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Empire of Gunpowder and Glass

It is abundantly clear by now that our Empire’s economy in the 21st century is utterly reliant on the sales ledgers of our Military Industrial Complex (MIC), and not on our scientific or technological innovations, as indeed was the case for several decades in the mid part of the 20th century.  This means that our economic stability is now dependent on a continuing necklace of wars, mostly manufactured by us and in collusion with our ex-colonialist allies in Europe, as well as our client-state list of theocratic dictators in the middle east, including Israel – actually, especially Israel.

How did we get to this stage where our bread and butter is literally now soaked with rivers of human blood shed overseas, instead of fortified with American pride and peaceful civic innovation?  Who or what is behind this meteoric rise of MIC in the past three decades?  The answer to this is not a mystery.  Even a scant review of who owns the gunpowder corporations and their supporting banks in the USA tells us that political Jews and Jewish bankers have, since Perestroika, taken over this national industry and redirected it from manufacturing weapons that kill communists, to manufacturing weapons that kill Israel’s enemies – and boy, does Israel have (and love) a long-long list of enemies!

The pertinent question here is: with all this industrious military ware production, have we actually single-handedly or otherwise won any wars since the fall of the Soviet Union and our sudden rise to sole superpowerdom?  The simple answer is… no.  Some even say that we have not won a single war since WW2.  Even father Bush’s Operation Desert Storm against Saddam’s occupation of Kuwait was under the umbrella of the United Nations and a giant coalition of other nations’ support – not forgetting that this war transpired to be an ‘unfinished’ war, as contemporary history currently proves – and so, no, we did not even flat-out win that war.  Bush the father prodded the hornets’ nest then came along Bush the son and set it on fire – and that inferno is now, only just now, barely out.

Empire, it seems, under Jew-centric instruction and influence has indeed monetarily profited, but evidently it has lost its ability to win wars, just like the war history of the Israel Defense Forces shows us that Israel, despite its regional military superiority, has lost every war in the past 30+ years.  Thus, the takeover of MIC by power-Jews has brought us nothing but contagious military failure after failure.  Moreover, not a single patriotic average Joe has benefited from the bloated profits of MIC – well, MIC’s Jewish CEOs aren’t exactly known for unconditionally giving back to their gentile community, or to their host nation either.  After decades of conducting the executive branch of Empire’s MIC, clearly, the Jewish war lobby doesn’t care that we win our wars: it cares only that we increase production while they line their tribal-elite pockets, as we, American gentiles are manipulated to go forth and mass-murder Arab gentiles in their millions on behalf of bombastic, warmongering Israel.

Thus, our war-rich but weakened Empire now finds itself totally ensnared by a genocidal foreign nation’s destiny – a bleak destiny not of our own making.  No, dear readers, we are not in control.  They are.

It is well established by now that American patriotism in the political arena is defined by fealty to a militaristic Israel, not by soulful Americanism as defined by our founding fathers.  And judging by the UN Security Council’s recent vote on Trump’s Jerusalem embassy move, where 14 votes were pitted against our solitary single vote (our worst ever UN voting record), it would seem that our military might is no long sufficiently creating the desired pro-American influence, even among our major European friends and peers.  And if you thought this is a truly abysmal result for our imperial credibility and reputation, recently, at the UN’s General Assembly on Jerusalem’s status, 129 nations voted against our pitiful 9 votes.  In global population count, this means that 90.5% of the world voted against our 0.5%, with 9% abstaining.  As far as losses go, that’s a heck of a lot of eggs on our face.

Clearly, the diminishing influence of Empire can now be actually seen.  It’s not a conspiracy theory.  It’s for real.

Due to our Talmudic-inspired indoctrination into arrogant exceptionalism, and due to our towering hypocrisy and numerous Crimes Against Humanity that we’ve never been sanctioned or held accountable for, and due also to our reneging on so very many international deals and back-stabbing many of our allies, we have indeed by now lost all credibility in the eyes of the world.  Even our good friends in the EU are turning away from us over our threats to break internationally signed deals.  We are fast hemorrhaging our soft power and prestige across the globe, all due to Israel’s nefarious cultural influence and its predatory occupation of the White House and DC.  The uncouth Trump, with compromised small hands at the helm of our mothership, appears to be unable to steer us away from further reputational ruin.  And if  we’re to go by Paul Craig Roberts’ interpretation of Trump’s recent National Security speech, most American citizens will not be spared from future economic hardship, or from further mass-ignorance through the dissemination of delusional state propaganda.

Since Syria was able to survive a devastating war coordinated and instigated by Obama, in partnership with Deep State and the rest of the Axis of Evil nations, the reality is that we have lost our functional hold on the Middle East, despite all the current denialism and chest-puffing coming from DC, Riyadh and Tel Aviv.  One has to only look at all the absurd, desperate and melodramatic maneuvers that we and our Mideast allies have taken in the past couple of months to see that we are now pretty much spent in the Middle East: think the surrealist Hariri-gate, the outing of Saudi-Israel trysts, the aborted Kurdish state in Iraq and in Syria etc.  Not even a doormat like Abbas will even speak to us now – we can’t even get him to pencil us in for an official or non-official meeting.  This in itself should be enough to tell you everything you need to know about current levels of American powerlessness in the Middle East.  We are now an Empire made of glass and any barefooted imp can throw rocks at us and shatter our shield.  Yes, it’s that bad, folks.  All thanks to Israel’s corrosive influence.

But it is not only our Empire that is losing power and influence, indeed the reputation of American Jewry itself has begun to diminish in the eyes of gentile Americans, including even in Weinstein’s Jew-loving Hollywood.  In the minds of average Americans, abuse of power is now becoming synonymous with Jewish power; and Jewish issues are no longer a concern for most American voters, especially when Jewish power threatens their American home and hearth.  Even on a localized level, more and more Americans are becoming cynical towards Jewish power.  Here, the ADL tells us that it’s ‘white supremacists’ who are spiking attacks on Jews in America, omitting that other ethnic communities too are also reacting negatively to Jewish tribal greed and abuse of power.  We continue to see increased hostile commentary on the Jews from a rainbow of ethnicities right across Social Media outlets; and this downward trend doesn’t look to be changing any time soon.  Indeed, how can we here not also include earlier this year’s media exposure of Jews themselves committing antisemitic crimes to bolster the Jew’s image as ‘eternal victim’, as well as for their personal and ‘tribal’ monetary profit.  This shocking scandal of deception and skullduggery has irreparably dented Jewish reputation across the nation.  And with so very many scandals involving Jewish criminal behavior and abuse of power erupting especially this very year, we can indeed now say that the Jews are most certainly losing popularity and cultural influence.

Yet, despite all this evident loss, the Jewish global media continues to falsely project ‘power’ and prepare its readers for a sure victory in an Iran confrontation.  Well, if this is not certified narcissistic madness then it is quite the bad joke, considering that clearly, all of Israel’s schemes against Iran have backfired and rendered Iran and its proxies even more powerful than the day before, with no sign of the Iranian sphere of influence dimming or folding on the horizon.  And due to Israel’s many geostrategic failures, including battlefield failures against Iran’s allies and proxies, Iran has reached a level of power and influence now that it’s rendered itself literally untouchable – and it did this without even the acquisition of a nuclear bomb.  Yes, Iran is untouchable.  Well, put it this way: the price of warring against Iran now is devastating and devastation itself.  Its impressive geomilitary capital and power aside, Iran can no longer be isolated for an attack:  Russian and Chinese involvement in support of Iran is certain, especially if the USA launches a preemptive war of aggression on Iranian soil.  It behooves Russia and China to interfere: Iran’s security is now geopolitically bound to Chinese and Russian national interests and security.  After Syria, geographically speaking, Iran is the second line of defense against a relentlessly hostile Western creep.

In my mind, the most fatal (to Israel) of their schemes is their recent overreach over the status of Jerusalem.  After trillions of dollars spent on pitting Shia against Sunni Muslims to fulfill the Yinon Plan and secure their Greater Israel project, Trump’s controversial announcement, in the blink of an eye, reversed and bankrupted this diabolical, sectarianist plan: uniting instead all Arab Muslims with all Arab Christians, shoulder to shoulder with non-Arab Muslim nations as well as the Vatican with its global Catholic reach.  Moreover, it sharply refocused the world on the plight of the Palestinians that Israel had labored so hard for humanity to either dismiss, or completely forget about.

Let me tell you here that the timing of Trump’s decision on Jerusalem was all about allaying Israel’s growing hysteria after its crushing defeat in its vicious war against Syria – a war it banked everything to do with its long-term security on.  Israel knows only too well that the Golan is next and it dreads this Golan hour that’s now fast approaching.  In the meantime, Trump’s knee-jerk gift of Jerusalem to a depressed Netanyahu is just the tonic to keep the Israeli public and world Jewry satiated with the illusion of ‘victory over the Arabs’.  As if a long-winded Caesarean signature by Trump will mean anything in the future but a death sentence to Israel.  An unintended Trumpian consequence?  History will record soon enough that Trump was naught but Israel’s Dr. Kevorkian.

But where does that presently leave our Empire?

All alone but for the leech Israel clinging to our jugular.

The East is pushing us back, harder than ever.  North Korea has outsmarted us; and even smaller nations there are pushing us back, let alone the grand Dragon and Bear duo: China and Russia.  Note that not a single Asian country supported Trump’s vote on Jerusalem – not even our clingy friends in South Korea and Japan supported us on this.  Interesting here to also note N. Korea, China and Russia’s recent united posture against our growing military presence and vitriol in the China Sea, as well as in the general continent of Asia.  Even our steady, old friend, South Korea is getting uppity’ and pushing us back.  Japan too, last week, without need for and right off its own volition saw it fit to publicly announce that Japan will not be moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – Tokyo even saw a demonstration outside the US embassy with protestors chanting against Trump’s unilateral Jerusalem decision.  And worth mentioning here too that during the last week of this past November, Japan and Russia performed a joint-military drill in a World War 3 scenario – a drill that is normally reserved for the USA navy and its Japanese protectorate.  And India?  India, at the behest and cover of DC tried to physically confront China over its building of a road near a disputed Himalayan border this past summer, and ended up getting a stern and frightful warning from Beijing: a reminder of India’s crushing defeat at the hands of the Chinese back in 1962.  Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, India is Empire’s snake in the eastern grass but it appears to be easily defanged and unreliable in the grand militant scheme of Empire.  India is also traditionally and peacefully trade-bound to its regional neighbors, and where its trade interests flourish, it will go (after all, it has 1.324 billion mouths to feed daily) – hence its holistic and closer alignment with the BRICS nations than with the USA.  Pakistan is decidedly and proudly Sinophile leaning.  And the Philippines, who surprisingly abstained from the UN General Assembly’s Jerusalem vote, is nevertheless in willing alignment with China’s regional foreign policies; and so are Malaysia and Cambodia; with Vietnam leaning towards Russia above all and not the United States…  I could go on naming the long list of other Asian nations and their foreign policies towards the USA, but I think you get my gist: we’re losing strong nation friends over there and keeping weak ones (mostly through coercion and economic blackmail).  Truth is, because of Jewish control of our foreign policy and thus our behaviorism around the world, because of our adopted Talmudic aggression and arrogance, nobody likes us anymore.  Eastern nations would now rather have a sake with China or a vodka with Russia, instead of a Budweiser with us.

It’s astounding how much power we’ve lost because of the Israelification of our nation.  Whereas in the past, if a nation refused to vote our way at the UN on an issue of vital interest to us, we would simply pick up the phone and privately threaten it with a devastating war; and just look at us nowadays: what do we do?  We have public hissy-fits and threaten nations with ‘cutting off aid’.  We went from aggressive threats of war to a flaccid ‘cutting off aid’.  This is… pure deflation.  Sad, sad bathos.

Taking a bird’s eye view of the Middle East, it is our allies presently who are experiencing insecurity and sleepless nights.  Saudi Arabia is unable to conclude its criminal war against Yemen (the poorest and weakest nation in the Gulf), with Riyadh now, for the first time ever, being on the receiving end of actual Yemeni missile attacks.  Trump’s now infamous ‘sword dance‘ with an all male Saudi troop is but cold, dusty comfort for the troubled and disturbed Saudi monarchy.  Even Abu Dhabi, normally a haven of peaceful trade and our friendliest Deep State partner, they too have become targets of Yemeni missiles.  The Gordian knot and inter-fighting between our traditional Arab partners: the two Wahabi nations of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, has rocked the camel’s solid back and kneecapped the Arab GCC coalition.  Like never before, insecurity and paranoia is now the dominant sensation in the palaces of all Arab monarchs 24/7.  And let me add here also that current Arab monarch’s mistrust of USA’s real intentions towards them is also causing them to adopt extremist measures to secure their dictatorial realm and petrodollar mint.

Our allegiance with Egypt is also insecure, with Sisi now snubbing us and making more than just friendly gestures towards both Iran and Russia.  And Turkey?  We have elbowed Turkey so very many times now that not only is our strategic relationship with it currently in an intractable conflict-of-interest crisis, but our NATO coalition stands to be severely damaged should Erdogan decide he’s had more than enough elbows in his eyeballs.  At this point in time, Turkey is finding more respect and better security deals (read Kurdish issue) in befriending Iran and Russia than in extending its hand of cooperation to a temperamental Empire.  Jordan too has been finding more comfort in Iranian arms than in Saudi Arabia’s, especially after media exposure of Saudi’s treasonous and covert agreement with Israel on the issue of Jerusalem’s status, their covert alignment with Israel’s intended cancellation of the Palestinian ‘Right of Return’, and the growing threat of the ‘Jordan is Palestine‘ ethnic-cleansing project that Palestinians and Jordanians and the rest of the Arab world are now only too aware of.  We also lost our hold on Christian Lebanon and its pluralistic citizens through and through, especially after what they perceived to be our silent support of the Hariri kidnapping by the Saudi mass murderer, Mohammad Bin Salman; and our placing of their much beloved Resistance group, Hezbollah, on our lengthy, Arabphobic terrorist list.  We’re trying to soften up the Lebanese now by gifting them with our special brand of deadly gunpowder, but it won’t work: they’re too smart to trust us again – they’re just taking the gifts and giving us the proverbial finger soon as our backs are turned.  Iraq, poor long-suffering Iraq is utterly appalled and disgusted with us and for good reason – no more can be said about Iraq that hasn’t already been reported.  And Syria, well… they now rightfully call us mass-murderers, invaders and terrorists – and no more needs to be said about that either.  Palestinians now unanimously see us as nothing more than diabolical confidence tricksters – with Hamas dropping its allegiance to our Arab-Gulf friends and taking up the Iranian resistance model and mantel.  And Israel… well, Israel has never had its existential back so slammed against the wall by the Axis of Resistance, with the US so far being unable to stop or even slow down the Resistance’s contiguous planned march towards Jerusalem.  With the recent exposure of Israel’s nefarious real estate activities in Argentina,  speculations that the Jews are preparing to build “a rear base in case of defeat in Palestine” are now circulating.

So, as you can see, our small handful of so-called friends in the Middle East are sleeping with their boots on, while our antagonists are becoming more and more dynamic and sure-footed.

So what does Empire do at this stage of the game?

Well, we had a glimmer of a chance of a dignified, peaceful and partial withdrawal from the Middle East through a sober Russian-American power-sharing of the region when Trump first became president; but, then again, the Jewish desire to punish Russia for helping Bashar win the Syria war, which in turn destroyed Israeli hegemony in the Levant, was the order of the day in US and global Jewish media and political salons: using incessant, false and hysterical Rusiaphobic rhetoric and political muscle to smother such a golden opportunity that would have been in the best interest of USA’s geopolitical hegemony and dignity.

And now here we are: egg on our faces and excessive amounts of gunpowder stored in our Empire of glass.

Considering Trump’s infamously bullish egomania and coarse statesmanship; considering that undoubtedly he is now severely compromised by warmongering Jews in DC, it is inevitable that a war against the Axis of Resistance in the Levant and its supporters in Tehran is on the cards for Trump, whether he desires it or not, and against saner voices.  There is no other option, actually – not for the Israelis and not for DC power-Jews who run our foreign policy – and certainly not for the disparate Axis of Resistance groups in the Mideast who are now furiously consolidating and preparing to liberate Historic Palestine.  In other words, war is coming to the Holy Land, whether we initiate it or not – and it could happen today, tomorrow or the day after, so to speak.  And if this destructive war finds us as losers, yet again, which is highly likely considering that our MIC and military branches seem incapable of winning wars, Tel Aviv and Jewish domination of the Holy Land will be the price that American Jews will pay for their overreach.

And without Tel Aviv, the global center for terrorism and usury, Jewish power in DC will lose its militaristic raison d’etre and therefore lose its corrupt and coercive dictatorship over American politics.  And without Jew power throttling our political system and shaking us down for our tax dollar, Empire will just about have enough breath left in its rib cage after the coming war: enough wind and pep to cast away its Talmudic chains, introvert itself once more so as to reinvent and cultivate itself again into a gentile (am tempted to add ‘gentle’ here but won’t) giant.

This is the eventual upside for our Republic.

But with much social mayhem and state-deception and episodic violence breaking out in our nation in the meantime.

In conclusion, therefore, expect the worst to happen in the near future, before peace breaks out in the Middle East and America is America again, and not under the mesmerism and control of a devious foreign nation.

This is why sensibility itself begs all honorable American patriots, of all color, shape and persuasion, to fully support the Axis of Resistance groups in the Levant.  And I am not talking here about supporting Arab governments that peddle corrupt political stances as it suits them; I am talking of good Americans giving their full and solid support to the non-state-actor Resistance groups, as well as to world governments who are actively and logistically enabling the empowerment of the Axis of Resistance in their advance towards fully liberating Historic Palestine – in tandem, as it happens, with liberating the American people from the scourge of Jewish wars and its cruel, ruinous consequences on us.

Tel Aviv and its DC mafia must be defeated if we have a hope in hell of a better future.  And just you look around: only the Axis of Resistance is stepping forward to take on this grim, herculean task.  Only them.  And fortunately for us, they have a visceral chance of getting the job done, at the risk of life and limb, while we sit in the safety and comfort of our homes.  The least we should do, therefore, is put our personal prejudices aside and give water to a warrior who’s about to slay the dragon.



  1. Taxi says:

    For the fake Jews in Israel and in the diaspora, it was always about Jerusalem – everything is about Jerusalem.  Not Tel Aviv, not Haifa, not Ashdod, but one hundred golden per cent it was and still is and always will be about Jerusalem.  In retrospect, even the US war on Iraq, a war of choice masterminded and manufactured by Jewish Neocons, was essentially about disabling a strong proactive Arab army that had enough of a long reach to ‘defend’ Jerusalem and specifically Jerusalem, come the eventual day it would be ‘snatched’ away by the Israelis.

  2. Taxi says:

    We can no longer speak of Israel without speaking simultaneously of the House of Saud.  The House of Saud has merged with the House of Zion, with Bahrain as castrated, plump court Jester.

  3. Taxi says:

    History will record that American-Jewish promotion of Identarian politics was the very decimator of American communities in the early part of the 21st century.

    History will also record that relentless American-Jewish wars of aggression is what unseated Pax Americana from its unipolar superpowerdom.

  4. Taxi says:

    You'll please forgive the length of this article, but when taking stock of Empire's current position in the world, the tableau that I saw was rather gigantic.  I tried, best as I could, to keep it tight yet encompassing.

  5. Taxi says:

    I omitted going into the Palestinian 3rd Intifada in my above analysis as this subject itself would need its own article.  I hope to write about the 3rd Intifada very soon: its unique character, mission statement, temperature, role in the Axis of Resistance and litany of tactical methods it aims to employ.  Field information that the MSM is not providing you with – and probably never will.

  6. Taxi says:

    Studies in human behavior teach us that 'overreach' is triggered by an acute insecurity, or, by megalomania.  And in the case of the bizarre and erratic Saudi maneuvers on Lebanon of late, one must conclude that it’s actually both insecurity and megalomania that’s fueling the Saudi train wreck.

  7. Taxi says:

    A severely deluded Mohammad Bin Salman, who can't even conclude a war or an invasion on Yemen, releases a propaganda video depicting a Saudi invasion of Iran – gave the Mullahs a chuckle or two, I’m sure:

    • Taxi says:

      I'm appalled that non of the so called 'ethical' anti-Trump journo giants have spotlighted the rampant cronyism and nepotism practiced by the White House.

      And what is nepotism and cronyism but tribalism itself?

      Bin Salman, Bin Trump – what's the difference?

  8. Taxi says:

    BTW, readers, links in my article are in bold brown – a wealth of information there that confirms, expounds, and adds a 3D layer of understanding to the big geopolitical picture.

    I encourage you explore these links – in your own time, of course.

  9. Taxi says:

    Hands down this here is the political prank of the year – and again, a reminder of why Empire’s status is measured not only by its gunpowder power, but also by the level of intellectual and strategic statecraft its administrators practice.

  10. NancyC says:

    Comment is in response to Saudi fantasy video game of defeating Iran. I couldn't read YouTube comments in Arabic but all the ones I could read in English were negative, like this one from Savior’s Soldier 3 days ago:

    **lol. It was so funny video, you clowns. you can fight with iran, but only in animations:-) Allah swt will punish you, the clowns who bow to united satens of america. What do you think? Buying weapons from that evils and killing poor muslims in Yeman? How brave and powerfull :-)) Do you think you are muslim when you kill muslims?? No. you are not muslim but you play the role. ali saud= israil the killers of muslims. just wait for its answer.**

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Nancy.

      Interestingly, since the House of Saud outed itself as a crypto-zionist several months ago, its popularity in the mideast has hit rock bottom.  People were passively questioning it 'somewhat' for its war on Yemen, but now that the Arab and muslim world see Al-Saud in full collaboration with israel and its greater israel project, they're angrily trampling on and burning posters of the king and his Mini Me (MbS) in Arab public squares.  This has NEVER happened before.

      Al Saud are in a serious squeeze – their palace cousins now hate them and so they fear an inter palace coup 24/7, and at the same time they fear America's backstabbing –  which is coming.  In fact, the US encouragement of the outing of relationship between israel and al saud is part and parcel of the Yinon Plan and the planned final ethnic cleansing of Palestinian natives from the Holy Land. 

      The plan (briefly) is as follows: US and our zionist-controlled Deep State continue to encourage Al Saud to make destabilizing mistakes till israel is ready to perform its 'transfer' of Palestinians to Jordan by force (Palestine is Jordan project).  This chaotic and emotive transfer is meant to see the fall of the Hashemite Jordanian kingdom for getting flooded with even more Palestinians and already Jordan is 70% Palestinian.  The Jordan king would then pack up and move back to his historic tribal land in the Hijaz (1/3 of Saudi Arabia landmass): this will be under the military protection of US, which will in turn create the added condition of fully unseating the House of Saud and dividing up Saudi Arabia into 3 landmasses: Medina (religious land), Hijaz (Hashemite land), and the north eastern Shia strip (oil land).  This way the jews will keep all of the holy land and the Palestinians would be given the state of Jordan – at the expense of Al Saud.  Israel would keep this status quo for, say, a decade, before the next phase of the greater israel project/colonization is activated: and so on and so forth till its occupation of arab land reaches its 'from the river to the sea' objective.  This is the long term jewish/israeli plan – which will fail – actually, it's about to fail and be buried in the next war.

      Al Saud can see the US betrayal coming and don't know what to do about it except play along for now and try and hold on to power while looking for alternative security plans/projects.

      I wrote about Empire's 'division' plan for Saudi Arabia some two years ago when Saudi Arabia looked to be the most stable country in the middle east – I got some raised brows and naysayers for whiffing at this plan at the time, but now it seems like what I analyzed back then is actually taking shape now.

      Just remember, when Empire says: "our friends in the middle east", they literally mean 'our next target' on behalf of israel.

  11. NancyC says:

    In addition to Israel & by contagion the USA being globally viewed as toothless military powers that can't win a war, both are also seen as lacking moral honor.  The USA is judged as playing it safe sending drones to wedding parties while IDF warriors engage primarily with children or the disabled. 

    Here's a link to "Three images become new face of Palestinian Resistance".

    A 16 year old blindfolded boy surrounded by 22 armed Israeli soldiers, a wheel chair bound double amputee killed by an IDF sniper during a demonstration & a 16 year old girl arrested for taunting IDF soldiers after they invaded her home and shot her cousin in the head with a rubber bullet.

    Jordan's Prince Ali ben Hussein tweeted Dec 20th:

    Is this what really scares Israel @Netanyahu ? A young 16 year old girl, who has the courage to stand up for her rights as a child in the face on an illegal occupation that is breaking all norms of international law? Free her!! @realDonaldTrump @nikkihaley


    • Taxi says:

      I don't know how this has come to pass but it seems that the eastern part of the world has held on to 'moral honor' far better than we in the west have in 21st century.

      I will meditate on this point and share my thoughts when clarity strikes.

    • Taxi says:

      This third intifada is a whole new and much sophisticated animal than the two intifadas that came before it.  The deluded israelis who think it's a 'lukewarm' intifada that will fizzle out in a couple of weeks are in for a major surprise.  The Palestinians inside of the holy land are fully coordinating with the Axis of Resistance, taking strategic and tactical advise from them (they've never done that before).  This means that the Axis of Resistance outside of the holy land is now the military arm of the 3rd intifada inside of israel/occupied territories.  This means that this intifada will slowly turn up the heat on the israelis – rattle their cage over time before the military Resistance begins its military operations to liberate Historic Palestine.  They're not waiting on the political arm to reach deals and shmeals – they're going for it anyway.

      This intifada has a long-long fuse…. and eventually the spark will make full contact with the dynamite.

      And what we have here therefore is the israelis going ahead with their yinon plan regardless of their geostrategic weaknesses, and the Resistance is going ahead with its plan regardless of what their politicians are planning and regardless of what the israelis are doing.

    • Taxi says:

      Yes, on Arab TV, many analysts and spokespersons from the islamic and arabic world are also calling for the closure of US embassies till Trump withdraws his 'jerusalem is the capital of israel'.  But Trump won't ever do that.  Even if he wanted to, the jews will put a bullet between his beady eyes at this stage of the game.

      And besides, I personally don't want trippy Trump to withdraw his signed announcement anyway.  Why let the enemy correct their fatal mistake?!!!  The best thing that's ever happened to the middle east is this announcement.  A golden opportunity for the region to unite and start shaking down the anglo-zionist colonial projects, not just in the holy land but right across the region.

    • Taxi says:

      And NO this is not an antisemitic question – most certainly it isn't when it's clear as daylight to all – and easily provable – that American power-jews control our media, banks, culture (Hollywood & book publishing), food (Monsanto), Big Pharma, Congress, Senate, White House, CIA, FBI, Deep-Deep State and MIC. Pretty much everything that’s important to our communal life, present and future.

      Frankly, I wouldn't mind at all if jews controlled all the above and more if they were serving our nation thru and thru and they were good at it.  I just mind that EVERYTHING they do, they do for israel and not for the benefit of the USA.  I find this level of treason odious, deeply offensive and dangerous to our own very existence.

    • Taxi says:

      So many great and original things come out of Empire.  Stuff that's nothing to do with war and mass bloodshed.  Why'd Empire have to go against all that's good in us?

      (The question is rhetorical. Of course I already know why.).

  12. Taxi says:

    All the nations that voted with Trump or abstained on the issue of Jerusalem have severely compromised leaders.  The Mosad took down their names way before Nikki Haley took down the long list of naysayers at the General Assembly.

  13. Taxi says:

    So, Guatemala will also move its embassy to Jerusalem:

    Announced on Christmas eve by ex professional comedian and current Guatemalan prez, Jimmy Morales. The timing has a nice Hollywood touch to 'touch' the Christians with. ‘Silent Night’ psy-op.

    Q- But what does it all mean? 

    A- Nothing.  The Guatemala is geopolitically meaningless to the Arabs and it doesn't exactly have global muscle or influence.  And most certainly this Guatemalan decision is not gonna scare off the Axis of Resistance and force them to quit all of a sudden lol!

    Q- But won't it encourage other states to make similar announcements too?

    A- Very politically dangerous/risky for a leader who's already said 'no' to Trump and got a popularity spike at home for it to renege and reverse their vote.  Big gamble that only a truly desperate leader will take, if the power-jews of that nation guarantee and commit to keeping him in power regardless of popularity. (Well, that's the power-jew's specialty: forcing leaders onto nations).

    The funny thing is that the israel crowd in US and israel are all celebrating the announcement regardless of the objections of the majority of the world.  They think they've actually won bigly when their demise is only just beginning. Heck, Nikki Haley even threw a party for ‘friendly nations’ who voted for or abstained (lol they need the numbers):

    I shake my head to think of how deluded these people are.

    Here's what Moralis' political party, the National Convergence Front, stands for:  nationalism/consevatism/military:

    And here's an Al-jazeera article on Morales corruption and nepotism/cronyism crisis:

    Morales fits like a perfect glove on israel's crooked hand.

  14. Taxi says:

    This is what I require from my government: hook me up with water, electricity, pick up my trash/septic drainage, put up street lights, traffic lights, fix holes in the road then go forth and make peace with everyone in the world so no nation has the desire to bomb me while I sleep.

    Peace as ultimate national security weapon.




  15. NancyC says:

    The story of the arrested 16 year old girl, Ahed Tamimil in the 3 images of the 3rd Intifada has such serious legs that the Jew York Times has felt a need to respond.

    From Xymphora Blog 12/25/17. 

    “The New York Times tries to make the Ahed Tamimi story go away" (North). 

     I'm starting to think that at least a full year of getting a 'journalism' degree is spent on techniques of hasbara.  A fearless girl who looks exactly like an American teenager is driving the Khazars nuts (and note the utterly typical rape threat, part of the Khazar's Shiksa Humiliation Syndrome). “We should exact a price from Ahed Tamini ‘in the dark’ Israeli Journalist says”   

    Note that their arguments are all based on the typical Khazar supremacism as expressed in the famous Golda Meir quote:

    “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us”.

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Nancy.

      The story you've linked to about the young Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi driving everyone in israel nuts has indeed gone viral.  Despite myself, I started to read the Mondoweiss article you linked on this subject but couldn't get past the point where liberal jew-supremist Phil Weiss started singing the praises of Jewish Voices for Peace, whom I consider to be Controlled Opposition agents and the worst thing that has ever happened to the US Palestine solidarity movement.  Yes, in my mind, Mondoweiss is 'manicured' enemy territory.  And JVP is a Sabanist implant whose agenda is to silence gentile pro Palestinians in America whenever their voices err away from the Jewish boundary of 'acceptable' speech, meaning: no one is permitted to question jewish revisionism of history, or critique judaism itself and its nefarious hand in so very many wars and deaths throughout history.  Any criticism that questions the established jewish narrative is deemed antisemitic in JVP's eyes and they organize smear campaigns against 'rebel critics' in exactly the same way Aipac does in DC and elsewhere in the world.

      You must understand that American jews are always, always playing 'good cop/bad cop' with the goyim – but really, they all believe in their superiority and chosenness, even atheist jews believe in their chosenness.  And this is why I never buy the fake/self-serving sympathy of jews towards Palestinians.  I have zero trust in ANY so-called 'friendly' jews working the Palestine beat – especially ones who actually live in israel.  If they really believed in justice for Palestinians, they'd pack up and leave the despicable, terrorist jewish colony and give back what rightfully belongs to Palestinians, which is the WHOLE of Historic Palestine, not just some of it.  Partial colonization is still colonization; partial occupation is still occupation – and where the heck is the 'justice' in that?

      Some of JVP funding (and mondoweiss too) is non-transparent, but just take a look here at some of their transparent funders:

      The Rockefellers are the major donors of JVP and the Rothschilds own 37% of the Rockfellers dynasty:

      Need I say more?

      No, dear Nancy, neither Phil Weiss nor JVP are able to do ANYTHING for Palestine except act as gatekeepers and earn a good living off the backs of Palestinian suffering.  I can't tell you the depth of loathing I feel for such covert war profiteers.

      JVP talks the talk but does not walk the walk.  Certainly, no Palestinian is waiting on American liberal jews to physically liberate them from jewish occupation.  Only an utter fool would hand over their life and future to a two-faced monster like JVP and its string of associates and fake activists.

  16. Taxi says:

    Nancy has twice brought our attention to the celebrated and fearless Palestinian teen activist, Ahed Tamimi, so here's a short vid on her life under occupation.  Please note that the now famous slap she handed an IDF soldier last week was over her brother, Mohammad, who was shot in the face with a rubber bullet that ended up causing an unstoppable fountain of blood gushing out of his head – and, consequently, after a six hour long surgery, Mohammad had to be put in a medically-induced coma – so Ahed was particularly furious when soon after her brother was rushed to hospital, two IDF soldiers turned up to take 'positions' on her property.


  17. Taxi says:

    Ahed Tamimi is not the only Palestinian child resistor, they have oh so very many.  We can say every Palestinian child is a resistor – and with ongoing generations of Palestinian resistors, how the hell can israel ever declare total victory over Palestinians?

    Here's a short vid on Janna Jihad, a Palestinian resistor who is even younger than Ahed (actually, her cousin from her mother's side).

  18. Taxi says:

    The Five stages of Israeli War Crimes:

    1. We are investigating.

    2. We didn't do it.

    3. We might have done it.

    4. Ok we did it, but it was an accident.

    5. Ok it was intentional but it’s the victim's fault.

    (Authored by Yousef Munnayer)

  19. NancyC says:

    Most Americans are not aware because the cabal/zionist/Jewish/talmudic/satanist/globalist, whatever term you prefer controls the media and narrative.  Just as ultimately military force is the only way to liberate Palestine, the removal of America's treasonous 5th column is going to have to be via legal force & confiscation of assets.  Put another way powerful Jews are going to have to be removed first, starting with the media & this process is well underway.  The Hollywood take down started with Harvey Weinstein in September. 

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on a loan from CIA aka Deep State purchased Washington Post..  Bezos resigned last week supposedly due to being "caught up in a sex trafficking ring".;

    Notice Rose McGowan's twitter comments on the above article link Bezos with Weinstein.  Connect some more dots.  Bezos Washington Post hired Podesta after he was outed as a satanic, ritual pedophile.  Other sources talk about the "google express" being likened to Epstein's "Lolita express".   Be open to the idea that "human trafficking"is referencing pedophilia & truly horrific, evil crimes on a mass level against children.

    I personally think Trump deliberately threw the Jerusalem bomb as impeachment insurance while he goes after some really heavy Jewish power.  Notice Vanity Fair article, posted 12/21/17, in which Steve Bannon attacks Ivanka, who he calls "Javanka", as everything wrong with the Trump Administration.

    • Taxi says:


      Trump's White House is full of political shmaltz with so many corn-cheese jews worming through its corridors.  So much 'he said, she said' inter-backstabbing that I've lost count and interest.  The whole Trump shebang team is a joke, with lone Tillerson trying best as he can to strike a sober, lucid tone in that asylum.

      "I personally think Trump deliberately threw the Jerusalem bomb as impeachment insurance while he goes after some really heavy Jewish power".

      Trump, to me, has been compromised by what I call 'shadow jews' (Mosad intel operators in DC).  He signed the Jerusalem order because he had to: timing-wise.  Yes this pleased his jewish detractors and (temporarily) diverted the threat of impeachment; as well as giving Netanyahu an oxygen shot to his suffocating political career in israel.  We can say Trump is now Pence.  He's finally absorbed that only israel-firsters win in DC and so therefore he's belatedly become one.  But he's done that not out of his own volition, but under duress and to save his amateur, faltering presidency.  Expect the White House to be an uber zionist till Trump's final days there.  After all, his deal with the jews is to wage war on the Axis of Resistance before his first term is up, as prime condition for him being allowed (by political jews) a second term in office.

  20. NancyC says:

    Phil Weiss of Mondoweiss site, like many "liberal" Jews probably is a funded gate keeper.  However, his cognitive dissonance is too great for him to be comfortable in that role.  Blogger Xymphora once commented Weiss has spent his whole life "looking for the good Jew". Xymphora commented on Phil's post regarding Weinstein's sexual exposures that Phil has a "shiksa problem but won't admit it".  

    • Taxi says:

      Up to 3-4 years ago, and after spending some 6+ years of daily comment contributions to Mondoweiss, I can't tell you the mental tedium that now strikes me even at the mere mention of Mondoweiss or Phil Weiss and his Identitarian politics and whimsy.   But I can link you to professor Kevin MacDonald and his essay on jewish identitarians here:

      Philip Weiss (1996) created a considerable stir when he acknowledged the unreality of the Jewish self-conception as an outsider and several other self-delusionary aspects of being Jewish in late 20th-century America. … Being Jewish is highly salient to him and strains his relationships with gentiles. He pictures his gentile Yale classmates as “blond and slightly dull witted, while the Jewish professor spews out brilliant lines. . . . We held them [gentiles] in a certain contempt. But we were marginalized. We were the outsiders. I’ve carried those lessons around with me all my life as I’ve made my own steady progress in the world. . . . Feelings of marginalization have informed my journalism, my humor, my social navigations” …. (Even the aggressively ethnocentric Alan Dershowitz is quoted by Weiss as saying, “There is in our tradition, understandably but tragically, an anti-Gentile bias that we must root out.”) Indeed, his relationships with gentiles are strained by his “relentlessly defensive Jewish identification,” another way of saying that he is unable to relate to gentiles without invoking … ingroup/outgroup comparisons … .

      Jews cherish feelings of exclusion not just because there is wisdom in foreboding but because these feelings are useful. They preserve our position as outsiders, a status that has certain moral and practical advantages. As an outsider you have motivation: to get in. And you get to be demanding without any particular sense of reciprocity: the ADL (which is committed to fighting all forms of bigotry) running its Geiger counter over the goyim while failing to gauge Jewish racism. Perhaps most important, these feelings solidify Jewish identity. (p. 30)

      Jews have . . . prevaricated about the question of Jewish influence — whether we have it, how we gain it, what it means. . . . When the NRA exercises political power, it’s a hot-button issue. When Jewish money plays a part, discussing it is anti-Semitic. (p. 32)

  21. mcohen says:

    Hi taxi.i remember your posts well from mondoweiss.i wondered where all the commentors had gone.those were the days especially the obama visit to israel.i am quite optimistic about seem confident that israel is doomed.personally i hope peace will break out.

    • Taxi says:

      Hello MCOHEN – sure, I remember you too from the old Mondo days.  Hope you've been keeping well all this time.

      I'm intrigued here: whom do you think are these peacemakers and how will they achieve this in 2018?  Please don't tell me it's gonna be Jarred Kushner and David Friedman!

      Sure peace will break out in the middle east – after the destruction of israel, that is.

      Sorry but whichever way one looks at it, israel appears doomed today and tomorrow.

  22. mcohen says:

    Hi taxi.i thought you knew.i am the you have to understand we have reached the end of days.the good news is i can offer you a farmers prophecy for the days after

    • Taxi says:

      MCohen, thank you.  I happen not to believe in divine prophecy, but I do indeed believe in mortal self-fulfilling prophecy, which is what the zealot jews in israel and christian zionists in the US are furiously fixing up for.  But the thing is, the death of israel will not be the death of the world and humanity.  It will just be the death of israel with a lot of damage and devastation to the region (much death but repairable infrastructure for victorious countries that participate).  This is my thinking.

      I'm happy to look at your "farmers prophecy" – I may learn something new from it.  Yes, definitely share it here on Plato's – if you're so inclined.  Thank you.

  23. Taxi says:

    Today, israel arrested more than 600 Palestinians, a lot of them were youth and 172 were underage children.  The israeli government's new racket, increasing in frequency, is to now demand 10.000 shekels from the families of the arrested for temporary bail of their loved one – that's 10.000 shekels per incarcerated minor ($2,860/non refundable bail).

    If this isn't a state kidnap and ransom racket, I don't know what is.

    Here's the latest example of this detestable state scam: the story of Fawzi Al-Junaidi, the 16 year old who's blindfolded and frogmarched by 22 IDFers in the photograph above:


  24. Taxi says:

    Right, it's official!

    Russia announced it will now establish permanent air and naval bases in Syria, with Syrian approval.

    And Turkey is spreading its Turkish delight way out to the Red Sea and building touristic and military ports there too: right across the water from its fierce antagonists, the House of Saud.

    The geopolitical chess board is live and lucid and fast evolving.

    Empire needs to go back to the drawing board with the appearance of these two new dynamic configurations.

    Oh wait, China too last summer got a cozy port/base deal in Djibouti/Sudan/Red Sea:

    And according to a article published last month, here’s why Russia wants to set up in Sudan/Red Sea too:

    • Taxi says:

      I don't know about you folks, but it looks to me that Russia and China have now arrived into 'warmer' waters: their furthest western reach – with Turkey scurrying behind and trying to keep up with all the chess moves of giants.  China and Russia are basically encroaching back at Empire – with stealth and without aggressive posturing directly towards Empire.

      Geostrategic balletics.


    • Taxi says:

      There are no US military bases in Sudan or in neighboring Libya or Chad – a single base in adjacent Egypt, way across the vast desert on the Med.  A giant swath of continental landmass is therefore up for grabs by a titan with the Sudan shoreline as doorway. 

      (Sorry am suddenly unable to post maps for some reason, so here's a link to one I'm looking at that explains my above paragraph).

      And if you look at this map linked below, you'll see that when China and Russia settle into the Red Sea and advance further thru the Sudan, Empire's numerous bases in the middle east (most of them surrounding Iran, you'll note), will actually become sandwiched by Russia and China in tandem and from two sides:

      *(I’m huffing right now cuz google maps has buried all the good military maps in deep cyberspace – I used to be able to pull them out just like that – but not any more – I wish I coulda shared better maps – or better still, a single map that encompasses and explains it all).

  25. Taxi says:

    I have to say that being here in Levantean south Lebanon, I get to hear the funniest pronunciations of the name Trump – I've heard: Drumbb, Traymp, Trampeh, Trimb, Tra-ump, Trmp, Derump, and even Tump… the ears never cease to be amazed around here.


    • Taxi says:

      Nice poetics MCOHEN but utterly abstract and open to a kazillion interpretations. You don’t supply a link that specifies what is meant by “3 companions,7 falling stars,the earth shall open,an ancient stream shall flow again”, nor do you explain it yourself. It’s just like the kabala, which to my mind is nothing more than a collection of pagan mathematical riddles that are open to vast interpretations and can easily fool the susceptible non-mathematical mind and covertly indoctrinate the reader/follower of kabala into talmudic thought without them even knowing it, under the guise of a highfalutin ‘ancient’ spirituality . In other words, a soul-swindling project, no different to air-headed pagan New Ageism.

      • mcohen says:

        Hi taxi.there are no links and there is no hocus pocus or hoodoo voodoo.

        It is my personal vision.

        3 companions….christianity,islam,judaism,

        7 falling stars….7 comets or asteroids or icbm's fall to earth

        The earth shall open….earthquake or volcano

        Ancient stream will flow again…….lava.

        Basically a world altering event.

        That is my interpretation of the thoughts that came to me is like me having a vision  you have 2 cats one white and one back and one has discolouring in its eye.and i interpret this that h.n. will pass away next week.


      • Taxi says:

        Thanks for sharing, MCohen. 

        Regardless of whether I agree with the content or not, I actually respect 'personal vision' by far more than institutionalized religious predictions/prophecy etc.

  26. NancyC says:

    The images of the 16 year old blindfolded boy & 16 year old girl are especially troublesome for Israel's American support partly because these kids look like American teens and partly because the images are negatively impacting Zionist Christian's Israeli support.  America's proverbial "red neck" cannot possibly like the image that god's army  requires 22 armed males against one skinny blind folded teen. 

    I've been following the pizza/pedo gate elite ritual child trafficking pedophilia thing since the story broke open 2016 Thanksgiving weekend with the release of the Podesta Wiileaks emails despite MSM distortions, cover up & YouTube/Google scrubbing as quickly as they can. There are so many Jews involved in this thing that I got 2 of them confused in my post up thread. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon & new CIA funded owner of Washington Post, was in the news last week regarding "Amazon executives" involved with a "ring of trafficked sex workers".  Rose McGowan's tweet linked Bezos with Harvey Weinstein.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt was the one that abruptly resigned last week. At this point Schmidt is described as a "womanizer". 

    • Taxi says:

      Yes, Nancy, it’s true that the blonde Ahed Tamimi’s arrest especially has redefined some American perceptions of the Palestinians and their struggle – and ironically, it was the israelis themselves who handed this new positive perception to the American public. Another own goal by the stupid, immoral israelis.

      As to the pedo scandals, I honestly don’t follow them past the headlines that I see on the net. What I can tell is that many high-powered people are acting like they’re running scared and committing ‘coverups’, and for sure this is an indicator of guilt. But until actual witnesses are brought forward in a court of law, my interest in this subject matter will remain lukewarm, simply due to many other geopolitically pertinent matters occupying my mind. But if I lived near that pedo pizza parlor, I’ll probably garner more interest in this foul and most unpleasant subject. It’s really a question of too many other things to think about and so very few hours in the day. One thing is for sure, children the world over, both boys and girls, are frequently sexually abused and this traumatic abuse is one of the most revolting, rage-inducing high crimes whose perpetrators must be punished to full extent of the law.

      I did actually meet Rose McCowan on two social occasions when I lived in LA, and she struck me as brighter/smarter than your average Hollywoodette, despite her swanning about the place with her narcissistic Hollywood image. This was at least a decade ago and I remember having a brief discussion with her about the differences between songwriting and screenwriting and she said: “songwriters are faster storytellers cuz they stick to the heart of the matter and not the production value of the story”. I still remember her observation, which I happen to agree with.

  27. Taxi says:

    The Axis of Evil continues to organize the creation of future crimes against humanity – and without accountability forced on them, they will continue with their active evil plans for mass-murder and mass displacement:

    Shades of Suez and “Greater Israel” as Theresa May and Netanyahu Ignore UNSCR 2334 Pertaining to the Territorial Rights of Palestinians

  28. NancyC says:

    Here's another image of 16 year old Ahed Tamimi in Israeli court with analysis from Aleppo News of Israeli MSM's "guttural" response to a girl slapping a male IDF officer. In the Dark, without Witnesses

    Have you ever noticed that Jewish supremacist belief seems to go hand in hand with fear of gentiles. Just look at the fear, total lack of honesty & self awareness in this excerpt. Jewish inability to accurately assess both their own & gentiles strengths & weaknesses explains chronic overreach. This kind of fear & MSM response is also called, “whistling past the graveyard”.

    ** Ben Caspit in his piece repeats one claim that is repeated all over the Israeli media – that every Israeli felt the pain when the officer was slapped by the girl and did nothing. Ben Caspit says this officer did the right thing and that at another place and another time Israel must exact a price from the “Tamimi girls” as he calls them. Another Israeli journalist, Israel Eldad, a veteran journalist touches on another very sensitive point. He says he hopes that the prosecution will act decisively and demand a lengthy prison sentence for Ahed Tamimi, and that she will spend many long years in prison. He explains that this will teach the Arabs that the land belongs to Israel and they cannot just slap us around and get away with it. That this sort of “chivalrous behavior” displayed by the officer, may have been proper a long time ago but not in this case. Here it is about making sure that the Arabs know there is no doubt we have a right to that land, including Ahed Tamimi’s house, out of which she kicked the officers.**

    • NancyC says:

      There's another way to view Israeli reaction to the Ahed Timini story posted above.  Jewish belief in their right to Palestinian land is not nearly as strong as it was "a long time ago".

      ** That this sort of “chivalrous behavior” displayed by the officer, may have been proper a long time ago but not in this case. Here it is about making sure that the Arabs know there is no doubt we have a right to that land, including Ahed Tamimi’s house, out of which she kicked the officers.**

  29. Harry Law says:

    Taxi, thanks for that comprehensive overview, it would appear Trump and the Israelis/Saudi Arabia want to confront Iran, ostensibly about the 5 plus 1 nuclear deal, but really about Iran's growing missile capabilities [which happen to be outside the nuclear deal]. If Trump reneges on the deal then in theory the others should continue with the arrangement.

    Because Iran never wanted nuclear weapons in the first place, the deal is good and they would lose nothing in continuing with it, the problems arise if Trump imposes US sanctions [not so much a problem if only confined to the US]

    Unfortunately the US may tell European states companies they cannot access the American economy if they deal with Iran, for instance Boeing and Airbus are still required to get a license from the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) before they formalize any aircraft sale to Iran—Boeing because the company is based in the US, and Airbus because it relies on so many US suppliers to make its planes. If Trump decides the US should leave the Iran deal outright, OFAC could rescind those licenses [32 Billion dollars of sales].

    Will the Europeans fold? [recently President Macron raised the issue of Iranian missiles being added to the nuclear deal but was immediately slapped down by Ali Khamenei as being non negotiable]. The problem with the Israel/US position is, it is advocating war, when Iran, backed by Russia and China is economically and militarily too strong to attack, what a conundrum. The first signs of an impending war would be the US fleet vacating Bahrain and any US warships around the Gulf retreating outside Iranian missile range. The bottom line is the the 'arc of resistance' is too strong to order about, and the postage size state of Israel with its major population and Industrial centres situated in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area, so vulnerable to unstoppable missile attack, indicates to me US/Israel threats are just so much hot air. In the meantime Iran/Hez will continue building their improved missiles but with better targeting capabilities.

    • Taxi says:

      Thanks Harry Law.

      What you say about the Iran deal and Trump in the future forcing Europe to impose sanctions on Iran is true and this may indeed come to pass sooner than later.  But at this stage, we cannot be certain of Europe's further support of American sanctions, especially France.  France would love to snag the Iran-Boeing deal if the US doesn't want it – and if Atlatasist realpolitik doesn't allow Marcon to go that route, then Russia or China would be more than happy to service Iran's industrial aerial needs.  It's still a win-win for Iran and a loss to US economy if Trump reneges on the Iran Deal.

      But let me tell you, dear Harry, that even if the US and israel overnight stopped their warmongering posture and schemes – even if they decided to make peace with Iran and the Palestinian Authority overnight, the Axis of Resistance has its own agenda and timetable: and its agenda is simply this: the liberation of Jerusalem and the whole of Historic Palestine.

      Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas seek new strategy for resistance:

  30. Harry Law says:

    Chechen leader and Putin supporter Kadyrov  has had sanctions applied to him "parties who appear on the U.S. Specially Designated Nationals List and thus, subject to U.S. trade sanctions. For this reason, Facebook has a legal obligation to disable these accounts," a spokesperson for Facebook said, calling the situation, “nothing new.” To which Kadyrov gave this superb reply…

    “I can be proud that I'm out of favor with the special services of the USA," he wrote. "In fact, the USA cannot forgive me for dedicating my whole life to the fight against foreign terrorists among which there are bastards of America's special services."

  31. Taxi says:

    Nancy, thank you for all the goodies you bring to Plato's – very much appreciated.

    If you look very closely at Ahed Tamimi's video, you'll see the slapped-soldier actually gave her an underhanded clip on the chin before she wigged out at him.  That aside, since Trump's Jerusalem announcement and therefore israel's expectation of street violence breaking out, the idf and other security apparatus in israel have been given instruction to 'chill it by a couple of degrees' so as to not inflame the Palestinian street unnecessarily any further (not for love of Palestinians, but israel doesn't want a 3rd infitada breaking out full throttle – too much risky work involved if violence escalated and got out of control, so 'chill' is used here as tactic and not as sentimentality towards the natives).  Security backup (2-3 extra soldiers is the norm) for the soldiers who were already in 'position' at the Tamimi house had not yet arrived and taken their position when the altercation with Ahed occurred – this is why the soldiers were reluctant to respond with customary brute force: their backup had not yet arrived.  And I reckon that even if the soldiers' backup team was already in position, the two idf soldiers would still not have responded with their normal violence towards Tamimi because of this 'chill' instruction:  they know the Tamimis have no guns and they also know them to be extremely popular in Palestine and injuring or killing a Tamimi would ignite riots that might escalate into an intifada.  There's no jewish chivalry involved whatsoever in this instance – the soldier kept his cool because he was was scared and also because he was under instruction to 'chill it by a couple of degrees'.

    See how one soldier is looking out for his 'backup', while the other one 'clips' Tamimi's chin at 0:41 in this video:

  32. Taxi says:

    The isreali media is a sick and sickening propaganda factory 24/7.  You must remember that israel is 'an army with a country' and not a country with an army.  This means that most civilians have had military training and all the twisted propaganda that comes with it.  This further means that whether you are a hairdresser, accountant, journalist, janitor, politician, prostitute or an active soldier in israel, EVERYONE is on the same genocidal page, uttering the same inciteful, racist, criminal rhetoric.

    Israeli press is under strict military censorship, so we can't really call it a 'free and independent media' – but every blue moon of a blue moon, a periodical like Haaretz will publish something that will have a measure of human decency in it.  Take for instance an opinion piece published today in Haaretz, written by Ahed Tamimi's father:

    My Daughter, These Are Tears of Struggle:


  33. NancyC says:

    Exactly.  The Three Little Pigs having endured a century of Jewish Supremacist "huffing and puffing" and periodic threats to "blow your house down" (while actually stealing the damn house) have decided to change the game to "Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf". 

    Enough is enough. It’s time to remove the wolf.

  34. Taxi says:

    If you have not yet heard of the Iran street protests and Trump's tweet about it all, here is the story link below.

    It's safe to say, however, that even the most anti-gov Iranian inside of Iran would outright reject Trump's help in any measure, including a rhetorical one.  Some Iranians may very well hate their government, but for sure, they hate Trump even more.

    Trump warns Iran 'world is watching' amid rare protests:

    And don't hold your breath if you're expecting Trump to tweet the same shit at Israel and its current (and past) violent/deadly handling of Palestinian street protests over the Jerusalem status issue.

  35. Taxi says:

    And let's just remember here this little warning by Iran from last February:

    Iran Threatens Missiles on Israel If America Attacks

    And even further back in 2003, another warning:

    Syria, Iran issue first explicit warning to Israel if US attacks:

    For an overstretched Empire, it's a bitch: this balance-of-terror thing, isn't it?

  36. Taxi says:

    Another consequence/victims of Trump's Jerusalem declaration are Australia and the TPP.  A hilarious own-goal by Empire under the spell of israelism:

    Trump is voluntarily surrendering ground to Beijing on economic, diplomatic and environmental fronts, opening the door to an even greater global role for China that the country’s own growing military will only reinforce.

    Australia Switching Sides, From the U.S. to China:

    The ‘Art of the Deal’, indeed.

    *(p.s. you’ll have to forgive the crazy religious conclusion to the above linked article, but it does have, otherwise, a good summation of the Australia-US-China triangle crisis).

  37. NancyC says:

    I know I keep harping on the 16 year old Tamimi girl but Jewish/Israeli response to the kids chief crime seems to be her blue eyes.  Jewish racism is so out of control the tribe has become cognitively incapable of processing information as perceived by decent human beings.

    The following opinion piece published 12/27/17 by The Blue Eyed Poster girl of Palestinian Propaganda is what a PR backfire looks like but you can't cure stupid.,7340,L-5062038,00.html

    Hard to really process the lack of honesty & decent humanity in the following excerpt.  What kind of people have apparently been troubled by a 16 year old kid "for years”?  Did she first flash her blue eyes when she was 11? 

    **For years, she has been at the center of more and more staged provocations (,7340,L-5058942,00.html). She always tries to get IDF soldiers to respond with violence, and she always fails (,7340,L-5058855,00.html). Because IDF soldiers are world champions in self-restraint.

     But in a region which holds the world record for cameras (,7340,L-5058947,00.html) per square meters, some kind of inappropriate behavior is found every few months. Not everyone is perfect. There are exceptions. Last week, soldiers were caught using unnecessary violence against a bound Palestinian. Certain organizations seize these opportunities eagerly. This is the IDF, they say. They’re lying, of course.**

  38. Taxi says:

    Time to wish y'all a very Happy-Happy New Year!!!

    May 2018 keep us all safe and bring the big bastards down with the least amount of dust and debris.

    Here's a little musical offering by my fave artist in 2017, the stellar Rhiannon Giddens, queen of the 'black banjo' and extraordinary artist – she can even sing in perfect French!  I recommend you explore her other videos if you have an appreciation for soulful, organic music.

    *On second thought, that’s just not enough Rhiannon…

    **Going from deep south girl to chanteuse Parisienne… seamlessly:

    Hey thanks ya’ll for indulging me 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  39. Taxi says:

    Apart from myself, there's probably just a handful of other American passport holders hanging out this side of the Levant (south Lebanon); and despite my disgust and despair at what has become of our nation, I sit here in this little Levantean village with my heart always tuned in to the motherland's perpetual heartbeat: found in inspired and gifted American individuals.  Not in dollars and institutions.  Soulful America is our real American. The Great America.  And genuine American artists always remind me that American culture is traditionally a visionary culture; a bustling culture of new ideas and expressions – not the warmongering, dumbed-down, divisive Identarian sub-culture than we now find our society crushed under.

    When all is said and done and the dust finally settles, we may not have an Empire but we'll still have our real American culture that was always referenced and seeded in inspiration and innovation.

    Empires die but human artistry doesn't.

    • Taxi says:

      I guess the israelis are now a bit more than just 'sensing' danger at their borders.  But why drag Obama into it?  He gave you more than Bush jnr ever did – he even gave you Jonathan Pollard for Pete's sake!!!  What?!…..  Oh right, you're still sore that he didn't veto the UN resolution that confirmed israeli settlements to be illegal under international law before he left office?  Wow.  The depth of israeli vindictiveness is breathtaking.  If you piss them off, they will punish you even two thousand years later.

      Obama, Hezbollah, and the End of Israel:

  40. Taxi says:

    The great Philip Giraldi is asking readers to "boycott businesses and sport franchises whose owners are particularly fond of Israel’s settlements to send the message that there are consequences".  But the thing is, a critical-mass of awareness would be needed to first occur for a grand boycott to have an impact.  I mean to say: boycotting is slow to work and we're running out of time.  And unfortunately, the American people are too politically weak and way too poor if you pit them against Aipac billionaire activists.  Only the destruction of tel aviv will create the desired weakening of jewish political power in DC.

    Let's End the Israeli Tie-That-Binds:

  41. Taxi says:

    CIA versus Iran.  They have quite the history.  Iran has been running circles around the CIA since 1979, much to the CIA's chagrin.  Imagine if Iran publicly declared that it's now assigning a protected mass-murderer to head a team tasked with bringing down the US 'regime'.  Of course, when we do it, it's called being 'muscular' towards Iran.  But if Iran does it, it's called 'terrrrrrrrrorizm"!

    C.I.A. Names the ‘Dark Prince’ to Run Iran Operations, Signaling a Tougher Stance

  42. Taxi says:

    The (desired) madness of King Trump:

    Trump threatens to cut US aid to Palestinians

    I really hope Trump goes through with his threat and cuts off the misnamed 'aid' to the PA (coercion fund, more like it).  This will then unchain the PA from its servile cooperation with israel's security apparatus, and redirect it back towards its original and foundational armed resistance hearth.

    The PA is still officially on the fence with regards taking up the 'armed resistance' rhetoric in public.  But in private, PA members are said to be irreconcilably furious with US skullduggery – understanding that any further cooperation with Trump at this stage will cause certain death to the PA as future administrators – and that their only hope of future power over Palestine resides in their participation, if not the spearheading itself, of the coming existential armed battle.

    Maybe if Trump cuts off aid, this might give the PA impetus and opportunity to smartly declare itself now open to playing the 'armed resistance’ card at any given moment – that it will now do 'whatever is necessary' to protect its people in their existential struggle'.  Abbas should tweet Trump back and say: 'You take your cheap dollars off the table and we put the priceless armed resistance option on the table'.

    Or tweet…

    'Palestinian Jerusalem is not for sale'.


    'One doesn't negotiate peace with small-handed cheapskates'.


    'Iran will give us double your dollars'.


    'Dear Donald, you're not the boss of me'.


    '500.000 fuck youz from Palestine'.


    'You're even more stupid than I am'.


    • ZionismIsIdeologicalCancer says:

      The schizophrenic asshole president's two tweets from yesterday:

      "It's not only Pakistan that we pay billions of dollars to for nothing, but also many other countries, and others. As an example, we pay the Palestinians HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year and get no appreciation or respect. They don’t even want to negotiate a long overdue…

      …peace treaty with Israel. We have taken Jerusalem, the toughest part of the negotiation, off the table, but Israel, for that, would have had to pay more. But with the Palestinians no longer willing to talk peace, why should we make any of these massive future payments to them?"

    • NancyC says:

      While Ahed's response is courageous and clever, the question itself is simply astonishing.  What kind of system, people, religion asks any teenage girl "How did you slap our soldier?"  How does the word "soldier" even belong in that question? 

      Ahed's response shows wit & courage.  Are the IDF, Israel & Jews really that fearful of being slapped by a teen aged Palestinian girl?  Of course they are.  Once a population loses it's fear, they simply cannot be controlled.  Fear drains and immobilizes.  Courage energizes, activates & is contagious. 

      • Taxi says:

        Absolutely true, Nancy.

        And no one has shown more courage in the face of a sadistic evil israel than unarmed Palestinian civilians themselves. I have nothing but profound support and respect for Palestinian civilians who, of their own volition, continue to place themselves on the front line of their protracted national struggle.

        Here’s but one single example of Palestinian courage:

  43. Brian Toronto says:

    I was born in 1948. I have no feelings of responsibility or guilt for the holocaust. But the Israel/Palestine conflict is happening on "My Watch", so to speak. I have intently followed the gruesome brutalities and fatalities for at least 50 years or more.

    At 70 years of age, I am not into violence and nor do I intend to encourage violence.

    I have never understood the "Strategy" of the Arab/Muslim World.

    I have always feared that "Resistance Fighters" would bring the war to America …. with instructions to burn every single strand of forest and parkland across the country. Resistance Fighters could very easily begin destroying the most precious "Idol" of The American Culture. For every house bombed/destroyed by the American Military, I fear that Resistant Fighters might well set out to at least an acre of forest/parkland.

    The America People begin to question the cost of Middle East conflicts …. and it could cost them their most proud possession in life …..

    I often wonder with fears that the immigrants who work so diligently on our vegetable farms will all just begin spreading feces and salmonella throughout the fields as they listen to Donald Plump disparage them.

    • Taxi says:


      Rest assured that only American arsonists are interested in burning down American forests – the 'Resistance' fighters in the Levant are solely focused on liberating their occupied land (thousands of miles away from continental America).  There's nothing in their Resistance manifestos or rhetoric that indicates that they would commit eco-terrorism against us.  In fact, they are the ones defending the eco system of their land that's being stolen and raped by the jews of israel.

      Please don't confuse terrorists and arsonists with Resistance fighters.

      And please also don't worry about immigrant farmers poisoning our produce – they are but struggling people who are trying to feed their families and would not sabotage the farmland that they so heavily depend on for wages and food.

      I know we live in a very dangerous world, but the source of the danger is the Axis of Evil not the Axis of Resistance.

      • Brian Toronto says:

        The American voter will never demand a resolution to the Occupation of Palestine unless the cost becomes too harsh or too prohibitive.

        I was thinking of a strategy …. Not a plan …. and recognize that the forest/parklands are admired and adored as a "Religion" across the breath of America.

        Palestine has about 10 years maximum to succeed with the "Cause", and before all NATO member/associates leave the UN and where NATO becomes the world policeman. As they walk away, they will promise the world that the "Status Quo" will remain and that it is all legal.

        The UN headquarters in New York is an ancient and poorly constructed. Unable to meet the demands of a modern/technical building. As China takes its rightful place on the world stage, it will only agree to fund the new UN building if it is built in Shanghai.

        It is all over for the Palestinian People by the year 2030.


      • Taxi says:


        You waaaaaaay underestimate the continuously expanding powers of the Axis of Resistance.  Probably, with all due respect, because you're not well-read on this topic – and most certainly the msm is not providing you with updates and facts on the Axis of Resistance.

        The Palestinian cause has never been globally more popular, never been better armed and never regionally/geostrategically better supported in all aspects of its resistance – and since Trump's Jerusalem announcement, the Palestinians have never been more united.  And with the spirit of resistance imbibed deep into the souls of their youth (Ahed Tamimi being a mere single example), I personally don't see them as gone 'poof' today, tomorrow, or ever.  On the contrary, I see israel as going 'gone/poof' way before 2030.

        You might want to read recent articles from my archives that explain this in depth.  For starters, try my article 'War Clouds Gathering Over Israel'.

        There are also many other articles that reference this topic:  here's a link to my archives.

        As far as NATO is concerned:  well, presently, its Atlaticist members are barely in alignment with Trump's haphazard-histrionic, shape-shifting policies, so it's but foolish to bet one's farm on the idea of NATO policing the world in the near future when there's such discontent within the organization and with China and Russia especially putting up tangible resistance to any NATO advancement, especially in the Eastern and Central Asian hemispheres.  Not forgetting here that the weaker Empire gets, the weaker NATO becomes too.

      • Brian Toronto says:

        The only reason why I chose to go through all the hassels of first creating a WordPress account just to enjoy the function of commenting here with you was because I recognized that you were well versed of the topic.

        However; contrary to what you may think, like you, I too am quite familiar with the topic as well. I have followed the Israel-Palestine Conflict quite intensely for a lifetime. (I am a White, Catholic, Canadian.) I have and maintain a huge database on this topic. (and others.) If ever you would want to review all the audio-Visual content or documents and e-Books I have on this topic, I would make it available for you, so as to sort of prove just how familiar I am with the topic.

        I have followed all the "strategy" and "success" that the Palestinians have enjoyed since 1967. Actually there is nothing real to celebrate. When things get tough for Israel they begin extra-judicial killings around the globe. The only non-violent way that I can imagine the Palestinian People realizing any success at the negotiating table is to begin "Extra-Judicially" costing Average Joe American something tangible.

      • Brian Toronto says:

        And, there is no real disagreements within NATO. Every thing is going as planned. So much so, that countries are all clamouring up to the bar and begging to pay and increase membership dues.

      • Taxi says:


        I am honored that you have visited us here at Plato's and I sincerely thank you for your time and for your comments.

        I think we've had a misunderstanding here, Brian.  I have no doubt that you fully understand the israel-Palestine crisis in its historic and moral context.  What is known as the 'Axis of Resistance', however, includes other nation resistors and not just Palestine resistors and it was this communal Axis of Resistance that I made reference to as regards the eventual liberation of historic Palestine.

        At this stage, it's clearly impossible for Palestinians alone to liberate their land – and if the Palestinians didn't have literally millions of trained, volunteer fighters from other nations supporting them right now, I would agree with you that Palestine would 'disappear' in but a handful of years.  But, they're not alone – it's not just Palestinians who suffer under israeli terrorism and colonialism, it's other regional peoples and nations too – an Axis of Resistance, therefore, has been gathered from mainly non-state actor groups in the region such as Hezbollah (who btw are also training Christian Levanteans from Lebanon, Iraq and Syria in preparation for the big war against the usurping euro jews in the holy land).

        Non-state-actor Resistance fighters from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Palestine – these groups are all openly and rigorously militarily backed by the nations of Syria and Iran – and this list, my dear, is what constitutes the Axis of Resistance.  Some of these native non-state-actors are not even religious, but Levantean seculars and communists fighting against israeli colonialism and land-theft.  This presently gathered  politically and religiously eclectic Axis of Resistance is preparing to confront israel every single day 24/7 – it's their current full-time focus and vocation.  Their mission is to liberate the whole of Historic Palestine.  Their slogan: 'we are millions of martyrs marching towards Jerusalem'.  And this, dear Brian, is who will be liberating Historic Palestine in the next war, with the backing of the armies of Lebanon, Syria and Iran – and with the armies of Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Malasia and Turkey eyeing up for alignment with the Axis of Resistance once war erupts.  This Axis of Resistance, Brian, is whom the msm does not report on except in brief passing and always with the disparaging tag of 'terrorist'.

        You'll forgive me, I hope: I should have clarified what I meant by the 'Axis of Resistance' in my earlier comment to you and avoided this misunderstanding altogether.

        Thank you.

        And as regards NATO: with Turkey (who is NATO's second large contributor of foot soldiers, after the US) experiencing a protracted and ongoing crisis with some NATO members (those who openly support the kurds), and with Trump's open disdain towards NATO, it's hard to currently describe NATO internally as a 'solid' entity – especially not with Turkey now purchasing  high-grade weaponry from Russia: NATO's number one enemy.  If any nation can shred NATO from within, it's the country of Turkey – and with the opportunistic and egomaniacal Erdogan at Turkey's helm, any bad NATO scenario is possible.  Turkey remains in NATO for realpolitik reasons and not out of ideology or alignment with US foreign policy.

        NATO-Turkey Crisis: How Far Can It Go?

        Nato's second biggest army just bought nearly £2bn of weapons from Russia

        Trump’s Relationship With NATO, One Year Into His Presidency

        Israel knows it's now cornered by the Axis of Resistance, hence its current furious dragging of the US into the eventual battlefield it faces.  But not even the US will be able to save israel from total destruction in the next war – yes, the Axis of resistance will suffer great losses, but israel, due to its small landmass, will easily (and quickly, in my opinion) be destroyed in a focused bombardment.  Two days ago, when Nasrallah was asked to confirm that Hezbollah indeed possesses 150.000 rockets and missiles, he answered: "we only need a few missiles hitting high-strategic targets in israel to break up the zionist regime".  Israel knows this and counters this approaching danger with endless military 'exercises' and further military entrenchment inside the holy land.  But all this isreali effort will prove futile, in my estimation.

        Some in israel want to avoid war altogether, knowing very well the existential cost of such a war – but unfortunately for them, the current status quo cannot continue and israel, with its genocidal non-semitic convert jews, will indeed be removed from the Levant in our lifetime.

        On a Collision Course: Avoiding a War Between Israel and the ‘Axis of Resistance’

        America and Israel versus the axis of resistance: The red line between the psychological climax and the psychological warfare

        Again, two days ago, when Nasrallah was asked whether he could ever see Hezbollah making peace with israel, he answered that Hezbollah "would never make peace with Israel, and neither would it acknowledge this entity legitimately even if the entire world did so".

        Dismissing Anti-Regime Protests, Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah Lauds Iranian Support for ‘Resistance Axis’

        With so very many established facts about the Axis of Resistance's growing powers (info censored by Western media), and knowing israel's current geostrategic and psychological weaknesses (info censored by Western media too), I have no doubt in my mind, therefore, that Palestine will live on.  And israel won't.

      • Brian Toronto says:

        An Axis of Resistance does not hold true or make any sense for me.

        I was once the president of a local union, and I found out all about "Alliances". I found that the larger negotiating table created by an ally is actually an empty barstool with an Anti-Democratic rule book. (Much like the European Union.)

        The Palestinians gotta work diligently, hard and fast in order to accomplish "Statehood" at the 1967 borders. And they gotta do it all by their lonesome. And, they got 10 years before the United Nations Rule Book changes drastically. They can not rely on "Alliances". They must persuade "Sympathizers" within all NATO member countries to be ready to act. Israel does not rely on “Alliances” …. it relies on “Sympathizers”.

        I strongly believe that the moment that Abbas publicly stated the threat, the majority of the American People will demand that Israel map the border to 1967.

        This needs to be accomplished very quickly. 10 years maximum …. maybe even as close to 2 years. The United Nations (International Law) will collapse for sure within 10 years.     When the US. moved the embassy to Jerusalem, it was against International Law. When the U.S. made its intentions clear, it was in total defiance of the very crux of the United Nations Charter itself. The United States proclaimed that the United Nations and International law no longer exist.

        When I look at all the Palestinian Leadership and negotiators, I always ask myself ….. where were their children educated and who paid for it?

        And that is why "Alliances" don't sound too great to me.

      • Brian Toronto says:

        When the U.S. decided to move the embassy to Jerusalem, it was the U.S. telling the world that it is now NATO and associates (Israel is an associate member of NATO.) which rule the world and not The United Nations. Moving the embassy was in direct and total defiance of International Law and which is at the very crux of the UN charter. In a sense, the U.S. has already walked away from the United Nations.

      • Taxi says:

        Well, every US veto at the UN in support of isael’s crimes against humanity, over the decades, has been a ‘walking away’ from the UN.

        I wouldn’t bet my farm on either the US or the UN to deliver justice to the Palestinians – or to any other oppressed people on the planet.

      • Taxi says:

        An Axis of Resistance does not hold true or make any sense for me. (Brian)

        Right here is the crux.  It's your prerogative to equate working as an unarmed union president in peace-time Canada to being the leader of an armed Arab resistance under brutal occupation in wartime Middle East.  To me, you're comparing chalk to cheese here and I doubt anything I say can influence your determined conclusion on the 'strategy' that Palestinians should take.

        But I would like to share with you that here in the Levant, NOBODY is talking about the 2 state solution or the 67 borders anymore – they haven't since 2006 – and most certainly, no one is talking about it in israel either.  To the Arab natives, after seven decades of euro-jew occupation and colonialism,  'what was taken by force can only be returned by force' has become the standard thought-fare, especially when they're dealing with a jewish enemy that's fixated on expansionism by force of arms.

        And as to US breaking international law, well it's been doing that covertly and overtly for decades and with no accountability, so I don't see the difference in US behavior with regards the status of Jerusalem and the Palestine question as a whole.

        And pray tell, how do you think NATO will survive when the dollar and SWIFT are replaced by BRICS currencies – something that expert economists keep warning us of?  Who will pay NATO's massive upkeep then?  Penniless Europe?

        Again, I see you placing undue weight behind a fractured NATO.

        Even if NATO plus US military plus israel's military attacked the Arab Levant nations and various resistance groups there, how will that save israel from a total wipe-out when the Resistance now has the military means and manpower to destroy israel, despite themselves getting pummeled by the Axis of Evil trio above?

        The Axis of Resistance doesn't even need to win bigly or win at all in order to turn tel aviv into a heap of smoking rubble.  Even if israel uses nukes, it still won't make any difference to the destruction that will be heaped on tel aviv and other colonized centers in the Holy Land.

        And the most effective advantage that the Resistance has?  Israelis' own pathological cowardice.  And as we all know, big guns never did cure poltroonery.

      • Brian Toronto says:

        Many comments you made within your last post rang true with me. The anger on the Streets, the Determination, but not the strategy.

        You seem to always end up at a nuclear war scenario. Not me.

        I don't even want to contemplate nuclear warfare. It actually would mean the end of ManKind. My head can't handle the thought.

        I always want to believe that the Israel/Palestine conflict can be solved at the negotiating table. I think that Israel announcing it's borders at the 1967 Lines is a reasonable compromise.

        I am always thinking of a means to bring NATO members to the negotiating table.

        When I see the complete destruction across the Middle East, the ruination of communities, the destroying of civic culture and historical artifacts, it is just as though somebody set out to destroy all the forest and parklands all across North America and Europe. NATO members would be powerless to defend such large remote areas of all member countries. The financial costs would be too great. 

        If NATO is as divided as you claim, then I would ask you if the proof might lie with an acknowledgement of just how large NATO has grown during the past 10 years? It seems to be expanding quite sufficiently for an institution which is rife with discontent.

        I agree that by 2030 China will become the largest economic force in the universe. However, the U.S. will remain as the largest military alliance in the universe.

        If Palestine expects to win the quest for Statehood, it must accomplish the task by 2030 at the latest. All NATO members will walk away from the UN before 2030. To obtain a Palestinian State recognized under International Law via the United Narions, it must be done very quickly.

      • Taxi says:

        Brian, again I will repeat: the “strategy” now is the armed resistance. There is no other “strategy” left for Palestinians to employ. At this stage, it’s either total surrender to the jew-boot, or, the armed resistance.

        Too late for ‘negotiations’ because as we all know, israel never ever was, not even for a single, simple second, negotiating in good faith, but in fact israel was all the while buying itself more time thru these fake ‘negotiations’ so as to create more ‘jewish’ facts on the ground while it tortured and ethnically cleansed Palestine in slo-mo and under the cover of these evil so-called ‘peace negotiations’.

        The current formidable format of the Axis of Resistance is a huge challenge for israel – why do you want to dissipate this hard-earned pressure on israel? Tens of thousands of Levanteans have died in order to create this current armed pressure on israel. At this stage of the game, this intense eleventh hour, anything short of total support for the Axis of Resistance is tantamount to supporting the Apartheid terrorist state of israel.

        And I don’t know why you have so much faith in NATO as bringer of peace and order around the world. Its history shows the opposite. In fact, NATO’s history reveals to us that it is but an American instrument for global gangsterism and violence against weakened nations, especially brown-skinned nations. Yes, NATO has ‘expanded’ by adding more countries to its member list in the past decade, but it only added them cuz it was getting weaker in the face of the emerging BRICS powers, especially those of China and Russia. Not forgetting here that the US Empire’s current diminishing powers de facto weakens NATO itself, considering that the ‘head’ dollar and mastermind of NATO is the USA.

        Finally, I brought up the subject of israeli ‘nukes’ to give an extreme example of the plausibility ahead in the next war. Now, you can cover your ears and eyes about nukes, if you must, but you cannot possibly put the blame on Palestinians or on the Axis of Resistance if israel ends up using its illegal stock of nukes to mass murder untold numbers of gentiles. Besides, the Axis of Resistance in the Levant does not fear israel’s nukes: all they have to do is send missiles at israel’s Dimona plant, or use cyber warfare to disable the launching of israel’s illegal nukes – and believe you, me: the Axis of Resistance is an expert at cyber warfare and cyber intelligence gathering. How else do you think an outnumbered and out-gunned Hezbollah advanced itself to victory against israel’s military in the 2006 war?

        And here I ask you: considering that you clearly prefer a negotiated Two State Solution, do please tell me why you think that native Palestinians should give up 72% of their ancestral land to accommodate a genocidal, european tribe of convert jews?

        To my mind, the Two State Solution is a zionist swindle that cons centrist and peace-loving people into supporting a zionist land-theft facade. Why should the Palestinians even give an inch to such despicable, unrepentant war criminals like israeli jews?

        Sorry, but just because we in the West managed to dump our ‘jewish problem’ in Palestine doesn’t mean we don’t own this humongous crime against humanity. The ‘West’ should just stfu and take back its white jews and return Arab Palestine to Arab Palestinians. And clearly, the West is unprepared to do this, so the task of rightfully liberating the whole of Historic Palestine is left to the native Axis of Resistance and its regional allies.

        In seven days time, on January 14th, a mega conference between the leaders/representatives of every single Palestinian faction will take place in Amman, Jordan. Some analysts on Arab TV are saying that the aims of the conclusion of this conference is to declare to the world, as a united single Palestinian voice, that Oslo is dead and buried and that the only strategy now left for them is the armed struggle. Let us wait and see on that – but it is certainly astonishing and very, very rare that such a conference between the disparate body parts of political Palestine would assemble as a whole and under one roof.

        I know that you will not applaud this, but you must understand that your proposition for a peaceful solution, your strategy for a ‘negotiated solution’, as desirable and noble as it is, has already failed and cost tens of thousands of native lives while it was being tried out, not to mention much loss of much Palestinian land to the genocidal, klepto israelis. And the sole party responsible for this failure is israel for having had zero intention of ever establishing a Palestinian state in the first place.

        The armed resistance is the only option left. Come what may.

        Sure a great number of Palestinians will be martyred during their 12th hour armed struggle, but they know that israel is killing them anyway using Apartheid laws and bullets and jew-only privileges. Palestinians are now saying that if death is coming anyway, then they choose to die with dignity, not with humiliation.

        I can jive with that, as I’m sure most of humanity does too.

      • Brian Toronto says:

        Here is how I see it happening …..

        Abbas steps out and compares the complete destruction of Palestine and other parts of the Middle East as an attack on "Sacred Ground". Just as though every community, every mosque, every museum was a target of NATO members. Abbas should then make it quite clear …. Any further attacks by Israeli Forces upon The Palestinian Resistance who are simply defending their "Sacred Ground", will result in attacks upon "Sacred Ground" within all NATO member countries.

        No American will ever agree to watching their "Sacred Ground" being destroyed for the sake of Israel. The military might agree with such tactics, but not the Average American.

        Paranoia will grip the nation as they think about losing their national pride. Forests and National Parklands are a religion in North America. Even if by chance an event begins with a natural lightning strike, paranoia will further increase.

        NATO will be at the negotiating table in the morning.

      • Taxi says:


        You’re probably the only person on the planet who thinks Abbas’s words, especially his threats, will be taken seriously by even the leader of the weakest nation on earth.

    • Brian Toronto says:

      I had no idea that you were into actual "Armed" Resistance. Sorry about that.

      Well, even if all the Different Gods and Deities held hands in unison across this universe, …. Palestine will never become recognized under International Law as a State through the use of  Armed Warfare. At least for another lifetime …. two more generations. 

      I never dream of armed warfare in all of my scenarios I ever think of. I don't want to dream about having to wait and endure a WWIII scenario and 5 or 10 years of armed conflict, and another 10 years to set up a new World Map and Order under a new International Institution as the United Nations is today.

      And after all is said and done, what kind of a world do the newborn citizens of the newly formed Palestinian State enter into?

      Abbas needs to go to the United Nations today and not just ask to become an "Observer Status" but rather demand to be recognized as a State and at the Pre-1967 borders. And, he must demand that the ICC investigate War Crimes by the Occupation Authorities.

      The vote would be overly Pro-Palestinian at the UN General Meeting (not the UN Security Council where the US has a veto). Especially after the most recent vote on the embassy move to Jerusalem.   


      • Taxi says:

        “I had no idea that you were into actual “Armed” Resistance” – Brian

        Dude, come on now, you known damn well it’s nothing to do with ‘being into actual armed resistance’ and EVERYTHING to do with the dire need for Palestinian self-preservation against a crushing force of evil. That you think America would ever allow for a Palestinian state to be recognized at the UN just because Abbas “demands” it… I mean, come on Brian, EVERYTHING you recommend has already been tried and that stuff either failed or was quickly compromised/shut down and bolted.

        You really think the UN can tangibly deliver justice and ancestral lands back to the Palestinians? The UN and who’s army are gonna drive the idf and all them armed jewish settler crazies back to the ’67 border? Get real, Brian, and come down off your moral high horse too. You, sitting in the comfort of your Canadian home, you have absolutely no right telling an occupied people in faraway lands how to resist, what method to use, what time or wotnot. Palestinians are in the 11th hour of their struggle, doing what they need to do to stop the ongoing genocide and ethnic-cleansing of their native Holy Land. You must show respect to the suffering Palestinians for choosing to pursue their suitable path to freedom, despite its high cost. They need you to either support their right to life, their land and their freedom – or just step out of their way.

        Sorry but your Palestine ‘strategy’ is nothing short of herding Palestinians, wholesale and all, like sheep to the slaughterhouse.

        And if you’re wondering why none of your well-intentioned advice has not worked in the past and will never work in the future, just go ask Aipac.

  44. Bornajoo says:

    Happy New Year dear Taxi. 

    Thank you for the usual excellent analysis as well as all the links and tidbits, especially Rhiannon Giddens. Wow, incredible talent!

    I too am hoping very much that Trump does indeed stop all payments to the PA. This would be the next important catalyst to finally break away from the pathetic facade over the last couple of decades. The whole arrangement does nothing but provide cover for the scumbags to steal more land and water as well as continue the slow motion genocide of the Palestinian people. On top of that, the fuckers, have got everyone else paying for the occupation while they make a huge profit from it. You actually can't make this up! They literally have a captive market of 4m+ people who have no choice but to give their money and labour back to the very same bastards who are keeping them under a brutal military occupation. So they end up with most of the aid dollars flowing in from the USA, the EU and the rest! I do wonder just how crucial this arrangement is for their economy. Probably more than they will ever let on

    Unfortunately as we all know too well we are living in a world where most people are either ignorant, lied to or brainwashed.  This will make it impossible for any kind of critical mass awakening in the near or even medium future. Up until a few years ago I even held out hope that there would be change driven by international pressure but as long as Godfather Uncle Sam continues to protect and fund this shitty little rogue country at any cost, there will be no real change in this way.  Or the Palestinians can just keep waiting for enough Jews to come to the self-realisation that they have been WRONG and have been complicit in one of the greatest crimes of humanity since the second world war. Fuck that! 

    So, as you have very rightly been informing the rest of us (we do catch up eventually!), the only actual solution is a violent one. They could have gotten away with murder and theft on a massive scale and pulled off the biggest swindle and heist of the century if they could just have found it within their very sick souls and minds to allow the legal owners of their own land to keep just over 20% of what they used to have. But no, this was also just not possible for these fucking parasites and vampires. They want it all, they've always wanted it all and now they're in the final stages of taking it all.

    But the resistance is growing and is now more determined than ever to finally wipe this scourge of humanity off the face of the earth, at ANY cost. I, for one, can't wait for that day and I hope it happens as soon as possible. There is NO other solution.

    • Taxi says:

      A very happy new year to you too Bornajoo!

      I spent decades in total support of the 2 State Solution but I changed my mind as I learned more about the relentless deceptions of israel's jews.  Soon as I began to make connections between 9/11 and israel, I did a 180 turn and realized what their tribal grand plan was: the Greater Israel project.  I know in the past when I've written about the armed resistance being the only solution to the ongoing Palestine crisis, I've got a lot of naysayers and accusations of 'warmongering'.  I expected this so it didn't really bother me.  In the case of israel, I agree with this slogan 100%: What was taken by force can only be returned by force.  As indeed, the hezb proved this in its battles to liberate Lebanon from israel's genocidal army.

      Last night, Nasrallah gave a 2.38 hrs one-on-one interview on Al-Mayadeen TV.  I just found it on youtube but only in Arabic.  I will look for an English subtitled vid to share here with you.  An immense wealth of information is in this interview – highly recommended viewing.

      Here it is anyway for Arabic speakers:

      Nasrallah talked much regional/Empire geopolitics in this interview and also gave away some personal info on his childhood as well as how much money he makes per month – turns out that he collects $1,300 per month as wages.  Now compare that humble figure to Saudi Mohammad bin Salman who spent 400 million dollars on a yacht and 200 million on a painting this year.

      No one can accuse Nasrallah of ‘elitism’ or greed after this revelation. He does what he does clearly as a true vocation and not as a career with perks. And so it should be for the leader of the most important, powerful and effective Resistance in the world.

  45. Sparrow says:

    May Two thousand and eighteen

    say Palestine!

    Free and Life

    with no more strife.

    Say Two thousand and eighteen

    with more unity never seen

    to shut up the divided

    and route out the one-sided.

    Truth, love and liberty for all

    The balance of equity that call

    for peace.

    Happy New Year dear sister blush


    • Taxi says:

      Many thanks for your good wishes, Sparrow – and a very happy new year to you and to your good family.

      One of my most favorite revolutionaries in history is the romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and I absolutely love his poem here, which complements your message and is also appropriate for the Palestine struggle and the Axis of Resistance:

      Rise like Lions after slumber
      In unvanquishable number
      Shake your chains to earth like dew
      Which in sleep had fallen on you
      Ye are many — they are few.

  46. Taxi says:

    *Side note to readers:  my techie has installed a new 'email notification' plugin (the old one was lousy) – those interested in following the comments on this article should tick the 'Notify me of follow-up comments by email' box, found below the comment box.  This, hopefully, should insure the delivery of newly published 'comments' to your email inbox.  Apologies for any inconvenience/frustration the old plugin may have caused.  Thank you.

  47. Taxi says:

    Heather Nauer, the WH press secretary, says, with great fluency, that our gov supports free speech in Iran, but when pressed about whether Palestinian free speech is supported too, well, as you may have already guessed: she clammed up and lost her verbal pacing and stuttered and emmed and ahhed – was visibly annoyed that the name of Ahed Tamimi was brought up (starting at 18:50).  Nauer spent a solid eighteen minutes on freedom of speech in Iran, then it all went pear-shaped when asked about Palestine free speech and Palestinian protests:

  48. Harry Law says:

    Matt Lee should have brought the right of free speech in Saudi Arabia up…

    America’s second best friend Saudi Arabia puts demonstrators to death.
    “In most countries organising an illegal demonstration on Facebook might get you a fine or, if you’re unlucky, a short jail sentence.
    But there is one place where it can actually help get you the death penalty”, Saudi Arabia.

    What hypocrites these state department jobsworths are, I hope Matt Lee keeps up the pressure.

    • Taxi says:

      I agree, Harry. Matt Lee missed an opportunity there, for sure. And I would have also liked Matt Lee to have brought up the issue of ‘free speech’ for the people of Ferguson, or the horrific way our security forces dealt with Wall Street protestors etc. What kind of ‘fake’ free speech do we have in America? One that is now determined by the misnamed ‘Patriot Act’ 1 and 2. Imagine if Iran had enacted its own version of our ‘Patriot Act’ immediately after a terrorist attack struck its nation – and it’s had quiet a few terrorist attacks on its soil:

      Assassination and Terrorism in Iran

  49. Taxi says:

    Meet Ahed Tamimi's cousin, Mohammad Tamimi.  The 15-year-old was intentionally shot in the head by an Israeli soldier/sniper just hours before Ahed's confrontation with Israeli soldiers at her front yard.  The unprovoked assault on Mohammad and his shocking injury was why Ahed became so enraged to see the two bolshy idf soldiers kinda 'chilling' at her garden gate:

    • NancyC says:

      Trump is also cutting the Gordian Knot of Jewish control of media, Congress and American culture by going after pedophiles ("human rights abuses"), Jewish money (“corruption”) and linking the two together along with other evils.   To your earlier question, What do you call someone who supports Israel, I was tempted to answer a “pedophile” but decided the task of explaining why was simply too monumental .  So I’ll just list a few links that you might find a helpful start. 

      Most Americans are totally unaware of Trump’s Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or corruption issued 12/21/17 because MSM is silent.  This link to Greg Hunter Weekly News Round Up 01/05/18 is an excellent 40 minute explanation of the order and its implications. 


      Notice that Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s surprise resignation because of “womanizing” occurred 12/22/17.  I do not think Greg’s comment that we are witnessing the 2nd American Revolution is overblown. 

      Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler is listed 5 or 6 times on the accompanying US Treasury list of entities involved.  Posting link to page 1 of Google search “Dan Gertler assets frozen” (without the quotes).  Notice most entries are dated 12/21/17 or 12/22/17.  Ponder the implications for AIPAC  that the EO also includes freezing assets of American entities that receive funds from any of the listed entities.  As I said earlier I think part of Trump's Jerusalem announcement just 2 weeks ago was cover for stirring up a lot of powerful Jews.  I also think the current Bannon/Trump feud that sprung up the week after the order is more theater to confuse the picture.  Already some pundits are framing the dispute as a war between Jews and non-Jews for control of the White House. 

      Human Rights Abuses (trafficking) often refer to organ harvesting & global pedophilia elite network.  Remember back in 2009 when 6 New Jersey rabbis were arrested for organ trafficking.    

      Israel # 1 in Child Trafficking & Organ Harvesting 

      I’ve been following Pizzagate/Pedogate since Wikileaks published Podesta e-mails Thanksgiving weekend 2016. Current estimates that 1/3rd of US Congressmen are pedophiles or linked in some way.   Greg pointed out in link above that Trump issued the EO after Congress voted his tax bill because sitting Congress members are involved. 

      You might start with Sarah Westall’s interview of Liz Crokin yesterday, 01/06/18.  Liz was fired from MSM when she started reporting on child trafficking.  Interview points out how huge & embedded this problem is.  For example, Liz reports 5 American mayors have been arrested for pedophilia since Trump took office and each arrest probably represents a ring.  

      Trump tweeted about pedophilia way back in October 2012:    

      Got to do something about these missing chidlren grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents–fast trial, death penalty.

      6:13 AM – 8 Oct 2012

  50. NancyC says:

    Pepe Escobar:  Why There Won't Be a Revolution in Iran &nbsp;

    Blogger Xymphora's comment:

    **Contrast with CIA-asset Cole, who calls the basij "street thugs loyal to the ayatollahs (the paramilitary ‘basij’)".  You can feel the CIA fury that the spirit of the Islamic revolution lives on.  The big problem with this Zionist nonsense is that it prevents actual Iranian reforms, as protesters back down specifically for the reason that they saw exactly what the Ziowahhabicans did to Syria starting with manipulating street protests. **

  51. Taxi says:

    Muslim and Christian Palestinians in Bethlehem rally against Greek Orthodox patriarch, Theophilos III, pelt his car with eggs and fists and protest banners, completely block his way to the Church of Nativity where he was to give a religious service on 'Epiphany Day', and demand his immediate resignation following revelations of him selling sacred Jerusalem church land to isreali businesses.  Watch video here:

    *(It's good to see Palestinian Christians turn up en mass to protest and physically block the treasonous Patriarch).

  52. Taxi says:

    The Iran street protests last week didn't really outrage or stir or interest me one bit – I had a sense that it was a fake setup manufactured by the Axis of Evil members and that their stupid plan would fall flat on its face sooner than later – as indeed so many of their plans against Iran had failed before.

    And it seems that by now, a mere week later, the media consensus is that the fake Iranian non-revolution is but over by now:

    Who Killed The Iran Protests?

    • NancyC says:

      Finally got around to reading the ZeroHedge link, Who killed Iran Protests? Answer appears to be primarily Netanyahu at least relative to sheer speed and timing of the protest collapse. This is such awesome stupidity.

  53. Taxi says:

    Debbie Lusignan, otherwise known as the 'sane progressive' on youtube, is probably the 'purest' voice on the left and the 'sanest' critic of the Democrat party's hypocrisy, corruption and current inner dissolution.  She's worth subscribing to as most of her videos are on fire with truths.  One doesn't have to agree with all her conclusions, but her keen insights into our embarrassing socio-political disintegration is worth the reader's time and investigation:

    Here's Debbie looking at the depth of decay and delusion in our liberal midst:


  54. Taxi says:

    Yes, it's that time of the year where the jewy HuffPo reminds us of how much the jews are hated in the US:

    Jews Top Target for Hate Crimes Last Year in New York City, Again

    Jeff Blankfort had this to say about the article:

    This is the usual crap we read every year in which someone painting a swastika on a wall, or a swastika and a star of David separated by an = sign, is considered as much as a hate crime as someone grabbing the headscarf off of a Muslim woman or slapping her or burning a cross on the lawn of a black family. Of course, last year, almost all of the threats, threats, not acts, to bomb Jewish institutions were made by dual Israeli-US Jewish teenager from Israel who is mentioned deep into the story. He was treated for being mentally ill in a country controlled by the mentally ill.

    I'm quoting Jeff here cuz I agree with him.

    • Taxi says:

      Atzmon is wrong when he says that "only jews can bring down israel".  He will eat his words when the united regional Axis of Resistance destroys israel.  Atzmon's mistake is that he thinks only Palestinians are fighting israel – and this is simply not true – in fact the Axis of Resistance in the region is majority non-Palestinian and is already ready for battle and waiting on the official 3rd intifada to be announced by Palestinians inside of occupied Palestine.  The next war will see israel fighting within and without: losing EVERYTHING, every inch of Arab land it stole – creating thus an exodus of fake jews back to Brooklyn and Odessa, as well as a sure liberation of the whole of Historic Palestine and other Levantean Arab lands currently under israeli occupation – which, in turn will castrate AIPAC in DC.

      Nasrallah, not a man known for telling lies or exaggerations, last week in an interview said that the Axis of Resistance only needs a "few missiles":  hitting specific strategic targets to bring israel to its knees (before the final blow).  Palestinian resistors inside of israel heard him loud and clear and have since publicly announced their alignment and coordination with the non-Palestinian, regional Axis of Resistance.  Now they've all become one giant resistance army, with several armed and trained chapters inside of the jewish state, with direct communication to each other and a singular focus in the group-mind: the destruction of the european-jewish-Apartheid-colony in their midst.

      Sorry to go against Atzmon, whom I usually agree with, but as was confirmed back in the 2006 war against Hezbollah, israel is not invincible and in fact, it really is a paper-tiger with a big gun: and this is indeed NOT a winning recipe in battle.

      Exposing jewish power in the West is a damn good thing, but giving jews more geostrategic power than they actually currently possess in the region is misleading and perpetuates the psy-op and myth of israel's invincibility.  Yes, israel has bigger and more guns but israel is stupid: literally stupid in a peculiarly barbaric way which makes it double-stupid.  The Axis of Resistance, on the other hand, has more than enough of the weapons it needs to successfully confront israel, and is by far smarter than banal, evil tel aviv.  They've proved this impressive wiliness time and again for us – as just one example here: just look at what they managed to do in Syria that saved Damascus and simultaneously put isreal's back against the wall on its north-eastern border (Golan), creating thus, for the first time since 1973, a contiguous hostile border against israel from the Golan and all the way westwards to the Mediterranean.  History itself tells us that for the past 3 decades, every single israeli plan against the Axis of Resistance has backfired and rendered the Axis of Resistance even more powerful.  And of course, Western media would never report on all this over the decades for fear of exposing israel for what it really is 'on the ground' in the region: Acme Inc.

      Albeit, a costly and beastly Acme Inc.

  55. Matt says:

    Taxi, thanks for your articles and comments, especially for the ones that give me a glimmer of hope for Israel's destruction. I shudder at the thought of the war it will take, with its death and misery, but I've been in despair of their occupation, their creeping and calculated ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and also of the lies they've infused into Americans' thinking.

    • Taxi says:

      You’re most welcome, Matt – and I thank you here, as well as thanking other readers, for visiting Plato’s.

      I eagerly await this Friday’s Palestinian meeting – which, due to israeli red-tape/sabotage (wouldn’t give Palestinian officials exit/re-entry visas in time) is apparently now taking place in Ramallah and not in Amman/Jordan, as had previously been planned. This means that no Hamas/Islamic Jihad officials from Gaza will attend for fear of arrest by israel – however, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are sending non-official ‘observers/messengers’ to the meeting in Ramallah to sit in their chairs. This is a very important meeting that brings together ALL Palestinian factions to discuss Trump’s Jerusalem decision and to agree on a united strategy/way forward from here on.

      Reminding readers here that Nasrallah reckons the Axis of Resistance is already ready and waiting on the 3rd intifada to be officially announced by Palestinian officials inside israel. The Axis of Resistance plans on taking advantage of the 3rd intifada to turn the tables against the terrorist state of israel, before blowing up the whole goddamn israel table: legs and all.

  56. NancyC says:

    I would bet the farm the arrest of organ trafficker Moshe Harel  4 days ago is directly related to Trump’s Executive Order regarding Human Rights abusers and corruption issued 12/21/17.  Notice in the following story that this guy was arrested in Israel in 2012 on similar charges and was not extradited to Kosovo.  Russia also had an outstanding warrant out for Harel.  I read another story a few days ago that European authorities had been looking for this incredibly evil creep for 10 years prior to the Cyprus arrest.  So he’s just now being arrested 15 days after the EO?  Not a coincidence. 

    “Israeli Mastermind Behind Organ Trafficking Ring Arrested in Cyprus”  

    American mainstream media is still mum on Trump’s Executive Order.  This is not a normal EO because Trump declared a “state of emergency” on national security grounds thus enabling pre-emptive freezing financial assets of listed entities & individuals involved in child/organ trafficking and financial corruption.  Just as the Axis of Resistance has no viable alternative to free Palestine of Jewish control without military action, Trump cannot ‘Make America Great Again’ without first muzzling Jewish financial & black mail power by freezing assets.   Jews are too embedded in the banking system & are quite capable of blowing up the whole system in a Samson moment.  It’s also my understanding that any direct arrests stemming from the EO will be handled by military tribunals. 


  57. Taxi says:

    A very astute diagnosis:


  58. Taxi says:

    You can tell that Jimmy Dore, who hardly ever talks about israel, is really seething inside over the issue of israeli 'occupation' of Palestinians – as I'm sure he's silently seething about israel's occupation of DC.

  59. Taxi says:

    So, Abbas gave a speech on Sunday that was attended by leaders of all Palestinian political factions except for Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who boycotted the speech and hotly protested against the Abbas-imposed location (Ramallah), and also against the idea that Abbas would be declaring Oslo dead, yet still in support of the 2SS 'under a wide international umbrella' instead of a solo US one – bypassing and denying, therefore, a united Palestinian national call for a 3rd Intifada – not one even at the heals of Trump's devastating Jerusalem declaration.

    Old man Abbas talked for almost 3 hrs, giving us firstly a most drab review of the history of the occupation of Palestine, followed with much chatter about… well, himself and his vacuous achievements. I really felt like the dude was summing up and eulogizing his own political career: reading out a very boring self-penned list of his achievements: with dates, locations, added side anecdotes, many bad jokes and the occasional garbled waffle.  His self-absorbed, melodramatic confessionals were often nauseatingly hammy, carrying a swan-song air: as if this would be the last time our 'hero' Abbas would be making such a speech for such a politically grandiose occasion.

    He claimed that the armed resistance is not the way for the PA because the PA doesn't have an adequate supply of "arms" (BS reason), then quickly sideways added that "whoever has the weaponry can go ahead with their armed struggle".  He also said that the "peaceful/negotiations with israel is the path preferred by the international community and therefore the Palestinians must pursue this path that will certainly deliver them to statehood".

    (More like deliver them to suicide).

    Abbas, at 84 years old, also with neck looking unnaturally inflated (from Cortisone for a damaged vital organ?), waved the occasional old man fist at the air and raised his voice with croaking gusto throughout the speech – and especially when dissing on Trump and Netanyahu, throwing shade their way and reckoning he can bust them up in a metaphoric boxing match.

    Sad to watch this shrimpy tough-talk routine.

    Sadder even for Palestinians to have had to live with such a spineless sack of turds as leader for so many decades.

    Fortunately, most Palestinians, and especially at this stage, have relocated their faith back into the armed struggle and indeed do not need a permission slip from grandpa Abbas to break out their 3rd Intifada, come the time.

    Needless to say, Abbas' speech got flak from both sides of the war zone:

    Israel slams Palestinian leader over anti-Trump speech

    Palestinians hit dead end on all fronts

    Palestinian parties respond to Abbas’ speech

    And for Arabic speakers, here's a video of Abbas' speech (sorry no English subtitled vid of it was found on youtube).


  60. Taxi says:

    The great and honorable Philip Giraldi explores the P.E.P. universe:

    What's Wrong with Liberal Jews?

    Phil's been getting braver, closer and closer to describing the very marrow of the rot within our Republic, and I applaud and respect him hugely for it.  But he still needs to get into further sharper linguistics: into precision description of the manufacturers of our deepening malaise.  Take, for instance, the notion that his article is basically all about jewish power but only in his last paragraph does he actually use the phrase "Jewish power".

    Yeah I noticed that.

    Though Mr. Giraldi by far goes further than most journalists on the topic of israel, he's still describing the 'jewish power' seat with a pinch of PC sprinkled on pen – even suggesting the possibility that US liberal jews might themselves be able to change the Palestine course of history for the positive, as well as improve conditions for Capitol Hill's "goyim".  He hasn't yet realized (at least not in public) just how utterly wasteful and useless it is to rely on any liberal jew for anything.  The double-dealing and perfidy of US lib jews – sayanim either gaslighting you in the shadows or bludgeoning you with PC sentimentalist speech – why they're nothing more than a bunch of likudist-lite with manicured fingernails.  'Playing' the good-jew cop is fundamentally what the jew lib's mission is – asymmetrical defense of israel and protection of jewish power is what they perform.

    That aside, Philip's article theme is something that indeed needs much open dissection and discussion: 'liberal jews' and their impact on the US-Palestine-israel clusterfuck should definitely be put under the microscope and Philip Giraldi in his linked article does an excellent job of it – and best of all, the more he writes about 'jewish power', the more this very subject matter is normalized – which is what it should be: normal to openly talk about israel's factual depravities and the corrosive effect it has on gentile America – normal to discuss jewish power in America, because it exists!

    Philip has been writing more and more on jewish political influence on both our Republic and on our Empire – his commentators are loving it and he's gaining deeper respect from his readers.  He is an independent observer and patriot – an experienced and astute analyst.

    I reckon in the near future, we may be seeing Philip using the phrase 'jewish power' in the first paragraph and not in the last one 🙂

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