Line In The Sand

by Taxi


For the past six months, I have written several analysis articles that have pretty much predicted what’s going on right now in the wider middle east.  No point in me repeating myself and boring, above all, myself.  Currently, there are no fresh stories or new angles to write about.  I know that Thierry Meyssan and The Saker have been talking about the northwestern corner of Syria being given to the Kurds by UK, France, USA and Germany as the next big thing, but I wholly disagree with this premise.  Yes for sure, under the fake guise of “fighting terrorism”, members of the Axis of Evil would very much like this breakup of Syria to happen, but Russia would categorically never allow for the division of Syria, especially by NATO countries.  Russia sees the Kurd for what they are: as Western and NATO allies.  Russia sees no difference  between NATO installing missile shields at its doorstep in Poland and NATO carving out Kurdish territory at Syria’s expense.  Both affect Russian security and hegemony.

Although not at war with either the Kurds or the Israelis, Russia treats both as enemy clients and assets; it handles both files with caution; it distrusts them both – it won’t privately or publicly embrace either the way it has adamantly embraced Iran and Syria.  There is no reason for Russia to show hostility to either Israel or the Kurds right now, but it will if they maneuver against Russian security interests in the Levant.  Presently, Putin appears to be handling  both entities while wearing the thickest of realpolitik gloves.

Here, one wonders about and one looks forward to the approaching time when Russia has secured the northern Syrian-Turkish border and its military attentions subsequently turn south to the Golan, towards confronting the terrorist occupying army of Al-Nusra, Israel’s current BFFs in the Levant.   My money is on Israel selling Al-Nusra down the river so as not to provoke the wrath of a very serious, humorless Russia.  And further down the future time-line, one also wonders what the USA would do when the Syrian Arab Army has secured its territory and it begins its legal Golan-liberation war plans; a war that is inevitable, a war that couldn’t possibly take place without complicit Russian approval.  Suffice it to say, everything in the Levant hinges on the outcome of the Golan war, including the Palestinian question.

And the Turks?  Well, post their downing of the Russian SU-24, they have been growled down by Russia along the length of the Syrian border; they have cowed in fear and they have since turned their direct military attention away from Syria and towards Iraq: sending several thousand Turkish troops into Mosul this week without the Iraqi government’s permission and against the dictates of International Law.  The Iraqis are calling it an act of aggression tantamount to an attempted invasion.  The Turks are claiming to be “fighting ISIS” in Mosul, while Turkish right-wing media has been claiming that Mosul is historically Turkish Territory – they’re using ancient Ottoman maps as proof of their claims in the same manner Israel uses the even more ancient maps of the Old Testament to lay down its modern territorial claims.  Both Israel and Turkey disregard the fact that Arabs have always lived in both Iraq and the Holy Land.  They ignore the fact that a territory’s character and nationality is defined by the natives and their culture and not by pernicious colonial cartographers.

Here one cannot help but note that due to Israel’s longstanding disregard for International law, due to its decades-long illegal and criminal acts that it has never been held accountable for, now we have other megalomaniac Mid East entities breaking international law left, right and center and with impunity.  All thanks to Israel’s model of bad behavior, what was once a placid agricultural landmass is now an apocalyptic war zone where depraved lawlessness and barbarism rule.

By now, the fog over the Syria chessboard has been lifted, although our MSM continues to blackout all news regarding our government and its multiple allies’ direct support of terrorism there.  We can now clearly see the faces of the players of both teams.  There is no further mistaking who is who, which side they stand on, and what their agenda is.

On one side we have the Unmagnificent Seven consisting of  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, USA, France and the UK (plus their international minions) – all supporting terrorism to fulfill their colonial and religious fiefdom agendas in the Middle East.

On the other side we have Russia, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt and China – all actively and in coordination fighting the same enemy; all are at active war with regional and global terrorism.

It is all too clear now.  The line in the sand has been drawn.

There is a battle of assertion between the two sides going on right now, with everyone’s troops edging closer and closer to the drawn line.  This hectic suspense will continue till such a time as Russia and the Syrian Arab Army turn to confront Al-Nusra’s terrorist army in the Golan.  Or, till such a time as an unpredictable wild card is suddenly played by either side.

Till then, the MSM will continue to invent the news, the alternative media will continue to shout out the same news with different headlines, and private bloggers like me will periodically be ‘gone fishing’ for the week.



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