, did not go into identetarian panic and chaos.  This is partly/hugely to do with Nasrallah's instructive, unifying speech the day after the forced resignation.  One could say that the sound leadership of this speech: mere spoken instructions, mere spoken words had actually destroyed months of expensive enemy war preparations and deceptions against the Lebanese people.  It's an instance where the use of calm logic in the midst of a national crisis actually saved the mass murder of a nation.  But… let us NOT release a huge sigh of relief yet; let us not forget here that this peculiar enemy known as the Axis of Evil continues to diabolically plot and scheme evil and mass murder regardless of its ongoing losing streak.

    Here's the speech with English subtitles (finally!):



  100. Sparrow says:

    Dear Taxi…

    Thank you for more Lebanon  !  She is divine that is why the evil is against her…the kiss of the ME.  She needs no subsidies from the outside to hinder her.  If only the world would understand the evil in so-called bribe money wrapped up with a pretty bow.  We can all be self sustained to let all neighbors live in freedom.  No more greed to destroy what defies love.  I've never been to the Lebanon but the American Lebanese are wonderful giving people never understanding why immigrating from such a beautiful place on Earth to be necessary.  Until Palestine is finally liberated of the evil that occupies her…no place on this fragile planet is safe.  God Bless Lebanon and you too Taxi for keeping the censored in truth via English.  Chokran indecision

  101. Harry Law says:

    Years ago I used to read Franklin Lamb at Al Manar and watch him on his frequent appearances on Press TV, I always thought of him as a champion of Palestinian rights and quite good on politics overall. Having read some of his latest articles on the Middle East i have revised my opinion of him.He now appears to champion the Saudi [GCC] view of the region, with a view that blames Assad for all the deaths, torture and gas attacks in Syria, and unbelievably supports the 'white helmets' as being the good guys and beyond reproach. His hatred for Hezbollah and Iran are palbable, to the extent that he accuses Hezbollah and Iran [who were invited into Syria by the legitimate Syrian Government] as being colonizers, [the main reason Hezbollah are in Syria is because Islamic state and other head choppers said that after they defeated Assad, they would slaughter hezbollah next], Then he parrots Israeli Generals who say Hezbollah have their missiles near Shia Towns and villages and argues that they do this deliberately so that International opinion will be outraged by so many civilian deaths. What he is doing is agreeing with the Israelis that Shia civilians are legitimate targets and that the rest of Lebanon should not be destroyed by the IAF. Franklin Lamb is no friend of Lebanon, Syria or Iran or the 'arc of resistance' that fact should be paramount when Hezbollah discuss military operations with him as they have in the past.

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks for the heads-up on Franklin Lamb: who apparently doesn’t write free-style no more but has become a Ziodi stenographer. And what a lucrative gig it must be for Mr. Lamb and other media sheep.

      Harry, I advise you to never be surprised at the duplicitous nature of most Western journalists this side of the 21st century. And I also remind you that every lie written about the Axis of Resistance (AoR) is no more than ‘sticks and stones’. Negative words and policies emanating from the West and from Westerners mean absolutely nothing to the AoR as they continue their preparations to confront the actual body of evil in tel aviv.

      Let Trump and Shtrump and Crump announce Jerusalem as the ‘eternal capital’ of the fake jews all they want – this too means nothing to AoR’s active plans to liberate the Levant from evil imposters and thieves.

      In fact, this Jerusalem move will only further enhance Iranian power and prestige as they’ve been, by far, more active and vocal in their resistance to tel Aviv than Arabian/Gulfie muslim leaders. Let Pax Americana hemorrhage itself on that jagged Masada Rock. And let Iran eventually declare itself as both regional superpower and new Leader of the Islamic world.

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Rudy. I saw this speech live last Monday and it’s still very much etched on the brain. Yes. A historic and incredibly dynamic speech. Watching/listening/reading Nasrallah’s latest speech is generally the most direct way of reading the current Axis of Resistance’s pulse and direction, and an accurate assessment (by Nasrallah) of what is truly taking place on the ground. His speeches are a mine of information. It’s not a lie to say that the israeli military honchos are the biggest fans of Nasrallah’s speeches: they never ever miss a speech – can’t get enough of them – they watch Nasrallah’s speeches over and over and over and over and over and over and…. 🙂

      *(Sorry I’ve not had much time to spend in the comment section of late – so much has happened in the past three weeks in the Levant and I would have liked to have shared some links and thoughts with ya’ll as events were turning. But I hope to have more time very soon – I’m now almost done with the final tweaks on the new design/theme. I’d liked to have also commented on some parts of the speech that Rudy linked, but alas, the time thing…)

  102. RudyM says:

    I thought it was interesting to hear him say this (and I wonder if he is trying to communicate to a specific, possibly Zionist, secular audience in saying it this way–my emphasis):

    I say with confidence and certainty – and what I’m about to say is not based on the interpretation of a dream I had or on prophetic traditions, relying on (the most elementary logic which says that) 1 + 1 = 2, the (current) equations, the (acquired) victories, the rules of confrontation, the capabilities that are currently being prepared, the resurgent Resistance Axis (putting the Palestinian cause as a focus), the developments taking place in the world, and the trust in the promise of God Exalted and Most High –, Trump’s decision will be the beginning of the end for Israel, with the will of God!

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